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I'm just online now to buy my second mooncup - the first one has lasted me 12 years! Have needed to use tampons this month and I can't wait for my new mooncup to arrive. At the end of a period of during lighter flow it's much better than a semi-dry tampon and during heavier times its amazing. So much better than anything else I've ever tried and no need to double up!

Rachel - 3rd January 2016

I brought the mooncup after a recommendation from a friend and wish I had done it sooner! The mooncup is comfortable- you can't feel it when it is inside and holds much more than a tampon. It's great, I don't even feel like i'm on my period when using it. It took a couple of tries to use it properly but now I have no problems. It's extremely reasonable price wise and super eco-friendly! One of my best purchases this year.

Ruby - 29th December 2015

On my first cycle with the Mooncup after using tampons for years and years - when I was on the Pill my periods were too light to justify using one, but as I sold them in a previous job I have told many people with periods to give them a go. Finally, having come off the Pill, it's my turn, and I'm thrilled with the results; it's so comfortable to wear and easy to use, with no leakage and no need for double protection. It does not alter the natural processes of the body or cause unwanted dryness, and it even seems like my cramps - which were lessened by the Pill - are minimised simply by wearing it. As a keen swimmer I'm excited to give this a go in the pool, as I never felt that confident with tampons' reliability. What a brilliant and ecologically sound invention, I'll be using Mooncups for years to come and will continue to recommend them to friends and family.

Bette - 25th December 2015

I'd been meaning to try one for ages but never actually got one until a friend told me about it. Since having a baby my period has become very heavy, and I've been finding both pads and tampons annoying, uncomfortable, messy, a hassle. This is the best solution ever - it took some getting used to (ie, the first two or three times dealing with it, cutting down the stem etc) but is now beyond brilliant. Convenient, very(!) comfortable, worry free, "roundup" free, and I'm now enjoying pristine sheets and underwear during my period which is a massive novelty and feels pretty great! In a logical world this should make all other sanitary products obsolete.

Julia - 24th December 2015

I bought my moon cup over 3 years ago. I had heard of it but never really wanted to spend £20 on it. I really wish I was made to use this when I was younger. I truly believe that tampons made my periods worse and they are so bad for the environment. I will never ever use a tampon again ever!!!!!! I have washable pads for when I am sleeping which go in the washing machine and my moon cup. I have taken it abroad with me, its been running with me its been swimming with me, to parties and nights out with me and it has never let me down. I love it. I lost it once about a year ago and I was so upset my husband went out and got me another one :) bless, if I had had daughters I would make sure they used these. I would love to be able to set up a charity so that women in third world impoverished contries have these, I cant imagine what they go through every month without proper sanitary conditions. I will work that out and hopefully let you all know. I have converted nearly every woman I know, and they are all raving about it. I have lighter less painful periods and my skin is even clearer after using it where as that time I would break out. I have less bloating and my cycle is shorter. Amazing!!! buy one today, dont wait just do it, you wont regret it :)

**** - 23rd December 2015

i bought my moon cup back in march this year as i was going to be on exchange in japan for a year where they are a pad based society ( :/ ) and thought id give it a try and i finally got my chance to use it today (December i have a unpredictable period and am on the implanon) and I'm was amazed at how easy it was to insert and how i didn't even notice it was in after 5 minutes this is fantastic a great price and eco friendly I'm completely sold ill definitely be telling my girl friends ^_^

Brittiney - 19th December 2015

I first heard about Mooncup 16 years ago but assumed it would be messy, impractical, uncomfortable, difficult to use and therefore too risky to waste money on. I then forgot all about it. My periods have since got heavier and when I came across Mooncup again, I bought one out of sheer desperation. (Fed up with carrying around loads of tampons and panty liners, changing every few hours & still bleeding into my underwear/ clothes.) What a waste of 16 years! I was a complete convert after 1 day. To my utter amazement I did not struggle with inserting / removing it (practice obviously helps). I have found it less messy, more practical/ comfortable & easier to use than tampons. I have not risked using it in unfamiliar public toilets (yet) but did manage with it at work – though my intention had only ever been to use it at home. I have never reviewed anything before and probably never will again (too lazy). Other people’s reviews gave me the courage to try Mooncup so I felt I should do my bit. I did not believe some of the reviews but I now understand the sense of liberation others spoke of. I no longer spend every moment worrying about the state of my underwear/ whether I should go to the toilet to check. (I didn’t even realise I did this until I changed to Mooncup… and didn’t do it anymore!)

