How much does a period cost you on average in your lifetime?

You’ve probably heard that switching to the Mooncup® menstrual cup saves you money. But have you ever calculated how much money you could save or thought about what you could spend that money on?

Each one of us is estimated to have approximately 500 periods during our lifetime. That’s 6,5 years we spend menstruating and using an average of 11,000 disposable period products, many of which end up in landfills or worse – in our oceans.

You only need one Mooncup, regardless of your flow. And one menstrual cup will last you years and years. All the while you’ll be saving the planet, one period at a time.

We’re so sure you’ll love your Mooncup® that we’re offering all our customers a satisfaction guarantee. Why not calculate how much you could save by switching to a Mooncup menstrual cup?

How much money can you save by switching to the Mooncup® menstrual cup?

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In your lifetime you could save   by making the switch to the Mooncup


  months of Netflix

  of takeaway lattes

  months of gym membership

  chocolate bars



How did we calculate this?

We are aware that all of our periods are different. Flows vary, as do the lengths of our periods. Our periods start at different ages, as does the menopause. If you have longer or heavier periods and use more products, the cost will go up. For this calculator we have used average figures and these assumptions:

You have a 28-day cycle which means 13 periods a year

You will go through the menopause at 51 years old

You will use 22 disposable period products per cycle

The average price of a disposable period product is £0.15.

Why choose the Mooncup® menstrual cup?

The Mooncup menstrual cup is a healthier, greener and cheaper alternative to disposable tampons and pads. While tampons can cause dryness and leave fibres behind, the Mooncup respects your natural balance.

The Mooncup holds 3 x more than a regular tampon, so it gives you longer lasting protection on heavier days. And because it’s non-absorbent, it won’t cause dryness when your period’s light.

The Mooncup menstrual cup is made in the UK to the highest quality standards. We’re here for your Mooncup journey. Our friendly team are always happy to answer any questions and help you along your Mooncup journey! Drop us an email at [email protected] to speak with us.

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