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I love my mooncup it's better for my health,the environment and my Magick, and to feed my plant's I really can't complain.

Jo - 13th November 2015

I've used the Moon Cup overall for around three periods now and I can already say that this is the best decision I've made when it comes to periods and my health and financially. For me, once you've got a little used to it, it's much easier and cleaner than pads or tampons. You feel a lot more in tune with your body as you get to know it more and feel more comfortable with it. You save a lot of money also! It feels good to know that I'm not harming my body or the environment!

Georgi - 12th November 2015

The last few months I have been plagued with really heavy menstral cycles, so much so I would soak a pad every hour. As I never got on with Tampons I took to sleeping in the bath. Since I discovered Mooncup I have managed to get a good nights sleep! As the cup holds a lot more than a pad and for me has not leaked I can safely say this last 3 days have been the happiest I have been, not to mention well rested. I would recommend this to anyone with heavy periods.

Nic - 6th November 2015

Mooncup changed my life, years of thrush and BV, after changing to using a Mooncup 2 years ago, barely a problem, its so easy to use and my periods are certainly lighter and less painful. The added bonus is obviously the cost saving and the lack of impact on the environment unlike other sanitary items. I am shocked so few women I speak to have ever heard of the Mooncup and I wish I had known about it before I did, its a shame its not more widely available. Great product !!! Love It,

Nita - 31st October 2015

I've been using my Mooncup for about a year now and I would never, ever go back to using pads and tampons again. During this time I've found that my cramps aren't anywhere near as bad (they were often quite debilitating and I had to take a lot of time off work in the past), I don't spend any where near as much money, my pants are spot free (gross, yeah, but I haven't leaked once using a Mooncup), AND my periods are shorter and much less complicated. All this with the added bonus of knowing that some poor fish isn't going to end up with the contents of my uterus all over its face. Nice one Mooncup.

Laura - 27th October 2015

I never review stuff but I feel that, in this case, it's a necessity: I was very sceptical about the mooncup. I thought it was another one of those things that only ultra-hippies think is great but that the rest of the world is puzzled about. Well, now that I've bought one I feel like the dumbest woman on earth for thinking that. The mooncup is the most practical, ingenious invention of our time. In fact, if you opened the dictionary and looked under "Miracle", there should just be a picture of a mooncup. I don't understand why they aren't handed out in schools or by the NHS to EVERY SINGLE WOMAN alive. I thought it was going to be really gross. Instead, I feel like I've been given the chance, for the first time in 26 years, to actually learn about my body. As someone interested in waste reduction and ecological approaches to living, I know I've found a lifetime solution. But I think the Mooncup would change your life even if you're not eco-friendly and you hate the environment. Best £20 I EVER spent. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoe - 27th October 2015

Dear Tampon There is no easy way to tell you this...it is over. I am breaking up with you. This can come as no surprise as I have been very distant for the last few months. You haven't seen me for a while and probably miss me. I don't miss you....At All. You promised me horse back riding in white pants You promised that I could run down the beach in a white bikini. You promised me energetic games of volley ball in cute white shorts. We never did any of that. Instead you gave me cramps, dryness and thrush. All these years I thought it was me. I thought that it was something I had to put up with. I was wrong. I have met someone else. Her name is Mooncup and we are in love. Mooncup loves me and I love her. Since I have started seeing Moon I have had no cramps, no dryness and no thrush. My periods, which used to last 5 to 6 days, now only last 2 and a half days. I feel healthy. I feel clean. I feel good. Now I must get going. I have a volley ball match to get to. Kind regards Vagina

Libby - 26th October 2015

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! No more inserting horrible dry tampons. No more wet strings. No more running around trying to find someone with a spare when it's time to change. The measure on the cup is great for keeping track of how much I've lost. Took a couple of attempts to get the hang of insertion but once it's in I can't even feel it (I had trim the stem to the right length). In fact, mine is so comfy that I spent a while looking for it this morning before I remembered that I'd already put it in. Ditsy? Yes! But still testament to how comfortable it is. Easy to change and clean, even out and about. Fantastic product and highly recommended :-)

Lottie - 22nd October 2015

I used the mooncup for the first time the other day, I have always had problems with tampons as I could never get them to be comfortable and I had to change them very regularly, also with sanitary towels other than feeling like I was wearing a nappy they would give me a rash so I decided to try out the mooncup. I was very weary at first because it is new to me but wow it is amazing! I find it a little difficult to put in because I am new to using it but it is so comfortable, I can't feel it at all and I don't need to worry about taking it out for baths showers and swimming, I also find that I can wait the whole 8 hours between emptying without overfilling it and there are no leaks. I will definitely be recommending this to everyone I know best money I have spent in a long time!!

Charlotte - 18th October 2015

I've been using a mooncup since university. I initially bought it for environmental reasons but, 12 years (and 2 babies) later, I now love my mooncup because it just seems so much cleaner and nicer than either pads or tampons. I would never want to go back to using either. The only negative is that I worry I will forget I'm wearing it sometimes. Can't recommend it enough. Love it.

Emma - 12th October 2015

I had never heard of mooncup, until I was browsing Boots website and was curious so had a look and decided to go for one. My periods have always been ok, suffering minor cramps and struggling with tampons on dryer days towards the end on my cycle. Initially I thought that there was no way the mooncup would fit, and once I had it in I thought no way is this going to come out!! It does take some practice on inserting and removing, but really do stick with it...it does get easier!! I remember the first time I used tampons and the mooncup is no where near as awkward to get the hang of. Now I don't use pads or tampons at all, it's so easy for using at work, I wear it when exercising and so far no leaks!!! Would defiantly recommend, not only is it cheaper but it also saves on waste. Give it a go!

Caitlin - 12th October 2015

Since the birth of my first child, Ive been unable to wear tampons , and so , I've been using sanitary towels . I was concerned about the cost to the environment , so I was purchasing "biodegradable" ones . On closer inspection, I found they weren't totally biodegradable, and they were becoming more difficult to obtain anyway ! Then i remembered a friend telling me about the mooncup. As I feel really uncomfortable when I wear tampons, I thought this would be the same , but I thought I'd give it a go . So glad I did ! The mooncup is a god send (or goddess send ;) ! It is so comfortable ! .. I got the hang of it immediately ! It took me a few goes to get used to being so "face to face" with my menstrual blood , but then you kind of get interested ! You can monitor how much your losing etc .. I went out for the day , and I totally forgot I even had my period ! .. It's so easy to use , and I'm just so pleased I've bought one ! I feel liberated !

Fleur - 11th October 2015

I love this product! Once you get over the initial 'this is a bit gross' and you figure out how to get in and out without any dramas, this is the most simple and brilliant way to manage your period. I have only had one spillage (on my first go) when the cup didn't open properly in my vagina, since then I make sure that it has unfolded (yep, sometimes with suction sound included!) and I have not had any leaks at all. I used tampons before my mooncup and sometimes near the end of my period I would remove them and bits of cotton would stay inside. I love the mooncup, as it feels cleaner, safer and better for your body (and leaves nothing behind!) I find it works best for me to start using the mooncup when my period has actually started flowing, so if I know I am due my period, I will wear a pad that night then use the mooncup the next morning until the end of the cycle, but after the first night, I don't use any other sanitary products. I find it helps to empty the cup in the sink, if that is possible, as you may need to flush a few times otherwise. I have just bought another 2 mooncups to send out to my Nepali friends. This product has massive humanitarian benefits for countries where periods are still a massive taboo, and will make rural village life for my friends so much easier.

Emma - 11th October 2015

This product is amazing. I wish I had found it years ago. I was worried that I would struggle with insertion and extraction so I ran myself a nice bath and relaxed a little before hand. The instructions were clear and I had no difficulty fitting the cup from the first try. It was easy to remove after a brief moment of panic! All I needed to do was to bear down and the cup dropped low enough for me tp pinch and release it. The tail was the only discomfort. I trimmed it twice then just cut it off. I can hardly feel the cup inside me and have had no leakage. Well worth the money, I will never buy another sanitary product ever again,

Jody - 9th October 2015

So after years of friends telling to get one, I finally did some four months ago. I have struggled for years with tampons, both applicator and non applicator. Each month dreading my period. I found tampons slipped, were painful, and very drying and itchy. At 42 I didn't want to go back to sanitary pads. So, the first month was a learning curve. Yes it was a bit uncomfortable putting it in and removing it. When I went out I was worried about the practical aspects so resorted back to the tampon. Month two was a breeze. So much so I forgot I was having a period! Now four months in and I'm a total convert. I want to tell everyone "Free yourself from the tampon". I live in a small village in rural Derbyshire so I'm not sure how well shouting it will go. Seriously though I have two young daughters who will NEVER use tampons, I wont let them. Mooncup is the future for them.

Sally - 4th October 2015

I'm only 18 and have struggled with heavy and irregular periods ever since I started when I was around 14. I always had to carry tampons with me and have had to try every pill there is to try and keep my periods at bay. Despite all the help I received from my doctors, I have been unable to find a solution which means I will just have to wait and (hopefully) in time they will sort themselves out. Wearing tampons all the time was hurting me and making me feel uncomfortable as I was always worried I would leak. On the other hand, as my periods were so irregular, sometimes I will come on for a day and the bleeding be very light and therefore wearing a tampon was highly uncomfortable as there was not much to 'collect'. My sister has also struggled with the same problems with her periods. She is 3 years older and so has had the problems for longer. She told me about her buying a mooncup and suggested I should get one myself. At first I was a little apprehensive but decided to give it a go and now I absolutely love it! I found it very easy to use and didn't have any problems at all. It makes me feel so much more comfortable as it lasts a lot longer than a regular tampon (which is so useful for college and my part-time job) because, as I previously mentioned, my periods were so heavy I would constantly be changing tampons. Even if I have my one day, very light but equally annoying period, I feel safe knowing my mooncup isn't hurting me and is fool-proof in terms of how much you bleed. All in all I am so glad I listened to her advice and bought one for myself. It's brilliant!

M - 24th September 2015

I decided to try the Mooncup after getting a job working at a summer camp in America. I needed to save precious room in my bags, I needed to limit the amount of waste/rubbish I would produce, and I needed something I could do sports and swim with. I cannot express how happy I am to have found Mooncup! It doesn't take up any room in my bag, it's re-usable, and I feel so fresh and comfortable doing my sports or swimming with it in. My camp was pretty rural and using the Mooncup saved me from making long trips to the supermarket for more feminine products. I will admit it's a little tricky to get in/out at first but you have to persevere because once you start using this you will never go back to pads or tampons, and the benefits are so worth it. I've recommended this to so many people since I started using it. Thank you Mooncup!

em - 21st September 2015

What a revelation mooncups are! I'd delayed going eco as I couldn't face washing blood covered pads, but after using washable nappys for my baby I had to take the plunge, instead finding mooncups. They are such a logical solution and, once you are used to them, are much better than either pads or tampons. How did I not know they existed before?!? I was initially scared of using the mooncup, even having panic attacks when I first tried it with a shortened stem due to fears about getting it out! If you are worried I recommend pushing it out with just your vaginal muscles before cutting the stem to discover how ridiculously easy it is to get out. Also they are actually simple to use even in public toilets with the bonus that you need to empty them less anyway. I did have initial leek issues (albeit less than I had with pads/tampons) and really didn't believe that it could work at night, but it was definitely worth persevering to determine the right position for me to be both leek free and comfortable 24/7. After childbirth my period became erratic but mooncups are perfect whatever my body is up to. Sometimes I have to empty it after just a few hours (which is still a lot longer than the alternatives lasted as mooncups hold more), but otherwise go 8hours only changing it to follow the recommendation. My only concern now is forgetting I'm using it. I tried Mooncups for environmental reasons, but am amazed how much more convenient, comfortable and cheaper they are compared to any alternative. Try it!

Caroline - 7th September 2015

I am very happy with my switch to mooncup! I went vegan around 7 months ago and since I have been looking to be more Enviromentally friendly. I took a trip to boots to pick up tampons and left with just a mooncup after being so impressed with the info on the box. Practised inserting before my period and was surprised with how easy it was, I have since had to trim off the stem entirely for a comfy fit but it is still super easy to insert and take out. I cannot think of one negative thing to say it's amazing and have already converted some of my friends to use mooncup! Thank you!

Lucy - 7th September 2015

I have been using mooncup for while now. I recently went on holiday without it and had to go back to using conventional products while I was away. Using them again reminded me how amazing the mooncup is and prompted me to write this. I live a very active life and have taken part in many activities whilst using mooncup. Such as running, swimming, climbing, surfing, bike riding, horse riding... you can not tell it is there and I have 100% confdence, infact I forget it is there. Its cheeper and easy and comfortable for any day heavy/light. The only shame is that more women do not know what they are missing! BUY ONE

alice - 30th August 2015

I've been using Mooncup since I first heard about them, about 10 years ago in my mid-20s. Only now am I buying my second one (they do last for a long long time if taken care of properly!). Now in my mid-30s, I feel I need to go for the larger size. When I think about how many disposal sanitary products I would have gone through in that time, the mind boggles... anybody who cares for the environment should consider going for a Mooncup :) They are easy to use, comfortable, and with experience, non-messy. Sometimes I do still use the odd pad, but only on the first day of a particularly heavy flow when I'm at work, just for extra protection. Other than that, it's Mooncup all the way. Cannot recommend it enough!

Charley - 29th August 2015

After 5 years of using the moon cup, it has changed my life. Took a few days to get the hang of it, but persevere, this little thing has completely changed my life. IT DOES WHAT IT SAYS ON THE BOX !

Sally - 27th August 2015

I don't normally review stuff, but thought i would to say how glad I am I bought a mooncup! (after previously reading testimonials and thinking 'it can't possibly be that amazing') I first thought £20 was a bit expensive but then realised I would spend the same on tampons & pads in a few months. I hated changing tampons at work with the awkward 'smuggling' of tampon to trouser pocket before going off to the toilet lol! I thought I had a heavy period but I can last an 8 hour work day without changing mooncup so no toilet trips! 'Practised' before my period and luckily got the hang of it straight away :) its brill for light days & avoiding removing dry tampons (eeeww)& no more tampons from me floating around the ocean somewhere!. so yeah my long rambling point is- buy one! :)

Jayjay - 22nd August 2015

When I first decided to try Mooncup, I admit I was somewhat skeptical. Now, I couldn't imagine my life without it. I've been going through some health issues that cause me to have my period for months at a time non-stop. Mooncup has made this time a bit more bearable. instead of feeling gross and disgusting all the time (like I did with pads), I feel clean and better able to manage this. Now while I await answers from my doctors, I can at least wear sexy underwear and go swimming and feel like a normal person. Thank you to the makes of Mooncup! You have changed my life for the better!

Delsie - 19th August 2015

After a tricky start I found the knack and haven't looked back. i imagined I'd probably use the mooncup when working from home but stick to Tampons when out and about but by my third period I was sticking to the mooncup because its so much easier. Ive given the tampons away and just wish I'd discovered this years ago.

Emma - 18th August 2015

I've had a mooncup for a while now, and I just think absolutely everyone should have one! It took me a while to start using it regularly - it can be a bit tricky at first to get the hang of insertion & removal, but don't let that put you off because once you get the hang of it it is super easy. It is just so obviously better for the environment. Why should we as women commit to producing huge piles of horrible sanitary waste over our fertile lives? It's ridiculous :) Moon cups are much neater. And less gross, really. And it means you don't have to get to the first day of your period and realise you have to go ASAP to buy some tampons/sanitary towels. If you're borderline on whether you want one or not, you might as well give it a go cos it's not an all or nothing thing. Go mooncup!

Katy - 15th August 2015

First cycle. The first day was hard. So the second day i decided to use a pad. CRAMPS! Because pads obsorb liquid, and not so much "goo" i find that im constantly trying to "hold it in," thus the cramps. (I've always suffered from cramps.) So the rest of the first week was hard, but i was cramp-FREE! 4th cycle with mooncup. 2nd day (a heavy flow and cramp filled day in the past)... The kids went to sleep early. I was "excited." Husband was "excited." And JUST before you know what... i laughed so hard that i cried! I FORGOT THAT I WAS ON MY PERIOD!!!! Being a stay at home mom, using a mooncup and a Hand held Bidet, i actually have HAPPY PERIODS now!

Jazmin - 12th August 2015

I thought I'd give the Mooncup a try when a friend recommended it. She'd been travelling for 6 months and I was heading out for a year. I'd also given the contraceptive implant a go as remembering to take pills let alone at the same time each day just seemed impossible! I wasn't one of the lucky ones whos periods stopped completely but not having to worry about contraception was a massive bonus! So back to the mooncup, I LOVE it. I bought it in plenty of time so I could "practice" and get used to it as initially the whole idea freaked me out. There was no need for practice, it's been perfect from the first go! I'm a very active person, I stand up all day at work, horse ride most days let alone all the things we'd planned for our travels! Periods are irritating at the best of times but I'm no longer even thinking about how i'll deal with them abroad! 100% recommend this product!!! Give it a go, it's not as weird as it sounds at all!

Holly - 11th August 2015

This is the first period that I used Mooncup and my life has already been changed! I wish that I tried it earlier, but at the same time I'm also happy that I still have years to come with it. I now want to convert everyone I know to start using it.

Paulina - 7th August 2015

I used the Mooncup today for the first time and I am super happy! I hava trouble figuring out if I needed to cut the stem but I'm sure I will find it out within a few hours of wearing it. I heard about the Mooncup a while ago but didn't know where to get it from (I live in Germany and had heard about it from Swedish friends). I knew I would find one in the UK, so I kept my eyes open and found it at Boots - so easy! I hope it will soon be sold at major retailers similar to Boots around Europe soon! I found the user guide very clear and friendly. I felt confortable right away (unlike the memories I have of trying to understand how to insert tampons for the first time years ago!) I don't have irregular or heavy periods but I am very upset picturing all these tampons floating around in the ocean. So I'm telling everyone about this now. Thank you for providing practical solutions and changing people's minds about periods being a taboo!

Lou - 5th August 2015

THANK YOU MOON CUP! I am on my second period using the mooncup and it has been nothing but a dream. This little invention is a god send! After seeing it advertised all around Glastonbury Festival for 3 years, this year I decided to bite the bullet and find out what it was all about and gave it a Google when I got home. And I'm so glad I did. I was nervous at first as to what to expect but I went for it and bought one from my local Boots (along with sterilising tablets as suggested for in between periods). When I first got it out of the box my initial thought was 'OMG IT'S HUGE' but don't let that put you off. It's soft and flexible and oh so comfortable. Much more than tampons. I first tried it when I knew I would be at home all day, just incase. It took a couple of inserts and walking about to realise how much I needed to trim the stem. In fact, I had to cut it off completely. And removing it is pretty easy once you get the hang of it (I find a little push as you're getting a grip on the end helps) and it's not messy. Since I have worn it swimming, to the gym, at work and not had a worry. You forget you even have it in. Night time is bliss with it in and I've barely noticed any cramps. This is the best buy I've made in a long time and would highly recommend it for women of all ages. I've been raving about it to all my friends. There's no better feeling than not being restricted by your period. Go for it, get one! What do you have to lose?

Justine - 4th August 2015

I used Moon cup for the first time last week. I am hooked. I am 36 years old and I have terrible heavy periods. I changed pads every 45 minutes. Mooncup has changed my life. The fact I can leave the house and not worry about leaking has given me so much confidence to leave the house. Normally the first three days of periods I stay home as my periods are so heavy. But with mooncup I forget that I am on my period. I have had no leakage and it was easy to insert. Had some trouble removing it, but worked out the best way to remove it. I recommend this product to everyone. Best thing I have spent money on. Also able to sleep through night more comfortably. I wish I had heard about this product in my teens!!!!

Sam - 3rd August 2015

This is the best £20 purchase I have EVER made. I saw stickers for the mooncup at my Uni before but never gave it much thought. It was Freelee the Banana Girl and several other vegan youtubers who brought my attention to it a year or two later. Around this time I had just stopped taking the mini pill (which had stopped my periods completely for about 1.5 years) and was dreading my first period since they were always so irregular, lasted about 5-6 days and would go from being very light to very heavy randomly. I hated pads with a passion (they were itchy, smelly, gave me a rash and always leaked) and tampons were a little better but very uncomfortable on my light days (which were unpredictable) and never enough for my heavy days. Anyway, for my first real period I used tampons. Horrible experience. They dried me out, I had to change every 2-3 hours and I had such bad period cramps I was bed bound on my second or third day. After doing extensive research into the Mooncup I got mine off amazon. I was due for a weekend in the countryside at my friends house and packed it with me. I came on that night and had to borrow some tampons off my friend (forgetting I had my Mooncup) and it leaked and ruined a really nice pair of underwear! :( (luckily not the guest bed). The next day I tried the Mooncup after a shower, quite apprehensive as it looked enormous. I didn't cut the stem because I had no scissors- luckily I didn't need to, it was the perfect length for me. Luckily I had watched loads of different tutorials, i ran it under a hot tap for a couple of minutes and put it in, which was surprisingly easy! Just took some getting used to the feeling of the initial insertion (try to relax your muscles and breathe slowly, ideally standing up with one leg up on the toilet seat/ bathtub and leaning back slightly) and feeling it opening up inside you. We spent the next day at the beach and I was paranoid about leaking the first hour, but after that I didn't even remember I was on my period - it was that comfortable. At the end of the day I took it out, was pleasantly surprised to see that I didn't leak all day and it was really not a messy process. The cup holds a lot and it's very sturdy so the liquid doesn't splash everywhere when you take it out! It was quite strange seeing your period in a cup but also fascinating to see how much you bleed and the consistency of it. I also didn't clot at all which has never happened before. I didn't have any period pains and was certainly not bed bound, it was a very packed country weekend! I'll still need to practice taking it out slowly but apart from that it's been a pretty easy learning curve. I haven't taken it out in a public bathroom yet. To be honest it holds so much, you could easily get away with only changing it in public once a day, maybe in a disabled toilet where a sink is nearby. If you are hesitating, don't! It might take a few tries and cutting the stem to get it right, but it's so worth it considering the amount of money women spend on pads and tampons, the discomfort of those sanitary products and the environmental impact they have. I'm going to tell every girl I know about this - wish there was more advertising at school and uni and at every store that stocks feminine products! I will NEVER go back to tampons, probably won't even need panty liners as I haven't leaked once with the Mooncup. I'm actually looking forward to my next period now as its not a painful ordeal anymore. Thank you so much for inventing this, it has totally changed my life. X

Georgie - 2nd August 2015

I'm 19 and I'm so so glad I found out about mooncup! I suffer from pcos and have always found pads unable to cope with how heavy my period can get, which left me with tampons. However, since my cycle always fluctuates unpredictably from light to ridiculously heavy, it's always hard to guess which strength tampon to use, which the results either being uncomfortable dryness or embarrassing accidents...many a comfortable pairs of pants were lost this way. But! Mooncup is amazing for this! I can't even express how amazing it is to be able to insert the mooncup and just not have to worry what my flow decides to do that day, it honestly feels like I can get on with my life. Not only that, but it really is extremely good for travel. I have a year abroad next year in a country where tampons haven't really caught on and I honestly didn't know what I was going to do until now. In terms of insertion, I struggled a bit at the beginning; I think it was because I wanted it to work so badly that I stressed out and couldn't insert it properly. It felt a little bit like all the amazing testimonials here were part of a massive joke that I wasn't in on, but then I slept on it and tried again the next day and lo and behold, I figured it out! If you're struggling, I suggest trying the second folding method as it makes the shape slightly more similar to a tampon, which you might already have experience in inserting. But whatever happens, don't give up on it, because using a mooncup will definitely change your life for the better (and that's not even an exaggeration!)

Izzy - 22nd July 2015

I admit I was unsure about the mooncup at first, I liked the idea of being more environmentally friendly but worried about how practical it would be in real life. Now I'm totally a convert, wish I'd swapped sooner! Been using my mooncup about 6months now and love it, really easy to use and never had any leaks unlike with tampons. I have really heavy periods and used to need to change tampons regularly (1-2hrs!) which was difficult at work, don't have that problem any longer because the mooncup is definitely up to the job which takes away a lot of stress. I was nervous about emptying it in public toilets but you really only need a small amount of water to rinse it out and a little bottle of water takes up less room in my bag than a massive pie of tampons! I would recommend it to any woman, it really is amazing :-)

Becca - 21st July 2015

I'm on my third cycle using the mooncup and I am delighted with it. Feel all round more comfortable and in control with none of that fumbling in the bottom of bags for tampons and trying to hide them about my person on a trip to the loo. As others have said, I feel cleaner and there is none of the previous wastage. A product I will use for years to come. Thank you Mooncup!!

Jo - 18th July 2015

I heard about the moon cup and thought it was a horrible idea .. But as I was allergic to all my sanitary products I was willing to try anything .. And I'll never go back! It's so easy to use and you can't feel a thing! I highly recommend this product it's more Eco friendly and person friendly !! Moon cups will most definitely be the next best thing :) it sounds expensive at first but when your spending approx 4 pound each time on a box of tampons it costs next to nothing! Can re use over and over.. You most definitely need to buy one

Chloe - 18th July 2015

Using my moon cup for the first time today and I love it! Absolutely no leaking whatsoever and I feel so comfortable compared to using a pad. Totally converted!!

Emma - 17th July 2015

Having been plagued by heavy periods for a number of years, I was having to wear super plus tampons and pads together to stem the flow, my last period got heavier and I was having to change tampons every half an hour. I looked on the internet to see if there were any extra absorbent tampons, the next ones up were ultra. I then looked on stockists in my area and came across the mooncup, I remember seeing it in boots about two months ago and didn't really think it would work for me. I read the reviews and went and bought one the next day, as I could not go on the way I was. These things really should be advertised and possibly leaflets put in hospitals and GP surgeries, I was offered a procedure called an ablation to help with heavy periods, no need with the mooncup, yes it's a little fiddly and a bit messy, but that's nothing to some messes I found myself in and having to throw my pants away! Thank you, thank you mooncup.

Sharon - 13th July 2015

Saw adverts for the mooncup posted all over Glastonbury festival and as I am going travelling around Asia next year decided I may as well give it a try. I think its fantastic! its environmentally friendly and is so much cheaper. this first attempt was a little awkward but this was expected :) I would honestly recommend it to everyone.

Rachel - 13th July 2015

After reading a very scary article a girl who lost her leg to Toxic Shock Syndrome and already being the sufferer of continual urinary tract infections from a wide variety of weird and wonderful strains of bacteria, I decided I needed to stop using tampons and try the mooncup. I've seen it advertised a lot at festivals in the loos (for obvious reasons considering their issues with dealing with waste there!), but I had lots of stupid misconceptions. I think one things girls and young women automatically assume is that pre-childbirth, immature vaginas are just too small and that a menstrual cup will be HUGE and that if you struggle with super tampons it's just a no-go. So untrue. Having taken a while to come round to bigger tampons myself and still found them a bit uncomfortable sometimes, I couldn't believe how comfortable the Mooncup was on first use. I had to practice putting it in a couple of times and trimming the stem but after that it was fine! Having used it for a couple of days now, I've had no leaks, been super comfortable and just forgotten it's even there. I really like the fact I can see how much I'm bleeding, as I've been checked out for endometriosis before, so I like to keep an eye on it. LOVE the fact it's so eco-friendly, and that I'll be saving so much money (especially when everyone's been so enraged about the tax on tampons recently). Also that when I go away I won't have to think about packing loads of tampons and pads, just one little Mooncup. I really think you guys need to start promoting through schools and universities (students = small budgets!) because I feel like if they had been explained to me sooner and my misconceptions had been proved wrong, I would have converted long ago! I'm now raving to all my friends about it, so hopefully they'll be more young converts soon.

Lauren - 13th July 2015

I bought a mooncup online after it came up in conversation with a very environmentally-aware friend of mine. First day of my period today and home all day too so I was excited to try it out. Having read mixed reviews I wasn't sure how it would go but I have found it really straightforward. As simple as following the instructions. I'm quite aware of my body and its functions so this prob helps but I was surprised that it went in first time. I felt a slight discomfort for about five minutes but forgot all about it after that. I've changed it a couple of times today without any problem and no further discomfort. It makes me feel as though I am being much kinder to my body (and our planet) than when I use tampons. I am so so so enthusiastic about this product and so grateful for my friend's recommendation, after just one day I can honestly say I can't imagine going back to tampons. Thank you!

Kate - 10th July 2015

Mooncups are so simple, effective and clean they make tampons and pads seem a bit antiquated by comparison! No more leaks, no more worrying about funny smells, no more itchy, sticky yuckiness on hot days, no more dryness and irritation, no more feeling gross and dirty down there, no more waste going in to land fill! One of the best things I have bought for myself.

Ann - 9th July 2015

J’utilise la mooncup depuis 2007 (soit 8 ans maintenant). Je suis heureuse d’avoir découvert cet objet donc trop peu de monde ne parle. Cela facilite ma vie de femme au quotidien: - dans mon travail (dans un milieu très masculin, sur des chantiers où il n’y a que rarement de poubelle pour protections) - dans mes loisirs (haute montagne, parapente, ski, escalade, natation… elle m’a accompagné dans tous mes voyages, dans tous les climats) - dans mon confort (plus de sécheresse vaginale, aucune brûlure) Lorsque je n’ai pas d’eau à disposition, je l’essuie avec un peu de papier toilette. Et je la nettoie le soir dans la douche. Cela n’a vraiment rien de repoussant de vider sa coupe ; au contraire, cela me permet de bien visualiser l’évolution du flux. Merci pour cette invention unique, qui fait qu’être une femme n’est plus un handicap pendant 1 semaine par mois!

Charlotte - 25th June 2015

Don't give up on the Cup! First time I used it, I couldn't get on with it at all. It sat in my cupboard for 2 cycles. But of course my latest period showed up on a day I planned to go swimming, so I gave the Mooncup another chance. After a couple practises, taking it in and out is as easy (and clean) as a tampon. It doesn't leak which means swimming (and sleeping naked) are stress free again. It's so comfortable that I often forget it's there at all - except that I actually look forward to taking it out and seeing how much blood I've collected. Which leads me to the best thing about the Mooncup - it's helped me feel connected to and respectful of my body again. Periods used to be a pain, now I rather look forward to them!

Jen - 7th July 2015

Had my Cup for about a 4 days now, I managed to get it right the first time and then tried and tried again and couldn't get it right again for a day or so. left it for a day and tried again and I seem to be getting right now. no more leaks! I usually bleed for 2 weeks so this will save me loads of money in the long run! Always worth a buy and the practise!

Chelsey - 7th July 2015

I love this thing!! I was on a work course about the Environment and our impact on it and what really struck me was how much i contribute to landfill every month. I have never liked tampons or pads, they make me feel irritated and unclean, especially in the summer. I saw Mooncup online and went to my local Boots to get one the next day. I've been using it for a few days now and its amazing! The first attempts to insert it were disasters, but once i found the fold that work and had it settled it was great, sat comfortably and i slept soundly with it in all night. The next morning i had no trouble removing it and have not looked back since:) I'm recommending it to every woman i know!

Sarah - 3rd July 2015

I am so glad I bought the mooncup. After discovering it on the boots website and doing a lot of research I got it and it was the best decision I ever made and will never ever use disposable products again. I feel so much happier about it and feel sorry for those who don't use them

Luna - 29th June 2015

the first time you have to insert it will be a little tricky, especially if you are nervous as I was! you don't want to cut the stem the first 2 -3 times, or you'll have a panic attack as I did when I "couldn't find it" and just hurt yourself. Just take your time, the mooncup will find her way inside your body, and then all your periods will be a walk in the park. This has been my second month and I couldn't be happier, you can't feel it, you can exercise, work , do anything you like with that magical clean sensation and don't have to worry about forgotten tampons, change the smelly things, always feeling wet and uncomfortable. Just forget about those days!!

Simona - 26th June 2015

Last week, June 2015, I lost my Mooncup. I'd had it for just over ten years!!! Nothing had gone wrong with it in all that time and if it hadn't been lost I would have continued using it. So thank you, what an amazing product! It went all the way around the world with me, on so many adventures. From my mid twenties to my mid thirties!! Losing it in a weird way, feels like I've lost a part of my body! Back in 2005 I saw a sticker promoting the Mooncup. I was amazed that such a healthy ecological solution existed and I'd never heard of it. I'd long grown tired of that nasty dried out feeling I was getting from tampons. I don't know exactly how much money I've saved since that time. I've certainly put a lot less into landfill. So it's time for another Mooncup. I must admit I'm a little sad to be parted from my original. (I'm sure no one is actually recommended to use it for ten years and more but still!). I have promoted the Mooncup to my friends and family, those that have tried it haven't looked back. Keep up the good work. You are making and supplying a wonderful necessary product, helping your fellow humans and our beautiful planet. Not many of us are able to say that about our jobs! I'm very grateful that you are and for all that you're done. Here ten years later you're still going strong and I'm able to buy another one! Many many thanks, Sincerely a faithful customer x

Katherine - 22nd June 2015

To all those wondering what to do with already bought tampons- donate to homeless shelters please!

Rach - 19th June 2015

I am absolutely delighted with the mooncup as a replacement for tampons. They are also great for the environment and animal friendly. As soon as I started using it I saw the benefit. You dont feel it at all and you can clean it as often as you want or need to. Its great for sports too; I do a lot of running and it sits in place perfectly. The advice on the earthwisegirls site is great too. I did panic somewhat about removal of the mooncup, but the advice was perfect and relevant. You do have to get a bit more 'hands-on' with yourself, as its not the same as pulling out a piece of string, but you get over this very quickly. I wish we had these many tears ago, and Ive recommended to friends. Brilliant alternative to the mounting costs of tampons and their negative impact to the environment.

Jennifer - 19th June 2015

After suffering with increasingly heavy periods and pain that was getting worse year on year I was getting very tired of 'standard' sanitary products – a super plus tampon would only last 45 minutes at the most for the worst day of my period and I found myself getting yeast infections every couple of months. The bulk and sometimes weird smell that accompanies pads meant that they were also off-putting for me. After seeing a Mooncup sticker inside a toilet door at university and seeing on the website that its capacity was more than that of the most absorbent tampons, I decided to give it a try. I wish someone had told me about this years ago and it could have saved me a hundred periods of misery! It takes a little getting used to at first – I obviously wasn't getting the seal right during my first period with it and it kept creeping further and further up which lead to lots of leaks and trying to fish it out was a bit of a nightmare. As I had to do with tampons a decade ago, however, I persevered and eventually got it right! Making sure the holes aren't blocked, turning it, inserting it as low as possible and particularly giving the stem (which I shortened as much as possible) a little tug downwards once it's inserted and opened all seem to help with forming a seal and since then, I experience next to no leaks even with my nightmare periods overnight when I only have to wear a thin pantyliner in case I really exceed its capacity during a long sleep. I have found my cramps and pain to be much less severe than they were using tampons and I haven't had a single yeast infection in the year I've been using the Mooncup. Between these benefits for my health, for my wallet, the environment and the fact that you can't feel it when inserted properly (I used to hate it when my tampon slipped further down and it would irritate my nether regions!), the Mooncup has been a complete lifesaver. Something you don't realise as well until you experience it – I no longer have the panic of realising I have no sanitary products in my bag or jacket – I can pop into the loos with it in and not have to worry about taking things with me. No more running home from lectures to fill my bag with bulky super plus tampons, no more worrying on nights out that I'm going to be leaking within half an hour and don't have anything with me. It's been the best decision I have made for my health and sanity coping with my horrendous periods and I espouse its merits to anyone who will listen! It's about time we expand puberty and sex education in schools to let girls know that there are other options out there. It would have saved me so much money, time and distress over the years! Thank you Mooncup!

Meg - 18th June 2015

I spent around two-three years trying to get used to using a tampon, for me it just never clicked. I became frustrated and began to think I had a mutant vagina. I first heard about the Moon Cup on a google search (I can't for the life of me think why young girls aren't educated about using menstrual cups) and thought I'd give it a try. I'm now my second cycle in and I am absolutely hooked. I have to say I did struggle in my first cycle, with getting it in and out - but soon found my own knack to it. I no longer dread my period (I actually found myself quite looking forward to it this month) and even have a morbid fascination in how much blood my body produces. I'm also not constantly aware of my period and I don't feel icky (even in hot weather!) My favourite benefit is probably the fact my period pain isn't nearly as half as bad as it used to be. I was sceptical when testimonials were claiming it cured their period pain, but it's true, I have no idea how it does this, but it does. (witchcraft?) I still feel a dull ache, but it's nothing like it used to be, I don't need pain killers, I just get on with things. I am so excited about the Moon Cup, I keep banging on about how great it is to my mum and she's wishing she hadn't gone through the menopause now just so she could see what it it is like! I really believe every woman should know about the Moon Cup, not to mention the amazing benefits it has for the environment (I was shocked to find out 2.5million tampons are flushed into the sewage system every day in the UK.) So I now love my period - Mother Nature rules and so does the Moon Cup, it may just be the best purchase I've made, well one of them anyway…

Kate - 11th June 2015

Bought the cup, tried it for a week thought it was blooming brilliant...then queefed the bugger up the wall. Time to get the paint out.

Miranda - 9th June 2015

It's great not having to carry anything around and not having to shop. I have a couple of terribly heavy days each month and a lot of very light days so it's good not having to use tampons by the dozen at heavy times and not getting dried out on the light days.

Katie - 9th June 2015

I have menorrhagia and I spent so much money to tampons and towels. One my Estonian friend told me about mooncup. I tried it even I was a little bit skeptical first. And I love mooncup! I had used it now three months and already saved money. I still need to use just in case towels if my period is extremely heavy, but no more horrible tampons which made me ill.Thank you to invent something so good and healthy to woman! I really hope that you will go viral in world wide and help more of us and help save environment.

Tulla - 8th June 2015

I'm coming to the end of my first period with my new mooncup. It is amazing! Took a little while to get the hang of it on the first day, but now it is totally fine. I used a little bit of a lubricant the first time I popped it in and that helped a lot :) It's extremely comfortable, I forget I am on my period, minus the bloating, cravings and mood swings lol. But downstairs I am so comfortable and fresh as a daisy. If you are considering getting one please don't hesitate, you won't regret it. I've had no leakage, no discomfort and healthy menses does not smell bad at all so it's not gross in anyway for me emptying my cup, once you've got the hang of it it's so easy. Not to mention how economical it is, think of that landfill pile you will help to reduce. Just so good, 5 stars for mooncup!!

Kate - 4th June 2015

I have purchased my mooncup a couple of months ago and being a typical teen, I couldn't wait to try it once it come through the post. When I first heard about them (on a YouTube video) I was a bit concerned about hygiene and what not but after a little bit of research I was convinced and ordered one along with some sanitising tablets just to be sure. At first it was a bit fiddly trying to cut the stem down to the right size but after that it has made my Totm a dream. I barely think about it now. For my heavy days I just have a panty liner just for the extra safety but it is rarely necessary. I want to convert everyone, though I do have half a box of tampons to shift :L

Laura - 3rd June 2015

Even after trawling through all the testimonials, I still wasn't 100% convinced on how good a mooncup would be. However, I am now a total convert and never want to stop using it! For people like me who can't use tampons- too dry, uncomfortable, big, painful etc.- and find pads to be like wearing a nappy and pretty uncomfortable too, this is what you need to buy. It is absolutely fantastic, and you can even forget that you have it in which wasn't possible for me with any type of tampon. It is totally secure with no leakage provided it is situated right and I've done many gym sessions and swimming sessions with it and there have been no mishaps. I would feel completely confident doing things like hiking or days out whereas before I would cancel if the dreaded period occurred. Without a doubt, the mooncup has made this pretty terrible time of the month just a minor inconvenience instead of a total life disrupting event. I'd say it's suitable for everyone regardless of age and I just wish I'd found out about it when I was 13 instead of 6 years later.

Emma - 3rd June 2015

I can honestly say that the Mooncup is the best money I have ever spent, I read lots of reviews before getting it and was a bit apprehensive but from first use I have not had a problem. It is so comfortable I have to remind myself it's still there! I have been swimming, running and cycling in it as well as to Pilates and never had to worry about leaking or it being uncomfortable. I would recommend to anyone and only wish that I had bought one years ago.

Alice - 2nd June 2015

I had seen info online about the mooncup. Initially I was a bit grossed out by it. Then my daughter started her periods... oh my god how people with more than one teenage daughter cope I don't know. I was spending nearly £35 per month on sanitary wear. I took the plunge. Only one word I can use is freedom. Freedom throughout the day. Freedom from feeling uncomfortable with those extra long pads that seem to go up to your waist at the back. No more embarrassment when your out and have to take your handbag with you to the bathroom. No I love it. I am even thinking of converting my daughter. When I told people about this a lot of them were shocked by it. Until I told them all the environmental statistics. Why didn't I try this before. If you are in two minds about purchasing this, don't be. Worth every penny,

to the moon and back - 2nd June 2015

I first heard about these cups on TV in my late 20s, but it wasn't until Feb this year that I took the plunge and bought one. Three cycles on and I'm converted - I've not bought a pack of tampons since the switch and although I still need a pad on my heaviest days (2nd night in particular is risky) I can get away with less than half a pack for an entire cycle! Okay, yes it took a while to get to grips with the thing, and I've had a few "can't reach to remove it" moments but at least now I can virtually ignore the fact I'm being visited by Aunt Flo once again. Well worth the initial cost and I'm already trying to convert my friends... well, those who aren't post-menopausal anyway! Only snag is... what to do with those tampons I've already wasted my hard-earned cash on?

Hazel - 31st May 2015

I moved to Bangladesh last year and I was aware that I couldn't readily purchase sanitary items so I started using the mooncup! So great - particularly environmentally friendly! I wish more of my friends would get on the band wagon!

Kate - 30th May 2015

I came across a YouTube video whit a girl talking about the mooncup and I was debating giving it a try. Reading page after page of reviews and tutorials. I shipped overseas because it was impossible to find it in America but I can say with confidence that this is the best product I have ever bought. I was having to change pads and tampons 3-4 times a day and was still worried about leaking. After I got used to the mooncup (first few try's always rocky) It has made my periods so much easier to manage. No leaks, no pain at all. I'm 16 but I couldn't imagine not living with this product.

Sarah - 26th May 2015

My cousin had spoken to me about the MoonCup five years ago. She had printed a little story explaining the use and the advantages of Mooncup and she put it in every women’s washroom she saw. At this time, the MoonCup disgusted me! So I understand the most skeptics girls… But I changed my mind and I want to try to change yours (if you aren’t convinced yet). Now I use the menstrual cup and I think it’s an amazing product!! You can sum up the advantages of this product in few words: it’s economically profitable, it’s more hygienic, it’s more ecological (no waste) and when you know using it it’s more practical. Believe me, your period will never be a problem anymore!

Matal - 26th May 2015

I was a bit hesitant at first, but after doing a little bit of research, I decided to go for it--and I'm SO glad I did! I've saved a ton of money from using it, and I never feel like there's an odor or dryness left behind afterwards. I recommend it to all my friends now, and will NEVER go back to tampons!

Amanda - 26th May 2015

I bought the Mooncup a couple of weeks ago so I could try it out before I go backpacking in a few months. I used it for the first time last week and oh my goodness, it works like a charm. I have quite a heavy flow and I usually have to get up and change tampons twice during the night and again at 6AM or 7AM but I have slept through every night this period without any leaks. That's bloody brilliant, right?! I wish I'd known about this product in my early teens because it's what I'll be using from now on. The only difficulty I had was removing the Mooncup but all was well once I cut the stem. I am so happy with this product. I actually feel confident now that I won't have any disasters while on my period and that I won't have to spend any more money on tampons/pads! I can't feel it at all and I'm not constantly obsessing over the thought of whether I need to check for any blood or not. I can't stress enough how wonderful the Mooncup is! Definitely get this product, ladies. It's not messy at all once you get a hold of things. I promise you won't look back!

Laura - 26th May 2015

I have struggled with periods since first starting them, the mooncup has really changed this for me; when using tampons my menstral cramps were so bad I would faint, vomit and often be forced to call in sick to work due to these symptoms. After the initial teething problems with inserting and removing it, the mooncup has really helped me and I fell in control of my periods rather than the other way around. For anyone too nervous to try a mooncup for fear of trying to figure out how to put it in and take it out (I definitely was one of these people) think back to how alien a tampon was the first time you tried to use it. the small learning curve is worth it for the ease and naturalness the mooncup makes you feel. Not to mention the money I've saved on tampons! Yay mooncup!

Sara - 23rd May 2015

What an incredibly simple effective product! Why wasn't I aware of it sooner! At 49, my periods have been becoming heavier, and as an keen exerciser, this has been the cause of embarrassment each month. Before each exercise class, I would have to change my tampon, add a pad and hope for no leakages. But no more! I had been to see the doctor for advice over heavy periods but was told it was my age. I was totally fed up and whilst searching the Internet, came across Mooncup. I was intrigued. How could it possibly work? The more I read, the more I believed it would work. So I bought my Mooncup and have not looked back. Exercise classes are now a breeze, I cannot feel my Mooncup like I could at times with tampons and getting changed after class is no longer an issue with trying to hide pads. We need to educate women everywhere to ditch the tampons and be more liberated each month!

Wendy - 22nd May 2015

I've been using a mooncup for a number of years now and not only has it saved me a small fortune but it has made managing my periods so much easier. I never feel restricted about what I can do or where I can go. It's especially good when travelling as you can never run out of products and wherever you are, it's simple to empty and reinsert. Probably the best money I've ever spent. Just can't imagine why my friends won't try it!

Sally - 20th May 2015

I live in a house of four girls and in the last couple of months we've all started using the Mooncup. It's been an amusing process for all of us, giving daily updates on how we're finding our Mooncups! As a virgin, I found it quite difficult at first to get the cup in and found it a little painful to remove. However, by the end of my first period I was using the Mooncup like a pro! I also worked out that collectively we're saving the environment from over 700 tampons a year!

Bee - 19th May 2015

Using disposable sanitary products had given me really bad thrush in the past, resulting in a year long course of antifungal treatment that often aggravated the problem further. Sick of the itching and the pain of using disposables, I looked on Etsy for reusable sanitary pads and from these I found out about the Mooncup as many women seemed to use reusable panty liners as back up with their Mooncups. I did some research and found out more about the Mooncup before finally buying one last month from my local wholefood store. I have to admit, I'm very impressed with the Mooncup and since using it during my last two cycles I have finally managed to get rid of my thrush and feel a lot healthier and happier in my vaginal health. At first sight the Mooncup does look very big but this shouldn't put anyone off - it folds up and fits well once you get it in the right position. I have asked Mooncup to send me some stickers and leaflets to spread around my University campus as I am astonished at how few women know that there are other alternatives to disposables out there. As someone hoping to go into the Education Sector once finishing my degree, I think it is vital that we educate young girls and women about the different sanitary options available to them and I just wish I'd known about it sooner - the Mooncup could have saved me a lot of worry, pain and bother and it is safe to say that I won't ever go back to disposables!

Daisy - 19th May 2015

What a really amazing product, but why oh why did I not know about this sooner. I have read so many testimonials from women saying that they will never go back to tampons and sanitary pads (and I count myself in that number). Funny that we never see the reverse, i.e. reviews saying that once they had tried tampons, the mooncup was consigned to the back of the drawer. Says a lot really. But why aren't we educating young women better about their choices and what impact they have.

Mary - 16th May 2015

After reading an article about the benefits of menstrual cups I did rather a lot of research about them. I've suffered with ridiculously heavy, extremely painful, periods since a pretty young age. School was a nightmare for me and my agonising periods, that I was finding hard to manage at such a young age, meant I'd end up having days off every month. Even at 21 years of age, I've found myself missing nights out with friends and planning my life around my periods. Not much fun. I even had to be careful when using the highest absorbency tampons you can buy in the UK!! I know, right?! So, I went ahead and decided to try mooncup after reading nothing but glowing reviews. Even the initial cost of the cup was probably only equal to a couple of months supply of tampons so I figured it was worth a shot. I can't believe the difference it has made to my life already. It took a little getting used to but I didn't struggle inserting or removing the cup once. I found that for me it was best to cut the stem off entirely. I must admit I did wear pads for the duration of my first period using the cup but I didn't have a single leak! Hallelujah! I think I'd even feel comfortable enough to go swimming wearing the cup, something I could never have risked when using tampons. I feel like running around the streets telling every woman I encounter what a horrible mistake they're making by using tampons. ... And even better is that I'll never have to make a midnight dash to the supermarket when the little blighter has arrived a day or two early, and no more special trips to the loo... I was able to leave emptying the cup until I needed the loo anyway. Brilliant. I can't sing enough praises for this product.

Tami - 15th May 2015

I can't understand why the Mooncup hasn't been promoted but rather hidden behind the plethora of (un)sanitary products. It just goes to show, I guess, the power of big companies. What an amazing invention, and I am just sorry that I have missed out on years of using one. I came across this quite by accident. For years, tampons have done the job for me. However, heading towards menopause, I am suffering periods from hell, and needed something beyond the super mega plus tampon and accompanying pad to get me through the awful days.I read a recommendation for this, saying that it had a greater capacity. My initial thought, like many, was gross, but I was intrigued, and pretty desperate. It is early days, but wow, seriously, wow. For me at least, it has been very easy to use (I still need to trim the stem, though), and really comfortable. Yes, I like the money saving aspect (albeit a bit late in the day now), the being kinder to my body aspect - all good. But is has some great additional benefit beyond that. When I am at home, I no longer have to try and discreetly dispose of used tampons and pads (and we are talking bulk) - which I hate, especially when we have guests. And when I am on holiday, I really hate having to put all my used items in the small, usually open bathroom bin. A heavy flow day, and the bin is full. I might as well have a sign stuck to my head saying 'I am on my period and there are all my used rags if you want to have a look'. I am a really personal person, so this matters a lot to me. And then there is trying to swim with a tampon in, knowing that it will absorb water, and leak (only not just water!), and the string that I am praying doesn't peek out of the side of my swimming costume. All of this for me is real mortifying stuff - and just thinking about it makes me want to sink into the floor, so the prospect of getting rid of a lot of that is just fantastic. And for anyone who really thinks that this is gross, this really is a whole lot better than having to handle and dispose of the mounds of used pads every month. Now that is what I find really disgusting.

Jo - 14th May 2015

I have had my Mooncup for a few years now. It is probably the best purchase I have ever made. It is an adjustment and you might have some leakage in the beginning, but don't get discouraged. Once you get it, you'll never have to deal with the dryness of tampons or the gross wet feeling of pads ever again. Plus, I have saved so much money by not buying pads over the past few years! I wish everyone knew about this product. If you're on the fence about it like I was, just do it. You're be so happy you did. :)

Madeline - 14th May 2015

I only recently heard about me steal cups and decided to try the moon cup around three months ago. I could only see positive comments about it so thought I couldn't go wrong. I was right, it's the best thing I have heard of in some time, I love it! I have since given away all my remaining supplies of tampons and pads and purchased another moon cup as a spare. Initially I bought the larger size as I am over 30 years however I have since purchased the smaller cup as I had c-sections for both my children and have found this better. Initially the insertion was a little tricky but I soon got the hang of it. I had to trim the entire stem off but otherwise it is perfect! I even have less period pain which is a big thing for me as I used to suffer terribly. I only wish my mother had told me about this product. I wonder if she ever knew herself. I have spread the word and two friends have since purchased one each and love it also. I will certainly be encouraging my daughter when the time comes. I look forward to another similar product that can be used safely for sexual encounters :)

Johanna - 2nd May 2015

I've just purchased my second ever mooncup. My first was about 8 years old so it has done a wonderful job! I honestly thought I'd never get the hang of using it, I really worried that I wasn't doing it right but it's just a matter of trimming the stem(for me, removing almost completely) and practising.Now, I love it and I am never going to buy another tampon again. I donated my "sanitary supplies" (funny that they are called that when they are anything but sanitary!) to a hospital ward and a women's shelter. I have saved hundreds of pounds over the years and yes, the planet too. We need to start talking about this openly, I have plucked up the courage to discuss it with friends. my daughter is 10 and she has asked about her options period wise. school only ever mentioned pads or tampons but she really wants to use a mooncup and I will buy her one to try. I hope she gets on with it, but time will tell. I could buy some washable pads just in case but I want her to be comfortable with her body and not see it as a dirty process. If you're reading this and you're struggling with your mooncup: RELAX you will get the hang of it. REMEMBER how long it took you when you learnt how to use a tampon or anything else in life RING the lovely helpline ladies, they are wonderful REJOICE when you've mastered it, now you can help others!

Helen - 28th April 2015

I had heard about the mooncup for a while. but I never got one until my friend got one and told me all about how great it was. I decided to go ahead and try it. I haven't looked back since. I would go as far as to say it's transformed my life. At first it was a little tricky to get the hand of but luckily for me I had my friend to go to with all my questions. Eventually I got the hang of it and I can't tell you how much I love it. I'd never go back to horrible tampons which dry you out. I feel so much cleaner during my periods now. I now pretty much tell everyone I know about it and encourage others to give it a go!

Kay - 27th April 2015

I'm 49 and peri-menopausal. After a lifetime of extremely painful, heavy periods and then for the last 7 years a diagnosis of erosive Vulval/Vaginal Lichen Planus; using Tampons, literally, were a pain. No matter which type I used they'd irritate and inflame an already irritated/inflamed sensitive area :o( I'd tried a return to pads but with heavy periods and nighttime leaks they just weren't working for me. My younger sister fairly recently discovered Mooncup and advised me to try it. I only bought mine on Friday and today is the first time using it. So it may be rather early to create a testimonial, but I feel good about this already! After recommendation from my sis & reading the info & other testimonials, I really have high hopes for this product. Apart from freaking my hubby & son out while boiling it for first clean. They had a look, screwed their faces up and unfortunately, they are of the we won't ask, so don't tell us variety. I will, of course, educate hubby eventually. Instructions were easy to follow and I found that it was extremely easy to insert. Having a tilted womb, wasn't sure if it would be work but after a bit of manoeuvring it feels comfortable. Funny episode in Boots while buying it (why was it hidden away on the bottom shelf???). I forgot my reading glasses and took it to the counter to ask the young 'Health Advisor' if I had the right size. She seemed a little awkward (queue behind me) and had to ask me the difficult Qs like: 'What age are you?' (How embarrassing!) ;o) and then; 'Vaginal or Ceasarian births?' Two, Ceasarian. So she whispered yes, think this size is fine. I bought another product - gel. Painkilling not lubricating! Only when I left the shop did I realise she'd charged me twice for the gel. So unnerved was she, by this strange Mooncup buying person. Went back, explained, she tried to refund, till froze, then had to call assistance, another queue formed behind me. I felt like whole shop knew what I'd just bought. Ha Ha! If I can get through that then actually using this thing should be a walk in the park. ;o)

Kirsty - 2nd May 2015

I bought mine a few hours ago and I initially found it painful and difficult to put in but I tried again and the second time it was easy. So if anyone out there is having difficulty like I was the don't worry, relax and keep trying.

Bryony - 25th April 2015

This thing is a godsend..but it wasn't at the beginning! I have been using my moon cup for half a year now during the age of 16 going on 17. As I am younger then the mooncup took some getting use to and I admittedly had a few problems. Mainly to do with inserting the cup to begin with (which took practice) and taking it out was at the beginning excruciating. It was suggested that squatting helps to remove the cup but I found it less painful when removing it when on the toilet. So my experience wasn't a good one. However I didn't want to give up, I emailed about this for help and watched a few Youtube videos for advice and I can now safely say that I am using my mooncup pain free and that I will never go back to using tampons or pads :) If you have any difficulties PLEASE contact Mooncup as when you've got the right technique you'll never want to go back to your old habits!

Zoe - 23rd April 2015

I am a new mooncup user, and 4 days into my period now I can honestly say this product is amazing. Everything that is said in all the other reviews is true, I feel cleaner and I've had significantly reduced cramps this month. I found it a bit tricky to remove at first, but I'm getting the hang of it now. If you are considering buying this product, do it! Every woman should have one :)

Heather - 22nd April 2015

I've fallen in love with my Mooncup! I love it and already can see it changing my relationship with my period! I'll never go back to tampons or pads, life is too short to be miserable for a week a month!!! everyone should try it, I'll never go back

Jess - 22nd April 2015

Thought I'd let you know today I bought my second mooncup, after 7 years of service it was time to retire my first one. Considering how long it lasts it's a really cheap alternative, apart from the obvious environmental benefits. But what I as a young woman liked the best was that no matter how long a trip I was going for all I needed to bring for my periods were one cup. However I can still remember the first time I tried it, and the panic when I couldn't get it out. I tell it as a funny story now, and to show the importance of exercising your vaginal muscles, relax and work on that muscle control, and you'll figure it out in no time. Thank you for keeping both my consciousness and backpack light :)

Elice - 19th April 2015

My periods finished approx 18 months ago and although I used a Menstrual cup for the last 3 years with complete confidence and comfort I just wish I had known about them when I really needed them because I had pains, cramps, clots and flooding for years. All my GP wanted to do was insert a Mirena coil (which I wasnt happy about). The cup was such a Godsend, the clots still occured but were less painful and my period which used to last around 11 days was over in around 5 days (from start to finish). I swam, danced, slept naked and confident, and had a spare in my purse at all times which wasn't a problem. I holidayed in 3rd world countries and it was amazing. My girlfirend and I have even sponsored an African girls school and sent them 150 cups. This means they can go all the time and we need to give women power. They are completely hygenic, environmentally friendly and cost so much less.

Jasmine - 14th April 2015

Having just decided to stop using my pill (which stopped my periods) dread crept in at the thought of using tampons agains. When a newspaper article caught my eye, Mooncup - never heard of it but the report made me want to know more. I visited the Mooncup website, watched the video & read people's reviews. I found them so positive & encouraging that the next day I purchased my very own Mooncup with a well if it works it works attitude. Today I have tried it for the first time, early days I know it wanted to share my experience. After about 5 mins I managed to insert the cup, using the folding methods recommended - I tried both ways (purely as had to try several times to insert it). Once in I coukdnt feel it & my day has passed with no leaks, phew must be in right place. Ok when it has come to emptying & replacing it I have spent longer in the bathroom but it's first day & new, I guess when I started using tampons I was the same. So far I have to agree with every review I have read, I feel fresh & clean, I don't itch & haven't had a headache (something I live with normally when on my period). I'm 40 have no kids but stayed on pill just to not have periods & the hassle of them, now wish had known about the Mooncup earlier I may have had more days like today

Jen - 11th April 2015

I've bought one of these for my sister since trying mine and I would recommend it to any woman. The first month I found it a bit tricky getting used to taking it out, but since then I would never go back. At the risk of sounding like a tampon advert, I really don't notice it's my period anymore and I love the fact that I'm not creating more unnecessary waste. Since my periods have got heavier it's great because it holds more than a tampon and doesn't leak like a sanitary towel. Also I feel more in touch with what my body is doing. Love it, I would tell anyone to try it.

Helen - 8th April 2015

I'm 34 and only wish I'd discovered the mooncup when I was younger! Incredibly easy to use after just a little practice, I did have to trim the stem several times to get a comfortable length and was initially a little worried about changing and cleaning but it's your body and nothing we haven't seen before! I no longer have any leaking, worry of leaking or sneaking to the toilet with a tampax hidden up my sleeve! I'm helping the environment, feel better about my health as the mooncup is safe and isn't bleached as most sanitary products are. I cannot rate this product highly enough if you are thinking about trying the mooncup I urge you to give it a go as with the tiniest bit of practice you will never look back!

Mmjp - 7th April 2015

I've honestly had this thing on my eye for a good while now, and just a few weeks ago l got to try it. I am currently 12 but have had this in mind as l wanted to avoid the TSS & chaffing from the disposable products, since l was 11. l participate in a wide range of activities that l don't think that a tampad can accomodate with. Yes, l'm still a virgin. No, this does not hurt. No, it won't leak. The Mooncup has worked GREAT for me, and l hope that it does to you too. I would definitely recommend this to any others, regardess of age, to try this product.

Kristal - 7th April 2015

Wow!! At age 42 and having had 3 C-sections, I have grumbled for several years about having to have periods. My mom went in menopause at age 58 so I'm probably destined for a late one as well BUT this moon cup has changed my outlook! I have always hated pads. I couldn't wear tampons because they hurt too much. So- I've spent my life abstaining from swimming and doing lots of fun things while on my heavier period days, wistfully watching everyone else have a great time. No more! This is the greatest thing ever!! I am 42 with three kids but no vaginal births- I've always been kind of "small" down there so I tried the B size and it's worked perfectly. How could this have not been invented 30 years ago??????? So liberating!!

Michelle - 7th April 2015

I cannot recommend the mooncup highly enough! I've always had periods which are a little heavy, and I get a few days of bad cramps. Tampons always made my cramps worse, always leaked and I found I had to change them too often to be practical. This left me with pads, which were okay, but uncomfortable, especially in warm weather. I work at a busy restaurant, which means I may be on my feet, running around for 6/7 hours without a break - on my heavy days, using pads was so uncomfortable, I got rashes and just felt unclean. I was always paranoid about leaks, and usually had some overnight. The mooncup has changed all of that! It eases cramps for me, and it is so comfortable - I can't feel it at all, so much so that I forget I'm on my period sometimes! It's perfect for my job, as I can leave it in for the duration of a long shift without worrying, and I can tackle all the physical aspects of the job with no restrictions. During the first couple of uses, it can be difficult - my first two tries I had some leaks and could feel it a lot, but by my third period using the mooncup I mastered it. I found I had to fully remove the stem (don't be afraid to do this if the stem irritates you), and can empty and re-insert the cup in minutes. It's clean, fast, convenient and is great for the environment, so forget whatever is putting you off buying one - you NEED to try this!!!

Laura - 5th April 2015

I'm 21 years old and just heard about the mooncup. It's disappointing that tampax and other sanitary products seem to have more marketing material than cups. So, on discovering this product though an article on the internet,I was dubious. If this product is so hygienic, cheap and green; how have I never heard of it before? I did my research and I couldn't wait to order one. I've always had problems with other sanitary products. I found them very irritating, both physically on my skin and how unclean I felt while using them, not to mention the cost and how inconvenient it is having to buy them every month. However, since using the mooncup I have experienced none of these problems. I've felt like I can actually go out and enjoy myself without the worries of leaking etc. While using it I felt totally comfortable and was able to leave it in for the full eight hours without any mess. There is no odor at all, no cramping, and no mess of trying to dispose of stuff discreetly. The most beneficial aspect of the mooncup for me is that I can use it for my light flow without that awful, dry, scratchy feel of the tampon. The only downfall is that it can be tricky to insert, but I think that is more my problem than the mooncup's. It can also make some icky noises when removing it. However, cutting off the stem and removing the cup by squeezing it made no sound at all. I can't recommend this product enough, it's saved me money, time, and left my life that little bit less stressful. I no longer dread my period, result! Thank you so much.

Kay - 29th March 2015

I have been using a mooncup for 2 years now and love it. It stays in place through everyday activities including cycling, tennis and yoga. During my heaviest days it lasts around 6 hours, twice as long as super tampons. Inserting and removing did require practice and is not easy if your fingernails are very long. I also cut the entire stem off the mooncup because it is more comfortable, but it makes removal a bit more difficult. There is a tiny bit of leakage or spotting during heavy days so I now wear a slim cloth pad as backup. Since switching to the mooncup and cloth pads, I have very little discomfort and irritation during my period. No more disposable menstrual products for me!

Rachel - 28th March 2015

I recently bought a Mooncup after hearing it mentioned on a radio phone in about whether sanitary products should be taxed. A lady phoned in saying she used a Mooncup but that was all she said. I decided to look on the Internet to find out what this was as I'd never heard of them. I've just turned 50 and am in the throes of peri menopause. When I discoverd what a Moon cup was, I was intrigued to know more. I read as much information as I could including reviews, all of which were singing the Mooncups praises. I decided that I would like to try one for myself as the concept was a 'no brainier'. I never thought there'd be a day when I couldn't wait for my period to start so I could try it out. I have now been using the Mooncup for 2 days and I can honestly say it's a wonderful invention! It is extremely easy to insert and remove (if you're used to using tampons without the string, you'll have no trouble). I can't feel a thing once it's inside and I could easily forget it's there. My only gripe is I wish I'd discovered it sooner. I hate to think of the amount of money I've spent over the years on sanitary products. I would definitely recommend this product.

Julie - 27th March 2015

I've had my mooncup for nearly 3 years, and I love it. I bought it for the reason that I felt there had to be something more comfortable than pads, and I always leaked with tampons. It had nothing to do with the added benefits of being cheaper in the long run, and adding nothing to landfills (though they're wonderful perks too!) I couldn't live without it now, and there is no way I would ever go back to something else. I often forget I'm even on my period, something which is impossible with pads / tampons, and my 7-8 day periods have become much shorter since using this too, something I'm convinced isn't a coincidence. I do need a pad for the first day of my period, but that is an incredibly heavy day, otherwise I just pop this in and I'm good to go. Also, it is fabulous to use in aeroplane bathrooms too. and there's no faff about rubbish and sanitary products cluttering up your bag either.

Hannah - 24th March 2015

I was introduced to Mooncups 12 years ago and have used them ever since. I love their eco credentials, the total lack of waste and their cleanliness to use - no spillage, no mess. But the thing that I always tell people when they ask is how comfortable they are. No chaffing, like tampons, no abrasion or soreness. I ♥ Mooncup!

Megan - 24th March 2015

I bought my Mooncup last month after having a discussion with a friend about sanitary provision. It has always been a issue for me; sanitary pads are impractical, nasty, uncomfortable, and utterly useless on heavy days. Tampons are better but have never really felt comfortable, especially at the end of my period when my flow is a lot lighter and more unpredictable. I detest the feeling of dry tampons and sometimes you don't have the right absorbency or even a spare with you. Plus I always felt disgusted with myself for throwing them away and polluting the world, but had no alternative! Mooncup changes all that! I read all the testimonials and everything on this site before buying mine, and everything these women have said before me is true - I even felt slightly less period pain than before, convincing me of my suspicion that tampons actually add to the discomfort. I didn't see the need to wait until the latter days of my period to try the Mooncup, I got stuck in on the first day and just spent a little while practicing insertion and removal in the bathroom! Piece of cake once you know how! It's such a relief knowing all I need to take with me when I'm out is some ibuprofen and a water bottle and not a stash of different tampons and liners. But aside from the overwhelming convenience and comfort, an unexpected plus, and perhaps the best thing about it, is I feel so much more in tune with my body! After one period using Mooncup I already feel like I know so much more about my cycle - I feel liberated! Mooncup does not feel invasive or malign but like it is designed to help you understand and support your body, not suppress or fight against it. I have told every woman I know to buy one and sent off for the stickers and leaflets - I am on a mission! I only wish, like every other Mooncup user, that I had known about it from the start. 11 year old me, embarrassed and needlessly ashamed by period stains and pads would have killed for one. Now, I have taken control, taken a step towards embracing my body, it's functions and it's needs, and my womanhood! Thank you Mooncup!

Jess - 18th March 2015

I bought the Moon Cup in January this year, and have now had two periods using it. Switching to the Moon Cup is one of the best decisions I have made in my life! I heard of it a few years ago but was put off by the idea of having to empty it in public places; this however is much easier than you would think as a) you don't have to change it anywhere as near as much as a tampon and b) like the Q&A's suggest, simply wiping it or using a water bottle is absolutely fine for the occasional time you do get caught in a cubicle without a sink. I knew when I bought the Moon Cup that it would have a number of advantages which have proved to be just as good as expected: a) not having to buy tampons any more b) not contributing to the environmental damage caused by disposable sanitary products c) not having the dryness caused by a tampon d) not having the awkward string poking out in embarrassing places such as the swimming pool! All these advantages have been great and better than expected (the Moon Cup is so comfortable, you can't tell it's there, and putting it in and taking it out takes only the tiniest bit of practice!) but what's been really great about the Moon Cup is the advantages I didn't think about, which include: a) Only having to change it every 7-8 hours, even on really heavy days b) Not having the "odour" that comes along with your period, particularly towards the end of menstruation c) Not having any "spotting" at the end of my period (bye bye pantyliners!) d) Not having to worry about the size of tampons vs. flow - the Moon Cup can be worn throughout e) Being really in touch with my body, and being able to know exactly when I have finished my period f) They don't cause any issues with toilet blockages, and you don't have to deal with the ickyness that is the full sanitary bin in a public place. Ladies - please try the Moon Cup! I have been singing it's praises to my friends and I am shocked and actually quite disappointed that so many people think that a period is a "disgusting" thing, and that the Moon Cup is to be avoided - we should not be embarrassed by our bodies or scared of being more in touch with ourselves (yes, quite literally..!) My only regret is not starting to use it earlier, as having now seen the difference in my body I have realised that the only disgusting and unnatural thing about periods is using any other type of sanitary product! Go Moon Cup!

Becky - 14th March 2015

I bought the Moon Cup in January this year, and have now had two periods using it. Switching to the Moon Cup is one of the best decisions I have made in my life! I heard of it a few years ago but was put off by the idea of having to empty it in public places; this however is much easier than you would think as a) you don't have to change it anywhere as near as much as a tampon and b) like the Q&A's suggest, simply wiping it or using a water bottle is absolutely fine for the occasional time you do get caught in a cubicle without a sink. I knew when I bought the Moon Cup that it would have a number of advantages which have proved to be just as good as expected: a) not having to buy tampons any more b) not contributing to the environmental damage caused by disposable sanitary products c) not having the dryness caused by a tampon d) not having the awkward string poking out in embarrassing places such as the swimming pool! All these advantages have been great and better than expected (the Moon Cup is so comfortable, you can't tell it's there, and putting it in and taking it out takes only the tiniest bit of practice!) but what's been really great about the Moon Cup is the advantages I didn't think about, which include: a) Only having to change it every 7-8 hours, even on really heavy days b) Not having the "odour" that comes along with your period, particularly towards the end of menstruation c) Not having any "spotting" at the end of my period (bye bye pantyliners!) d) Not having to worry about the size of tampons vs. flow - the Moon Cup can be worn throughout e) Being really in touch with my body, and being able to know exactly when I have finished my period f) They don't cause any issues with toilet blockages, and you don't have to deal with the ickyness that is the full sanitary bin in a public place. Ladies - please try the Moon Cup! I have been singing it's praises to my friends and I am shocked and actually quite disappointed that so many people think that a period is a "disgusting" thing, and that the Moon Cup is to be avoided - we should not be embarrassed by our bodies or scared of being more in touch with ourselves (yes, quite literally..!) My only regret is not starting to use it earlier, as having now seen the difference in my body I have realised that the only disgusting and unnatural thing about periods is using any other type of sanitary product! Go Moon Cup!

Becky -

I LOVE IT!! My periods before having children where just hideous. I could easily spend £20 and more on pads and tampons in one period. It was a real down moment. My bag just seemed to consist of sanitary products. In the end I stayed in. I then found the Mooncup through an online forum. I read about it and read all the benefits it could have for me. It hasnt let me down. I have two children since I got my first mooncup and I wouldnt live without it. No smells, no leaking, no fear of going out and no more sanitary hang bag. It has helped me so much. My flow is lighter, im in less pain and I feel so much more confident. Ill sing the praises of my Mooncup to all my lady friends. Thank you!!

Lucy - 12th March 2015

It doesn't smell. It doesn't leak. You can wear whatever underwear you want (or none at all!). It doesn't dry you out. It doesn't leave fibres inside you. You don't have to deal with it every time you go to the toilet. It can cope with clots. You don't have to buy more and more every month. There's no gross string hanging out of you. You don't have to throw it away and feel guilty about the waste. It doesn't feel like a nappy. You can measure your period so you know if something unusual happens. It doesn't come wrapped up in pointless, wasteful packaging. You don't have to carry loads of supplies around with you. I feel free. I did find insertion and removal a bit difficult to start with, but after sticking with it for a couple of days I soon got into the swing of it. It saves me money, it saves me hassle and it's comfortable. What more could I ask for?

liz - 9th March 2015

My mother had bought me a mooncup from another site and I fell in love with it. So I purchased one from here, and I will always love it! I love that I don't have to spend so much on pads or tampons and I love that using the mooncup is better for the environment. And it lasts longer than a tampon. I never have to worry about running out of it:) I defiantly recommend this to my friends and family!!

Kristine - 8th March 2015

Oh my word, the Mooncup has changed my life! I know some people have said they've found it difficult learning to insert and remove the Mooncup, and I know my experience isn't the same as everyone's, but I've found it SO easy. No more worrying about leakage, no more excessive waste - it's just brilliant.

laura - 7th March 2015

I started using my moon cup this week. Ladies, if you don't know this product and are still using tampons and pads, I beg you to check it out! It is unbelievably fantastic!! I never felt so comfortable during my period. No itchiness, no dryness, no leakage, no odour, no waste!! I feel much safer and healthier and in touch with myself. I can move around, I can go into the water for a bath or a swim, I enjoy being close with my boyfriend. And even the pain wasn't as bad as usual this month. It took me some time to give it a try because it was unfamiliar to me. I learned about it online and didn't know anybody in person who was using a menstrual cup. I usually dread my period because I have very bad menstrual cramps and mood swings and the disposable sanitary products dry me out. I'm used to feeling just awful for several days and suffering from itches after each period. I absolutely hate tampons, they always gave me pain. The fact that the moon cup is inserted into the vagina as is the tampon put me off for some time. I imagined inserting it as painful because of my experience with tampons and the size of the moon cup looked intimidating. With finally mustering up the courage and giving the moon cup a try, I got the hang of it much quicker than I had expected. It doesn't feel like a tampon at all, in fact, I find it much easier to insert despite the bigger size. Once it's in, I barely feel it at all. There's no burning sensation or uncomfortable itching, it smoothly slides in and sits comfortably low. It doesn't feel like an intruding object at all. I can officially state that I'm never going back!! I feel so ridiculously more comfortable and happy, I already lost a bit of my fear regarding my period after using it for only 4 days! Even my boyfriend is fond of it and notices that I'm much happier with it. I showed him the moon cup and dared to really talk about my period with him, I kinda lost a lot of my shame. I think this product is simply genius. There's only pros, all the way. Thank you, moon cup!! :D

Anna - 4th March 2015

I bought my m'cup almost 2 years ago and i love it! My periods are not always the same as far as light or heavy flow. Not to mention I am helping the environment and my wallet at the same time! I love my cup and I highly recommend it to anyone!