Kate - 18th December 2015

My older sister told me about it, and once I had brought and started using my menstrual cup I was shocked that I had not heard about it before. The moon cup is a very reasonable price and wonderfully economical compared to tampons and pads. The moon cup actually made me feel happy with my menstrual cycle, as it does not alter natural bodily fluids and healthy function and is easy to use. Being in touch with my menstrual cycle also gave me the confidence to talk openly about menstruation. I have been telling every one about it!

Josie - 17th December 2015

I'm sure I experience fewer cramps when using my Mooncup. It is clean, hygienic and environmentally friendly - a winner in all areas! After a couple of uses insertion/ removal becomes second nature so my only regret is that I didn't hear about the brilliant Mooncup sooner!

Amy - 16th December 2015

I've been using a mooncup for 10 years now, since after the birth of my first son (I was using washable nappies, and saw the mooncup on the nappy webpage and thought I would give it a go). I have used it since then. I thought at times it was a bit messy and perhaps a bit inconvenient, but cheaper in the long run than tampons and towels and better for the environment so I kept going and kind of got to appreciate it. THEN this period, I could not find my mooncup; but no worries, thought I, there's a handful of tampons in the cupboard going spare, it'll be an easy period. How wrong I was. Mooncups are far more easy than tampons, now I know that for sure! 1)I think have had more leaks in the last 7 days than in the last 10 years. I have been constantly worried about leaks all week! 2)It's inconvenient to have to remember to take a tampon into the toilet at work every time, just in case, and to ferret in the cupboard at home before going there, and to remember to put enough into my bag for whilst I am out for the day, no such worries with a mooncup, it's there, you take it out, empty it, clean it put it back, there is nothing to forget; 3)Using a tampon is really no less messy than using a mooncup, (probably much more so, if you consider the frequency of leaks) 4)Tampons do not absorb clotty bits (that's something I don't remember from previous tampon use, perhaps it's a sign of getting old.... 5)It's really great to go swimming with a mooncup - tampons tend to get all bulked up with pool water, but mooncups don't 6)Period end tends to be a bit uncomfortable because the tampon absorbs vaginal fluids so can be sore to insert/remove Previously I was a mooncup user. Now I am an EVANGELICAL mooncup user. I cannot believe that anyone would be daft enough to want to use tampons or towels when such a great alternative exists. I have already been out and bought a brand new mooncup in case my old one doesn't turn up before my next period. (After 10 years, it is probably not a bad investment!) P.s. for any long term mooncup users, I really recommend a one period mooncup holiday - you will never want to go back to tampons ever ever again!

Sarah - 14th December 2015

I'm halfway through my first cycle with the Mooncup and I'm kicking myself for not trying it already. My periods are heavy, like double protection, constant leakage, not leaving the house heavy, and as I advance further into my forties they're getting worse. I'd always feel terribly bloated, and the cramps were just terrible. This little cup though...its a miracle. No bloating, cramps are so minimal they may as well not be there and there's been nothing in the way of leakage. I'm going to consign my old lady period knickers to the bin! I finally feel like one of those women in the tampon ads. I could go roller skating in white shorts now! It's surprised me how easy it is to use, I really thought it'd take a couple of cycles to get used to it but on insertion, it just kind of finds it's own little niche and stays there unnoticed. I think this is the start of a long and beautiful relationship!

Alice - 13th December 2015

I finally took the plunge (as they say) today and bought a Mooncup. Put it in as soon as I got home, had to fiddle about a bit, but then... Yay, it fits, it's comfortable, I've just been out on my works Christmas do and it's been awesome so far and I have pretty heavy periods at the beginning! Goodbye tampons, goodbye sending stuff to landfill and goodbye to poisoning myself! The other thing I should mention is that I have had three natural births and they were big babies!! Thank you Mooncup, I can already see this will change my life!

