Period cup or menstrual cup… What do you call your Mooncup®?

We’ve created a poll to find out which name you prefer. But first a little background about how our galactic name came to be… The Mooncup® is of course our beloved brand name – the original medical-grade silicone menstrual cup….


Mooncup available at ASOS. This season I’ll be wearing… a Mooncup® menstrual cup.

This Autumn, as you’re trawling online for the cosiest of trench coats, jumpers and scarfs, you’ll find something a little different to wear for the season ahead… and many more for that matter. We’re very excited to announce that the…


“Employee Ownership” – How Mooncup Ltd is owned and run

We all know menstrual cups are a revolutionary way to manage your period, right? So what about a revolutionary way of running a business?  To celebrate Employee Ownership Day we wanted to write a blog to share how Mooncup Ltd,…


Make sure your Mooncup® is the Real Deal

Make sure your Mooncup® is the real deal So you’ve been thinking about ditching the disposables for ages; your best mate’s been raving about the Mooncup® for years now; tampons are a drag and you’re fed up spending your hard…


Our World

‘Under Her Eye: Women and Climate Change’

It was a real honour for Mooncup to take part in ‘Under Her Eye: Women and Climate Change’, an international Summit and Arts Festival at the British Library.   Being cast among such eminent players from a huge range of disciplines,…

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2017 – Year of the Period!

This time last year, at the end of 2016, we were reveling in the strides that had already been taken to break down the stigma surrounding menstruation. With inspirational people like Kiran Gandhi free-bleeding through the marathon, artists like Rupi…

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How is the Mooncup® environmentally friendly?

One of our fundamental wishes as a green business is to reduce the amount of waste created on our beautiful planet. We feel strongly that the extent of single-use plastic pollution needs to be addressed, and have been working hard…

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