Reeva - 2nd March 2015

I've had my mooncup for 6 months now, I was going travelling, and forced myself to get used to it during the period before we left, because as I suspected it was absolutely brilliant. Day one of period, on a boat for 13 hours with no toilet, let alone running water - no worries with my Mooncup. I was talking to a young woman today, saying she must try one... she grimaced, too much bodily contact. On thinking back I'm sad that I've added so much to landfill over the years, and maybe when I was younger I wouldn't have felt comfortable being so "in touch with myself" however being a Nanny I change millions of dirty nappies/diapers I now recognise a period is just the same, it's just a bodily function and there's nothing dirty about it, it's just life. Mooncups are so environmentally friendly, no nasty (real or imagined) smell and you never need period pants again, in fact I can continue to sleep in the buff for the whole month now, it's brilliant. I'm definitely spreading the word.

Maria - 26th February 2015

I heard about mooncups just a few years ago, and wish I'd known about them even sooner than that. I couldn't be happier- it doesn't have a revolting odor, no more expensive bleached cottons products, and it's no messier than my tampons ever were. All of my worry about carrying enough sanitary products at any given time are gone because all I need is my one mooncup. This thing is incredibly freeing and I love it for so many reasons, I recommend it every chance I get.

Joyce - 25th February 2015

I stumbled upon the mooncup by accident and it turned out to be an absolute life saver, although I still had to wear additional sanitary wear in the form of a panty liner it helped me control my heavy bleeding. After learning how to use the cup it really is no worse than using a tampon. I unfortunately had to have surgery for my heavy bleeding recently and my surgeon had never heard of them but has now researched the product. If it hadn't have been for my discovery of the mooncup I don't know how I would have coped.

Gregory's girl - 25th February 2015

I heard about Mooncup at Glastonbury last year, visited the website and thought I'd try one for myself. Now I see why everyone felt the need to leave their comments! The Mooncup makes you feel SOOO much better about your period that you just want everyone to discover how great it is!! I have a contraceptive implant in my arm and, for me, a side effect of that is my periods often being lighter, but quite erratic. That meant that I was having to wear a thin liner nearly every day - just in case. With the Mooncup I can pop it in and not have to worry. It's so much more comfortable than having to sit wearing a pad (and/or tampon) all day and worrying about when you might need to change it. The Mooncup has absolutely changed my life when it comes to periods. I know it sounds like I'm exaggerating, but it's made me more open about periods, I'm not embarrassed about them, I'm not constantly worrying that I might leak, I'm SAVING SO MUCH MONEY and also saving the environment! Mooncup is just a win win win win win situation. Thanks a million. :)

Claire - 24th February 2015

A life changing & completely genius invention! I feel grateful that I have found this product in my early twenties and have not had to endure years of bother with tampons and sanitary towels. You save money, look after the environment, feel clean and fresh during your period and it's so easy to use. Believe every testimonial on here because it is the best thing that has ever happened to me regarding my period! You would be a fool not to buy one immediately!!

Chloe - 24th February 2015

I've had my mooncup for three years so I can say I've truly tried and tested it! It took me a good three months to get to grips with it, my main issue was trying to insert it too high (like a tampon) and the length of the stem. I've since removed the whole of the stem as I found that personally I don't need it. My advice for other women is to stick with it till you get used it, remember the difficulties you may have had first using a tampon and how they are second nature to insert now! The main benefits for me is that it really does reduce the amount of pain my period gives me, bizarre but true! During my period, I am often very dry "down there", and found that tampons made this worse. I prefer the mooncup as it does not absorb any moisture, but I find I need to use a little bit of lube (just once a day) to aid me inserting and removing it. As it holds so much more than a tampon I don't need to rush and change/empty it as often, in fact I often go to the loo and forget all about it as you really can't feel it! I've recommended it to all of my friends and family, a brilliant investment, saves money and the environment too.

Claire - 16th February 2015

Menstrual cups are not as commonly used in the US yet - so I hadn't heard of them until recently. I did some research and decided on the MoonCup UK (MCUK). I can't believe no one shared menstrual cups with before now. My period, for the first time ever wasn't a huge inconvenience. The MCUK was easy to use - easier than I expected. I never felt comfortable in tampons and I was delightfully shocked when the MCUK was totally comfortable - couldn't feel it at all, no matter how I ran, jumped, sat, rolled, slept - it was like it wasn't there. There were no leaks, no smell, no issues. I have already told many of my girlfriends to look into getting their own menstrual cup - of course recommending MCUK. Thank you for making such a great product with the support needed to make sure your customers are successful!

Amanda - 15th February 2015

I just wanted to share my experience with the moon cup and encourage those of you reading the reviews to give it a try. I am not one to write reviews, but this is one product that all women should know more about. I realize it is not for everyone and you do need to be comfortable with your body to use it, but it is so much more superior to anything I have used. I think I had read about moon cup in an article and was intrigued and came to this website and read a bunch of reviews! I have been using a moon cup for about six months now and like everyone else will not go back! I was concerned it might not work for me since I have a history of vestibulitis and vaginismus (vaginal pain and uncontrollable vaginal contracting) that I needed pelvic floor physical therapy for. Although mostly resolved, I was still wary. This size kind of tripped me up too. I ordered size B- I am 31 and have no kiddos and it works great. There is a learning curve- read the directions and watch their little video- very helpful. Like everyone else said, don't panic when you first go to take it out and can't reach it very well! Took me a cycle or so to get really comfortable with insertion, etc. Pros: you don't have to deal with changing tampons every 2-4 hours. A few months in, my husband and I went on a very extreme backpacking/camping trip in the Cascade Mountains. Of course I had my period the entire time. I climbed up mountains, slide down cliffs, and swam across a glacial lake without a leak. I even had to empty it on the side of a mountain ravine- if you can do it while balancing on a rock ledge, you can do it anywhere! and I didn't have to pack tons of tampons in my pack! You don't have a string that gets wet or caught on anything You don't have uncomfortable vaginal dryness as your period is ending I am very active- cross fit, P90X, hiking, etc. - I only had it leak once and it was during a hard cross fit workout that required a lot of jumping/weights. My period was heavier and I did not empty it for a few hours before the workout. Have had no problems since. Cons: Occasionally a minute or so after insertion, the cup with "snap" or uncurl abruptly. doesn't hurt per say, but feels a bit weird. Although there were some reviews that said that it seemed to shorten their period or lessen their cramping, I have not noticed this in myself, but am just happy to have a great product that works so well. Really worth a try!

Nicole - 17th February 2015

I remember seeing the stickers for the mooncup in the ladies toilets when I was at University and thinking to myself, I should probably give that a go. Well, I graduated five years ago and have only just go round to actually doing it, and it was mostly the online reviews and testimonials that made me make that decision there and then. If only I had read the testimonials back then! I personally didn't find the whole concept of it weird or gross, I am quite in tune with my body. The only thing I had to overcome was getting used to insertion and removal. Trying different folding methods soon sorted the insertion, removal took a bit more practise but within a couple of days I felt confident and I knew that I would never go back. At first I used a liner because I wasn't convinced it wasn't going to leak but now I am totally confident in the mooncup. It makes you feel SO much better about your period, you feel more in tune with what your body is doing, cramps are reduced, it's cost effective, it's more hygienic and for me knowing I am not adding to landfill is a huge benefit. If you suffer with recurrent thrush or UTI's - this product will change your life!!! (I don't know why doctors don't advise women to get one).

Kym - 13th February 2015

I have just used my mooncup for the first time and I'm converted already NEVER using a tampon again!!!! I had a lot of trouble getting it in and out but figure with practice it will become much easier over time I think I cut the stem too short and inserted in way to high but managed to get it out squatting in the shower £& using my lady muscles (sorry for the TMI but reading and watching videos is what helped me) I was getting panicked that I wasn't going to be able to get it out. I suffer with bv and thrush all the time after the end of my period I think due to using tampons but I really think the mooncup will make that a thing of the past along with balance activ gel for 1 night at the end of my period I hope this May help anyone out there having similar troubles.

Katie - 10th February 2015

I recently heard of moon cup through a woman's group online. I was a little sceptical at first, but I went ahead and purchased one. When my period came I used it. I'm never, ever going back to bags or tampons again. The cup is extremely comfortable, unlike a pad or a tampon I can't feel that it is there. I can't feel my period either which I can with the other products. The moon cup is easy to insert and remove and it's NOT messy like I thought it would be! I feel super clean too. No dryness, no itchiness! Peeing is easier too as with tampons the strong gets in the way and with pads it's messy. At night I can sleep however I want, I can roll about like usual with out worrying about spillage. I can horse ride in it too with no problems cause it's so flexible, it just stays where my body wants it. I can't recommend it this product enough, it's revolutionised periods, and it's a green alternative to the thousands of pads and tampons we go through! Ladies if you're unsure, give it a go. The worst that'll happen is you don't like it, the best that'll happen is you'll have hassle free, cheap periods for the rest of time! Yey moon cup!

Abby - 10th February 2015

I've had my Mooncup for a year now and love it. It has saved me tons of money on tampons and pads. I feel like my hygiene is even better when using the Mooncup. It works great on both my heavier period days and my lighter days. Some discoloration has appeared now that I've used it for a year, but it still works great. I make sure to clean mine after every period. I recommend this product to all females! It's way better than using tampons/pads and super comfortable. I don't even notice it.

Kimberly - 7th February 2015

My sister is on a mission to convert the world to moon cup, (she's even left a testimony, and she's not the testimony type) having gone on about it for months she marched me into boots and made me buy one! My only regret is I didn't listen to her earlier, it's amazing!

Olivia - 7th February 2015

I have been using mooncup for 3 years and it makes my heavy periods more bearable. It took me a long time of trial and error to work out where I should wear it as I suffered a lot of leakage. Mooncup advisers were helpful in giving me pointers about how to solve this. I worked out I needed to cut the stem off altogether as it irritated me and wear it lower than I thought. During my period my cervix drops very low so wearing it low works. When I tried to wear it higher I just soaked my pads as usual. Now I am suffering inbetween period bleeding and having the mooncup is helping so much to cope with this, also I have been to see the doctor about this which is important. I am nearly 40 and have had 3 children so I wear the larger size. I would like my daughter to use this product when she is comfortable instead of tampons, she has just started her period and I hope my experience will save her from years of discomfort. After years of using tampons and pads only experiencing the discomfort of heavy tampons or dry tampons when my flow tailed off. I use the mooncup and pads now and use less pads during my cycle and feel much better even on my heaviest days. I can also plan my life around the heaviest days more easily.

Vi - 6th February 2015

I am 30 and have been using the small moon menstral cup for several months and I love it. I have never had a child. I have a retroverted uterus with heavy painful cycle. Could go through a super pad and tampon in 1-2hrs on a bad day. With moon menstral I have less pain and on heaviest day filled cup in 6 hours.

Alexis - 6th February 2015

At 45 I am no doubt in the last few years of my periods and I just wish I had discovered this sooner. Have had two c-sections and am an older customer but it has not mattered at all - the A-cup fits perfectly - and I am finally not having to deal with the leaks and discomfort tampons left me with. Am about to introduce this to my 14-year old daughter so she can have years of hassle-free periods. Thank you so much!

Rose - 2nd February 2015

Hi mooncup, I just wanted to let you know that your product has changed my monthly dreaded period. From changing both a tampon and sanitary towel hourly, due to my heavy flow, I now change my mooncup three hourly on my heavy days. I'm so much more comfortable and less stressed and bothered by my periods, so thank you!

Nikki - 2nd February 2015

The Mooncup changed my relationship with my period and with my body. Since I started using the mooncup I became more conscious and way more connected to my body and my femininity. Rather than considering it annoying and nasty, I know relate to my period as an interesting and beautiful phenomenon that is an integral part of myself. In addition, I also love the fact that the mooncup is environmental-friendly and that I don't have to worry about carrying around tampons everywhere I go. I highly recommend it to every woman!

Bianca - 2nd February 2015

This is the best £20 I have ever spent! Love my mooncup so much, no leaks, easy to use and so much more hygienic than tampons or pads. Would recommend to everyone!

Caroline - 31st January 2015

I bought my Mooncup about 5 months ago from Boots. I had read about them on social media, so I looked on your website and thought I would give it a go. I was sceptical, so I made sure I had some tampons ready just in case. I still have the box of tampons, unopened! I love my Mooncup. It gives me the freedom to do a days work with no sneaking off to the loo with my tampon up my sleeve as I don't need to change throughout my working day! I don't suffer the heaviness from a full tampon and since using my Mooncup I haven't had a niggling headache (I always thought they were due to hormones, now I'm thinking they could be due to the dryness due to tampons or chemicals they put in them?) If you are thinking about giving it a go, don't hesitate! I wish I'd had one years ago!

Rebecca - 27th January 2015

I Bought one of these from boots on Saturday. After reading a bit about them first, I was worried that it would take some getting used to. How wrong I was! These things are amazing, if you are reading about them, buy one! Don't put it off a minute longer! No mess, no leaks it's easy :-) I can't say for sure after 2 days, but I'm pretty sure this might just be life changing! I have almost forgotten that I am on my period.

Charli - 26th January 2015

I would definitely recommend the moon cup to anyone. I bought one because I did not like the idea of using disposable products that then went into landfill and I also wanted to save money. The mooncup took a little getting used to, there is definitely a "knack" to it but once you've got it, it's amazing! It stands up to all activities, I've never had any trouble with leaking. It is so much more convenient when going away to be able to take my one mooncup instead of lots of pads and tampons. Everyone should have one!

Rachel - 25th January 2015

I'm 18 and heard about the mooncup a couple of years ago but didn't like the sound of it! I started on tampons a few years ago and found them much more liberating than pads but they dried me out! I was always concerned about harsh chemicals in tampons, but as a student just couldn't afford to regularly buy natracare tampons! I am currently near the end of my first period with the mooncup and I'm never going back! It was easy to put in and take out from day one, its a lot easier than it looks! Its not messy and I can leave it all day whilst I'm out at college without having to worry! I often forget it's that time of the month! No leakages throughout the day or night. With tampons I often woke up in the morning covered in blood! I feel like shouting out about this to women everywhere! More women need to be aware of this! I can't express it enough!

Jasmine - 23rd January 2015

I love my Mooncup! I'm so incredible happy I've found it! I have been using Mooncup for 5 years now, and I can only encourage every one to buy one! It's absolutely convenient for traveling, because you don't have to change it so often. My period might not be as strong as some other women have, but I just change my Mooncup in the morning and in the evenings. So it's perfect for traveling. You don't have to carry stuff with you, except a water bottle if you like to change it during the day. I always forgot tampons at home or to buy new ones, so I really happy I don't have to think of carry them with me. I can go swimming and into sauna without hoping that nobody can see that I'm wearing a tampon. I don't have to go to the toilet every time I go for a swim, because Mooncup will not soak in water. I can do sports even hard ones. I always felt my tampons when doing sports with a lot of jumps, not with my Mooncup. I can't feel it, it doesn't matter what I'm doing. I always had problems with tampons on my very last days because my period wasn't really strong then and tampons hurt really much when changing, I hate pads. So I'm really happy with my Mooncup, it doesn't matter how strong my period is or if I have only spotting before getting my period, I can wear it and feel clean. Yes you can see your blood, but I think that's nature. Why being afraid of seeing your own blood, it's not ugly and you get used to it.

Mona - 23rd January 2015

An amazing invention! For the first time I feel utterly clean and healthy during my period. It has normalized the whole experience for me. My cramps have reduced, and there is a great sense of freedom not having to bring stacks of tampons with me everywhere I go. Thank you Mooncup!

Rachel-Rose - 22nd January 2015

The best product ever! I started using mooncup because I wanted to cut down on waste, but I couldn't even handle tampons. Its taken me 3 periods to get to a point where its all I use! And I only used 4 pads on my last one. You can sleep, pee, run, skip, you really don't feel it at all. I don't need any stem to get it out either, it did take me a while of fishing around but then I found out I was going in at the wrong angle. My vagina and I have never been closer and I think she's pretty grateful not to have rashes and smell gross every month! I can sit with my legs open on the tube and not get blasted by iffy wafts...

Jaz - 22nd January 2015

When I tell people I use a mooncup one of the most common reactions is ...ew. I have been happily using my mooncup for a good few years. It's comfortable to wear and insert, unlike conventional raspy scratchy tampons. It doesn't develop a putrid smell like sanitary towels. I recently misplaced my mooncup and reverted back to sanitary towels for 2 days. I forgot how dirty, fidgety and irritating they are! I had to rush out and buy a new mooncup immediately! I have found a way to not let my monthly cycle interfere with life and I had to get it back. What it doesn't say on the tin is that mooncup is sensational at saving your sheets from dreaded stains, I also get far better nights sleep with a mooncup over disposable methods. Having discussed with a few friends we have discovered that mooncup seems to ease cramps, whether this is accurate or not it seems to be the only common denominator. Practice makes perfect, inserting is easy but you will have the odd mishap. TIP: don't ever whisk it out quickly not matter how much of a rush you are in!

Amy - 19th January 2015

I had heard rave reviews from a friend and finally decided to bite the bullet- cannot thank my lucky stars I did. I always hated using tampons and other such products, finding them uncomfortable and stressful to use. Now that I have a Mooncup my period is quite literally a breeze. I feel clean, healthy, comfortable, not to mention richer! I go running, swimming, rock climbing with it in and I pretty much forget I have my period. No more running into Boots in a flap when I forget to stuff hundreds of tampons into my bag 'just-in-case', no more rustling, no more waste! If you are considering it, please, please do. You will not regret it! Thank you Mooncup!

Kitty - 19th January 2015

I have had my Mooncup for the past 7 years. It did take me a little getting used to, but with the concept of reducing waste and saving me money I have over time begun to use it as my main feminine hygiene product. What I love about it is that it makes me feel almost normal whilst I'm on my period. I can still feel attractive to my partner and not worry about chunky pads. I sometimes still use tampons overnight when my flow is particularly heavy, but I highly recommend the Mooncup - definitely my favourite choice.

Rebecca - 19th January 2015

I thought I'd share a full and frank first experience with the mooncup. I bought the size a for ladies after a vaginal birth or over 30. First I found this a bit upsetting as I'm over 30 without kids, (that wasn't the problem although that is a whole other story) I'm fit n healthy and I really don't want think of myself as looser down there. Anyway I got over it and purchased the recommended size. I got my next period on a quiet weekend at home so I thought I'd give it a try. Initially I felt congested down there I had to wee straight away.. You are full anyway so it was a bit unpleasant to add more stuff. As expected it felt a bit different but not massively uncomfortable. I got off to sleep easily. Unlike other methods, I forgot I had it in this morning when I woke. The removal could have been stressful but I had read up about it last night and I did the pelvic squeezes which moves it down, so I could get to pinch the bottom and pop it's out. I felt empowered and that maybe I could move on to ping pong balls. It wasn't messy either for a first go. I thought I'd be dealing with a scene from the Halloween or the like but it was easy to contain and no leaks. I am really pleased and impressed with my mooncup.

Chrissy - 9th January 2015

A friend told me about mooncup a few years ago and I thought it was revolting! Honestly I just couldn't get my head around it and didn't even consider giving it a try! By the way I'm a midwife so really should have been more accepting of it... Lol! Recently in my quest to start trying for a baby I've made some lifestyle changes to improve my health! For a long time now Tampons left me feel sore and dry especially on my lighter days and I hate using pads! I hate feeling like I'm wearing a nappy, the smell when changing them and having my waste bin filled with them! I also feel unclean during my time of month and just want to stay in bed till it's all over! Recently I went into boots to stock up on more tampons and Pads! I spotted the mooncup on the shelf picked it up and never turned back! I didn't even give myself the chance to think about it! The pack recommends to start using on day 2/3 of your period however once I'd bought it I went home and after contending with another Pad (I started that very day) I decided why wait! I boiled the mooncup and stuck it in! It took a few attempts before I more or less removed the whole stem before it was comfortable! But once it was in I forgot it was there! The problem came when it come to removing it! I couldn't find or reach the bloody thing and had no idea it would creep up so high! I tried with all my might to no avail... In the end called my husband who obviously wanted no part in my disaster and simple passed me the instruction booklet! So the instructions say relax don't panic... Blah blah blah! I was already tense and yes panicking! I honestly believed i'd have to go to A&E and have it surgically removed! Did I mention I'm a midwife!!!! Chances are I would know the gynaecology doctor called to assist at the local unit so this was not an option! I calmed down took some deep breaths did some little pushes and the moon cup materialised! I won't lie was a bit messy, and the floor, my god the floor! But the cup was out! I rinsed it of and popped it back in! After spending £20 I was not going to be defeated on my first use! 3days later and I love it! Wish I tried it before, I can almost forget I'm even on! No cramps at all, no leaks at all and in never ever going back to tampons or pads! I want to tell everybody and anybody about mooncup! Unfortunately my friends don't seem to share my enthusiasm! A little disappointed I didn't receive any stickers with my box otherwise I would have used them in the loos at work and try convert a few more!

Dionne - 8th January 2015

I've been a dedicated Mooncup user for a number of years, and like others here I couldn't be more pleased that I found Mooncup. Recently I started to experience some leakage on the heaviest day of my period when using my Mooncup, so contacted the advice line about this. The advice got was helpful, timely and considerate. I was impressed how seriously the company take helping Mooncup users out and would encourage others if they are not sure just to drop them a line and ask. Thanks Mooncup!

Ginny - 7th January 2015

I'm 32, always struggled with tampons and found towels a bit stressful as my periods are short, but quite heavy. Since I started using the mooncup my periods are stress-free. I feel a lot more in control of my period because the mooncup is easy to use and so hygienic. You can also feel good about the fact that you're doing your bit for the environment. It's also cheaper! No brainer.

Kate - 6th January 2015

10 years ago an old school friend told me about the Mooncup. I thought it was a great idea and what a fantastic way to save money on the “monthly” (as my Mother calls it) and also aid the environment. I try to be as conscientious as I can be towards green issues, however I carried on as normal thinking that I’ll get around to it one day. And eventually I did. I am 36yrs old and had a child by C section – so I wasn’t sure about the sizing, although I opted for the larger one (and it is only marginally larger) as I didn’t want leaks. Day One Managed to get it in ok. Much better if wet (water not a lubricant). Needed to adjust it a few times and trim the stem but ones it’s in place it’s in place and you can’t feel a thing. You really don’t know it’s there. Fantastic! As a parent you know that you don’t get any time to yourself so going for a wee whilst having a child glued to my side asking various questions about Barbies was fine as there was no issues as there was nothing to see (mooncup inside). Impressed with the convenience. And it lasts between 4-8hrs – much longer than a towel or tampon. Still impressed. Getting it out was a little tricky at first. I thought I might have to explain it to staff at my local A&E! My advice. Read the instructions! It does give you tips. And relax! Day Two Who’s idea was it to go to Ikea! Public toilets I was dreading! I think my friend thought I’d got lost I took so long! However, I’m still here to tell the tail, a quick wipe out and it was fine. My first thoughts was that it was going to be very messy. But it’s seriously not. I’ve not “spilt a drop” – once you hear the suction release you know it’s nearly out, a quick wiggle and to get ready to ‘tip and rinse’. Make sure you wash hands before and afterwards. Day Three I have getting it out to a fine art now. The main thing is relax. Much quicker. Now no one knows the difference if I go to the toilet for a wee as it’s out, rinsed and back in in no time at all. I am converted! No more hassles of sliding a tampon up your sleeve when you go to the loo and no more monthly expense as this lasts for years. I didn’t get on very well with sanitary towels as I suffer with a skin condition in that area which used to flare up when I wore these, and tampons used to give me “twangs” similar to period pains. Plus it’s better for the environment and our used products don’t end up in the sea with all the sea creatures….would you like to swim around with our used sanitary products by your side? I never write reviews, but I am seriously impressed! Only Day Three and I’m converted. I can’t stress enough for more women to try it. Comes with a cute discreet storage bag too! No need to hide tampons or towels in the zip up compartment of my handbag and I don’t dread my periods anymore…win win! I can’t believe I waited 10 years! Thank you Mooncup Makers! P.S No leaks either (including overnight!) – the larger one is really only fractionally bigger than the smaller one, and remember you want it to make a proper seal, so if in doubt and you’ve had a C section, then go for the larger one. Just try it – you’ve nothing to lose!

Katie - 6th January 2015

So, this is about the best thing ever. I first heard about the mooncup via some stickers around my university, looked it up, saw some testimonials and figured it was worth a shot. I've never tried tampons (the whole TSS thing was a bit worrying) but pads: feel horrible, get expensive after a while, inevitably result in mess on my clothes, irritate me or even give me thrush if I accidentally get the wrong type, and are *not easy* to dispose of discretely in university accommodation. Headed down to the local Boots and bought one - was slightly miffed that it cost a couple pounds more than advertised on the website, but still way cheaper in the long run and didn't have time to faff around with delivery times, so I got it. It's amazing. It takes a little practice to get in and out the few few times, and if you have problems with poking around inside or seeing a small cup of blood, you may have to steel yourself. However, I can't feel it at *all*, there's no leaking, it needs emptying about twice a day (so much more convenient than pads) and you don't need to worry about packing enough spares. Also, there was far less actual contact with blood than if I'd been using pads and having to remove/change them. With the exception of cramps on the first day, which I always get, and literally a minute a day of emptying it, I could not tell that I was on my period at all. Incredible. Plus, saving money in the long run. Having used it, I honestly cannot tell why anyone would go for anything else instead. Spread the word to university students particularly - we're moving away from home, starting to buy these things for ourselves, and it makes life so much easier.

Lauren - 6th January 2015

Thanks to my mooncup I no longer feel gross during my period! The use of tampons and sanitary towels made me feel dirty and uncomfortable for years, now with the mooncup I often forget I'm even in my period! I feel cleaner and much more accepting of my period.

Alice - 4th January 2015

I bought a moon cup yesterday after reading a link on Facebook. This product is brilliant. I love not having all the waste in the bin and leaking pads or tampons. The thought of being environmentally friendly is a massive bonus too. This product needs more advertising it is amazing. Well done for the help for girls in Africa too.

Karen - 4th January 2015

I bought my Mooncup in 2003 and have been using it ever since. It's such an intuitive product which I promote whenever is appropriate. I'm not paying into a massive corporation, it's mine to keep and use as long as I need to. It's discrete, easy to use, and comfortably reliable. I've been "caught out" a few times and am so aware of the waste being created and the messiness whenever I've used conventional products. It's particularly good when travelling. I love my Mooncup and will do till I no longer need it. X

Bethan - 3rd January 2015

Since having my children (eldest is 6), my periods have been excruciating. I have always had heavy periods, and very painful. But since giving birth twice, I just couldn't find a protection that a) fit me properly and b) could cope with my heavy flow. I stand most of the day at work and leak a lot. It was so humiliating. Tampons would HURT. I had a constant ache and felt like I was bruised from a kick! It was vile. A friend told me about Mooncup a year or two ago, and I did investigate, but put it off. Desperate enough to go to the doctor to request a hysterectomy to free me from my misery, I decided to give it a go. It has revolutionised my period. Gone is the leaking, the general aching and bruised feeling, and obviously it hasn't affected my flow, but I am able to get on with my life and not even remember I am having my period. Thank you!!

Aly - 1st January 2015

I just bought a mooncup and tried it today for the first time. I wish I'd known about this when I was younger. it's fantastic. Why don't more people know about this? I just stumbled on it on the net, don't ask me how, I have no idea. Why don't women know about this? Come on, every woman should have one. It's so liberating!

Sam - 30th December 2014

I brought my mooncup and looking for a more practical solution to dealing with my period. (Where I work I'd have to go to my locker to get things to use and so many other things having a period was almost impossible). But now I am in and out the loo in 3 minuets!! So easy to insert, reading the what you should do and then adapting it to you is best. And you just need to get used to taking it out then you've got it sorted. I have a heavy flow for three days then the other three I'm pretty light. I can leave the cup upto 3 hours before I need ro change it on my heavy days. Honestly a life saver. I've been singing it's praises since the first moment I used it. Saved so much money to. 900/10 would certainly recommend.

Hayley - 28th December 2014

I'm disgusted with myself that I didn't try this 4 years ago when I first heard of the mooncup! I'm 43 now, and can honestly say I just had the most comfortable period of my life, and I'm a first time user. What had put me off before was notions of spraying blood all over the bathroom if I dropped it, but it's completely safe! SO much better than the ubiquitous leaky tampon and the sodden pad that takes you by surprise on a long drive home, or at a friend's house, or somewhere equally awkward. Ever decided NOT to go somewhere due to the possibility that you'd have to find a toilet every hour or that there won't be any hygienic place to dispose of your used tampon? You'll never have to stay home again! I've had two tiny leaks - once due to an insertion error as it hadn't unfolded properly, and once because it was full after an 8 hour sleep, but neither were as problematic as a leaky tampon and the panti liner didn't have a lot to contend with. Delighted. Seriously delighted. This will change my life. Ps. When I saw the stickers that came with my mooncup, I thought "Where the hell would I want to put those?...and why?". Now I know. All women should know about this, so I'll be sticking mine on a wall next to a tampon dispenser in a ladies near me soon!!

Sadie - 28th December 2014

I can't believe how well this worked! I normally have to wear tampons and pads, and on my heaviest days this normally means four-six trips to the loo every day! I go through a packet of pads normally every period, and a box of tampons every two-three months. However since buying my mooncup I have saved myself so much money and time! I now only have to go to the toilet in the mornings and before bed, and maybe once more during the day! It's so easy to use and clean, and not at all messy once you get used to it! It's also less uncomfortable than a tampon, I think, and the best part, I no longer need pads! No leakage what so ever! I can't thank you enough for making such a wonderful product!

Beth - 23rd December 2014

Looked at one of these repeatedly over my 20's but thought it was a lot of money to spend if it turned out I didn't like it. Turns out age 30 I should have got one ages ago - it's well worth the money. If you are a tampon user you will have no trouble, you don't even know it's there though I did snip off half the stem as had read other reviews on this. It's also great knowing your not leaving tampon fibres inside you but you get the same clean feeling!!!

Anna - 22nd December 2014

I am 20yrs and a dental nurse. I had the contraceptive implant for a year and had it removed two months ago as I was not happy with it; it stopped my periods altogether and was affecting my mood a little. When I had my first period for a year I used tampons like I always have. But having not used them for so long and then going back to tampons, I remembered all the things I hate about them. They dry me out so badly and I get leakage with them when I am heavy- I never feel entirely "safe" wearing them. My job means a lot of moving and sitting so I was wearing a pad as well to keep me feeling safe but that was so uncomfortable. I decided to try the mooncup and honestly I wish I had gotten one six years ago! It was fiddly to begin with but you get used to it. Also, "birthing" it can be a bit of a pain but my pelvic floor thanks me for it, I am sure! I love it. It feels cleaner, I am not as dry, I do not have to carry bulky tampons everywhere and I do not have to fill the world up with used sanitary stuff. I love it to bits. Recommend recommend recommend.

Charlotte - 21st December 2014

I bought the Mooncup 6 months ago after getting fed up with pads and looking for an alternative. I am a young backpacker and have to say it is brilliant! Although it took a bit of practice to insert (I'd never used tampons) I quickly got the hang of it and it is so easy to use. Great for travelling as takes up no space at all in your backpack and there's no guilt about the environment either. I only wish I'd discovered this fantastic product earlier as they are an absolute godsend and every woman needs one. They are so comfortable that you forget you're on your period and the money saved is fantastic. No mess, no hassle, I cannot thank Mooncup enough for this great product -I'm never going back to anything else!! Give it a try and you won't regret it!

Sara - 20th December 2014

I'm 32. Decided to use a Mooncup for ecological reasons, and also I was having constant UTIs and wondered if switching to a Mooncup might help. Two things I've noticed since using a Mooncup- little or no period pain and a big reduction in the amount of UTIs I get. I am very pleased with it. I love that I don't have to worry about buying tampons or carrying them around with me. I've had no problems at all using the Mooncup. So glad I made the switch!

Lily - 19th December 2014

I have been using tampons for 7 years and I became increasingly guilty about flushing tampons down the toilet, but found taking them out and wrapping them in tissue too gross. Saw a sticker on the back of a university toilet for the mooncup and thought I would give it a go. I have just completed my first period using just a mooncup and I am never going back! This is the future of sanitary protection! Tampons/pads are something we all should have moved on from long ago! I found it really easy to insert by following the instructions, and it fits really comfortably. Can't feel it's there at all. Taking it out and rinsing it not as gross as I thought it would be either - infact it seems more natural and its an easier way of gaging your flow. My favourite thing about it? You can wear whatever knickers you want! You can even walk around naked! So if you have a partner, you can still get sexy infront of him, instead of slobbing around in granny pants :) Thank you Mooncup, this is a life-changing product!

Mia - 19th December 2014

I purchased the Mooncup for the summer as I didn't like the sound of tampons. I am 16 years old and have no experience of inserting tampons. At first I struggled to insert the mooncup, but after a few attempts I succeeded. I find that the 'punch down' fold is the best. I had to trim off quite a bit of the stem and now when I use it I can't even feel it. It is amazing. I used it for the first full school day today (previously been using it to bed and just on short trips out) and it was amazing. No leakage even though it was the second day (quite heavy)!!! I am seriously impressed. I would advise everyone to get one. Although it may be hard to get the hang of at first, it is seriously worth persevering as it has changed my life! I love it and I would give it 5 stars!

Victoria - 9th December 2014

The best product. You feel much cleaner and much more comfortable. Few pointers for any newbies... pushing down helps, loads... cut your nails... and sometimes it will unfold a few minutes later and it might make you jump!

Emily - 1st December 2014

Best purchase I have made in years. I hated towels, tampons constantly slipped because my muscles contracted forcing them out. My moon cup (nick named moon pig by bf) is clean, easy to use and lasts all day. I cant feel it, unlike tampons and so completely forget my period. And best still, i have realised my periods are normal and not the heavy and painful things I thought they was. That was clearly the mess that lossing tempons was causing. I will never go back

Nikki - 1st December 2014

I'd thought about trying one for years, but never got round to it (probably would have got one sooner if they could be bought off the shelf in boots!). Then I got a copper coil fitted 6 months ago so decided to try the mooncup to cope with potential heavier periods. Unfortunately with the coil I get a week of spotting/light bleeding before my period - the mooncup makes this so much easier to manage. It's a bit of hassle in the toilets at work, but yes, I wish I'd got one years ago. While I'm not sure if I'll put up with the coil for much longer, I'm keeping my mooncup! And I'll be buying my daughter one as soon as she starts her periods too.

Louise - 30th November 2014

I've been a satisfied user of mooncup for about 3 years now! I'm 23 (started periods at 10), and had been wanting to try mooncup for environmental reasons for several years but hadn't plucked up the courage to give it a go. The last straw for me though was missing a martial arts tournament because I was on my period: I would regularly overwhelm my tampax super-duper-extra-plus-plus-plus and the thought of that happening in the ring (while wearing a white gi!) was unbearable. When I thought about it some more, the idea of having to miss things I wanted to do as well as the endless round of dashes to the bathroom to change tampons and clean up leaks for potentially the next 40 years just didn't fly (personally I'm not comfortable with using contraceptives to reduce my periods - better out than in, right? that's my opinion, anyway). Admittedly when I first opened the box I was pretty intimidated by the size of the thing, but after getting used to it gradually (using just once per period at first, then for one day, and so on), I am now a competent user and would definitely not go back to tampons! It's just a matter of working out which technique suits you best and making it a habit. Standing in the kitchen, casually boiling your mooncup on the stove can feel bizarre at first but actually, it's a lot easier than emergency dashes to the 24hr petrol station for supplies! For anyone who wants to use mooncup but is not sure/already using it but struggling, my advice is persevere at your own pace. It's not a race, and if you want to go back to tampons/pads for a while it's not a problem - mooncup will still be there when you're ready for another go. Eventually you'll get the hang of it, and you will have saved money, the environment, and improved your health and convenience. For me, I knew I was a proper, paid-up member of the mooncup club when I successfully went swimming on my period - before mooncup, there was no way in HELL I would even have CONSIDERED that!!! So that shows it works! Now I preach the mooncup gospel whenever the opportunity arises. The only objection (and a half-hearted one at that) was from my mum, who worried about TSS - but I pointed out to her that tampons are not exactly sterile when they come out of their cardboards boxes after spending weeks on a supermarket shelf (whereas mooncup can be sterilised easily), AND they leave potentially harmful residue which mooncup doesn't! I think she had no choice but to yield to the logic of the situation after that :D

Elinoir - 29th November 2014

I am not one to write reviews but this is a great product. For many years I have suffered the fear of leaking, especially, the first two days of my period where I am very heavy and sleeping was uncomfortable as I have had many episodes of ruining bed sheets. It was all quite stressful. Last month, I used the mooncup and though I still used a pad, I managed to sleep without waking up every 2 hours to change. I haven't quite mastered getting it out without the mess so I have not been able to use the cup without a pad during the day ( I have since discovered I need to empty after 6hours on my heavy days). Anyway this is so good that I urge anyone thinking to buy one to just get on with it. It feels cleaner and it will change your life. I look forward to the day I master taking it out without the mess so I can use it while I am at work and can feel comfortable enough to just simply take a bottle of water to rinse and reinsert in the ladies. Until then, I have stopped using tampons and i am reducing the amount of pads, which I hope helps in helping the environment.

Carm - 29th November 2014

I had been meaning to buy one of these for ages! Sick of tampons and smelly pads, I went out today and bought myself one from Boots. I have to say, it has revolutionised the way I have my period. Saying goodbye and farewell to those cottony friends was the best thing I ever did! I have my mooncup in now for the first time and after a couple of inserts, I'm now pretty confident with my purchase! I want to do my part to help keep this planet clean and tidy for generations to come and the more women buy this product, the world will be less full of sanitary waste! I am so happy that I purchased the MoonCup, I already have friends talking about it and thinking of getting one for themselves! Whoever created this idea is a genius! I feel a lot cleaner 'down there', more hygienic and environmentally friendly already. Thank you MoonCup!

Chloe - 25th November 2014

I've never reviewed anything before, but this is life changing! I'd heard about the mooncup and liked the idea but was always a bit scared at the reality of it. Then I suddenly had to come off the pill and didn't have any control over when my periods happened - and I had a beach holiday booked in for two months later... So I bit the bullet and got one. I'm hugely squeamish, and quite clumsy, so the first couple of goes at getting it in were a bit eye opening! It's definitely easier to do it when it's wet, and I ended up cutting off almost the entire stem. Read the leaflet with all the tips about how to fold it - they really work! Although you're really good to go from the first time you try it, I agree it does take a couple of months to get completely used to it, and now 2 years later, I'd never, ever go back to tampons. I didn't realise how drying they were until I used the mooncup. It's brilliant to use, just pop it in at the start of the day and then forget about it until you get home again. And I don't know how, but it has shortened my period by about two days. And I love knowing what's normal for me too, I feel more in touch with what's going on with my body. Thank you!

Vicky - 23rd November 2014

I'm on my fourth month of using my moon cup and I have never looked back. Its amazing. I couldn't use tampons, so its a massive liberation from awful sanitary towels. I don't have to wear period pants any more and it feels so much cleaner and hygienic! Its easy to use and really comfortable. I ended up snipping off most of the stem. I struggled the first few times taking it out but after that it was fine. Just don't panic and stick with it! I recommend this to anyone who is fed up with traditional products that are dry and uncomfortable and it saves quite a bit of money. Its paid for itself already!

Lou - 21st November 2014

I'm 16 and first got my period last year. I absolutely hated it and was glad I was really irregular and I still only get it every three or four months. But tampons and pads were the worst. Pads are sweaty and awkward and feel gross and tampons, I was constantly worried about leaving them in too long and they dried me out. But I just bought the mooncup today and I love it!! Was awkward at first and I tried so many times coz I'm kinda tight but used a lubricant and it went it easily!

Steph - 21st November 2014

I love the mooncup! My friend introduced me to it years ago when travelling (perfect when packing light and hard to get tampons) and I have never looked back. The odd time when I first started using it I had an occasional leak but probably happened less than with tampons and now it just seems to fit me like a glove. I find it way more comfortable than tampons...totally forget I'm wearing it at all quite often and I like how it doesn't react with your body at all/isn't dry and abrasive. Is also really easy to empty out and actually feels way cleaner than tampax once you get used to it.

Becky - 2014

Day one with the Mooncup, and I will NEVER go back to tampons again! I'd heard of the Mooncup quite a few years ago (before having children!) and was interested then, but never did anything about it. Two children later and following a 'girly weekend'away where I discovered a couple of my friends use it, I decided I wanted one. I am so glad I did! I found it easy to insert and remove straight away, it feels far cleaner than tampons/pads and is so comfortable to wear. This product is AWESOME! Very, very satisfied customer.

Nicola - 15th November 2014

It's not often I will rave about something... I have to say Mooncup hss revolutionised my life and I'm not exaggerating. Having given up on tampons and become increasing fed up with sanitary towels I decided to give it a go. I'll admit the first month wasn't great, but once I got the knack it was life changing. No longer worrying about flooding overnight or rustling about in public loos. My only criticism is that I often forget all about it!!!

Jess - 14th November 2014

After the birth of my first child, I started using reusable pads, which gave all the benefits of finally being able coping in a natural, non-commercial way with my period, but none of the benefits of tampons. So after a year I restarted using them. It hurted! Much! Yesterday I used for the first time the Mooncup. And guess what? I just didn't feel it. It popped in like nothing and yes, changing is - still - rather gross, but I don't care too much. I never ever could imagine a lower 'tampon' would fit way way better my body. I hardly can believe I used for years tampons and/or pads. For the first time since I gave birth I feel proud at my body again. Thanks a lot!

A young mother - 11th November 2014

I had wanted to try a Mooncup for some time as liked the idea of being more green, but I never seemed to get round to buying one. Finally, after getting more and more uncomfortable with tampons, especially after having a baby and getting a copper coil fitted, which made my periods heavier and more painful, I ordered one online. I am coming to the end of my first month using it and I am amazed. It is so comfortable, and far from being messy, apart from a little bit when changing, I feel much cleaner during my period than I ever have. My cramps were less and I didn't even know I was wearing it and could go much longer inbetween changes. I can't get over how easy it is to use, it was a little fiddly first time and I had to cut the stem almost off, but after a couple of goes it was easy to insert and then really easy to remove, just lean back on the toilet and give a couple of gentle pushes with your muscles and it moves down enough to get hold of and pull gently out. I am just annoyed that I did not try it sooner as I'm 38 now. I have just had to tell all of my female friends as they all need to try it and see how wonderful it is. My daughter is only small, but I know what I will be introducing her to when she starts her periods (many years down the line). Thanks Mooncup you are a life changing discovery!

J - 10th November 2014

I am 45 and after using tampons for over 30 yeRs was finding my flow so heavy that even the most absorbent tampson still leaked after 1 hour, so unhappily had to revert to tampons. This is my first period using the mooncup. It took a few goes to perfect the technique of inserting and then removing, but I love it! I wore a pad the first 2 days 'just in case' but it was fine, I confident,y used only the mooncup at night (although had to change it after 6 hours as flow so heavy) but it's great - I absolutely love the freedom it provides. I had to trim the stem half way as it was uncomfortable when I sat down but now I cannot feel it at all and can forget I am on my period. If you are reading the reviews thinking about whether to order a mooncup, don't hesitate just get one. No more towels or tampons, just tip the blood away, rinse and re-insert.

Nicnack - 9th November 2014

I found out about Mooncup a few years ago from my mum but initially dismissed it as being weird and difficult. But when I spent a year studying abroad in a country where tampons aren't widely available I decided to give it a try. The first few times using the cup were a bit difficult but I soon got used to it and I began to like it much more than tampons which were drying, expensive and had to be changed often. I only have to change my mooncup twice a day and I am never 'caught short' at the start of my period when before I might not have had any tampons in the house. I am so glad I switched to the mooncup, I have saved myself so much money and hassle and I hardly even notice I'm on my period anymore. It's an added bonus that it's good for the planet too!

Happy! - 5th November 2014

I found out about Mooncup from Freelee the banana girl on Youtube. As a person who has un-predictable period thank you so much for this product. I feel like it's another step in the right direction to help save the planet and landfills, help the fight against testing on animals and also it's much better for me too. Tampons and pads dry out and rub my skin, this is my 2nd day on Mooncup and it's been a blessing, much more comfortable! I must admit the first time I emptied it made me yak a bit but I'm already used to it, I just need to get used to taking it out bit, I need to get a routine going. Thank you for this wonderful invention :)

Siobhan - 4th November 2014

I'm in my first few days of using Mooncup and already a convert. Bit scary the first night as it went high, but after a bit more practise and some pelvic floor exercises along with some patience that I rarely possess, I'm there! I always used to feel dry using tampons and Mooncup makes me feel normal, and let's face it how many of us can say we feel normal at that time of month?! I never liked the idea of using a non applicator tampon and used to revert to towels as soon as I my flow was lighter, but Mooncup just seems more natural and I'm totally confident using it! Feel much more balanced and it's much easier to see how heavy or light my period is, I shall be spreading the word, Thank you Mooncup, for improving my life, sometimes it's the little things in life that ,Eam so much :)

Rachel - 31st October 2014

It sounds marvellous. Why oh why wasn't Mooncup available when I was still menstruating? In the words of the Towie people, "I'm wel jel!"

Sad Pensioner - 29th October 2014

I'm not one for adding a testimonial but I can honestly say the mooncup has radically changed my periods. I didn't have much problem with inserting, after one cycle I was absolutely fine with it, I did cut the stem right down though. No more bloating, I feel totally normal whilst on my period, so much so that once I've emptied it in the morning I can forget about it which is great as I work in the community visiting people in there own homes ( you don't want to be worrying about changing tampons in clients house, yuck, or that you maybe leaking) no more embarrassment for me. All I need to do is empty it again the evening, easy. It's also shortened my periods by 2 days. I run with it in and play netball, jump around and I feel totally confident with it and no leaks what's so ever. I must add here that I was previously having to use pad and tampon on my heavy days. My one regret is that I didn't change earlier and so I'm on a mission to convert my sisters and friends, why would I keep this gem to myself, tell the world

Kedwards - 21st September 2014

I was studying abroad when I first heard about the moon cup and decided to look it up, however I couldn't get it shipped to where I was at the time so I eventually forgot about it. A couple months ago I decided I was tired of tampons and started looking around for something else to use when I remembered the moon cup and it couldn't have been sooner. I looked it up, ordered it, and impatiently waited for my next period. Hah! But when it came around the next month, I was prepared. I had cut the stem off immediately after reading other reviews, practiced using it, and went about my day. There's no embarrassing "evidence" when I visit friends, no more pointless cotton filling up the earth, and no more worrying about the harmful side effects of tampons on the body C; I've even recommended it to several friends and I hope they make the move.

A Happy Moon User - 19th September 2014

I heard of the Mooncup a few years ago but at that time I was even too scared to use tampons. When I started using tampons, I was getting sick of all the waste and smelly rubbish bins in the bathroom. When I got my contraceptive implant and I knew irregular bleedings could occur I was looking for a new solution. I have used the mooncup for 6 months now and I'm super happy with it. I couldn't get it in first and it took me a day of practice but it all went well and I would NEVER go back to tampons or pads.

Anna - 17th September 2014

Absolutely think it's the best thing ever, so simple and easy to use, thank you to my sister in law for recommending it. Can't big it up enough!

Zoe - 16th September 2014

This cup is amazing! I have like five other cups all different brands, but MCUK is my favorite by far! I can't believe I keep putting if off for so long and just ordered one now. If this was my first cup then I probably would not have to buy the others. Frankly all cups are comfortable and better than tampons but this cups doesn't leak while all others do, at least for me that's how they work out. Out of all my cups, this one also seems to be of better quality than some others. I've heard people talking about the rim of this cup to be too firm but I think it's actually pretty soft, yet the design makes it pop open so easily! I only wish is that the holes could be placed even more higher so this cup could have an even bigger capacity as I have very heavy flow, but I will forever choose cleaning my mooncup more often over constant leaking.

Ting - 13th September 2014

Bought my Mooncup over a year ago and the condition is still as new. I use the bicarbonate of soda + damp flannel technique to rub off any staining and sanitise it for the next use. When I first purchased it in March 2013, it took about 2 or 3 cycles to get used to using it, mainly removing it. I wrote to the Mooncup Team and they were very helpful and speedily wrote me a reply with some advice, so I started partially folding the Mooncup when removing it. Now I don't need to do that all and use the wiggle side-to-side technique. I'm also way more relaxed when removing it and have no issues at all. I exercise and go about my business without having to worry about any leaks or anything. I'm now like many women (and girls) who 'love' their Mooncup, although I haven't named it anything as I think 'Mooncup' is the perfect name for it. Like so many others, I wish I'd known about this little gem when I had my first cycle. I reckon Mooncup / menstrual cups should be included on the sexual health curriculum. I think everyone should have the right information to make the right choices for themselves. Lisa E. Aged 30

Lisa E. - 12th September 2014

I have just bought my second mooncup after giving birth. I have used mooncup for ten years before having my son, and I have never looked back. I hated using pads as they felt like nappies and really didn't get on with tampons as they were so uncomfortable. My first experience trying to remove the mooncup I was too tense and worried myself silly so didn't find it easy, after a small amount of practice I now don't even think about taking it out or putting it in. I have found mooncup cleaner, easier, more comfortable and leak proof. I have been swimming and trampolining with it in and haven't even been slightly worried about leakage. It's discrete and much greener for the environment. Mooncup has made something which was once rather inconvienient into something I don't even notice. Thank you mooncup, I am very grateful!

Hazel - 12th September 2014

I bought a mooncup 3 years ago after seeing a sticker on a toilet cubicle in a shopping centre. It was honestly the best thing I ever did. As a nurse it is often difficult for me to get away from the ward, making my period a nightmare time of the month. With mooncup it's easy, I just pop it in in the morning and forget about it. There is no worrying throughout the day about how I'm going to get away to the loo etc. I also find my mooncup a lot more comfortable than tampons, I have an IUS fitted so my periods are fairly light. This meant that removing tampons was really uncomfortable as they were often dry. I have none of that with my mooncup. I would honestly recommend that every female give them a go, you won't be disappointed!!

Jenny - 10th September 2014

When a friend told me about the Mooncup I initially thought Yuck! and dismissed the idea. Then I had my daughter and my periods got really heavy, I needed tampons and pads but still had embarrassing leaks so eventually I stopped going out socially during my on days as it was too stressful! Also my period pains got worse, I would spend hours bent up with a hot water bottle getting grumpy with anyone and everyone! So I decided to try it, that was about 4 years ago. The first few days of using it were a bit hit or miss but once I got used to it it changed everything. I no longer have to fill my supermarket trolley with tampons and pads saving me about £10 a month, or fill handbags to bursting point once a month. No more worries about leaks, even heavy periods go by with ease. My period pains have gone, I don't seem to get PMT. It's less messy than I had to cope with before. I can't fault it! I only wish I had known about it sooner, I could have saved so much waste from tampons,goodness knows how much money and stopped so many days being ruined by cramps. Thank you to everyone that was involved in creating this amazing product! I have recommended it to friends and will be sure to tell my daughter when she gets her periods and hopefully I can save her some of the pain and misery that I had to go through! : )

Ruby - 6th September 2014

Mooncup saved my holiday, my music festival, my camping weekend,the list goes on. I heard about Mooncup a few years ago but wasn't sure if they were worth the money, until I realised a few months ago that my period was due smack in the middle of my beach holiday. There's nothing worse than having to go to the loo & change your tampon every time you go in the water or risk leaking on your towel, so I decided to invest. Best money I have ever spent, it hasn't been all plain sailing, it took me a few attempts to get the hang of it, and I had to trim the stem off completely - but now it's so easy to use & clean, and no more carrying a small suitcase of tampons & towels around 'just in case'. I literally can't recommend this product enough!

Carrie - 5th September 2014

Trying out the mooncup has not been a stress free experience with a few adjustments needed to positioning and one minor panic about the cup being stuck forever... That being said I have had no cramps, no accidents or leakage and a period which stopped 2 days earlier than normal. There is no discomfort and the washing process is surprisingly easy with a small water bottle in your handbag! Go and buy one it will change your periods for the better!!

Betsy - 5th September 2014

I love my mooncup, it is so practical and confotable to use, and it isnt harmful to me or the environment. I've been passing on the messege and now my sister has one too and loves it! MOONCUPS FOR EVERYONE

Vivien - 30th August 2014

I purchased the mooncup after reading the reviews online over a few months, as a fibroid and heavy period sufferer(I've taken various medication and numerous operations but refuse an hysterectomy) I decided as I'd tried every other form of sanitary protection I had nothing to lose! The best decision I have made, I have just had the most easiest, convenient and stress free period for over 10 years! The mooncup is amazing, I couldn't praise it enough, inserting it is easy( but I have used a diaphragm for contraception for years) it kept me clean and fresh, no leakage, no stomach cramps and no embarrassing moments where I would suddenly pass blood clots and find myself covered! Emptying it was easy and I also found the measurements inside the cup very useful as it is a way for me to monitor blood loss( I am anemic). For some reason I didn't experience as much pain, or bleeding and it didn't last as long( 5 days instead of the usual 10 plus) I can not recommend this product enough, I wish I had discovered it years ago! For the firat time in over 10 years I actually had a life during my period. I almost don't dread my next period! Highly recommended

Michelle - 26th August 2014

Thank you. My mooncup arrived just in time for my period and now my life has changed for the better. My periods are fairly light and a bit erratic so tampons don't work for me. I have been using pads but hate them. A friend told me about the Mooncup a few years ago and finally I ordered one. I just want to tell those out there that are thinking about it, do it! They are sightly awkward to use at first but, by reading other peoples feedback and doing internet research, I was well informed with tips etc and have had no troubles. Thanks again. It is great to have options, and you guys make a great product.

Jenny - 26th August 2014

I have NEVER been this thrilled with a period related product, nor would I have ever expected to be. I'm so excited about Mooncup that I actually want to frantically run up to strangers and tell them about it, because whilst they may not work for everyone, which is unfortunate, all women should at least know about them, and give one a try, as they are revolutionary. I've always been happy enough with tampons, though I was never really comfortable with trusting them fully, and was always annoyed when traveling at a time near my period as I'd have to take tampons just in case. I decided to try a Mooncup because I was beginning to hear some rave reviews, and I have to say, it was one of the best decisions that I have EVER made; life changing. By the third day of my cycle whilst using the Mooncup, I was 100% comfortable with using and inserting/removing the Mooncup. The biggest learning curve was discovering how, and where exactly, the cup should sit, and with each insertion It became quicker and quicker. It is now just as quick and easy as inserting a tampon, but a thousand times more comfortable and trustworthy. Truly incredible, I will never use a tampon again. Ever. Thanks Mooncup team!!

Jessie - 23rd August 2014

My reasoning for purchasing a mooncup was the environmental benefits, I try to do my bit where I can and after hearing about mooncups I was keen to ditch the pads and give it a go. Having been on the contraceptive pill for 10 years, 3 on the injection I hadn't had a period for quite sometime and when I decided to 'go natural' again last year I was severely regretting my decision due to how long and painful my periods were. Whilst researching the mooncup I read women claiming that using the mooncup had shortened their periods and made them less painful, I was a little sceptical but thought if it did work it would just be another benefit. I can now say wholeheartedly it's true. My periods have gone from 8 days to 3, my flow is not as heavy as it appeared from using towels, the pain is minimal now and lasts for half a day as opposed to 3/4 and I can actually go out and do things rather than lay in bed almost in tears. It was tricky the first couple of times I used it but I soon learnt the best way for me to insert it and it's now quick and easy to use. I can hand on heart say I will always use a mooncup now, I already can't imagine my period without it. I feel better knowing I've lessened my environmental impact greatly and I'm so much happier on my period now because of the reduced pain and the number of days I am on, to the point, I've even forgotten a couple of times that I'm in my period because I can feel no side effects and no horrible towel.

Kaylie - 21st August 2014

My periods are really heavy and I was sick and tired of not getting a good nights sleep with the thought of having to change the bedding in the morning, due to ill fitting towels and tampons. I am over the moon to have found Mooncup, as I had a good nights sleep for the first time, stain free and full of confidence. I have told everyone.................

Nicola - 19th August 2014

I have never written a review or testimonial on anything before, but I am so delighted with my mooncup that I had to let you know! It has been an absolute revelation! By following the extensive and very clear instructions, I found it very easy to use right off the bat and I love it how clean and comfortable it is. I was worried it would be messy before I tried it, but it's the cleanest sanitary protection I have ever used. I can't imagine going back to towels again. I have always found tampons difficult to get on with, but the mooncup is totally different. I can't feel it at all. It's as if I'm not even having a period when I'm wearing it. I live in a hot, humid country and often get yeast infections after my period because of using towels. The heat can make towels smell very quickly, and damp towels plus sweat feel revolting. No such problems with the mooncup. I can swim spontaneously, roll around on the floor with my baby, sleep without underwear on... It's changed my life! Thank you! I wish I'd got one years ago.

Helen - 16th August 2014

Having just had the contraceptive implant fitted and experiencing spotting for three weeks the mooncup has been a godsend. As I had it before I had the implant fitted I can say that it can cope with the lightest and the heaviest bleeding with minimal fuss. Best 20 quid I ever spent!

Rosie - 12th August 2014

I was very dubious and it took me a few years since hearing about the mooncup to give it a go... but wow! It's a game changer. Everyone needs one. Goodbye leaks, goodbye soggy tampon string, goodbye ruined knickers!!! No leakage, easy to use, environmentally friendly and affordable. I may even look forward to my next period to take it for a spin again!

Christy - 12th August 2014

I have PCOS and it messes up my cycle like crazy. It comes at the most random times, never on schedule, and it's extremely heavy. I can't really do anything the first two days of my period and I bleed through tampons almost every hour. I spend a LOT of money on feminine products that don't even work like I want/need them to! So mostly out of desperation, I ordered the Mooncup to see if it would help (I was willing to try anything!) It arrived faster than I was expecting and just in time because I started my period not too long after. It was a lot easier to use than I thought; I had no difficulty inserting or removing the Mooncup. It felt really comfortable, way more-so than a tampon. Since my periods are so heavy, I wore a pad with the Mooncup as well, but noticed SIGNIFICANTLY less leakage than what's normal for me. Consequently, the first day I used it, I fell out of a window and broke my ankle (LONG story!) and I was so thankful for the Mooncup in that instance because I was having to be carried around a lot and was stuck at the hospital for a while with no opportunity to use the restroom or anything. I've been on bed-rest ever since and haven't even noticed I've been on my period! It's been so great and has made a horrible situation (broken ankle AND period at the same time?! ugh) so much better than it could've been!!! I'm extremely happy with Mooncup and look forward to never buying another box of tampons as long as I live!!! :)

Liz - 9th August 2014

I am 3 days in my first cycle with a mooncup and I wish I'd got one sooner! I stopped using tampons a few years ago because I hate the way they dry you out and are bad for PH balance among other things! (they're just all out gross to me) but pads are bloody annoying, and I've recently started swimming and gymming a lot and pads are just not practical when getting a sweat on. Also I hate the way pretty much all pads these days are 'scented' with some floral bullshit that when mixed with period actually smells worse than with any unscented products! It's just not necessary and I like to look after my vagina, I don't want all this perfumed and bleached crap! ANYWAY, Mooncup is just completely liberating! I also feel less awkward at work - as our office is so small we have only one bathroom shared between males and females, but now I don't have to worry about anyone noticing me take a pad into the bathroom, or leave the wrappers in the bin. Liberating I tell you, liberating!

Tannah - 4th August 2014

I wouldn't normally write a testimonial but I am so pleased with this product I felt I had to. I generally menstruate for 8 days in a 35 day cycle. The flow starts with spotting, becomes very heavy for tampons to cope with for a couple of days then goes light. I struggle with getting the right absorbency for my flow every month. Tampons are either leaking within a couple of hours or too dry to remove. This is my third day using mooncup and it's just fantastic. It's easy to Insert, just make sure your cervix is facing into the cup and the cup is fully open. No leaks.. Though I was really worried about this, I believed it would pop out and spill everywhere! Not even possible! I was crazy to think it, once it's in only a good tug and wiggle will budge it! I was really scared whether it would be gross, the thought of a cup of blood sounds proper grim! But compared to the sodden tampons and pads covered in blood and clots I've faced for years, the contained flow within the mooncup was a vast improvement and actually made the whole thing a whole lot less gruesome. You don't have to pull string out the way when peeing, you don't worry about leaking with a big sneeze! And you can empty it a lot less often than changing a tampon. I also discovered that my flow was nowhere near as heavy as I thought. Also it's great for the environment, which to me was just a nice perk for a product that is absolutely essential. I honestly believe that all women should be provided with this product on the day of their first period. I was actually put of by this product because I believed that it was used by people who cared more about the environment than their own needs, but honestly, those women have had the best of everything from this product. I CANNOT rate it highly enough. Thanks to everyone at mooncup, you've made a huge difference to my life x

Sally - 4th August 2014

Was looking for something to help cut down the amount of non-recyclable waste in my life, and discovered the Mooncup. Although it was a bit of a cost-investment for me, I decided to get one and give it two months (two periods!) for me to get used to it and for it to prove it's worth. By day 3 I was completely sold on it. There is a knack to inserting and removing the Mooncup, but it's not hard to master and the job is easy and clean once you've got the hang of it. I love not having to worry if I have enough pads and tampons with me when I go camping or on holiday.

Michelle - 4th August 2014

I bought my Mooncup on a whim a year ago before I went travelling. I had never liked tampons because I found them too dry and uncomfortable (even the light flow ones) and found pads bulky and often messy because the flow of my periods can be a little unpredictable. Mooncups are amazing, especially for someone travelling without regular access to decent toilets and not much luggage space. You can pop it in in the morning and take it out when you get home from your day out if your periods aren't too heavy. I got the hang of inserting the cup straight off the bat so I was quite lucky, and quite often I forget it's even there! I've only once had a problem with my Mooncup overflowing and that was because it is so unobtrusive that I actually forgot I was on my period! I also find the Mooncup seems to help with my period cramps. However, the biggest advantage of the Mooncup for me is the smell. At times with pads I found that I would sometimes get an odd smell(disgusting, I know!) which made me self conscious and meant I changed pads even more frequently creating even more rubbish. But with the Mooncup I don't get anything like this, the blood that collects in the cup doesn't give off a smell at all, which is fantastic. I used to find periods so annoying, but now they are so easy to deal with. All of this makes Mooncup the best choice for me and I know I'll never go back to other methods of sanitary protection.

Lynn - 31st July 2014

I used a mooncup for the first time last month. My period is irregular and so it's always a total surprise when it comes. I was going on holiday and I was sick of carrying stuff with me constantly "just in case". Annoyingly I did come on half way through the holiday, but using the mooncup meant my holiday was in no way ruined. I could wear any of my beach clothes without worry of tampon string making a nasty appearance or leakage! I went to a festival while abroad and let me tell you, if you can remove, clean and re-insert your mooncup in a portaloo you know it's the product for you! In reality, I didn't need to even empty at that time at all, but as it was my first time, I had the panic of "oh God it's going to be full, I'm going to leak everywhere!" Totally unfounded, they say 8 hours on the FAQs, they're not lying. Yes I had the initial - oh god this is gross, a cup of blood, a cup inside me, but really is that any less gross than a piece of cotton shoved inside? I think this is now the product for me, I survived the toughest challenges for my first time and it was better than what I've been doing for the past 15 years.

Samantha - 28th July 2014

I tried using the Mooncup several years ago and initially found removing it quite painful so gave up for a few years. Then a close friend told me she had started using it and how good it was so persuaded me to give it another try. So glad I did as 16 months on I can honestly say it's the best thing I have ever used! After a bit of practice I was able to remove the Mooncup correctly and since then have noticed my pms is not as bad, I hardly get any cramps when on my period, if anything it feels like a gentle release. Also during some cycles my period is only 4 days instead of 5 or 6 and I have become more "at one" with my body and no longer dread my period every month.

Vicky - 26th July 2014

I decided to try the Mooncup after several years of heavy, uncomfortable periods. I hated how pads felt and how drying tampos were. After some online research I took the plunge and bought one. It is safe to say I could not be happier! No leaks, easy to insert, removal is a bit more tricky but you soon get the hang of it. Complete convert! I am going to reccomend to all of my friends, 100% worth it.

Alice - 22nd July 2014

Just bought and used my first mooncup today. At age 40 and with 3 children I thought I knew it all - I was so very wrong! Today I've been on the beach in a wetsuit all day playing with kids, kayaking and swimming. No toilet facilities at all so normally impossible with a period. However, today was a total joy! (Quick dip in the sea when needed a wee!!) When I came home, I struggled a bit to get it out but read the leaflet again and managed ok. So pleased, this product will have so many benefits - just how did I not know about it before? My daughters certainly will when the time comes!!

Jo - 20th July 2014

I think they are marvellous things. I have had terribly heavy periods since having children and they were getting to the point of rendering me incapable of leaving the house on certain days. I have been using the moon cup since November 2013 and it has been a revelation! My periods are still heavy but they are now shorter! Result! Last month I was at Ascot on my heaviest day and it coped admirably...this month I was sorting my daughters prom on my heaviest day and once again it was brilliant! I still have to wear a sanitary towel on the my heavier days as sometimes I do leak but my usage is down to so little I am probably using what I used in a month in a year.

Louise B - 19th July 2014

I am a happy user of mooncup for about 2 years now. I remember being a bit suspicious about it when my friend first told me about it. But I decided to give it a go, and I am so happy I did. I no longer have to buy expensive sanitary products every month. I am never caught off guard, by not having any tampons in the house when I need them. And it really has made me feel a lot more positive about my period. I no longer dread it, and often forget that I am on it when I am using my mooncup. It is that confortable! When using disposable products I used to get horrible cramps. After starting using the mooncup these have drastically receded, and I rarely experience period pain these days. And as a bonus I have the emotional gratification of knowing that I am making a smaller contribution when it comes to waste going in to landfills. All in all a completely positive experience, and I will never go back to disposable sanitary products. Now I am the one telling all my friends how great the product is.

Veronica - 15th July 2014

I LOVE my mooncup! I have recently changed career from shop work to gardening. The lack of toilets and bins therefore prompted my purchase. I will never look back. I find it very easy to use and a lot cleaner than having to carry used sanitary products around in the van and it's nice not to carry pads and tampons in every handbag. It copes with the varied physical parts of my job; running, bending, climbing, hanging, kneeling ect. When I get hot and sweat from digging I don't have to worry about gross odours and I feel cleaner knowing that I'm not sat sweating in my blood all day. In terms of comfort nappy rash from thick pads is eliminated and I don't have to worry about wearing pants at night. It also means (like tampons) I can fill my pee bottle without making it obvious to my colleagues (all men) that I'm on. It has reduced my cramps to almost nothing, though they weren't awful to start with and I'm finding that my period is over much faster. I am also finding that, oddly, I am really enjoying learning about and monitoring my period. This was something I wasn't expecting. :-) Basically ladies; great idea, well made, economically advantageous, ecologically friendly and easy to use!

Laura - 12th July 2014

At first I was dubious and a bit grossed out by the Mooncup, but on reading the testimonials on here, I decided to bite the bullet and buy one, prompted by the fact that I was going travelling for 5 months. I used it the period before I left, it takes a bit of getting used to, how to place it and how to correct a problem, but I was so glad I got it. It doesn't fill up anywhere near as much as I thought it did. Mine are quite heavy, but it really is less than you think. It meant I didn't have to lug tampons everywhere, and I didn't have to worry about running out or where I would get some. You can empty it how ever many times, so when I was going on long bus journeys (south-east Asia) and had only just put it in an hour before the ride, I could quickly to a last minute empty before the bus without having to waste a whole tampon as I usually would have. It really is fantastic, they give you such clear instruction on EVERYTHING, from size to how to clean it. It's good enough for me to have taken the time to come on here and write about it.

Emily - 11th July 2014

A work colleague told me about the mooncup and ordered me one to try. I have never looked back. I think it is amazing and so much better than tampons or towels. I would recommend it to every woman.

Alison - 10th July 2014

I have been meaning to get one of these for years and yes insertion is tricky and a bit tricky. I began to feel at 35 years of age it was time to have control of the time of month. I never have a period where I am overjoyed and I do not look forward to it(I never will) but love this product easy clean and not as tricky as you would think to put in though getting out is trickier. Maybe not someone who loves my period but at least now I can tolerate it die to such a fantastic product. Tampax your days are our numbered.

Tamsin - 2nd July 2014

I have been using my mooncup for about a year now and have not regretted the decision. It's really easy to use and and not unhygienic when you follow the instructions on washing it. I always used to worry when I went away that I wouldn't have enough tampons but now I no longer have to think of this! :) I have convinced some of my friends to try it and a couple have do so and not looked back! I always felt like there was a weird smell when I used tampons and felt really self-conscious about it. But now I don't notice anything! :) Best £20 I have spent!! :D

Nessie - 1st July 2014

It's the end of the school year and I was invited to a few pool parties right after and then my period started! What luck. I had to use a tampon for a bit but they didn't last long enough at all. So after the first day I got home to try and put in my cup. I was never able to get it in before today because I felt slight discomfort. Today I got it in just barely feeling it. When it's inside I don't feel anything at all unlike with tampons. I love so far and will probably never go back to using disposable menstrual products.

Ray - 29th June 2014

I'm absolutely IN LOVE with the Mooncup! I've only been using it for two cycles (never used tampons before, just pads) and I'm getting into the swing of things now. I've no idea how I coped with pads for so long, as this thing is amazing. I should note that I'm a virgin and have never even used a tampon before, so don't worry that it'll be too big or that you need to try a tampon first or anything like that! I'll admit that I wanted to throw it across the room at first attempt, but once I'd gotten it in for the first time, I knew I was onto a winner. (I use the punch down fold, I'd recommend it) There are SO many benefits of the Mooncup. I think it says it all that I was terrified to use tampons for years, yet within two cycles of using the Mooncup I'm completely in love. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I can insert my Mooncup and then completely forget I'm even on my period for a few hours, once I've taken pain killers for the cramps. It completely removes that 'icky' feeling you get with pads. Sure you do come into contact with blood on removal, but remove it while sat on the toilet and you'll be fine. The Mooncup is so versatile and can be used by people of all ages, sizes etc. If you're on the fence (I've known about the Mooncup for months but wasn't brave enough to get one) I implore you to buy one! I can't lie and say it won't be frustrating to insert at first, but after that you'll be wondering how you coped without one! Love you, Mooncup!

Laura - 27th June 2014

Firstly OMG it's AMAZING For the last 6 months or so my periods have been awful, excessively heavy and would last for weeks, this month alone I've been bleeding for four weeks with no hope of it ending any time soon, I've spent at least £20 this month on sanitary products. So ordered a mooncup on Friday got it Saturday and tried it Saturday night, well what can I say I am literally over the moon!!! Can't say enough good things about it to be honest other than go out and get one NOW LADIES!!!!!

Kathy - 23rd June 2014

I have just had my second period using my mooncup and I will never go back. Trimmed the stalk off and have got the knack of positioning it correctly. I have been running with iit and can honestly say a couple if times I have completely forgotten I'm on my period! I find removal is no issue if you bear down and use your inner muscles. I feel cheated that I've already had 15 years of periods without a mooncup!

Lisa - 20th June 2014

After about six months of using a Mooncup, I've had absolutely no issues, have even stopped wearing a pad and totally wish I'd heard of it years ago. It has really made a big difference.

Becky - 19th June 2014

I have previously had a lot of difficulty when using sanitary towels and tampons. I have found sanitary towels to be uncomfortable, and tampons to leave me in a lot of pain as they would always seem to soak EVERYTHING up, leaving me sore and extremely uncomfortable. I was therefore over the moon to find out about mooncups, but I was very hesitant, concerned that I might not be able to remove the cup easily and may be left in pain. However, I cannot stress how grateful I am that I had the guts to just give it a go. The first time you use the cup can be daunting, but once inserted I couldn't believe how comfortable it was! Compared to using tampons and constantly being able to feel them, I was really shocked to discover that I couldn't feel the mooncup at all! The removal was also daunting, but I found that squating and using my inner muscles to (excuse the reference) but squeeze it out of me to be the most successful method. I have seen reviews that state that the mooncup leaves a really horrible smell, but as long as you read the instructions and boil the cup before you use it, there are no horrible smells at all. I would really recommend this product, it really will make that time of the month ever so easy!

Amy - 19th June 2014

I love my Mooncup so much. I'm not exaggerating to say it has changed the way I live my life during my period. I began having my period when I was 10 years old, and I have always had terribly heavy flows. I have tried pads of all different absorbencies ... with wings, without wings, extra long, overnight. I have tried all different varieties of tampons as well. It was fairly normal for me to change these every two hours. Nothing prevented the embarrassing leaks. On top of the absorbency issues, the pads and tampons were so uncomfortable to wear for six days in a row. A friend introduced me to the Mooncup on a camping trip almost three years ago, and I haven't looked back. It's so comfortable. I really can't even feel that it's there at all. There isn't any awful drying or soreness, and best of all, NO LEAKS! I don't have to worry about going on long hikes, camping trips, sitting through a whole day at work or a music concert. I can be as active as I want to without worrying about leaks. It's so liberating. I'm so thankful for my local healthfood store for carrying Mooncups. I only wish I had known about them sooner so that I wouldn't have had to use those other awful products for the first twenty years.

Anibelle - 18th June 2014

I stumbled across moon cup on the internet quite by accident, thought it was worth a try, ordered it and it had arrived by the 3rd day of my period so decided to give it a go. I used it last night and today. Easy to put in, no leaks. Tricky to get out after it had been in all day but had a break and tried again later and it came out fine. I've really surprised myself and am getting used to the idea if it. I will definitely recommend this to my sister/friends should it crop up in conversation!

Emma - 17th June 2014

Oh my god. The mooncup has changed my life. I have never felt cleaner during my period - no nasty smell, no leaking, no horrid waste filling up our landfills, just give it a wash and it is ready to reuse! I LOVE IT. If you don't have one, get one! It will change your life too.