Naomi - 12th December 2015

I have been using mooncup for over 5 years now, I have recently had a baby and turned 30 so I had to change to size A as I was getting leaks. I have to say they are amazing and there should be better awareness of them. Definitely took a bit of getting used to but so did towels and tampons.

esso - 11th December 2015

Absolutely love my Mooncup!!! I was a bit hesitant to begin with, but after attempting my "dry run" both at home and at the gym with no issues I found myself actually looking forward to my next period to test it out for real. It took about 2 days to find my own personal method and I was slightly nervous using it during my CrossFit sessions but it did not let me down despite being upside down, squatting and jumping off boxes! If only I had known about this product earlier.

Claire - 3rd December 2015

I’ve been using the Mooncup since April this year (8 menstrual cycles), and it’s so so magical. Of course at first it needed some getting used to (re: insertion and removal), but after that, my period comes and goes like a breeze. As I don’t have cramps whatsoever, sometimes I even forget I’m on my period when I’m wearing the cup!

Natalie H. - 3rd December 2015

I love my mooncup! I hate using tampons, they always feel uncomfortable, and they shift and leave me feeling dry. With pads I get rashes and eczema popping up after only 2 days because of the materials and chemicals. With either I leak. For the first time since my periods started, I've had neither rashes, nor pain from my sanitary wear, nor leaks. Plus I don't feel guilty about adding to the landfill and it's much cheaper in the short run (after about 3 months I'll have worked out cheaper) - especially now since the tampon tax! Thanks!

Natalie - 2nd December 2015

This discovery is life changing! I can't even remember how I stumbled across Mooncup but I wish someone had told me earlier. I have used it for two days now and I couldn't be happier! I have never wrote a testimonial for a product before but I don't think I have ever felt so strongly about something I have bought- I literally want to tell all the woman in my life to make the change. Thank you.

Natasha - 29th November 2015

I have been using my mooncup for almost a year and I must say this is the best thing I have ever bought. You feel clean like wearing a tampon without the fear of toxic chemicals leaching into your body. I have to admit that there is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the right insertion method, you will be so happy. My only regret is not buying one sooner. I truly love my mooncup!!!

Nicole - 28th November 2015

I bought one of these after seeibg a few adverts online and was curious so i had a good look at thew ebsite and faqs and it sounded great. My periods are very light of late and this has been super annoying as I don't get on with sanitary towels, I get thrush, and I'm too light to use tampons for the recommended time at the moment. Anyway, the mooncup is easy to insert because it's mega squishy and once it's in I can't feel it. I had a practice go after a bath a few days prior so I was familiar with it as well. Best part is feeling clean and fresh like I'd used a tampon but none of that horrible feeling removing it. Mooncup is no more difficult or messy than a non applicator tampon and far more comfortable! Wish I'd discovered it sooner!!

angela - 28th November 2015

Admittedly had a little bit of trouble inserting it at first as the size was a lil intimidating but once i got the hang of it i had no problems! i definitely won't got back to tampons ever again, much more convenient; i don't have to spend a fortune getting different sizes to suite my flow and don't need to change it every time i want to have a shower/bath or go swimming on my cycle,

Kim - 28th November 2015

I've been using Mooncup for over a year now, and it's fantastic. It took a bit of experimenting to get a hang of the process, and attempting it in a public restroom is still a thing I would do only in the direst of circumstances. Bus as for the downsides, that's it. I don't care much about the environmental message. Mooncup is just extremely convenient. This year I went to university, and it was such a liberating thing! I don't have to worry "Have I bought pads/tampons? Do I have enough? How many should I take with me?" I can study, go partying, stay over at friends, party, change my plans whenever I want. Mooncup is just there, in my bag, end of. And it saves A LOT of money, too. I estimated that one Mooncup costs about the same as a year's worth of pads. From now on it's saving my money! As a student I have to count my pennies, and not having the sanitary products on my monthly list means a great deal. Great!

Lynn - 27th November 2015

I've been using a Mooncup for over 10 years now and always loved it. When I went to get it out last night I discovered it was missing (very weird - I think I must have thrown it out by accident!)so had to use emergency sanitary pads I had hanging around. I've just spent a very uncomfortable night and morning until I could nip to Boots to buy another one. Now I'm restored, I feel so brilliant that I wanted to write and express my profound gratitude that I don't have to go around feeling so bad every month as people who usually wear pads must. I just find it's better in every single way. I never trusted or got on with tampons which used to leak, hurt and cause thrush if you were dry or pads which are so disgusting they just make you feel like you're wearing a wet nappy. It's saved me so much money over the years and the embarrassment of buying sanitary products and I don't feel bad about chucking things away. It's really a perfect solution so if you're considering it, please try it.

Claire - 26th November 2015

Best £20 I've ever spent! I recently bought the mooncup and have only been using it for 4 days. I have to say that this is the best decision I have ever made. It has changed my life. I'm a broke student so I'm already saving money(happy days) AND I've been wearing white panties and white trousers for 4 days without any leakage. Not even a drop. Not even at night. I wish I'd known about this earlier. EVERYBODY WOMAN NEEDS TO INVEST IN A MOONCUP! Don't hesitate ladies, just buy!

Ann - 22nd November 2015

I don't even know what word to pick about how much I appreciate my mooncup. I was grossed out when I heard about it but decided to give it a try as an alternative. My first day using it and I can't complain! There was no need to be nervous at all. No leaks, no fuss and no having to run to the bathroom to change every 2 hours. Perfect for my busy day at work and just overall a great buy. Thank you :)

Billie - 19th November 2015

I love my mooncup it's better for my health,the environment and my Magick, and to feed my plant's I really can't complain.

Jo - 13th November 2015

I'm so sad, since I got my Mooncup I had to forget about all my favourite hobbies: - worrying about leakage - feeling unclean and worrying about odour - spending money on sanitary products - remembering to take them if I stay over somewhere - finding ways to dispose of towels - polluting the environment - always half thinking about when/where the nearest bathroom will be - feeling like I want to shower 5 times a day - enjoying the physical discomfort of tampons and towels Took less time to get the hang of it than I expected, and now I have, it's like I don't even notice my period has come and gone because it was so easy. You spend 2 minutes emptying it and then don't feel like you're on your period for the next 8 hours. I am free! I hope there is a campaign to get these out to women in need, I would support it 100%.

Kate - 12th November 2015

I've used the Moon Cup overall for around three periods now and I can already say that this is the best decision I've made when it comes to periods and my health and financially. For me, once you've got a little used to it, it's much easier and cleaner than pads or tampons. You feel a lot more in tune with your body as you get to know it more and feel more comfortable with it. You save a lot of money also! It feels good to know that I'm not harming my body or the environment!

Georgi - 12th November 2015

The last few months I have been plagued with really heavy menstral cycles, so much so I would soak a pad every hour. As I never got on with Tampons I took to sleeping in the bath. Since I discovered Mooncup I have managed to get a good nights sleep! As the cup holds a lot more than a pad and for me has not leaked I can safely say this last 3 days have been the happiest I have been, not to mention well rested. I would recommend this to anyone with heavy periods.

Nic - 6th November 2015

Mooncup changed my life, years of thrush and BV, after changing to using a Mooncup 2 years ago, barely a problem, its so easy to use and my periods are certainly lighter and less painful. The added bonus is obviously the cost saving and the lack of impact on the environment unlike other sanitary items. I am shocked so few women I speak to have ever heard of the Mooncup and I wish I had known about it before I did, its a shame its not more widely available. Great product !!! Love It,

Nita - 31st October 2015

I've been using my Mooncup for about a year now and I would never, ever go back to using pads and tampons again. During this time I've found that my cramps aren't anywhere near as bad (they were often quite debilitating and I had to take a lot of time off work in the past), I don't spend any where near as much money, my pants are spot free (gross, yeah, but I haven't leaked once using a Mooncup), AND my periods are shorter and much less complicated. All this with the added bonus of knowing that some poor fish isn't going to end up with the contents of my uterus all over its face. Nice one Mooncup.

Laura - 27th October 2015

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