Amy - 17th June 2014

Hi, I just thought I would drop you a line as I have (FINALLY!) got around to buying and trying out my first mooncup. At the ripe age of 40 3/4!! I had transferred onto organic tampons ages ago, but when I went to buy some more last week I found the mooncup on the shelf next to them in the local health food store (Portland Road in Hove as it goes, I did not realise you guys were local either!) and I couldn't resist getting it. I eventually had time to clean and try it out last night, which all went fine and then I refreshed it this morning. I had forgotten that I was due to go to the gym - got in, did a 2k speed row (warm up), still all good, then I did some handstand practise (still fine). Our workout today involved a couple of miles of running, sit ups and back extensions - all went really well. In fact, I beat my best ever time, and I couldn't feel a thing. Am so chuffed I finally got around to it and just wanted to write to say thank you - I can't believe it's been so easy, why did I not do this before? Anyway, keep up the good work.

Emma - 12th June 2014

The mooncup has saved my life! From my first period I knew I was going to have a rough road ahead as heavy periods run in my family. I started using tampons but they made me feel ill and I almost fainted in a bathroom stall at school, that's when I knew i had to find something else, so a couple of clicks on the internet and voila! I found the mooncup. I pestered my mum to get me one and almost cried when she said no but eventually she got me one and I have never looked back. Now I can concentrate at school and play sport like I used to, which helps even more since I'm starting acrobatics and its mainly guys participating. Thank you mooncup I`m not sure what I would of done without you :D

Faith - 15th June 2014

I first purchased a Mooncup around 2007/8.Like all new users, it was alittle tricky to insert.I found putting my leg up on the bath allowed insertion & removal so much easier. I have to reiterate previous testimonials; it's fantastic!I am now in my prime and for some insane reason I returned to tampons a year ago.The cost is ridiculous and let's go on how bad tampons/ sanitary waste is for our environment and aquatic life. I recently purchased a new Mooncup......... Happy days! Not only do I not have accidents.... My age group different menstrual flow. Saving money and even more personal to me ...... Much much better for our environment. I too am thankful for the day I stumbled across the Mooncup.

Katrina - 14th June 2014

When I was younger, my sister told me " Buy a mooncup", it's amazing ! But I told her I couldn’t because I wasn’t able yet to put a tampon, I had a real problem with that. After it will be easier. But I was still not convinced to buy a cup. And this year, with some friends, we made a collective purchase order. And I think it helped me a lot. Because me share our own experience between us and our tips and tricks to be comfortable with. I’m quite ecological, and I’m so happy to don’t have to pollute with my tampons anymore. The mooncup is a sollution more ecologic more economic easier more hygienically So don’t wait anymore !

Malika - 13th June 2014

I have been a moon cup user for over 2 years now and to be incredibly cheesy, it has changed my life! I used to dread my 'time of the month', I suffered from heavy periods and therefore trips to the loo were frequent for me both day and night. Since using moon cup, I suffer from considerably less stomach cramps and trips to the toilet! I will say that it takes a bit of getting used to and you have to be very 'familiar' with yourself but once you have the hang of it, it's safe to say that you will not regret your purchase. After a bit of trial and error, i have found that I only have to empty a few times a day and not at all during the night. I no longer suffer from leaks and even the though of using a tampon again makes me feel really dirty! I think that every young woman should be taught about mooncups as they are still very much a taboo subject (why???)

Ruby - 10th June 2014

My sister has been using Mooncup for like forever and she kept on telling me to get one but i insisted against it. And then my cousin bought one and they were both going on about how great the mooncup is, so I said I would try it but not necessarily keep on using it. The first time was awkward as I wasn't used to putting it on and off but i fell in love with it and I've been using it since. It is great as I used to get really sore using both tampons (as i dnt have a heavy flow and i was always feeling dry) and towels. My daughters, if I ever have any, will be using Mooncup as soon as they are able to.

Cristina - 8th June 2014

I agree with lots of the other testimonials but I wanted to add my four favourite things about using a mooncup. Firstly - on busy days when am not sure if I am going to start my period I just pop it in so I am prepared. Secondly, you don't have to grab your handbag in public whenever you need to pop to the bathroom. Thirdly you don't have the dilemma of whether you should wrap or flush. Lastly, on my heavy days tampons would only last for one hour. So I would always dash to the bathroom just before going out and be on the hunt for bathrooms every hour but trying not to change too early or leaving it too late. With mooncup - I don't have the stress of running out of tampons and I can empty it whenever it is convenient with no added expense.

Fiona - 4th June 2014

Incredible. Easy to use, comfortable and convenient. Can't believe I've been using tampons all these years.

Claŕe - 1st June 2014

I finally bought a moon cup, 9 years after I first heard about it and wanted one!!! When I was 12 I saw an advert and thought- this is amazing! Seems so easy and environmentally friendly! But alas my mum wasn't keen so i left it and forgot about it. I recently saw another advert so did some more research. I think women in this day and age are made to feel like periods are gross and something to keep hidden- even away from yourself, so at first I thought it was really disgusting to tip out your own period blood. Then after some research I thought it's no more 'disgusting' than using tampons or disposable sanitary towels. Its better for the environment and cheaper in the long run! I also am paranoid about leaking and having something to collect flow rather than absorb does a better job I think. Anyway, my moon cup arrived literally on the last day of my period so I practiced getting it in and out- it was harder than I expected (But I did expect it to be like a tampon). Now I'm on my next period and used it straight away, I have not leaked and it's been in place longer than I would leave a tampon in. Putting it in is much easier, still perfecting my removal technique but it's still only technically my second/third day of using it. I would recommend this product, its not drying like tampons, although I suspect you may get sore if you are removing/adjusting it all the time- the key is relaxing! Going to try it swimming and overnight on a heavy flow and then I will repost if it's done the job, because it's safe to say that I think I've been converted!

Tara B - 29th May 2014

Mooncup is awesome, forget any misgivings you might have because once you've got one you will never look back...

Victoria - 28th May 2014

I really love my mooncup. I've been using it for about a year, and it is perfect for me. On my light days I can leave it in all day, and it is very comfortable. Can't imagine using anything other than the mooncup for my mensies in the future!

April - 25th May 2014

I decided to give Mooncup a go as I am going travelling for a few years in September, starting off in South East Asia. The thought of taking an infinite amounts of tampons just wasn't going to be possible, along with disposal issues, it just isn't practical. Firstly I read as much as I could about them and had difficulty figuring out which size would suit me best - being on the cusp of 30 with no children. I emailed Mooncup who asked me questions and gave good advice, so I settled with the smaller size. To begin with it wasn't easy. At all. Inserting it was much easier than I had imagined but getting it out was beyond difficult! I read all the advice, tried all the techniques but it felt like it was never going to come out, over an hour was spent fiddling about each time, getting dizzy and muscles aching from the random positions I was trying! Once out, all was well! Little to no spillages and no leakage at all once inserted - just getting it out was a mission and a half! However, I had confidence that, like I had read, it would get easier the more you do it and that couldn't be more true! This is my third period using Mooncup and although I was dreading the removal initially it has been very quick and easy, mere minutes and it's all done - I've definitely got the hang of it now! Feels great! I seriously cannot recommend this product highly enough, the perseverance is completely necessary yet entirely worth it. It feels amazing knowing that I don't have to carry and dispose of tampons anywhere anymore, let alone when travelling. The financial, economical and health benefits are reason enough to give it a try. I am considering purchasing another one for a spare - just in case!

deb - 22nd May 2014

when i head of this mooncup i was a bit neves a bout using it took me 3 gos to put it but now iam having no problems with it now i have now stoped useing tampons i fill much better having this inside me i do not fill it when its in side me ill keep on useing it thank you .

katherine - 22nd May 2014

I'm 22 years old and have only ever used sanitary towels. I was a bit nervous about the idea of a mooncup as I hadn't found tampons to be comfortable, however, my reservations were completely dispelled upon using it. Today is my first day using my mooncup, and I'm totally converted. I feel cleaner and more comfortable than I've ever felt during my period before. I definitely reccomend buying and using a mooncup. They're great! Don't hesitate, it's completely worth it.

Hope - 20th May 2014

Four months ago I bought my moon cup and I've been in love ever since. I got a moon cup because I was so over putting weird chemical laden tampons into my body and I wanted a healthy and sustainable alternative. I've had a real easy time with my moon cup. It's easy to insert and remove, not at all messy, and I haven't had ANY problems with leakage. When I was using tampons I believed that I had an extra heavy long period- maybe up to 6 days. Now with my moon cup, my periods are significantly shorter... 2 days! What is this magic? I do lots of things with my moon cup: riding my bike, practicing yoga, running around the park with kids, sleeping, camping, and traveling. It's all been wonderful! I can't believe it took me so long to switch! If you're reading these testimonials because you are scared of trying it: Just do it! It will change the way you experience your menstrual cycle. Don't be afraid! It's only a moon cup!

Lady - 20th May 2014

I have very heavy and short periods which caused me lots of logistical problems. I also do martial arts and my heavy periods were stopping me doing this on certain days. I came across the Mooncup by accident. It was an instant solution for me. It did take a few cycles to perfect but I haven't looked back.

Vicky - 15th May 2014

I was wondering for a long time if there were alternatives to pads and tampons. A friend of mine spoke about Mooncup and told me how great it was. I've never got on using tampons so I've always stuck using pads, which when in the gym or using communal showers (I play rugby)or doing sport in general isn't really convenient. The smell and wet feeling you have with pads is also horrible. Also I've never felt comfortable about being on my period whilst on holiday and have always tried to book holidays around it. I bought my Mooncup a few months before I started using it as I was scared about it being like a tampon. Eventually I (wo)man-upped. I decided to do a few trial runs - when not on my period, so I could get used to it. I found I had nothing to fear. The first few times I used it on the first day of my period I did leak. I used pads for those first 2 days of the fisrt few months. You learn what feels right when putting it in. It doesn't hurt to insert it either nor can you feel it once it's inserted. It's really not messy either. I found I actually felt cleaner even when taking it out than when using other sanitary products. I tell any of my female friends willing to listen about how great the Mooncup is! I wish I had known about Mooncup 10 years ago! I'm glad I'm now helping the environment and I feel so much more confident and cleaner and happier when it comes to my period. It's been amazing!

Rhi - 12th May 2014

Ok, I will admit that it took me a while to get used to my Mooncup but I have been successful this month and I am so glad I got one. I only wish I'd started using this as a teenager! I struggled at first because the cup didn't seem to be fully open when inserted but I tried one of the other methods suggested in the leaflet and now it works brilliantly. No leaks and you can't feel it's in. After a couple of uses I was confident enough not to wear a panty liner so the Mooncup not only makes things cleaner and easier for you but it also saves money and the environment! It really is great to be able to get on with your life and not be held back by your period. I just want to tell everyone to try it and persevere - it will be worth it. Thanks, Mooncup! x

Jane - 9th May 2014

I saw this in Boots and thought I'd give i† a try. Once I purchased I visited this website and after reading the hundreds of very positive reviews was very keen to try, so after boiling it for a few minutes decided to pop it in. It took a few goes to get it in comfortably, so I then had an hour to try it out before I went to Pilates. I was worried it would fall out (as I have this problem with tampons after having a couple of children!), absolutely fine, the suction helps keep it in place. Then the test.. I moved around cautiously in my class and after an hour of being upside down, horizontal and upright, no leaks at all, very impressed. It was easy to take out, squeezed it at the bottom and helped it out with my finger, this seemed to be the best way, while hovering over to loo... just in case! No problems whatsoever, emptied it, rinsed it and popped it back in, hey presto! I'll never go back to tampons. Thank you.

Cassedy - 7th May 2014

I was decidedly skeptical when I bought my mooncup after having had a couple of beers and while waiting for a prescription, and kind of though - why not?! A year later I have not looked back once, and really cannot say enough good things about the mooncup. I have told friends that it has 'changed my life!', and I have to say that this is really not too far off. The fact that I can empty and change the cup whenever is convenient for me, without having to wait for it to be full or the timing to be right, is really amazing to me. I have an IUD I have fairly heavy periods, and was always having trouble with XL tampons and pads on heavy days. Having to get the timing *just right* to changing everything, as 5 minutes too late there was leakage and disaster everywhere. I now think back to a stressful trip to Egypt and roadtrip through the US where facilities we sparse and timing bathroom breaks with tampon change breaks was really a nightmare... The mooncup has done away with all of that, and I could really really not be happier! I didn't find it difficult to use, insert and take out, and you will quickly get the hang of keeping it upright when it's full too. A bit of practice and voila, I barely think about it these days. I also love that I am no longer using anything chemically cleaned or with added scents, and the fact that I can just wash and boil the latex is amazing. No more dried out anything! :) I really cannot recommend it enough, and wish I had known about and tried the mooncup years (decades!) ago. Give it a try, I promise, promise you won't regret it!!

Lisa - 29th April 2014

The moon cup was a brilliant investment. I had thought about trying one and it was the reviews which sold it to me so I'm writing my own. I love it! No more dryness and discomfort when the flows not heavy , it's not as messy as you'd imagine. Honestly if you're concidering do yourself the favour and buy one.

Amy - 28th April 2014

I have to admit I was very skeptical, the whole idea of reusing a tampon equivalent struck me as icky! But I just got sick of seeing the bathroom bin fill up with used sanitary products (even more gross) and thinking of the waste, both in environmental and cash terms. So I thought I'd give it a go, and if it didn't work out it didn't work out. Well! What can I say?! It's everything everyone says! I found it unwieldy to insert on the first go but had no problems after that, think it just takes getting used to (definitely worth wetting it first - it'll be wet subsequently anyway because you'll have rinsed it). I had to trim the stem by quite a way but once I'd done that I frequently forgot it was there for long stretches of time, particularly as it doesn't require changing nearly so often as tampons. I would put it in before work, rinse it when I got home and again before bed. That was it! And it was never full. I had no leakages for the first time in 14 years. No unsightly strings hanging out when changing underwear in front of the hubster (I always had an ick thing about that and would try to hide when doing underwear changes at lady time, seems ridiculous now), although the poor man has had to listen to me going on about how fabulous the Mooncup is for the whole of my period. He smiles politely poor chap. I completely agree with the other comments about improved comfort, I normally get that horrible dry feeling on the last couple of days of wearing tampons but I'm not quite ready to go with nothing - not a problem with the Mooncup it doesn't dry you out and is completely unnoticeable the whole time. I didn't notice any change in cramps unfortunately but still worth it for increased comfort. I am 29 but have had no children vaginally or otherwise, so was unsure which size to go for as I'm on the cusp of turning 30. I don't know what other people think but I went for the smaller size and have had no problems so I would recommend this to people in a similar situation. My only gripe is, why aren't these things more widely publicised? I wish I had tried it years ago but didn't have any information on it until I made the effort to look it up. But when I did, it was the reviews that sold me on it, so here's mine! If you're thinking about it, please do it for the sake of your comfort, the environment and your pocket, I promise you will not regret it. I work in a school and will be nagging the Year 6 teachers to include the Mooncup in the suggested sanitary wear as part of our sex education classes. Viva la Mooncup!

Jenny - 26th April 2014

I bought a Mooncup on impulse while visiting the UK a couple of years ago, having heard good reports about menstrual cups from a friend. I was about to fly back to Australia and didn't want to pack a whole load of bulky pads and tampons in my luggage. I'm very glad I took the risk and left the tampons on the shelf! I would never go back now. It took a bit of getting used to, and I found it uncomfortable until I had completely removed the stem (now I just grasp the very bottom of the cup itself to get it out). After ironing out the teething troubles though, I can't imagine life without it, as over-blown as that sounds. It makes every period easier to manage, saves loads of money, and is much better for the environment. It is my saviour when I go out camping in the middle of nowhere for weeks at a time for my job - only one small thing to carry, and no waste to worry about!

Ellen - 20th April 2014

A friend of mine told me about Mooncup about a year ago. Although she sold me listing all the advantages, I did not have the courage to get one until last week. Oh, why did I wait? It is definitely the best solution to handling our monthly inevitable discomfort. I read the instructions and managed to use it properly on the first day. Used it for over 8 hours and not a drop has leaked. Taking it out is a bit more "hands on" than a regular tampon or pad, but it is definitely much cleaner and there is no smells at all! I recommend this to all women out there. Eco-friendly, comfy and neater - what else would you want? :) Thank you!!

Amanda - 15th April 2014

I've been using the Mooncup for about 18 months now. I'm going to be realistic here and give my truthful opinion, it takes a bit of getting use to. I've mastered the art of inserting it but some days my anatomy isn't having any of it! If I'm slightly constipated I've know the cup to turn inside (a little worrying the first time but not a disaster). I also still need to wear a small pad when using it. That said, for 18 months I've saved an astronomical amount of money that quite literally would have been flushed away. My only gripe really is when out shopping and you can't get to a loo with a basin to rinse, I'd like for Mooncup to devise a little box with a spare cup so that you can rinse in the privacy of home later.

Michelle - 8th April 2014

Moon cup is fabulous! I've had mine about six months now, would never go back to tampons. The benefits for me are no leaking, period pains/ cramps are much reduced, it doesn't make me feel dry and itchy on lighter days and best of all my periods have gone from 5-6 days long to 2-3 days long! Not sure how that can be but I can only think that it's down to the moon cup :) Honestly it is so much more comfortable, I even forget that I'm on my period! I went for a 3 mile run the first day of my period this month! That never would've happened before, I'd have been sat on the sofa feeling bloated and miserable. Give moon cup a try, you won't regret it!

Emily - 8th April 2014

I have been using my mooncup for at least a year now, and I would *never* go back! I started looking around for other options rather than using tampons as I found them uncomfortable half way through my period causing me dryness. One of the best benefits is that you can put it in even if your not on your period, so no worrying about if you have started your period or rushing off to the toilet! I found it a strange concept reading about it before I bought it, but mind of matter ladies, it is amazing! I cannot recommend the mooncup enough, I wish I was made aware of it in my teens!

Lucy - 4th March 2014

Took the plunge a few days ago and bought the mooncup . I was a bit skeptical before trying it but I'm so pleased I have ! I found it easy to insert once I tried using the second folding method, it took longer to get good at getting it out but once I realised not to panic I wasn't going to lose it I have had no problems . As someone who has problems inserting tampons I'm shocked I can use it had no leakage or uncomfort . Have already told all my friends highly recommend it

Liz - 4th March 2014

This is THE BEST invention ever...being in the military we go out on exercise...living in the woods...wee-ing in the woods,...there is NOTHING worse than having your period when you're out..because...well where the hell are you supposed to put used tampons?? in your pocket?? This solves that problem, nothing to pack, nothing to worry about "will I be able to change my tampon reguarly" (because you wont) I am SO glad I bought this, even if it was £50...it would STILL be SO SO SO worth the money.

Amy - 4th March 2014

I'm 35 years old and I have a 3.5 year old daughter. Not long after she was born my cycle started going haywire. I went from a normal cycle to being on for nearly two months straight! Doctors don't know why and scans show nothing is wrong. A friend suggested I try a mooncup as she's used hers for 15 years and she has a 2 day cycle! I've used it for one cycle but I went from being on for two months straight down to 20 days! Still most women's worst nightmare but a blessing for me! I hope it continues to help improve my quality of life! I know others have mentioned this as well, but it was so nice to not have to be constantly worried about whether or not I was leaking. This is a phenomenal product. Everyone should get one!

Kara - 2nd March 2014

I love the moon cup! I have never been able to wear tampons and pads gave me problems as well. When I first heard a out the mooncup I was a little skeptical, bought one anyway and after a few times of trying would never look back! I had no problems with it at all! My job means I have to travel a lot on planes and my first time trying out my cup was when I was travelling. Changing pads in an airplane toilet isn't fun but was a breeze with my moon cup! First time was a bit apprehensive but that was more nerves and I was fine! I now look forward to Aunty Flo' because it is such a breeze and tell everyone and anyone about my moon cup! Thank you for making life so much easier!

Sophie - 27th February 2014

I ordered the Mooncup and it arrived just in time for my next period! Being excited to try out my new purchase, I put it through as many tests as I could think of: Running, walking, showering, jumping, napping, and even weight lifting. The Mooncup stayed in place, fit comfortably, and I had zero leakage. Even as I was doing squats, I thought for sure something embarrassing would go wrong but everything turned out fine. My husband is thrilled that I'm happy, and essentially will be saving us money since I won't have to buy tampons/pads every month. I wish I'd known about this product earlier or at least was given an option about it when I first started menstruating.

Amber - 23rd February 2014

I actually bought the moon cup because a friend of mine had a terrible experience with another menstrual cup brand. I shopped around and even watched some youtube tutorials before landing on the mooncup and finding it worked perfectly with my heavy flow; I would use a super plus tampon and a heavy flow pad and it would only last maybe 3 hours. The cup had a bit of a learning curve, but after trimming the stem a bit and wiggling around (it really helps!) it was barely noticeable. Cleaning and removal was a slow process but all in all the whole thing was a small price to pay for not having to use a tampon. Honestly, I wish I would have tried it sooner.

Cole - 22nd February 2014

I just bought my Mooncup a few months ago and I must say that it was the best decision I have even made. It is amazingly comfortable, handy and easy to use. I have already recommended it to all my friends! I am very glad I discovered it and I only wished I had done it earlier. Thank you!

Ana - 19th February 2014

Last month i googled 'tampons that dont leak' and the gods of the internet lead me to the mooncup :). Like many others i hate using pads due to the odour and general feeling of 'wearing a nappy' . I have always used tampons. I am 28 and started my period at age 13. I have found over the past six or so years my period is heavier and even the super plus tampons tend to leak after 3 hours, sometimes less dependant on what that cycle is like, but never more than 3 hours. Anyway, after researching the mooncup i found that i could purchase one in Boots. I didn't want to order online incase of any postal delays. I have spent the last three weeks waiting abd waiting for my period to come so i could try it! Felt like forever! Usually i dread it arriving. WELL.. Today is the day!! I inserted my mooncup (size B) at 5am before leaving for work. It was really easy to insert. It is genuinely so comfortable that i forgot all about it! And the best part? I have had no leakage! Usually my reminder to change if i forgot would be wet underwear. I took my mooncup out to empty it at 11am! 6 hours after insertion, no leakage, nothing! I am so happy with this, i wish i had gotten one sooner :) i feel really confident today! Usually i am paranoid about going places during my period. A little tip i would give when taking it out is not to panic if you struggle. If you find it a little hard to get hold of then just push it with your muscles (as if you are trying to poo) and it will come down a little lower and is easier to remove. Thank you so much for this product :) i am spreading the word to my friends!

Sarah - 17th February 2014

I've been using Mooncup for almost a year now and I think it's amazing! I found that other sanitary products did not offer me enough protection and were very drying so I decided to search online to find out if there was an alternative. I was hesitant to buy Mooncup at first as I was worried that it would leak and feel uncomfortable but it is excellent, no leakage even if left in all day, easy to keep clean and it's so comfortable that I forget it is there. Before using Mooncup I found horse riding when on my period very uncomfortable as sanitary towels and tampons would leak but now I can go out for a long wander on horseback and not worry about any mess. Mooncup is not very well advertised, even since I started using one I've never heard anyone else mention it, except online. It's a great product and excellent value for money. All females should know about Mooncup!!!

Lynn - 12th February 2014

I'm 16, I've just got the mooncup 2 months ago and I am in LOVE. This is one of the best purchases of my life! I've already saved money on tampons, it's comfort is far superior to a tampon and it holds so much more liquid. Honestly, I no longer feel chained down by my period and being scared that I'm going to ruin my pants every month. And we all know about that horrible when-you-first-wake-up waddle/run to the bathroom hoping your tampon isn't going to leak, well that's not an issue anymore either! Seriously 10/10 would buy again.

Esperanza - 12th February 2014

I am nearly 49 years old and have got to the point when I am afraid to go out of the front door during my period. After a really bad day and night last week where I suddenly started my period and was going through a tampon and pad every 45 minutes or so I was ready to cry. A colleague told me about the Moon Cup, with nothing to lose I went that day and bought one. What a magical device the first day was spent checking every 5 minutes that it was not leaking it was fine. That night was the first night in a long time that I had not woken up in a blood bath, I slept like a log and no leaks. I kept it in until there was no fresh loss and feel like a new women. Moon Cup is my new best friend!

Claire - 4th February 2014

I am really impressed with the Mooncup and I can't recommend it highly enough! I purchased it out of curiosity but was quite skeptical about the practicalities of using it and whether this product would live up to all the positive testimonials I had read of it. Previously before I bought the mooncup, I had developed sensitivity to using tampons and sanitary pads, leading to discomfort, itching, pain and recurrent thrush. I hoped that the mooncup may eliminate these symptoms. Well, I can honestly say that the mooncup is a revelation to menstruating women! While I have experienced some soreness while getting used to inserting/removing it, I have been thrush free during my period for the first time in months. I find that the folding method 2 for insertion is far more preferable and comfortable. I don't have to change the mooncup as often as conventional sanitary products and the mooncup is far less messy than I imagined. The menstrual blood does not leak around the sides of the cup, meaning that it is not messy when you remove it. A great product that I personally have benefited from!

Amanda - 1st February 2014

I've been using my mooncup for about 6 months now, and will never go back to tampons/pads! I know it will differ for everyone, but somehow my period is now shorter and cramps have almost completely disappeared. Like most first time users, I had problems with positioning and leaking. What I find best is folding the cup like usual, then inserting it by sliding my thumb up along side it. 10 million stars for the mooncup, doesn't hurt that its environmentally friendly as well :)

Anna - 30th January 2014

I couldn't believe it could really be as life changing as the testimonials I'd read/rave reviews from friends but IT IS THAT GOOD. It took me one period to get used to it- I would really advise testing out inserting and removing it when you're not on your period so you get used to it (if you rinse it with a bit of water its easier to insert). Tricky at first but definitely definitely worth persevering and so easy when you get used to it. I suffer from really heavy periods and Mooncup is so much better than so called super extra absorbant tampons. I can actually rely on it and I don't have to worry about changing it when I'm out either, so I can forget about my period and just get on with stuff! It's just so much cleaner. I don't worry about staining my underwear any more and there's something about not needing to break out the Bridget Jones pants that makes being on my period less of an ordeal!

Total Convert! - 29th January 2014

I won't repeat all the many positives about the mooncup but, in three words - I love it and won't go back to the nasty tampons (oops, that's an added set of eight words). I simply wish I'd started sooner, but better late than never. A massive thank-you to my best friend who introduced me to the idea and encouraged me to try it and to persist when I was having "teething" problems during the first two periods. By month 3 I had cracked the no-leak code: my mooncup doesn't pop open like a rose at dawn so I have to adjust it until it's a perfect concave shape all around (my finger informs me of this). I was worried I'll never be a true initiate but now I feel I could apply for a NASA job. My own uncharted territory... On the fourth period I was exploring the depths of the ocean, for the first time - nothing to stop me. I'm not the proselytising type but this is too good to keep to myself so I'll talk to anyone who wants to hear!

Myriam - 21st January 2014

I LOVE IT!! Along with my dishwasher I would say the best money I have EVER spent!!!! I have never liked tampons always found them uncomfortable and was always very aware of the TSS risks associated with them. I was originally very unsure as to wether a moon cup would be for me, due to the fact that I never got on well with tampons. I read many reviews before purchasing the moon cup but finally decided I would give it a go. Honestly I can not tell you how pleased I am, I really would urge anybody thinking about it to give one a go. I swim in it, I sleep in it, I literally love it!! I used to hate the week of my period as it either meant uncomfortable tampons or horrid, smelly, itchy, pads. But the moon cup has literally changed a week of the month for the rest of my life!! I can do what I would normally do with out any compromise. It took me only a couple of cycles to get the hang of using and now I can get it in and out with virtually no mess, its definitely no more messy than inserting a non applicator tampon, and the fact that you don't get the horrid smell that you get from pads its just fantastic! So in summary if your thinking about trying a moon cup, do its is simply BRILLIANT!!!

Kate - 19th January 2014

I accidentally left my mooncup at home on a recent trip to visit my parents and after going back to tampons for a few days I can honestly say I have NO IDEA how other people cope without this thing As a woman with a very light flow, I always had difficulties with tampons drying me right out and becoming painful to insert and remove, but pads just left me feeling disgusting and like I was wearing a nappy. The mooncup did get some getting used to, but honestly it is so worth it because you can just forget about the fact you are even on your period for the whole day. I started using it when I was a virgin, and had no more trouble than the usual. Would definitely recommend to anyone, trying to convert my friends.

Robyn - 17th January 2014

Absolutely love my Mooncup. I am now on my second one (after stupidly damaging my previous one by leaving it soaking in Milton for FAR too long) and I am a happy cheerleader for the product.
It takes a bit of getting used to (for the first month I used it along with pads, by month two I started with a pad but it was so awful compared to the product I stopped using them completely), but once you do you will never look back. Beyond any green consideration the Mooncup is very comfortable and you forget you have it in. Very useful for exercise and when you go on holiday, due to how long you can keep it in (subject to how heavy your flow is) and how easy it is to empty it and pop it back in.
Mooncups should be included as part of girls education about periods and products - I will never go back to pads now but I do wish I have found the product before I did.
Finally I would like to praise this site for the quick processing and dispatch of my replacement Mooncup. After discovering I had damaged my old one only 5 days from my period I was horrified. I placed my order Monday morning and my new Mooncup arrived today.

Kathryn - 14th January 2014

Hi, I bought my Mooncup a few months back and I have used it every period since. It is such a great thing although I still need practice getting it right to stop leaking. I love the fact that it is environmentally friendly and that I don't have to buy and dispose of pads or tampons. it is so comfy to where and makes it so much easier especially on heavier days. At first I thought it was a bit more hassle than using a pad but it is so much more comfy and less smelly and it means that I don't have pads in my bag if my mates go through it at school. Thank you

Anna - 9th January 2014

So I have finally got a Mooncup and I am absolutely delighted. Why didn't I do this sooner? I suffer horrid, heavy periods that no tampon can match. Within an hour they are soaked through, flooding plagued me, changing knickers throughout the day, clothes constantly in the wash, LIFE ON HOLD. This is no way for any lady to live their life. So the Mooncup, okay it took me a day to get to grips with it. In the first day I had slight leakage, though nowhere near like a dreaded tampon. By day two I had corrected this by perfecting the twist. Yippee! The mooncup is comfortable and really works! It is amazing how clean this product makes you feel, you forgot that you're even having your period. This is worlds away from tampons and pads that are uncomfortable, drying, itchy, smelly and irritable to your skin. I highly recommend and hope one day that every lady owns one of these! Eco friendly and purse friendly, perfect.

Hannah - 8th January 2014

I was encouraged to try mooncup by my step-sister although I had been aware of that type of product before then. I had been concerned about the waste with traditional pads for a while, although I use relatively few because my flow is light. The mooncup has been fabulous! I've used it for two months now. It does take practice and perseverance to insert and remove but it's worth it. You have to give yourself time and try to relax and you'll find the best way for you. I find the second fold easier, and have to fold a little on the way out too. I also cut the stem right down to within 5mm. The ick factor is still there, but it's also accompanied by a certain fascination. I now also seem to bleed for a day or two less than before. I'm so pleased that I am no longer reliant on pads and will be saving money and producing less waste from now on. Everyone should try it!

Liz - 3rd January 2014

After having a heavy period all my life, selecting the right tampon has always been tricky. Often I would get a dull ache from wearing them. So I searched online as for what to do and found reviews for the mooncup! It's much shorter than the big super-flow tampons that I needed so it doesn't hurt, I can't even feel it! I bought it a few months ago and it's definitely made up the money already. I'm at college with lessons all day, I used to have to time my toilet stops in my day in order to change pad + tampon because both would always be soaked through within an hour in days 2-4 and having to rush myself in the bathroom in order to not be late for my next lesson always made it worse! The mooncup doesn't need removing as much as a tampon, it's quicker, you don't have to wear a squidgy uncomfortable nappy type pad. It's fantastic. It causes no pain, and the stress of getting my period is much less because now I have an awesome way of controlling it. Would definitely recommend it to any lady. Especially those with a heavy flow, a busy schedule or those who are interested in helping save the planet.

Jess - 1st January 2014

I am not one to ever write reviews, for this product, it is necessary. I bought a moon cup before I would be traveling to India for 6 months. Clean is the word to describe how this product made me feel. It is a no hassle, accessible, and stress-free solution for your period. I would recommend this to EVERY woman. I have saved over $500 in tampons/pads, have less clutter in my bathroom cabinets, and am able to enjoy my day without worry.

Samantha - 31st December 2013

A friend recommended me the mooncup a few months back and I've finally got round to buying one. I cannot stop telling everyone how wonderful it is! It feels so natural to be in tune with my body and I've already forgotten it's there. It's weirdly exciting to see how much has come out throughout the day (never though I'd say that!) and really nice not to have to be bothered changing something frequently as I would have done before with pads. Very liberating and not having that dreadful feeling at that time of the month. Thank you!

Emma - 29th December 2013

I wasn't ready to try the Mooncup when I first heard about it years ago - I still thought tampons were simpler. A few months ago, I heard about it again when a coworker raved about it, personally telling me many of the benefits that are in these testimonials. I was openminded, but again, I wasn't ready to try it: I still had a whole box of new tampons. Later that month, I nearly contracted toxic shock and sepsis and had to take 3 weeks of antibiotics because I absent-mindedly left a tampon in my body for far too long. It was a shocking and upsetting experience, but the best relief was knowing I never had to use a tampon ever again! I ordered my Mooncup immediately. Ive only just begun using it, but I thought it was important to share how safe this product is in comparison, on top of all the other benefits. I agree, once it's inserted properly, it's like it's not even there, and best of all, there's no smelly garbage piling up. Telling my close friends and family about my health scare has gone hand in hand with introducing them to Mooncup - I couldn't endorse it more. When I researched what happened to me, I found that so many women have have had the same problem with tampons. Let it be said: Mooncup to the rescue!

Samantha - 26th December 2013

I have been using my Mooncup for almost about 6 months now (after 10 years of sanitary towels only). I always felt bad throwing my pads in the bin, but wasn't sure tampons were for me - I have heard they can be quite dry and not so great overnight. One day, I heard about the Mooncup from an online forum and hunted one down. I knew I was leaving to travel through Canada for a year (am there now), and I also knew I didn't want to be carrying around lots of pads and figuring out which new product to buy here. So I thought I would give the Mooncup a go. I am so glad I did! I absolutely love it. Ok, so it can be a little messy at times, but I am not easily grossed out! It is far outweighed by the fact is kinder to the environment and in the long run, and so much more economical. Of curse another plus point is it takes up virtually no space in my backpack! I wanted to write and than you for such a fab product!

Rebecca - 9th December 2013

I had never heard about mooncup until this summer. I thought the idea was very interesting and bought it. On the next period I tried to use it, but did not have too much success removing it, so I gave up. Last month I thought: this cannot be, I have to learn how to use it. So I gave it one more try, and reading very carefully all the advices Mooncup gives us, I eventually can apreciate the marvelous of this product. Further more, this company has the best and wonderful customer service I have ever seen. I lost my user guide and asked for another. In less than a week, I had it at home (and I live out of the UK). Congratulations to Mooncup and I encourage every woman to use the mooncup.

Ana Paula - 19th December 2013

I don't usually bother reviewing products but this is one thing I really can't imagine living without now I've got it! I first bought it when I was 15 because I was going abroad with school and didn't want to spend half my time worrying about my period being due. Nobody told me about mooncups but I was desperately searching for an alternative to pads and tampons and I found this site. When I first tried putting it in, I got SO frustrated (not to mention a bit sore) because I couldn't do it right, but I left it for a day or two and got the hang of it instantly next time I tried. Persistence is the key! As for the school trip, it involved a 17 hour flight, a trek up a mountain, lots of very long drives with no toilets along the way, swimming, dodgy public bathrooms, etc, and the only thing I needed for my period was the mooncup. It does take a bit of practice to change because it's kind of slippy. I once dropped it on the bathroom floor (I wasn't even in my own house, THANK GOD the floor was tiled) but other than that there's been no problems. Since then its been camping and on a ten day road trip too. I love not having to carry a supply of pads or tampons everywhere and worry about disposing of them! It's so much more practical, especially if you're an outdoors sort of person like I am. And it's great if you have trouble predicting when your period will come because you can use a mooncup just in case if you really need to, which you can't do with tampons and it would just be a waste to do that with pads. My mum is a bit baffled by mooncups and some of my girl friends say 'ew!' if I mention it but don't knock it 'til you try it!

Hannah - 15th December 2013

I've just bought my daughter her first mooncup - she's thirteen. She started her period a couple of years ago and has always used reusable sanitary products. However she does lots of swimming and uses a tampon for this. I've used a mooncup for many years and think its great., and can't believe I didn't think of getting her one sooner!

Bittybit - 8th December 2013

I had a Mirena coil inserted at the beginning of September this year- it was awful. The continuous trickle of bleeding meant I was having to either use pads which I loathe, or risk using tanpons which were incredibly painful to remove as they never absorbed much! I bought my mooncup just over a month ago and cannot believe the improvement in my quality of life. I'm so much more comfortable and happy- no more ruined underwear or waiting for the worst to happen. I only found out about them through research and I'm so glad I did. I think if you can- everyone should use them!

Effy - 7th December 2013

I've been using the mooncup for 18 months now & tell everyone about it. Since stopping using pads & tampons I haven't had thrush! And I feel more confident that even though my flow is heavy the mooncup does it's job so well. My periods are still heavy but for less days now, my age maybe/or the magic of the moon cup. I've tried to convert my 3 daughters, 26, 18 & 16, but they say it's too yughy, it's not, once you get into the swing of it, always take a bottle of water into a public convenience it's great. Best for me is being able to stay overnight with confidence I wont leak!

Ruth, 45 - 1st December 2013

I've been thinking about buying a Mooncup for a while now, but hadn't actually spoken to anyone who'd used one. I'm quite disorganised when it comes to changing (and even buying!!) tampons so figured it would be perfect for me. I was a bit worried about getting it in and out but managed it first time. So easy, quick, painless. After trimming the stem off it is super super comfy. After emptying it a few times it actually became easier to do than changing a tampon which is something i've had years of practice of!! Great product, really wish i'd bought one sooner (also, it's kinda cool seeing home much blood comes out!)

Daisy - 27th November 2013

I have been using the mooncup for about 6/7 years now! I have NEVER had a leak, and have always found it incredibly comfortable. I have recently had my first baby and had to use pads for the first time in a very long time and oh my goodness, they were uncomfortable and irritating! I am now buying my new mooncup, and would seriously recommend it to everyone. So comfortable, affordable, clean and reliable! What more could you need from a sanitary product!

Michelle - 25th November 2013

I don't usually do the whole review thing but just thought I would take the time to say how impressed I am with my mooncup, I was a bit worried at first that it would be difficult to get into the right position and would become uncomfortable and I did kind of expect not to get it perfect on the first try with it but I have to say I have got on with it from the very first time I used it, it is so comfortable to wear you dont even know it's there and you dnt get that gross. Listed feeling like you get when using tampons when they start to get full and expand, I could never turn back to tampons now, Thank you for a brilliant product 2

hayley - 23rd November 2013

Wow! I only started to use my mooncup on an actual period yesterday (I had used it several times on a dry run before) and already I couldn't live without this ingenious invention. Being a teenager I wasn't 100% sure whether the mooncup would be suitable for me, however I was so fed up with leaky and uncomfortable tampons and pads that I went ahead and brought a size b mooncup anyway. Before I found the mooncup I ruined at least 3 pairs of knickers, and one bed sheet every period no matter what size or brand of pads I wore, however since switching I haven't leaked one drop on anything - yay! Insertion was painful at first, but once I found the correct fold for me it was no longer an issue (I found I needed to use the 'punch down' method). I also had to remove the stem intill just after the second grip ring. Now I can insert and remove the cup comfortably in less than one minute! For anyone who is put off by the initial £20 investment, please don't be. The mooncup is one of the best purchases of my life (up there with my IPhone!). Also, although the concept may seem a little hippyish at first, once you use the mooncup it feels great to be doing some good for the environment in at least one area of your life! I would urge everyone to try it, esspecially younger girls and teens!!!

Sarah T - 18th November 2013

I decided to try the mooncup after a few of my friends mentioned it. I never liked using tampons as found them uncomfortable so used to use pads but hated that 'wet' feeling. I had a few difficulties initially inserting the mooncup but found that relaxing helps big time. I've been using it for 6 months now and recommend it to anyone who'll listen. It's so easy and discreet, I don't notice it's there- it's better for the environment, for my body and also on my finances so what's not to like about it?! :)

Kat - 17th November 2013

The first time I used my Mooncup, it took a few days to get use to folding and inserting it properly, but I'm so glad I persevered! It's so much more comfortable and cleaner to use than either pads or tampons, so long as you make sure it's sealed properly. No emergency shop dashes; no panic-stocks cluttering up my handbags; and, best of all, no horrible bodily irritations! It's been especially brilliant for me as an avid gym nut, jogger and dancer, and would recommend it to absolutely anyone! I love feeling in control of my body and appearance, and not having to sacrifice doing what I love as a result. I don't know how I've managed to survive so long without a Mooncup. I wish I'd known about this product sooner; it's been an absolute revelation!

Kate, 23 - 12th November 2013

I wish I had invented this, it is amazing. I first heard about it from my sister, and I was so hysterically disgusted about the thought of it that she actually hung up on me. But after thinking about it properly and realising just how much money I was spending on both pads and tampons (I had quite a heavy flow so would use both on the first couple days of my period), as well as the environmental impact, I took the plunge and bought one. It did take a little bit of getting used to in terms of insertion and knowing when I needed to empty, but 4 months later I would never, ever go back. I was so skeptical about leakage as previously I had many an incident with underwear and sheets, but it works like a charm. And to top it all off my periods seem lighter. The blood thing really isn't an issue once you get used to seeing it, and it's quite interesting seeing how much your body is getting rid of. To be honest it isn't any more messy than inserting a non-applicator tampon! The only thing I'm gutted about is that I didn't know about it sooner, I wasted 18 years using other methods dammit! That's a fair bit of cash I could've saved and a whole lot less rubbish in landfills or even worse, the ocean.

Julie - 12th November 2013

I love my darling mooncup so very much! I've been recommending it far and wide since I got it, and I've already persuaded one friend. I had a little trouble inserting it at first, since I at age 19 had so far been a pad girl only, so I was a little unsure how to fold it and how high/low it was supposed to sit, but a few read-throughs of the instructions and I was all set (and so was it) A family holiday last month was actually saved by my mooncup, because for some reason there wasn't a bin in the bathroom of the apartment we rented, but for once I didn't have to worry about it:D I've even had to get out of bed once or twice to empty it, because I forget it's even in, it's that comfortable. Highly recommended to everyone who are considering it, it's definitely worth it!

Marie - 11th November 2013

I LOVVVEEEE the mooncup! I'm 16, and up until now I always used pads (eco ones) as the thought of tampons was disgusting. I found out about the mooncup from my mum, who'd had an early prototype, and thought it was great. :) I was nervous about it at first, but after a few dummy runs I got it to work, albeit after a quick stem trim, and now I wear it with a reusable pad as backup. :D This will definitely be coming with me on my adventures. :) Strasbourg here we come! :D

Rhiannon - 10th November 2013

Hi I started using a mooncup after the birth of my daughter. I found that my periods were alot heavier than before. I was having to use a pad and a tampon and change every couple of hours, it was costing a fortune. While shopping I was just looking through the sanitary aisle and saw a mooncup. Lasts a lifetime and holds more, I thought this might just save loads of money. And it did. I was so much more comfortable (pads aggravate my allergies) and spent less money. Thank you so much.

M.Davis - 9th November 2013

I am 13 years old and I love the mooncup. I hate periods because they make me feel really low and my Mum won't let me wear tampons because of the risk of TSS so I have to wear pads which I find really uncomfortable and I hate the wet feeling. I saw the mooncup online when looking for an alternative choice of protection. I told my mum about it as soon as a saw it (my mum wasnt very interested)but when recently I knew I was going to have my period on my birthday sleepover my mum said she'd research it because my periods are really heavy. We bought it and at first I just could not insert it and I thought it would just never happen but with a few regualar practices for a day on the morning of my sleepover it was in. It is really hard to remove and it is quite painful to do so but I think I will get used to that. I haven't had much practice yet but once I have I think I will use it all the time and I love it!

Libby - 4th November 2013

I'm 17 and I've just started using the mooncup, and I'm loving it! I have a pretty light flow so whenever I use tampons I worry because there's never much blood unless I leave it in longer than 8 hours, but with the mooncup that doesn't matter; I can just put it in in the morning and leave it until I'm going to bed.

Eve - 1st November 2013

Hi mooncup! I'm 13 years old and i started to use the mooncup when i was twelve. I really love it and I have been spreading the word ever since. I have absolutely no fault to pick with the product, its probably one of he best inventions ever. I dont ever have to worry about anything when I'm on my period and I wish more girls knew about it and wouldn't be so shy when discussing the topic! Every woman goes through it! I was intimidated by it when I just got it but honestly, when you think about it, the concept couldnt be any simpler. Thanks so much for making such a amazing product!

Kim - 30th October 2013

I am 14 and first heard about the mooncup nearly a year ago. I thought they sounded amazing but was scared to get one. Earlier this year I told my grind about it an after many debates we both took the plunge and got one. I LOVE it there is sooo much to say about them. They are hygienic and so much better than pads an tampons. I told my mum about it and she was grossed out and kept trying to persuade me not to get it and to me it would fail. This made me more determined to make it work. It is so easy and simple to insert and remove. I would say that when removing put your thumb at the front all the way to the seal them push the cup against the back wall of your vagina and push it out. It's pain free and really quick. Trying to convert all my friends. This is a miracle product I wish I brought it sooner. I also think that they should ban tampons and pads because ty are so bad for you and the enviroment. Anyway don't hesitate get yours today!!!!

Jo - 30th October 2013

After I went on the pill, my periods became a lot lighter and I decided to try the Mooncup. I like the idea that they are more environmentally friendly than the other sanitary options, and tampons/pads used to make me a bit sore 'down there'.
I am offically in love with my mooncup now, it admittedly does take some practice with insertion/removal, and I would wholeheartedly recommend watching a 'how to' guide first.But 3 months in, I am a very happy customer and I have told so many people about how fantastic my mooncup is!

Beth - 25th October 2013

I never heard about mooncups before, now i read the description, i don't feel the need of trying them out.

Nadine - 25th October 2013

I have had my Mooncup for 2 months now and love it! I had always used tampons and tried the disposable cups that they sell in drug store. Those were an epic fail (leaking, hard to take out, messy) so I was skeptical about buying the mooncup. I will never go back! I removed the whole tip on mine and don't have a problem removing it at all. I barely even know it is there and only worry about emptying it out twice a day, in the morning and at night. So much better then worrying about a tampon every few hours. No problem with leakage no matter how long I keep it in. I will never go back!

Stacie - 23rd October 2013

I live in Japan and I've never heard of mooncup before my British boyfriend told me about it. I used organic cotton pads. I didn't like that I have "thick" pads and I had to use tampon when I work. We checked the website and I thought it would be great. The first day to try was terrible and I was about to scream and cry "I can't do this!" You may feel the same but please RELAX! If you are tensed, it would be more difficult to put or take out the cup. I had 3 periods so far and I'm getting used to it. I can sleep without a short even as I really don't need to care about it. It was good to know how much I have blood out too. It was much much less than I thought. If you wonder to buy, just buy a cup. I am sure you will enjoy the period time with it.

Saya - 18th October 2013

I am 17 years old and I first heard about the mooncup through a video by Laci green. I thought it would be great if I could sleep without worrying about changing the sheets in the morning. At the time I didn't have the money to buy one. So a week or so later I saw these soft cups and thought about trying them to see if the idea of a cup would work for me and as it turns out it did work but I wasn't impressed with the softcups and thought maybe the reusable one would be better and then I decided to order mine online. A week later I had it and then I tired it. At first I was really uncomfortable and thought "oh no I just spent 30+ dollars on something that doesn't work." Then I reread the usage guide and then I trimmed the stem and got into a squatting position. And it was a world of difference. I didn't feel that stem at the opening and it didn't hurt at ALL! It was amazing.
Let me tell you that it is wonderful to be able to not have to wear pads or have to change messy and smelly tampons.
To those considering getting a mooncup, I say get one, they may be a bit of a learning curve on inserting and removing it, I know I had trouble getting it out without it hurting but once you learn how to do it, it makes a world of difference.

Samantha - 15th October 2013

I have had very heavy periods since my teen years. I go through a box of ultra tampons and a pack of overnight pads every single month. I have day stopping cramps, real physical exhaustion, vicious mood changes. I ruin clothes, sheets, underclothes every single month, no matter what I do it's bad. I bought my Mooncup and it arrived 5 days before my next cycle. I used it last night for the first time and woke up to clean sheets and no leaks. I wore a pad yesterday and today because of the "learning curve" mentioned, but so far there has been no problems. I had to trim the stem, but other than that I have no discomfort like I do with tampons. It's not messy. I have only emptied it twice so far. I can't believe I have missed this amazing thing all these years. I love it. I want to tell the world all about it. I have never been so pleased by any product in my life. Thanks y'all. Now if only you can cure my cramps :)

Lindsey - 11th October 2013

THANK YOU!!!! I really struggle with my periods and tampons make me so sore and pads, well I feel like I'm wearing nappies! I saw this advertised and thought, why not! I am 30 and I can't believe I've managed so long without my Mooncup. As soon as I used it, I loved it. I swim a lot and run a lot and before I had to cut down on those activities. Not any more! I feel so free and comfortable. Every woman needs to know and try the Mooncup. Thank you so very much!!!!

Beth - 10th October 2013

Mooncup is amazing! I have been using both tampons and pads but neither of them have been quite right. I'm fourteen and have had my period for a little over a year. I was always afraid of leakage and smells and such and always dreaded periods. But now I barely notice! Insertion was a bit tricky at first but now it's very easy. I would definitely recommend the Mooncup even if you haven't had your period for very long. It is very convenient as you can keep it in for far longer than either tampons or pads. Changing it whilst out can be a little messy but isn't really a problem. All in all I would give it a five out of five! By far the best sanitary product. :)

Lily - 8th October 2013

Mooncups are fabulous! I started using one after seeing them advertised at a festival. I honestly will never go back. I love that it is a more eco choice, but it is also so much more convenient than tampons. I used to find tampons extremely drying and often painful, but there is none of that with a mooncup. It did take a couple of periods to get used to it, so don't be put off if it initially feels a bit strange! They are definitely worth sticking with.

Charlotte - 6th October 2013

Mooncup changed my life. I've been using it for a year now. It's so sad not having found out about it before, but it's so nice to be finally enjoying it now. I now forget I'm on my periods, can go to the beach, can take dance classes easily and can sport those new white trousers any day. AND it's all good for the planet!

Coral - 1st October 2013

I have now been using mooncup for 2 whole months, and although a couple of times have been tempted to go back to tampons ( only because I've struggled a couple of times with removal) I will never go back a, I suffer from endometriosis and pco and the moon cup is ideal for reporting menstral flow to doctors, I do lose a lot more than normal, but still have no problem with leakage, I used to have to wear both tampons and towels, now it's just a small cup I am loving it I don't dread my period as much as I used too, I've been trying to convert friends and family, but have yet to convince them, they really don't know what they are missing, I will eventually get the hang of easy removal , and no more Texas chainsaw massacre moments ( I exaggerate a teeny tiny bit)

Ebonny - 30th September 2013

I have had my mooncup for about 6 years. My sister threw me a new one and said "try this." I did. I started using it on days when I was at home to get used to it. Then on days when I would not have to empty it during the day (sorry but I had a large stock of tampons to get rid of). Now if I am out and about I am very naughty and use the disabled toilet if I have to empty it as there is normally a sink handy to wash it in and space to squat. I've never found a disabled person waiting outside for me to finish. I also do karate (white trousers!) and find it very handy if I am expecting my period so I don't leak should my period start during training. It has saved me on quite a few occasions. The only time I had problems with this was when I was using a tampon. Everything mooncup claims is good is all true. I will never go back to any other method - even when I had a knee injury and found it hard to squat I refused to use any other method.

Annie - 26th September 2013

So many years wasting my
time with tampons...
To the creator of the mooncup...
You can die knowing you have
Left a world a better place than you found it
Thank you...

Sepatron - 25th September 2013

I have been using Mooncup for 4 years now and I cant live without it! I used to get terrible leaking with tampons and hated the feel of wearing a pad and how expensive the good quality pads and tampons were. I paid £19.99 all that time ago and have saved over £100 by not buying all the other products. Like others have said, it's perfect for long journeys or even things like nights out. I swim quite a lot and HATE the idea of a tampon string being seen out my bathing suit, thankfully I no longer have that paranoia. Money can't buy that sort of reassurance and peace of mind?.....actually it can!!!

Lucy - 24th September 2013

Good god, what can I say that hasn't already been said?! I spotted Mooncup posters and leaflets way back in 2005 at Glastonbury festival (I think!) I immediately just knew it was right! 'Why have I never heard of this!? This looks perfect!' However, my bf at the time said something like 'eeew that's proper disgusting!' and promptly put me off investing. (Shame on me!) However, I never forgot about it and would often try to remind myself to search for one every now and again. My periods were getting more painful and heavier as the years passed and like others, I juggled a routine of tampons, pads and both, and towels in the bed at night, just to get through. Yuck! It is this year, 2013, that I finally remembered about the Mooncup. It came up in conversation between me and my lovely fella when I was having a particularly bad period and he was filling a hot water bottle for me at some ungodly hour. He is very open and we were talking about products. I was telling him how useless they all are but then, I wouldn't really know for sure as I think all girls just use the same brands their mums did. I definitely did. He was saying something like 'but there's loads isn't there? I wonder if they feel different?' when I remembered about the Mooncup advert. I told him about it. Infact we got straight out of bed and I googled it, immediately finding the Tampons vs Mooncup youtube video. I knew I wanted to try it! So that following weekend he drove me the one hour trip to the 'big city' (we were living out in Connemara in Ireland at the time) to visit the Boots. Bingo! I found myself willing my period to be early so I could take it for a test drive! During the month wait, I practiced putting it in and removing it, just so I wouldn't be horrifically under qualified when it was 'go time!' My first period with it was a half success. I got it spot on the first day and night and then had a leaky/tweaky one the following day. I wore a pad for a break after getting a bit frustrated with myself but resolved to calm down and try again upon waking. Since that first one, I have nailed it. And I will never, ever, ever go back. It pays for itself on long journeys. We drove to Northern Ireland for a weekend away and I could tell I was going to come on. Pop in your mooncup in the morning and worry not one jot for the rest of the journey! The pocket in my handbag reserved for 'spares and just incases' is free for sweets! My bathroom windowsill/bedroom drawer/other hidey holes are vacant and useful. I love not needing any other product. One tiny Mooncup in my bedroom drawer is all I need. I love putting it in on the day I know it's due, and just relaxing because I'm covered! Not waiting for the spots or leaks! It's pre-emptive protection! I couldn't love a product more and I have told EVERYONE. I put it all over facebook too! And consequently spawned two more converts! That upset the TMI Police I can tell you but I don't care! It's made my period shorter too! All the heavy stuff is over and done with in 2 days, and the rest is easy. I can't feel it when it's in and if I can, then I'll re-jig until it's right. I have had about 5 periods since and they've been so much easier to live with. It is so, so worth it for that.

Dani - 19th September 2013

This has been a total revelation! I had an episiotomy when I was giving birth to my daughter a year ago and ever since had found tampons so uncomfortable - they would shift down and press on the scar giving me a sharp pain and a feeling of 'heaviness' in my pelvis. Agony! I decided to try a mooncup as an alternative, and I couldn't be happier. Not only is it more comfortable to insert and remove than tampons were, it stays put and doesn't irritate my scar at all. It's so comfortable and hassle free - I will be spreading the word with other mums who have had episiotomies. Looking forward to saving cash on sanitary products as well as they're a rip off!

Hannah - 19th September 2013

Thank you!! I went out on a limb and bought a moon cup because I have a light flow right now and tampons would hurt to take out and make me all dry. Your product is like magic, it's painless, I can't feel it, I'm not self conscious or aware of it. It's made my period a much happier time of the month, shame it doesn't cure my mood swings though. But seriously I would recommend this to anyone who will listen, I told my cousin about it today, a friend yesterday. And I've only been using it for 2 days Thank you MoonCup!

Steph - 11th September 2013

I heard out about mooncup around 3 years ago and was interested, but was unsure about getting one, mainly because it was different and I didn't know anyone else who used one - I finally ordered mine about 3 months ago and my only regret is that I didn't get it sooner. I am now an extremely happy convert and am on a mission to get all my friends and family to use one too. It is so much cleaner and nicer to use than tampons or towels and I really notice the difference as it does not dry me out like tampons did (which were also sometimes sore to remove). Mooncup is really easy to insert and remove and feels really comfortable. I recently used mine during a week long camping and road trip and it was great. The environmental benefits are big too, I didn't realise how much waste I got through each month before I started using mooncup, it's quite staggering really. It's also much nicer not having to take a bag or purse full of sanitary ware into the loo with you at friends houses or remember to have your stash of tampons with you on a night out, you don't need anything - it's already with you :) I have never ever written a testimonial for a product before but I really felt compelled to as mooncup has made such a positive impact on my life, Thank you!!

Tracy - 10th September 2013

Thankyou mooncup! I am 13 and always had light flow- then on the day I went on holiday my periods got so heavy that I was changing super tampons every hour and half. I got sick of it and looked online for a alternative. Sooo glad I did! I love my mooncup now and can go throught a full day of school with no worries whatsoever. I have tried telling my friends and hope that someday I will convince them to try one too. I still have heavy periods but no longer worry. I am pleased that I found the mooncup so soon. Thankyou again and good luck to all new mooncupers! =)

Lissie - 9th September 2013

A friend of mine told me about Mooncup and then not a week later, Erika Moen did a page explaining (and giving really helpful hints) about it. It is my first day and I love it! It is so comfortable, and I have had no leakage. I worked out, took a nap, and sat at the computer for a bit with no leakage! So far, best 30 bucks (american here) ive spent all year!

Beth - 7th September 2013

At almost 39 I wish I'd known about Mooncup YEARS ago. Having 2 heavy periods a month I spent a fortune on tampons; and leaked and felt like I smelled all the time. Thankfully, with Mooncup, I no longer fear staining seats etc.

Lou - 31st August 2013

The mooncup has been completely amazing and changed my life for the better. I am 16 years old and having started my period at 14 my mum was skeptical about whether I would be able to use it. I was desperately looking for solutions for periods on Duke of Edinburgh so I bought the size B and despite initial problems with insertion and removal, I have proved my mum wrong. I recently used it on a watersports holiday, saving me from the problems of soggy tampons that need to be changed regularly. I also no longer have to use sanitary towels at night we keeps everything cleaner. My advice to anyone my age considering buying the moon cup is to do so. However you will need to be comfortable with your body and willing to persist through some pain at the start (at least this is what I found). The best tips I picked up where keeping your jaw slack when inserting as this relaxes the vaginal muscles, starting off by squatting in the shower and ultimately just being confident and determined about it. It's ecological, cheaper, cleaner, lasts longer and has no bad odour! It's been great for me as I have irregular periods and don't know when they are coming. Using the Mooncup has been such a freeing experience and I hope to never go back to tampons. Thank you Mooncup

Mary - 31st August 2013

LOVE IT!!! I live in the land down under and had only recently learned of moon cups. Ill admit the idea completely grossed me out but after much thought i purchased one online during my last period, it arrived just before i was throwing a cocktail party, where i asked had anyone heard of a moon cup and i was suprised as they had so out my brand new unused one came, much to the disgust of my younger cousin who was completely grotted out! One of my mates has purchased and another is waiting on our reviews. So here is mine: its day 2, i love it and although yesterday with a heavy aunt flo i had a bit of a messy time getting my MC in and out its brilliant i dont even feel it in there which at one point had me worrying id be leaking but no, no leaks and lots of comfort!!!! If your debating about whether or not to purchase do it and just try it out in the shower if your worried about mess, best part is no blood all over your towel as you can get in shower remove, clean, re insert, get out and not have to worry about dripping on the floor or remembering to take clean undies in for a pad then doing the mad dash to your room before you kids ask whats that thread mum??? Im 29 have two kids and have now a new appreciation for my won body which i finaly feel im respecting, So thankyou to MoonCup for making such a crappy week be not that crappy afterall!

Mandy - 29th August 2013

I have found out about this product by chance, read a lot about it and then decided to buy and try it. OMG! This should be part of the 'education' we give to all young girls when we explain to them the options that they can choose when menstruating. In comparison to all the conventional pads and tampons, there is no way i am going back after just one trial. I feel more comfortable, have less of a worry about leaking and there is just not a chance I can ever again use a bleach containing product that is actually not good for your body... I even reckon the pain is lessened by the fact that there is just so much less stress with the whole process of being on your period. normally I would have to take a tablet straight away, and then again the second day, but the I am now half way through the second day and have not had to take a tablet yet this month.... Yes there is pain, I am not claiming that this miracle have eliminated that, but I seem to manage it a lot better as I feel relaxed and confident about cleanliness and freshness.. Very good product and comes highly recommended!!!!! I for one will tell everyone I know about it as there is just no need to suffer!!!! Yes you pay about £20 in shops (less online i presume) but what once in a number of years compare to whatever you currently spend every month? I SAY GO FOR IT! Give it a try, and see how you feel!!!!!!

Mrs K C - 25th August 2013

After reading so many good reviews online about the Mooncup, I had to try it. I got so sick of using pads and feeling horrible every month. I hated tampons, they were just not my thing... What was there to lose? The first time I tried it, I admit, it was uncomfortable inserting it and the suction once the cup pops is very strange. Once the Mooncup was inserted, I couldn't feel a thing. So comfortable, I almost forgot I was using it! I did have some problems initially with the cup not wanting to pop open and I had some difficulty finding solutions online for this, but I found that pinching the base/side of the cup that the fold is on, for a few seconds, works. Thanks to the Mooncup, I can wear any clothes or underwear I want - no GRANNY PANTS at that time of the month! Woohoo! I would urge any girl to at least TRY the Mooncup. It's much cleaner than pads and much more comfortable than tampons. I wish I had found this option years ago!!

Caroline - 24th August 2013

I had planned a fun day out on the lake with my friends. My monthly had just started the evening before. It would only be my second time with the Cup, so I was worried about cramps and leakage during those intense 5-6 hours out on the water; particularly since I was still learning to use my Mooncup properly.
However, I was pleasantly surprised. In a full day of intense exercise: rock-climbing, swimming, and cliff-diving the mooncup did not fail me in any way. I had a great time out boating on the lake with friends, sans unpleasant reminders of my Monthly.
I could easily minimise cramps with moderate physical activity-- no discomfort during swimming whatsoever, and more importantly no leakage.
Oh, and the next day I went zip-lining and hiking in the mountains for 3 hours, too!
I am so relieved I no longer need to avoid and cancel trips like these simply because of my time of the month. This is why although I was initially worried about the effectiveness of the Mooncup, today I am completely convinced that it is the right choice for me.

Agnes - 24th August 2013

I love Love LOVE my Mooncup! I thought about using one for years and finally took the plunge and am so glad I did. Inserting wasn't a problem for me; I found removing it more difficult. However using petroleum jelly on your fingers when removing and really breaking the seal first to get it into the shape you need to remove it I find the best way. And cleaning with bicarb really does remove some of the staining. The Mooncup nurses were great too for advice - why the hell the whole world isn't using one I just don't know.

The Venerable Mrs A - 19th August 2013

I brought my mooncup after I realised that tampons were making my cramps worse, and out of a hatred of pads. So, so much more comfortable than tampons or pads. No smell, no dangling pee string, no bulge in the nickers. It's great! It takes a few tries to work out the best way to insert it, and removing it the first time was tricky, don't panic! Just keep trying until you find a good method. Try googling different folds, I found the one in the instructions difficult. Also put on some music, it will help you relax and will cover the comical squelching sounds. I did find that I had to trim the stem about 2cm, as the stem would irritate me. Give it a shot!

Jess - 18th August 2013

I first found out about the mooncup on youtube... and to be honest, I thought of it being pretty unpleasant to use. But the thought of never having to buy a disposable sanitary product seriously made me want one! And now that I'm using it, it is not unpleasant at all and wish I knew about this sooner! I can go through my periods without worrying at all, plus I know I'm doing good for the environment and my pocket which makes this an awesome product!

Bee - 17th August 2013

Wow.. that's all I can say! I'm in my late teens and honestly, I had my reservations about buying the Mooncup. What if it got stuck? What if it was uncomfortable? Surely it would be more popular if it were that good, right? NOT the case! It's great. I just bought it today - popped into my local boots and 10 hours later, I'm already converted. Ok, so I'm still getting used to it. I haven't cut any of the stem off as I'm slightly nervous about doing so, but I'm sure I'll build up confidence soon enough. I'm not worried at all about leaking at night, which was always my biggest worry before. I'd recommend for every woman to try this product out. It just might change your life!

Elizabeth - 14th August 2013

It's my first day of use today. Tip for the woman out there I out it in while in the bath so I could relax and not worry about mess even though there was non. My cousin told me about the mooncup I'm all for saving money in the long run and I was at a point I would try anything to feel comfy during my period. I had the contraceptive implant for 3 years had a baby and I've just recently took it out again to try for baby number 2 befor the implant I used tampons but while on the implant I had no periods so when taking it out getting used to tampons again was hard and somtimes painfull so went back to pads even though I hated them and they made me feel icky. So I'm extremely happy about the mooncup as soon as I trimmed it to the size I needed it and put it in I new the money was worth it i can't believe it took me till the age of 25 to hear about it I'm going to tell all my girls :D

Nicola - 14th August 2013

I absolutely love my Mooncup; it's made periods so much more easy, cheap and comfortable. It's easy to insert, I feel clean when I use it, because it is simply easy to clean, and it does the job! I intend never to use a tampon or sanitary towel ever again.

helena - 11th August 2013

I'm 14 years old and have one my period for one year, and my Mooncup for one month! I got the Mooncup after constantly leaking tampons, unhygienic pads, and just getting fed up with it all. I was grossed out when I first read about it - a disposable tampon?! Ew! But after much deliberation, I decided to give it a try. It arrived one day before my period, where the first few days are super heavy, and the last two are very light, causing problems. I got it in on the third go, and put a pad on for protection. After about an hour, I felt the familiar leaking feeling, so I dashed to the toilet expecting a huge mess - nothing! It was slightly painful to remove, but i'm sure this will ease up over time. This is a amazing product, and I just wish more people my age were told about it. I love my Mooncup!

Caitlin - 7th August 2013

Dear Lord, the heavens have blessed us. Get this, I started using my mooncup when I was 12. If i can then you can too. You can buy it from Boots which was most convenient for me and the people at Mooncup are so lovely and sent me a free cotton bag to store my mooncup in when I had lost the original one that came with the mooncup itself. Really, the mooncup is probably the best menstrual cup out there and I think it would be better for all woman compared to the divacup as they are stiffer, longer and just in general, a trickier customer. However mooncups are flexible, squishy and relatively small yet they contain alot. You can do so much with a mooncup and this helps especially if you do exercize often or swimming etc. I am so happy I found the mooncup and now I am converting all those around me. Please, all women reading this, get it. I mean the first time using this I was scared as hell, I didn't even knew where it goes but mooncups help you to get comfortable with your womanliness and over time, you get more familiar with everything and you wont even have to think about it. Also, if your parents dont agree with you using it, show them all the benefits to them and if its to do with hymen breakage, tell them many have already had theirs partially worn away by strenuous sports. I just hope all women convert to mooncups, I am so glad I tried the mooncup. I dont even have to worry about periods like other girls my age do now and I dont have to faff around with ridiculous tampons and all the health risks they impose.

Kim - 6th August 2013

I first saw Mooncups on the shelf at Boots when shopping with a friend, we both looked curiously at it, then decided it was far too big to fit "in there" and was quite scary. Fast forward a few years and I was reading through some travel blogs where one lady swore by her Mooncup, stating how amazing it was. I scoured the testimonials on the website and decided to give it a go. How I wish I had picked one up when I first saw them! I was hooked after the first month so promptly bought my friend one. To say she was a little surprised with my wonderful gift is a massive understatement, but, she too got hooked and has already converted a few of her friends. I have been singing the praises of Mooncups now for 9 months, I will never go back to tampons, the smell and that horrid swollen feeling I used to get "down there" every month. I love feeling clean, comfortable, (and very smug each time I walk past the tampax aisle in Tesco). I have been deploying stickers on toilet doors and handing out leaflets to anybody that will listen. A few of my work mates (and my sister) are getting a bit sick of my constant advertising, but I won't give up until they are all converted!!

Vicky - 3rd August 2013

Just bought my mooncup today after a lot of reading up on the net, I have awful trouble with tampons and hate towels so I though it can't be any worse than the monthly struggles I suffer... I got home and tried it straight away and I have to say I'm just totally amazed! I thought I'd leak until I got the hang of it, but not a single drop! I jumped around, as I cycle and swim I needed to be sure it was secure, and I didn't even know it was there. I'm almost at the end of this period, but I'm actually looking forward to nxt month when I can really feel liberated and get on with my life without worries or sore lady parts from bleached uncomfortable towels or awful leaks from tampons. I wish this was advertised more openly and that I'd discovered it 20 years ago when I first started my periods. Thankyou mooncup!!

Mel - 1st August 2013

When I first started my period I remember putting on a pad for the first time and being disgusted because it felt like I was wearing a nappy. So I moved to tampons and suffered the monthly ritual of trying to guesstimate how many millimetres of flow I produced in 4-8 hours, living in fear in case I misjudged and ended up with stained knickers or TSS. Earlier this week I decided to buy a Mooncup. After just 2 days I feel truly clean, comfortable and normal whilst on my period. Thank you Mooncup for liberating me.

Jess - 1st August 2013

When I first looked into menstrual cups, all I could find were (to me) weirdo hippies going on about being more in touch with the Moon and using the blood to fertilize their houseplants. NO thank you! But then I met some "normal" people who used them and figured I'd try it. I've spent more on dumb experiments than this, how bad could it be? Well, I've been using mine for a year and a half (ish) and I can't imagine going back. I dread when my period comes unexpectedly and I have to use a pad or tampon for a few hours. I didn't think I'd be that person to preach Mooncups to the masses, but everything they say about these things is true! It never leaks, so I can wear my normal underwear (hallelujah!), I only have to check it in the morning and before bed, it's a one-time purchase that pays itself off in a couple months ... yeah, I'm a crazy Mooncup lover! Try it. Seriously, do it. Even if you've tried the disposable cups and didn't like them, get a Mooncup. Save the environment, save some money, get to wear your favorite undies, whatever you want. Just try it.

Rachel K - 30th July 2013

I have had my mooncup for nine years now and sadly today I let it boil dry while sterilising it :( so am ordering a replacement. Over the last nine years I have saved so much money on sanitary wear, my periods are lighter and much easier to deal with. Before using the mooncup I was wearing two heavy duty towels at once and had to change several times a night. I have never once had a leak from my mooncup, my cramps are reduced too and I don't know why but my period doesn't seem to last as long either. I would urge anyone to give a mooncup a try, what have you got to loose?

Kim - 29th July 2013

I came across this whilst talking to other women about cloth diapering, of all things. I was using reusable nappies and wipes on my son and started to use cloth panty liners too, while waiting for my periods to return after having a baby. They have, finally, but as I have a contraceptive implant they are still very light. I was a tampon fan before getting pregnant, but due to the lightness of my periods they were a no no. I bought a mooncup and got on with it straight away. It is so much more comfortable than tampons and hasn't leaked once so far. Love it and I plan to never buy any disposable sanitary-wear again.

Kimberley - 29th July 2013

Just finished my first period with the mooncup and I can't believe how much of a difference it made! I always find that that time of the month makes me feel really grotty, wearing pads or even using tampons I never feel clean and I am always paranoid about leaking and odours. However, with the mooncup I didn't have to worry about any of that at all, I didn't even feel like I was in my period. It was a bit awkward to get in and out the first couple of times but by the third day I nailed the technique and was able to do it almost as quickly as it would have taken to change a tampon. I wish that I had heard about this sooner and I will definitely be recommending it to all my friends. The mooncup is brilliant!

Jackie - 27th July 2013

I recently bought myself a mooncup as although I'm 18, I've not got into a regular period yet, they can be very unpredictable and sometimes I can be really heavy and sometimes really light, so I found myself stocking up on every absorbancy tampons and spending ridiculous amounts of money, I am also going away soon and won't be able to purchase any supplies whilst away, I don't know whether I'll be on due to their unpredictability so would find myself taking about 4 boxes of tampons just in case! in the end I took the gamble and went for a mooncup, it took quite a bit of fiddling to get the hang of it but after some practice I'm finally getting the hang of it, I don't think I'll ever go back to the inconvenience of tampons!!

Emma - 25th July 2013

What they say about the learning curve with the Mooncup is definitely true. At first I tried practising inserting and removing the it before I got my period in hopes that I might learn to use it properly-- wrong move. The experience was extraordinarily painful and got me nowhere. However, I got my period today and decided to give the cup another go; what I can say about it so far is it takes me a while to remove it properly, but it is very comfortable once it's in and the feeling of dryness keeps me optimistic that after today I'll be able to gradually ease into this new routine. It definitely takes getting used to, though, and at first I didn't think it was for me since the amount of pain I felt during removal was discouraging. What helped was the fact that the pain was only temporary; all I had to do was wait a while until the feeling subsided, then try again. I will keep trying because I know my money was well-spent, this feeling of absolute dryness and comfort is irreplaceable.

Agnes - 23rd July 2013

My sister had told me about the moon cup a couple of years ago, I was a tampon user and thought it sounded really grim! Then my periods changed and tampons became a problem, I needed something new and refused to go back to pads. So my period came and I popped to boots, tried it straight away, I didn't like it at all. I didn't use it again that period. Since then I've tried again (in the shower which made practicing inserting and removing a lot easier) and now I love it! Stem trimmed off made it more comfortable for me and I'm ready for my summer garden pool without worry or having to sit by the side being jealous. Money saving, time saving and better for the environment.... This needs to be told about to young girls in sex ed! Well done mooncup :)

Danni - 19th July 2013

I HATE HATE HATE THE MOONCUP.... FOR NOT COMING TO ME BEFORE NOW!!!!! getting a mooncup is the best decision you will ever make in your entire life. simple as. i'm 14 and have really irregular periods, sometimes wickedly heavy that I cant walk and sometimes so light that i don't notice them! i got the mooncup at a really heavy time and I love that i can leave it in for the whole school day even at my heaviest!!! it's perfect because it does all days! school trip in 2 days and I am ready for mother nature if it comes! i'm preaching to the world! why don't they give out these in 3rd world countries instead of stupid tampons????? LOVE YOU MOONCUP

Emmy - 16th July 2013

At work we were talking about Mooncups and it turned out that 3 of my colleagues were total converts. I've known about it a while while but their utter conviction at its benefits finally persuaded me - and I don't regret it! I've always had a terrible time on my period, this is my second cycle with my MC and I cannot recommend it enough - it works wonders.

Rebecca - 16th July 2013

I was initially tempted by a mooncup because of their eco-friendly benefits, but I resisted for a couple of years as I've always found tampons pretty uncomfortable and figured the cup would be no different. I've had mine for 6 months now and I am COMPLETELY converted. The first month I used it, the mooncup was a bit awkward to get in and getting it out again was unpleasant, but by the end of the week it was absolutely fine and far more comfortable than tampons. My periods are often difficult because they can change from extremely heavy to very light, but the mooncup means I don't need to think about planning ahead nearly as much! Overall a fantastic buy. I just hope mooncup can expand on their advertising so more people can hear about a much more environmentally friendly and comfortable option!

Fiona - 16th July 2013

I used to live in brighton, so have known about the mooncup for years, I was always a bit put off by the hippy sounding name! Since having children I have found tampons a real nuisance, and didn't quite trust the moon up would work. I spoke to the lady on the stall at Glastonbury this year, and still wasn't convinced enough...until this morning, 2nd day of this months period I had enough and went into town to give the mooncup a try...I used it straight away, and although it feels different to tampons, already it is just SO much better, I am genuinely excited by the thought of never using tampons again!!!

Ruth - 15th July 2013

I purchased my MCUK ten years ago. TEN. YEARS. AGO. The first time I used it (ten years ago!), I had a rough start. As a wee 20 year old, it made me nervous to be that in touch with my body, and so I remember I put it away for a month or so. After using tampons/pads/liners the next period, decided I would give the cup one more chance. I've never gone back. For ten years I have not used a single tampon, pad, or liner, and only recently have I ever had any leaking issues. Honestly I think the reason why I have had a leaking issue with just this period could be due to a change in my flow after going off the pill after almost 12 years (hooray for IUDs!), but also likely because nothing lasts forever and I am likely due for a new cup. I'll likely get a new one and retire my old one before my next period, but I'd say it had a darn good run! Also, I had a copper IUD inserted three months ago (the Paragard in the US), and I haven't had any discomfort from suction when using or removing my mooncup for my last three periods with the IUD. I just wanted to mention that because I have seen some women asking about that online. I believe some say it is not recommended because people fear it could pull an IUD out of place, but (so far) I have not even felt any weirdness relating to it (and after feeling the IUD being inserted, I know EXACTLY what kind of pain to expect if that sucker tried to come back out again). Lastly, I just went on a 15 mile canoe trip down a river last weekend and didn't have to worry about changing a tampon. You really need to get in on this because ADVENTURE AWAITS!

Rachel - 14th July 2013

What more can I say than Thank you! I hate tampons, especially at the very start and end if a period, there really is nothing worse than the feeling of removing a dry tampon. Pads are no better with the uncomfortable, damp feeling and the paranoia of 'do I smell?' I discovered the mooncup a few years ago, bought one, tried it a couple if times and didn't really keep at it as I was convinced I'd 'loose' it. Then a few months ago I realised I was using a minimum of 2 large boxes of tampons every month! So I rummaged in the back of the bathroom cabinet. I'm so glad I did. No discomfort, no smell, no dryness and best of all no pain! Since using the mooncup for the whole length of my period (which can last 10 days) I've had no cramps at all. So once again thank you!

Charlotte - 11th July 2013

I have to say that I'm so glad I found this product when I did because I was really beginning to get irritated with tampons completely drying me out and pads being so uncomfortable and smelly! The mooncup is an honest joy to use - I've only used it for one of my periods so far and I can honestly say I will not be turning back! There's a slight learning curve to begin with (though, frankly, not as much as I'd initially thought). I tested it out before I started my period for that month so that I could get the hang of taking it in and out whilst it wasn't messy - and I think that's probably why I remained mess-free all week when I finally got to have it for real. My pants have been completely stain free (hoorah!), I haven't had to fork out to buy any more expensive sanitary products, the mooncup doesn't dry me out the same way that tampons do & I've been entirely comfortable and at ease using it. I so strongly recommend it, every if you're nervous about it - it's the best thing you will ever do for your monthly visitor! 100%!

Rachel - 11th July 2013

at 47 and suffering a couple of miserable months with very heavy periods i went to the doctors for help, i was given a prescription to stop the bleeding,while reading up on what i had been prescribed i stumbled across the mooncup i went and got one this morning and have to say its the best thing ever,i had no problem inserting it,it does not leak, i dont know its there unless i sneeze,did not feel it when i coughed unlike a tampon, iam just so pleased with it so far and its only the first day ,today is the first day i have left the house since friday for any length of time without a change of underwear and a handbag full of pads and tampons,i cannot believe no one has ever mentioned them to me but you can be sure i will be telling my family and friends about it .Its just so nice to go out and feel safe and comfortable what a lovely day .

dizzy do - 9th July 2013

I honestly think this is the best thing that has been designed for women, ever! This is period three using it and absolutely NO issues with leakage etc...is fantastic. So much better than towels or tampons both used to be so drying that they were making me VERY sore....well...no more!! Brilliant!! Please please advertise more as I wish I'd known about this years ago as would have avoided years of discomfort. Now it goes in and I forget that it's there!! I've been telling everyone about it!! Great product

Jules - 7th July 2013

I bought a mooncup last week after about 2 and a half years of discovering them and umming and ahhing. I am truly converted just one tiny issue I can't get mine out. I've tried all the advice except the first thing which was cut the stem after you've tried the cup. I cut most of the stem off and it's no use I can't get it out. I hated tampons as I could feel them all the time no matter how far I put them but this cup was extraordinary, I imagined being able to feel the cup every second but no such discomfort. There's no advisers available at the weekend so I'm a little worried about how on earth I'm gonna get this thing out. I know it can take a little while to get used to the removal but I'm starting to think maybe I should just let it live up there if that's what it has decided upon, who am I to question the mooncups choice?

Layla -

I just wanted to say thank you. Silly me for being 44 and not trying a Mooncup sooner. My periods have always been on the heavy side, literally flooding through tampons in under an hour on the first two days. No more... The Mooncup is genius! I even ran 11 miles on my heaviest day and no leaking. I don't seem to have the lumps I had before and no more horrible dryness. This months period was almost like not having a period, I'm definitely converted. I'm a mother of two girls, one is 10yrs old and growing fast. Am hoping in a few years time when she's ready, she'll choose to use a Mooncup too.

Rebekah - 6th July 2013

I started to realise just how much non-biodegradable waste my use of sanitary products was creating and wanted to find something greener. I can't believe more women aren't using a Mooncup - it's far less hassle than any other product and takes away the eco-guilt and expense of sanitary products. It's also ideal for when I am somewhere that doesn't have a bin in the loos to get rid of a sanitary towel. Absolutely amazing.

MJ - 23rd June 2013

This is the most greatest invention of our generation. I started using moon cup nearly 3 years ago and wish that I had started it many years before. It's comfortable, hygienic, ecofriendly and purse friendly. I swapped to it after having gynae surgery and could not go back to tampons and I have never looked back periods lighter and the biggest difference is cramps much reduced!! Two bits of advice as when u first get one it it can be so easy to get frustrated but trust me persevere! 1-buy a very soft toothbrush and when I need to clean it I put in Milton then brush softly to remove stains etc. And 2- believe it or not have short fingernails as it makes it myth easier to insert and remove-!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Ash - 21st June 2013

I ordered my mooncup in a fit of hormonal impulsiveness on the first day of my period, and it was here in 3 days! I cannot believe I did not know about this amazing device before; if any of you ladies are undecided about it, invest the money and give it a try. I personally will not be looking back, can't wait to clear out my bathroom cupboard of all the space consuming tampons and pads.....

Emily - 21st June 2013

I ordered my very first Mooncup (via Amazon) a few weeks ago and had the chance to put it to the test when my period began today. After just a few hours I am completely converted. I cannot even begin to express how happy I am that this product exists, and that I never have to fiddle with pads or tampons ever again. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to inserting/removing the cup but I got the hang of it fairly quickly. A great product that I will definitely be recommending to others.

natalie - 19th June 2013

Day 1 The collection device arrived and having watched and read a number of instruction techniques the mission was all systems go. Supporting equipment spread and lowered attempts resulted in "tail reduction" Day 2 Mission aborted due to slippage Day 3 New attempt at launch seems successful in first moments of flight. NASA scientist to continue with mission, it seems all systems go. Day 4 The day started with the extraction, a surprisingly deep retrieval aided by the collaborative approach by the other chute. A new adventure began after deep cleaning equipment and surrounding launch platform. Take off was amateur but the shuttle is now in space. stay tuned ......

New2blogs - 16th June 2013

I hate my period I hate tampons I hate towels I LOVE mooncup!! I bought it today and it's the best 22 quidI have ever spent! I LOVE this so much I called a friend and told her about it she is buying one tomorrow ! Thank you I LOVE this x

n.fillery - 15th June 2013

I've been using my cup for several months now, and I'm in love with it. For me, it's much more comfortable than tampons, and it's much more cleaner than using pads. I was so excited (and proud!) to first use it, and I've never really had any problems. At first I was scared of leaks so I used pads with it, but I had nothing to worry about - there were no leaks! I've used it at work, the gym, on a bike, and whilst sleeping and I've never had any issues. I really wish I was taught about cups when I was growing up, rather than having to chance upon them myself. Despite that, I'm really glad that I did find mooncup when I did. I feel so much more comfortable with myself and my cycle now and that in itself is worth more than the price of one cup. Thanks mooncup!

Lauren - 11th June 2013

Hi, I just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know how in just one week Mooncup has changed my life as an active female. I've always had very heavy flows, resorting to costly overnight pads just to make it through a couple of hours. As we all know, feminine hygiene is in no way cheap, and it definitely adds up over time :( . Aside from the obvious fact that these are earth friendly and body friendly, I just wanted to say that I cramp far less now and don't fear leaks! With the low set insertion, it's easy and comfortable to use the mooncup. Tampons were always very uncomfortable, because I dry out easily and they aren't effective on clots. With mooncup, I'm now free to go about my life without interruption or having to use birth control as a management system! If you're skeptical on the comfort, don't worry. I'll admit, the first few insertions were difficult, figuring out how I was comfortable getting it in. But I found my position and haven't felt it since! (Sometimes it makes me double guess if I even put it in! But the lack of mess is kind of an obvious clue haha) I look forward to many years of being care-free and uninhibited by my periods. Thank you Mooncup, for being everything you claim to be and more! Sincerely, a very grateful customer. <3 :)

Rachael - 10th June 2013

The mooncup is absolutely amazing! I've had mine about a year and a half, and have convinced several friends to get them. Environmentally-friendly, convenient, comfortable, economical-- I even forget I have my period when I'm using my mooncup. It has honestly changed my life and I tell that to all of my female friends. I wish you advertised more in the U.S. so more people could laugh at tampon ads the way I do now!

Ale - 8th June 2013

I saw a mooncup link shared on facebook a couple of years ago and remember thinking it was a bit gross, but it must have stuck in my mind because I recently bought one. Having to carry a nappy bag around with me all the time since having babies, it's nice to have one less thing to remember to pack. It only took me one afternoon to get used to it, gradually trimming the stem away and now it's completely comfortable. More people should know about the mooncup, the only obvious choices are tampons and sanitary towels. It's worth sharing the knowledge, even if people are a bit grossed out at first, because they might come around to it in the end like I did.

Hannah - 6th June 2013

The first time I tried putting in the Moon Cup was a bit awkward and slightly shocking... The cup seemed so big! But now that I've gotten the hang of it, I love it! The Moon Cup is easily the 2nd best thing I've ever put in my vagina. :)

Victoria - 31st May 2013

As an extremely active individual (skydiver, snowboarder, sailor, camper, hiker, etc.) I was always finding myself very limited around my menstrual cycle times, always being forced to drag around boxes of tampons everywhere I went. Sometimes, if I wasn't prepared, I'd be stuck out miles away from shore with only my brother on our boat, or up on top of a mountain in the snow, and not have a single tampon on me. Plus, having severely heavy periods on a very irregular basis made my menstruation incredibly difficult to deal with (not to mention the literally crippling pain associated with a flow as heavy as mine is). Also, being a very eco-conscious person has made me feel even worse about using disposable tampons so frequently. On a suggestion from a friend, I decided to look into alternative sanitary protection, and I was just so blown away by all of the glowing reviews about the mooncup that I had to give it a go. I just experienced my first period with the mooncup, and I am a complete convert. I also just went sailing with my brother and had zero problems with leakage, pain, and unpreparedness. I'm relieved to be free from the 'tampon curse' and will never, ever go back. I realize how awful tampons are now, as I would endure extreme vaginal swelling, pain, and irritation from constant usage. Even worse, because of their constant leakage, I would have to wear 'period panties,' or panties that were badly stained from previous periods because of leaky tampons, in order to avoid staining new panties. I didn't even realize how horrible that whole process was until I stopped being forced into it. I found the mooncup very easy to use (even as a beginner) and very comfortable. Incredibly enough, all of my stabbing menstrual pains have vanished completely. Further, I can continue with my active lifestyle uninterrupted and with no pain, no cost, and no environmental impact. Thank you, to all the women behind the mooncup; you have changed my life.

Paula, 19 - 30th May 2013

Love! Why did I not know about this and try it sooner! I will admit that the first try with the mooncup was unsuccessful due to nerves. However, on my second attempt I found insertion easy (I laid on my back first time). I had no trouble with leaks at all. None. Say goodbye to ruining your favourite underpants. I will say that neither the C fold or punch down methods worked for me. I use the triangle fold. Go to youtube for demonstrations on other folds if you are having trouble. I've also found that pinching the bottom of the cup to where it's almost in the C fold for removal helped me as well. The benefits are worth it. I'm also ecstatic that when I return to the US, I'll still be able to order the mooncup under the mcuk name. Thank you so much for changing the lives of women everywhere!

Susan - 29th May 2013

I have been using mine for a year. It is amazing. Safe easy to use and clean. Sometimes I get a little messy with removal and occationally if I don't get up in the middle of the night when I am being lazy but need to empty then of course some leakage is bound to happen. But wow. I would never ever go back. Better for the environment. Better for my pocket. And it is wonderful to only need the one wonderful little mooncup for all your period needs. I actually look forwards to my period. Am no longer phased. And feel that you have answered every prayer I could ask when wanting something to deal with a bleed. Buy one, buy one, buy one!!!

Monica - 24th May 2013

I've been using my mooncup for almost a year now. It took me forever to finally try one, I read loads of reviews, was originally grossed out etc. Trying a mooncup was the best decision I have made in a long time. I have pretty heavy flow and still only have to change it once or twice a day, I'm fine overnight which is the best thing ever- no more uncomfey pads and awkwardly position tissue and NO leaking. Seriously a game changer. Never going back to pads or tampons. Honest points- 1) It takes a while to get used to fitting, wearing and emptying. It took me 3 periods to get used to it completely and the first time did feel kind of weird. 2) Emptying can be a little messy but again, with time I have found a routine to minimise this. Still working on a public bathroom solution, work and home I have sorted. 3) If you are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with blood or your own anatomy down there, it might take more time to get used to. Try getting used to these things first! 4) Sport. I horse ride regularly which was why i used to wear tampons over pads. The mooncup is great for riding, even in cream jods! I do wear a small liner though as on heavy days, using my seat to ride can cause a little leakage. Hope this helps anyone considering trying a mooncup. They save money, time, hassle and leakage. For me it has really changed that time of the month and I can't stop telling my friends! (20yo student, vet nurse and horse rider)

Becky K - 20th May 2013

I cannot believe it took me this long to find the mooncup. I've gone from (un)sanitary pads to tampons and each time felt disgusting during my period. I've been using the mooncup for two cycles now, and I cannot stop talking about it. No more ickiness and no cramps! I don't know how or why my cramps aren't as intense as before but this product is... magic. Handling my period has actually made me feel closer to my body and I'm no longer worried about traveling or running. Thanks to my dad for giving me my magic mooncup :)

Kika - 17th May 2013

Oh my goodness!I bought a mooncup, almost as an experiment, thinking that if I hated it then I could go back to using other sanitary products, but I have completely FALLEN IN LOVE WITH IT! It is SO good, so handy, so portable - I don't have to worry about getting blood on the sheets while I was asleep, or having to be paranoid about leakage! I am SO happy and have already began trying to convert other people I know to the joys of the Mooncup!

Esther - 12th May 2013

When I first heard about Mooncups I was very skeptical, mostly because I didn't think I had any issues with my current monthly practices and a menstrual cup seemed so alien to me. But the more I thought about it, the more appealing it seemed- mostly for environmental reasons. And I'd never say no to saving myself some money! I decided to be open minded and give it a go, and I'm glad I did. By the end of my second period with a Mooncup I felt like a pro and I definitely won't be using tampons again. Now I'm trying to get all my friends to try one too!

Erin - 5th May 2013

Hello! My name is Moa and I'm a seventeen year old girl from sweden. I bought my mooncup last fall and I just want to say thank you with all of my heart for this wonderfull product. I'm so happy with my mooncup that actually I'm longing for my nezxt period some times. The mooncup makes it som mych more fun. I've told all my friends about it, cause I'm so satisfied. Just wanted you to know that. Love, Moa.

Moa - 12th January 2013

Hi, Even though I'm a guy I would just like to say this is a brilliant device. I randomly clicked on a link that sent me here and I then sent the link to a few of my female friends and a couple of weeks later they were all saying it is a MUST HAVE and have recommended it to all of their friends. On another note you could also add that the Mooncup gets rid of the dreaded sending the BF/Husband down to the shops for Pads/Tampons and him getting the wrong ones.

Brendan - 4th March 2013

Holy Gee yes! I heard of menstrual cups two years ago. I talked about it with my best friend but the idea of something "new" was like no way to her. So I forgot about it. Well just last month my sister clogged my aunts toilet with her tampons and they had to clean out the whole system. HOW EMBARRASSING. I never wanted that to happen to me, or her (again.) My grandpa (eek) asked me if I was flushing mine down the toilet too. I just said "No!" but in reality it was "Yes!" I don't want to leave my dirty ones in the garbage (EW) So I was looking for different ways, And the menstrual cup came to mind! I decided why not, I couldn't find any in local stores so I tried amazon and got one cheap! My sister thought it was weird and gross so I told her fine have fun with tampons I'm going to free myself! She finally agreed and bought one too, Well after a few weeks I finally started, and I got it in pretty easily, just taking it out hurt a tiny bit for me (but then again so does tampons!" I did calculating and I am saving my self 1,506 dollars from tampons just by using the moon cup. It is nicer on the environment and my wallet! So far no leakage, can't even feel it. And less cramps!

Ukiah - 1st May 2013

I am a 13 years old and bought a mooncup after getting fed up with tampons and remembering that our school nurse had mentioned mooncup as a more eco-friendly alternative. After I got it my period did not come for ages so I had a while to get comfortable with removing and inserting it. I have now just started using it and it has not leaked once and I could not feel it AT ALL. It is also good because I do not need to carry supplies with me around school whilst on my period. I only ave two criticisms: sometimes it makes a squelchy (sorry) sound removing it, which can be awlward in public toilets, and that my school nurse showed one to us and told us about mooncup but then said they were not yet available in shops. This was in 2012. It would also be helpful if they were presented as a normal alternative to tampons and towels, rather than an afterthought for environmentalists and hipppies as she did. (I realise the last criticism is not mooncup's fault). I would recommend this and especially urge young girls to try it if they are worried about inserting/removing.

Lexie - 27th April 2013

I got my mooncup a few months ago because my periods were so heavy that i was changing a super super plus every few hours. at first i was like wow this is huge and i couldn't get the knack of it so i left it and decided i'd try it later. now, i have just tried it again 3 months later and so far (after an hour!) no leaks! let me tell you it takes some time to figure out how to get it in, but i will never give up on my moon cup. keep trying!! viva la mooncup!!

Emily - 22nd April 2013

My period always used to be a complete drama, cramps, leaks, discomfort and tampons and pads were disgusting and uncomfortable. Also, I do dancing and swimming so it was always very awkward to do these things at my time of the month. I was desperately looking for an alternative. Thank goodness I found the mooncup! I was excited and nervous for using it because being 14, I still have my hymen intact and I thought the mooncup would hurt. Initially I was right, insertion was painful and frustrating so I emailed the mooncup team- who were extremely helpful- and with some practice it was dead easy! I recently went on holiday to France and I was due on, my first time with the mooncup- no cramps, leaks or paranoia. I even forgot I was on! Whenever I emptied the cup it was never even half full- even on my heaviest days, and I didn't feel it. As for dance and swimming, my period isn't even a problem with the mooncup. I haven't changed it in a public toilet yet but I don't feel the need to, seeing as it lasts so much longer so I can just empty it when I get home from school. Yes, at first I thought it's be disgusting but really it's just as much contact with blood as with a tampon or a pad. If you are like me, a teenage girl and you are sceptical about using the mooncup, just try it, honestly, after some practice it gets so much easier and periods aren't a worry anymore. It's eco-friendly, comfortable, money efficient, reusable, easy to use, so what have you got to lose by trying it? Thank you so much for improving my period, mooncup!

Ella - 23rd April 2013

I wish I would have known about this a long time ago! The MCUK has made my period a lot less of an inconvenience. I use to have to wear a tampon AND a pad, now I just wear my Mooncup! It took me a few tries to get it right, but now that I have it figured out, I am NEVER going back! I recommend this to every woman. Seriously. Get the Mooncup!

Heather - 20th April 2013

i choose mooncup for a simple reason. I wanna go green. I'm suck with menspad that full my bin. I also suck to wash my menspad,it's hard to be clean.. Choose mooncup is my big decide. The culture of my country(Indonesia) is so eastern,which is taboo using something in your vagina(no one use tampon here), and using mooncup is a disguisting thing. But i'm marriage and have 1 child, i think i need no worry about that 'taboo'.. Using something different with others makes me become stranger. I just share my experience using mooncup with my friend who sell this mooncup. Need 2 days until i relax using thing mooncup. 1st experience,i think..'uh,so hard to be go green',because my vagina can't relax well,so my mc hard to be entered,also to open it. But now it's easier and i'm free from menspad irritation! Alhamdulillah..

ardiba rs - 20th April 2013

hi, i've been looking at the mooncup for a whille now , trying to pluck up the courage to try it. i got it for my latest cycle and i wont be looking back. wish i'd done it years ago. i found it so clean and hygenic. i did'nt find it messy to change, just comfort and security. i will be reckonmending it to my female friends and relitives. thank you mooncup .

lozzie - 18th April 2013

It took me a couple of months to be able to use my mooncup - first few times I tried was pretty uncomfortable, third month I got it down by buying some water based lube and putting it in in the shower - works a treat, more comfortable than anything else once you've put it in right, never gives me thrush after my period which tampons sometimes would, and cheap and better for environment! I would definitely say give it a go sooner rather than later and don't worry if you don't get it right first time.

bspeake - 15th April 2013

I'm 28 years old and have been using my Mooncup for about 6 years. It's pretty amazing to think about the amount of money I've saved, not to mention the amount of trash not going into the sewage and landfill! I'm really glad to have found out about this company so long ago, and I'm feeling newly inspired to tell more of my friends about!

Melissa - 15th April 2013

i'm using mooncup for first time,try before on dry run,and no problem put in,and removal. Very easy to clean,even the hole can clean on one squezze,no smell either. Leaking in my second day period,because its heavy,i should empty it every 2 or an hour.No problem for me i just empty it everytime i go pee and using pad just on heavy day. Mooncup quiet stiff which is work for me,i can do yoga and other stuff without worrying leaking,tq mooncup

dinawulan - 14th April 2013

I had found about mooncup through a facebook post from a friend. She was asking another one of my friends who has a lot of holistic and eco-friendly knowledge about products. I thought I'd check out the site since I was open to new ideas since I actually have had a lot of trouble with traditional sanitary options. I ended up reading many of the testimonials, which really helped, and the fact that the mooncup you can re-use safely, it sounded like it reduced cramps and an influx of hormonal disruption had me sold. I received my mooncup with in two weeks, and at first had some issues with inserting it properly. The very first time I put it in I wasn't sure I had it in right, I took it out and re-inserted and thought, yeah that feels right, then went for a run. I hadn't actully sealed it right and it ended up moving up (which I just thought it felt comfortable since your not supposed to really feel it, and I used to wear tampons which were higher and I was used to) and I did not notice until 5 hours later. I had ended up cutting off pretty much the entire stem, so when trying to retrieve it, it was incredibly difficult. I was so stressed and worried that it was going to get lost (which ladies it won't, it's in a pouch and just stay calm, and you can push anything out of there as long as you take your time)that I just couldn't get to it, and had to get assistance. After contacting mooncup's nurses via email, they gave me some great tips and now I know how it's supposed to feel and how to secure it properly. I prefer pushing down the opposite side in where it looks like a rose, then inserting, so you feel it open when it actually does open/is supposed to open and will seal after kegeling a couple times. I had the moon cup for 4 months and it was great! It really does help reduce cramps, made me less hormonal, I didn't have to worry about leaking which I felt like i did before since I feel like I had a heavier flow than most in the beginning of my cycle. Also, you don;t have to worry about carring around multiple tampons or pads! Just make sure to carry water with you when you're using it for when you go to the bathroom unless you plot out the bathrooms that are one individual bathroom that use can use a sink. I had forgot my water one time, and got anxious and ended up dropping my mooncup in the toilet while it was flushing :( Today, I am buying another one since it really is a great sanitary product!!! I'd recommend it to every woman :)

Nita - 13th April 2013

I bought my Mooncup in 2005 with admittedly a few reservations because me and tampons had never got on, at all. But it only took a couple of weeks of practice and my first period to convince me that I'd made the right decision! It feels so much cleaner - no more sanitary pads (which are ridiculously expensive and unfairly taxed to boot, before anything else) or tampons. Once you try the Mooncup your list of things which you hate about the other above mentioned methods will tenfold. Mine did. Dryness being the main thing - both suck the moisture right out of you making what can be a painful time of the month even worse. I spread the word wherever I can about Mooncups. That includes to male flatmates (it was a good conversation piece in an University Halls kitchen!) and work colleagues. A few things to note: any male partners will be fascinated by the concept (much like they were at 11 watching a tampon expand in water for the first time), and any noises on insertion/removal will make them giggle like the schoolboys they once were. Similarly, this noise can also attract cats. Overzealous male dogs can also find it reather interesting. Just make sure no four-legged friends accompany you to the bathroom at Mooncup time, is my advice. I have used Mooncup both when on the pill and after having an IUD fitted recently (and Mooncup has coped spectacularly with the increase in flow the IUD has caused.) I honestly believe that my Mooncup was the best purchase I have ever made, and when I hit 30 I will happily replace my B cup with an A cup; I hope to be able to use my Mooncup for many years to come.

Amy - 10th April 2013

I'm thirteen, I've been using the mooncup for about six months and its brilliant! I'm still a bit irregular but i can put the mooncup in even when i'm not on my period which makes me so much more comfortable. I've not had any pain or cramping since i started using it which is a major difference to when i used tampons and pads, and i went on a holiday and i could go in the pool! I absolutely love it and i've recommended it to a couple of my friends who have heavy periods and both are going to try it out :D

Eve - 6th April 2013

I bought a mooncup a few years ago and tried it a few times but couldn't quite get it right. It sat in the box in the bathroom cupboard for a while, until recently when I was due to get my period right in the middle of a snowboarding holiday. I usually get relatively heavy periods and wasn't looking forward to having to stop boarding every few hours to change a pad, so I decided to try the mooncup again. I'm so glad I did, because I got the hang of it quickly this time around and it saved a lot of faffing with sanitary towels in public toilets on the mountainside. I would insert it in the morning, remove and re-insert it when I stopped for lunch and take it out in the evening. I could probably even have managed without emptying it in the middle of the day if necessary. Even doing very strenuous exercise all day it barely leaked at all, and once I knew exactly how to insert it there were no leakages. I even forgot that I was on my period, which was amazing given that I usually worry about leaking through pads and feel a bit nasty. My advice would be don't give up if you don't "get it" straight away - it's well worth a few attempts. I won't be going back to sanitary towels at all after this.

Heather - 6th April 2013

I knew almost at the same time about a couple of friends using the mooncup. One of them had it with her when we went trekking and told me all the good things about it ... including of course how ecological it was for the environment. I ordered mine when I came back to London. The first time I tried it I almost had a cramp in my hand because of trying and stressing and trying and stressing to have it in the right position and worrying about how I would take it out. Second day was already much easier. Next month even easier. Now is just so natural I laugh about how hard I found it the first day ... I even thought about sending the mooncup back on that first day ... hi, hi, hi!!! I am now a very happy user of the mooncup and tell friends about it. Why didn't I know about it earlier?!

Tania - 1st April 2013

How I love my Mooncup! Years ago I had a Keeper but the silicone Mooncup is much more comfy. Once I'd mastered the knack of inserting and removing I've never looked back. I'm perimenopausal, bleeding and spotting for weeks on end, with variable flow. I was starting to get nappy rash from panty liners & pads! Mooncup put an end to that and is so comfortable and convenient, whether I'm spotting or flooding. I haven't used a single pad or tampon in a very long time, and I'm back to swimming, cycling and yoga. THANK YOU.

Clare - 29th March 2013

Used the mooncup for the first time last month and it leaked the first 2days. By the end of my period I was starting to get the hang of it. I've just started my period again and it is working perfectly. I couldn't manage to twist the cup at the beginning but I've worked out now I was incerting it too high so I couldn't twist it and then it was leaking because it hadn't opened fully. Persevere with it even if the first month it leaks. Even now after 2 periods I don't think I'll use anything else. It also works great for me because my period stops and starts for the week. It can start quite suddenly so I was alternating between pads and tampons. Now the mooncup does for all days of my period. Wish I'd heard about this earlier.......

Lizzy - 21st March

Okay, I've had this thing for three days, and I'm just mad I haven't switched over sooner! What an amazing product! I read all of the discussion boards before purchasing, then read them again before using it, so I was prepared for the "learning curve" and the possible pain and discomfort. Neither of which I had. I did need to trim the stem up a bit because I really felt its presence, but that was it! I folded it into the "c" fold, slid it up, it popped in to place, and we were good to go! My first day I had to empty it once, my second day was super heavy and had to empty it every two hours, but by nighttime, the "safety net" pad I wore to bed was completely unnecessary. By day three, I had to empty it once and today- MY PERIOD IS OVER!" I've been having 6-7 day periods for the past few years, and maybe the "suction cup" action is drawing out all of the fluid- I don't know, but after a heavy workout this morning and a few errands this afternoon I went to check it out, and there was nothing there. Nada. I'm kind of giddy about this whole business. To think of all that $$ and waste on tampons and chemicals I was introducing through my lady bits. I can't wait to introduce this to my daughter. Pros: no waste, cost effective, quicker period, chemical free, in touch with my cycle and my femininity. (that may be weird, but my periods are so much more enjoyable since I have begun honoring my female-ness. I had no idea what the real texture and viscosity of my fluids were- I love knowing myself that much better!) Cons: a bit inconvenient to clean during emptying- especially in public bathrooms, the "undainty squelching" noise it makes when releasing the suction and pulling it out- again especially in public bathrooms. But the pros FAR outweigh the cons. I love my Mooncup.

Mandi - 19th March 2013

I've just recently used a mooncup for the first time and it has absolutely changed my life. I have irregular periods but when I do they tend to be very heavy and the first few days are absolutely hell for me - constantly running to change tampons and pads and worrying about leaks, to the point that I have to stay home for two or so days at the start of my period. The mooncup gives me so much more control over my period and confidence to be in public! It is a bit of a learning curve getting it in place correctly, and taking it out. I also cut too much of the stem off not thinking the mooncup would rise a bit further up once in. And you do need to have access to a loo cublicle with a sink in it really. But as I have several at my workplace, keeping everything fresh and making sure my hands are scrupulously clean before and after refreshing the mooncup isn't an issue. I can't recommend it enough. My life is so much better now because of it.

ling - 16th March 2013

Wow! Bought my own Mooncup yesterday, and although inserting and removing it was a slight struggle at first, I'm absolutely over the moon! With a bit of practice, it's not that hard at all to put it in and get it out again - and remember: you have to do so much less often than with tampons or pads! I love it: you don't even notice you're having a period, it's so comfortable to wear, and it's safer and - of course - better for the environment! I'm recommending my friends, 'cause it's just amazing! Thank you!

Anne-Mieke - 16th March 2013

It may sound dramatic but the mooncup has changed my life! I bought one for going travelling and have just used it for the first time and after a couple of goes getting the hang of inserting it I am absolutely thrilled. I can put it in and not have to worry about my supplies of tampons for the whole day, or worry about thinking where I will next be able to change a pad/tampon or whether I might leak. It is also totally comfortable when you get te hang of how its inserted and you cant feel it at all. you feel totally free. Basically it doesn't feel like I am on my period and I didn't think there would be anything ever that could make my time of the month easy and fuss free! Thank you so much who ever invented this little gem!

Freddie - 14th March 2013

I LOVE my mooncup. I feel liberated its fantastic! Mooncup is easy to use and comfortable. It didn't take any practice at all and was using it confidently strait away! I will never go back to tampons- yuck or pads double yuck. Go and buy one strait away you won't regret it. :-) cx

Clair - 13th March 2013

Wow! Wish i had got one years ago. Periods had never been much of an issue for me - but now suddenly they have got very heavy and tampons etc just weren't up to the job - especially with flooding. I had a really embarrassing incident, and it was getting that i was afraid to leave the house. Got the mooncup and it has completely turned things around - i am back in control - i feel much less squeamish about emptying the mooncup, than changing soaked through sanitarywear every hour. It just feels cleaner and more dignified, and i am so so grateful that mooncups are available. Oh and also - being able to see exactly how much blood i lose each month is reassuring - it is a lot - but i googled it and it is within the bounds of what is normal at this age - it is not the pints and pints that i thought i was losing when using tampons and pads

toni - 13th March 2013

I'll admit that when I first heard about the mooncup it freaked me out. But as people kept talking about it I was curious and tried it- this is without a doubt the best product I have ever used. When you start using tampons you never want to wear pads again, and when you start wearing the mooncup you never want to wear tampons again! It has never leaked, it's much more comfortable, easier to use, and I even feel healthier! I genuinely can't promote this enough - take the time to get used to it and it will revolutionize your period. It makes life so much easier, as I don't even have to change it throughout the day. I can completely relax and forget about tampons, and I'll never need to pack feminine products to go on holiday again, so it's space saving too! Definitely buy this and give it a try!

Nicola S - 8th March 2013

I absolutely love the mooncup! I ourchased it because I hated using tampons because I found them painful, always leaking after just a couple of hours, unsafe, expensive and terrible for the environment. I have had mine over a year now and was a bit difficult to begin with but I find my mooncup perfect now. I took mine on holiday and when I went to the toilet, I didn't have to take a bag with me, and because the cup is sealed there were no leaks through my bikini. I can wear it whenever, if I go to the gym, if I go swimming and I need to change it alot less than I did tampons. I will absolutely never ever go back to using tampons or pads and my period doesn't have to make tonnes of litter of tampons boxes and wrappers that get swept into the sea anymore. It's by far the most comfortable thing to use when you're on your period, I get alot less stomach pain too which I think was linked to the tampons and at £20 every 10 years, is so eco-friendly. Buy one today and tell all your friends too, this is definitely something that most women will be using in future so jump on the band wagon :) x x x

Christine - 7th March 2013

I LOVE the Mooncup. Seriously, you won't go back. I bought mine 5 years ago, so the amount I've saved is...wow. The first day or so you need to get used to it, but after that, I can honestly say I can't feel it. It stays in place, I can go swimming and at the end I forget I have my period. It's so much less "icky" than tampons.. There's nothing disgusting about emptying the mooncup, but a tampon or sanitary towel full of old blood starts to smell. That's not a problem for me. And no more towels going to landfill. How gross is that? I'm never going back!:)

Annie - 25th February 2013

After seeing an advertisement in a toilet at my Uni and making some research I finally bought a Mooncup. Seeing the size made me little uncomfortable at first as I usually only use small and medium tampons, but was surprised how easy it is to insert. Yes, you'll get to know your body MUCH better, and yes, it's a little weird the first time BUT: it is absolutely amazing! Just had my first try at a public toilet (and went therefore to the disabled cubicle with a sink in it (just in case I made a mess)) but only needed my water-bottle. It cleans so easily, leaves no mess, no spills! UH-MAZ-ING! Here's also a little tip: the first time you'll use it do it before you go to bed, so you can take it out the morning after in the shower, so you get a feeling for your body and the seal, because the first time it might spill a little. I would love to see more women using it! Fighting dryness, diseases, capitalism and environmental hazards! It is so empowering, and I must say it contributes to my integrity as a woman, a feminist and environmentalist! Pure awesome MOONCUP love!

Dari - 24th February 2013

I heard about Mooncup at a festival a couple of years ago and thought it would be gross. But since then I have become a lot greener and try and do everything I can to reduce waste etc. So I thought I would try Mooncup because I found that I was getting through a lot of tampons and getting quite bad cramps. I don't get any pains now and generally feel better... think it's due to now having a load of chemicals soaking into me every month! Not to mention I no longer worry about leaks when I'm at the gym, or asleep, or any other time... I can trust it to keep me clean and it is so easy to use... Never have to buy another sanitary product or throw anything away... AMAZING!

Jennifer K - 22nd February 2013

I have been aware of mooncups over the years, but could never quite visualise how they worked. Thanks to the ad Tampon .v. Mooncup, I thought I'd have a look at the website. The website is so clear and friendly, instructive and reassuring, I ordered one. This is my first day of using it, and apart from breaking the habit of reaching for the usual string (ugh), wearing a panty-pad (ugh) in case (not needed at all), and some getting used to knowing where it feels right, I honestly feel I have come home in my body in some small way. I'm approaching 44 if that helps others decide to switch at any age :) Cheers, Mooncup Team!

Kate - 21st February 2012

I bought the Mooncup in August of 2012. It's the most AMAZING thing ever! I've had a lot of trouble with my period, since I was 14. I'm 20 now and I've struggled with a lot of problems from Pads and Tampons. They seemed to contribute to a lot of yeast infections and when my flow finally became smaller, tampons just hurt. That's when I found out about the Mooncup. I have to say when it arrived I was slightly intimidated , but I gave it a try and it was awesome. Took a few days to get use to and such, but it's the most amazing protection, no leaks at all! I can finally wear cute underwear when I want to during my period. I use to have to wear a back up panty liner when I used a Tampon. All I can say is it's the best $30 I've ever spent.

Alice - 21st February 2013

I've been using the Mooncup for about 5 years and love how convenient it is. I'm far too disorganized to remember to buy or carry around tampons, so the Mooncup is great. The only problem I have with it is that it seems to shuffle itself higher up my vagina while I sleep, which can make it difficult to remove in the morning (doing it in the shower is easiest). It does leak occasionally first thing in the morning after it's done its odd nocturnal repositioning, but hardly ever at other times. On the whole, it performs better than tampons or pads when it comes to leaks. I like how comfy the Mooncup is, particularly at the end of my period when tampons can feel very dry and chafing. I definitely don't regret my purchase.

Hannah - 12th February 2013

I'm from Australia and a friend's sister told me about mooncups when we were about 14 -tho her terminology was somewhat cruder! I had a few hippyish friends and many of them had heard about them, but none of us really knew where to get them from back in the dark ages BI (before the internet)! FF a few years until after I'd moved to the UK, I finally discovered them on the internet... when I was pregnant!! Ah the irony! Then, thanks to lactational amhenorrea I didn't get a period for nearly 2 years, but after that, I was browsing through Boots one freezing morning and came across a moon cup! YAY! I was trepidatious -£20 is a lot to shell out for something that you're not sure about (I think it must've been in the first release), but I bought it and have never used a tampon since -sometimes I have resorted to pads, especially as after 7years, during my last pregnancy my Mooncup was thrown away, and now, 2 years on I have to get organised and order a new one from OS, which seems like effort, but I'll be oh so happy when it gets here and I can swim etc. I find that showering twice/day and inserting it then solves any dramas with mess & public loos, tho' it's not too bad when the toilet is in the bathroom and you can use a flannel (never felt too comfy with the idea of flush water). The cup is sooo comfy (or more to the point unnoticable)! and less dangerous than 2 tampons!!! (which I saw recommended elsewhere for heavy flow) My daughter is getting one for her menstruation onset celebration, whenever that be! And I recommend them to anyone who brings up tampon discomfort -tho it's tricky to know who will give you the blank "crazy loon" look! It did take a couple of months to get used to it and ocasionally there were issues when I mis-inserted it, but nothing more than when tampons were new, and it's sooooooo much comfier & more convenient (especially when camping/travelling) when it is right! & to the teen girls reading this, don't have sex when it's up your vagina, but you shouldn't be doing that with tampons either!! (from a mum)

Isa - 14th February 2013

This is so amazing, it's been a cramp free, with a lighter flow and I have actually not been bothered by my period thus month. I actually find having periods quite disturbing and upsetting normally. I started when I was 11 years old and I think it traumatised me a little to be honest. But with my lovely moon cup I have felt comfortable with my body and its natural process for the first time ever, normally I spend a week a month feeling absolutely discusted at what my body is doing. NO MORE!!!

Hannah - 20th February 2013

I can't imagine not having my Mooncup! Tampons and pads always caused me lots of pain and discomfort, to the point where i would dread my period. Now it comes and goes without bother. My first one lasted me 3 and a half years, and must have saved me a fortune! Especially as medical problems during this time meant that my periods were very long and heavy. Made it all just a little bit easier to deal with!. I recommend these to every woman who i talk about periods and would love to see them included in teaching on periods in school!

Alex - 7th February 2013

I bought my Mooncup after months of wondering whether I should give it ago. I was a bit taken aback by the size of it but managed to get it in successfully first time. As I was keen to try it out and get used to it, I didn't leave it in too long before attempting my first removal! I found this bit a lot harder than getting it in, but still, managed it without much issue. However, the second time I used my cup, I struggled to get it in and have since realised it will take me a while before I'm a dab hand. I haven't used my cup every day of my period, each period, but have used it when I'm at my heaviest. I have to really make myself relax and squat down to remove it but if I can't do it first time, I leave it a bit longer, clear my head and attempt again. I find the knack is not to rely on the stem, as I tend to do, just pull on it far enough that you can comfortably 'pinch' the base of the cup then pull on that. I've not yet managed to get my fingers far enough round the base that I can squeeze it to remove, so it does feel a bit odd (but not painful) to remove it. One thing I do find unpleasant is the smell. I know other people have said there is no smell, but I find it quite strong. On this note, I have not yet used my Mooncup out and about long enough to have to empty it in public toilets, but at home, I've found it takes a lot more than a quick swish of cold water to rinse out. I need the hot tap and at least 2 rinses, so not sure how I'd find having to rinse it in a public loo using a bottle of water? I can smell that distinctive, slightly metallic, slightly 'meaty' menstrual blood. Maybe mine is more strongly scented than others and I guess I don't actually have to sniff my cup! Also, I noticed that the smell lingers after I have sterilised it (using boiling water in a pan), even if I boil it once or twice. This really put me off the first time, but the smell had disappeared by the next month. One more thing: At first, I found it difficult to know when to remove the cup. Once, I think I left it in slightly too long and when I removed it, the contents spilt out. Today though, day one of what is going to be a heavy period, I kinda of felt heavy down below, as if the cup was literally weighted. When I did remove it, it was indeed pretty full. It's just trial and error, I guess. Ive not experienced any leaks with my moon cup, but have noticed some blood once or twice when I've wiped - this is down to me not inserting my cup properly - you can tell when you haven't! All in all, I really love my Mooncup and can easily see me using it as my sole sanitary product, once I've got a bit more used to it.

Helen - 6th February 2013

I had heard about mooncup about ten years ago but have only just got around to buying one and....Oh My Goodness!I wish I'd have got one all that time ago!They are cleaner,easier,SO much more comfortable than towels (I wont use tampons for so many reasons),there are no disposal issues (I loathe having to wrap and chuck used towels in ANY bin,ughh!) and any concerns I had prior to using mooncup the first time went immediatley.Insertion was no problem,its about finding your technique,it took me 30 seconds first time and I couldn't feel it inside me at all.I trimmed the puller to halfsize and its just right.The best thing is not one drop leaked!This is the easiest period Ive ever had.Mooncup is fantastic,thank you so much ladies!!!

kerry - 4th February 2013

I have been using my mooncup for nearly 6 years now, so from about age 18, and wouldn't go back to anything else. It does take a little while to get the hang of, but after not long becomes second nature. I lead an active lifestyle doing all sorts from walking and swimming to caving and riding, and have found my mooncup much more comfortable and reliable in those situations than other methods. For me, it is also important to know that I'm not contributing to sanitary waste streams either, and it's a good money saver too. I would definitely recommend trying a Mooncup, hopefully you'll love it as much as I do.

Alison - 3rd February 2013

I got my mooncup (in my case MCUK) in the mail a few days ago, and in times where money is tight, I know this will be a godsend. It got here after my last period ended, but I've been using it even when I'm off my period/ovulating as well to practice folding it, inserting/removing it, and getting all the techniques right. So far, it's taught me a lot about my body. For example, I knew when I was fertile/ovulating, but with the mooncup, I can see it in a whole new perspective. It's a wonderful product produced by a wonderful company run by supportive, knowledgeable women who know what's best for us, unlike these greedy tampon/pad companies run by men who just want to make money... bleach? In MY body? From tampons? I don't think so.

Sarah - 3rd February 2013

Absolutely brilliant got used to it straight away despite feeling nervous wish I'd discovered this years ago

Annon - 1st February 2013

I have always used pads because I hated the feel of tampons and the few times I had to use one, my vagina would get very irritated and dry. Even with a lot of pads, the chemicals or plastic in them would give me a rash or worse make me raw. I finally found a natural cotton pad, but I was still ruining my undies at night from leakage. So I decided to give one of these a try. I am super sensitive down there, (couldn't even use a nuva-ring birth control) so I was very skeptical about how comfortable this would be. I'm 30 and don't have kids, so I ordered the smaller one. WOW! I am a total convert now! It was a little tricky putting it in, but I just squeezed my muscles once inserted and it corrects itself within a few minutes of walking around. The removal wasn't messy as I feared it was going to be. I just pinched the bottom to break the seal and gently pull it out while squatting over the toilet. I'm on day two of trying the Mooncup and I'm not irritated down there at all.I actually feel cleaner and I can barely feel it too.Best part is no leaks! I don't plan on wearing it to work, but it certainly has helped me sleep through the night worry free. I am super happy with this product. Good bye messed up undies and bed sheets! Thank you Mooncup!!

M.Lam - 29th January 2013

I have always laughed at the mooncup thinking it was a bit weird. My uni friends and I all thought it was funny and logged onto the website for a laugh. But then after reading some of the testimonials I became curious - it seemed like a genuinely genius idea! I'm 21 but still a virgin and though fairly confident with my body I was nervous. It took my first 2 periods to get used to it but now I'm completely converted. I never leak anymore, can leave it in for most of the day and I don't even wear a pantyliner or pad just in case! I honestly can't imagine using a tampon now. The mooncup feels cleaner. I barely feel aware of my periods at all! I'm yet to convince my friends but after 3 months I've already made my money back so if you're having doubts, just buy one!

Anna - 28th January 2013

As Rihanna says 'where have you been all my life!' wow, mooncup, or as i call it my little diamond! it sure is a girls best friend! every woman should know about them! let me just say that if you have problems with sanatary wear, drying you out, making you itch or in my case I got a very bad allergy to the chemicals contained in sanatary pads! I was at my wits end so went on a google hunt for none chemical products! I found the mooncup and read some reviews they all sounded positive, so i tho nothing to lose but try and I can say I am over the moon i did! just finished my 1st period using it and can not belive it! I feel that I have not even had a period, usally by now I would be in total pain from my allergic reaction. but with the mooncup nothing at all, i had no problems putting it in or taking it out. its defo going to be my friend for life. and its only £18! and its supossed to last years, so a saving on products and the planet! I am a happy lady!

Nicole - 28th January 2013

I am planning a big backpacking trip next year and am looking for ways to save money and packing space. Sanitary stuff is often expensive and hard to come by abroad. I read the Mooncup leaflet thoroughly and used it successfully first time with no mess! I was a little worried about emptying it the first time, so I timed it for when I was about to have a shower, and removed it over the bath just to be sure. It was clean and easy with no mess at all, and I don't mind telling you I was actually a little emotional with relief and excitement at the new solution I have found :') I look forward to the coming years tampon-free!

Elena - 23rd January 2013

I heard about Mooncup when I started working in recycling & waste promotion at a council. I had organised a trip to the local landfill for some students, and one of them told me about Mooncup. I'm so glad she did because I had no idea it was available and haven't used any disposable sanitary products for 6 years now. Never had any problems or looked back. It's now listed along with local stockists in our council's A-Z guide for recycling and waste reduction :)

Vic - 18th January 2013

Until i used my mooncup i was happy using tampons, id heard others talking about mooncup and thought it cant hurt to give it a go!! Well things went great and i had no problems as long as i took my time, unfortunatly had to resort to a tampon last night as i had kids banging on the bathroom door disturbing me :( , i can honestly say i found the tampon most uncomfortable and i will never use them again (feel like burning the rest of the box tbh) I dont feel comfortable enough yet to try emptying the mooncup in a public loo but will definatly keep on, practice makes perfect!! Will also be spreading the word. Thankyou mooncup x

claire - 18th January 2013

Fantastic! I was a bit dubious at first, a bit fiddly to begin with, but I persevered and will never look back! Healthier, chemical free (unlike most tampons)and cheaper in the long run. I Got mine from boots two years ago, and I just sterilise it after use with milton or similar. Give it a go, and give it a chance - you won't regret it! 10/10

M Somers - 16th January 2013

Possibly the best money I have ever spent. I just wish someone had told me about it sooner. Im on a mission to persuade my friends it's the way forward. Much more comfortable and effective than any pads or tampons and cramps are no longer an issue for me. Thank you Mooncup. It really has changed my life! X

Caitlin x - 15th January 2013

I have had my moon cup for 8 years now and LOVE it! It has made dealing with periods so much easier and I would recommend it to anyone. It took me about 2-3 months to completely get the hang of it, but I couldn't imagine ever using a tampon again. It is particularly brilliant for the days leading up to your period - when it could start at any point. I tend to just use it anyway on those days and you never have the embarrassing rushing to the toilet or worry that you might start when you are out and about. Fantastic invention! Thank you!

Sam B - 15th January 2013

After a very nasty allergic reaction to a sanitary towel, I have been scared to use pads or tampons ever since. I have very sensitive skin and i found the rubbing of pads and tampons extremely uncomfortable and I would often end up with thrush :( When reading about the Mooncup I couldn't believe that something I could buy on a student budget would actually work. But after a particularly itchy period I bit the financial bullet and bought one. I used it for the first time today- no problems whatsoever! So easy and comfortable- I don't ever want to see a pad or tampon ever again!

Verity - 14th January 2013

I have to admit it took me a while to get it just right, but once I mastered the Mooncup I knew I'd never go back. Using anything else now just doesn't make any sense when this product is better for your body and the environment, and kind on your purse too! I loathed uncomfortable pads and hated tampons that dried me out, but the Mooncup is just so inert it feels natural to use and I don't even notice it. I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Natalie - 11th January 2013

At 16, after being amenorrhoeic for a year with an eating disorder, my period came back as as pretty nasty surprise. I used pads and tampons for a day before remembering some research I did on the mooncup before. I persuaded my mum and bought it straight away :D Got home and was slightly scared at how huge it looked! But inserted it pretty easily and painlessly straight away with the 'c' fold. Getting it out took...a little more practice. Given that I am probably pretty 'narrow', tugging it and pulling it straight out probably wasn't the best idea...ouch. But after 3 or 4 different tries, that got easier and I can do that easily now too :) But ohhhh my gosh, when it's in! You can't feel it, it doesn't leak at all, you can leave it in waaay longer than tampons and forget about your period, I plan to go swimming tomorrow, I won't have to pack half a suitcase full of pads and tampons when I travel, will save money and be healthier and greener it's so so good! It is kind of gross (but at the same time weirdly fascinating) seeing the contents but it's worth it! In short: converted

Sarah - 9th January 2013

I started at 12 with heavy, irregular periods. Several female members in our family have had a hysterectomy due to heavy periods. I struggled through until 18 and went to University. Sharing toilets, not all had bins so tried tampons. Hated them and still had to wear a pad which defeated the object so gave up. Tried the pill. Amazing, lighter, regular flow, planned periods so heaviest at weekends and social life around them. Now 31, married, thinking about kids. Worried about irregular and heavy periods when I come off the pill so thought I’d try Mooncup after remembering it on Embarrassing Bodies. I read ALL the testimonials, videos, did my research. Never considered environmental impacts and love doing my bit to be green. Mooncup is fantastic, only tried it for half a day and 1 night, comfortable, no leaks, insertion/removal ok in shower, daren’t yet over toilet but will persevere until I’ve mastered technique. Blood is gross yet intriguing. Outside of cup is clean even using halfway through a period. Will recommend to all. Finally, looks big but does fit! Weird coming from a girl who is married and sexually active but I still don’t know how it all fits down there and no I’m not comfy with fingers below let alone inside. One word ladies – FREEDOM!

Annie P - 7th January 2013

I chose the menstrual cup for environmental reasons, and I chose mooncup in particular because of how accessible they made the switch from tampons seem. Yes, I was dubious, I had my doubts if it was 'for me', but now - like many women seem to suggest - the idea of going back to any other method seems unthinkable. I had resort to tampons for one day during my last period, and the difference was huge - I had forgotten the discomfort (that 'dragging' feeling) of tampons, and by the end of the day I was relieved to get home and switch back to mooncup. I wore a pantyliner for the first couple of cycles until I was comfortable with the cup, but now I am confident in my own insertion technique and never use one. 9 months on, I can hand-on-heart say I would never go back! I've saved about £30 on tampons already, so the mooncup has more than paid of itself, too. Bonus!

Jessie - 1st January 2013

I have a retroverted uterus so it took a couple of attempts to get the right position. Once I did it was perfect! Comfortable and no leakage. I am hoping it will also reduce my tendency to get thrush around the time of my period. Wish I had got one years ago!

Lisa - 1st January 2013

I am 47 and have spent the last couple of years fighting with very difficult periods. They moved very close together (every 21 days), they were so heavy that I kept flooding first thing in the morning, spilling blood all over the bathroom floor before I could get to the loo in time. Spent my time worrying every time I sat down in case I flood the chair (especially when I was in someone else's house) and holidays have been a nightmare when sleeping in a hotel bed, I had no sleep worrying that I was going to leak all over the sheets which I frequently did. I also had enormous clots and lots of pain, making my period a very dreaded experience. I can't use tampons because of thrush and I find they always leave bits inside you and dry you out and make you sore so I have been going round in the daytime wearing the largest night time towels that I could find and still leaking all over the place.
One day before Christmas, I had had enough of all this and started to look on the Internet to see if there was a product which might help me with this problem and I stumbled across Mooncup. Thank goodness I did as it is the answer to all my prayers. Although at first I found it tricky to put in and out I have now mastered it and trimmed the stem so that it no longer causes an irritation. I no longer have any floods and am looking forward to my next holiday without worrying. I no longer have clots and have very little pain! I don't know how to explain this but I am so grateful to the Mooncup people for making my life tolerable again. If you are in any doubt, give it a try, you won't regret it.

Victoria - 30th December 2012

I just want to say one thing to the creators of mooncup. Thankyou!! I have always had a problem with heavy, painful, erratic periods. I would easily get through a pack of pain killers each month just to combat the pain, and dont get me started on the amount of sanitary products i had to buy each month. Ive only used it for the last week but im already a convert. The best thing for me is that i stayed with my sister for a few days recently, and didnt feel totally lost and embarassed. I didnt live in the toilet or have to try and hide used tampons from family members like i usually do. I even went cycling today, something i would normally find too painful whilst using a tampon and too uncomfortable with a pad, and only just now remembered im wearing my mooncup! The only negative i can think of is it took me ten years to find it, by chance, as i was in Boots and depressingly remembered i was due on and had only a few tampons left. I was wary at first but figured ive spent 20 pounds on less useful things so id try it. And i can honestly say this is the least painful period ive had in years! No more expensive, painful, smelly, itchy sanitary products. I feel almost free from the curse of periods :) All women should try it, and i sincerely hope they feel a sense of freedom too. Thankyou mooncup!

Miss V - 28th December 2012

I'm a young virgin woman of 17 (only for 2 more days until my birthday). I have to say the moon cup is a wonderful invention. I just got it today, and tried it out while I am on my 3rd day and the insertion wasn't too bad to figure out. I learned that I must use the 2nd folding method, and I've noticed that once I get the pointy end in I have to twist it around for the rest to fit. Then I can feel the cup open up and the stem fits in comfortably. I don't even have to trim it like I have heard other women doing. The item fits like a glove! That technique took me the second try to figure out. I'm still working on the removal part, and I can't lie it did feel uncomfortable. Personally, I think it was my thin hymen getting a bit of a work out, but it wasn't impossible. Now, my goal is to successfully remove the cup without having to push the stem section out, and properly removing the seal, since I pretty much pulled it 90% of the way. Another thing that I love about the Moon Cup is that it really connects you with your body, and the shape of it. And, I realized that my period actually isn't like the 'Nile River', as my friends and I jokingly call it. Pads and tampons make the whole process look 10x worse, and feel 100x worse for that matter. The Moon Cup is pretty clean. Even with my first attempt to remove it, the outside didn't even have blood on it thanks to the seal. All I had to do was ball up a small amount of toilet paper into the moon cup and give a good wipe and it was clean and ready for insertion. And, to top it off if I did the removal correctly it would have been even cleaner. Did I fail to mention that I had a tampon on before I had my moon cup in and after the 2nd insertion the slight dryness that I had disappeared and was properly lubricated once again? It's wonderful! I can't wait until I really get the hang of it! I'm never going back to pads, tampons, or pantyliners. I'm a moon cup gal now :)

Erika - 28th December 2012

When I bought my mooncup (as a Christmas present to myself) I was a little apprehensive at first, but even now on my first use I can say that I can see myself falling in love with it. Although insertion took a few attempts, it fits comfortably. As somebody with painful, heavy periods this is a godsend. No more spending a fortune on sanitary products!

Rosie - 26th December 2012

Just wanted to let you know that i wore my moon cup while diving several times a day for a few weeks, to depths of approx 18 metres, and it was absolutely fine :-) Cleaning it well on a remote island with no running water was more of an issue, but i managed! Thanks very much.

Lauren - 17th September 2012

On month 7 with my mooncup and I'm head over heels in love with her!! Took a few months to feel comfortable and confident using her and there were days I felt frustrated, but the thought of going back to tampons kept me trying and now we pretty slick!! I work outdoors all day, I walk dogs, and felt awful having to use my customers toilets at the that time of the month, and I couldn't possibly have left my tampons in their bins, yuck! Mooncup has made this so much easier! Also my cramps are almost completely gone, think most of the pain was psychological (trying to hold on) but I don't feel the need with the mooncup. Managed lunch in the big smoke with the girls today, 2 re-freshes completed successfully with the help of a bottle of water stashed in my bag! Was so pleased! Can't wait to introduce my daughter (she's 11, nearly there!) to a mooncup so she never has to feel the way I was made to feel when my periods started!! All hail the Mooncup! Thank you

Rachael - 4th November 2012

Just wanted to say how fantastic this product is. It took me a while to get to grips with it, but now I would never go back. It has saved me over £40 this year, its comfortable, easy to use, reassuring that there are going to be no accidents and all in all, pretty amazing. Although it sounds a bit over the top, it really has changed my life for the better. Just can't understand why these aren't on the NHS as just a bit of education would save money, the environment and younger girls wouldn't have to put up with the embarrassments that I did. Well done for being so innovative.

Janet - 20th November 2012

I have been using mooncup for last seven years. I am an architect and a compulsive traveler. Apart from saving money and the planet, for me the mooncup has been great because I have very heavy periods as I am on blood thinning medication. I find that the mooncup holds more than conventional tampons so I don't have rush to change so often in the middle of my work. I also found it very convenient to use in the 36 countries I have travelled to, including to slums where I work. I usually travel with just hand luggage and so the mooncup is very suitable for a light traveller.

Sumita - 22nd November 2012

Fantastic! Can't believe I ever had a period without one of these. Since giving birth, I couldn't wear tampons, and found myself wearing two of the top brand towels at a time. I still leaked at night. Not any more, thanks to mooncup. One criticism is, the marketing and advertising. Aim higher!

Rachael - 20th December 2012

I have been using the MoonCup for about five months now. For me, it is fab. I had a lot of problems with basically drying out and forgetting to change tampons ( and getting bored having to do it all the time - im lazy lol). It doesn't stop my cramps but it does make life easier. No problem leaving it for longer. I had no real problems with changingetc, it does take time to get use to but then so do tampons right? Try it, it is great. And no having to remember to buy tampons. Also thanks to the Mooncup team, who sent me a new cup when I got the wrong size!!

Rachael -

to add to all of these positive reviews - it took me a couple of periods to get the hang of it, but once you get used to inserting/removing it and rinsing (if youre out and about, best to go to a loo where the basin is in the same cubicle), you will never look back. ive used my mooncup for 10 years now, and cant even think how much money ive saved from not buying tampons/pantyliners. just £20 for 10 years! thats about 240 periods and god knows how many tampons. literally hundreds of pounds saved! in these money-tight times this is the easiest way to save money, with the added benefits of being convenient, safe, enviromentally friendly, and a whole weight off your mind when in party dresses or sleeping in someone elses bed! would recommend the mooncup to anyone.

philippa - 28th November 2012

I discovered the Mooncup years ago, but never gave any thought to trying it at the time. However, after reading about the environmental impact of disposable sanitary products and the need to be more money-conscious, I came across the Mooncup again. I decided to try it and after the first use, I can safely say that I won't be going back to disposable products any time soon. The Mooncup is so comfortable, you can't even feel it! I have no more concerns about leaks, which means that I can wear the Mooncup without needing a towel as well. A bit of practice is needed to remove and clean, so I suggest using it at home at first until you are more confident. But overall, it is a fantastic product. Don't be put off by people if they tell you it's unhygienic or dirty, they clearly haven't tried it and have very closed minds. You only need to know how many tampons end up in the sea (gross!) to know the Mooncup is definitely NOT dirty. Give the Mooncup a go, if you can't tell you're wearing it, how will anyone else?!

Charlotte - 28th November 2012

I love the mooncup! I was fed up using disposable products made by pharmaceutical giants that aren't good for my body or the earth and so I wanted to try the mooncup. I thought it would be hard to use but it's actually very easy and much more comfortable for me than tampons. I used to find urinating really uncomfortable with tampons in but the mooncup doesn't present this problem at all. I find it overall way more convenient and comfortable.

Megan - 23rd November 2012

I brought a moon cup to take travelling with me as I was going to a remote island and didn't want to lug 5 months supplies with me, and even though its not the most practical when your toilet is a whole in the ground with a bit of tarpauling it was still great just had to remember to take my water bottle as well :) highly recomended its not as wired/scary as U first think :D xx

Emma - 19th November 2012

I have had severe periods since I started in sixth grade. I remember being teased because I would have accidents at school because we didn't have long between classes and the teachers did not always let us go to the bathroom. I needed to go change my pad constantly. Once I was older, I began wearing a tampon and a pad at the same time for extra protection. I am now a first year teacher, teaching kindergarten, and do not get the chance to go to the bathroom much if at all during the day. There is always something needing to be done every second of the day and even if the students are at PE you have meetings, conferences, work to be turned into the office, or something to be finished and sent home that day with the kids. You find yourself running at the last minute to pick the kids up from their activity. Thankfully, I found Mooncup when researching alternatives because I did not want to mess up my clothes at school. I have fell in love! My first try at insertion was horrible and painful. I do not suggest the folds they give you in the instructions. Knowing I had no other choice I googled how to insert the cup pain free and found new folds. I tried one of the smallest folds and have never looked back! Teacher try aMooncup. It will change your life!

Kelly P. -

I've been using my Mooncup for about 6 months now so I thought it'd be a good time to write a review. First off, I had used tampons for 5 and a half years before switching to my Mooncup, I had very heavy, very painful periods (super plus tampons had to be changed every 2-3 hours on heavy days) and whilst my periods are still heavy they're nowhere near as painful as they used to be and even though they are still heavy I only need to empty my Mooncup every 4-5 hours on heavy days. I recently had to use tampons again as I got my period early and had left my Mooncup at home and the pain was almost making me faint, as soon as I got home and put my Mooncup in the pain started to go away. I am converted for life and currently trying to convert my friends.

Martha - 12th October 2012

The first thing I did when I turned 18 was to set up a Paypal account and order a Mooncup online. I'd had my eye on it for a while after having seen a sticker in a restaurant bathroom, but was too embarrassed to ask for one, and also, at the time, in a country that didn't sell it in stores. Like many others, I first found it difficult to insert/extract and wondered whether I had wasted my money. Thankfully, I kept trying and the Mooncup has become a staple in my life. It's so much cleaner and easier than conventional throwaway products. The reusability and friendliness towards the environment is just another bonus! Now, two years later, I bought another one in Boots as a backup. For people shying away due to the price: The investment is quickly made back if you think about the horrendous prices of tampons and pads, and the amounts you use each month. I had always been plagued by PMS, strong cramps and moods. After starting to use the Mooncup, I found that I get fewer cramps, weaker and shorter periods, and less dryness and discomfort. It's great to get to know yourself and "what's going on down there". You're really in control. I like that you can leave it in for longer without worrying about leakage. I had some problems with leakage in the start, until I figured out to wear it lower. Now I only occasionally wear pantyliners, just to feel safe. A while ago, I had a contraceptive-pill-induced hormonal problem, causing me to bleed excessively. Thanks to the Mooncup, and much to my gynecologist's surprise, I could tell exactly how much I was bleeding. I even went on a 1-month expedition to Madagascar recently. As I was always carrying ample supplies of drinking water and my Mooncup, having my period there was no problem. The other girls, by contrast, did much complaining about their "supplies", all the while leaving an unsightly trail of used items, wrappers, and applicators in the pristine wilderness…. Bottom Line? GET ONE. You will not regret it. It sounds too good to be true - but it simply is that good!

Sophie - 4th November 2012

I bought this a few months ago. The main reason I wanted to buy it was the cost. I'm a student and money can get a bit tight! Buying tampons every month/second month just wasn't feasible. I wasn't sure what to expect but thought I'd share my experience. Inserting the mooncup was fine (although the folding methods detailed in the booklet didnt work for me. There are many blogs etc online showing different ways of inserting it so you just need to find the one that works for you.)The only real problem I had was that to begin with the mooncup was really painful to get out. However after a couple of months I got the hang of it. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong exactly but you just need to persevere as you will eventually find the knack! I love my mooncup now. I couldn't be without it and can't recommend it enough. If you're someone like me who might not get off to a great start, please persevere. It's well worth it I promise! It's not as messy as I thought it would be either which is great! At first I was worried about needing to change it in public bathrooms but I find that I dont need to as it can be kept in much longer that tampons so I can work around trips out to public places. Give it a go! I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Caroline - 2nd November 2012

I've only ever heard one of my friend's mention that they used a moon cup and that was about 6 years ago and I never thought any more about it. But since having a baby and starting my period after a year of breastfeeding I thought I'd give it a go. Having my baby made me more aware of the amount of junk (nappies,etc)we pollute the environment with. I decided to use cloth nappies and cloth breast pads and tried using cloth sanitary towels but they were too chunky and chaffing. The mooncup was next on the list. Initially I was put off by the expense (£21 in Boots) but then I considered I'd probably spend £4 a month on towels, that's £48 a year. Very pleased and will spread the word

Matty - 2nd November 2012

I saw an article in a magazine about mooncup about 5 years ago and had a look at them in my local Boots and disregarded the whole notion as something a bit 'new agey' but recently I began to reconsider my whole attitude when I was changing my highest absorbency sanitary towels every hour on days 1-3 I thought 'what am I doing there has got to be a better way' and then I thought back to mooncup, took the plunge after getting some advice from this very site's advisors regarding sizing etc, which was followed up by some VERY useful advice that expanded on the leaflet that came with mooncup. This is my first period of using it, it is day 1 I have worn it overnight and during a 45 minute fitness class when I would usually have had to wear a tampon which was never the right absorbency with too little or too much particularly the day before you start 'proper' but you need something in or on. I had practised a couple of times before starting and was just waiting for the event to give it a go (strangely enough I was kind of looking forward to my period which has NEVER happened) Anyway the point of all this babbling is I am just wearing the mooncup no towels or liners. I LOVE IT! I am a total convert no leaking, you forget it's there, no getting up in the middle of the night feeling like you are dripping for want of a better word(sorry if that's TMI!). All I can say is I am going to convert EVERYONE to this fabulous, fabulous item. It's a bit messy to take out but it isn't any worse they dealing with a tampon, so as a former sceptic I have to say what are you waiting for?

Katie - 2nd November 2012

I recently bought a Mooncup and have just been using it...it is AMAZING! Wondering why it's taken me so long to get round to it! So easy to use and so much more pleasant than putting bloody cotton in the bin/toilet. I LOVE IT! Everyone woman needs one and it's so much better for the environment and financially. I'll never go back :)

Bee - 1st November 2012

Mooncup is great! I cannot recommend it enough. I was totally grossed out by the idea of a cup, which you would see all of your own period in, but once you get over that initial month or so, it is fine, and I honestly don't think about it any more. I have a very low lying cervix, so always found tampons very uncomfortable, and I was totally 100% DONE with pads, and liners. They smell, they are just horrible, so I thought I would give the Mooncup a go...and it works! Even with the stem cut off totally, I can still slightly feel it if I cough, or sneeze, (my cervix only sits about 3cm up during my period!) but it is so totally worth it, and I will not be going back to towels any time soon. I have had no leaks, which I was paranoid about, I went to the gym on my second day of using it, and have been swimming, and it's been great. It's very easy to pop in and out, and as long as you make sure the seal has formed you won't get any nasty surprises! :) 100% recommend this product to anyone who will listen! :D

Louise - 29th October 2012

Mooncup is great! I cannot recommend it enough. I was totally grossed out by the idea of a cup, which you would see all of your own period in, but once you get over that initial month or so, it is fine, and I honestly don't think about it any more. I have a very low lying cervix, so always found tampons very uncomfortable, and I was totally 100% DONE with pads, and liners. They smell, they are just horrible, so I thought I would give the Mooncup a go...and it works! Even with the stem cut off totally, I can still slightly feel it if I cough, or sneeze, (my cervix only sits about 3cm up during my period!) but it is so totally worth it, and I will not be going back to towels any time soon. I have had no leaks, which I was paranoid about, I went to the gym on my second day of using it, and have been swimming, and it's been great. It's very easy to pop in and out, and as long as you make sure the seal has formed you won't get any nasty surprises! :) 100% recommend this product to anyone who will listen! :D

Louise -

I've had my first Mooncup for almost 10 years now and every month I thank my clued-up sister for telling me about them. I reckon it has 'cost' only 13p each period over this time but that is nothing compared to the ease of use and needing nothing to carry about during periods (fab when camping!). Why anyone still chooses throw aways is a mystery.....

Christina - 24th October 2012

The mooncup is better than tampons and pads in every single way. Once you are used to it it is easier to use, more convenient, cheaper, creates less waste, makes you more in touch with your body and never ever leaks. I wish I had known about them years ago. Thankyou Mooncup.

Jo - 19th October 2012

I just bought my mooncup recently as a friend had told me about it a few months ago. She doesn't use one (yet!) but she was considering getting one. It piqued my curiosity so I went ahead and bought one and was surprised by how easy it was to use! Since I'm still a student, it seemed like a really good way of saving money and I'm so sick of buying pads and tampons that are really uncomfortable to wear. With the mooncup you barely notice it - it's wonderful. I'm going to be urging my friend to buy one now!

Edie - 18th October 2012

I love the Mooncup <3 The millions of reasons they're great have been listed elsewhere (for me, I like how comfortable it is, how much it frees up my purse space, the environmental aspects, etc). Just want to say as advice that if anyone's worried about leaking just buy some washable pantiliners or pads (available online, just google it). That way you can have the mooncup without any concerns, and don't have to create more waste by using pantiliners! Keep up the good work, Mooncup. I'm never going back to tampons :)

Alana - 18th October 2012

I've been sent long term to work in West Africa. We have a small supermarket on site, but it quite often runs out of items, so I decided to try the mooncup. I love it - I don't need to rely on the shop, I don't need to fill my luggage with sanitary items, I don't need to panic if I stay here for several months without going home to UK & I can take anywhere in the world. On long haul flights I don't have to worry about leakage or fiddling about in stinky toilets. Even out in the bush you can find fire, pan & boiling water for sterilisation. Enjoy your new found freedom & some extra cash :-)

Paddy - 7th October 2012

Just a quick note to say how much I love my moon cup. It's just great. Dependable, discreet, easy, environmentally friendly, healthier. You only have one problem....your customers only need buy one! I'd recommend them to anyone. All women should own a moon cup!

Emma - 6th October 2012

I have poly-cystic ovary syndrome, meaning insanely heavy, prolonged and irregular periods. At my heaviest I would need to wear both a tampon and a pad, and change both every half-hour or so, with a period lasting anything from 1wk to 3mths! I can also go anything from 6mths to 2yrs between periods, so wasn't sure whether a Mooncup would work out, getting used to it over 3 cycles could take years! But I got mine about a year ago, and wish I had done it much sooner! It does take a little time to get right, but I cannot stress enough how worthwhile it is to try it, stick with it and make it work for you. I can wear my Mooncup for a couple of hours even at my heaviest, and all day (up to 8hrs anyway) at other times, without needing to empty it. It copes brilliantly with fluctuating flow and with clots. No more rustling packets in work / public toilets either, and no more trying to deal with used sanitary products when there is no waste bin. Plus I do feel a bit smug knowing I am not contributing even more waste to landfill too. Thank you for a brilliant, life-changing product!

Jen - 5th October 2012

I have been using a mooncup for a few years now after an enthusiastic endorsement by a friend. I've done a number of long wilderness journeys and try and leave as little trace as possible. One of the amazing things about the mooncup is how easy it is to use outdoors. I carry a small water bottle with a squeezy top so I can wash it, and dig a little hole to empty it into. A much easier way to travel with a 'leave no trace' ethic than trying to get rid of tampons or towels. After having had a great recommendation I pass this on by recommending the mooncup to my other friends. Thank you!

Lily - 5th October 2012

First impressions... Well, today is the first time I have used my new mooncup.... First thing this morning, I hated it. It felt way too big to put in and just too weird! Probably because I don't know "down there" very well, despite being married and having given birth, there seems to be a forbidden rule to not get to know your own body properly. Anyway, I now realise that my vagina is not a perfect circular tube like I always imagined, but rather like a squashed donut. This knowledge makes it a whole lot easier to put in and remove! I'm not 100% confident yet, but my first attempt to put in, remove, trim stalk, put back in again, took over 30 minutes - all with my 11 month old daughter screaming through the loo door! Not a relaxing environment... Today is the first - and therefore the worst - day of my period, and my pains are no less using the mooncup than with towels or tampons (and today, haven't even subsided with pain relief :o( ), but I do lack the horrible undercarriage / groin pain so far that I get with tampons. But I could feel when my mooncup needed changing as I felt rather 'heavy', but this equally could be due to poor pelvic floor. But changing it was not messy at all, nothing like I imagined, certainly no worse than with a tampon, but the squatting was rather difficult! I'm sure it will all get easier with time. One thing though, I'm amazed at how little blood I've lost so far... if using tampons or towels, I'd have had to change several times by now, but with the Mooncup I clearly saw that it wasn't even half full... crazy, all this belly ache for that...!! Anyway, I'm here this far and don't refret it, but it's a totally new experience and Im enjoying not feeling like I need a shower / itchy / wearing a nappy / feeling a tampon.... so, so far so good :o) One last thing, removing it straight down really hurts... ouch... make sure you do like the instructions say - one side at a time - and don't rush (even if the squatting is getting to your thighs, or your baby is yelling at you...!) x

Amz - 27th September 2012

Hi, I was thinking about it recently and worked out I have been using my Mooncup exclusively for nearly 8 years! As soon as I tried it I could never go back to pads or tampons. This has made my quality of life so much better, I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am. I can't imagine a single woman who should be without one. To anyone thinking about trying it - stop thinking, start doing! I persuaded my sister to try it, she has been using it for a few years (she is far more squeamish than me) and she went on holiday recently with pads/tampons as she didn't want the worry of using it whilst travelling; but when she came back she said she was going straight back to mooncup as she had forgotten how gross pads were, and how rubbish tampons were! Hurrah! The benefits outweigh any concerns over mess, even for someone who hates the sight of blood.

Sophie - 22nd September 2012

I have just brought the mooncup about 4 hours ago and I am so impressed! I am going backpacking in 3 months and wanted to try it out before I left. I liked the idea of not having to pack months worth of tampons and pads (which will take up vital space in my backpack). I found it very easy to fit, I have cut the entire stem off the mooncup. I have no pain or discomfort sitting down, in fact I can't feel it at all. It feels very secure and I havn't experienced any leakage so far. well done mooncup!! you have answered all of my backpacking worries!

Steph - 17th September 2012

I wish I had bought a Mooncup years ago. I have very heavy periods and the Mooncup copes brilliantly. I have just been away, staying with family at the weekend, and I didn't have to pack all the usual tampons and towels. I found the Mooncup easy to get the hang of and it's comfortable to use. It really is an amazing product, I can't recommend it enough.

Sharon - 12th September 2012

I found out about moon-cups years ago, they have literally changed my life for the better. Recently whilst at a festival my friends saw an advertisement for them and were a bit confused about what on earth they were. It felt liberating to be the 'mother hen' as it were and tell my friends all about them - I wish I'd told them years ago. I don't know what I'd do without my moon-cup, it is one of the best things I have ever bought. YOLO.

Hanna . E - 11th September 2012

I saw your testimonial section and I couldn't help but add my experiences! I've known about Mooncups for years, but for some reason, never really saw it as an option. I WISH I had gotten one sooner. I have Endometriosis - heavy periods, which are painful and messy and uncomfortable. I dread the day my period comes. I have a big hippy friend who doesn't stop talking about Mooncups and how I should be a convert and go for it, but the outlay has always concerned me for something which I thought I would use, hate and bung away. Man was I wrong!! I LOVE my Mooncup. I feel clean, well protected, confident and with much reduced pain, especially after day 1. I would forget I was on my period if I wasn't climbing the walls for chocolate and spinach! I fitted first time without leaks. I feel so clean, I can never ever imagine going back to other sanitary protection now. The equivalent would be getting rid of your loo and going back to a line pit! Wonderful, wonderful Mooncup, we will be friends for years!

Megan C - 10th September 2012

i havee usedd myy moon cup for the first time today! I did practise twice before hand as i was unsure what to do! im glad i did as its still a bit fiddly but im sure ill get better after time! i was soo excited when i used it todayy and only spilled a tiny bit!! itss soo comfortable! despite my friend saying i was mad to buy one i still did and i already love itt!! im 15 so its okayy for teenagers!!

belle - 5th September 2012

Periods were the bain of my life. I hated uncomfortable tampons and refused to use them, pads made me feel self conscious and left me feeling unclean. I had to make sure to plan activities around it, such a pain! I just wanted to hide away until it was all done with. Then, I found mooncup. At first, I thought this wouldnt work for me, as it took me a while to get the hang of insertion and removal, so I only used it at home. But, after a few months, BAM! It was easy as pie! Im so glad I stuck with it. Its so much cleaner and unobtrusive than other products, I forget its even there! No more planing around my periods, so comfortable and hygienic, the mooncup really has given me a freedom I never used to have. Now that time of the month is no big deal :-) So thankyou for your wonderful product! Any woman who is unhappy with her sanitary products should give it a try, stick with it and you'll wonder how you ever coped without it before!

Christina - 5th Septemeber 2012

After two years and a half I'm still using it as happy as the first time, even more! I was so happy when I discovered such a thing! I don't use any other things like towels or tampons. I used to have problems with them like drying and irritation, but not anymore with Mooncup: it is always better than any other alternative product: it is comfortable, easy to use (just a little practice the first two days may be, but it worth it) and so cheap! I recommend it to all women when I have the chance! Go girls, let's use Mooncup!

Irene - 3rd September 2012

I have been using the mooncup for about 4 years now. Never had any issues with it. I recently changed my contraception to the copper coil resulting in very heavy periods . If I was not using the mooncup I reckon I would be using 10-15 tampons each day, which would not be very pratical. Bottom line, the mooncup is a great product .

Fiona - 2nd September 2012

I've been using my mooncup since I was 25 - in 2006. It revolutionised my life and I love not having to buy boxes and boxes of tampons anymore and HOW much money must I have saved! So easy to use and keep clean - I boil mine in the microwave, in a mug of water. I keep it in a denture box from Boots for the other 3 weeks of the month :-) When I was on the pill I loved being able to pop the mooncup in in the morning when I knew my period would arrive that day. Over the past year or so I've noticed that it's getting harder to get a good "seal" and I'm getting a few more leaks. This current period I have not been able to get it in "properly" once and I've reluctantly realised that at 31 and not too good at the old Kegel exercises it is probably time to go up to the bigger size. Somehow this has made me way more depressed than the increasing number of grey hairs on my head and my new inability to eat a chocolate bar without instantly putting on a pound. Wah! Ah well, keep up the good work!

Rachel - 30th August 2012

I saw the Mooncup ad in the London tube about 2 years ago and then went to Boots to check it out but still was not convinced and sticked to tampons. I've always had really bad backache during my period since I can remember but thought that it is normal 'period thing'. Few weeks ago I found out that my friend is using IT so I had a chance to talk to 'real' person and get some more info. She said that it is the best thing ever and it is not messy at all which was my main concern. So I bought one straight away and...I wish I bought it earlier!!! Very comfortable, no problems with using it from day one and my back pain magically disappeared! Would recommend this to every woman. This is a must have item and should be wider advertised so more women could get their hands on it. I'm going to try to talk every woman I know to it.

Alina - 29th August 2012

I just used my Mooncup for the first time and although I have to say it's a weird feeling, I LOVED IT! It's no hassle getting it in or out although the stem did rub a little at first. My body needs to get a little more used to it but I couldn't agree more with all the lovely ladies on here. It's not fussy or messy! It's environmentally friendly, cost efficiant AND you can avoid that embarrassment of not having anywhere to bin your tampon or sanitary towel and having to stash it or try and make a break for a bin in the kitchen or whatever. You can just wash it and go! The Mooncup actually made me look forward to my period! :D I want everyone to know about it!!

Hati - 28th August 2012

If you think of buying a mooncup dont hesitate. I bought one after extensive research and its so much worth it. You save your health, money and environment. At first i didnt think it would be very practical or nice but actually using Mooncup feels even cleaner than tampons. Another plus is brilliant customer service. As an advice from me: Do read the leaflet and advice on the website, it helps you understand how the mooncup works straight away. I didnt have any problems since the very first time using it. ;)

Nat - 11th August 2012

I wish that this product had been available when I was younger. Tampons were a revelation when they came out but the Mooncup is amazing and even more liberating. Well done, great for women and even greater for the environment.

Rachel - 19th August 2012

I bought my mooncup this morning having had three days of very heavy bleeding. I bought it as a last hope, having not slept for the three days (getting up in the night to change my tampon/pad combination). This shuld never hav been my last hope, it should have been my first choice! I wish I'd have known about mooncup when I started my period; I'd have had 20 years of stree free periods. Granted, I've only had the cup for 8 hours but already I'm converted. Usually, I'd have had to change my tampon 8 or so times by now, and my pad 4 or so times but as it is I've been building furniture, shopping and reading in my garden, all without the need to change a pad/tampon, it's freeing and wonderful, and I couldn't ask for more. I didn't find insertion fiddly, but I could see how I might, and releasing the cup was easy once I slid my finger alongside the cup. Maybe slightly more messy on the fingers than a tampon but a lot less messy on the underwear. I'm so glad I decided to bye a mooncup! I'll be telling everyone how great it is!

Kerry - 18th August 2012

Why was i not made aware of this sooner!? This product is the best thing since sliced bread...Ive used the mooncup for the first time and i havent had one leak during the day or night.iv not had to wear a pantyliner like i have to do with Tampax due to leaking, no more dryness or itching and i can barely feel my mooncup there as its so comfortable. cleaning is a breeze, when wearing i just rinse if off and pop it back in and then when iv finished i boil it to get rid of any nastys lurking and then pop it back in the bag, .....i just dont have enough good things to say about this product....all i would say to all you ladies out there is perserve with it it is a bit fiddly and can take some goes to get right but once you do you wont regret it...im already much happier know in that i dont have to go back to pantyliners and tampax EVER!

Dee - 11th August 2012

I've just used my mooncup for the first time today & it's amazing!! I found it really easy to insert, delighted that it never leaked, a little apprehensive about removing it but actually after relaxing a bit more I found it just as easy. So I'm over the moon(cup)! I purchased it over 3 years ago after my second baby, using & promoting real nappies it made sense that I too would use something good for the environment so I was excited to get started. However, breastfeeding & falling pregnant with my third baby meant my period hasn't returned until now (very nice) I already know that I'll never use tampons again, I oddly feel cleaner and much more comfortable, I know what the mooncup is, what you see is what you get, with a Tampon who knows? one reason why I've always used real nappies on the children. It feels so good to be helping the environment again too :-) Thank you mooncup x

Joanne - 10th August 2012

love mooncup just used it for the first time. no leaks no mess. dont have to worry about public toilets as only need to change twice a day. no more being niped by tampax applicators. found it very easy but did alot of reading on the mooncup and looked on you tube so was very prepared.

helen - 5th August 2012

Hello! I just turned sixteen and used my mooncup for the first time yesterday. I had to struggle a bit to get it in properly but after some tries I had it in there and it felt fine! After that I took a two hour bicycleride and barely thought about my period. It was great! I never liked tampons because I could feel them and they were absolutely uncomfortable and pads were just a mess. The mooncup is hardere to 'get in place' but once there I barely feel it! And i think it'll be easier the more I use it. But please if you're considering getting a mooncup. Just give it a try!

Bianca - 4th August 2012

I've just ordered my third Mooncup in six years, not because they have worn out (far from it), but because I've managed to lose it once again, haha! Subsequently I have endured a Mooncup-free period for the first time in years. Disgusting! I don't know how I coped with the leaks, discomfort and mess of pads and tampons for so long before switching to the Mooncup. The inventors deserve a medal. This is a lifechanging thing. I'm going to make a determined effort not to leave this one in a random handbag or bathroom, because I can't go through another period without it...and sorry to anyone who finds the others...

Laura - 25th July 2012

I bought my mooncup while newly pregnant with my first son. Now that my third son is almost 2 I finally have had a chance to use it. After six months, I am a total convert!

mira - 23rd July 2012

I started using a Mooncup about a year ago and am so pleased with it. I have recommended it to several friends and converted a few of them! It's a truly wonderful invention.

Raquel - 23rd July 2012

i will never ever ever use anything other than the mooncup again, EVER, if any of my friends and family talk about periods i always bring up the mooncup and tell them to try it out. I also don't have to worry about running to the shops at 2am if i run out an when I am out, i dont have to worry about leaking everywhere because i know it can handle it which no other products would. thank you!! <3

kat - 21st July 2012

Fantastic! Since having a baby I found tampax very uncomfortable due to scarring. I found out about and tried a mooncup, after a couple of attempts to get comfortable and confident and removing the whole stem I became completely converted! Comfortable, money saving, no leaks, no get ups in the night to change, great for the environment and no bin in the bathroom to empty (I was never a flusher!). Brilliant. I'd go as far as saying its changed my life! Give it a go, you have nothing to lose!

Laura - 21st July 2012

I love my mooncup. I am a midwife and perhaps that means that I was never worried about the possible 'mess' which I find a lot of women who have not used one worrying about. But really it is so clean and easy that anyone can use one - squeemish or not! I find the expensive of tampons so offensive - how dare we be charged so much when we have no choice? and VAT? don't get me started! I feel like I have won a feminist battle by making one simple purchase rather than a monthly one :) My mooncup is super comfortable and reliable - never had a leak ever, which is more than I can say for tampons and towels. Thank you Mooncup! xx

Hannah - 20th July 2012

Seriously, just buy one. It will change your life! I first heard of the mooncup years ago when a friend of a friend recommended it to me (after typical girly talk about heavy periods/ the horror of the pads and tampon combo) and my gut reaction was 'ick'. I wrongly assumed it would be messy, smelly and just part of a hippie fad. Meanwhile, I was struggling with crippling period pain and near constant urinary tract infections (caused, I now believe, by large tampons expanding and pressing uncomfortably on my urinary tract). I was also reading horror stories about the bleaching and chemicals that tampons undergo and resenting the massive quantities of tampons I was being forced to buy each month to cope with my flow. I only properly looked into getting a mooncup a year ago, and I was won over straightaway. This website had loads of really good, detailed information and the testimonials really helped sway me because I could see that lots of other women who had been struggling had found a solution with the cup. My first try was a bit hit and miss, mainly because getting it in and out takes a little getting used to. But by the second month I was a bit of a pro! I can honestly say that this is one of the best products I have ever bought in my life. It has improved my quality of life considerably. The pain I experience with cramps has reduced (I think maybe the flexibility of the cup helps) and the fact that it holds so much more fluid than a tampon means that long shifts at work are a lot less stressful. I really can't imagine how I managed without it! I made sure to stick the stickers in public places, hoping that if at least one woman who struggled like I did sees it and looks into it further, it will be worth it. My friends are sick of me ranting on at them about how great it is, but I've already won a couple of them over. It's a total joke that pads and tampons are the default sanitary product, especially as the mooncup is a much more environmentally sustainable alternative. I really hope that I see this change in my lifetime. So, from the bottom of my heart, a massive thank you to you women behind mooncup. This is the first customer review I have ever left, but I just had to let you know what a great job you're doing. Many thanks, Ffion

Ffion - 20th July 2012

I waited a year to comment to see how it really worked out for me. It has been a great success and solved some problems for me. One is that I work in a factory with mainly men, and very poor facilities for women. It is a great relief not to have to retrieve sanitary products from a locker room miles from the only ladies loo. Now I don't give it a thought at work as I can do everything at home. The 8 hour shift is no problem. I spend the rest of the year sailing. Not having a disposal problem has been wonderful. washing and occasional boiling was easy. There are unexpected bonuses too. When sailing I am swimming several times a day which was not great with tampons. Soggy string seemed to cause constant low level infections. Horrid but true, especially in hot climates. I have not had any problems at all once I got the hang of it.

Jean - 14th July 2012

I purchased my Mooncup recently and I already adore it. During my period I suffer from stomach pains, bloating and bowel problems. I had been using tampons for a number of years and had this horrible dry sensation inside. I also felt as though it was a bizarre foreign body inside of me that I never quite got used to. Plus, I was spending so much money every month on the various sizes. I saw some tampons on the shelf a couple of months ago and they were perfumed. I thought it was disgusting that women were being made to feel that their period is some kind of unnatural, dirty thing. I immediately bought a Mooncup and haven't looked back! My stomach cramps have somehow decreased, I no longer feel all dry and irritated inside and I feel totally comfortable wearing a Mooncup and more "at one" with my body. I really recommend buying a Mooncup. I have found it so much better than sanitary towels and tampons. Also it's better for the environment and so much cheaper!

Selina - 7th July 2012

I've contemplated buying one of these for years, and now I finally have, I wish I'd bought it years ago. It is absolutely brilliant! I've gone through 3 periods so far and the only leak I've had is when I didn't quite seal it right! It's even been abroad on holiday with me and wasn't a Faff at all. You just get into a routine with it. I'm going camping in a few weeks and even though I'd originally thought about taking tampons with me, I'm not going to bother. It's mooncup all the way from now on with those horrible, uncomfortable tampons nowhere to be seen! Can't say I miss the leaking or the discomfort! Thanks for a fantastic innovation!

KH - 3rd July 2012

I can't believe how pleased I am with the mooncup - now I've given myself a few days to get used to inserting etc. There is no leakage, I need to empty it once in the morning and once at night because it's just no where near full. I've not had cramps since I started using the mooncup, and I'm not dry like I used to be and importantly sex with my husband doesn't hurt after a period anymore. Anyway, I want to tell everyone about them because I can't believe no-one knows! I wish I'd known when I was a teenager! and whilst I'm at the wishing fountain - I wish that some rich person would sponser an advertising campaign on tv so you could compete with tampons and towels (two useless inventions in comparrison that women have to use each month). I think I know what I'll be buying everyone for Christmas!

Laura - 27th June 2012

I bought my mooncup a few years ago and was too scared to try it! Argh! How I wish I had just been brave and done it! I used it towards the end of my last period and started using it again straight away this time round ... it's amazing! So comfy (obviously after I'd cut the stem - I had to get rid of it completely & after using the second method of insertion). The main thing I'm finding is the ease of it, I'm not drying out like with tampons (which I hadn't noticed was a problem until I stopped using them) and I love that with my flow I only need to empty it once in the morning and once before bed! Love it! Wish I'd started using it years ago, not for environmental reasons or for the cost reasons, just because it's comfy and easier and somehow feels cleaner than tampons A happy convert! :)

Newbie Mooncup User - 26th June 2012

I found a thread dedicated to the mooncup on a health forum I'm a member of, I read the thread from start to finish to gather an idea of people's individual experiences. By the time I had reached page 49 I was sold and ordered one, I was told to expect a 14 working day wait for it's arrival, instead it arrived in just four days, I didn't have to pay p&p which in itself is a great bonus. I have now been able to put the mooncup to the test and boy have I put it through it's paces. Tested against a heavy period, chronic crippling period pains, the use of an IUD and tampons which for me have generally worked. Today I strode past the feminine hygiene aisle, feeling so pleased I will no longer have to spend money on disposable sanitary items or add to the ever increasing landfill. The mooncup really is a too good to be true product that is actually true!! :) You only have to read a few of these fabulous testimonials to be sold. Absolutely thrilled with my mooncup and only sad that the mooncup idea didn't get round to my lovely mother before the menopause hit, I'm actually pretty sure she'd like another period just to test it out herself. Fab, fab fab, thankyou ladies :)

Kelly - 24th June 2012

OKAY LADIES, whatever your reason for buying the mooncup is, I'm sure it's great and all but never mind that, YOU CAN PUT A TOWEL BETWEEN YOUR LEGS AFTER A SHOWER AND NOTHING WILL HAPPEN - LADIES YA'LL KNOW WHAT I'M TALKIN BOUT! HELL, YOU CAN DO THE MONKEY WITH YOUR TOWEL DOWN THERE! So if this does not convince you to buy a mooncup, you must be mental because WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO DANCE AROUND NAKED WITH A TOWEL BETWEEN THEIR LEGS?!? Anyway, you'll have to excuse me, I'm gonna go and enjoy this outstanding mooncup feature one more time. Happy periods everyone :3

Chelsea, New Zealand - 23rd June 2012

I had heard of Moon Cup quite a while ago but had put it off for being a bit squeamish. Then this year my friend told me about a blog post in which A WOMAN FOUND MOULD ON HER TAMPON! I recommend googling the story. Combined with the increased guilt of wastage and wanting to save money I decided to switch. Now, I wouldn't go back! My period pain has decreased. I always thought my dire pain and sickness was something to do with Tampon's since as soon as I inserted a Tampon I'd be vomiting for the rest of the day. I had to go on the pill to sort it out and am admittedly still on the pill a little too afraid I'll be having heavy and irregular periods again. It's a little difficult to get used to at first with some dire accidents but I persevered, I will not go back to achey, dry and scratchy periods again. I don't even mind the tiny mess you inevitably encounter using this product because it's worth it knowing my body and purse is better off and hopefully the planet too. And I love the fact we can wear it when we know we're going to be on that day and not having to rush back and forth to the toilet playing a guessing game. And I never have to worry about running out or carrying around extras. I'm gently working on my friends with the effort of not wanting to drive them crazy over it. Thank you Mooncup!

Siobhan - 21st June 2012

Having suffered from heavy periods for years, I was getting fed up with embarrassing leaks and cramping. I was offered a hormone coil but didn't like the sound of it. I hate wearing towels as I have to wear bulky ones for my flow and as for tampons, the same problem. Even the highest absorbency ones would suddenly start leaking. I love my Mooncup, I can forget I even have a period for a few hours and no more hunting down Extra Super sanitary protection!

Miranda - 19th June 2012

I get heavy and painful periods, and always manage to stain my underwear with pads and tampons, no matter how often I replace them. Periods for me were simply unmanageable. But since I bought the Mooncup, things have been a hell of a lot easier. I have been using it for a little over a year. It took me two or three periods to get the hang of inserting and removing properly, (I found that I was placing it too high so it leaked and I found it painful to remove because I wasn't breaking the vacuum). However now that I have learned how to use it correctly, it never leaks and is never uncomfortable. I only change it three times a day, and if I don't get to change it on time, it's never a problem. It doesn't leak. I can tell you it is more comfortable than a tampon. It isn't dry like a tampon and although it is a lot larger and looks quite intimidating at first, it isn't at big as it seems. If you are a teenager like me, you may think it won't fit, but it sits at a wider part of your vagina than the muscles at the entrance. It is not too big. Once you get used to insertion and removal, it is not a problem. It works perfectly overnight for me too. When I bought it, I thought it seemed expensive for what it is, but for what it does, and for the money it will save you long term, it is more than worth it. I admit, my reasons for purchasing it had nothing to do with lessening my impact on the environment, but it put's a smile on my face to know that it does, and that I am actually more comfortable for it.

Joe-Anna (17) - 12th June 2012

Hi! I received my mooncup about a week ago, just in time for my period!! I am so happy I decided to take the risk because it is so worth it!!! Today I gave to my sister all my tampons and told her I had quit :) I LOVE MY MOONCUP SO MUCH! I feel so much more confident and my vagina is so much happier...bye bye to the dryness or itchiness that even the 100% organic cotton products cause...Living in the tropics is not easy...it is very humid and hot and having to wear a pad is not comfortable, at all. At first I was reluctant to buy because of the price and i was worried it wouldn't work but, like I said, I took the chance and now i am very grateful. I even wore white pants today, I did yoga in the morning and everything went just perfect :) I don't have a really heavy flow so I only had to deal with it twice a day, 3 times on my heaviest day (only one day) and it was not even half way full! So next time it will be so much easier. I am happy that this exists because I don't have to worry about wearing a pad on my not so heavy days, when it is completely not worth it to wear a tampon because it will dry me out too much... I am sorry if I am giving too much information but I will make sure I tell everyone about your product! It is something we, as women, deserve! Much love and Blessings to all the Mooncup Team,

Pamela - 7th February 2012

Dear mooncup Company Just have to tell you that I am very exited and happy about the mooncup. Thank you very much for constructing such an intelligent, pracitical and confortable solution for womans period. Since the very first day I use it without any problem, asking myself why I had to become 37 to discover this gift. Somehow you changed my life- at least once per month :-) Thankfull greetings and wish you further succsess with mooncup - from switzerland.

Rachel - 15th May 2012

I am 14 and got my mooncup about six months ago because I hate pads and didn't like my washable ones. I have very heavy periods which mean that I would leak through a pad in less than an hour so I had only had 3 periods when I tried my mooncup. The first time I used it I was surprised at how much blood there was and this resulted in a very embaressing murder scene in a school bathroom. However I now would never want to be without it and find it very convenient and wish that all teenage girls would try using a mooncup!

Claire - 5th June 2012

I love it. I have heavy periods but can't bear to use a towel and was struggling with tampons causing me discomfort. The mooncup is east to insert and I can't feel it at all, I did have to trim the stem tho. Would highly recommend it, it will save me loads of money in the future too.

Jane O - 4th June 2012

I love my new mooncup and wish I had used one from the beginning! It works even after four vaginal births! (and being a little lazy with pelvic floor exercises) no leaks no stained clothes no floods! When my eldest daughter starts to menstruate I really hope she will use one, I would suggest advertising if your company can afford it as I heard about them by chance Thank you

Aileen - 31st May 2012

I've only had mine for 3 months but can safely say I won't be going back to tampons. I bought it after a beach clean up day when I discovered how many sanitary products were ending up on the beach and did a bit of research into the alternatives. I'm so glad there's an alternative, and it makes me happy I'm not contributing to unnecessary landfill any more. But I'm so surprised there's not much mainstream advertising of these.

Katie - 17th May 2012

The Mooncup is AMAZING! I can't believe I didn't try it earlier - all those awkward trips to the bathroom during school which the obvious tampon or pad held in my hand, the tell-tale rustling, the occasional leaks and having to stock all the different varieties and sizes, the problem of running out and having to go to the school nurse... I've had the Mooncup for 4 periods now and it's been so great. The main issue for me before getting it was the public loos thing. I'm at University, so I share toilets in Halls with a lot of people, with the sink outside the toilet. But it's fine! All you need to do is take a bottle of water to rinse it - or even just wipe with toilet paper, and rinse it later because it comes clean really easily. It's not messy at ALL, and it so great just having one tiny thing rather than a whole variety of boxes of pads and tampons. My first reaction was one of disgust and surprise - but I'm so glad my curiosity got the better of me! If you're wondering whether you should try it out - GO FOR IT! I can't believe how much money I'm saving already too. If I'm low on cash (student budget) and I start my period, it's always been, oh dear, there's another few quid down the drain... Not any more! I've got finals coming up too, and with long 3 hour exams there's NO chance of going to change your pad / tampon, so the mooncup has become really invaluable for me. I never really realised how messy and smelly pads and tampons were until I switched to the Mooncup either. I will NEVER be going back - completely converted! Thank you Mooncup people! I'm trying to convert my younger sisters too, and it's only the public loos thing that's holding them back (both being away at University too). If this is the case with you - don't worry! You don't have to walk over to the public sink, mooncup in hand to empty it (as my sisters joked)! Just tip it into the toilet and give it a wipe - simple as. Go for it: what have you got to lose?

Ellen from Oxford - 17th May 2012

I got my first Mooncup about a year ago now, and I don't know how I lasted so long without it! It makes having my period so much less of an issue. Although it's true that it can be a bit messy when you're in a public toilet, it isn't THAT inconvenient - wash your hands and wipe it off with toilet paper, it is YOUR blood, after all! I had it on cycling holiday in France last year, and had to use it in toilets in camp sites, and it was just fine. :) Overall, I ABSOLUTELY recommend it, and I'm so happy that people recommended it to me!

PJ - 13th May 2012

I used a mooncup for the first time last month and I was very pleased with the results. Only had a slight leak during the first two nights when very heavy but I am sure if I had woken up and emptied it in the night it would have been fine. I had a couple of initial worries when I wasn't sure if it was inserted far enough inside, but after a couple of trial runs everything was brilliant. I can't recommend it enough.

Maria - 11th May 2012

Last weekend, I stayed with some friends and totally forgot to pack my mooncup... Disaster! Of course my period arrived and I had to use tampons and towels again for the first time in over a year. It was AWFUL! I had forgotten how uncomfortable and horrible-feeling they were. It really made me appreciate my mooncup when I got home and could change over. The comfort and ease of the mooncup is bliss compared to the dryness and cramps caused by tampons and the leakage and dirty big-nappy feeling of towels. I'm definitely going to remember it in future, thank you mooncup!

Rachel - 9th May 2012

The best purchase I have ever made! I had mine in April 2009, and am still using the same one, so how much money has that saved me? loads. I have never had an accident, I find it comfortable and I haven't had children. I haven't had thrush since I have used it which I used to get a lot. I use the sterilising fluid after each use. It is fantastic.

TINA H - 9th May 2012

It does what is suppose to do, holds everything in. I LOVE IT!! great investment...

laura - 8th May 2012

I'm 19 and a virgin, and heard about this randomly through a Facebook advert, and was blown away by the positive reviews. After a few months I decided to man up and buy one from Boots. I was not very comfortable with my body so I was a bit worried about putting it in and taking it out but with a bit of practice I got the hang of it very quickly. Yes, it's slightly uncomfortable to take out, and takes slightly longer than just changing a pad or tampon, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives. It's eco-friendly, cheap (£20 investment for at least 5 years, and I'm a student so that's brilliant!), almost completely reduces the pain, makes you feel so much cleaner, you don't even notice it when it's in. The only thing you have to watch out for is remembering to empty it, but even then it's every 8 hours. I spent the first few days wearing a pad just in case it leaked but it was completely dry. It takes a few goes to make sure you have it in properly, but once you recognise how it works, it's so simple. I couldn't reccommend the Mooncup enough. It's brilliant, and definitely improves your quality of life around your period. If you're sceptical it's at least worth a try. It's not an expensive experiment. Also, it's not weird or embarrassing - at least not more so than talking about pads or tampons! I'm trying to reccommend it to the women I know! You won't regret it, believe me!

Ruth - 8th May 2012

I've been using my Mooncup for a few months now and I absolutely love it. It's completely changed the way I feel about my periods. There are so many advantages to it. It's so discreet. I love not having to carry tampons through the office :) It's going to be absolutely awesome if I get my period during my summer music festivals. I have been meaning to get one for years, but never quite got round to it. Now I'm going to buy them as birthday gifts for friends, on the offchance they give it a try! Thanks :)

Lucy - 2nd May 2012

I was doing a 5km swim, which I been training for four months. As it approached, I realised with a week to go it was going to be the heaviest day of my period. The swim was going to take me about two hours, I knew a tampon in the pool would only last an hour. I needed a solution and fast. I did some research on the web - and other swimmers recommended Mooncup. So I bought on on the Friday, used it for the first time on the Saturday, and swam on the Sunday. I was so happy - it was comfortable and didn't leak...and I shaved five minutes off my swim time from the previous year. I am still settling into using the Mooncup. It does seem to leak at night, but it's amazing during the day. So convenient for work - I don't have to walk the long way to the toilet with either my bag or a tampon in my hand. And to be able to swim without worrying about leaking is superb. I'm sure I'll sus it out at night, but even if I don't, I'm one happy bunny!

Juliette - 30th April 2012

I will never go back. Tricky my first 4 or so periods, but now it works perfectly - never leaks. I love that I don't have to deal with it nearly as often as tampons, I love not having a trash can filled with tanpons, I love the money I'm saving, I love how environmentally conscientious it is, and I love how comfortable it is. Soooo pleased. Thank you!

Alana - 29th April 2012

I am 14 years old and just got my period last summer. I've hated hot, sweaty, bulky pads with a passion and tampons sometimes leaked and you had to find a bathroom to change them without going over 8 hours; such a nightmare! However, I finally asked my mom if i could get a mooncup after reading about it for a week or so. I bought my size B MCUK (I live in the U.S.) two months ago, and it is wonderful! This is only my first day wearing it and i think I will have to trim the stem completely as it pokes me very uncomfortably, but other than that quick fix, it is WONDERFUL! I did have a little trouble getting in the first month though after trying several times, but I've got the hang of it now! I finally got it by putting it in during my shower and squatting, and it went in easily! I would recommend this to anyone, especially young girls, as it makes periods much better, easy to manage, and more private than ripping a pad in the bathroom at school or your friends house where everyone can hear you! Please buy a mooncup, it is wonderful and will make a day at the beach tons easier! And don't be afraid to ask your mom to buy you one!

Perri - 26th April 2012

Oh my goodness this product is amazing! I have only been using it for a short while, but its the most comfortable sanitary product I have EVER used. It doesn't make me feel gross, it hasn't leaked, and I finally don't feel ashamed to have my period! Thank you so much!!!

Sara - 22nd April 2012

Have to say this is the BEST solution ever. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it also leaves you feeling clean during your period where other products leave you feeling yukky no matter how often you change them. I came across moon cup when looking for alternatives to the usual monthly protection. I have to say this is the best investment I have ever made! More women need to know about your product.

Kim - 18th April 2012

I am so happy I found this product! I learned about it while searching for info about my very heavy periods - I don't know why my OB/GYN didn't suggest it when I discussed my heavy periods with her. This is the first week I have tried it, and I LOVE it! The first day was kind of tense (is it in correctly? how often should I check it? is it going to be a big mess?), and I had a bit of a leak one time due to it not being opened up properly, but I LOVE it already! No more sleeping with a tampon + pad, then waking up in a puddle of blood. No more soggy string. I am thrilled, and wish I had known about it years ago.

Amy - 17th April 2012

I love the Mooncup, I used it for the first time last month and it's really simple to use and you can't feel it. It also seems much "cleaner", there's no messy tampon to deal with. I just wish they were around when I was a teenager! Tell your friends about this great product!

Jo - 15th April 2012

Years of tampon use, 2 children, 2 coils and now a diapraghm user (due to both coils ending in tears at the 18m point and can't do hormones!)and about a year of umm-ing and arr-ing about buying a mooncup, i finally decided to just bite the bullet, save money, save the enviroment and give it a try! I have to say I was a bit dubious initially about leakage and fitting it properly (which i did struggle with a bit after auto-pilot high fitting tampons and diaphragms) but OMG, from the moment i put it in (and cut the stem a bit) i was a TOTAL convert! My periods are shorter and less painfull now (could also be connected to no coils anymore) but i'm sure it helps! I just can't imagine using a tampon now! I do have to say though even once you're poured the stuff down the loo, it's still bit icky so i always use a loo with a basin in it so I can fling it straight in the sink, quick rinse and then it's totally clean and ready to use again. But remember that bit, and for anyone who is, like i was, a bit dubious.. GIVE IT A GO!! I honestly don't think you will look back!

Abi - 14th April 2012

My first day was a bit weird. i cut the stem too short and was worried the cup might get lost. However, after using it for one cycle, I will NEVER use tampons/pads again willingly. This cup is a brilliant invention and an amazing step into women's comfortability with their bodies. The vagina is something to be taken care of and this cup does exactly that!

Rechelle - 13th April 2012

I first saw a sticker for the mooncup on a toilet door at uni. Once home I checked out the website and decided to give it a try. All I can say, is it's fantastic! No more buying and carrying around loads of tampons. The mooncup is so discreet and easy to use. I don't feel dry on lighter days and it has never leaked once on dryer days. My favourite part is knowing that I'm not damaging the environment with sanitary products. After all, when I have children I intend to use cloth nappies, so I'd be hypocritical to continue to use disposable sanitary products. The mooncup is the perfect solution, eco-friendly and actually makes my period easier to cope with.

Laura - 8th April 2012

I bought the mooncup about 5 months ago and to start with it was a bit hit and miss. The largest issue for me was the sizing, I bought the recommended size for a woman of my age (42 and no children) but found it incredibly difficult and uncomfortable to remove. I spoke to a friend of mine who also bought at the same time and she suggested going for the smaller size. I am a horse rider and have ridden for 20 plus years so think having well toned pelvic floor muscles made all the difference!! Anyway to cut a long story short the small one is perfect and i am now using it with more confidence. So i guess the point is if you undertake exercise that prompts a strong pelvic floor don't be afraid to buy the smaller one regardless of age!! Thanks Mooncup...

Lynne - 7th April 2012

Oh my goodness. Where have you been all my life? At aged 47 I discovered the mooncup. I'd been diagnosed with fibroids 10 years ago and have unpleasantly heavy periods, particularly a problem at night when i had regular leakage despite using double protection. Then I moved to France 8 years ago and live in a house with no mains drainage which means there's no nice way of disposing of used sanitary products other than to put it in the bin. The discovery of the mooncup means no unpleasant bin situations, no waste and even better no night time spillages. Thank you a million tines over!!!

Nicola31 - 5th April 2012

I've always used tampons but never liked the smelly disposal. Plus, as an Ironman triathlete, I had the problem of l-o-n-g training sessions (7-8 hours on the bike, 3 hours running and 1-2 hours in the water). Obviously you need to change tampons more often than that and where do you dispose of them out in the country side or on the beach? It was getting ridiculous: running the South Downs Way relay race (14 hours with no access to a loo) with used tampons in my bag - yuk! Plus, when I swim the tampon soaks up so much water that I have to dash to the loo and change the soggy thing with blood and water running down my leg. Again, a nightmare when you're trying to get a sea swim in before dashing to work. I've never yet had a period on an ironman race day but what can you use for 13 hours protection?! I heard about the mooncup years ago when I was trying to be Eco and use washable nappies but I thought it was just for hippies and I didn't know you could just reinsert if you didn't have access to a tap. Anyway with all the above, when it caught my eye in Boots, I decided to try it. Didn't care if I wasted £20. So far it's been brilliant. Swam twice yesterday (pool and sea). No soggy tampon!!!!! My daughter is 11 and I'm sure just about to start her periods. She is a competitive swimmer and swims 6 times a week. I'm going to tell her about it today :-)

HJ - 5th April 2012

Since having children my periods have been very heavy. This cost was money and knickers. Life was pretty crap off one week of every month. Now, since using the Mooncup I am free!! Free from late night trips to the coop for night time pads, free from guilt, all those non biodegradable tampons and I have new knickers that still look like new knickers. LOVE it, genius idea. It's so bloody easy everyone should have I one. No pun intended.

Mary - 2nd April 2012

I first saw a Mooncup on a medical program about alternative products for women and, must be honest, thought YUCK! However, a few months later and after looking at a few sites like this one, decided that it was time to try one. I am 42 and a single parent and have always used internal prtection but never liked the thought of filling the seas, etc. Mine arrived today, just in time and after making sure I had followed the instructions in the booklet, found how amazingly easy the Mooncup is, both to insert and to stop any leaks. Not messy at all. I know I am only a Day One User BUT must say, I AM AMAZED...so simple and so many reasons to use a Mooncup over 'regular' protection. I am already spreading the word and how do I get some stickers so more women can feel the same freedom? I will never look back. Everything you have read is TRUE! Thank You, all of you at Mooncup :0) x

Sarah - 31st March 2012

I have been using a Mooncup for a number of years now and it has saved me a lot of money and embarrassing leaks as I have very heavy periods. I DO still need to wear a pantyliner but change it far less frequently, and I think that the leaks I have are more due to a retroverted uterus than an actual failing on the part of the Moooncup. I have less period pain, more money and less concern about the environment; the country I live in rarely sells tampons; and because all toilets have a little washing hose next to them here, I can change discreetly anywhere :-)

Henneke - 26th March 2012

I've been using the mooncup for about 10 months. I thought it was the best invention ever. The most positive thing about it is the environmental impact (zero). Next is the impact on your body (zero). Next is the convenience (I have a heavy period, and still only empty it once a day). My body has now adjusted to it, and I can barely fit a tampon in anymore, it feels dry and unnatural. My only problem is that it doesn't work overnight for me, but it did take me over 4 cycles to even get the hang of it during the day, so I'm not giving up. I could go on forever, but all I will say is that it's a great investment. The positives completely outway the negatives. Definitely give it a go.

Jessi, 18 - 24th March 2012

After searching 'alternative to tampons and pads' on google, Mooncup came up in all the searches so I decided to be open-minded have a look, I only bought one this afternoon while in the middle of my period and already I am seeing and feeling a difference. I have been diagnosed with a ovary problem which as a result meant I can no longer use tampons without extreme pain in my ovary occurring on insertion. So I have to make do with pads throughout my very heavy periods, which as you can imagine isn't ideal (especially during the night) And just to top things off, I have become very allergic to all brands of pads and get painful rashes down there, which was the point where I couldn't take it any more which is why I took to google for alternatives! Now I have all the freedom of a tampon i.e. swimming etc without the pain and dryness that tampons give. Already there's all those benefits just for me alone before you even take into consideration how eco-friendly it is. How many times have you put a high absorbency night pad in expecting more just to find in the morning that hardly anything has come out during the night and now you have to throw away a virtually unused pad to go on landfill. I could go on all day about it, but all in all, even only after a few hours of owning one and reading all the brilliant reviews and the facts, it comes out on top every time. I really don't understand why this method isn't as well known as tampons in this day and age of everything being eco! I can see me using this for years and years to come, and definitely encouraging my future daughters to use it as well. I will recommend to all the women I know. Thank you xxx

Hannah - 23rd March 2012

I'm in Australia and ordered my Mooncup online. I have been using it for around a year now- I has completely changed the way I view having a period! It's no longer a hassle. It's easy, I hardly have to think about it. I boast about the Mooncup to anyone who cares to listen. I can sleep without any other protection. Have never had a leakage issue. I'm pretty sure my vaginal health is a lot better since I began using these. I generally feel cleaner. Seriously, life changing!

Alex - 20th March 2012

I've been using a mooncup since 2006, I think. I was living in the UK and I was getting skin reactions to pads, when I started getting irritations from tampon strings I decided it was time to look into menstrual cups, which I had heard about from a friend. I love it, 6 years later I'm buying another to keep in my bag so I don't have to worry about unexpected periods surprising me, particularly during travel. I travel a lot for work and it's great not having to pack a whole selection of sanitary products just in case.

Claire - 18th March 2012

I love my Mooncup. I bought mine on a whim to be more green and never wear pads again, and I couldn't live without it now. It definitely took some getting used to and I wouldn't say that it's any easier than other methods (it still takes me longer to put in and out than a tampon) but I not having to buy menstrual products is wonderful, and I never leak anymore. It was a lifesaver as I had stopped being able to wear pads because of severe itching (I would literally wake up trying to scratch my skin off) and since my flow was fairly light tampons made me very very dry and sore. (this seriously affected my sex life also). My Mooncup has fixed any issue I had. No itching, no dryness, and intercourse no longer feels "sandpapery". I would recommend to anyone.

Sara - 11th March 2012

I had been meaning to get a moon cup for ages but was somewhat dubious. Then I went to Glastonbury festival and was caught short... I came on, not the best place on the work to be trying to deal with that! Thankfully only a short walk from my tent was an outlet for the mooncup! So I bought one, it is without a doubt the best decision I have ever made!! I was warned it might be a bit much to use it for the first time at a festival, but the draw of not having to worry about changing my tampon every few hours was enough!! And with some persistance and ingenuity I was able to sort myself out at the tent with the use of a camping stove to keep things sterile!! I have always used tampons and no matter which I have used I have always had problems with leakages, but I've not had one in nearly a year of using the mooncup, I have told every woman I know about them! If I can manage to get used to using it whilst at Glastonbuy festival, anyone can do it with some persistence! Give it a go, you'll not look back! :D

Simi - 8th March 2012

I bought my mooncup when I was on holiday in the UK about 8 years ago. I found it invaluable when travelling to places like Thailand where the toilet facilities did not cater for tampons or sanitry towels. I feel great knowing that I am not adding to land-fill or blocking any sewerage pipes. I have recently had an IUD fitted and had to wear a tampon due to unforseen circumstances - I suffered extreme cramps when wearing the tampon and realised it was due to the pressure against my uterus. Once I was able to wear my mooncup again - the cramping disappeared.

Debi - Australia - 6th March 2012

Buying one has been on my to-do list for a few years, stupidly. I finally bought one yesterday. I've been practising with it yesterday and today - putting it in, feeling the stem chafing slightly, taking it out, trimming the stem a bit more, and now the stem is perfect, I don't feel a thing, no matter how I flex my pelvic floor muscles. But what I really came here to tell you is this: when I took it out for the first time with blood in it (my period just started this afternoon), I couldn't believe it. I held in my hand a clear cup of ruby-red, CLEAN blood. There was no fishy smell, as there always is with tampons! I sniffed it several times because I just couldn't believe it. I said to myself in shock, "It ... doesn't smell!" and began to cry. My body has been clean all along!

Cáit, 25 - 4th March 2012

I had bad period pains so in desperation tried the mooncup. The pain eased straight away. Please try it. Why suffer? I wish I'd tried it years ago!

Steph - 29th Fenruary 2012

I decided to use the mooncup because I got terribly sore each month during and after my period using tampons and pads. I no longer get the irritation and also don't become dry. Although I still leak a little on my heavy days (I have very heavy periods which can also be measured with the mooncup) I wouldn't go back to other methods. Another unexpected benefit is that I can now shower with my girls if necessary without the embarrassing questions that come with using tampons (or having no protection with pads). And not having a bin full of sanitary products each month is another added bonus. I recommend mooncup to all my friends and would hate to be without it.

Jenny - 28th February 2012

I bought my mooncup last week and am having my first period with it now...it's absolutely fantastic! It's very comfortable, I have had no leaks at all and I don't have the 'soreness' that I used to get from tampons. I feel very confident with it...next thing to try is an exercise class with it. Best £20 I have ever spent, and it helps the environment too. What more could a girl want?!

Han - 28th February 2012

I heard about the mooncup and it intrigued me so i looked into it and was impressed with what I read. I couldnt wait for my period to try it. My plan was to have a few goes before the big day but life kept getting in the way. When it did, I had another quick read of the leaflet and gave it a go. I was surprised how easy it was. I was expecting it to feel a little uncomfortable but no it didnt. I was going to a gig that night and decided to risk leaving it in cos I was just going to use it at home for the first month. I am so glad I did as I felt no discomfort or pain as I usually get very painful periods. I wore a panty liner just in case but there was no leakages at all. Gave me a huge sense of freedom, so much so I had forgotten I was even on my period. Usually I also feel 'unclean' but not while using this. Taking it out isnt as bad as it sounds, just got to take it slow. Im 3 days in now and I wont be going back to conventional methods.My boyfriend keeps laughing at me cos I cant stop going on about it, just so surprised at the ease of it all. Girls, dont delay, try it today!! You wont regret it.

Lisa - 26th February 2012

I'm adding my thoughts because it was reading others' testimonials which convinced me to give it a go, and to keep trying. The first couple of attempts were a bit awkward and I managed to spill everything all over the bathroom floor, but I've not done that again - I guess anything new is difficult, especially when you've been using tampons for near 30 years (eek)! Anyway, I'm on my second month now and I'm convinced it's the way forward, so much so that I've cleared out my bedside draw of tampons - leaving oodles of space for other stuff, so that's a plus. One big plus for me is that I won't have to be paranoid that I've left a tampon in - all those times in the morning when, bleary eyed you can't remember if you've taken it out or not - I certainly won't miss that! I've had to get up in the night for years because a tampon wouldn't cope with my flow on the first couple of days. The mooncup does cope which is great. And as I'm getting older my flow is heavier, and I was considering the progesterone coil to help slow things down - but now I don't feel I have to so that's a plus too. I'm just annoyed that I didn't give it a try years ago when I first came across them. I think it's a shame that the mooncup is not more widely sold and advertised.

Sarah - 26th February 2012

I'd been told about mooncup by a couple friends but was really nervous about trying it!Now i have i cant believe i didnt try it years ago! its brilliant - ive had no leaks, even at the gym Its really comfortable, can't even feel it!Its also pretty easy to insert, removing takes a bit of getting used to but i got the hang of it. Now im he one trying to convince my friends to use it.

Megan - 24th february 2012

As a pretty active teenager, those 7 days every month were an absolute nightmare as I have extremely heavy periods, always doubling up super pads and super tapons in order to avoid leaking and they needed changed every hour and a half or so. A month or two ago (while I was on work experience I might add) my period came on so I headed to Boots to buy some super plus tampons. It was while I was there that I spotted the mooncup. I had read about it before and seriously wanted to try it but I thought it might be a bit tricky. I splashed out, went straight home, sterilised it and put it straight in. I didn't have any problems at all, except that the cup was a tiny bit difficult to maneuvre in the first time. However, with a little practice I was able to nail it and I can tell you for a fact, I won't be looking back. There's no leaking, no pain, no discomfort and no changing ever hour. Hoooooraaay! Thankyou so much!

Amy - 22nd February 2012

Fabulous! On my second month of using the mooncup. I Have been suffering from eczema for almost 6 months which was brought on by using the usual sanitary items. The cream my doctor had prescribed didn't seem to help and towels for sensitive sking seem to be impossible to find here. I was looking online and came across the mooncup... "hummed and arred" and finally ordered one just after xmas! Slightly dubious when it arrived but I have to say it is amazing. The first time I used it, I used a panty liner because I honestly believed I may still get leakage... no surprise when my eczema returned but this month I have not used a liner and am so happy I have NO eczema! I can not sing the Mooncups praises any higher!

Becky - 22nd February 2012

I've been a supporter and user of the Mooncup for almost 5 years now and I've never looked back! It was the best £20 investment EVER. Pretty good going as I've saved nearly £450 within that time, not to mention saving the landfill space that no longer houses my icky disposables :-) Thank you Mooncup!

Alexys B - 21st February 2012

I've been using my Mooncup for 3 years and it genuinely has changed my periods forever! I changed to Mooncup and washable pads because I couldn't stand the waste that the plastic pads produce- they stink, they're itchy and they just don't feel right. Mooncup was a bit of a learning curve, but once you use it you'll never go back to disposables. It's so much more convenient- you don't have to carry repacements, just give it a rinse and off you go! They're so easy to use, environmentally friendly, and a great investment because if you look after them they last for years. I wish everyone would give it a try.

Beki - 20th February 2012

This has been a god send. I have very heavy periods and NOTHING has worked for me, until now. It's so much more comfortable to wear than tampons or pads and it's easier to change. I was having to use both My favourite part is not having to carry around sanitary products all of the time! Once you get over the size, I find folding it into a sort of triangle shape helps, it's great. It can leak a little bit, but I think that's more to do with how heavy my periods are, than a design fault. It can be a little messy, so I recommend trying it out when you're at home for a couple of days until you get the knack of changing it, doing it in the shower is a good idea, especially as using warm water help sooth period pains and provides a lubricant.

L - 19th February 2012

Having heard about the Mooncup some years ago, I finally decided to try it out having had some concerns about tampons and the fact I was using so many. I am 44 and now wish I had tried the Mooncup many years ago...it is brilliant and far easier than I originally thought it would be. I am using them with washable towels which are equally wonderful in beautiful colourful fleece made by Minki, easy to wash, easy to wear and help with feeling secure if anything leaks a little. Now on day 3, I have counted 147ml! It is also great because I can go without needing a bathroom for far longer, especially in the first few days... no more every half hour change. Thank you! Thank you! In a few years time, I will also be able to show my daughter that there is a suitable alternative to disposables which gives even more freedom and is better for the environment.

Amanda - 17th February 2012

It had been thinking of buying a Mooncup for a while but it still seemed a bit nasty and weird to me. But then one day my friend asked me if I knew about Mooncup. I was like, yeah, seems nasty. But then she told that she thought that she had lost her Mooncup but found it and new one is on it's way and if I want to buy it from her. Then I thought why not.. And when I started using it I felt sorry that I didn't buy it before! It is just amazing! I almost feel like I don't have my period when using it. Also, I have terrible stomach and back aces and they have really reduced. I really feel like I have to suggest it to all my friends!

Anja - 17th February 2012

I received my Mooncup and my initial thought was how large it was - but it was incredibly easy to insert and far easier than a tampon (which needs to be placed deeper into your vagina). It is absolutely brilliant and I will never use a tampon again. I have recommended it to all my friends and they are all ordering. Thank you for such a wonderful alternative to un-hygenic tampons, I wish I had heard about the Mooncup years ago :)

Josie - 15th February 2012

As a user of a few years now, I thought it was high time to put in my two pence worth and sing the Mooncup's praises. Since I got the hang of it, which I'd say took a few periods, I haven't used anything else. There are so many good points to it that I've never been able to find any downsides. It's especially good for swimming in; yes, the first time did feel experimental, but I had nothing to worry about. I just couldn't return to conventional protection now: I like the Mooncup too much!

Lucy - 13th February 2012

This product should be available in all supermarkets and pharmacies, it is so much better than menstrual pads. I've been using pads since I was 12, and I always hated the discomfort and smell they brought with their use. I wasn't keen using tampons, so when I initially considered trying something else, I chose clothe pads. Horrible experience. The odour did decrease, but my anxiety increased because I was terrified I would leak! Due to this I had to change them every hour, so after that debacle, I decided I'd give Mooncup a go. To be honest, the first day was weird, as I'd never used tampons and I had to get used to inserting it, but after that it was a breeze. It really is all about getting the knack of insertion correct, and after that it's a walk in the park. No more smells, and no you don't get blood on your hands when you have to take it out! It's made my period so much more easy, and I greatly regret not having tried it earlier. Please, please start advertising this products on tv, it's very hard to find out about these products. I never realised there was an alternative to pads/tampons until I read it online. Keep up the good work!

Hannah - 12th February 2012

Ladies, we all need to spread the word! If you also love the mooncup tell your mates and get them to check this site out. I have now got 10 of my friends using it and promising to spread the word further! (a few of these mates found it a suprising birthday present but thank me now!) I feel that tampons are so horrible now i have found a better way and cant believe anybody can use towels in this day and age. The mooncup is literally te best invention for women ever. Ladies, if you are reading this and dont already have one sort your act out and get one now- you have nothing to loose and a heck of a lot to gain. Thanks Mooncup folks!! Amy

amy - 12th February 2012

I just purchased my second Mooncup after using the first one for almost a decade. Since then I haven't used any pads or tampons so I have to say it has definitely earned its money back! I really recommend every woman to give it a try. It may feel awkward and a bit too hands on at first, but once you get comfortable with it it'll change the way you deal with your period. It's SO much more liberating and comfortable than wearing a pad or worrying about tampon leakage. I couldn't imagine my life without my Mooncup!

Vera - 11th February 2012

I have used my Mooncup for several years and now I am delighted to see they are available in Boots (mainstream chemist!!) as well as online. How I wish I had had one from 20 years ago. It has got a bit discoloured with time but that is really irrelevant. I tried another brand which was dark red coloured rubber which is a good idea to have this colour as it will become this colour in time anyway....but the other brand was much less flexible and more rigid, not as comfortable as Mooncup. I find MC simplicity itself to use, insertion is reasonably easy if I hold it folded into itself and just let it 'pop' open inside me. Removal...I did have to cut the whole stem off as it was protruding and irritated me, but once I'd done that I found that if I pinched the base it broke the suction and I could ease it out. You do have to keep it upright on removal UNLESS you remove it over the loo of course or it spills. I had to hold it tight if removing over the loo to stop it falling in! Once in, it never leaked. I found I could leave it in for a day and a night sometimes, and forgot it was there. You can't feel it at all. I even started to have sex once or twice forgetting I had my period and it was still in! It was slightly embarrassing having to ask my partner to close his eyes while I swiftly took it out and emptied it on the ground or a tissue then hid it in the tissue!! I am now menopausal and during this time I have had month-long flooding while my body deals with the hormone thing. But throughout I have used the MC and no problem! Even with the heaviest flooding where I actually had to go to the hospital to ask advice about was my womb haemmorhaging because of fibroids or something, the MC just kept on catching it all and letting me know when it was full (I could feel a slight overflow seepage but nothing major, a panty liner caught it) the only difference was i had to empty it more often. But it holds an amazing amount of blood before you have to empty it. Mooncup, you saved me from having to be housebound stuck to a chair with a huge panty pad pile strapped to my bottom!!! You are a hero!!!!

Cathy - 10th February 2012

I hate to say it, but after one afternoon of using the Mooncup I'm a TOTAL convert - I love it. I first came across them a couple of weeks ago, and stumbled upon it again this morning. I decided to give it a go as I'm all for the environment. Turns out it's convenient to use, easy to get used to, much more comfortable than a tampon. The only thing I would say is - why didn't I hear about this product years ago. seriously, promote this more!!!!

Nicola B - 4th February 2012

I am a total Mooncup convert!!! Been meaning to get one for a while, then bought it the other day on day 1 of period, and now on day 3 can happily say I will never go back to tampons. I found it really easy to start using (possibly because I've been using tampons for so long) and it's very comfortable - more so than tampons which can be very drying, and it's often difficult to judge which size you need as I can go from heavy to light and back again several times a day. Thank you Mooncup - just wish I'd been brave enough to try it earlier!

Gemma - 2nd February 2012

Here I am, with a pad on, an old towel on the bed, and body prepared to not move during the night...as usual at this time of the month. I was thinking about all this and unable to relax, as usual again, and thinking about my upcoming move to my fiance's house in another country. Being a creature of habit, I had already wondered if they will have my brands of pads and tampons there, and I just hoped and wished that maybe the massive and massively-embarassing leaking that comes with a night of a heavy period would magically not happen there, next to him, in HIS BED! So I was bored and I went to my smartphone to look up what had occurred to me to keep from leaking: a menstrual diaper? And I found a link and testimonial for the Mooncup, which I, like so many others, had heard of but was afraid to try. After an hour of reading nothing but positive (and glowing) testimonials and watching a demo video and seeing the actual cup for the first time, I will buy my own Mooncup first thing tomorow morning, hopefully not after cursing and cleaning up. Like all the enthusiastic reviews before me, sorry for writing so much, but I guess this is one thing all of us women get excited about!

Kayla - 1st February 2012

I head about this last week and ordered one pretty much right away hoping it would arrive before my next period. It did arrive on time and I tried it for the first time yesterday. I can honestly say, I was a little unsure at first but now I am delighted!! I got used to it almost right away, and once i've mastered the overnight leakage issue,(only used it over one night) I reckon this is the best thing since sliced bread!!! I want to tell everyone about it!!!

Suzanna - 31st January 2012

The mooncup is the best buy I've ever made. It can be tricky in the beginning and you might experience some leakage, but in time you learn how to do it! I really recommend it! Save money and the environment :)

Frida - 31st January 2012

A few days in from first using a mooncup and already there's no going back. So much less hassle and no horrid smell and the niggling feeling of creating so much waste is gone. Insertion was okay once I figured out a better way of folding it, but I did run into problems trying to get it out - the suction wouldn't let up and it was quite painful. It's really important to release that seal & not let it reseal! Try it in the shower, the warm & wet really does help.

Katie - 31st January 2012

I have been using a mooncup for 2 years now and totally love it, wish that I'd known about them years ago. My 13 year old daughter is a competitive swimmer and I bought her one in readiness for her periods to start...which they did yesterday, and she managed it no problem. She's there saying "I don't know what all the fuss is about" - as her friends make a big thing. She's delighted too!

Dawn - 30th January 2012

I first used the mooncup when i was 14, my periods were getting so heavy that i would wear incontinence pants and i would still leak through :( So when i heard about the mooncup, i thought it would be the perfect way to prevent leakage and keep track of my flow each month, as i am now attempting to get pregnant!! Overall, I love mooncup, who says a girl with a heavy flow can't wear white skinny jeans!

tessa - 28th January 2012

I first heard about the Mooncup 4 years ago, and after a couple of months I thought I may as well try it. I'm so glad I did as I have never looked back. At first I thought it was pretty gross and that's what put me off, but it's so easy to use, lasts hours, isn't messy and is good for the environment! What more can you ask for? Seriously, try it!

Chloe - 28th January 2012

fantastic- really pleased with the moon cup saving money and landfill - hope girls in school are being given the opportunity to learn about this other form of managing their periods. lets get a new generation using moon cups, think of the impact it will make on reducing waste !!!!!!!!!

Andrea - 25th January 2012

I wouldn't use anything else. I suffered for years with recurring thrush and urine infections but have been completely clear since I started using my Mooncup. I can only attribute it to not using tampons that are bleached and upset my body's natural balance. I love my Mooncup. It's simple to care for and clean, it's easy to pop in and out, and one day I'll be buying one for my daughter. I'd much rather she learn to live with her periods in the most natural way, than bung herself up with bleach-soaked cotton wool.

Polly - 23rd January 2012

Hi, I first saw an advert for a mooncup on the back of a toilet door and wasn't convinced as it sounded quite 'messy'. However a couple of years ago in a quest to be more environmental I thought i would give if a go. It took a little while to get used to it and adjust the stem to the right length but once there I love it, and it's no more messy than tampons. What's more I got caught out recently and had to buy tampons, I had completely fogotten how much of a pain it was to have to change a tampon every 2-3 hours and decide which size u needed. Don't get me wrong I know that I am lucky and don't have a heavy flow but using tampons is so much harder. To top it off, I also have vaginismus, I have gained help and it is much better than it ever was. For years I have coped with using tampons as a needs must, but the discovery of the mooncup was great...no more trying to insert dry cotton objects, the mooncup is so much easier to insert and withdraw and once in you forget its even there. Basically if you are slightly in doubt don't hold back, go for it. The only hesitation I would have is if u have a very heavy flow as I am not quite sure how convenient this would b then. Good luck, hopefully it will be as beneficial as it has been for me.

Sarah - 23rd January 2012

I was told about these in my early teens but didn't see any for sale until a few years ago. I'm in my mid 20's now and am upset I wasted so much money in between on leaky tampons, towels which made me insecure and having to wear black "just in case". I have been using my Mooncup now for around two years and it has a little compartment in my handbag so I'm never caught short. I tend to use disabled toilets if I'm in public as I am able to wash it out in between but if not I just wipe and reinsert. It was a little uncomfortable at first but I got used to the feeling and am able to insert it a lot easier which helped. I don't get the dryness I used to with tampons on the last day or two and don't even need pantyliners as I am confident. This is a genuine testimonial and I'm glad my friend's mum told me about them years ago even if it took me a while to get there. I've probably saved around £60 so far and I'm helping the environment.

Nikki - 23rd January 2012

Started using my mooncup a little before Christmas after months of dithering over whether to buy one. It is the best thing ever! Saves the expense of pads, can be used on light medium and heavy days and for whatever reason eases my period cramps! I used to be on transexamic acid to control the pain now I usually dont take paracetamol!

Hayley - 23rd January 2012

Just tried mooncup today for the first time and am very impressed. Very comfortable , no leaks .... So far anyway !!! Will certainly be using it from now on !!!

Hayley - 20th January 2012

I was reading these testimonials a few weeks ago while trying to decide whether it was worth buying a Mooncup and if it would be just as good for me ... it was and it is! Seriously, don't hesitate. By the third empty I was waxing lyrical about it to my husband and by the end of my period (today) I was kicking myself for not having bought one when I first heard about them a few years ago. Natural-feeling, incredibly comfortable and easy to use, no leaks, no dryness, no smell, none of that horrible feeling when you feel like your soaked tampax is about to slip out and, above all, a deep satisfaction from knowing that of the billions of tampax polluting the sea, there will be no more of mine ever again. Now onto persuading everyone I know to get one ...

Amanda - 18th January 2012

I only started using it yesterday, but I already love it! I didn't find it too tricky to insert or remove and it feels really comfortable. It's so much more convenient than tampons and sanitary towels and the environmental benefits are a bonus.

Tasha - 16th January 2012

I bought a mooncup having read about them as an environmental alternative to tampons and towels. However I hadn't appreciated it would also have so many personal lifestyle and health advantages beyond cutting down on landfill! If you are swithering I definitely recommend you give it a go - and keep at it. Yes, it is a bit tricky at first - it's taken me several months to get used to it/get the knack. But this has definitely paid off. Now I trust it completely and am amazed at how natural and easy it now seems. It doesn't leak or smell, or make you dry or uncomfortable in the slightest - you can just forget its your period until its time to change it (and you can do that less often too which is great for light days). I seem to get less thrush type symptoms too which is another bonus. So glad I persevered. Thanks Mooncup!

Josephine - 15th January 2012

I have been using a Moon Cup for four years. It was recommended to me by my gym trainer, as i expressed my long suffering periods (I could bleed for upwards of 20 days). I love my Moon Cup it is comfortable easy to insert and remove and i actually forget that i am wearing it at times.

Emma - 9th January 2012

I am now on my second mooncup, having had the first one for 6 years I lost it (was nearly time to replace anyway). It is fabulous, I would seriously never use anything else. It just seems so logical and simple when you think about it- why do we bother with disposable sanitary ware?!

Emma - 6th January 2012

Since having my second child my periods had become sooo heavy. At first I tried the Mirena, but it left me feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Hormonal birth control just isn't for me. So I ended up having a copper coil put instead, which can make periods EVEN HEAVIER!!! Thankfully this hasn't been a problem thanks to the Mooncup. My periods are still heavy, but the Mooncup copes admirably. It took a few times to get the hang of putting it in to ensure no leakage, but we're there now and I'm not looking back. Main benefits for me - copes with heavy periods even through the night, periods seem less painful, periods are shorter, save money. So I get a bit of blood on my fingers. Who cares?! It's all mine!

Jocelyn - 6th January 2012

I stumbled across an advertisement for Mooncup in the public toilets in Morrisons in Penrith 5 years ago, it seemed like an amazing idea and immediately I looked the website on returning home. I had always hated using sanitary products and the chemical smell was never something I warmed to, do I took a chance and ordered aMooncup, one of the best things I have ever done, it's simple, it's easy and mostly the smell of the horrible chemicals has gone, I'm sold and rave about it to all who will listen, thank you Mooncup you have saved me and the environment a great deal! I love it...

Debi - 5th January 2012

I have had my Mooncup for just one menstrual cycle and already I am in love with it! I found at first that the appearance of it can be daunting, but honestly once you have gotten used to using it you will wonder what you did without it! There genuinely is absolutely no leakage, and it is so easy to clean. I have been telling everyone about it and in using the Mooncup I have gotten to know my own body much better. If you are considering buying one - just do it, because you honestly won't regret it!

Lisa Marie - 5th January 2012

I cannot stress enough how great the mooncup is. The only things that took a little getting used to were a)remembering to take water into public toilet cubicles (to rinse when changing) and b) insertion and removal. However, once you get used to these things, there's no looking back. I took my mooncup for 9 months travelling around Asia and I'm SOO glad I discovered it for that trip. It's hard to get hold of tampons in Asia and using precious backpack space for towels / tampons would've been impossible. With the mooncup I always had an effective sanitary product with me that was water-resistant (and no danger of that embarrasing tampon-string-poking-out-the-swimsuit thing!). Thank you mooncup, you are marvellous! I'm trying to convert all my friends! :)

Emma - 4th January 2012

I just realized the other day that I've been using my Mooncup for almost 8 years already! My how time flies! I never will go back to disposable products! Its so comfortable and convenient.

April - 4th January 2012

Mooncup has changed my life! A friend of mine was so thrilled with her discovery, i just had to try. Having used the mooncup for the last 6 months now, I really don't think i could go back to using tampons. The most profound part of this experience for me has been this feeling of finally understanding my body. An awareness of how my period progresses and makes me feel day by day. I subsequently have made moves to become healthier and rethink hormonal contraception. Also having a clear visual of just how much blood you loose on your fist few days made me realised that the odd iron boost would benefit me supposed to coffee and a pain killer. I don't consider myself new age in any respect but I feel now that our bodies aren't designed to be complicated with products, hormones and corporations and advertising - mooncup is just the simplest, cleanest device, no frills and i love that ! Thank you mooncup people for such a revolutionary product!

Alexandra - 2nd January 2012

A friend sent me a link to your site about a year ago, partly in jest. After looking and doing all the background research, though, I just had to give it a try. It was a little awkward at first - I cut the stem too short and had some weird moments getting it in and out. But after sticking with it for a cycle, it was so much better than anything else I've tried and I'm thoroughly pleased with it now. SO much easier, SO much less wasteful, and easy to clean. Makes having a period not nearly as miserable or messy. I can't believe I don't see these advertised more often!

Amy N. - 13th December 2012

I have been using my mooncup for 6 years now...and love it.I wish I had known about it before.It is easy to use and not once have a had a leak.So much more hygenic and safer than Tampons or towels.Most of my friends now use a mooncup and are very happy to.Try it ,you have nothing to lose.I wonder why charities are not promoting these in 3rd world countries they would surely benefit the women there.I cant say enough how good they are .

Helen - 3rd December 2012

I bought a Mooncup approx. 1.5 hours ago, boiled it and inserted it. I have never used menstrual cups before and all I can say is that I'm one happy girl! THANK YOU for this great product!

Lisa - 29th November 2011

I purchased this product awhile back, but just recently started my period again (PCOS and Amenorreah so I decided to give it a try. I used it all night the first night, and didnt feel anything, and slept like a baby- which is great, because even with super sized tampons, I am usually up 2-3 times a night changing them!!!!I am a very heavy bleeder.... but I just have to say that I love this product, and the fact that there is an alternative out there to pads and tampons, that is better for the enviroment, and safer for me! I have been spreading the word to all my gal pals, because this is something that every woman should be aware of!!!!

cerissalaine - 29th November 2011

The Mooncup is so great, sometimes I forget I'm even having my period!

Kate - 20th November 2011

I wish I'd found out about the Mooncup when I first started my period. It would have saved me money and years of discomfort and embarrassment, especially during my traumatic teens, not to mention all the landfill and waste that women's sanitary products take up around the world. The Mooncup given me so much freedom and comfort since I started using it four years ago. The only time I remember I have my period is when it's time to empty it. If I have a daughter I'll be making sure she uses one--in the meantime I tell all my female friends about it.

Angie from Australia - 19th November 2011

Fantastic-can't rate it highly enough! when i first got mine i wanted to buy all my (girl) friends one. They declined.. I've had mine for about 6yrs now. very easy to use, clean, no ache like i used to get with tampons. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.

helen - 19th November 2011

Hi - Have been using the Mooncup for almost 9 or 10 years now, and have just bought a second one. It's been great, must have saved £££s over the years, travelling is easy, sports, swimming etc etc. All with the warm fuzzy feeling that you are not adding to landfill each month. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Helen - 16th November 2011

I use the mooncup and i swear i will NEVER go back to tampons or pads. My whole vagina and downstairs feels so much cleaner and healthier and since i started using it i haven't had a sign of infections (which i used to get alot while using normal sanitary wear. I have reccommended it to all of my friends and a few of them now use it as well. They are easy to use, easy to clean, easy to insert and remove and you never have to worry about when to buy tampns or pads.

Chrissie - 16th November 2011

It is everything it's cracked up to be and better. Yes you need a little practice getting it in and out at first, but it is so vastly superior to pads and tampons in *every* way, including a few things I didn't really think about, that didn't really register, until I experienced it myself: #1, the convenience that comes of it NOT being disposable -- once your period starts, you *never* have to give a moment's thought to your "supplies", getting it to the bathroom discreetly, etc.; and #2, feeling so much cleaner externally - no smudgy smelly sticky anything. I have never felt so free in all my life. I also couldn't believe how quickly I came to trust that it is, truly, completely leakproof - I thought I'd take a few periods to really believe it. But when you're using it right, you immediately know, you can feel it, the seal and how secure it is. Amazing product, only regret not having it sooner.

Madeline - 14th November 2011

I heard about Mooncup from my Mum a few years ago and decided to give it a go. I hated having periods and actually found them quite distressing but since using the mooncup, it's all completely changed. I'm able to deal with the blood and I feel a lot cleaner through using it. My mum has since got one, and I've recommended it to friends and a local health food shop that's just opened. I absolutely love it and would love for mroe people to know about it and understand it.

Jo - 9th November 2011

I've been using my mooncup for about 4 years now and couldn't be happier with it. I have heavy flow for a couple of days and then it's really light, I was always either paranoid of leakage or uncomfortably dry. No more of that! It's so comfortable I forget I'm wearing it. Brilliant for travelling, camping in the bush, night shifts without toilets and all sorts of awkward situations where sanitary disposal facilities are non-existant. I wish I had heard of it years ago.

Helen - 7th November 2011

It was a dark and stormy night, and a dark and storm "time of the month" when I realized what was happened. Mother nature had taken revenge on me, and I was stuck in the middle of the Lake District with an alcoholic care-taker and his hippie wife. I built up the courage to ask her for a pad.. and something new and exciting happened. She offered me a mooncup. I knew that moment was fate; the moment Shakespeare and Eliot and Hemingway talk about. Since then, I've only felt free. Periods are my favorite time of the month!

Lake District Hiker - 6th November 2011

I bought the mooncup in a moment of eco-madness, which quickly subsided after initial use. A few month later though, I gave it another try and love it- even when I am not sitting on a green feminist cloud. My period is a slight nuisance now, no longer a somewhat gory affair, strewn and purses stuffed with towels which fall out at any inopportune moment.

Daisy - 24th October 2011

Just thrilled I finally got round to buying one :) took me a couple of months to be totally comfortable with it but would never go back now. Feels much more hygienic, no dryness and great for light and heavy days. Only leaked once when I didn't get it right but now I'm used to it so much more 'safe' than tampons. Great product, thanks Mooncup :)

Laura - 24th October 2011

A wonderful product which has changed my whole attidute towards my period. Aas well as making life so much easier, and saving me loads of money, I now feel more connected to my body and less ashamed of what is in fact a natural and wonderful process! Thank you!

bella - 24th October 2011

I do not have words for how much I love my Mooncup! I found out about them by accident, and am SO glad I did! I could not imagine my life without my mooncup! I suffer from such heavy periods that I went and had surgery (emdometrial ablation) to try and help, with no sucess. Then I stumbled on a site discussing menstral cups, I had no idea what in the world they were talking about, and to be honest at first thought the idea of a menstral cup was disgusting. But I was intregued, so I bought one anyway. So, so, so glad I let my curiousity get the best of me! I will NEVER again go back to ANYTHING other than the mooncup! Pads are gross, stinky and messy. Tampons are just as bad as well as uncomfortable! Teh Mooncup is so comfortable that there are times that I forget that I even have my period. With the Mooncup, I can get back to my life without having to worry about leaks and smells and if someone is going to see my dirty tampon or pad in the garbage. I can't speak highly enough of the Mooncup. I just wish it was more advertised so I would have been able to get back to normal life earlier!

Des - 23rd October 2011

I just wanted to say how much I love my Mooncup. Seriously. I'm so enthusiastic about it. It's probably my best purchase. Ever. I honestly don't know how I coped with periods beforehand! It's more cost effective, it's better for the environment & it lasts far longer than tampons/pads! I've been having terribly heavy periods recently, I think I would have been cowering in a corner at home without my Mooncup! I really think every woman should have a Mooncup!

April - 18th October 2011

I started using the Mooncup last month after over a year of deliberation about whether to use it, now I wish I’d just got on with it and taken the plunge when I first heard about it at Glastonbury Festival. It’s just the best invention EVER. After a tricky start, I wasn’t convinced it would be completely leak free, I was paranoid and still used a towel as well, just in case, but totally unnecessary now, I’ve got the hang of getting it in and out, with hardly any mess at all, and it’s only my second month using it. I just wish I’d known about it years ago, not only does it save money but it reduces the impact on the environment too. Brilliant.

Helen - 17th October 2011

I am converted and don't know what has taken me so long! Having worn towels for over twenty years and finding tampons uncomfortable with dryness I cannot thank the people who came up with the Mooncup enough. It took a while for me to take the plunge, as once out of the packaging my first thought was 'surely not!' but was suprised by how easy this was to use (thanks for the easy to use guide too). So I can put the old bigger knickers to the back of the drawer and dispense with the bottom shelf of sanitary pads in the bathroom, no more ensuring there are enough in handbag either! This is by far the most comfortable I have ever been, and that's quite an acheivement for over twenty years. Sincere thanks again and I urge others to take the plunge as I did. Periods are no longer an issue.

Debbie - 16th October 2011

I love, love, LOVE mooncup! Wahooo! What a fantastic and useful little thing :-) I hated my periods and always worried about leaking and constantly running to the loo.....not any more though! Once my moncup is in, that's it! Worries are over and I actually forget I'm on my period! I definitely could NOT say that for any other menstrual product. I recommend Mooncup to everyone! It took a little getting used to when I first used it but practice definitely makes perfect :-) thank you so much!

Laura - 13th October 2011

I've been using the Mooncup for about 4 years now and really wish I'd discovered it much earlier! I admit I was a little sceptical at first because I do have heavy periods and was afraid of leakage problems. However, all my fears were laid to rest straight away. I found the Mooncup really easy to insert and extremely comfortable. It is so easy to forget that it's there atall. Infact, as one lady has already mentioned, you have to keep reminding yourself to go to the loo and empty it! The only small problem I've encountered is at night when I have leaked a little a couple of times, but that's due to sleeping too long between empties, and not any fault of the Mooncup itself. i simply use washable cotton pads as extra protection and problem solved! When I used tampons I was plagued with recurrent bouts of thrush due to dryness, but since I've been using my Mooncup I've had no thrush atall. It's been marvellous! So all in all, I can't recomend the Mooncup highly enough. With all the advantages, plus it being better for the environment, I would NEVER EVER go back to tampons if you paid me! I've got two Mooncups, one to keep at home and one that I carry around in my handbag. The little cotton bag that the Mooncup is kept in is pretty and descreet, and it's far easier than carrying a bulky box of tampons around with you. Get one now - you will not be disappointed!

Catherine - 9th October 2011

I love my Mooncup! I highly recommend it (and do to friends regularly). After getting used to it using other sanitary products become frustrating in comparison. I do find that in the first couple of days my flow is pretty heavy and so I do wear a liner or pad, but I think my periods are heavier than average. Give it a go!

Indy - 3rd October 2011

I have suffered from an extremely heavy menstrual flow, so that the idea of a day out with the girls, or hiking with my boyfriend always left that fear of not being near a bathroom when my sanitation products eventually began to leak (sometimes within 2 hours). I tried the moon cup on a day I knew I´d be home all day, so that when it started to leak I´d be able to change quicky. I shouldn´t have worried. It is AMAZING. I never have leakage problems, like I would have with tampons, and even in the morning, I can make a cup of tea and go back to bed without having to first run to the bathroom. It is definitely worth trying, and is environmentally friendly to boot! Thanks mooncup! :-D

Elouise - 30th September 2011

I bought mooncup after reading about them on a forum where I had ranted about tampons and pads being so gross. Someone suggested it and I was a little iffy but I figured if I can use nuvaring birth control I can use this! I got it and waited for my period to show and when it finally did I had forgotten I had the mooncup and I looked in the medicine cabinet. No freakin tampons but there right next to my empty tampax box was that little cotton bag. Holy hallelujah talk about a life saver! I have never felt so clean and free while having my period. I was lucky and got the hang of it right away and I've loved it since! I really wish more women knew about this. I have a daughter and she will NEVER have to use a disgusting pad or tampon if I have anything to do with it!

Lizbeth W. - 25th September 2011

I have been using Mooncup for around a year now, and it is amazing!! I was absolutely terrified at first, worrying about hygiene, ease of inserting it, and the taboo nature of it. I found advertising of it on a liberal friend of mine's Twitter account, and boy am I glad I saw it! Hygiene isn't to be worried about as it is easily cleaned, and because it is seethrough you can easily tell if it is dirty. Once you get used to it, it's fine to use, and easy to insert, you soon become a pro! And as for it being taboo, I am now working against that, having become an affiliate, and ordering lots of information to give to my work colleagues. Thankyou Mooncup, you are amazing!

Lauren - 18th September 2011

Thank you for inventing the Mooncup! Searching for a tampon alternative to deal with perimenopausal dryness and extreme menstrual cramps, the Mooncup is a welcome relief. Cramps are radically diminished and everything is neat and clean. Plus, using this device helps the environment. Who could ask for anything more! I HIGHLY recommend this to all women!

Karen - 15th September 2011

I for one hate to see the sight of blood and the messy wet feeling you get from a sanitary pad. While living in the UK I was introduced to the mooncup and havent looked back since. The mooncup is so comfortable sometimes I forget I have it in. I don't get any leaks and during working hours I dont have to keep checking because it holds so much. It's safer than anything on the market and saves me money every month. I would recommed this to anyone. It's ashame it doesn't sell in the Caribbean because all my family and friends wants one now!

TriniKrissy - 13th September 2011

Just purchased my first moon cup after years of debating. It was a bit tricky at first but after perservering the results are amazing! I had surgery a few years ago and as a result was finding it increasingly difficult to use tampons due to pain and dryness. but the mooncup has resolved all my issues no more thrush, no more dryness, so comfortable you dont know your wearing it and i know im doing my part for the environment! Im spreading the word fast Mooncup is a goddess in a cup.

Ash - 12th September 2011

Why wouldn't you use this? Its cheaper, its more comfortable, its better for the environment, it stops all those horrid period pains, and it feels right. If you're at all unsure do yourself a favour and try it. Probably two months to be sure, but I think you'll love it after the first day of wearing it. And if you're worried about getting it out don't be, just relax and you'll be fine. Honestly, anyone not using a mooncup is missing out on something amazing.

Trish -

I am 15 and just got into year 11 at school. I have always been curious about finding new and improved menstrual products so went out to buy a mooncup after reading such good reviews. On the day of purchase I attempted to insert it using both folds and found myself giving up. I was sure that it would never work for me so I emailed the Mooncup FAQ email and immediately got a response. From then on I could gradually insert more and finally it was in! Today I am on the second day of my first period with the mooncup and it is really good. My favourite part is that I can sleep in it. I am still finding removal a bit difficult because the suction is very strong but I'm sure it will come to me. I wish my mum had known about mooncup because she has really heavy periods and only uses sanitary towels but she is 51 and they will stop soon. I would also love to tell my friends but they would probably think it's disgusting to put a cup in your vagina. Maybe in the future. I also love the fact that I don't need to carry around any tampons so when boys look through your bag there is no embarrassment. Thank you Mooncup. P.S; sorry it's soo long.

Maeve - 10th September 2011

I just stopped the Depo shot and after not having a period for about 5+ years and started having my period again, I dug out my remaing stock of girly supplies. Hate tampons, panty liners, all of it (and not to mention how stinky things get in the summer months). So I decided to look online for an alternative. Found the MCUK and can't be more excited. And what are the odds that the day my next period started my MCUK arrived in the mail! I immediately cut the stem off, folded, and insterted the cup, first try no problems, first removal no problems. If you are comfortable with your own body, PLEASE GET A MCUK , you will NEVER go back to uncomfortable drying tampons. I plan on getting all of my sisters MCUKs for Christmas! They will probably think I'm nuts, but they will love me for it! *So fresh and so clean!* That's the only song I sang all day the first time I used my MCUK!

DJ - 9th September 2011

I recently graduated from university where, living in a women's college as I did, I used to see little stickers and flyers about the place occasionally recommending the Mooncup. I never paid particular attention to them. However, about six months ago, something I've now forgotten reminded me of those little stickers, and it occurred to me that I might as well give it a try. I spent a little time on the website looking up whether it would be suitable for me (I have extremely heavy periods, severe cramps, and use an IUD), concluded that it probably was, and ordered one. I will never go back. My Mooncup has made my life so much easier, and so much more pleasant. No leaking, no fuss, no discomfort. Although I would never have believed that it could happen, even my previously-crippling period pains have become much more bearable. It's comfortable and hygenic. I didn't even have any problems with using it during a festival. I couldn't be happier or recommend it more highly.

Jay - 9th September 2011

I have had heavy peroids for over 10 years and always found tampons and towels inconvenient and messy. Then I discovered the mooncup! I am able to go swimming during my cycle and not have to worry about changing my sanitary protection so frequently. I leave my mooncup in place for up to 8 hours and am always assured of its protection. I have now had the Marina Coil fitted to reduce menstrual flow but I still use my mooncup which is fine with a lighter flow. I'm still trying to convince other women to switch!!

Stephanie - 6th September 2011

After years of dithering, I finally decided to try this product because my preferred tampon brand is no longer available for sale in my country. I joked to my husband this morning that I was taking it on a dry run ... which, because of my irregular cycle, turned out to not be quite so "dry"! ;-)
This. Product. Works.
Un grand "Merci" à toute l'équipe de Mooncup!

Adrienne - 6th September 2011

I suffer from prolonged periods (longest being 12 weeks!) and had been using towels as tampons give me stomach ache. I hated the feeling of using towels, the smell, itchyness etc so I came across the mooncup thanks to the wonders of google. Cant believe i have never heard of this product before! First time using was very daunting but once i got over the initial sqeamishness of it all, it has made the whole period experience much more bareable. No more worries of leaking, no paranoia of smelling or tummy pains from using tampons. Think companies like mooncup need to do more advertising to get the word out there for other girls

suzy - 4th September 2011

It's my first day using the mooncup and I am already very very impressed. I am a lifeguard and avid swimmer and every month I avoided swimming like the plague so as to avoid embarrassing leakages that I get with tampons. It's mortifying. Now though I cannot wait to get in the pool and roadtest this baby! I thought it would be harder to insert but after years of tampons it's pretty easy. Amazing. Thank you mooncup, you're a lifesaver

Megan -

Ever since starting my period at a young age of 10, they have been an awful and painful experience for me. I started with pads, which I hated - and then at about 12/13 I tried tampons, which at the time seemed a godsent at the time! However, my periods got worse and they were out of control, until a couple of months ago at the age of 17, I came across Mooncup - I was slightly hesitant at first but then I purchased one. After a little getting used to, I can honestly say it has been the best sanitary purchase I have ever made and only wish I had heard of it sooner, I feel cleaner and fresher each and everyday and Mooncup has made my life much much easier as a young woman! I can only give a big THANKYOU to the ease it has put me at! A truly amazing product that is worth investing in.

Nicole - 29th August 2011

Since I had a big baby, I figured I would need the larger size, but after a year of not getting the same results as others on here I decided it wouldn't hurt to try the smaller cup, well, that'd it, I'm comfy, clean and totally forget about periods now! I don't have to rush out of bed in the morning or plan my day around toilet breaks, its just great.

Julie - 29th August 2011

I have been using my moon cup for about 7 years and i absolutely love it. my periods are less painful and i have never had a leak to this day. i have spread the word like mad and converted some sceptical friends who are also really pleased. This thing has revolutionised my period. thanks

hannah - 25th August 2011

the best purchase made!like anything takes time to get use to it but i love it!periods don't even feel like they exist anymore!heaven!lease try it..you don't realize what your missing out on!

sally - 24th August 2011

I got my mooncup 4 months ago and I admit the first time I tried to use it, it was an epic fail. I thought I was going to lose it inside and I freaked out completely and didn't use it for a couple months. Then I thought I should give it another go because a some friends use it and they were just raving about it. I realised that the reason I had so many difficulties removing it when I first tried it is because I freaked out and got all tensed up. When I tried it again I tried desperately to relax and it all went very well. I have been using it for 2 months now and I absolutely love it. Its hassle free, I have no more leakages, I save money on tampons, pads etc.. and its eco friendly. I feel so much better using it now and I feel like I should tell everyone that the initial removal issues shouldn't deter you, just try again because its completely worth it.

Natasha - 24th August 2011

I wanted to echo others and say thanks so much for creating the mooncup. I'm not exaggerating when I say it changed my life. I live in a country where getting sanitary products is difficult, not to mention expensive. And having always found tampons a little uncomfortable (maybe the dryness they cause) I find the mooncup totally comfortable. It's easy to use, hygienic and doesn't smell at all (unlike sanitary pads and tampons). I tell all my female friends about it. Thanks mooncup!

char - 22nd August 2011

After seeing an advertisement in The Guardian magazine one Saturday morning over my breakfast, I decided this was something worth looking into. I logged on to the web page and read, and read. Why had I not heard about Mooncup before? My period was not due for a couple of weeks, but I went to Boots and purchased my Mooncup, and waited expectantly to use it. The day of my period arrived, Mooncup inserted (with no problems), I went off on my morning run of 5 mile. No leaks! It's easy, painless, and you completely forget about it and get on with your life. I wish I had found out about Mooncup ages ago and will be recommending it to all.

Lorraine - 22nd August 2011

I decided to try Mooncups after hearing about them on various forums. I have struggled with (and HATED) my heavy periods ever since my teens, had problems with flooding (always having to double up tampons and towels) and always suffer with a sort of nappy rash from having the vile things next to my skin for 6 days every month!!! One of the things I hated most was having to get up (messy) in the night three or four times to change!! The mooncup is EVERY bit as good as the reviews say and worth every penny it costs!!! I got it in the first time with NO problems using the C fold (there are diagrams of a couple of folds,but if they don't work for you there are others on the internet, have a google around) and after cutting the stem off completely it was so comfortable I didn't notice it was there. I didn't believe what people were saying about their periods being less painful while using the mooncup, but am completely shocked to say that this HAS been my experience and I've not managed a whole cycle without painkillers (am currently on my second cycle with mooncup). It is certainly no more difficult and no messier than using tampons, particularly if you have a heavy flow, because it never floods!! I WISH I had tried it sooner and now I have I want to shout from the rooftops about it. If you're thinking of giving it a go, DO you won't regret it!!

ShyGirl - 18th August 2011

Yesterday morning I unexpectedly started my first period in nearly five years. Yesterday afternoon I bought a Mooncup. This morning I had forgotten I was having a period at all... After enjoying being period-free over several years of pregnancy / breastfeeding I was dreading going back to stuffing myself with cotton once a month. I have a light flow and even the smallest tampons leave me dry, uncomfortable and, more often than not, with thrush, but I hate the rustly, smelly, nappy-like nature of pads. I had heard about mooncups ages and swore I would never buy another box of tampons if I could help it, so yesterday lunchtime I stuck a wad of loo roll in my knickers and hot-footed it to Boots and back. It was more rigid than I had been expecting and I had a moment or two of discomfort getting it in (Folding Method 2 way superior to Method 1 for me), and another moment or two as I felt it unfold, but once placed I honestly couldn't feel it at all. Getting it out required slightly more in the way of gymnastics than a tampon, and another moment of discomfort as the wide rim made its exit (my vulva gets tender during my period), but emptying, rinsing and reinserting was a doddle the second time. I'm completely sold, and am significantly less cross about the return of my periods than I'd anticipated. Big thumbs up and a sigh of relief here - thank you!

Bex - 18th August 2011

I have used the mooncup for 2 years now and I can not rave enough about this product. You save money, you can do anything and not worry about changing your tampon. In one year, I saved approximately 200 tampons from landfil and the energy used to produce them. It is brilliant!

Rachel - 18th August 2011

At last - a product which actually DOES make life easier. The Mooncup is such a wonderfully natural product.It works in conjunction with my body. We should be taught about this as soon as we start to menstruate. I discovered the Mooncup 4 years ago and it has made each period much more comfortable. I just wish that I had known about it sooner. I will be telling my daughter about it when the time comes.

Laois Mooncupper - 18th August 2011

The only thing I have to say is that I love my mooncup!! I am only 13 and bought my mooncup a few months ago. I have already used it 3 times and having just started yesterday am using it for my 4th time. I have quite heavy periods and I used to find it difficult to cope with at school but now I can forget about it for hours! I also find it much easier to sleep without the horrible damp feeling of pads and the constant worrying that tampons were slowly slipping out :P I totally recommend the mooncup to everyone And even though my friends are a bit squeamish I will hopefully convince them to get one soon! THANK YOU MOONCUP!!!!!

Stella - 17th August 2011

Okay so to be honest when I first read about the mooncup I was hesitant. My issue is that I have very sporadic periods, sometimes twice a month and sometimes I won't have one for two months. It didn't sound like it was for me but I was so tired of hauling a box of tampons around everywhere I went. Plus, when I would have more than one a month they would be so light for 3 days no tampon worked, and I would end up all dried out. So I finally caved and just started my first period since I got it in. I couldn't be more satisfied. Works great when I play soccer, works great at night and lasts much longer than tampons WITHOUT drying me out. Amazing product. I never write "product reviews" but this one is well worth it!

Amanda - 15th August 2011

On hearing of the Mooncup, it sounded appealing as it would not only lessen my impact on the planet, it would have suited my active on-the-go lifestyle, but alas, I'm a chronic procrastinator, so I never got around to buying one. It was only when I decided to try cycling around the world that I was forced into the purchase, as the availability of my usual protection may sometimes be scarce- (imagine trying to find a tampon in a desert!) plus I didn't fancy having to carry my waste for miles hunting for a place to dispose of it. Now how I curse myself for not investing in one sooner! It's a BRILLIANT little piece of engineering, completely suited to a sporting or travelling lifestyle. It took a few goes to get the techniques right, but once I could successfully position and remove my new silicone friend, the benefits shone through. The Mooncup is quick to insert, it's comfortable(even during exercise), removal mess is minimal and you can simply wipe it clean- which is good news if you're out in the middle of nowhere with a limited or unclean water supply! I'm now a year into my bike ride and have appreciated the benefits every single month.

Sarah "Thumper" Jones - 14th August 2011

I use a MoonCup every month now. It's not without mess and sometimes I do fumble it, but it's vastly preferable to towels, washable or otherwise. It's something that takes practice, but it's worth it. It's tricky if you're using a loo that doesn't have the sink right there as I always rinse the cup before putting it back in - a wet cup is an awful lot easier to insert than a dry one, esp if rinsed under warm water. It's great to know though that you always have your sanpro with you during your period and can't be caught short, you don't have to remember to buy towels and I feel much fresher all through my period than I did with towels, even though I used washable ones for years. When I used tampons in my teens and 20s I would shed fibres all month between periods and that really bothered me. My only concern about a mooncup is how a young girl would manage it - I have a daughter who will be facing all this in the nest couple of years and I'm not sure a MoonCup would be right for her.

Heather - 14th August 2011

I got the moon cup around 8 months ago, when I was living in Turkey. The first time I used it, I was already a few glasses of wine down, and managed to manouver it in with absolutely no problem. It felt a little wierd to start, but I think that was my mind, instead of it actually being uncomfortable. Since then I have used it travelling across the middle east, sleeping in the desert, and in other unexpected situations. And every time Ive been glad that I use the moon cup, as it avoids carry many sanitary materials around, it feels very clean to use and its very comfortable. I will never look back now.

Tessie - 12th August 2011

I recently saw Mooncup at my local health store & instantly wanted one! Having purchased my Mooncup, I couldn't wait to try it out. I've always felt uncomfortable with regular sanitary protection -tampons are too dry or messy, pads are smelly and bulky and both damage the environment, so Mooncup is a refreshing change. After following the instructions provided the cup was relitavley easy to insert and fairly comfortable. After a while I forgot it was in and I didn't have that "OMG I'm on my period" feeling. Taking it out was slightly trickier but once I got the hang of it, it was easy. And after my first run through I can't believe how well it has worked. I expected leaking & and maybe a bit of discomfort but experience neither of these. Overall I love how convenient, mess free and liberating it is to use Mooncup. I am certainly never going back to pads again!

Rachel - 9th August 2011

I bought one of these about three months ago after reading about them on a blog. I didn't really think it would work but its fantastic. Hygenic and safe to use and it doesn't leak at all. I have been telling all my female friends about it. If in doubt try it out is my message - the testimonials speak for themselves - a marvellous invention. Just ordered another one for a spare!

Jane - 8th August 2011

I have always struggled to cope with my periods, I Never know when they come and they are always painful and extremly heavy! I read about the mooncup a while ago and was not sure this would actually work, after a very trying time with waiting for my period and getting very stressed over it my boss bought me one she swore by it. I am now on my second period and I am glad I took the challenge. I always had to wear a super towel, and a super tampon and put a towel on the bed at night as I always leaked. I am wearing a towel still as not sure if this will leak as I seem to be losing a cup amount every 6-8hrs but so far no leaks. I am amazed at how much blood I was losing and yes its a bit messy but nothing soap and water wont clean off. I have had no back pain or heavyness/pulling in my stomach. Its easy to insert, easy to remove, money saver and eco friendly. :) I feel more confortable with my periods then I have done in years. I even wanted to doctors to take it all away so I Never have them anymore but that is now not an option. Thank you to the guys who designed this product, just amazing and I wont be going back to tampons and towels!

Nikki - 7th August 2011

I had heard about the Mooncup and then met two women who used it and raved about it, so decided to give it a go. I have saved a FORTUNE on sanitary products (I reckon over £70 a year as I have very very heavy periods). I am also helping to save the planet. Best of all (and I don't know why but who cares?!) it has considerably reduced my experience of cramping and pain. Sometimes this was so bad I could not go to work the first day of my perios. Yes, it takes a bit of getting used to but it's worth it - it's WONDERFUL! Thank you.

Kate - 5th August 2011

A friend send me a link for Mooncup and I was intrigued immediately. I always suffered quite badly with irritation and soreness when using tampons and pads so I was eager to try something all natural and, even better, reusable and friendly to the environment! Also, since having my son, I have very heavy periods and spend a small fortune each month on tampons and towels. From the very first time I used the Mooncup, I was completely sold on it. Once I cut the tail a little bit, it was so comfortable that you wouldn't even know you were wearing it and, unlike tampons, it doesn't leak or move about so no more "big knicker" days for me!! I just generally felt cleaner and so much happier and confident about myself from the very first use of the mooncup, I'm a convert and I will NEVER go back to using conventional tampons or towels again!!

Chyrelle - 5th August 2011

The best buy ever purchased. Wish I had known about this product decades .ago. No problems in using it from day one. Would recommend this to every woman

emma - 2nd August 2011

I've had my mooncup for about 4 months now and it's officially the best purchase I have ever made. I really wish I had known about it when I first started my periods it would have saved alot of hassle and alot of worrying. I hated being on my period, I would avoid doing anything remotely active and just try and avoid going anywhere but now with my mooncup life is soooo much easier. I really wish I had known about it sooner. I know it doesn't stop me having periods but I feel soooooo much better with the mooncup than I ever did with Tampons or Pads as I don't have to worry about keeping my bag stocked with them is so much easier to deal with. Took a little practice at first but then what dosen't? I advise everyone to buy it!

Stacey - 2nd August 2011

I don't usually write testimonials for things but I am so pleased with my mooncup that I felt the need to share! I have only used my mooncup for one period having stumbled across this website on my search for an alternative to tampons and sanitary towels. Everything I read made me feel that these were worth a go. I have to say that could not be happer with my mooncup. I will admit I found it tricky to use to start with and nearly gave up after a particularly tricky removal which left me feeling a little sore. However, I went back to the leaflet and realised what I had done wrong. NOw that I have mastered the technique of getting it in and out correctly and positioned in the right place I am so pleased to have my mooncup in my life! I will now be telling all of my friends about mooncup and am almost looking forward to my next period. I don't have to worry about carrying tampons around (and having them fly out of my bag at the worst moments), I will not be contributing to landfill and I feel confident in swimming with the mooncup (which I never did with tampons!) THANK YOU MOONCUP! Keep up the good work.

Claire - 31st July 2011

I've only been using a mooncup for two days and already I love it. It feels so good to know that it's not leaving fibres inside my vagina, it's so comfortable and has greatly reduced my period pains - actually I haven't had any. Also I like having the contact with my body.

Kate - 30th July 2011

I've only just bought my moon cup but wanted to share how fantastic it is with other women as I wish I'd started using it sooner. I put it in for the first time really easily and went straight for a five mile run after, I didn't feel a thing and it was so comfortable. It's great when going to the toilet as well as no annoying string dangling down getting in the way. So economical and good for the environment too, if you're thinking about getting one just do it, it'll be one of the best decisions you make.

Rachel - 22nd July 2011

The MCUK is simply amazing. I have told my friends all about it. I still have not gotten quite used to wearing it yet as far as placement, but I have always had a very heavy period (I am 20 years old) and I would often soak through regular absorbency tampons quickly and always wear a large pad for backup. I've had several embarrassing leaking through my clothes moments especially in my younger years. I am usually very paranoid that I will leak through my clothes but just using the MCUK I have less leaks! Hopefully when I get the placement right I will have none. Now I am using the product I no longer need the huge pads that often chafe my skin raw and broken. I am currently living with my in laws and there is not a discreet way to dispose of tampons so that is another great advantage to the MCUK. I would rather not have everyone in my household know when I am menstruating lol. Thanks MCUK.

Rachel - 21st July 2011

The mooncup is amazing! I found it whilst researching what to do monthly whilst travelling....and i found the answer!! It was a little tricky at first but it is so easy to get the hang of and i will not or would not go back!! I was really worried about leaking but i havent had a problem at all!! Im glad i found it at 21 :)

Esther DT - 21st July 2011

I have used this for the past three cycles and wonder why i hadn't tried this years ago. I have a light flow and often the tampon would be almost dry when having to pull out after 8 hours 'ouch'. This would cause me discomfort, but using towels was not for me either. After getting the knack of inserting the mooncup, which is quite simple, i've found it doesn't leave me dry, i don't have to worry about removing it within 8 hours and i don't have to worry about disposing of sanitary products around other peoples houses. I was worried about it leaking down the sides but the suction prevents that and i've never had any problems. I also sleep with it, where as i used to use a towel at night in case i went over the 8 hours. Although many turn their noses up at reusable sanitary protection, i think its the most healthy, clean, economical option. Very happy with my purchase.

Beckie - 20th July 2011

I just got my mooncup last week and am using it for the first time now. It is amazing! It is so comfortable, I don't even know it is there, and for the first time in forever I actually feel clean and fresh while having my period. I had a couple of practice runs inserting it before I got my period, and found it really easy right from the start. I'm going away next month and my period is due during my break, now I don't have to worry about packing a load of expensive sanitary products, and remembering to carry a supply everywhere I go. I'm not worrying about embarrassing leaks, I'm not having to walk around with something that feels like a nappy in my pants, I've got none of the nasty drying sensation that comes with a tampon, and (I appreciate this might sound a bit icky) I'm finding it pretty fascinating to actually see exactly what is coming out of my body! Thank you Mooncup, you are fantastic!!

Vicki -

I decided to try using a Mooncup about a year ago now. At first I found the whole thing rather stressful! It's a little difficult to get used to. But now I can't imagine using anything else. It makes my period so much easier, plus cheaper! I recommend it to everyone I can!

Alex - 15th July 2011

I 1st saw an advertisement for mooncup in some public loo's a few years back, i looked it up and thought "vile". Recently though I've become fed up of very heavy bleeds the 1st 2 days, to the point i don't leave the house. Even with a super plus tampon (best brand as far as I'm concerned) i still get leaks. I read leaks with the mooncup are not so common so thought £22 is a LOT but may be worth it. The hygiene and environmental side did not even come into it for me (maybe it should) My main concern is LEAKS. Well it's only day 1, I'm only 7 hours in but so far NO leaks at all. I have emptied twice in those 7 hours but that's just me being curious. If I'd used a tampon I'd have had to change my knickers at least twice because of leaks. Even having a wee and wiping there is no hint of any blood roaming free. Hubby is not impressed with my recent updates but he's male so does not matter. With Tampons i find I'm constantly on edge i worry I'll leak, up to now I've not had any leaky type feelings. For those who think the empty and cleaning of the mooncup is a bit gross well it's far less yukky than suddenly feeling soggy wet when walking round Tesco. For me the biggest attraction of mooncup is the fact it does not leak, the big test will be overnight but even this early on I'm confident Mooncup will keep me clean through sleep time. Inserting it the 1st time was a little fiddly, and removing it the 1st time took a while but still far easier than i imagined. I think I've been converted although i will probably keep a couple of tampons in my bag for emergencies so i don't need to have my mooncup in my bag at all times, but i really can see the mooncup being my preferred method. Leak protection alone is enough reason to switch to mooncup.

FEZZ - 12th July 2011

I first heard about the Mooncup through a sticker a saw in a ladies loo while at uni! It has taken me 3 years to finally buy one and I wish now I had taken the leap of faith when I was a student because I love it! I only have withdrawl bleeds from taking the pill, so my period is incredibly light, and I found tampons quite difficlt to use but hated pads. I love that you can use the mooncup wet, it makes the experience so much more comfortable for me. Also, the cramps I got while using tampons has completely gone! My first EVER, pain free period! Another note, is that I feel so much cleaner throughout the process, and the 'smell' you often have during your period has completely gone! I am still finding it a little messy as I get use to the cup but I feel so much more in tune with my body! I throughly recommend to all my friends and family!

Cara - 11th July 2011

I have loved and used Mooncup for over 5 years now!! I have saved sooooo much money and it is just so much easier and more comfortable. It took me a few cycles to have 100% success with it, but after this many years I would never use anything else.

Jennifer - 9th July 2011

I've been using the Mooncup for a year now and will never look back. I'd heard of it several years ago and to be honest the thought grossed me out, but I decided to give it a go whilst travelling as I didn't want to pollute the environment with sanitary waste. It took me a few cycles to get used to it but I couldn't live without it now! It's clean, comfortable, good for the environment and saves money. I could swear it helps with the pain too although I don't know how! I've already converted one friend to use the Mooncup and I plan to convert more. I'd strongly recommend anyone to try it. Thanks for such a fantastic product!

Lauren - 8th July 2011

I have been using my mooncup for 6 months now & I love it! It's environmentally friendly & I don't have to spend lots of money on tampons which I am now convinced contributed to me getting thrush a few times a year. I first heard about mooncups about 3 years ago but I thought they sounded a bit "ickey" and for hippy types, but I could not have been more wrong.

Heather - 7th July 2011

I have been using a mooncup for the last 6 years - the best thing I have ever bought! It took a little getting used to, but I have never looked back! I prefer the stem cut off completely. I can swim with confidence, I feel cleaner, happier on heavy days, it is all round more convenient than other sanitary protection, and cheaper too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the mooncup.

Sue - 6th July 2011

I've had my Mooncup since 2003 and I wouldn't be without it. Not only can you carry it around more discreetly than tampons or towels, not only is it better for the environment, not only is it even better for your purse, but it stops thrush in its tracks. I love it, and have recommended it to countless friends. And yes, ladies, once you get the hang of it, it's not even messy. Trust me on this one.

Moon Mummy - 6th July 2011

Since undergoing a loop diathermy treatment on my cervix 2 years ago I have had some "issues" with sticking things into my vagina. I eventually relented last year on holiday, but found to my dismay that tampax no longer worked for me. Not only were they drying me out, but they didn't seem to sit right anymore therefore leakages were inevitable. I was not looking forward to this years holiday at all, especially as I always seem to come on when I travel. But last month my menstrual problems were solved! I was a little nervous so decided to practice putting my mooncup before I started, just for positioning. I put it in before my bath and was happy at how easily it went into the right position immediately. After my bath I removed it but to my surprise I had come on. My actual period symptoms were exactly the same as every month...back ache, womb ache etc, but my period was shortened by 2 days. The husband thinks it's due to the amazing power of mooncup, and I am inclined to agree. This is a fantastic product, and has relieved stress for me as I can now wear my normal clothes when on. I experienced minimal leakage if any, and am now reassured that I bleed a normal amount. All in all I wish I had found this product 15 years ago, as I will njow never go back to towels or tampax. Some women seem to have a problem initially, but I am pleased to report that it is not compulsary, my first time was quick, easy and painless. Whilst it may seem 'gruesome' to some I am personally reassured that there is nothing unatural happening. For the first time I am now embracing my menstrual period, as it is not the issue it once was. Thanks so much to Mooncup, I couldn't live without it now!

Mel - 4th July 2011

OMG - I must firstly say that reading about this item I did think it would be fiddly/messy/gory, and for someone who doesn't like anything like this I was very very wary of trying it out BUT, having started to have heavy periods (due to age) and working in a male dominated office, having to frequently change other sanitary products, embarrassing leaking etc, I decided I had absolutely nothing to lose and gave Mooncup a go. From my experience I think you need time to practice inserting and then trim the stalk ( you will know have far to trim as is does rub the skin if sticking too far down) First time I used it I was in the shower and I felt this was ideal. Removing I found easier than expected and the sight of blood really didn't bother me as I thought it would. I also found it much more comfortable than tampons as they used to - or seemed to - put pressure on my lower back and give me awful pain and for the first couple of days I had to tentatively sit down, but not with the Mooncup you cannot feel it is there. I did have slight leakage problems at first but this was due to not having got it sealed correctly in place, again with practice this becomes much easier. All in all a fantastic product which I think all women should be told about and give it a go. Perhaps the company should do a MASSIVE advertising feature as I only found out about it by browsing through Boots website one day.

Gayle -

I had never heard of the mooncup until I got a job working at a local organics store. I thought it seemed like a great idea and all the other staff used them, so I bought one. Like most ladies, I got it home and couldnt believe the size of it...it seemed HUGE! However, I gave it a go. Insertion was easy but removal was terrible. I spent 20 minutes sitting in the washroom at home worried it was never going to come out! Once I finally got there, I decided tghe Mooncup wasnt for me. It sat in my cupboard for a year before a friend of mine mentioned that she uses one and said I should give it another go. So I did and wow, I am so pleased. Her trick was that when you are trying to remove it, arch your back a bit and it will help break the air seal and come out more easily. This works amazingly. I have now been using it for two years and only use tampons when I feel like a bit of a change up (as the mooncup is quite big, its often nice to use a tampon once every few months). I am now about to do my first 4 day hike and I just know my mooncup is going to make the whole experience more enjoyable. NO ONE wants to carry used tampons with them for 4 days!!!

Lady - 28th June 2011

I decided to try a mooncup for two reasons, the first completely selfish one being that after having my first baby a few months ago I found tampons more uncomfotable than then they had previously been (no idea what caused this as I ended up with an emergency c section but there you go!)The second was that I made the decision to use cloth nappies for my baby and the first time my period arrived I thought, I'm not throwing disposable nappies in the bin but I'm still throwing tampon wrappers and applicators away. I'm no tree hugger but that seems wrong even to me! lol To be honest it's actually Tampax you have to thank as although I am by no mean an environmentalist or even particulaly involved in saving the plant to any degree (sorry!) since they brought out their 'Pearl' it has really annoyed me that paper wrappers and cardboard applicators have both been replaced with non flushable and non biodegradable plastic with no one appearing to care! Anyhow, long story short, used it for the first time this month and am beyond impresed. As many have said before me, a little tricky to get in and out the first couple of times but SO comfortable once in that you really do forget it's there and I LOVE that you only need to change it every 8 hours as opposed to the 2-3 hours I used to get with a tampon. Wish I'd descovered it years ago. I personally think you need more photos of happy looking ladies riding bikes and rollerskating on your webpages - you have more right to those images than any other sanitary product manufacturer!!!

Becky - 22nd June 2011

Just bought it today c/o I have an exam on Wesnesday and I can't cope with the will I mess myself Or not stress . So far I have been wear ing it for a couple of hours . Washed it out and easy to put back In . Still a bit anxious so wearing a pad as well ..... I get very heavy periods so I was worried it'd leak .... Fed up of waking up to the Japanese flag . Would recommend it ... I will comment again later. A bit pricey though.... I get why but I was thinking this would be great for disadvantaged woman back in Africa where i am from ... Some women just stay at home indoors during their periods because they cannot afford pads and the pieces of cloth they use are not that reliable ESP if u have a heavy flow...... Hopefully over time they might get cheaper.

Charity - 15th June 2011

I have used the Mooncup for 4 years now, just think of how much money I have saved! It was a bit scary for the first few attempts but I'm so pleased I carried on and now I think I'd be more scared of a tampon. I also like the way there is no waste at all, so it's loads better for the environment. I have told all my girlfriends about it!

Anne - 15th June 2011

I'm basicaly the type of person with a mug for hot take away drinks and one for cold etc, so the mooncup is fantastic for me. Aiming not to use the rubbish bin at all soon. Some of my friends got mooncups for Xmas.

C.A. - 12th June 2011

Back in 2000 I was working for Scottish Water on a campaign to make people think before they flush sanitary items down the toilet. A visit to the waste water treatment works made me realise how many tonnes of sanitary waste were being flushed, and ending out at sea - I thought there must be a better way to deal with our monthly challenge. So I was really pleased to discover the mooncup and have been shouting about it to anyone who will listen ever since. I actually don't understand why anyone would want to use pads or tampons ever again. It is the best invention ever, so easy to use (once you get over the thought) and it saves me money! Not to mention the fact that I don't have to worry about creating extra waste which goes to landfill!

Suzanne - 6th June 2011

In december I opted for the implant as my choice of contraceptive. This caused ongoing bleeding.. which after six months and numerous medication is still perisitant. I had ended up using tampons more than i would have liked, up until then i had never noticed what an effect tampons have on the internal balance of your body. Sex was horrendous as i felt dry and uncomfortable as the tampons seemed to absorb all of my fluids and natural lubrication. I bought the mooncup on a desperate whim, and oh my god, so easy, so comfortable and my body does what it's supposed to. Never going back to tampons, never ever. I'll tell anyone who listens about the mooncup

Shelley - 6th June 2011

I have just finished my 3rd cycle using Mooncup. I could have wrote a testimonial after 3 days but I wanted to wait! This little cup is simply amazing. I no longer feel gross for 1 week of the month. Waking up in a mess, wearing 2 pads at a time, smelly tampons, bags overflowing with sanitry protection and the crippling camps that would take my breath away. That's what my periods were like. Now I'm not going to lie and say they are now and enjoyable experience but they're not far of it! I can sleep knowing I won't make a mess of the bed. I've even worn WHITE TROUSERS!!! Something the tampon adverts told me years ago I would do through my period but I'd never felt confident enough! I travelled halfway across the world, spending 18 hours on a plane and barely thought about my period. It was easy. I've just came back from a weekend camping with the most basic of amenities - again, dead easy! I first read about Mooncup about 5 years ago and scoffed at the idea. I then forgot about it until seeing signs in a toilet. I spoke to people on forums, read testimonals and eventually purchased one. I wish I'd done it 5 years ago.

Heather - 5th June 2011

I started using the mooncup because I believed there must have been an eco-friendly, re-usable, safe and practical alternative to tampons which I found unpredictable and such a hassle. The first few months with the new cup were fiddly, messy and frustrating and I even resorted to using tampons a lot of the time but eventually I mastered mess-free insertion and removal and I love, love, love my mooncup. I am only 16 and so glad I discovered the mooncup and converted to it instead of making do with tampons for the next 30 years! If you can get over the eww-factor, please give it a go - you'll be amazed at the difference!

Isabel - 1st June 2011

Just started using yesterday evening. The friend who got one also at the same time I did just asked me if I had trouble with it? For me it wasn't the putting in, but the first getting out. Laughable, actually, like something out of a Katherine Heigl comedy. After wondering if I were going to have to have it professionally extracted, I pulled the instructions out and read again, and then had easier time, and have not had problems since. Love, love, love not having to have anything WITH me, love its being secure, love its logical design (GAAHH!!! Who was the sadist that designed TAMPONS??!), love not having to store millions of pads, pantyliners, and tampons in my tiny closet space, love not contributing to landfills. I bought mine at the Seattle Green Festival and found myself trying to be "discreet" as I walked away from the booth. If I had it to do over again I wouldn't try to hide it under my scarf in my tote. I would hold it up in my hand and shout, "All you women who don't have one of these, you need to go get one NOW!" Thank you so much for producing these. XO

Sanna - 1st June 2011

I am, amongst other things, a triathlete, which means I spend a LOT of time in the pool, on a bike and running. I never liked tampons - uncomfortable and invasive, but being as active as I am over your period is really tough using pads, they're unavoidable. I LOVE my mooncup! It is one of the best investments I have ever made, and I don't even notice it's there. I know it won't leak in the pool, and I don't feel it even after 3 hours on the bike (everything else hurts mind you!)d. It is so liberating in lots of ways to be able to be active, comfortably, during my period. Amazing, thank you :)

Rita - 29th May 2011

I've been using the mooncup for a while now and it really is fantastic. I went hiking in Nepal and the altitude can often mess up your cycle, even if you're on hormonal contraceptives but the mooncup was great because it goes in really easily when you've got a very light period or are just spotting, its reusable so no pesky waste to get rid of on a mountain side, and its so comfortable you literally won't know its there. It just fantastic. A massive thumbs up from me, I am a total convert :)

Jenny - 28th May 2011

I bought a mooncup after a friend 'shared' the page on facebook. I have been using it for two months and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Comfortable, no leaks, and you quickly get better at inserting and removing it comfortably. I have been telling all my pals, and finding lots of them have been using one for years! Just think... no more feeling minging with sanitary towels, no more tampons exploding in my rucksack when I get caught in a rainstorm and my bag leaks, no more waste in the sea and landfills. I can't recommend them highly enough. Buy one. Then spread the word!

Lucy - 27th May 2011

I am in love! It has only been a few days but I can't even begin to immagine going back to tampons. Yes, it takes a few tries to figure out how to properly insert and remove, but I practiced a few times before hand and I have not had one leak! I have no idea what took me so long to try it. Thank you for such an amazing product!

Lauren - 26th May 2011

I have been using the mooncup for 2 years now and love it! To begin with, it took me until my 3rd month of using it to really use it confidently. But now I understand my body more from using the mooncup and will always use it. I'm still suprised that some women still have never heard about a mooncup, I think every woman should have one and I enjoy spreading the word about it.

Venus - 23rd May 2011

A friend told me about it and I was meaning to give it a go, although was put off by it's 'hippy' image i guess, until she said she hadn't looked back and the thought of using a tampon seemed really unhygienic now, so i gave it a go. Brilliant! Took a month to get used to it. Can't feel it, never leak, don't have to worry about carrying stuff, no money on tampons, environmental, less 'dragging' period pain, more comfort. Thank you!

clare - 22nd May 2011

I have been using the Mooncup for 8 years now, and I LOVE IT. It took me a couple of cycles to get used to it and learn to trust that it won't leak. But once you get the hang of it, it works brilliantly. In addition to not having to deal with "my period" as often during the day, I like knowing that I am doing something for the environment. And the fact that I save money in the process is a huge bonus. I can't recommend this product enough. I LOVE IT

Julie - 20th May 2011

I'm just buying my second mooncup after 7 years of use with the first one. I absolutely adore it. I've told all my friends now and still talk about it to as many women as i can. It's comfortable, practical, environmentally friendly, cheap compared to other products, natural. I personally see absolutely nothing to moan about!!! Thanks for having such a vision and market it in the first place knowing that one lasts a few years.

Nadege - 19th May 2011

I highly recommend the Mooncup: comfortable, easy to use and once you start your period it's always with you (no more forgetting tampons!) I've used it now for 10 years and cannot understand why anyone would use anything else. Not to mention the 1000s I've saved by not buying disposable sanitary products! Just buy it!

Noreen - 18th May 2011

I've been using the mooncup for 6 years now and have never looked back. It took me a little while to adjust the tip/handle to suit, ended up taking it almost completely off but now it's fantastic. It's so easy to use, clean and convenient. I can swim with no worries and have never had a leak. Any women out there who are not sure just go for it, you'll be pleased you did.

Liz - 18th May 2011

I used the mooncup for the first time a few months ago and right from the beginning it was a painfree, practical and much more cost-effective experience. Now I find that it has become part of my normal routine, it has never leaked, never gotten stuck or been difficult to remove; all the aspects I worried about prior to using it. I also found having sex for the first time after my period much more enjoyable as I hadnt been dried up by using tampons for a week! Try it...you wont regret it!

Lizzy - 16th May 2011

I'm on my second month of using a Mooncup. Gosh, I wish I had one sooner. I suffer from heavy periods, but have always been told it's normal. I can now measure exactly how heavy I am, and I am very! So I have evidence to go to my GP with now. The Mooncup is brilliant, easy to put in -I had no trouble at all finding where it needed to sit, I feel dry all day, which is lovely, and my underwear no longer scratches me because I'm not having to wear thick pads. I've found that my heavy days need me to empty the cup every couple of hours at the most, but it's worth it and no different to using the pads. Those of you doubting whether to try this, give it a go. Periods used to be the bane of my life, now it's not so bad.

Sabrina - 16th May 2011

5 years ago when I first got my period I hated it with a passion. I always forgot to change tampons and with a heavy period and being still at school this was a complete nightmare. I used to dream about an invention like this and can't believe I never looked it up, because apparently they've existed since the '30s! Luckily a few months ago I saw an ad for the Mooncup on the back of a public toilet and was just so excited. I ordered one that night and it arrived 2 weeks later (as promised :D). Now I've used it for the first time and it was absolute heaven. I was so excited to use it - the first time I've evver looked forward to my period - and it didn't disappoint. It sure takes a bit of getting used to, but when you use it right it's fabulous. The best part about the Mooncup is the time. Even with a heavy period, I don't have to empty it every time I go to the loo. Only twice a day, once in the morning and then at night in the shower (which lets me rinse and clean it easily). Also, being very active and going on lots of family camping/hiking trips is so much easier. Imagine trying to carry around used tampons in a plastic bag for 2 weeks! Playing tennis I can have the confidence to wear a white skirt too! There's no way you can possibly lose it, and you don't have to worry about the horror of forgetting to bring tampons out with you for the day. I love it and think everyone should have one. It's a great investment too, not having to buy tampons. Plus it's environmentally friendly!! And better for your body. I could go on forever but seriously just buy one. Try it! If it leaks don't worry you probably inserted it wrong and really should persevere in getting it right because when you do it is well worth it. Buy one!!! Get one for your daughters like me who hate their period!

Fiona - Australia - 13th May 2011

Adding my praise to the chorus. I am on my third day of the mooncup and am already in love! I've never enjoyed my moon time like this. I actually look forward to emptying it! Also, I have catamenial epilepsy, and had a seizure a couple of days ago. In the past I've woken up to bloody knickers, but not this time! The mooncup even holds up to a tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizure. There you have it!

Tashi -

Dear Mooncup - AWESOME (ps: where did the name mooncup come from?) I have been using the mooncup for almost a year now and absolutely love it. I wish I heard about it years ago. It is easy, cheap and really comfortable to use once you get the hang of it and realise that you can trust it. I have traveled all over the world and have found it so useful, no concerns about having to find tampons or pads in foreign shops and languages. I just want to say thank you!!

Helena - 8th May 2011

I am delighted wth my mooncup, having gone through 6 periods with it by now. Thanks, mooncup! I love the monthly boiling ritual and the way I no longer have to worry too much about the Timing of insertion/removal. Tampons were much more restrictive - and truly disgusting. Also, seeing the collected menses is superbly interesting!!! There is no comparison here with conventional "hygiene" products. If you're undecided - please give it a go!

Lou - 7th May 2011

I have been trying to convince my mum to get me one of these for a while! I told my friends about it and they were all a bit 'ewww, thats disgusting', and so was i actually. And after taking a look at it, holy bejeesus i was scared. But i thought 'let's give it a go!' anyway. I'm 13, virgin, never used tampons, and to be honest it hurt quite a bit. I had to trim the stem quite a bit, and it takes a while to get the right position for it, but after all that, it's completely comfy. You can't feel it and it doesn't leak. I'd recommend practicing before you have your period, to make it easier on yourself. But yeah, big thumbs up for Mooncup!

Erin - 7th May 2011

This is my first cycle using a mooncup and i found it to be great. As someone who found sanitary towels to be itchy and tampons uncomfortable i was keen to try it after a few friends told me about their experiences with them. I thought i'd have a few problems with it being my first time, but found it easy to insert and easy to remove. I couldn't feel it at all except for the first night, when bizarrely i could feel the stem when i was laying in bed, despite not feeling it when sitting, so i cut off all stem; i'd already had to trim a bit off when i first tried it so decided to cut off the whole thing. I would recommend it to my friends and will bring it up when discussing sanitary protection with my daugthers. I only wish i had discovered it sooner.

Tracey - 7th May 2011

The Mooncup is the most wonderful invention I think I've ever come across! I was worried it would be painful to use and it's not - it's much more comfortable than a tampon. It's taken me about 5 or 6 times to get used to it, but now I've got the hang of it it's easy. Thankyou thankyou thankyou! Now I look forward to having my period!

J UK - 6th May 2011

I first read about the Mooncup and thought yuck! Within thirty minutes of reading through the testimonials and watching the video, my Mooncup was on the way. The great thing I found was that because it doesn't have to be avoided between periods like tampons do, I could practice inserting and removing for a few weeks before the "real test". I had to remove the stem completely, but being able to do this before I needed it helped immensely. As my periods start irregularly, I was also able to insert it over night the evening before I thought I may start, and clean and reinsert as needed. Now I am on my first Real day of using it, I am already so comfortable with it I do not feel it's presence, and instead of irritation and dread, I am bouncing about telling all my female friends about it. I am never going back :)

Ruth - 5th May 2011

After reading about the mooncup, on some of my friends blogs. Exactly 3 years ago today (didn't know that until I checked my blog)I bought my first mooncup. It took a few periods to figure out how to get it in place and how to get it out easily, but after that. I don't use anything else. Somehow, a few months ago I lost it, and today, I finally got my new one. I had so many problems before I started using it, with feeling dry, getting yeast infections and so on. Now, I don't have any problems at all. (Exept for the fact that PMS still sucks) II would recommend the mooncup any day.

Jo, in Sweden - 3rd May 2011

I saw the advertising campaign for Mooncup on billboards on the tube in london, the clever graphics with different names people call their vaginas. I was intrigued went on the website and thought ooh whats that. It was only when talking to my friend about it that she said 'I use that, and my flatmates do too. We're obsessed with it, it's so good.' A few months passed and I'd just bought some cheap tampons that were really horrid and remembered the mooncup. So I went out and bought it, money well spent if you consider you spend around £2 for a pack of tampons every month. It is amazing, I can't feel it at all, I feel very liberated not having to carry around tampons (or hide them in purses to avoid embarassment) or worry I've forgotten them. It's me and my mooncup. It feels more personal, as if the mooncup cares about me! haha, although that sounds odd! Very easy to use after a few experiments. And also a bit of a novelty. I'm 21 and I'm glad I found this method early on in my adult life! Thank you!!

sarah - 3rd May 2011

i bought my mooncup about 6 weeks ago, i was a bit nervous to try it so i decided to give it a go before my period arrived so that i would have fewer accidents (just to get used to insertion) and once i got used to it i loved it, i could finally go swimming with my friends without being worried if the water was gonna make me leak once i get out, i have also had fewer period pains too which im almost sure was associated with using tampons, using it i feel like i'm not having my period, its fantastic and i will NEVER look back. five stars to the Mooncup :)

Coral - 19th April 2011

My friends and I were joking about getting a Mooncup a few months ago but it wasn't until I researched it that I decided that it looked really good - not to mention amazing for the environment. I started my periods when I was 10 ( I'm 16 soon) so I've been using a 'double whammy' - a tampon and a pad - since they got heavier. With a roadtrip in America planned just when I should come on I bit the bullet and got a Mooncup. I tried to insert it when I first got it but had to buy a lubricant as well (KY Jelly is good for this!). I can safely say that I now cannot wait to come on and neither can my newly converted friend! Thank you so much, you have made what was a dreaded and sticky time of the month less daunting and hopefully thoroughly more enjoyable!

Ellen - 15th April 2011

I cannot over-emphasise how amazing this product is. It has changed my life. I have moved from feeling completely downtrodden, dirty and deflated during my period to actually looking forward to it, getting time to get to know my body better. I can't stop telling my friends about it, and am pushing leaflets onto them whenever I see them. Since starting to use mooncup I've also looked into other kinds of re-usable sanitary protection and found some amazing suppliers (such as the wonderful HonourYourFlow) where you can stock up on some lovely cloth pads for while you're still getting used to the mooncup, or for heavy heavy days. Mooncup, I love you and will put your stickers everywhere I go.

Lucy - 14th April 2011

OMG WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???!!!!!!!!! I loved the mooncup only after a few hours on!!! Incredibly convenient, comfortable and does not drain all the moisture... Above all, NO MORE WORRIES about leaking! I also seem to experience much less pain too.... almost forgotten I'm on my period - ultimate comfort! So happy I was lucky to come across the mooncup, but I am 33 years old and work for the NHS!!!! yet not heard of it all this time!!! Please advertise advertise advertise... I so wish I'd known sooner. All best wishes for an incredible product!

Theo - 8th April 2011

The Mooncup was recommended to me by a trainer at my Gym I had never heard of anything like it before. I was only 18 when i purchased my Mooncup but had suffered for 20 day long periods since I began menstrating. Now that i have tried i will never go back i am uterly amazed at how nothing leaks it and has never overflowed. I recommend the Mooncup to anyone who wants to know about it, because weather you have menstral problem or not it is the greatest invention ever. The Mooncup along with the NuvaRing have managed to control and stabilise my period to a point where i know roughly when it will come and how long for.

Emma - 8th April 2011

Excellent product. Since my late 30s, I have had very heavy periods and got to the stage of buying two pairs of the same dark trousers and keeping one pair in my office. I planned my wardrobe for a week every month around 'dark and absorbent'; fine in Winter but hellish in summer. I am a lecturer and the thought of a 90-minute class at the start of my period began to fill me with dread because I knew I would have to factor in a few parts of the class where I could get to the bathroom with super plus tampons concealed in my pockets. I still have the occasional problem but it is nowhere near as debilitating as life before Mooncup! It works well at night time, and helps when you are out for the day or travelling and only have to carry one little bag. Thank you. It has truly improved my quality of life.

Very grateful - 8th April 2011

I was using another brand cup and I found myself frustrated with the leaks and difficulty of getting it to 'sit' right. I recently switched to the Mooncup and my problems disappeared! The more sturdy design and shape made a world of difference in the effectiveness of the cup! I'm so glad I tried another brand after having a disappointing first run with the menstrual cup.

Shannon - 7th April 2011

I can't find my words to express how happy I am right now! It's the first time I have used the Mooncup. I opted for a size A and B - I am 31 and gave birth 10 months ago via a C-section. I know, I should have started with the A , but I said: why not the B? the first two days were perfect - but then again it was the light period of my period. In the third and fourth day I had the chance to understand that "low" means "low". It was quite odd for me , a FORMER ;) heavy user of OBs and Tampax and other internal tampons. I could not understand what LOW really meant. I trimmed the stem by half and , really, I can remove it entirely! Low means low, I can still grab it (yes, I have long fingers, but they do not need to be that long :-). and if we place it too high, a little bit of exercise to push it down is beneficial for the muscles. SO, now that I have mastered the art of placing the mooncup where it should be (it's really strange in the beginning, even after reading the manual and looking at the pictures, I still felt like it should be up - lucky me, the leakage taught me otherwise), I am 100% happy! Not a single cramp these days, but I cannot say for sure that it's because of hte cup or not, I do not understand what's the connection between the two. I definitely felt lighter and full of energy. Of course, staying at home with my daughter was helpful - all the changing and cleaning was done at home, plenty of hot water and soap and fresh towels :D. But, God, why haven't I heard about this MIRACLE years ago? Why was I using those creepy internal tampons or the external pads, always worrying about leakage, spots, thrush, itchiness? I even went to my usual pilates hours and felt great (even though for a moment or two I thought I felt the blood going back up because of my position :)) ). Not to mention the respect we show Mother Earth by not buying disposable tampons. If I had the money, I would buy such a gift to all my friends! some of the smartest investments in my whole life! I will keep the other A cup for travelling, just in case I get stuck somewhere and I have no clean water to wash the B cup. And, you know, for the first time in my life I was looking forward to have my period and test the cup :). Good job in connecting us with our Feminine side ! Thanks Mooncup!

Simona - 2nd April 2011

I've only had my Mooncup for 3 days, but I already know I love it! I have a really heavy flow, but I don't have to worry that I'll leak. My favorite thing about the Mooncup is that I can feel comfortable sleeping in it. Sweet dreams for me!

Kate - 2nd April 2011

When I first heard about Mooncup a few years ago I was very sceptical and really didn't think it would be for me. Every so often I would come across a review or a sticker in the bathroom and I guess the idea was always there in the back of my head but never really something I thought I'd act on but last month I was given one by a friend. I very nearly gave it away but for some reason I changed my mind and decided to give it a try, even though I was fairly shocked when I saw it for the first time - it looks absoloutely massive! and made me think it would be really difficult to use and uncomfortable. Anyway, I'm now on day two of using it and its going great! Its a lot easier to use than I thought it would be, I seem to have got the knack of it pretty quickly and I even used it last night with great success! I'm not massively keen on emptying it and washing it out, I liked the disposability of tampons and don't really like having to spend longer cleaning the mooncup - thats still a bit gross to me, but I guess its something I'll get used to. Its more comfortable and feels a lot cleaner than other forms of sanitary products that I've used before so I'm definitely going to stick with it. Thank you mooncup - I'm a convert!

Sarah - 1st April 2011

I LOVE MY MOONCUP! I must admit, as with most people I struggled with my first attempt, so decided to hold off until the next month. This time I had a few days off work, so didn't need to worry about being away from the comfort of my own bathroom. I'm now on day three and can definitely say I will never go back to disposable towels and tampons. I regret the time about four years ago that I saw a mooncup in a shop and laughed and turned my nose up at the idea of it. It wasn't until a friend told me about hers that made me check out the website and I realised that I shouldn't have been so quick to laugh off the idea of trying something "different". All those years of waste(especially as I'm not regular, so would end up wasting a lot of towels/liners on "just incase" days). I feel similar to when I started wearing contact lenses, once you get used to putting in and taking out, you wonder how you ever lived without them!(It took me a lot longer to get used to the contact lenses!) A big thumbs up to the support team too, when I struggled on my first attempt, I sent an email and they got straight back to me. Woohoo!

Christine - 3rd March 2011

Mooncup has been an absolute god send for me. I suffer from vulval intra-epithelial neoplasia, it's a pre-cancerous condition of the vulva. One aspect of the condition that has affected me is extreme dryness of the vulva. I really struggled using towels and tampons during my period because both would literally suck the moisture from the vulval area. My periods were a nightmare, much more uncomfortable than they needed to be....then I found Mooncup. It looks a bit daunting and I admit I was nervous about insertion and removal because my skin is very easily irritated and torn, but after a few attempts I was fine. I don't get leakage, it's comfortable, no soggy cord, no more irritated skin and I get to feel good about myself for being eco-friendly.

Rach - 27th March 2011

I've been using my Mooncup for years now. I can barely remember the time before it but reading others' comments I vaguely recall waking up with blood covered legs and such like. I certainly remember the feeling of aching sickness lasting the whole week of my period. But no longer. I love my Mooncup. As others have said - one of the greatest things for me is the direct connection I now have with the natural functions of my body. The blood is beautiful. The Cup is easy to use and feels natural and comfortable inside me. On the heaviest days, I love that I can feel when the Cup is full so I know I need to pop to the loo. No drama, no discomfort, just a warm weightiness inside. Also, hiking, camping or travelling during a period is a breeze now too. No need to carry huge supplies of tampons. Just pop the Mooncup into my bag (or even my pocket at the last minute) and I am prepared. And of course there is the glowing sense of righteousness from knowing I'm no longer sending blood soaked cotton to landfill or flushing it out to sea. My wonderful Mooncup - what would I do without you?

janie - 27th March 2011

hello! I just want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, cause you are selling this extraordinary cup! I used it last month, and it is just a huge relief for me. I was a heavy bleeder in periods time, everybody in my family knew that I am ïn those days"...now, nobody knows! And I am not even bleed that much! I thougt that the cup would not be able to collect all my blood! How a stupid I was! Is barely half full in second day, every 4 hours when I wash it! I just feel great, my bathroom is not filled with tampons, my bag is also free of tampons, I am really free!! I can't wait the menstruation now!Is just incredible! I would like that all women use this cup, because it give us liberty! Thak you very,very, very much! God bless you!

Madalina - 7th March 2011

As soon as my friend told me about the Mooncup, I bought one. I hated tampons so much that I was willing to try anything! So far, I am VERY pleased. It is comfortable, and it's true that you forget you're having your period when you're wearing it! However, I have had some continual problems with a little bit of spotting and occasionally I just get the positioning wrong!! Perhaps I need the larger size (though I am under 30 and have never given birth!), but hopefully pelvic floor exercises will help. :o) Despite the minor upsets, I really love the Mooncup. It's far better than tampons or pads, and with practice I am sure I will get it 100% right. It's worth it!!

Jane - 22nd March 2011

My friend recommended the moon cup and initially i was abit freaked out about it but was willing to give it a whirl as its better for you, environmentally friendly and best of all, no need for horrid sanitary products and big knickers at night along with dry tampons! OUCH! So, i went out to boots and purchased it, got it home and thought, WOW, thats bigger than what i thought! It took me 2 days to come round to actually trying it but it was actually easier to insert that what i thought. I admit, it made a few funny noises when inserting and taking out ! Apart from that, i felt nothing, no leaks, no pain, no drynees and this is my first time! I gave the end a trim as that proved to be a little uncomfortable but its great! For me, its mainly mind over matter, when you think about it, it seems weird but just dont think about it and its great! Best invention for years i say. Thanks Jenni, i am sold!

Leanne - 22nd March 2011

i bought a mooncup on tuesday after coming across this website by accident.i am always 'on' for my holidays and have in previous years taken northisterone to delay my period,this always left me feeling bloated and i worried about the health risks.Well,not anymore,i cannot believe something so simple actualy works so brilliantly ! i popped it in very easily after reading the leaflet with no problems.i did cut the stem shorter when i removed it to empty.its friday today and i am chuffed to bits i have found such a simple answer.i went out all day yesterday and emptied when i got home.no leaks no worries.i have fibroids and suffer from very heavy loss but the mooncup coped well and contained it all.no worries looking for a loo every hour.i havent been swimming with it in but after reading other testimonials i can believe i will be able to use it with confidence and no more soggy tampons .i cannot believe i have lived without this for all these years and i will be telling all the girls i know about it.Thank you mooncup for liberating me from tampons and towels.

sandie - 18th March 2011

I got a Mooncup for Christmas this year and started using it as soon as I got my period, I thought there would be an adjustment time but there was none, I loved it straight away, is the single most useful change I've made in a long time. I love how there is no waste, I also experience less period pain, which I totally think is connected! thank you so much

Sol - 13th March 2011

Without a doubt the best period product in the world! No more tampons, no more pads! Brilliant. Pads were the bane of my life. I hated them, I hated the feeling of them and would often go without and use a tampon even on my lightest days, a physical pain in it's self just to avoid a pad! Now, everything is wonderful...my mooncup pops in and out with ease even on my lightest days, I can't feel it inside, it doesn't leak and I am doing something good for the environment. If you haven't already done it....go and buy one! Thanks Mooncup!

Mimi - 13th March 2011

I'm disorganised. I have two so I always know where at least one is. But that's the only downside. (In fact I bought the second one after i thought i had cut off too much of the end. Turns out I hadn't) And my friends think i'm a ridiculous hippy. Even though they are mostly hippies. My most extreme example is using it while camping in the sahara. I thought it would be impractical - but actually what else could I have done? Carry around used 'products'? Leave a trail for the wild dogs? No thanks. Mooncup all the way. Thank you so much Mooncup people for changing 25% of my life.

Jodie - 11th March 2011

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone at Mooncup for your amazing product, which has changed my life. It's clean, hassle-free, and totally rockin'... I love it, my partner loves it, and my friends have all rushed out to buy their own. Nothing could have changed my life more in such a profound way than this simple but amazing little device! Only problem is taking it out for sexytime with my partner, which cannot be done with gay abandon like with a tampon, as the result would be walls, floors and ceilings splashed with blood. Still, it's only been a year and no doubt over the next few we'll find a way around this - looking forward to spending the forseeable future happy with my Mooncup. Thanks, too, for your fabulous customer service which is personal, swift and caring. An exemplary company with women's best interests at heart, a fantastic approach and a fabulous product x

Jem - 10th March 2011

this product is amazing! mensual cups aren't mainstream in Australia at all, but when i saw a mooncup flyer on the back of a uni toilet door i looked it up & decided to give it a try. it was a bit awkward for the first few months, but now i've got used to it and don't use anything else. it made my latest backpacking holiday so much easier, and i feel really smug knowing that i haven't used a tampon in ages! such a great product :)

Janelle - 10th March 2011

I would like to share my experience having used a Mooncup for the past 3 years especially as I have just read an article from a women who gave up after her first try. I am lucky to have very short but very heavy periods, prior to using the Mooncup on the second day of my period I'd need to change my tampon hourly due to the flow. When I read about the Mooncup and it environmental and positive health benefits I thought I'd give it a go. The first few times I used it where strange and slightly uncomfortable - similarly I remember this also when I first used tampons - I spoke with the help line who gave me some wonderful advice - trimming the stem and where to aim etc. By my second cycle of using the Mooncup I got in the a routine, and found I was changing much else frequently than I needed to with a tampon. 3 years on and it's working well for me. All I can say to newbies is don't give up!

KatieJ - 9th March 2011

Last year a friend mentioned that she had bought herself a Mooncup, to be honest I was pretty freaked out by the thought of it. Having said that, the thought stayed with me and the more I thought about it the more I realised the only way of finding out what it was about was to buy one. At £20 it seemed like a risk, what if I didn't like it? Didn't like it? What was I thinking!! It's amazing! I am a self-confessed lazy-arse so not having to worry about carrying anything with me or changing it often is brilliant! I'm only on my second month with it - but would never, ever go back to tampons. I'm trying to introduce it to my friends - is it an exceptable Birthday gift to give???!!!

Emily - 9th March 2011

I had been thinking about the Mooncup for a while after seeing an ad for it on the back of a toilet door. I bought one the other day after starting my period and was instantly shocked by just how effective, comfortable and generally wonderful the Mooncup is. It sits very well, takes in all of my very heavy flow and isn't really any messier than removing a tampon - in fact I'd say it was cleaner!

Daisy - 8th March 2011

After years of being on my own I decided to move in with my partner.......all my thoughts were positive until I thought about ' the time of the month'. The thought of embarrassing leakage, especially at night, filled me with dread and not to mention having to set my alarm for 3am so that I could change myself. I went online to see any alternatives to tampons and the irritating towels. This is when I came across mooncup.......and went straight into town that day to buy one. I have been using it for three months now and am amazed at the benefits!.........No more leakage, no more natural odour I used to get, no more irritation, no more wasting money, no more adding harm to the environment and above all, I can sleep happily throughout the night on my heaviest of days, knowing that I will have no leaks and be as fresh as I was when I went to bed. I had absolutely no problem learning how to use it, just take the time to read the instructions and relax! I personally find it cleaner to remove than a tampon and less painful.

Susie - 8th March 2011

It's hard to explain how brilliant Mooncup is! It makes life so much easier!

Vicky - 5th March 2011

I've been thinking about trying a Mooncup for a while now and finally bought one last month. I can honestly say I've just had the most comfortable period of my life! I usually get cramps and stomachache, but I have had hardly any pain, and because of this I have slept through the night. It seems that because the blood flows into the cup rather than into an outwards-expanding tampon it just does not hurt as much.I feel cleaner and so much happier that I am not contributing to yet more landfill!! No leaks, no mess, and I feel so much more comfortable. Best move I ever made!

Esther - 1st March 2011

I was very happy when I picked up my first Mooncup, since I'd been thinking about the use of a cup instead of pads or tampons for a while, especially because my periods get very heavy. It was a little clumsy to use at first, but after about 2 or 3 cycles I had the entire process down pat. And I feel so much safer with the cup because I don't have to worry about waste or affecting the environment anymore with feminine product disposal. I feel much more free and able to move and do performance work thanks to the wonderful adaptability of the mooncup. I have recommended it to at least 5 or 6 of my friends, as well as promoted it to friends and communities online.

Sabrina - 26th February 2011

Truly one of the very best purchases I have ever made - a great invention. I have been using it for about three years now and never want to go back. Only wish I'd known about it years ago. I was initially drawn to the idea of it being environmentally friendly and economic. It is both of those but also incredibly comfortable, easy to use and healthy. Wish I could persuade more women to try it!

Madelaine - 26th February 2011

Oh lord. I purchased the Mooncup yesterday and I am already a hardcore fan. Its sooo much easier. No more worrying about where to put the 'Rubbish' and alsoe rediculously comfy!! Loving it! <3

Rebecca, 20 - 24th February 2011

Dear Mooncup,
I wore you to my Valentines ball
With a white corset, white tights
white knickers, and not much more
A dangerous gamble one might say
for being on the second day
of the red moon
party could of ended soon
Happily I'm pleased say
You kept me safe, no stains displayed
In the flow, new love did grow

Love Lucy

Lucky Lucy - 23rd February 2011

In the past periods I hated.
Tampons and sanitary pads were so outdated.
I hated all that throwing away,
and thought there's got to be another way!
Then at Glastonbury I saw a sign.
Moon cups I thought that sounds fine.
But actually it's changed my view,
and now each month I shout woo woo!
My Mooncup I really rate.
It's never going out of date!

By the way how often should I buy a new one??

Janie - 22nd February 2011

After putting off buying one for two years due to fears over the size I can safely say this is one of the best things I have ever discovered- and it's only my second day of using it! After a couple of initial difficulties with insertion and removal [I imagine as I practise this will get better and better] I used it over night and it was amazing- not a drop spilt, comfortable, wonderful! Feel so much cleaner, wearing nice underwear and hardly period-y at all. It's even given me the confidence to stay over my boyfriend's something I'd never usually do when on my period over my paranoia of gross tampon strings and messing his bathroom up- but now, I feel totally secure! Thank you so much for this brilliant addition to my life.

Abi - 20th February 2011

Wow, I can't believe that I've suffered painful and very heavy periods for years. I've just started using my Mooncup, I'm into my 3rd day of my period, when by now I'd be feeling very sorry for myself with the constant run to the toilet to change my protection (that never really was very effective). My cramps haven't happened this month (no idea why) and I'm no way near as heavy (again, no idea why). Just go and buy one it's the best £20 I've spend in years.

Patricia - 19th February 2011

I have now been using this for just three periods and already I know I'm never going back to tampons. I'm not going to lie and say everything was/is perfect, it was difficult the first few days to get it out again, also it kinda grossed me out for a while being a little mucky sometimes with blood getting on my hands. But I got used to that, and now that I've had some practice it is tidier, not as clean as inserting/removing an applicator tampon, but hey. The best thing about it is never suddenly realising that I have no tampons left (and sometimes no money to buy more being a student!) I just start carrying it around with me a few days before I'm due on. I do still wear thin pantyliners because there is a tiny bit of leaking, but that's livable with :) So basically, it's a very cheap alternative, discreet and good for the environment.

Verity - 10th February 2011

I've used one for years now and try desperately to convert people. Once you get over the initial Euuurrgghhh of emptying (and it's only your mess!!) it really is a fantastic invention. I had never heard of one or seen them advertised. It would put the big companies such as Tampax, Lillets, Bodyform etc OUT OF BUSINESS as you'll only ever need one! No more worrying about leaking/finding a toilet, I just pop it in in the shower and remove and swill at the end of the day. Please give it a try, you'll never go back to tampons/pads.

emma - 7th February 2011

Just bought a mooncup, rather nervously, wondering will I be able to manage it etc, but thought that it was worth a try. I've had three children and used a contraceptive diaphragm, so my worry wasn't about getting it in or out (!), more just the practical logistics of will it leak since my periods are fast and furious, although short. Well, I'm on day two of my first period with it. Yesterday I spent a bit of time going in and out of the loo, checking it wasn't leaking. It wasn't! Not a bit. The only irritation on this first day was the stem, which was too long, and rubbing a bit. This morning, after a totally leak free night with it in (and I usually wake up in a mess with a soaked tampon, pad and pyjamas), I cut almost all the stem off. It felt quite brave (you can't reattach it after all!), but solved the problem immediately. Today I have spent the morning shopping - no problems. And this afternoon I've even been on the kids' trampoline - no problems, and it didn't budge at all, even though i thought it might come out completely! Verdict so far: excellent.

lillibet - 5th February 2011

I got mine around 7 years ago, had a litte time off with my last pregnancy but when I needed it again it was like finding a little friend in my drawer! It really is life-changing, I feel so secure and not prohibited from any activity. I almost cant' bear that people dont' know about it!!! I wish I'd had it when I was a teenager but I'm so pleased I will be able to tell my daughter about it when she needs to know; she will have more options available to her!!! I love the fact that I'm not using up resources that go into 'regular' sanitary products too. Thankyou!!!

Kyle - 5th February 2011

I love this. Everyone I've told who has tried it loves it. You know all those tampon ads that talk about having a happy period? Well with this you really do. Honest! One question - why can't they buy it in Australia? I'm telling all my friends about it and they think I'm downright weird. I think you're missing a big market!

Trish - 3rd February 2011

I wish I had been told baout this years ago! I discoverd it by accident in a travel blog, please advertise in the UK more I have had periods for over 10 years yet had never heard of this, I am truely amaazed this is really a wonderful product that has changed my life!

e smith - 2nd February 2011

I have been using a mooncup for many years, and this its the best invention EVER for women!!! Thank you. x

Sarah - 1st February 2011

Its amazing, genuinely! Ok it doesn't stop periods being a complete pain, however it does make them more manageable. I suffer quite badly as my periods are heave, now i no longer leak, i trust the mooncup and it is so cost effective! It means you don't have to take a bag to the bathroom with you. Its excellent for the environment and i cant be sure its related but my periods are now less painfull and have reduced in length. Im an absolute convert and cant praise it highly enough!

bees - 25th January 2011

I discovered the Mooncup three and a half years ago while at university and have been an avid fan ever since. I live in New Zealand so ordered one from the website without knowing exactly what I was getting myself into, but I have never looked back. They make life so much easier and - like other people who have written here- I wish there was more publicity for them so more people used them. They are so much better for the environment and for our bodies. They allow me go just forget about my period for most of the day. If you don't already have one you're missing out! It's seriously one of the best investments I ever made.

Sophie - 24th January 2011

I'm totally thrilled with the Mooncup. I bought it about a year ago, but couldn't get on with it, so put it in the drawer. Last year I decided to try again. It took about four months to get used to, and once I found my own way of using it, I've never looked back. Its great for wearing at work and when I go to the gym. I can use it when having a light day, or a heavy day, so its much more convenient than other sanitary products. I only need to empty it in the morning, when I get home from work and before going to bed. Well done Mooncup.

Jules - 23rd January 2011

When I thought about buying a Mooncup I was worried it might be messy to empty. I'm the kind of girl who wraps tissue around the tampon string before pulling in case it's dirty. In fact it's been fantastically easy and quite clean. What I hadn't appreciated was that the seal the cup forms against your skin stops any flow reaching the outside of the lower part of the cup, so removing it isn't messy at all. Only having to empty it once during the work day is life changing. I can sit through long meetings without worrying about leaking, or having to pop to the loo carrying my handbag. This is ideal for trips too - much less to pack!

Nikki - 21st January 2011

I've been using the Mooncup for about 6 months now and I can say it's the best period's protection I've ever used. No more worries about stains, having to buy more tampons or sanitary towels and mostly not worrying about disposing of these in the bins, yuk! I used to get really bad period pains and they've completely disappeared since I use the Mooncup. I've been telling all my girl friends how great this is and I hope more and more women start using it and ditch the tampons. Thank you!!

Sylv - 16th January 2011

I first tried another brand of menstrual cup when I was about 24, in the smaller size that was recommended for women under 30 who've not had children. I loved the idea and convenience of the cup, as well as the savings in money and the sheer waste that disposable products generate, but I never had much success with it as it would move and after a few minutes I'd be able to feel it. I decided to try again with Mooncup and even though I'm still under 30 and have not had children, I ordered the larger size to see if I'd have any more luck. Best decision I ever made! I'm now a Mooncup girl and I'll never go back. This cup is reliable, never leaks and doesn't move, even through a full and active work day, a day at the beach or out snorkeling. I never wake up during the night just to "check" that everything's still ok down there! It only needs emptying once in the morning and then again before bed, and it never "runs out", so it beats any other method hands down for convenience. I'm going to try to convert my friends and family - once you get used to the idea and the use of the cup, you realise it really is the best option for your sanitary needs!

Rachelle - 14th January 2011

I just got my mooncup this month and already I am satisfied customer. I tried another brand of menstrual cup and was disappointed that it would leak and was an uncomfortable fit. Part of the reason for that is because I have a cervix that sits low. Because of the mooncup's shorter cup size, softer silcone and thicker rim I have been able to wear it and not feel anything at all. And no leaks! I would definitely recommend this product for those who have tried other cups and found them to be too rigid or struggling with getting them to stay in place. I feel that the mooncup's design is much more superior!

Erin - 11th January 2011

First day using the mooncup - so happy! Had some trouble with it last night so had a break and tried again today and hasn't leaked or anything so far. Thought I would notice the difference but there have been a couple of times when I forget I'm using it rather than a tampon. Completely converted!! :D

Tasha - 11th January 2011

Hi Cathy, I have persevered with my Mooncup and this month have had no issues. I visited my doctor who has upped my medication to control the pain and contractions and this has helped considerably. I think maybe the contractions were distorting the cup slightly. I still think it is a brilliant product and will continue using it.:-) It may be worth mentioning to any one who is a very heavy painful bleeder that a trip to the doctor to sort this out is not something to be either ashamed of or worried about. My doctor has me on Mefenamic acid for pain and Buscopan to control the contractions. Although these are used for IBS and arthritis they really work for Painful contracting periods. My doctor also suggested to me that if I still leak he could put me on pills to control the bleeding but my medical experience of this in the past is that it just makes the bleeding last longer....at the end of the day it's all got to come out! If you do have an customers who suffer from painful heavy periods I would be happy to share my experience I am a Therapy Radiographer and believe us girls should stick together and share info :-)

Karen - 17th September 2010

I love mine. I work in a fast moving place and cant stop for the bathroom all the time. I love that I can use the mooncup for 9-10 hours with out a worry. I see my coworkers whisper its that time I need to use the restroom again. I always think I have no worry's about that. I used pad before trying the mooncup, I couldn't use tampons. I could feel them as I moved. I do a lot of heavy work at my job and tampons made me feel sick. They didn't move with me. The mooncup is great. It move with me and I don't get that sick feeling at all. I ounces forgot my mooncup at home, and I was stuck at work for two days because of the weather. All I can say is I cant believe I ever used pads.

Sarah - 9th January 2011

I am a doctor and a complete Mooncup convert. I have been using it for two years following a friend's recommendation. Super economical, comfortable and no leakage. Brilliant product. Cannot understand why women continue to use traditional sanitary products.

Rachael - 7th January 2011

i bought the mooncup out of my 18th birthday money, i asked my mom if shed ever used one, she said she once used a contrceptive cup for one when she was caught short without a pad. so i bought it prior to my next period, which strangly enough was sort of a mile stone as it was 5 years since my first. the first time i put it in it felt weird, i felt like one of my brothers might notice that i was wiggling in my seat. i went upstairs and removed it, i'd worn it for ten minutes and i'd noticed my vaginal canal felt swollen. but it wasn't. i tried a gain the next day, after trimming and re-inserting it felt okay. i then slept in it. i normally have to wash my sheets daily when menstrating due to wearing pads, mom prohibits tampons so thats why it took me time to realise lower than a tampon meant. i then spent amonth on the mooncup. the first rinse i rinsed with warm water and when i inserted it it moved so i took it out to see like a curdled mix of vaginal fluids, and rinsed it under cold water before re-inserting it was fine after that. i have now been using the mooncup for two months, i'm quite frotuate as i get a small set of cramps about twevele hours before i start so i now don't stain my underware as the mooncup can be worn just before as it dosent dry you out or cause irritation. last month i got snowed in at my nan's without my mooncup and had to wear these horrid rubbing pads, and when i gothome and put it in, the sides of my legs where screaming HEAVEN. i still get to where my favorite pants. i'm halfway to convincing my freinds and my sister can't wait to be allowed one when she's older. my younger sister thinks that "big" girl time of the month means chocolate and fun. i used to grumble "it aint that fun" but in fact since i got the mooncup i can't wait for my monthly "big" girl time either. :)

jordie - 3rd January 2011

I had heard of the moon cup and wasn't sure about trying it until a friend convinced me to give it a go. As it suited my ethical considerations, budget and lifestyle I thought why not. Well here I am coming to the end of my first usage. The packaging and instructions are fab and your website comprehensive. I wasn't remotely anxious as the instructions were so clear and reassuring and as a result I have had no problems using it. It has meant I have enjoyed all activities including pilates, rigorous hikes with my dog and running 5Km. In fact I hardly remember I have it. Thank you for changing my life and protecting the planet as well as my pocket!

Sarah - 29th December 2010

My mooncup has truly changed my life. Since I was little I was always just 'one of the boys'. I never had girly things, preferring to play with the boys in my class instead of doing stuff with the girls. When my periods started, I was absolutely disgusted. With pads, with the mess, and with myself, that I had a body that made me go through this every month. My period occupied my every waking minute, dreading when it would happen again. Wearing pads and tampons made me feel dirty, so much that I would hold off as long as possible, and end up having to throw away half my underwear drawer each month. I became very depressed, and even suicidal. Counselling and anti-depressants didn't help, and as soon as I was old enough, I went to my local family planning clinic and asked for the Implanon implant, as I had heard that it stopped periods in some cases. This happened, and I enjoyed 3 blissful years of being period-free. 3 years came to an end, and around that time I heard about mooncup. I decided to give it a try, and right from the word go, I felt new. Reborn, even. For the first time in my entire life, I actually feel like the woman I am. I enjoy having my period, as it gives me a link to other women I had never felt before. I feel comfortable with my body, and even don't mind talking about periods anymore. I even recommended mooncup to a friend when she told me she was allergic to tampons. She bought one that afternoon, and took me out for drinks to say thank you! It's been a year since I bought my mooncup. Life is good, and I have you to thank. Thank you.

catherine - 25th December 2010

I've used my mooncup now for around 7 years - and nothing else. I love it - I just empty it every morning in the shower during my period. A small tip - to make insertion and leak-prevention perfect, I've cut off the entire 'stem' and angle the folded cup more back than upwards when inserting it. After my period has ended, I give it a good wash with anti-bacterial handsoap. I find soaking it in a solution with one of those tablets for false teeth removes some of the natural discolouration that occurs. Of course I rinse it well before next using it. I agree with the previous reviewer who said every girl should be given one of these when they start menstruating.

Emily - 24th December 2010

Thank you so much this has made my periods far kore bearable. No more leaking even at night. No more 'torpedo' size tampax falling out of my handbag. This is now my 2nd period using the Mooncup and it's so much better. At first I found it difficult to remove in the mornings but now I just wait 30 minutes, let gravity do it's work and everythings fine. Thanks again.

deb - 19th December 2010

My sister gave me a mooncup for christmas 3 years ago. It's the best present I ever had. It takes all the boring hassle out of dealing with your period. Try it - you'll never regret it!

emma - 17th December 2010

I first heard about menstrual cups a couple years ago, but I was living in Canada at the time, and so they were not available to me. Since coming to England as an Exchange student, I thought I'd keep going with my investigation to see if a Mooncup was right for me. It was a little tricky at first and has only leaked once. They're now available back home from Diva, but I like Mooncup so much that I'm definitely going to get a couple more for when I go home so I can teach my friends.

Sabrina - 9th December 2010

I've had my Mooncup for 4 months now, and just finished my first period using nothing but the Mooncup. (I was still getting used to it before, so I was switching between the Mooncup and tampons). At first when I tried to use it, it was really uncomfortable. I was getting frustrated and angry at my friend who recommended it and kept raving about it. Finally, I forced myself to keep trying, and I'm so glad I did. It can still be a bit uncomfortable to insert, but I've found some tricks. I find it easiest to put in while I'm showering in the morning. Also, sometimes I have to think sexy thoughts and get a little aroused so it can glide in easier. (Maybe that's weird, but hey, it helps.) Now that I've gone through a full five-day cycle using nothing but the Mooncup, I'm a true believer. I had no spot bleeding, felt totally secure with it, and loved not having to change it as much as tampons, especially on my heavy days. I'm still getting used to being that up close and personal with my menstruation blood, but I just keep telling myself it's healthier for me and the environment.

Clare - 6th December 2010

I had wanted to try using a menstrual cup for at least a year before I got round to buying one and finally purchased my Mooncup from a large Boots outlet a few weeks ago. After a rather rushed and unsuccessful dry run I was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to get it to work and it would be a wasted investment. I needn't have worried! My period came around again and I was determined to at least give it another try. I played around with it a bit first, trying out different folds and getting used to the shape and feel, and then inserted it sitting down on the edge of the bath. I am petite and a virgin, so it was slightly painful getting it past the vaginal opening (using a "punch down" fold), but once it was in it felt fine. I had no problem getting it to open and form a seal. I kept it in for about ten minutes as a test run the first evening of my period, and had a slight panic trying to take it out, but with taking some big relaxing breaths, bearing down, and some fishing about with my index finger managed to remove it without pain. I wasn't brave enough to try overnight use of the cup straight off the bat, but in the morning after having woken up to disgusting sticky thighs from my pad moving around in the night, I determined to start using the cup properly and cut out disposable products all together. This time I inserted it sitting on the toilet, and it was definitely easier than the first time. I have felt comfortable, dry and fresh all day. I wouldn't say that I forgot it was there, but I'm sure that's down to the novelty of using a cup rather than to actually feeling it inside me. I have a long coach journey and an important interview coinciding with this month's period, and was planning on using disposable pads and tampons, but I'm already confident enough with the Mooncup to use it even under such stressful and uncomfortable conditions. I'm 100% converted.

E J - 5th December 2010

I can't say enough about this product. I have always *HATED* my period, but now it's not a big deal! Pads gross me out, and the idea of pee on my tampon string bothered me too. Both are completely uncomfortable to wear. I could always "feel" the tampon, and pads alternatively chafe or feel icky. There were times the darn things just weren't in my handbag too, and I had to ask someone at work if I could borrow one. Awkward. Then along comes Mooncup. It's 100% comfortable, and I don't need to worry about "running out". Yes, there is a learning curve to getting used to it (cut the stem, removal takes practice), but it is more than worth the patience. No more landfill or water supply nastiness to feel bad about, either. And mooncup is the biggest money saver. I will never, ever, ever, ever go back to pads and tampons.

Happy Camper - 28th November 2010

I bought my mooncup 2 years ago with all good intentions after reading all the reviews, but never quite plucked up enough courage. Today, I realised I'd run out of tampons and as I had the house to myself I tried it. It was so simple I was shocked. I couldn't be happier, how easy! I practiced once, putting it in and then taking it out and it was so simple I didn't feel the need to practice anymore. I can't believe I was so concerned for 2 years and it took all of 4-5minutes to convert me! Now I've got to think about what I'm going to treat myself to with the extra ££'s each month.

Ellie 25 - 26th November 2010

I've been using a Mooncup for 6 months now and I think it's absolutely brilliant. I've always had very irregular periods, and I'd either get caught out if I was early or have to waste loads of pantyliners, tampons and towels for nothing if I came on later than expected. Not so with the Mooncup - I just put it in and get on with my life! I wasn't sure at first, and it definitely took a little while to get used to but I honestly couldn't imagine going back to tampons. Now I'm trying to convince my friends to give it a go - the only problem is that they don't believe me when I tell them I can still do sport with it in, and that it doesn't smell at all! I'm committed to spreading the word though!

Alice - 23rd November 2011

I've been using the mooncup for about 9 months now and it's completely changed the way I think about my period. Before I would always get thrush/cystitis from using tampons and used to dread not only the period itself but the aftermath with antibiotics and pain! My mooncup is easy to take to work with me, far cheaper in the long-run and better for the environment. I do experience some leakage but nothing that a pantyliner can't handle! Thanks mooncup, I'll certainly be spreading the word!

Rebecca - 17th November 2010

When i was brought for a mooncup,first i didnt understand for a while then one day i took my time to read through the leaflet and try as i was on my periods, after ward i became a bit uncomfatable but i kept on trying even to sleep luckily through the night i had forgotten my status and slept soundly i woke up the following morning and told my husband that i was the most happiest woman in the whole world i experienced a night of a total comfort thanks to mooncup menstrual cup it make my days a stress free.

Norah - 16th November 2010

mooncup is the best thing i purchased - maybe not ever, but for a long time sure! I think every women should have one! At first i was sceptical, but now, i would newer switch back to tampons or pads. girls, give it a try.

galthea - 15th November 2010

I've been meaning to write for ages to say thank you for inventing this! I bought mine about three years ago and it is the best £20 I've ever spent. I saw a sticker in my university's library and checked the mooncup website out online. I wasn't sure about the messiness angle but I went and bought one in Boots to try it out. I don't like tampons but the mooncup is so much easier. I swear that it helps with cramps also - I don't know why, maybe it is the vaccum it creates. After you get used to it, it is so easy. Lots of public bathrooms have sinks nearby but if not, then you can just empty it and wash it later on. It's also kind of nice to be aware of how much blood you are losing because with pads and tampons, you really have no idea. Also, I find with pads that there is a very distinctive smell that you just don't have with the mooncup. I used to feel really self-conscious and aware when I had my period, worried that I was leaking, and also just feeling a little distugsting about the whole process. Using the mooncup has made me aware of this natural process, I am not worried about whether people can tell if I'm on my period and I actually forget about it most of the time. I've turned all my female friends on to it. It is such a shame that more people are not aware of it. Thank you so much!

Anna - 14th November 2010

Its been 5 periods since I have been using the Mooncup; already its paid for itself, moreover its dramatically reduced symptoms of dismenorrea which I have been dealing with for years now. Additionally, I have long suspected the absorption of healthful bacteria by tampons has lead in the past to BV - which let me tell you, sucks on so many levels. So far, I have had no issues with this. Again, i want to emphasize what a fabulous, efficient, clean and intelligent product this is. Keep up the great work!!! I love my mooncup!

janey - 14th November 2010

I have had one of these for years and I would NEVER use anything else. After getting fed up of carrying tampons of differing absorbancy or having the horror of forgetting anything altogether, the moon cup just makes life so much easier. Incredibly comfortable, it is great for those really heavy days as it hold a lot and can be removed as regularly as you need without discomfort. No disgusting pads to deal with, no waste, easy to clean, just brilliant

Claire - 11th November 2010

I never thought I'd ever look forward to a period, but when I bought my mooncup I just couldn't wait to try it! Day 2 and I simply wish I'd found it sooner. It's far more comfortable, far more reliable, and a lot more convenient than tampons and pads. I love being able to pop it in and then forget I'm on my period; no checking wether it needs changing every few hours (goodness on a heavy one it can be every hour with tampons... but not the mooncup!) I can see now why mooncup girls rave about them, I really didn't think I'd want to share that sort of information with any one... but it's such a fantastic discovery you almost feel like not mentioning it to everyone is depriving them of a better period!

Laura - 10th November 2010

I am over the moon with my Mooncup. I suffer with very heavy period and cramps, I popped it in and no more cramps, no more mess and instead of 7 days on my period all done a dusted in 4 days. Thank you mooncup you have change my life.

Clare - 10th November 2010

wow! i bought my mooncup just as i finished my period last month so i didn't get a chance to try it out! I'm quite young (13!) and i love, love love my mooncup! i got my period yesterday and i was so excited to use it! i inserted it easily and left it in for 3 hours. when i took it out it was barely even half full! it was so comfortable and i couldn't even feel it in me! i was a bit nervous when i used it overnight and i leaked a bit but that was only because i put it too high up. i have fixed the problem and am extremely happy!

Athena - 6th November 2010

I have been using a mooncup for about 7years, and love it, i have very heavy periods, and now only on my period for about 4 days instead of the 9 days i was when using other products. i leave the little bag hanging on a hook in the bathroom so my husband and sons know its the time to be tidier in their rooms, generally nicer to each other and me. I have recomended it to a few friends and they love it also.

Nicola - 4th November 2010

I bought a mooncup about 3 years ago, but initially found it a bit fiddly, so stopped using it. More recently I decided to give it another try. I am now completely converted - I found it took a while to get used to inserting it so it couldn't be felt, but it really is worth perservering. I feel less pain and also it doesn't make you feel dry like tampons do, and there is less mess and no smell. I like the environmental advantages of it too. Long term it will save me loads of money. The biggest benefit for me thought was to realise how much blood I was losing each month - I had no idea as it is hard to judge with tampons and towels. I mentioned it to my GP who ran some blood tests - turned out I was low in iron which helped to explain why I had felt really rough for many months despite eating very well. I'm now on iron supplements and feeling much better, so my mooncup has helped my health (and the environment) in more ways than I imagined - THANK YOU.

Alison - 3rd November 2010

Can't praise the Mooncup enough. First month had a few troubles with heavy days, but this month (second) is perfect. It's just so easy - no more worrying if I have enough tampons in my handbag to cover the work day, no wasting money on them either. If only the Mooncup was available in shops in Australia we might see a higher take-up here.

H - 31st October 2010

After using the mooncup for almost a year now, I love it! After 2 children, tampons seemed to be more irritating and drying & so I braved the mooncup. At first I was disappointed as it seemed uncomfortable - I could constantly feel it & felt I was 'hanging on' to it. After three cycles, it's so quick and easy & I cannot feel it. I feel happier, cleaner and thrilled that I'm using something safe & environmentally friendly. I'd even go so far to say I'm quiet pleased when my period comes around - there's something very empowering about wearing a mooncup. I found it does take time - new users do not be disheartened - it really does become second nature.

Ali - 30th October 2010

I just received the Mooncup and used it for the first month and I LOVE IT!!! I live in Washington, DC., and although it is not available here, I had a friend ship me one from the UK. I love all the things that everyone else loves about it; it pays for itself in less than 3 months, it saves me from creating so much waste, and its easy to use! The reason I am in love with it, however is because you can do almost anything while wearing it! You don't have to "change" it like you do tampons every time you go to the bathroom or take a shower. You can go swimming with it. At first insertion was kind of uncomfortable, but after about the third time I emptied it, I was used to the way it felt. I have a full box of tampons on standby just in case, but I really don't see myself using them ever again. This is one small way women everywhere can make a difference in reducing waste and keeping our planet just a little bit cleaner. I can't believe I wasted so much time and money without the Mooncup! I have recommended it to everyone, even my mom! There are so many people in the States that would love to own Mooncup, so please please please make it available for shipping in the US. Thank you so very, very much!

Alex - 25th October 2010

My experience with Mooncup spans 12 years - extremely happy ones too! As an active sports person and one who understands Anatomy and Physiology (Sport Science background), I know my body well and how it needs to perform at all times. I actively seek out anything natural, organic or in Mooncup's case - just plain obviously sensible! I bought one on sight, used it immediately, experienced nothing but admiration for something so simple yet so effective, that I haven't used anything else since; again I say, 12 years. I 'wax lyrical' to friends and am astounded at how few women know about or use Mooncup. Even my guy admires this product and I successfully have 'orgasms' whilst using Mooncup during my period. What more is there to say other than 'Thank you Mooncup' :-).

Rachel - 22nd October 2010

An end to tampon tyranny! Just bought one on impulse last Friday. I had thought it a rather comical concept, wondering whether I was a size A or B and, if I got the wrong size, how I'd ever get a refund! :-) Anyway, I'm so glad I did; the last few days of my period have been a revelation. It's so much better than changing tampons every few hours and feels far less intrusive. I wish more women knew about the Mooncup.

Bearmina - 18th October 2010

Mooncup is unbelievable!!! My best friend had been trying to convince me to try it for years and I've put it off due to a combination of the "yuck" factor, the upfront cost and general laziness at changing my ways. And now I'm so mad at myself-I cant believe I've been needlessly using tampons all these years when I could have been using mooncup: more comfortable, less fuss and feels so much more natural! It has completely changed the way I feel about my periods. People say it is hard to use, but I think this really depends. I mastered in a day with my friend on email chat for trouble shooting queries! So if you can find a"mooncup buddy" who has used it before I think this really helps. I just want to tell everyone about it-I wish periods were not so stigmatised so everyone would openly talk about how amazing it is! Down with the tampon! Go Mooncup!

Louise - 17th October 2010

Dear team, I just have to post some feedback to you.. I have been using the Mooncup for over 6 years now and wouldn't even dream of using anything else! I use it through my career as a professional dancer and teacher,I do pilates and yoga with it and even surf with it too! I also have stage 4 endometriosis,which can be really debilitating on times,particularly the awful fatigue and the crippling pain. However I am still able to use the Mooncup with this condition and want to encourage woman with the disease to buy one. Knowing how easy it is to use and not putting harmful chemicals (The cotton in Tampons is bleached etc) or nasty fibres into my body reassures me every month. I want to shout about it to the female population! Buy a Mooncup girls..it's total freedom,environmentally ethical,safe and practical.. Long may the Mooncup prosper! Love a satisfied happy customer.

Anon - 14th October 2010

I have just started using a mooncup, picked it up at boots while stocking up on tampons. I have to say, despite ignoring most of the tips, I have had no trouble whatsoever using it, folding method 2 all the way, and trimmed the stem right back. No leaks, no discomfort, no hassle. What a fantastic idea, too! It's the end of taking my handbag to the loo, or trying to subtly hide a tampon in my hand, the end of worrying that I haven't enough tampons to last me through an evening (my periods are short but very heavy for the first 2 days), the end of dashing into shops trying to find tampons when I've been caught short... just ingenious! Not to mention the savings... Love it!

Olivia - 12th October 2010

This is the exception to"if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is"... it really is that good! Discreet, so comfortable, easy to use and seemingly completely leakproof. Wish I had discovered it years ago!

Ann - 11th October 2010

I stumbled across Mooncups while searching the internet for a healthy/environmentally friendly alternative to tampons. I'm in the military (Australian Navy) and have an incredibly active working and personal life. In fact, I'm off to sea next year!! And I'll definately be taking my mooncup. No more trying to slip a tampon in my pocket and rush off to the 'heads' inbetween watches, no more land waste, no more dryness or thrush. This is only the second period that I have had my Mooncup for and I will NEVER use anything else. It's quite easy once you get the hang of it and it honestly only took me the first day of my last period to figure it all out. I took great pleasure in giving my box of tampons away (along with a Mooncup sticker). My partner is facinated by the concept and happy for me that I've found a healthy and environmentally sound solutions that also saves me money. My whole office now knows about them and two other girls (sailors also) have bought them too. I can't thank you enough for providing a wonderful product.....now to convert my sister!!

Tanya - 6th October 2010

I have been wanting a Mooncup for a while, my boyfriend found out about it and told me, since i have sensitive skin and hate that little string hanging from the tampons he thought i would enjoy the idea. At first i was thinking that the testimonial were exaggerating and it wouldn't be all that change, but i'm very happy to confirm that they were all right, i'm very attached to my mooncup since the second day i tried it and i have no intentions at all of going back to the tampons or pads. I feel like im doing good to myself and the environment i live in, not to mention those around me that had to put up with me having terrible pain and feeling gross and icky every time of the month. Thank you for such a comfortable and reliable product

Ana, Brazil - 5th October 2010

I started using the Mooncup about 5 years ago after a friend recommended it to me. I hated towels, and tampons irritated my skin (and leaked slightly for me) so I was keen to try something which was both better for my body, more environmentally friendly and cheaper for me in the long run. I haven't looked back since. After the few initial attempts to insert it I soon got the hang of it, and think every woman should at least give it a go! You don't have to change it as frequently as tampons, you can insert it just before your period starts (unlike tampons) and you can wear it right to the end of the period when you're just spotting (unlike tampons). There are not many items that cost this little, last for up to 10 years and are better than the more expensive alternative!

Suz - 2nd October 2010

I read the testimonials on the website some time ago, but only went around to buying my Mooncup last week. I was desperate to find a solution to help me get through the misery of having my period for 12 days+ in a row (not recommending the contraceptive implant btw)! I was not comfortable wearing tampons everyday, especially as the flow was very light and I would have to remove them half-dry...ewww I'm glad to say that Mooncup solved the issue in style! I still need to practice to avoid that embarrassing suction noise when I remove it, but I really want to say thank you for making my life 10x easier already!

Joy - 28th September 2010

no words describe the amazement i had when i bought this. i was a little scared at first when i bought it but when i inserted it i didn't feel any pain at all! it felt completely natural. when i changed it later (after 4 hours on my 3rd day) it was barely half full! i was ecstatic! i reinserted it and carried on my normal day until the evening came. i was slightly worried but i changed it before i went to bed and as soon as a woke up and i got a perfect nights sleep and my mooncup didnt leak at all! what i am trying to say in a very long message is BUY A MOONCUP NOW AND CHANGE YOU LIFE!!!

Lalia - 28th September 2010

I am so relieved that i found the Mooncup (which was on a toilet door at uni). I hated using pads, it was like a nappy, and tampons always the string got loose and got wet when you peed or was showing. The only problem i've had with it is when i pull it out after breaking the seal, it can't really fold up because of the liquid in and so it's aa bit tight to pull out, any suggestions?? Apart from that it is money saving, time saving and mess saving. I love it and think everyone should get one :D xx

Louise - 26th September 2010

Changed everything - it's not painful or uncomfortable - you forget it's there and that you're on completely.

Em - 22nd September 2010

Wow - what a revelation. Have known about mooncup for a couple of years but really thought it just wasn't for me - have now taken the plunge and am amazed. About to go travelling (in developing world) for a year, so instead of having to take a year's supply of tampax one tiny mooncup will do instead. Really comfortable, no leaking, feels much more secure AND you get the "I'm being environmentally friendly" glow :)

Esther - 20th September 2010

Im 25 and I have always used towels as tampons felt uncomfortable and as though they were going to fall out. I dont know where I heard about mooncups probably on facebook. In the middle of my last period I was feeling extra confident like I always do, and thought id like to try something new. So I went to Boots and looked for a mooncup. I was expecting a really big box, dont know whether Id seen one on the website and got the scale wrong or maybe it was the word cup and I associated that word with a mug of tea sized object. Anyway I was amazed by how small the box was but bought it anyway. When I got it home and opened the box I looked at the cup and thought Ive never really got anything larger than a finger in my vagina. Thats never going to fit! So I tried to get it in a few times getting blood all over, then when I did get it in I had big problems getting it out as I could not seem to fit my fingers in anywhere near the cup never mind round the sides of it. During that period I had a few goes with it which lasted about an hour at a time. And I then gave up. I have been waiting a week for this current period and now it is here I have tried the mooncup in again and there seems to be more room than there was last month. I can get two fingers round the side of it and get it out without a panic like before. Im still not sure the stem is short enough as I can sometimes feel it, but Im going to work on that and will definitely cut down on the number of towels I use. Hope it all goes well. And to anyone else with a new mooncup I echo the advice about sticking with it, it appears to get easier with time.

Smith - 18th September 2010

I’ve used the Mooncup for about a year now and I’m a definite convert. It stands up to cycling, climbing, and camping (as well as everyday life) with no trouble and no chafing (Hurrah!) and it will eventually save me a small fortune. It makes irregular periods much easier to handle too – if in doubt I can wear it just in case. If you’re not convinced, try it anyway!

Em - 18th September 2010

I have used the Mooncup for around 5 years now. The first few times I used it, it felt very strange, but after the first few months, it felt as though there was nothing there! Once you have cut the end down to a comfortable size for you, you will wonder why you ever used anything else. Yes on occasion it seems messy, but I find this far easier than the tampax I used before. I was originaly an avid tampax user, & wondered how something this shape would be comfortable. The shape & texture of it is actually very easy to use & unbelievably comfortable. I find that my periods seem more regular, as along with other testimonials, the last day or so do seem shorter, but run off into a nice clean finsh. I rarely have any leaks, & find that I can enjoy things like excercise or swimming alot more comfortably, without having to worry about instantly changing a tampx. I occasionaly have to use a tampax when I'm caught short, as an emergency, but can tell the difference in comfort straight away. Once the Mooncup is in use, it's so much easier to excuse yourself, whereever you are, empty and/or adjust, then carry on, with no mess & no fuse. I will never go back!

Emma - 18th September 2010

I have had mine for about 2 years now and i love it!!! i wish someone had told me about this earlier and i want to get all my friends to use one too but it is difficult to try to convince them because it is something new and it does take alittle getting used to, but once you have cracked it it is soo worth it!! so comfortable i forget i am on my period alot because i cant feel it. it is sooo much more convenient for traveling or just to keep in your bag incase, and ive only spent £20 since i bought it 2 years ago an im sure it will last me for many years to come saving me hundreds of pounds and more importantly to me saving all that waste and impact on the environment, there is nothing worse than seeing a tampon or sanitary towel on the beach when your trying to enjoy your hols once i got used to using it i have never had a problem with it, i use it while swimming and doing sports and even my boyfriend isnt aware i am on my period unless i tell him. I wont look back!!. Towels and tampons are horrible and smelly and so wasteful and uncomfortable,.. who wants to walk around wearing what feels like a nappy all day sticking to your leggs an crinkling, horrible!! because the blood is still inside you before you empty it it doesnt come into contact with the air so it doesnt smell at all and you simply empty it away and rinse the mooncup what could be simpler! if you have been umming and arring just go out and get one you will wonder why you didnt do it sooner!! :D Anna

Anna - 16th September 2010

A few months ago I was out shopping and unexpectedly got my period. I went to use a tampon vending machine and it was out of order and someone had written "ha ha!" use a mooncup! I've been meaning to try it for a while so I went and bought one. I was a bit unsure at first but now I can't believe I ever used tampons. It's so clean and easy to use, I feel virtuous every month for not creating lots of polluting waste and don't have to spend money on tampons ever again. It's brilliant! If only every woman used them it would make sure an positive impact on the environment.

Jo - 15th September 2010

I love my mooncup, within 4 months I had recovered the cost and now I menstruate for free! I have no problem with blood and I think that the mooncup allows me to understand my body better, I know know how long my cycle is and just how much I bleed. Gone are the soggy nappies and the scratchy synthetic tampons which always leaked. One added advantage: instead of buying ox blood fertilizer compounds for my roses every now and then I will tip a moon cup of my own moon offering for the roses and needless to say they are growing splendidly.

Coral - 14th September 2010

I just wanted to let you know how fantastic I think your product is! I have been using the Mooncup for about 2 yrs now and after my first period using it i have told all of my friends and family about it. Not only is it good for my body, it is good for the environment too - and my purse! Thank you so much.

Kate - 13th September 2010

I have noticed that nobody on here seems to have discovered how to know when to empty their mooncup. It is really easy! When you feel a bubbling sensation inside, it is time to empty, it really is as simple as that!

Emma - 7th September 2010

I have known about the Mooncup for many years but I have to admit to being incredibly grossed out by the idea of it. But then a friend of mine, I thought the least likely person to use such a thing, started telling me about it so enthusiastically that I decided to try it. And it is AMAZING! it's only a little messy on removal, reduces the smell, is amazingly comfortable and easy to insert and remove (took me a day or two to get used to this). And the best thing about it other than all the money it will save over time? The waste reduction. Every month I feel so guilty about the amount that goes into landfill or down the toilet and now I can stop! Although I do feel a bit bad about not having bought one years ago.

pinkhippy - 2nd September 2010

One word... WOW!! Why has the mooncup never reached my knowledge until now, All I can say is that I bought one from boots after reading all the comments on here and money well invested! I've spent the last few days of my monthly in bliss. I am completely happy and will never use tamps again.. Ever! The wierdest thing was taking it out for the first time, but I had no problems So this comment is to say thank-you mooncup for this brilliant invention. Simple, Elegant and Fabulous :)

Melody Siren - 2nd September 2010

Best investment I've made this year!

Susan - 1st September 2010

really want to share my experience that i just used it once and i love it. it needs alot of practice to use it first time but once you get the hang of it, you would wish that knew abt it before. thanks for bringing this product out.

anita - 1st September 2010

I've been using the mooncup for last three months now and what a great invention! I'm that pleased with it I've actually gave my towels and tampons away, although raved about mooncup in the process! I read about mooncup in a magazine and thought it to be gross at first I must admit! After discussing it with my friend we both thought we'd give it a try and both will never look back! I used to get thrush from tampons and discomfort due to dryness but not anymore! The mooncup is the best invention ever! It's easy to apply and remove once you get the hang of it and no more carrying around tampons and towels in your bag, just your tiny mooncup! Love it! Thankyou mooncup!!!!!!!!! X

Yvonne - 31st August 2010

I bought my Mooncup a couple of weeks ago and have just used it for the first time. That is, I put it in several hours ago and have just had my first daunting attempt at removing it ... and it was a doddle! I'd read all the testimonials first and taken on board the problems some people had had with them, so I suppose you could say I was prepared. So, for this, my first time, I squatted in the bath, just in case of any spillage. And there was none! I won't say it came out easily, exactly, but it only took me a couple of minutes to remove (I'm pleased I watched the video on the website first explaining how to use), then another couple to wash and reinsert. And, despite what you might expect, it is far less messy than removing a tampon! I'm impressed! There has been absolutely no leakage (although this IS only the first day of my period, so I'll wait and see what the next couple of days is like) and it is MUCH more comfortable than a tampon (with which I always experience some leakage). I'd read about a similar product several years ago in a magazine and just wish I'd hunted down the Mooncup and tried it sooner!

Lisa - 28th August 2010

I've been using the mooncup for a year now. What I like best about it is that you don't feel like you're having your periods. Like some of the other posters on this board, the first couple of days of my period are really heavy - it's good being able to (1) have something that can stay in for a few hours without having to be changed every hour - especially since I'm a teacher, and can't keep running out of the classroom, and (2) know exactly how much I bleed every period - I always doubted that it was just a couple of spoonfuls, now I know! The mooncup has now been to several countries with me, and all over Europe and Asia on holidays - and has saved me a LOT of money and packing space!

maya - 28th August 2010

I used to use sanitary towels and they made those few days of every month a misery. I didn't even want to leave the house while I had my period. Thankfully my mum e-mailed me the link for the Mooncup website and I just have to say, thankyou! This is the best invention EVER.

Clayre - 28th August 2010

I have been using Mooncup for about 6 months - its brilliant! Always used tampons, always had leaks and felt guilty about the waste. Mooncup is easy to use (sure - you need to get used to it) and gets you connected with your body and how it works. Its not gross and unhealthy (this is YOUR body afterall)- I think its beneficial for environment, has reduced cramps and I find it really convenient as I am always on the go. I am not an Earth-mother type of person (read Grazia, love shopping, watch ANTM for my sins!) - but Mooncup is really a genius bit of kit. Highly recommend it.

Anjana - 28th August 2010

I think that tampons and pads/towels promote the idea that your period is dirty, smelly and uncomfortable, secret and taboo. I know I felt that way when I first started. Since getting my Mooncup (two days ago) I feel so sad that disposable sanitary products are the norm. The difference that it makes to your feelings about your period to use something clean, soft and reusable is hard to explain to the the uninitiated. Something about being able to just wash the blood away feels so much healthier, and to be able to see it properly, as a natural thing caught in a clean, transparent cup. You've changed my life. Thank you Mooncup!

Zoe - 28th August 2010

Thank you mooncup...I discovered mooncup about a year ago when I became irritated by pads and tampons. I was hesitant at first but within a few days I would never go back. I have been using it for several months and never had to buy anything else. I think everybody should know about mooncup! Thank you!!!

Elena - 27th August 2010

I've been using the mooncup now for almost 2 years! And I really like it for several reasons:
  • 1. Other products always caused a lot of dryness&pain during and after my menstruation (which is really annoying, no riding a bicycle or having sex for 2 weeks in total...) BUT since the mooncup I haven't had those problems anymore *yay*
  • 2. Easy removal & no leakage. I have a heavy flow, and I never have had a leakage with my mooncup :)
  • 3. You can really see what your body does to cleanse itself. And I like to keep track how heavy my flow is, and that's really easy with a mooncup!
So, buy it! And respect nature, respect your body and no more leakages!!

Iris - 27th August 2010

I purchased my mooncup over a month ago and for some time I talked myself out of using it because the thought scared me some what. I plucked up the courage and tried using it in the last two days of my period to get me used to the idea. I found it a little difficult at first but once it was in, I couldn't feel it at all! Now I have been using it from the beginning of my period and like some people say, you forget about! I dont have to worry about carrying products around with me and although I have been wearing a liner just for reassurance, I dont need too. Taking the mooncup out is also suprisingly easy. In a wierd way, I was actually shocked at how little blood there was compared to what I imagined when using sanitary towels/tampons. I am so happy with my mooncup that I have already started spreading the word. I honestly believe that it makes periods so much more pleasant and I feel cleaner!! It feels great being able to sleep through the night and not worrying about leaks or big period pants!!!! Thank you for such a great product!!

Claire - 25th August 2010

Just to add to the copious positive reviews, the mooncup is awesome. I'm 18, virgin and don't have any complaints! It was kind of a mission to get the hang of inserting it (I tried it out a few times before my period so it was easier when it actually arrived). I always used mini/regular tampons (which were hard enough to use when I first got my period) - it could be hard for girls not used to tampons, but still easily overcome with practise. I never even had a problem with using tampons, except that awkwardness of waiting for it to start and end, and not having sanitary bins at friends' houses so I am surprised at how much I am liking this mooncup. Enough to write a review, and that's something.

Emily - 26th August 2010

Ever sinds I stoped using my contraceptive pill I have very heavy periods, 2 boxes of tampax every month. Then I discovered the mooncup by accident. It's fantastic. You put it in, no leaking, don't need any bandage to prevent leaking in my underware, no need to change every hour. And afterwards you just wash it, sterilize it in water and it's ready to use next period! This product should be distributed largely for all woman!

Bloem - 20th August 2010

I thought I'd give it go. It took a bit for me to get it in the right position that felt comfortable but now its fine. I love it. I feel cleaner and almost as though I'm not on my period, as I don't have to wear a pad. You don't feel it's there and can get on with the day

Geraldine - 21st August 2010

Fantastic. I went back to tampons temporarily to finish the last box (of my life) and was so shocked to realise how uncomfortable and leaky they were!

K - 20th August 2010

I have used my Mooncup for 3 months now. Unfortunatly I am one of thos ladies that have really heavy periods and I am unable to wear tampons due to problems with the chemicals in them. I decided to try the Mooncup after reading some of the information and testimonials. I can say that this is an excellect product adn I will continue to use it, how ever I do find that for the first 2 days of my period I have to wear a towel as well as I do have a little leakage. I have tried all the tips to make sure you have a good seal and I do these every time I insert it. I would recomend the Mooncup to everyone as wearing light towels for 2 days feels so much more healthier then wearing towels for the 7 days of the period. Go for it you won't regret it.

Karen - 18th August 2010

I first read about the mooncup on the internet and have to admit I thought it was a bit odd. However last month after 9 years of using pads and tampons I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and I'm so glad I did! It takes getting used to in terms of inserting and removing it but it isn't nearly as difficult as I expected. I can't emphasise enough how pleased I am with this product. It just makes the whole period process a lot more discreet, no more brightly coloured wrappers in my bag! Have to say that my biggest worry about the mooncup was that it was going to be a bit disgusting to empty but I have been pleasantly surprised, it really isn't any worse than changing a pad or tampon. In fact I've become quite fascinated by being able to keep track of how much I'm bleeding by using the measurements on the cup. The mooncup is less hassle, more natural and something I will be recommending to any woman who will listen!

Jenni - 17th August 2010

I finally got off my backside & bought one & it arrived a day after my period started last month. I had read reviews on here & had fully read the booklet that came with it within an hour of receiving it. I opted to use it pretty much straight away & I am NEVER going back to towels or tampax! Ok, it's a trial & error thing for inserting & removing, but that's nothing new as I always struggled to use tampax anyway! I had to remove the whole stem pretty much straightaway as it was irritating me, but I've got the knack of removing it sorted with no problem whatsoever. I can honestly say I've never had such a good period on my first go. It actually finished 2 days early & I had hardly any pain at all, which is unusual for me! I've also since found out a friend of mine has used it for 5 years & I had a go at her for not telling me about it sooner! If you are reading this... Get a Mooncup, you will seriously regret not doing so sooner!

Michelle - 15th August 2010

I have used a mooncup for the last year. i decided to give it a try after seeing a mooncup sticker on a ladies loo in a motorway service station!! Also quite frankly was really fed up with how much over my lifetime (40 years & counting!) i've probably spent on tampons etc. Took a bit of getting used to but soon got the hang of it & thoroughly pleased with the product. Does what it says on the tin. Then last week horror of horrors i had my bag stolen with my mooncup in it as i was about to start my period!! So went out had to buy some tampons which really gutted me but had no choice. With the tampons I leaked and felt really uncomfortable for several days. I dont feel the need to use liners with the mooncup as i have no worry about leaking. Just wish I'd discovered it a few years earlier. I've never written anything about a product before but having had to use tampons again i realised how great the mooncup is. My replacement arrived in the post today which i was very relieved to see!!

Stella - 14th August 2010

After several months of testing, I want to confirm that the Mooncup works very well! At first, I had to get used to it a little bit, but after a few days, it's routine. It even passed the music-festival-sleeping-in-tents - test. Saves a lot of cotton, energy, rubbish and money. The only thing that's wrong with it is that I have not used it the last 15 years..! I have just found out about it on utopia.de Thank you for this product and for such a positive and environmentally friendly working philosophy. Greetings from Germany!

Mela - 13th August 2010

Words cannot express my delight. Even if I didn't care one iota about environmental issues, I would still get this. It simply DOES NOT LEAK. Once I was brave enough to completely cut off the stem, I had ZERO problems using this from day one of my period to the end. Next month, I'm sleeping in the nude on white sheets - just because I can!

Cheron - 11th August 2010

I got in touch a few weeks ago, enquiring about a mooncup and the effects it would have on a regular cystitis sufferer. I went ahead an tested it out. I have had my happiest period to date. Not a hint of cystitis. Hurrah. I hope this will be useful for anyone with a similar enquiry. Thanks.

Louise - 7th June 2010

As people say there is a new start for every thing... and for me it was a new country (!LOVE UK!) and - Mooncup! I've used it for only a month now but am totally in love with it and will never-ever now be on tampons or pads again, and it is such a relief, a liberation of a very intimate and pleasant sort. I've known about menstrual cups for some time now but in my home country LATVIA they are hard to get, expencive and as funny as it may be, portraited as "dangerous" by some people:) But from the time I've moved to UK now I could find them in Boots with no problem at all! Yes 22£ is a lot but think about the nature and about your health - isn't it worth it? I am so happy, no words can express it!!!

Anastasija - 11th August 2010

I bought it around a year ago. I had painful periods and bowel problems that flared up badly each month. Not to mention the enormous amounts of tampons that I used each month due to my heavy bleeding. Since using the mooncup my period pains are significantly reduced, bloating is less painful. I have had less leaks than with tampons. I even have the impression that my bowel problems are better (why I cannot fathom). I feel altogether less ill during my menstruation. In addition I am indeed feeling more "in-tune" with my body and I adore it that I am not dried up and crunchy after my period. I wish I had heard of the mooncup earlier and spared myself all the years of unhappiness.

Melanie - 10th August 2010

I was ready for some months of trial and error, but.... Just had my first Mooncup-period and I am amazed at how comfortable it was to use! I work in a hospital as an x-ray tech and I often forget to go to the toilet. Sometimes there are a lot of trauma patients to tend to or have to assist in a procedure. The Mooncup gave me immense freedom. I have experienced no leakages, just some clumsiness with tipping it in the toilet. But my technique improved each day. Thank you whoever stuck that Mooncup sticker in a ladies room! You have definitely improved my life!

Katja - 9th August 2010

I discovered your product by accident, as this is not sold (or discussed) here in Australia. I found out before a planned trip to the UK. I must admit, I found the concept, quite unsettling, however, if I did not read through the testimonials I never would have bought one. But I am so glad that I did! Working in an office full of males, I no longer have the dreaded walk to the toilet where I had to secretly stash my tampons, and hope they'd never be discovered. It is far more comfortable than any tampon, and the savings I'm already making, as well as knowing I helping the environment. This product is brilliant and everything I read by other users is true - a great product that every woman should use!

Bliss - 7th August 2010

Wished I'd have heard of Mooncup years ago!!! A friend recently recommended it. I was a bit dubious, but bought one, after reading about it and reading the testimonials. Right from the start I took to it. Followed the instructions and put it in and took it out without a problem. I ended up cutting the whole stem off, as it was a bit uncomfortable even when trimmed by half and I found I could get my Mooncup out without the need for the stem. It feels so wonderful to be without pads and I feel so fresh and clean.

Cindy - 31st July 2010

I first heard about an alternative to pads and tampons a few months ago and was sceptical but willing to give it a go. I have heavy periods and even when using the most absorbent night time pad during the first few days, I always have 'accidents', leading to me using a towel on the bed just in case. So I got my Mooncup last month just as my period was finishing and I used it for two or so days and thought I'd just wasted 20 quid on something that was basically useless. But thankfully I stuck with it, and this month was the first time I've had a period without using pads or tampons. I still wear pantyliners as I usually do, but I'm more confident about moving about and what clothes I wear. It's a bit fiddly and 'up close and personal' getting it in and out, but I think I'm mastering my technique, so thank you.

Michelle - 29th July 2010

I have been using mooncup for 5 years and I couldnt live without it. I suffer with pcos which means my monthly is erratic and superbly heavy. No more finding myself caught short because there were no sanitary products in the house. No more waking up in the morning in a bloodbath from a horror movie because no sanitary product will stay in place and cope with the heavy flow. No fear of infections from tampons. No more waste that is difficult to dispose of with dogs that find their way into the bins. I cant think of anything negative to say about mooncup, it takes some getting used to inserting and positioning, but not much different to a tampon or cap.

Anna - 29th July 2010

Soooooo pleased I have taken this step! My Mooncup is brilliant! From the first time I used it I have had no probs at all :-) A very happy girlie. It's just about changing your attitude towards your periods. Now I feel my body and I are working together every month instead of against eachother!! Thanks Mooncup x

Liza - 29th July 2010

Hi to everyone at Mooncup! After reading about your product I was keen to try it, and im so glad I did! I did think that £21 was quite expensive, but i can totally say its worth the money! What can i say, I am so impressed with my Mooncup I will be recommending it to all my friends! I love the fact that I never have to waste money on sanitary products ever again. I love my Mooncup, so much so that I actually look forward to my period just so I can use it, It has also really helped with my bad period pains, although they are still there they are much less painful. Its a fascinating way to be in touch with your own body, and id never, ever go back to the old way! I love the fact that when in place I cant even feel my mooncup, and its so much more convinient than having to carry towels & tampons around. Thank you so much, Mooncup is an amazing idea :) If you would like to send me another Mooncup, as a valued customer i would love that! :) Emma xxx

Emma - 27th July 2010

Once I used the Mooncup I found my menstrual cramps stopped. I no longer leaked and had to make midnight changes to bedding. The bins were no longer overflowing with smelly, tell tale signs of a period. I nolonger dread my period - I wont lie and say I love it - but it is just another monthly event rather than a challenge. It has the added benefit of being eccologically friendly - as opposed to the smelly packages destined for landfill!

Helen - 24th July 2010

The most important for me in using Mooncup is that it's way better for the environment. Sure it's very comfortable and all. It's a pity I didn't use it before for I heard of it first time 5 years ago, such a waste. But I know better now!

Maria (Ukraine) - 22nd July 2010

I absolutely love my mooncup. Some of my friends are sceptical and believe it's just some hippie nonsense (I refer to a quote from Arthur Schopenhauer, a German philosopher: "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.") but it really has changed my experience of having a period. When I go back-packing I don't have to stock up on tampons and pads at all. Even if you're worried about using it in toilet stalls where the sinks are in the public area, just take a bottle of water in with you. No fuss at all. I recommend it to women everywhere !

Amy - 21st July 2010

This is day 2 of 1st using my mooncup - thought it would take a while to get used to but my body has taken to it straight away!! I totally love it! I feel so clean, i'm not peeing on a string anymore and no odour at all - in fact I almost forgot it was there! It feels so natural!! I even went for a 2 mile run last night (yes it was my 1st day of trying my mooncup - looney!!) but it didn't move!! Not to mention all the other benefits from this product. I am so happy with my purchase - the only drawback of this product is that it is not advertised enough, otherwise I would have started using it a long time ago.

Sarah - 21st July 2010

I tried my Mooncup for the first time this week, and I'm converted already. Here's why: The Mooncup is asy to use, there were no leaks, it saves money, is better for the environment and periods don't go on for as long as they used to! I also found that it's very comfortable to wear, too. No itching/dryness with this, which is a nice surprise. Spread the word!

Beth, Manchester - 20th July 2010

I'm totally not a hippy at all and I find the name Mooncup really quite a turn off. I was majorly concerned that the Mooncup would be an uncomfortable and impractical alternative to tampons but actually it's brilliant; it's much more comfortable then tampons (until I used this I hadn't even realised how uncomfortable I found them) and doesn't need to be changed nearly so often. I have really heavy periods and it's coped no problems. Putting it in is a doddle, taking it out is slightly trickier but still pretty easy. So all in all I'm very happy with it and feel like telling everyone, and it's great knowing that it's good for the environment, good for me and good for my wallet.

Jane - 20th July 2010

I found out about mooncup after seeing it in Boots and decided to try it out after reading the testimonials on this site. I love it. It's so easy and hassle free to use. I don't have to worry about having tampons with me. I've told my mum about about it and my sister and they were a bit sceptical but love it too! Thank you for making it and for the cute little bags they come with. I feel like this is a product for women by women.

Angharad - 20th July 2010

As a 19 year old woman I have been reluctant to try anything other than pads during a period. Even tampons scared me after I tried them once! But after reading so many glowing reviews about the Mooncup I found myself thinking about it all the time! I finally got around to purchasing one and what can I say? It's AMAZING! With tampons I found it quite painful to walk around, but after a few practices with the Mooncup I was delighted to find it so comfortable! It does the job so well, even at night time! I haven't had any leaking or pain, just a little strange sensation pulling it out! Other than that I love it and wont be going back to regular pads. Thank you so much, this product has totally changed my attitude towards having my period!

Alice - 20th July 2010

Couldn't be more happier or impressed. I feel good that I'm not producing so much waste with pads or tampons anymore and no longer have to discretely shop for them either! More comfortable then a tampon in every way. Putting the Mooncup in at first was a bit awkward but really easy to get the hang of. I'm not one to handle blood very well but the Mooncup keeps it nicely contained so cleaning it doesn't bother my stomach either. It was a very good decision to get rid myself of bleached products and do better for myself and the Earth.

Katelyn - 20th July 2010

One day into using my mooncup and I can't believe I'm in love with a piece of silicon. I can't explain how much I hate using pads; the inability to do sports, the leaks, the odour. And while tampons are ok, my period is crazy and either really heavy and I have to change my tampon every 2 hours or leak, or so little that I dry up. I think the mooncup is the best thing I've bought in my entire life! Thankyou!

Bee - 18th July 2010

I've had a mooncup since 2005 and I would never, ever go back to any other product. I can pretty much forget I've got my period, instead of constantly worrying. Would recommend it to anyone.

Clare - 17th July 2010

I love my Mooncup! After having horribly heavy periods, repeated flooding and that horrible feeling of 'have i flooded whilst sitting down and leaked everywhere' I can't praise Mooncup enough. Although initially a bit weird to get my head around, it's completely worth it, and i trust it completely on its own. I ride horses, ride bikes and swim with it in, normally tasks I wouldn't have trusted a Tampon and a Pad with. It also has really reduced my period pain. Thoroughly recommend it, especially as I can feel a little righteous that I'm being environmentally friendly too!

Felicity - 17th July 2010

I first started using the mooncup three years ago, when I bought my first one in a small green/health/wholefood store. It's so good though, I wish I'd started much earlier - for ages I'd seen the sticker on the door of the loos in Cambridge train station (the one on the left, if I remember correctly), but just hadn't got round to checking it out. My motivation at the time for buying it was environmental - it's entirely unsustainable to be using lots of disposable sanitary products every month, and I don't fancy eating fish that have been feasting on used tampons. But besides that, I really like the fact that I don't have to change it as much as you do tampons, it's easy to transport and no more worries about finding a place to buy them in an unfamiliar location. One word of caution, though. I did have a minor mishap with my first mooncup - while sterilising it, I forgot to put the timer on, and predictably, burnt the pan dry and it went all brittle and cracked. Not good. No choice but to buy a replacement, but since then I've not looked back! Maybe we can get a mooncup lady to replace the tampon ladies that visit schools to promote a certain well-known tampon brand?

Elizabeth - 13th July 2010

I have used my Mooncup for many years now and absolutely love it! It took me a few goes to work it out, but it is just so reliable. I can go to work and leave it all day as I have learned how many hours I can use it during the heaviest time of my period. I also have around 3 days where my period is very light before it actually really starts and I always found this frustrating with tampons because it was painful and I was never quite sure when my period was really going to start so I needed to keep checking. What a waste. With my Mooncup this is no problem as I don't have to keep taking it out and changing it, no pain and no waste. Great. Today the unthinkable happened. I made a tear in my Mooncup while cleaning it. I still used it though as the tear was at the top. I still works fine but I will be ordering a new one today to have it ready for my next period. Thank you Mooncup, I think you are a great invention and I pass your existence on to most women I come across.

Carmen - 12th July 2010

this is an amazing device. it makes the idea of stuffing cotton wool inside you or wearing pads seem completely ridiculous and medieval! it feels totally natural using a mooncup-my body feels cleaner, and i don't even think about my period for most of the time! there should be better advertising for this product in the media and at hospitals, surgeries, clinics, schools, etc... because it's not fair that so many women who's lives are restricted by heavy periods or get infections through using tampons are missing out on a more convenient, cleaner, greener and safer method of handling their periods, simply because they have not been informed about the benefits of this device.

clara - 12th July 2010

A previous bathroom visit during my period: After enduring horrific cramps and the feeling of the tampon falling out of me, plus the sweaty feeling of the pad or liner. Rushing into the bathroom to find I have usually leaked, or having to somehow pull out a still dry tampon, then comes the RIPPPP of the new pad and/or tampon, the crinkle crinkle of trying to get it out on the wrapper and then the glue of the pad sticking to my fingers as I am trying to get that tightly rolled, smelly little bundle into the bin. Plus having to empty the rubbish before anyone visits my house cause if they look into the bin, there goes my privacy. Or the guilt of knowing it would end up in a landfill or if no bin is present and I have to flush it (tampons only) knowing it would soon be polluting the sea. How the bin smells so quickly and I would waste so much toilet paper wrapping up the pad or tampon into an unidentifiable package. How long each bathroom trip would take. How much I hated public toilet visits. Ok you get the picture. The point is. Somehow women are fooled into thinking that using disposable products are a more tidy, sanitary and dignified process. Haha. It must be advertising. Once I tried the Mooncup my life changed. (Plus I now use reusable pads and love them, but thats a whole different story) It is easy, I don't leak, I don't have to change it every two hours and I don't have as bad of cramps. It's also quiet and small and doesn't crinkle. Contrary to what I had been told, it is not even as messy. AND...I only need one. I feel much more dignified now. So, it may take a little practice to get it perfect, but didn't tampons the first time you used them? Give it a chance!

Chelly - 11th July 2010

After my sister recommended it, I bought my mooncup 3 years ago right before I moved in with boys. Not only did it make me more confident because it's so secure, it helped me avoid the embarrassment of having to dispose of towels and tampons where the men might see (we weren't as close as we are now and it could have been a bit awkward). I swear by my mooncup and I feel even better every period knowing that I'm doing even this small part to minimise the waste I put into landfills. I'm secure in the knowledge that I won't have any stray fibres left in my body and I can move how I want in whatever clothing I want - I even go swimming with it in! In short: I LOVE MY MOONCUP!

Melissa - 7th July 2010

Loving your work- Mooncup is an absolute revelation- it has totally enhanced my life and having a period is no longer a big deal, which is how it should be! I really would advocate it to all women, especially those who care about the environment and our oceans- it's a massive positive change all women could do! And think of the bonus of saving all that money to spend on far more interesting things! Be sustainable and smart ladies- don't knock it until you've tried it! It would be great if they were more accessible here in New Zealand to spread the word more!

Laura - 6th July 2010

Hi all cant believe been using mooncup for nearly a year now and love it was panicked at one point as think my dog ate it so had to go and buy another one as cant go back to tampons, am really heavy had had bad accidents before mooncup. keep up good work mooncup rocks, have got 3 of my friends yo convert., loads of love lou xx

Louise - 4th July 2010

Thank you, mooncup, you have saved our sex life! I suffered from vaginal dryness for a long time, which made intercourse rather uncomfortable. When this goes on for long enough, you subcounsciously learn that it will probably be painful, and then you don't even want to try. The doctor I consulted couldn't help; I am only 29 so it couldn't be menopause, and since it was just dry but not itchy, her other standard replies didn't fit either. So I decided to buy a mooncup. After 3-4 months without tampons the dryness is gone, and both me and my husband are very happy :-)

Lucy - 4th July 2010

The Mooncup really did seem very daunting at first, but true to everything I read about it prior to my purchase, it really is a great deal better than towels or tampons. Using the Mooncup, I don't feel disgusting when I'm on my period, which happened all the time when I used towels. It ensures that I feel fresh and clean all the time and I couldn't be happier. It's not at all messy, unlike towels or tampons and I've had no problems with inserting or removing it. I used to always be very self-conscious on my period, but now I feel totally free and happy to wear whatever I want to without having to worry. I couldn't be happier with this product.

Louise - 3rd July 2010

I'm using mooncup for two months and i am very,very happy. It's clean, not smell and doesn't stain my clothes. it's cheap, I'm saving a lot of money stop buying tampax. Also TAMPAX, sanitary naping and paint liners ARE full of BLEACH. I am very happy of mooncup. My vagina loves mooncup! My period loves mooncup! My ovaries love mooncup!! REALLY RECOMENDED.

Manuela - 2nd July 2010

6 months after purchasing my my mooncup- I'm astounded- its easy to use, not as messy as i anticipated, and i forget i'm even having my period! Two years after a horrendous birth of my beautiful baby (3rd degree tears - took 11 months to heal properly), ive suffered from constant rash, irritation, thrush, heavy periods using extra strength tampons and towels etc every single month, 3 months of using the mooncup- and absoloutely nothing !! i dont know why i didnt buy it sooner, top tip for use - RELAX and breathe deeply - I have practically no period pain and feel so much happier and relaxed within myself- no more looking for a public toilet every hour when i'm having my period, i cannot reccommend this product enough

Marie - 2nd July 2010

Hi everyone, me and my friend stumbled across the mooncup after reading an article in a magazine and thought we would give it a try! Its only my first day of using it but i already love it! Once you get used to inserting and removing it its fine! So many people dont know anything about it so i am now going to spread the word! I have problems with thrush and bv from using tampons but hate the unclean feeling of using towels, this is great and hopefully will solve this problem for me, watch this space :) just wish i had heard about it sooner!!! If you haven't got one please buy one im sure you wont regret it!!

Annonymous - 1st July 2010

Dear Mooncup, I would just like to thank you for your fabulous product. I am DELIGHTED with it and cannot wait for my next period - all my friends are sick of me ranting and raving about my lovely Mooncup! Once I got to grips with the insertion I was amazed how easy and pleasant the Mooncup is in almost every way, and your staff at the Advice Centre are swift to respond and very helpful. It's also a relief to know that even if I have a moment where I become convinced it's never going to come out again, there's no rush because it's perfectly safe, so I can just sit back, take a few deep breaths and try again in a bit. So thank you, Mooncup. You're super!

Jem - 1st July 2010

Thank you Mooncup. This is the best product I have bought in a long time. I have only been using it for two days but already I feel totally at home with it - after a few hours I went running and swimming! I was worried about finding it fiddly or messy to use (and so hesitated for a few months before buying one) but I got the hang of pretty quickly (just allow yourself some 'practice' time when you can use your own bathroom in peace!). It's just SO much better than the alternatives all round, especially for nighttime (I usually have a very heavy first few days and have to get up in the night - not any more!), and for sports. Well done. I always felt that there must be something better than tampons (so unpleasant and drying) and towels (so un-eco). Thanks again.

Stephanie - 30th June 2010

I've been using the mooncup for about 3 years now and my only regret is that I wasn't told that this was an option 20 years ago when my periods first started. I thought it would be difficult to use but it was fine and very clean (better than tampons). I've had irregular periods for years but since using the mooncup they have finally settled down. I can't say for sure that it is related but there have been no other changes in my life that I can put it down to. I now feel free as I'm very active and having to think about carrying and changing tampons all the time was a worry. I've also saved money. I wouldn't go back to using tampons.

Lucy - 29th June 2010

I've been using a mooncup for about 4 years. It made life sooooo much easier - I could forget about changing tampons every 2hrs during the first two nights of my period, and finally got a good 8 hrs sleep! It took a bit of practice to get it inserted comfortably, and getting it out can sometimes be a fight against suction, but no biggie. I travel a lot on business, and it's so much easier to pack my mooncup every trip, instead of taking 2 boxes of tampons if my period is due. Now I'm into menopause (10 years early, thanks for nothing, body!) so I'm really irregular, but I never worry about being caught without tampons. I think all girls should be told about this at school, instead of all that nonsense with towels and tampons.

Liz - 29th June 2010

THIS IS FANTASTIC!! The mooncup removes all the little annoyances associated with periods. In particular it's great for the gym & also at night when the flow can be unpredictable. Thanks you for a happy period!!!

Lisa - 28th June 2010

A friend told me about this miracle invention, and although I'd never heard of it before and was a bit reluctant to use something I didn't know, now I am so glad she did!! At first I thought she might be overacting about the benefits and the difference it made, but when I finally tried it, I have to admit she was absolutely right! I used to stain my clothes beacuse I move a lot and excersise almost every day, and the Mooncup is just perfect! I have not had any difficulty whatsoever using it, although I have to say I cut the little tube to half it's length, as it was massive for me, but then that made it. Now I'm the one telling every woman I know, and believe me, there's nothing like the Mooncup for exercising, sleeping without worrying about changing the sheets after each one of thoses 2-3 nights with heavier periods, going to the beach or wearing white trousers during your period!! I am so glad my friend discovered it for me!

Olga -

I've used the mooncup during two of my periods now and I just love it!! It has given me more freedom to move about without feeling a wet pad in my knickers. It is especially liberating during work where I don't have to take as many breaks to check that everything is alright and to change pads or tampons. The mooncup is life changing and every girl and woman should be told about it!! :)

Rev - 27th June 2010

I bought my Mooncup around a year ago, and after a disasterous first attempt (found it extremely painful to insert) I consigned it to the bathroom cabinet. About 4 months ago when I realised I had run out of tampons right before my period I decided to give it another try. During that first period I had a bit of leakage, found the process was messy and thought the hype around the Mooncup was exactly that. I persevered however and have used it for the past 3 periods very successfully - the key to easy insertion is to wet it first, and 'wear' it much lower inside you than you'd expect to avoid leaks. I love that I don't need to remember to buy tampons and that it needs emptying far less frequently than a tampon needs changing. I still find emptying it a bit yucky but I'm getting used to that. If you do decide to buy one, don't expect to love it straight away but do persevere.....it's definitely worth it.

Tracey - 26th June 2010

i have heard about the mooncup a while now but since moving to spain and the area we live in (not good for flushing toilet paper or tampons) i got my sister to send me one and i have used it for the first time, i got with it straight away no problems at all very comfy not at all a pain like tampons are, really easy to clean and i am very happy it will save me money and the environment thumbs up 10 out of 10 should be advertised lots and get every women using one,

Kerry - 22nd June 2010

I just bought my mooncup after hearing about them from various people who had also heard but never tried. It is now only my second day using it and I am converted! I change it much less often, I can ride my horse, go swimming do anything I normally do with complete peace of mind. No need for awkward moments in a friends loo with no rubbish bin! Fantastic, I recommend every woman should have one. Go mooncup!

Anna - 21st June 2010

I just started using the mooncup two days ago - I must admit I'm impressed. I got the hang of it pretty much straight away and hopefully it will only get easier to use with some practice. I've always struggled with my periods and now I feel this will give me so much more control, no more searching for pennies to buy tampons either!

Pixie - 14th June 2010

I wasn't sure about this at first as I found tampons difficult to use and uncomfortable and so I presumed since the mooncup was internal like tampons i might have the same problem. I decided to give it a go anyway because it seemed like a far cheaper option and much better for the enviroment. The first month i found it difficult to insert and to take out and the stem irritated me, i kept trimming it but it still didnt' feel comfortable. I went back to towels the first month. The secound month i decided to try again and this time i cut the stem of completly because i was confident i could remove the mooncup without it, that made all the diffrence and it fitted perfectly and comfortably. I think I will be using my mooncup every month now.

Julianne - 11th June 2010

I really hated the thought that there could be toxins including bleech in tampons. It's such a sensitive area! I have been using a mooncup for 5 years and could never ever go back. I love it!

Sharon - 10th June 2010

I read about the mooncup yesterday and rushed out to get one in my lunchtime. I'm already very thankful I did. Since I passed 37 my periods have become very heavy and despite using the highest absorbancy tampons i was having to use a pad as well because of leakage (sometimes after only an hour!)Today - no problems at all, no leakage and great comfort. Thank you!!

LD - 8th June 2010

I am 17 and have had very heavy periods with a lot of flooding since they began at 13. It can often mean changing sanitary products every 2-3 hours, despite medication. I found an article in a magazine so with my exams looming I bought my mooncup. With my previous history I was very apprehensive, but willing to give anything a go. My mooncup has changed my life. I have now sat my exams without having to leave halfway through like I had done a few times previously. The mooncup has allowed me more freedom. What I am most thankful for is that it has allowed me to embrace rather than avoid my womanhood. I feel so much more confident in myself as a woman and as a person. I feel much happier knowing that I am allowing my body to be as free as possible and myself the ability to live through it with such ease. Ultimately buying a mooncup is a 'risk' because if it doesn't work for you then you have lost £20. I have gained something £20 would have never given me.

Rebecca - 8th June 2010

The Mooncup has totally changed the way that I think about my period - for the better! Whereas before my life was a monthly slog of emptying stinky, tampon overflowing garbage cans, rooting through my bag to find that the sad tampons at the bottom had mushroomed out of their wrappers and were now rolling around in the detritus at the bottom of the bag, and staring at shelves in my bathroom cupboard that were stocked with what seemed like hundreds of boxes of tampons of varying absorbencies, now I've just got this wonderful little object that has simplified matters immensely.
Simplifying my period was the primary reason why I decided to try the Mooncup - I just couldn't put up with all the stupid little accouterments anymore. However, more importantly, the Mooncup actually works. I was dubious, but was proven totally wrong. I have a heavy period but have never had to use even a panty liner with the Mooncup. Unlike tampons, which can sometimes fit awkwardly and give a strange rubbing sensation, I have never even noticed the Mooncup when it is at work. Finally, the issue of cleanup is straightforward and not at all icky.
The feeling of being liberated from all of the STUFF associated with periods is incredible. No more discreetly trying to slip a tampon into your pocket while excusing yourself to go to the loo. Just pop it in (and out) and go! What joy. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

Christine - 5th May 2010

First encountered menstrual cups at (very) small world music festival i got dragged to by my Daddy dearest years ago, the summer i first got my period when i was twelve (seven years ago), but as i was with my dad i didn't ask to go and have a closer look, that was just too weird for me at that time, none the less i was intrigued, and thinking about it it might have been a mooncup stand, but by the time i'd got home i'd forgotten all about it, wasn't until this past spring where i was just randomly researching sanitary protection around the world and stumbled across them again, this was the first brand (yes there are others) i found and i ordered one. First month was tricky (removal issues - we've all been there), but second month was much better (Small leakage issues only), here's hoping third time lucky, its a fabulous product and although i never had too much of an issue with tampons or towels, i probably won't go back to them except using up last of my towels for backup until i get some reusable ones (because they look and feel so much nicer - landfill reduction added bonus with reusable products but not main reason for trying them out). i have stickers and leaflets and am currently trying to spread the love one cubicle door at a time. love to all the girlies out there and hope you get on with yours too. x x x

Anastasia - 4th June 2010

I've been using my mooncup for a while now and find its a perfect alternative to the horrible giant pads [that never fit my underwear] and tampons [that I consistantly leaked from]. Last month I couldn't find it the night before my period was due and I couldn't bare the idea that I would have to spend all day worrying about leaking, I was SO relieved when I found it. It really has changed my life! Periods aren't a big deal to me anymore and I don't have to worry about forgetting to carry tampons as you can put it in the day you're due on and forget about it. Get one!!

Joanna - 4th June 2010

I heard about these a couple of years ago but wasn't 100% struck on the idea. However after being sick of leaking tampons, towels and liners that feel they are rubbing you sore I thought 'why not?' So far I've found it very easy to put in! (not quite as easy to get out but sure time will fix that) Very comfortable. Not even aware you're using anything! Think my only regret will be that I didn't buy one sooner. Bought it from a well know high street chemist so was easy enough to get one. Looking forward to not having to buy extra boxes of sanitary products because I forgot to put some in my bag, or trying to discreetly get stuff out your bag and to the loo, or lugging you bag to the loo etc! Like the idea of helping the environment too! Its such a simple but god idea!

Karen - 3rd June 2010

To begin with I thought I'm not sure about this. Any doubts have now left me and yeah its fantastic can't wait to let my friends know about the mooncup! Kind to the environment and my pocket - thanks

Mel - 2nd June 2010

Bought and used my mooncup last Saturday and I love love love it, like most woman I had heard about it previously and had thought to myself no way will I be using one of them!!! However after having children my periods have gone super heavy and super plus tampons dont even last an hour, with an 8 hour shift in work looming I didnt want to be nipping to loo every 5 mins, I had more recently changed my thoughts on mooncups and had been reading this site and the testimonials, so I decided to just go for it, I had no issues inserting and havent found it messy, I had one mishap where I lifted the full cup to look and somehow managed to tip it over my pyjamas LOL. I have had no leaking no dryness and no thrush as well as being kind to the environment and I'm also thinking of all the money I will save myself I was forever buying new knickers after yet again flooding this time it was clean all the way through. Thank you mooncup

Lorraine - 2nd June 2010

I have just started using a mooncup today! I am so impressed at how easy and painless it was to use and take out. I am so pleased that I made the switch and would recommend it to all women.

Sarah - 1st June 2010

Fantastic! I have very heavy periods and extreme period pain, since using the mooncup the pain has more than halved, I don't know how but I'm very happy. I no longer have to take time off work every month. I've been using the mooncup for over a year and can't believe they are still so unknown. I have told all my female friends about it. Thank you Mooncup, you really have improved my life.

Lucy - 30th May 2010

I have been using the mooncup now for 2 years and have to be honest I was sceptical at first but now think its the best invention for women yet. It have saved me money, time and even eased my cramps. I only wished I would have used it earlier in my life. I am a very active person and find that I do not have to worry about anything when I am using my mooncup. Its easy and envronmentally friendly which is a big must nowadays.

Lee - 20th May 2010

I tried a mooncup after my sister recommended it, and at first I was worried since I've never been able to use tampons since my muscles are quite tight. But using the mooncup has been amazing. It took a little practise to get used to inserting and removing it, but after just my second period with it I was familiar with it and ofund it easy. I would absolutely recommend it for the environment, and for your own body since it's so much healthier!

Beth - 30th May 2010

I bought a Mooncup as I became more environmentally aware of wastage, and also because of continual disappointment from regular tampons. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and I use it whilst I am travelling. Better for me, better for the environment, I think it is all in all a win win product.

amy - 27th May 2010

Wow, I have been using my Mooncup for a grand total of about 30 minutes and already it has changed my life! A few months ago I had an IUD fitted, which made my periods very heavy and painful and makes me feel decidedly unsexy. I have to attend a wedding this weekend, and was dreading the logistics of cramming tampons into a tiny purse, the possibility of embarrassing leaks etc. So I bought a Mooncup, tried it out a few times in the shower and am now wondering how on earth I have managed to get through 15 years worth of periods without one! I can't wait to wear my new dress at the weekend and now I can wear sexy underwear to boot!
For what it's worth... I actually went for the larger A cup size, even though I am 26 and have never given birth. I've never had any problems "accommodating" anything down there, and wanted maximum protection, so this seemed like the best choice. So far, it's very comfortable, hasn't leaked, and actually makes me feel... sexy? Sorry if this is too much information, but I've noticed that with the Mooncup in place my vagina smells and feels, well, normal - instead of the dry, ickyness I always just assumed was part of having a period.
A truly amazing and empowering product. I'm off to burn my tampons... Thank you!

Andrea - 27th May 2010

I bought a Mooncup online years ago, and it utterly revolutionised the way I felt about my body during that horrid grumpy week... which suddenly wasn't quite so horrid and grumpy anymore, and so much less stressful not worrying about leaks and whatnot, and I just felt clean and nice and normal during my period for the first time. I have no idea how or when or why, but sometime since then I reverted back to sanitary towels. Tomorrow I'm being treated to an evening at a spa - imagine my horror when my period arrived yesterday! But then I remembered my mooncup, and searched the house high and low... but to no avail, I now realise that the only reason I'd have stopped using it in the first place would be if I'd lost it, which I must have, somewhere..! And knowing there wasn't enough time to order online and have a new one delivered, I popped on here to discover if hope against hope there might be a stockist somewhere nearby... and found that Boots now sell these marvellous things! And as I type I've got my new mooncup in, just as comfy and brilliant as I remember - why oh why did I put up with disgusting sanitary towels for so long?! Thank you lovely mooncup people, for changing my life for the better, again :-)

Lucy - 27th May 2010

This product has honestly changed my life. No more worrying about leaking, no more worrying about smelling, no more running out of supplies. My period is no longer the chore it used to be.

Ash - 26th May 2010

Just tried it for the first time this week. Brilliant! No leaking, and it's really comfortable. I've been swimming twice and running a lot - no problems. Will spread the word!

Gillian - 21st May 2010

I was thinking about buying a mooncup for a long long time and when I finally did.. I'm never going back to pads and tampons! It's so easy to use (prefer the fold no.2 as it's much smaller on top and easier to insert), never leaked! not even on first (heavy) days and not even after 8hours! was little bit scared of taking it out, but never had a problem with that either (no spilling, no dirty fingers). I am even looking forward to my period ;-)) The best spent money ever!!! Thank you

Vendy - 20th May 2010

I tried my Mooncup for the first time two days ago and what a difference already. Yes, I did have a bit of a panic in the bathroom when I didn't think I would be able to get it out, but once I'd relaxed and tried a different position, everything was good. I'm still perfecting getting it in, but that take practice I guess. As I have heavy periods and a retroverted uterus I was sceptical, and I didn't want to build my hopes up too much, but it's amazing. My husband and friends must be sick of hearing me rave about my Mooncup, but I don't care, I love it! Thank you so much, I wish I'd have heard about you years ago.

Maxine - 15th May 2010

I wasn't sure about the mooncup at all before I tried it. I have very bad period pains and have never been able to use tampons. I decided to try it when I went to Kenya for three months (where disposal of waste is an issue). It took a month or two to get used to it but now I LOVE my mooncup. It reduces the severity of the pain and works out so much cheaper. also, I can go swimming now, whatever time of the month it is! Great! One pointer. Skinny fit jeans are a bit restrictive around the legs when trying to get a good angle to 'empty'.

Louise - 14th May 2010

I'm definitely a convert. I had some problems with leakage the first month but I realised in the second month that it was due to the fact that I have to use the second method of insertion and so it won't unfold by itself. I also had some problems getting it out again the first few times - it sits quite low when I first insert but then moves upwards once it's been in for a while so I'd cut the stem a bit short. Bizarrely I've found that I can get it out quite easily if I squat and use my left hand! Once you get over the teething problems the Mooncup is a revelation. Last month I was going out for the evening and thought I was about to come on. Normally I'd spend the whole evening running to the loo every ten minutes because I thought I'd come on but this time I just put my mooncup in before I went out and forgot about it. That period was also pretty heavy and normally I'd have ruined several pairs of knickers and my sheets, but with the mooncup there were no problems at all. Normally my heavy periods are pretty painful but this one wasn't too bad - it might be a psychological thing that I wasn't having to constantly think about being on my period. I also love that I can keep using it until I'm sure my period has ended - mine have a tendency to stop for a whole day and then start again with a vengeance which has resulted in some embarrassing moments. I really can't recommend the Mooncup enough. I normally dread my periods but this month I was almost looking forward to it.

Alison - 13th May 2010

I am 17 and after reading a great deal about menstrual cups online I decided to go ahead and buy my first one. My Mum was skeptical and not entirely supportive but I was keen to give it a go! However, I even surprised myself with how easy it was, I inserted it (for the first time) during a commercial break on tv! It's so much more comfortable than pads or tampons and I feel so much freer, no longer do I need to lug around endless supplies, I can just use it and reuse it. I love it already and I've only had it for about 12 hours!

Sarah - 13th May 2010

I was only told about Mooncup last year, and I am so fustrated that I was never informed about it earlier! I'm only 20, but I've had periods for 10 years now, and when I think about all the awful experiences I've had with other sanitary products, my life would have been so much more simple with my lovely Mooncup. It may sound a bit farfetched, but I think Mooncups should be put forward as an option to girls at school, in the same way that girls are given towel and tampon samples during PSHE&C lessons they should at least provide the never ending list of benefits a Mooncup can have. How would one go about making this change? It is something I am passionate about doing as I feel it really is a revolutionary to female-kind.

Kelly - 10th May 2010

Just got mine yesterday and started using it and am very happy. It was a bit tricky to start with, I had problems keeping it folded while trying to insert it, but it's quite quick to get the hang of it. Once I trimmed the stem sufficiently it was amazingly comfortable. Putting it in is a little uncomfortable, the girth even of it folded is larger than most tampons I use, but it's kinda like "Ow, ow, ahh can't feel it at all!", and once you've done that a few times it gets less uncomfortable. With tampons I can usually feel them inside and have trouble getting them in the right place, but I can completely forget this is in. I had a lot of problems with leaks with tampons as well, but I haven't had any with this at all, not even any worries about it. Swimming is a lot more worry free now as well. The other thing I love about it is that I can change it as often as I like, I know most people are joyous over not having to change it very often, but I quite like being able to take it out, empty it and pop it back in as often as I like, without having to worry about whether I have enough tampons to get away with doing that, it makes me feel more secure about leaks and such. Have just slept in it last night and for once didn't wake up repeatedly worrying if I'd leaked all over the sheets. So happy. ^_^

Flik - 9th May 2010

I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to certain chemicals in bleached cotton so every time i used tampons I would get very sore and irritated. I heard about the mooncup and got one soon after, i had worries about it being uncomfortable, leaking, or it being difficult to insert and remove but after the first few days of using it i realised how great it was. Its comfortable and I forget its even there, something i could never do with tampons. Yes, its a bit tricky to get used to inserting and a little scary the first time you use it, but once you get over that you'll realise how amazing the mooncup is!

Liz - 8th May 2010

I had wanted a mooncup for a while, but had only read the online testimonials and didn't feel like I could quite take the plunge just in case the ick-factor was too much to handle. But then a friend told me how using a mooncup had changed her life, and that actually she found it less disgusting than using tampons. So I went out and bought one and it has been FANTASTIC. I'll never go back. No leakage problems like I sometimes had with tampons and a much more manageable and comfortable period and no unattractive string. My mum has since bought one and is really happy with it, too. Everyone should get one. Seriously.

Alex, London - 8th May 2010

I've been using the Mooncup a few months now, and I would never go back. Found it easy to insert the first go (you just squeeze it up with your pelvic floor muscles and it fits into place). Once I had cut the whole tail off (I just squeeze it down and grab hold of the base of the cup) it was so comfy I could just forget it was there. I'd read some other testimonials saying that their periods had become shorter, I didn't see how this could be, but the same has happened to me. I used to continue to get a dark discharge for a couple of days after bleeding, but now it's a clean finish after just a few days. Brilliant product, highly recommended.

Jo - 7th May 2010

Wow, what a genius to invent such a great thing!!!! Having repeatedly gone to my Gp for thrush, itching and rashes after every period, the nurse told me to check out websites for alternatives to tampons and pads, and what did i find??? this Mooncup site (Divacup in the usa). I was curious to see what they had to offer, read up on all the does and don'ts and decided to buy one. Having looked into all the stores in my town only Boots seemed to sell them, and they were hidden on the bottom shelf. I bought one just to try, after all i had nothing to lose............ the result, my second day of my period i was brave enough to try, plus its my d/o, not doing anything and thought why not, read the leaflet inside and out. I popped it straight in, and walked around the house, found it was really painful, took it out and trimmed it, tried again, this time felt ok, could'nt feel it. Was sat waiting for leaks and left a liner on just incase, I went for a wee and decided to take it to see, so followed the instructions again, it came out really easy and went back in easy too, I was amazed at that first sight of so much blood, but was even more amazed that all you have to do is empty it in the loo and rinse it out and pop it back in. It is so easy to use, cant feel it, no leaks. I am amazed. I didnt really think it was messy either. So girls/lady's you have to try it, it is that easy to use.

Jayne - 5th May 2010

The Mooncup is so comfortable, i have had mine for a year now - not a single problem. I love it. I can never go back!! and will encourage my daughters to use it to.. Its easy to go out and about and not worry about leaking, or smelling, etc.. Or worrying that you have no bin to dispose of you sanitary products.. Its so more hygenic than wearing towels and tampons. You can even swim with it.. its great. (and its ethical.)

Zannah - 3rd May 2010

Two years on and I still love, Love, LOVE my mooncup ^_^

Hellzy - 3rd May 2010

I had to stop using tampons for a medical procedure a few years ago, and after few months I realised it was the tampons that had caused thrush and other problems before, so clearly I could not continue to use them. They leaked at least once a month anyway, as I have v. heavy periods, even though I had to change them every 4 hours. I disliked pads too, because of the smell and that horrible damp feeling, and there is seriously nothing worse in the summer than raising the temperature of your crotch that few extra degrees! Yuck. So I tried Mooncup partly for convenience, partly because of environmental reasons, and I have to say, I am ecstatic! Not only I cannot feel it at all, there are no leaks whatsoever, I feel completely comfortable, and period stop being dreaded, I don't mind it now. Makes me feel in control, I am always prepared and know I won't run out of pads when out and about with no money or something! I will recommend it to everyone, and buy them for my mum and my sister. I regret I didn't discover it earlier. It's the most liberating thing.

Natalia - 29th April 2010

Hi I've only just started to use my mooncup and had to write to tell you what a difference it's made to me. My periods have been truly awful over the last 9 years or more. I've been on medications, had a scan, been offered the coil, and now I've been left to just put up with the awful pain. This month I purchased my mooncup. I'm amazed, ecstatic even! No more pain. I really can't believe it. I've been dreading every period for nearly a decade. I had to plan my life around it like it's an illness, while carrying around all kinds of pills, potions, pads and tampons - when all I needed was a little Mooncup :o) Thank you, it's like a new lease of life for me. xxx

Carol - 29th April 2010

I have had my Mooncup for about 6 months now and I cannot believe that I was nearly 40 before knowing about this alternative to tampons! I love it - it takes a couple of cycles to relax with it, but the last few cycles have been so much easier to live with than those of the previous 25 years!!! I have very irregular periods and it's good that it can be worn before you come on with no ill effect - so I don't get caught out anymore either.

Dawn - 26th April 2010

I just wanted to let you know that the mooncup is a fab product. I heard about the mooncup from a friend who thought the product was very strange and had a 'who would use that' attitude... well I thought I would use that & decided to give it a go and I'm really glad I did. I wish this product was around when I first got my period and it's the only product I'm going to give to my daughter when she gets hers. Congrats on a wonderful product and keep up the good work!

Kath - 26th April 2010

I heard about the Mooncup yesterday and I immediately thought that's for me! So, 24 hours later, I find some shoved into the tiniest gap in boots. So far, I'm still trying to get the hang of removing it right because I'm not releasing the suction properly and sometimes and it hurts, but other than that its amazing! Also this solves my problem of my school trip to the Ardèche in a few months time. We've got to do rock climbing, canoeing, swimming, abseiling and other activities that I wouldn't even dream of doing whilst I'm on my period. This will make it so much easier as well as the fact that I don't have to carry tampons around with me everywhere! From the limited time I've had my mooncup, I would already recommend it.

Kacy - 25th April 2010

I bought one of these last week, after all the stuff online, and I have to say I can't think of any other new product that has been such a positive experience. I knew this would change the way I deal with periods after just a couple of hours: I feel totally secure, and am no longer rushing to the loo obsessively every couple of hours, to check for leakage. Really, really impressed, and wish I'd discovered this years ago.

Caroline - 24th April 2010

I've been using my mooncup for a year and a half now and am very pleased with it. My period is extremely heavy so for the first couple of days I wear a pad as well just in case - or I just make sure I empty it more often. However, for the rest of my period the cup really is fantastic- I can leave it in for a long time and completely forget I'm on my period, with no leaks at all. My top tip would be to change it in the shower - much less messy and feels really clean, and you can give it a blast with the high pressure setting to give it a good rinse. I definitely will not go back to tampons again.

Annie - 23rd April 2010

I saw a post on the testimonals, saying that the testimonials must be fake because they are all so positive. The reality I think is that lots of women (perhaps not all) have had really good experiences using a mooncup. I can probably only speak for myself, but I have never felt so confident and comfortable on my period. I must admit it was a bit tricky at first… I had a number of times when I felt frustrated.. I couldn’t get it to work.. I went back to towels.. but then I tried a different fold method (the second one on the leaflet) and success! I ended up cutting off the whole of the stem, as for me it seemed to.. uh rub in all the wrong places.. but now a few years on. I’m really happy with it. I recently got back from travelling, and it was super easy to take it with me and not worry about buying pad’s or tampons. I guess women will make up their own minds, but I really think it’s worth a try, and then perhaps another try a few months later (that’s how it happened for me) and now I love my mooncup.

Lara - 22nd April 2010

I've been using the Mooncup for a few months now, and I love it. I did have quite a few problems with it at first, mainly with removal - I panicked a few times that I wouldn't be able to get it out again! But with helpful advice from Cathy, the Mooncup nurse, and learning the methods that worked for me (and cutting the stem off completely once I'd made sure I had a reliable removal method), I've now cracked it! It's so convenient - I keep it in my handbag when the time for my period approaches, and there's no faffing about buying tampons (great as I'm on a budget), putting them in your bag, hiding them when you go to the loo, worrying how long they've been in, whether you remembered to remove the last one before inserting the next if your mind's a bit elsewhere as mine often is, worrying about leaks blah blah. Just remove the Mooncup, pour away the blood, quick rinse and re-insert. I can't feel it at all once it's in, it's fantastic for swimming (no more soggy tampons) and I feel so much healthier and more in touch with my body. I look forward to many happy Mooncup-using years!

Claire - 21st April 2010

brilliant! i purchased one of these here in new zealand and i do tell girlfriends about it. i have never seen them advertised and was told about them myself so i told someone and so on otherwise how would we know about them? saves money, shorter periods, easy to use. i would definatelt recommend this product to others.

trudy - 21st April 2010

I have wanted to try and start using a mooncup for ages, but a few things put me off buying it: the price, whether I'd be able to use it (I'm 15) and my mum's concerns about me using it. But after doing some more research I realised how much safer Mooncups are than tampons. So, after a visit to the doctor to ask about the possible dangers of using a Moocup (my mum insisted) I ordered one. My period started today and after much trimming of the stem and practising putting the Mooncup in and removing it, I was feeling quite confident. I wasn't wrong, insertion and removal were suprisingly easy. I'm so so happy right now, It's quite funny to think about how nervous I was earlier because I removed most of the stem and I thought it would get stuck. It's so comfortable and it's so cool to think about how much money I'll save in the future. Also, my periods are really heavy and during the first few days I have to wear a super absorbency tampon and a sanitary pad. But when I emptied the cup there was hardly anything there. Sorry this is so long but I really cannot stress how great Mooncups are. The person who invented menstrual cups deserves more recognition. It's hard to belive more women aren't using Mooncups. If somebody my age can use them, then surely everybody should give them a chance? One more thing - Thank you!!! You've saved me from yet another week of having to use my school's horrible bathrooms every break and lunch!

Charlotte - 19th April 2010

I love love love my mooncup and I'm so glad that there's this big campaign on the London Underground to promote it. I feel in control and self-sufficient thanks to the mooncup. I never have to go on a last minute rush to the shops to buy anything for a surprise early period, and I never have to carry anything extra around in my handbag because of my period. As long as my vagina is in good shape at the beginning of the period, it remains that way to the end - there's no irritation, no infections, and I rarely get thrush, because the mooncup doesn't interfere with the vagina's natural lubrication and friendly bacteria.

Zoya - 18th April 2010

Menstrual cups was something I came across quite by accident one day and after reading, I was curious. Sadly, being in a country where such things are hard to get, it took a while before I finally plucked up the courage on a trip to the UK to buy and try one - I felt like some kind of explorer! Nonetheless, I have never regretted it. I have been using mine for about 6 months and after getting used to the insertion and removal process, am loving it. I quietly try to introduce others to it, but it's not easy to do! How often do women talk about the methods they use during periods? It's a dreadfully personal thing, and I think it is a pity that in a world where everything else seems to be in the open we can't talk about menstruation. With the mooncup, I have noticed my periods seem shorter and the advantage of being able to use it even when I am not bleeding is wonderful - if I suspect I am due, I can insert it with no discomfort or concerns - I hated pads for their added volume, while tampons were ok, but I find the idea of using wads of cotton internally on a long term basis rather discomforting. Yes, the mooncup sometimes means I get a little menstrual blood on my hands and the need to rinse it will not appeal to those who are nervous around blood. But I am a very happy user and would like to see others using it: not only it is healthier, but it benefits the environment too. And the pocket, ultimately!

Vb - 14th April 2010

I can't recommend mooncups highly enough. I've been using mine for about 5 years now and the thought of going back to tampons and disposable sanitary towels disgusts me. I've NEVER had a leak with my mooncup and have happily worn it on the heaviest days with white jeans without fear of staining. Once you get the hang of it, it's really easy to insert and remove and feels so much more hygienic.

Lara - 14th April 2010

The first time I had heard of the mooncup in the feminist society I was pretty much against the idea, despite the clear advantages. I guess alot of women have the same problem, but I was nonetheless pondering the question of getting a mooncup for the next few months. The fact that they can easily be purchased in Boots probably helped alot and so I finally got one. I have always been in harmony with my body and never afraid to use words such as vagina or menstruation. It could not be easier to use and to take care off. I think my vagina is pretty happy to be rid of tampons etc considering I was never a huge fan of thme in the first place. As Catherine Breillat deppicted in her film 'Anatomy of Hell', a tampon keeps a woman from coming into contact with her own sexuality of which the period is unavoidably part.I really jsut keep recommending it to every woman, wether they want or not lol.For me it is one of the best inventions of all times.

Morgan - 14th April 2010

When i first heard about the mooncup i never thought i would use one, but after trying it i cant stop telling all my friends about it. I have even shown it to some of my male friends with a detailed explanation of how it works. Needless to say they were a little freaked out but i think they need to be exposed to these things. Its a normal bodily function, nothing to be ashamed of. The best thing is that you dont need to carry round extra tampons and pads. You are always prepared !

Michelle - 13th April 2010

The mooncup is the best thing I have ever bought. It is clean, convenient and you will never have to buy tampons again. It has shortened my period. Every time I use it, it makes me smile as it's such an ingenious little thing and I feel I am cheating my period! A revolution for women indeed. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Emma Anne Jones - 13th April 2010

I love it. Never before have I looked forward to my period. Saves money, and surprisingly easy to use. No more worrying about how long tampons are in when I'm asleep. Although it makes the boyfriend giggle a little, I can safely say that this is the sexiest bathroom product I have ever owned.

Helen - 13th April 2010

Time to stop dithering and buy one! I heard about Mooncups a couple of years ago on a parenting forum I belonged too. I was really intrigued by the idea of them but ended up not getting one after dithering over it for a while. I recently saw a sticker in the toilets at my gym which reminded me about them so I visited the website. I’ve experienced all the usual problems with my periods in the past – heavy, painful, irregular, always getting leaks (so ending up wearing tampons AND a pad all the time). The usual suspects. I also suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is worse when I have my period and I’ve always felt was exasperated by wearing tampons. Also, because my periods were unpredictable (sometime really heavy, sometimes light) I always had to have several different absorbencies of tampon at home (bumping up the cost, not to mention the storage room!). This month I’d finally had enough and figured it was worth giving the Mooncup a try, it couldn’t be any worse after all! All I can say is – WOW! Why oh why did I not buy one of these before? I could have saved myself years of hassle! It’s completely comfortable, easy to get in and out (once you get the hang of it), really easy to clean and best of all I haven’t had a single leak. The first day I wore my Mooncup I had a two hour karate class (something I normally dread when I’m on my period) and it withstood the session (including kicking drills and a 20 minute yoga cool down (lots of stretching and wriggling about) with absolutely no problems. A miracle! I think the Mooncup has pretty much revolutionised how I think about my period. I’ll never buy another disposable sanitary product again! If you’re still dithering and unsure as to whether it’s for you my advice is to stop dithering and go buy one right now! I tell you, you won’t regret it. The best £20 I’ve spent in a long time. I love my Mooncup!

Marie - 12th April 2010

I have been using the Mooncup for nearly three years now and I am so glad that I finally tried it. I have a retroverted uterus and have had problems with leaking tampons and heavy periods for years. The first two months I tried to use the Mooncup it did leak, because I wasn't putting it in propertly. But I persisted and I am so happy that I did. Periods come and go without much fuss nowadays. I never leak. I forget that I even have my period! It is the easiest form of sanitary protection available and once you get used to it you will never be able to go back to using tampons/towels again. I was squeamish, like some of my friends still are, when I first heard of the Mooncup. A friend had recommended that I try it at least a year before I finally bought one at a music festival. In July 2010 my mooncup will be three years old and my only wish would be that I could persuade every woman to buy one. I will buy one for my teenage daughter (as soon as she feels ready to try it). Mooncups are amazing. Please believe me. They are so convenient, simple to use and effective. I forgot to mention how much money I have saved. I gave away all my boxes of tampons after the 2nd month and since then I haven't spent any money on my sanitary protection. They are obviously environmentally sound and it can save you a fortune too! Plus, another bonus is that if you are going on holiday, by plane, train or coach, and you think that your period might be due, you can put the Mooncup in, just in case - so that you don't have any awkward travel emergencies to deal with. There are so many reasons to use them I could go on for ever. Try it, you won't regret it, honestly. Women are freer with a mooncup than with a tampon. Treat yourself, and your sisters, mum, friends, daughters... The only regret I have is that I didn't hear about them years ago.

Julie - 11th April 2010

I'm so happy that the Mooncup is becoming more mainstream, I started using it two years ago and feel completely liberated and in tune with my body now. I have a very light flow that only lasts 2 days so it took me a couple of cycles to get the hang of inserting and removing it, but by the third I was a pro! Using tampons used to hurt me a lot and I felt that I was harming my body in some way because of that. Sanitary towels were always out of the question because, lets face it, the flow never quite goes where you want it to with a pad and they are about as comfortable and as restrictive as a nappy! But the Mooncup is perfect, my periods are no longer "dirty", smelly, restrictive or a cause of embarrassment; they are a part of me that I embrace as much as I embrace saliva, sex and skincare! A friend of mine called her period her 'cleansing time' I think she got it about right. The only think I would add for new users to check is after using the mooncup, check under the toilet seat. If like me you remove and tip your mooncup in one fluid motion, you may find that a bit of the blood gets under the toilet seat which can be hard for any male flatmates to handle! Keep spreading the word ladies, women have been punished by tampons and sanitary towels enough, we're all worth much more kindness, emoptionally and phisically, to our centres of being. Thank you so much mooncup inventors, you deserve far more recognition for the quality of life you've given women. x

Kiri - 10th April 2010

I have been using the Mooncup with great success for approximately 2 years now. I suffer with both PCOS and endometriosis, which made my periods challenging in many different ways! My uterus is also slightly retroverted and my cervix differs substantially from most usual positions found. I struggled a little at first with insertion and especially removal(I do a great line in panicking!).I rang the helpline and quite easily removed it with a a little guidance from the helpful staff. I was a little reticent to use it when my next period came, but decided that £20 spent without at least one more try would be wasteful. This time was very successful and I am pleased to say that this is the most innovative product I have ever tried. If it is possible to look forward to Aunty Flo's visit, then this comes as close as it gets! No leaks, less pain and more convenience. Who needs to carry spares when it is already in your body doing it's job time after time? Real female staff answer the telephone after a couple of rings. There are no transferring to departments, none of the annoying "press 1 to hear this advice, press 2 to speak to an adviser" etc etc. I had stupidly lost my little protective case and asked where/whether I could buy another. No problems, no hassle, even though my cup is two years old-a replacement arrived very quickly without any fuss or complaint. Real, old-fashioned customer service from a company that really does seem to care about women and their product. A product that looks set to revolutionise women's lives forever and for the better. My friends consistently say "ewwwww" each time I try to convert them, but I'll give them a few years...I predict this product to become the norm. Now to get my 14 year old to try one. Now there's a real challenge!

Elaine - 8th April 2010

I bought my very first mooncup a few days ago, i was suspicious of whether it would work but behold....it does! The only thing i would say it that getting it in does take a bit of geting use and it is a little messy on the fingers so it's not great for public toilets where the taps are outside of the loo. I read every one elses testimonials before i bought mine and its true, it creates a suction, it all collects in the cup and you can take it out easily without it spilling. So there are no leaks at all!

Lucy - 7th April 2010

I haven't even used my Mooncup yet and I think it's fantastic! It arrived in the mail today from the UK. Love the little cotton bag. Can't wait to use my Mooncup!

Donna, Australia - 7th April 2010

I have used my mooncup for a few months now and love the freedom it provides me. No more strings dangling and leakages. I do lots of exercise and it is fantastic. I also like the way you can measure the flow. I love my mooncup.

Lizzi - 7th April 2010

I read about the mooncup online a few months ago and gave it a go as it sounded intriguing. It has completely changed my attitude to periods. In short I recommend it to everyone I know. Utterly brilliant. Ok, they are a bit more hands on than tampons but once I realised I never had any leakage it revolutionised my period. I no longer dread them and I don't have to get out the dodgy pants. Honestly, I would recommend this to any woman. And if you have a problem with the thought - then get over yourself and embrace the wonder that is the mooncup (and if you think it is too icky then think what you're doing every month with pads and tampons and move on)

rozzy - 5th April 2010

I've been using a Mooncup for 2.5 years and love it, love it, love it. So comfortable and easy to use, excellent on trips, and totally a money saver. I actually tried another menstrual cup prior to Mooncup and didn't like how stiff it was (uncomfortable and hard to get correctly situated inside). So then I got a Mooncup, because I had read that it was more "squishy" and it's perfect. I can't say enough nice things about it. Thanks for making such a high-quality, healthy product.

Emily - 5th April 2010

I had hesitated for some time before i bought the mooncup, i've used tampons from age 14 and it seemed a big change to try something new and so different. I am concerned about our impact on the environment and the amount of sanitary products we dispose of, so that was my main reason for trying the mooncup. On that point alone i feel so much better for switching but all the other benefits that come with it that i never even considered have really impressed me. The money i am saving each month for instance, not having to carry around a make up bag full of tampons, not feeling plugged up, it feels so much more natural and comfortable to wear the mooncup than a tampon. If you are hesitating over the mooncup as i was, just try it. It's actually very soft, pliable and comfortable to use and you just empty it into the loo, rinse under a tap or wipe and re-fit. I won't go back to tampons, ever.

June - 4th April 2010

changed my life, less painful, less hassle and also making a difference. what more could one ask of what is essentially a monthly inconvenience. get one!!! you will never regret it.

medders - 4th April 2010

Have been using my mooncup for about 2 years now, have become quite attached to it, almost see it as an extension of my body. Like that it gives me more control of my periods now that the menapause has made them unpredictable.

Eve - 2nd April 2010

I started using mooncup for purely environmental reasons and was really hoping it wouldn't be too much of a hassle. I was so pleased to find out that it is amazing and has so many other benefits!! Granted it did take a little while to get used too and i did keep having to cut the stem down but 2 periods later and i have perfected the technique. I am looking forward to taking it travelling with me and using all that extra space for more clothes instead! Just not sure what to do with the box of tampons and towels i have in the cupboard now!!

Emma - 1st April 2010

I found it hard to believe that the Mooncup could work as well as it claims to. I thought if it was that great then everyone would be using it. Now after trying it myself I cant understand why everyone isn't using it!! It is really the best thing I've bought in years. I works perfectly and is much simpler to use than I ever imagined. The instructions are very thorough and helpful with lots of diagrams and tips on fitting and cleaning your Mooncup. This product really is ideal and MUCH better than traditional tampons as they can leak easily and become uncomfortable to use. It took me a day or two to trust that the Mooncup wouldn't leak but it never has and I would seriously recommend this to all women. Brilliant product and completely happy with it.

Betty - 31st March 2010

I have just used the mooncup for the second month in a row. It is a revelation. When I first heard about the mooncup a few years ago I thought it sounded a bit icky. Now I could kick myself for not buying one earlier. It is so simple to use, I never get the pain I used sometimes when I inserted tampons. For 2 months in a row I have had no leakages. Because I have quite a heavy flow I used to use large tampons, but they often hurt and made my periods more miserable. Now I have no insertion or removal pain. It has saved me money already and no more tampons going into landfill. Tampon manufacturers should by rights, be quaking in their boots at this little invention. I have already got my best friend Grace using one, and I am working on my sister now. Every female should have a mooncup, I cannot get over how good it is. Many thanks.

Caroline - 29th March 2010

I've had an IUS since 2007, so not had a period since then really until this last few weeks. However, when I was having them, my flow was heavy, clotted and generally constant. I've got through a great deal of Super+ tampons in my time, with the associated flooding that having a heavy period brings, and I always wished for a better way... So, I looked at Mooncups in Boots when they came out, but at the time, I wasn't economically able to spend out ~£20 at one time for one. Now I am more financially stable however, and so took the opportunity of my returning period to purchase one the other week. It's fab. Yes, it collects blood, but it's natural and very mess-free considering, after all the blood is contained rather than falling out all over your hands as you fish about trying to grip and remove a bloodied string! I'm used to deal with far more mess with all the flooding that used to happen as well, so pretty much zero squick-factor from me. Very easy to use & once I had it settled right, I'd forget I was wearing it. Carry on carrying on Mooncup, I will be telling all my friends!

Nikki - 30th March 2010

As soon as I heard the mooncup I ordered one straight away, have always felt sooooo guilty about using tampons and the environment! Just trying it out for the first time now, dead comfy, no big deal at all. Only thing I am disappointed with is how I've gone 15 years of periods without ever having heard about the mooncup, that's half of my period life, such a waste, just wish I'd have known about it sooner!!! Shall be spreading the word... oh and keep up the ad campaign, it's working!! :)

Jo - 29th March 2010

I have been using a mooncup for 4 years and i wouldn't be without it. It does make periods so much less of a faff and mine are also shorter. I would recommend it to anyone- the only problem is bringing up the subject. Now I will refer people to this website!

Jo - 29th March 2010

I am the kind of person that forget their own birthday. This is how organised I am. I use to hate periods just because I never had any tampons or hygienic towels in my bag (they break and become quite unusable). So that first day of the month, which I always forget to write down somewhere, I run around asking for anything that would help. I heard about the mooncup from an eco-friendly friend. I thought this is never going to work because I am not that eco-conscious. The thing with the mooncup is that, you save money, you do a bit for the environment, but also you can keep it with you and it's there when you need it. Also, it does keep longer that a towel or tampon, so you don't have to change so many times a day (and do the old get-up-and-take-your-bag-with-you or worst, get-up-and-slip-a-tampon-in-your-pocket). To be honest, the mooncup is not a life changer or anything, it's just that simple idea that makes life and periods a bit easier!

Catherine - 29th March 2010

Very impressed with the Mooncup; am now on my sixth period using it. I find that at the start of my period, when flow is very heavy, I still need to use tampons at night, but for the rest of the time it's supremely comfortable (and the convenience of not having a handbag full of tampons is stellar). Writing this testimonial here because I've already waxed lyrical to friends, and my boyfriend wants me to stop going on about it to him!

Laura - 26th March 2010

I bought mine about 6 months ago and after trying inserting & removing once, I consigned it to my bathroom cabinet as I found it to be very uncomfortable to do. This month I was 'caught short' without any tampons when my period started so decided to give it another go - lubricating with water as per the instruction booklet makes a huge difference as does relaxing & taking your time. When I removed it this time I had no problems (not even spillage, although I did do it over the toilet just in case) as reading some of the tips & testimonials on this site made me feel more confident about the whole thing. I'm so glad I've given it a second chance as we go camping a lot in the summer months but always put it off if it's that 'time of the month', whereas this year armed with my Mooncup & a bottle of water for rinsing I'll be happy to go at any time. Unlike some of the ladies who've written testimonials I haven't been lucky enough to notice a reduction in my period pain (really bad for the 1st 2 days) but there are so many good reasons to use a Mooncup - I'm now converted!

Tracey - 26th March 2010

Thankyou for this wonderful product. I am so glad I no longer have to soak my bloodstained knickers, pj pants, bed sheets...! What a relief!

Lauren - 26th March 2010

My mooncup is freedom. Thank you the mooncup inventor.

Laura - 25th March 2010

I've used the mooncup for about 6 months now. I bought it because I was getting increasingly concerned about the amount of waste generated by tampons and also because I suffer from vaginal dryness and wondered if it would help. I was initially a bit suspect of all the positive comments but am now really in favour of the cup and won't be going back. It's great just being able to put it in in the morning and forget about it till I get home from work. Went swimming last night with it in and it was fine. It can be a little uncomfortable to take in and out - but only the same as a tampon. It's helped a little, I think, with the dryness. All round great concept. I think I was put off by the hippy overtones - don't be. Try it and see if it works for you.

Sue - 25th March 2010

I have been using the mooncup for about 6 months and it is fantastic. Trying to tell friends about it is the most difficult bit - they all react in the same way - yuck! So I love the new campaign loveyourvagina.com... will be passing that on!

Rachel - 24th March 2010

I've had my mooncup for nearly two years now and absolutely love it! It's so easy to use, and no more worrying about running out of tampons when I'm at work/on a night out/staying at a friends house/at a festival. I only wished I'd had it a few years ago when I was backpacking. I started using it as I kept on getting terrible thrush after each period. The doctor recommended that I went back to using sanitary towels, which I really wasn't keen on doing. A friend then recommended that I try the mooncup, and since then I've never looked back. More than anything, I love the fact that it's reusable - no more bleached tampons and all the wasteful packaging that comes with it. I've told all my female friends about it and have encouraged them to at least buy one to try it out. It's kind of like marmite, you either love it or hate it.

Amy - 24th March 2010

Well, what can i say, Mooncup truly is fantastic!!! I am 27 and Was looking into alternative sanitary product as i suffer from heavy periods and seem to waste money on tampons and pads and generally dont like the idea of filling up landfils with my waste!!!!! I bought a mooncup yesterday on day 1 of my period, took about 3 goes to get it in the right position, used it all day, all night and have had no problems whatsoever!!!!!!!! Day 2 is also going well. I couldn't believe how well it had worked, no leakage and it is certainly no more messy than a tampon to empty. Will be recommending to all my female friends!! No more tampons or pads for me, thats for sure!! Thank you Mooncup!! : )

Kirsty - 24th March 2010

I have had the mooncup for approx 2 mths, as soon as i got it i practiced, and was rather looking forward to "using it for real". I can honestly say WOW - I did have to trim the tube and have trimmed it a couple of time now. I feel totally comfortable with it, and that was on my first period. I saw an advert for this approx 1yr ago and a collegue thought it was BAD so i was put off, but boy i wish i did it soon!! go ahead dont think twice go for it, it is totally amazing !!

Jane - 23rd March 2010

Have been using a Mooncup for about 2 years now and since day one I've never looked back. In my opinion it's the best thing since sliced bread! It's environmentally friendly and saves me a lot of money too.

Jane G - 23rd March 2010

Well I have had mine for about 6 months now and can honestly say it has changed my life. The first month was pretty challenging and bruising at times but by the second month I had got the hang of it and really haven't looked back. Totally liberating. No more towels, tampons, leaks, mess or waste. I can head off in to the wilds without a care in the world and recently went snowholing in the Cairngorms on my heaviest days- normally I would have had to carry out a huge bundle of sanitary waste. Just one word of advice- don't use snow to rinse it out!!!! (Yikes that was cold). :o/

Lucy - 23rd March 2010

This is a great product, I cannot recommend it more. I used to be a regular user of tampons, but I am very consciousness about the environment. I was shocked to find the amount of landfill space that is taken up by sanitary products alone. I also found that tampons when used regularly could be quite drying. I ordered the mooncup with the thought that if i didn't like it is was only £18 . I have found that this has repaid itself many times over and throughly a good investment. However, I do have to say that, just like tampons you get used to putting it in and taking it out. I am not squeamish about my menstrual blood and do not mind being up-close-and-personal with it when emptying it and washing it out, but if you do have a problem with it, it may take a while longer to get used to. I think that this is such a good product, I am 19 and I have recommended it to all of my friends. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine!

Carla - 22nd March 2010

I came onto this site after seeing the cryptic poster advert for 'loveyourvagina.com' at my tram stop. I was suspicious it might be a ploy of a horrid feminine hygiene company to sell weird scented products, but I was absolutely delighted to see that mooncup had gone in for some big advertising! At last! I've used a mooncup for about 3 years now and would never ever go back to tampons. Admittedly I'll never feel joy at having to empty / change it, but I only need to do it in the morning and at night - not like having to change tampons all the time. My main reason for buying one was environmental but I keep using it because I feel so much healthier using it. I haven't had thrush in years which is incredible as I used to suffer with it every month. Honestly please do believe all the great things women are saying about mooncup and buy one if you haven't yet!!

Helen - 22nd March 2010

I started using Mooncup yesterday and I'm impressed. I was a little nervous at first but it inserted easily and I could just forget it was there. I trimmed the stem a little and to be honest I panicked when I thought I'd lost it. But the manual was really helpful and I just relaxed. I'm still getting used to it and it takes me quite some time to insert and remove but it is worth it for the comfort and confidence it has given me. Also,I live with boys so the fewer feminine products clogging up the bathroom cupboard the better. Mooncup is so discreet, user friendly and good for the environment. My advice is put your apprehensions to one side be confident and give it a go.

Jenny - 21st March 2010

I bought my Mooncup from Boots about a year and a half ago. It takes a bit of getting used to and I've had three kids so that makes it a bit easier (if you know what I mean!). What's great is that you never run out of tampons at the wrong time and have to borrow or find a chemist that's open. I've even knitted a Mooncup cosy for mine! If you care about yourself and the environment, use a Mooncup.

Jane - 21st March 2010

I love my mooncup. It is so much more comfortable than tampons, I'll never go bac. The environmental side appeals,but its the ease and comfort that make the decision to use one a no brainer. I think it too me two cycles to really be comfortable but after the initial nerves passed and I got used to it, the only question I have is why isn't everyone using this?

Trish - 20th March 2010

I've just started using a mooncup, I'd been curious about it for some time and was becoming increasingly frustrated with tampons and towels due to leaking and the inconvenience of having to change them often. Despite reading the website I was still quite unsure of what to expect with the mooncup, and I have to say I was a little sceptical - could a product work as well as people claimed it did? Now coming to the end of my first period using my mooncup, I can say that it is probably the best thing I've ever bought, and my only regret is having 8 years of periods without it! It was surprisingly easy to get used to using, very comfortable, and I've experienced no leaks at all. What I've been most surprised about however is how hygienic it feels. I'm somewhat overly hygiene concious and thought I would find it felt 'dirty' to some degree, but that was totally wrong, using it feels very clean and the thought of now going back to tampons and towels is what seems dirty and unpleasant to me now! You can tell that this is a product designed by women as it really does cater so well to our needs. I'd never go back now and I'm definitely going to be spreading the word!

lacey - 20th March 2010

I can't praise the mooncup enough. I switched about 2 years ago. I would shout about it to every woman. I walk happily past the sanitary items shelves in shops because I never have to buy those again and I feel sorry for the women that still do. I will never again be responsible for the use of bleach, the addition to landfill, and above all the 5% VAT payable to the taxman - what's that about?! Luxury items? Hardly! It's easy to use and perfectly secure, never any embarrassment, and I'm proud to be a Mooncup user.

jm77 - 19th March 2010

I can only agree with all the other wonderful women here- MY MOONCUP IS AWESOME and has changed my perception of my period. It's no longer 'dirty' and to be thrown into one of the toxic waste bins in the women's toilets-which need special companies to come and remove them. Instead, I can now see it for exactly what it is, and it looks much 'cleaner' when it's not soaked up into an un-environmentally friendly tampon. I've not had any leaks, and after getting used to insertion and removal, I only wish I'd known about them sooner. So glad mooncup is having an advertising drive, after the recent ban of the word 'vagina' in a tampon ad in the US, it's fantastic to see the promotion of such a great alternative product here. If you haven't already...get your mooncup now :)

Rose - 19th March 2010

I've been using my mooncup for around 4 years and it's the best protection I've ever had. It's comfortable, I never have to worry about leaks and half the time, I forget I'm even on my period!

Rhiannon - 19th March 2010

Great product. I've used it for years now and nothing could force me to go back to tampons. It's no more complicated than tampons to use and let's face it periods are never going to be a mess free business. :)

Clair - 18th March 2010

I have been using my Mooncup for six months and I am SO pleased with it. I never thought I'd be enthusing about period protection but it's just awesome. No more mess, fussing about, having a stack of tampon boxes staring at me in the bathroom, no dryness or having to dash to the loo. I also like that once the Mooncup is in, it's in, clean and sorted out - unless you change your tampon every time you go to the loo there's a certain ick factor there. Plus I feel more "at home" with my body. Now TV ads for tampons seem laughable - they have to use blue liquid and act like vaginas are scary. So much of advertising etc acts like women's bodies need to be cleaned up, tidied away and disinfected - scented "down there" wipes I'm looking at you. This feels much more accepting, like a real step for the normalising of the female body. Even without all that it is very liberating to walk away from the tampon aisle and not even think about when my next period is. Wish I'd had one years ago.

Alex - 18th March 2010

I was so freaked out when my Mother got one and wouldn't stop going on about it, but after I gave it a go I came to understand how awesome the thing is. And good for the environment. I am in the process of converting all of my housemates - 2 down, 2 to go. Once you get past the fact that your mates might laugh at first, you can realise how much better than tampons or pads it is.

Robyn - 18th March 2010

I wish I had bought a Mooncup years ago. It feels liberating to use, less messy than pads, and with no paper waste to deal with. My top tip for a vessel for sterilising it on the stove: an ELC enamel play kitchen pot!

Jane - 17th March 2010

Love the mooncup! Thought would take ages to get used to but was fine immediately (although I had to trim it a couple of times until it felt right). I have excessively heavy periods and it is just so much more manageable and less worrisome now. Only slight problem is that for the first couple of days, and particularly nights, my period is so heavy the mooncup leaks, but this generally only happens at night and so I use an ST as well the first couple of nights). Also (sorry to be graphic!) took a while to get used to extracting/emptying it without spillage, again as I am so heavy. But after a couple of months I was totally used to it. Now been using for around 3 years and it has honestly made what was a terrible experience every month (changing super tampons every HOUR, not good) to something so manageable and easy that I hardly notice I even have my period. And no nasty chemicals and no waste. And it saves money! Brilliant.

moo - 17th March 2010

I love using my mooncup. Took a few goes to get it right, but being able to sleep in WHATEVER position I like is so so good. Also, not having to change every 2 hours make it a winner for me, and not having to carry bags of "supplies" when I travel is a big plus.

milli - 17th March 2010

Mooncup is great - I love it. I think it's sad so many people are squeamish about touching their own bodies. I love Mooncup for the fact it saves me loads of money, doesn't leave horrible fibres behind, and means I'm not polluting the water system with tampons.

Vicki - 17th March 2010

I spent 9 months travelling round Asia and South America last year and rather than carrying a year's-supply of tampons with me I bought a mooncup! This was without a doubt the most valuable travel item I took on my trip. Since my return to the UK I have continued to use my mooncup, and it's definitely saving me money on tampons. It's great: white trousers, no problem; swimming, no probelm; excercise, no probelm. Quite simply no problems to report. It was a little tricky to get used to, but by the end of my first period with the cup I had perfected the insertion/removal technique. There is no way that I will EVER go back to tampons, the mooncup is just too easy - yes a little messy with a heavy period - but it's fine. I recommend it now to all my girl friends. And it's great that it is environmentally friendly too. Loving the current advertising strategy too!

Amy - 15th March 2010

First of all - to the very sceptical "Morgan", go ahead and sue all you like, you will only lose your money. I can assure you, the Mooncup *is* amazing and life changing. I don't give out stickers nor tell "everyone" about it, but I wish I had the courage! I first heard of something so weird as a menstrual cup some 7 years ago or so, and was curious to try it out, but never got that classic "round tuit" that I needed to order one. I don't live in Britain but elsewhere in Europe so couldn't just pick it up at any local Boot's... I finally gave myself the kick in the butt that I needed and started using it in January last year. I loved it from Day One. Oh, how I wish I had tried it out when I first thought about it! It is easily one of the best things I have ever spent money on in my entire life (36 years so far), and when you compare it to disposable sanitary products it is not a lot of money at all. I never have to worry about running out of tampons or pads. The cost of such products is eliminated forever. The hassle of disposing of said products - vanished overnight. I can honestly say, that I now barely ever notice having my period. You know how some tampon brands advertise themselves as "freedom in a little box" ? Freedom is using a mooncup. So comfortable, so clean, so perfect. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone.

Elani - 15th February 2010

Amazing! I just got used to my mooncup and can now see what all the fuss is about. I bought it a couple of years ago now, used it for one period (not enough time to fully get used to it, so dont give up after a few tries!) I then got pregnant and obviously the mooncup got shoved in a drawer with all the other things i would not be using for a long time. Now that im having periods again, i pulled out the mooncup from the drawer and have been using it with ease ever since. It took a while to get used to it and feel that it was superior to other forms of sanitary wear. I'd say by about the end of the third period i was singing its praises. So many benefits, not just the reduction in waste (ie, tampons and sanitary towels going to land fill), but for your body,
  • Non-drying
  • can use it from day one, til the last day of your period
  • you can wear anything, swim(no strings hanging out!)
  • So convienient for when you are out and about and you dont need to worry if you have enough tampons in your bag, or worry your bag might fall open on the bus....
.....basically this has changed how i see my periods. They are no longer a hideous bother. Its easy to cope and i glide smoothly through them. This product is genious, get one, tell your friends and then take it easy and bare with it til you've got it down!

Laura - 15th March 2010

When I first heard about the Mooncup, I had the reaction most women do: "eurgh, what a weird idea .. I will never try that" ... but then I looked at the website, read the history and the facts, and I was desperate to try it!! I have never looked back, I believe that there is not a single woman who would regret trying the Mooncup. It has made my periods simple, and not the torturous time they used to be. My cramps are a lot less (I've heard many women say this about the Mooncup), and the stress of having to pack my bad full of tampons, remember to change them every 2 hours, etc has now gone - d'you know, I usually totally forget I'm even on my period!!! Thank you Mooncup, I'm in love!

Rose - 15th March 2010

wow im a cleaner and found a mooncup in a clients bathroom and thought what is this mooncup ???? searched the net and due to super plus tampax and towels not being enough when on my monthly ,thought why not try , nothing to loose , and wow ive used for a year or so now and have just purchased a spare just in case , when i got my mooncup i also got my 18yr old daughter one she swears by hers and has the mooncup box on top of her tv for her friends to see i tell everyone how i love my mooncup thank you sooo much

susan - 14th March 2010

I have used a mooncup for about 8 months now, ever since seeing advertising for it in the london tube. I have since moved back to NZ and tell all my friends about it. I wouldnt do with out my mooncup and cant believe this option is not talked about in sex ed!!! its sooo much easier and cleaner than pads or tampons, and I cannot use tampons! hate them with a passion. I think every young girl should get a moon cup!

Kim - 14th March 2010

I have been using the Mooncup for over a year now. My sister, in South Africa, was actually the one to promote it to me. I haven't looked back since! I used to have terrible thrush EVERY period from using tampons and a sanitry pad can be uncomfortable and not always practical. I have also saved so much money since buying the Mooncup. I certainly haven't looked back and I am so grateful for the introduction!

Christie - 13th March 2010

After years of battling with thrush, heavy periods and bladder infections I was almost ready to give up. Nothing seemed to work for me. Tampons were cheap but itchy, and i was too worried to wear a pad due to such a heavy flow. A friend of a friend mentioned to me, this new godsend which came in the form of a cup. Also being a keen activist, i was extremely interested in an alternative to tampons and pads, as i know they must have severe environmental effects. My daughter is just coming up to menstrual age and i'm so excited to ' teach a new generation of 'mooneys' the way of the cup. Viva la cup!!!

Angela - 13th March 2010

I'm on my second month with the mooncup so I'm still getting used to it. Despite all the problems I'm experiencing while getting used to it I still think it's great and they don't put me off. I haven't yet developed the right technique of releasing the seal and sometimes when putting it in it doesn't quite unfold properly. I know I'll develop the technique the more I use it but for now I'll be wearing a pant liner just in case!! I'm definitely a beginner!!

Rose - 11th March 2010

I bought a mooncup a few months ago and it has revolutionised my life. I know that sounds extreme, but it really has. I travel a lot and had very irregular periods. Now, I just pack the mooncup and, if I think my period might be coming, I can insert it and relax. It's worth it for that alone, but if you want the icing on the cake... I haven't had a single 'leakage' problem since using it and in addition, my periods have for the first time in twenty years, regulated themselves. To know that I will now have no worries when I have my period is simply fantastic. On a practical note for those who might be unsure as to whether to get one: The first few times I used it I did find it awkward but the telephone line was a lifesaver. Really friendly woman who was practical and helfpul. I persevered. You do need to get a bit more 'hands on' than with a tampon but you get used to it really quickly and it is worth being more hands on to have no worries about knickers, sheets, or running out of tampax / not being near a loo. Please, please try one. You will never go back to tampons again.

Lucinda - 8th March 2010

I just wanted to say that I've been using the mooncup a few months now and it's amazing. I'd never go back to tampons, it's so convenient and has made periods much easier to cope with! Thank you so much for your great product and I'm spreading the word to everyone I can.

Fiona - 4th March 2010

Being an American, I bought my mooncup while I was studying abroad for a year. It has made such a difference in my life. The mooncup keeps me from having to constantly worry about leaks or sanitation. I have been using my mooncup for nearly a year now, and it is so nice to not have to dread that time of the month anymore. I highly highly recommend it to every woman that wants to have any easier time dealing with their dreaded monthly visitor!

Felicity - 3rd March 2010

Just finished my first period using the mooncup and I am delighted to say it was a great success! My period is heavy on the first two days, with bad cramping, so I was hesitant to try it because I thought I would be emptying it all the time to prevent leaks. I had no leaks at all, the cup easily caught everything with room to spare. I also found it really interesting to see exactly what was going on - it's really surprising how great it feels to know what your body is producing. It takes a little while to get used to inserting and removing it but you soon get the hang. The best news of all is my 7 day period was cut down to a 5 day period! Thank you mooncup for making a grim part of my month a good deal less grim :)

Heather - 3rd March 2010

This is such a fantastic product. I have been wanting to try one for a while, so impulsively purchased one the other day when my period started whilst out and about. I must admit, I was a little grossed out at first handling the cup, but once I became comfortable with the whole process (inserting and removing)it has become absolutely fascinating. I now have the ability to monitor my period right the way through, which is a comfort as it's great being able to see just how it's all functioning "down there". For the first time ever I haven't had ANY leaks during my period, which is an absolute godsend! No more ruined underpants! and it's amazing not having to wear a pad to bed! It also definitely goes without saying the environmental benefits of the Mooncup are just excellent, I feel just a little bit better about my impact on the world. I will definitely be raving about the Mooncup to my female friends and family (as soon as I can find an appropriate moment to mention it!)

Jenni - 28th February 2010

I've had my Mooncup for over 2 years now and haven't used a single tampon or towel since. It took a few tries to to get the hang of removing it but I feel confident swimming or doing sports and it's great for work as I can go all day without worrying about leakage. It's also great for holidays as you don't have to stuff your suitcase with sanitary protection and then worry about disposing of it. And of course, it's so much better for the environment. Every woman should try this!

Sarah Hannah - 25th February 2010

I love my Mooncup! I've been using it for over a year now and still going strong. Learning to use it was a little difficult at first but I kept trying and now that I'm used to it I couldn't be happier. My cramps are greatly reduced and sometimes it’s almost like I don't have a period at all! I'll never go back to the old way - now I cruise past the feminine hygiene aisle at the supermarket and chuckle to myself hehe...

Canuck loves cup - 20th February 2010

I tried Mooncup after seeing an advert on a toilet door advertising space. It is without a doubt one of the best things I have ever done. At first I did have reservations, but decided to give it a go... the first day I used Mooncup, I went out for the day to a Go Ape centre (aerial obstacle courses, tree climbing, crawling around, zipwires etc). I had no problems whatsoever. No leakage, no discomfort at all - it was simply brilliant. I did wear a sanitary towel as well, to be safe, but it was completely dry and clean when I went to the bathroom several hours later! I've been using it ever since. I can't recommend this product enough - I don't understand why it isn't available more in supermarkets or advertised more. It's so clean, safe, environmentally friendly, comfortable and generally brilliant! I would recommend it to anyone. N.B. I would say you need to be comfortbable with your own body and willing to insert the Mooncup manually - maybe people who are virgins or slightly more reserved may not feel comfortable with this. But anyone who has had sex or is comfortable with their own body and willing to give it a go - I say go for it. Best. Decision. Ever.

Terri - 18th February 2010

I was extremely skeptical about the mooncup and it's usage, but after 4 days it's made a massive difference to my life. I've had no cramp at all and thoroughly recommend it.

Julie - 18th February 2010

I am very impressed with the mooncup, after years of heavy periods and struggling with tampons and sanitary towel, I am very active and love to swim and I could never swim at the time of the month. The mooncup is easy, discreet and has saved me so much money! It is comfortable and fits nicely in my handbag, also I find if I am at work on a long shift then I can pop the cup in a few hours before I know my period is going to start so that I am never caught out! I have recommended the cup to lots of my friends who have all brought it and have had similar sucess!!!

Hanna - 18th February 2010

I've had my mooncup for 8 months now and I must say, it's probably one of the best purchases I've ever made, not an exaggeration! At around age 15 I started having really heavy periods, wearing a super tampon and a night time pad and having to change the tampon at least every hour. Age 16, I got fed up and decided to try the Mooncup as I was pretty desperate. It's actually been amazing! Because of my age I was initially worried if I would be able to get it inserted as it looks massive, but if you've been using tampons it's really easy to insert. The mooncup makes me feel so clean and hygienic, unlike the sticky messy feeling you get from other sanitary products. The fact that I have to change it less often is an added bonus - I can go out for the night and never have to empty my cup at all! As for the 'ick' factor, if you already have heavy periods this really shouldn't bother you! It sounds strange but in a way as your period is contained within the cup it's a bit less traumatising to look at, rather than a messy pad or tampon :L Mooncup is something I really wish I'd heard about sooner and I couldn't live without it.

Rachel - 16th February 2010

Thank you to the inventors of Mooncup, it has made my life so much easier.I hadn't heard of mooncup until I went into Boots to buy extra large tampons as that was the only place i could get them, on looking across the shelves my eye caught your product, the concept looked logical so I purchased one along with the tampons (which are still in the cupboard)say no more....

penny - 15th February 2010

I bought one of these on Thursday after reading the reviews and, admittedly, with reservations. Tampons give me thrush every period and this brings on cystitis... A lovely combination! My period started on Saturday and so far, I love this product. I haven't felt any thrush-like symptoms, it's very easy to fit and remove and unlike a tampon, I really can't feel it at all. I it's slightly messy, I won't lie, but well worth it and the comfort and reliability well outweighs the negatives. Get one today!

Becki - 15th February 2010

In my opinion, every woman should own a Mooncup and other forms of sanitary protection should no longer be produced. This would not only have a fantastic effect on the environment, by reducing waste, but also enable women to feel cleaner, healthier and happier during their period - as well as saving them hundreds of pounds!

Laura - 13th February 2010

On my third period with the mooncup now and wouldn't swap back for any money! i did find that it took a while to get the hang of it, especially removal, which hurt at first. What helped was realising that there were three stages to removing it: bringing it down to the vaginal entrance, breaking the seal and actually getting it out, and that there was a technique to each - now it's becoming automatic. Love having nothing to carry around, (or forget to carry around) during my period, love not feeling dry and itchy and getting thrush, love having nothing to dispose of - neither guilt at flushing nor a gross bathroom bin. I still make a bit of a mess emptying, but getting better at that! All in all a huge success and wish i'd done it sooner.

CJ - 13th February 2010

Bought my Mooncup on Sunday and have been using it since Monday (today is Thursday). I think it is a much better option than Towels or Tampons. Periods are a messy, painfull pain in the bum but the Moon cup really works and has not been messy at all. I am not a hippy, eco warrior but you have to try this. Like so many others say, I don't know how it works it just does.

Margaret - 11th February 2010

Great, great, great and while I got a bit of stick from friends for thinking about using it.........I am determined to convert them!! It is a little messy but way less messy than towels where the blood is sitting on the pad and letting germs get to it! .........and how much money have I saved this month!! ;-)

Sarah - 7th February 2010

I love love love my mooncup! I love how easy it is to use (Bit fiddly at first but I soon got used to it). I love that I dont have to carry tampons around with me any more. I love that it's environmentally better than tampons. And I've not had a single leak in 2 months use (I even wore white underwear to test it properly and not a mark). It's comfortable and clean. I wish I'd heard of it years ago. I heard about it thru word of mouth. Most of my friends had never heard of it till I told them. It should be shouted from the rooftops! Every woman should try one. I'll never go back to using tampons and pads again.

Angie - 3rd February 2010

I just have to comment on a testimonial I read while researching the moon cup for my 2 daughters (22 and 23) I think her name was Megan and she was saying that the testimonials must be fake because they were all positive. Although I have not personally used one I am purchasing them for my daughters and have no doubt that they are everything women say they are. The reason I have NO DOUBT is because my husband and myself used a diaphragm for fifteen years as contraceptive until his vasectomy and then we used the diaphragm for sex while I was menstruating as well as for when I was too poor or out of tampons. Same concept - Great idea.

Susan - 2nd February 2010

Read about the mooncup in Cosmo, and was interested, checked out this website, bought one, used it and hey presto! Took 2 or 3 attempts to get position right, but once you get the hang ot it, so easy to use & so much more comfortable than a tampon! no leaks, no dryness. easy to use, cheaper, (I was spending the same amount as a mooncup every other month!!) Wished I'd heard about them years ago!!

Sally - 31st January 2010

What a revalation! Having developed an allergy to tampons I thought I would give it a go - that was 3 years ago and I have never looked back. There is no soreness or dryness at the end of your period, you dont have to change it as much as you would a tampon and after 3 periods it has paid for itself. every girl should have one - advertise more - don't keep it a secret - it saves the environment too.

Laura - 28th January 2010

I just bought one this afternoon, because I'm sick of tampons drying me out and giving me thrush. Inserted it with no problems at all AND can get it back out - insant and complete WIN. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with Mooncup!

Clare - 28th January 2010

I have been using the mooncup for over 4 years now and absolutely love it, despite generally being anti mod-cons. Although I've recommended it to most of my female friends only 1 has been converted as the others are either too squeamish to try it or can't afford the larger up front cost. I have been travelling in several places with it and it's so much easier than tampons/towels - only one tiny bag to take, no solid waste to block simple toilets/fill holes in the ground and no need to try and purchase sanitary protection in another language! If anyone has experience of using it right from when they started their periods I would be interested to hear how they got on.

Louise - 26th January 2010

I tried the Mooncup out of frustration with tampons; on the rare occasions when I wanted to feel clean and not worry about the potential smell of using pads the tampon would always fail me. Inserting them was often very uncomfortable, and 9 times out of 10 the tampon would shift and become painful-cue a dash to the toilet and changing back to pads. The eco-friendliness of the Mooncup never mattered to me, I already feel I suffer enough during my period without adding guilt to the mix. All I wanted was to feel clean and natural with no discomfort or chafing, and the Mooncup delivered! The thing I love most is that you can put the mooncup in while you take a shower. That way it's lubricated, I'm comfortable and relaxed, I can get nice and clean and there's no trip to the bathroom after my shower to insert a tampon and try not to get blood under my nails. Even better, I can almost forget I'm on my period, and sometimes I even sleep with it in which I never dared do with tampons. For the record, after all my struggles with tampons I didn't think a Mooncup would fit comfortably but it does, and everyone should try it!

Stevie - 26th January 2010

I have just tried the moon cup for the first time. I read alot of advice about trimming the end down but decided to try it first. It definatly does need to be trimmed and once it has been it fits perfectly. I am completely happy with my purchase and I love it. It feels completely secure. Today I went out walking for 2 hours and I did not feel the moon cup at all. So much better than tampons. The only negative I do have is that it is slightly messy on the hands. I spent ten years in the Armed forces and this product would not be practical in a field environment. However for everyday life it is fantastic. I only wish it would be advertised more so other women could learn about this and it's advantages to the environment.

Diane - 23rd January 2010

I would just like to say, my mooncup arrived today and I'm already ecstatic with it. I think that this revolutionary product coming from an ethical business run by women is astounding and really impressive. I really hope we can all gain the courage to look at women's reproductive cycles in a more respectful way and advocate more environmentally-friendly/safe products such as the mooncup to all the women we know in the future. I think this is a significant move forward for womankind and the feminist movement.

El - 22nd January 2010

I have been using Mooncup for almost a year now & I must say, it's the best invention so far to cope w/ women's monthly 'monster'. Ever since I used Mooncup, my lifestyle has changed. I don't dread having my period for the month because I know I always have my Mooncup around. Great buy! I encourage all the women to use this - saves you money, saves the environment & saves you from a lot of stress!

Valerie - 22nd January 2010

I bought a Mooncup a little while ago for a variety of reasons: eco-consciousness, curiosity, dissatisfaction with tampons / pads etc and I am very pleased to say that it paid for itself within a month!! Just one Mooncup period in and already there were none of the usual cramps, disturbed sleep, financial outlay and it finished a day quicker than usual. I was a little nervous about using it to begin with but it is much easier to insert and remove than I feared and by the end of the first day I had definitely got the knack. No mess, no discomfort and no leaks whatsoever (it did take me a while to trust it completely so I carried on with pads as well the first few times I used it). I would advise new-Mooncuppers to try it without trimming the stem at all then take it off in little bits until you can't feel it when you sit down (also gives you valuable practice inserting and removing the Mooncup!). I was a bit tentative to begin with but now have only about 5mm of it left and it's so comfortable that I completely forget Aunt Flo is staying ;) It really is a brilliant little thing and I'm so glad I took the plunge.

Helen - 21st January 2010

I've been reading about mooncup for some time now and was very skeptical as I had very heavy periods and wore super-plus tampons and a towel and still leaked!! But I plucked up the courage and bought one. It was strange getting used to it at first and removing it took some practice but I would never go back to using tampons For those you who have heavy periods and are reading this testimonal thinking it doesn't work I can tell you it does! My only regret is not using it sooner

Elaine - 12th January 2010

My moon cup is defiantly one thing i could not live with out! i could not even imagine returning to pads. My period is so heavy i use to try and stay as still as possible to avoid that feeling of gushing blood, and God forbid if i was to sneeze..lol anyway point made... With using the mooncup, i still have a heavy period but it is so much easily to deal with. It almost feels as if you you are not even on. It is not difficult at all to insert and take out, you easily get use to it. there is no smell or mess. i just take it out, tip it straight down the loo, rinse under the tap and put it back in...easy. it does seam a bit big when you first get it, but i always use a lubricant. It can be a bit embarrassing when trying to tell and advice others to use it, as they just have a giggle and say its a bit massive. (i just think, if only they knew!!) I actually initially brought one because i was going skiing whilst my period was due. And i needed a tampon alternative( as they just leek and generally don't agree with me) im so glad i stumbled across the mooncup, it meant i enjoyed my ski trip and could bare every other period after that.

umm potatoface - 6th January 2010

I have been using a mooncup for a few years now and have had to change size now I have welcomed my first baby into the world. Again, no problems with the new size, I just can't imagine life without my mooncup and am currently spreading the word in my mothers group! We have many mums who are very environmentally conscious and use cloth nappies (as I do) and they are really fascinated with the idea of the mooncup. I never regret my purchase of a mooncup and couldn't reccomend them more.

Rachele - 6th January 2010

Ive been using a Mooncup now for 2 years and I honestly would never ever turn back! The first 2 months took a little getting used to, wearing a panty liner on heavier days just in case I hadn't placed the cup right, but having sussed it now I am completely convinced it was a good purchase! The best part is that as the cup doesn't absorb fluid, so I am not "dry" (excuse the expression but super tampon users will know what I mean) during or for a day or so afterwards- much more comfortable! That and I cant feel the cup at all... I might as well not be on my period. Its great not to spend money on Tampons every month, be a little better for the environment and feel comfortable during those girly days!

Emma - 5th January 2010

I read about Mooncup in a University Magazine 5 years ago. Always wanted one but never bothered as I had to order online and really had no way to pay. I am in England on a holiday from Australia, and had to take the dreaded trip to the chemist to get my monthly supply of "plugs" where I saw the little mooncup shining brightly at me. I was overjoyed and proudly handed my new friend to the check out chick. I couldnt wait to get home and start using it. It took a few go's to get it right and its the next morning and I feel great! Thank you mooncup! A Souvenir worth buying!

Nat - 5th January 2010

I only started my period a few years ago, and I used to hate being a girl 'til I found the MOONCUP :D It's great because I can go anywhere I like and never have to worry about it. I got really angry trying to put it in at first, but then I got the hang of it and I took it on a trip to South Africa. I sat through LONG car journeys, spent all day running around and swimming at the beach, best of all I climbed up a mountain (which took AGES) and had no worries about finding a toilet all the time! One word of advice though...try not to spill it when you take it out, ESPECIALLY if you are at a friends house and they have carpet in the bathroom. Talking my way out of that one was awkward!!!

Alisha - 4th January 2010

I'd known about the mooncup for ages but didn't actually buy one until I was persuaded by all the positive comments following an article in the Guardian a short while ago. Now I've got the hang of it (it's easy after a few goes, just remember to R-E-L-A-X) I can't believe no-one told me about this before. It's just amazing. I always found my period to be a bit of a nuisance because I do a lot of running, walking and cycling (which involves tight-fitting lycra pants) and I've never really got on with tampons so was always conscious of wearing a pad. Honestly, every women should at least give it a try before deciding it's too gross or too weird, because once you get over that you'll find out it's absolutely brilliant and never look back.

Emma - 25th December 2009

One of my friends told me about mooncups, i had never heard of them and was quite grossed out at first. A week later I myself was using one. They are a lifesaver since i have quite a heavy flow and still go to school. Thanks heaps!

Jo - 2nd January 2010

I cannot recommend the mooncup enough! I started using mine about 2 years ago and I haven't looked back. It is so comfortable, convenient and economical. My periods last for about 8 days every 3 and a half weeks, with heavy spotting either side. It used to be a nightmare because I couldn't use tampons on the lighter days and as I travel a lot I had to take loads of tampons with me wherever I went. I also don't like the sensation of the cotton wool on my vagina, and the cord used to chafe when I was running any long distances - The mooncup solves all these problems. I have told all of my friends (girl ones obviously!) and quite a few of them have tried it for themselves and are also in love with it. Please, please give it a go - You'll wish you discovered it years ago1

Gillian - 31st December 2009

I got my Mooncup only yesterday (i happened to be in the middle of my period) and I already love it! It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but after I trimmed the stem I can't feel it at all! It's perfect for me, because I hate using pads, and I always forget tampons in for too long. I also find it sort of interesting to actually see and measure the blood. This may sound strange, but now I am looking forward to my next period so I can test the Mooncup in the heaviest first days.

Eli - 30th December 2009

Suffering from heavy periods and clotting I had several severe leaks with tampons, as they don't absorb clots. I have found the Mooncup much better, as it catches the flow rather than absorbing - so clots are no problem. No more having to carry tampons in my handbag or having the rather icky (not to mention environmentally dubious) disposal after use. Wish I'd known about the Mooncup years ago.

Ellie - 28th December 2009

I've had a mooncup for about 8 years now. I can honestly say it is the most liberating product ever made. Unfortunately my puppy has just taken it out of the dishwasher (best way to wash them between periods) and eaten it! Oh well, I've placed my order for a replacement as there is no way I could live without my mooncup! Thank you

Olivia - 27th December 2009

I was slightly nervous when I first opened my mooncup, it looked so big! I got size B because I'm 18, however I had fears it would be too wide, because I think I'm rather 'narrow', but I was so excited when I opened it I tried it straight away, and... it was perfect!! I got it in in a second and it formed a suction without me even noticing! I walked around in it a bit and I couldn't even feel it, it was so comfortable!! I didn't feel 'stretched' as I was scared I would, although I think I need to trim the stem a little. Anyway, breaking the suction was so easy; i just squeezed the base a little and got it out without any hassle and I don't think anything would even have spilled! My sister laughed when she saw it because they're a bit of a joke to immature people I guess, I think because they think they're 'gross' but I do a lot of hiking and camping and honestly, it's a lot less gross than having to pack out used tampons! The mooncup is amazing, and I could not be more happy or satisfied so thank you very, very much!!

Laura - 25th December 2009

I was in bed with my boyfriend this morning, discussing periods etc, and I mentioned 'mooncups'- something that a friend had heard of some time ago. We both agreed that they sounded kind of gross, but he insisted on googling. After I read the testimonials, I was pretty much sold on the idea (well, very curious at least!)...I purchased one at Boots a few hours ago, and I'm happy to say that a) it is very easy to use, b) it's surprisingly comfortable- more than tampons, in my opinion, and c) it's actually a lot less unpleasant than tampons which are pretty unappealing. Of course, there are the eco-friendly and wallet-friendly advantages too. It's a shame that Mooncup.co.uk isn't more widely known. Obviously word-of-mouth is the best and least expensive way of advertising, so girls, tell your friends! I think the company would do well by targeting the mainstream female population as well as alternative/eco-conscious women...maybe you could get a young, popular celebrity to endorse it? I'm off to email this link to my friends!

Kate - 22nd December 2009

My friend told me about the Mooncup a year ago and I haven't looked back since. It's so comfy it's unbelievable, and talk about discreet! I can't even think about going back to sanitary towels now; they just feel dirty.

Emily, 18 - 22nd December 2009

I have been using a Mooncup for nearly 2 years now and I wont go back to tampons. I don't miss the leaks I had with tampons or the horrible smell of tampons and pads. I couldn't recommend this highly enough! It helps you be more in tune with your body and once you've got used to it (after a couple of months for me) you'll wonder how you managed without it. I can't believe people still use tampons and pads!!

Shelley - 21 December 2009

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