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To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to making the switch to the Mooncup but was forced that way after developing an allergy to pads. After a few days of using it I am a complete convert! It is incredibly easy to use, a lot cleaner and caused no discomfort what so ever. I wished I had made the change a long time ago and I am currently trying to get my friends to try them. I suffer from endometriosis which was a pain with pads but not this and my usual 6-7 day monthly was shortened to 2! I

Jade - 31st July 2016

I play sports every week, and this menstrual cup is a complete life saver. I love my moon cup with all of my butt and I am never going back to pads. MENSTRUAL CUPS ARE MY BFF

Mary - 30th July 2016

Only a fool, would leave this page after reading testimonials like this, and fail to purchase a menstrual cup. My daughters get cups for their 13th birthday, a gift with so much life value, they may never understand because they will never have to suffer from the evil that is disposable menstrual products. I started wearing cups several years into my cycles as a minor. I began to love my body and feel comfortable every day of the month again, and I'm raising my girls with the same joy. Menstruation is a beautiful thing, and having my daughters comfortable in their bodies and familiar with their reproductive system is such a blessing. THANK GOD FOR MOON CUPS!

Royal - 30th July 2016

I'm 17 and on my fourth year of cycles. I started wearing a menstrual cup 10 periods ago, and I could not communicate to anyone how much of a life saver these beautiful things are. I used to get awful UTIs every month from wearing pads, and only wore tampons when swimming or playing sports. We all feel the struggle-- uncomfortable, sleepless and leaky nights; awkward days, wearing thick pads, trying to conceal wrapper sounds and trying to hide those full "bloody women diapers". I hated my cycle with a deep passion. I am so glad I am free from that hatred. I now love and appreciate my cycle and what my body is capable of. I converted my 4 sisters to using menstrual cups- I RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT. Don't worry about the investment: it is completely 100% worth it. Your life will never be better.

Zemirah - 30th July 2016

I have been using my Mooncup for a year now. My biggest regret is having discovered it only at 40! It has made my periods easier in so many ways: apart from the obvious environmental benefits (practically zero waste), it's practical, easy to use and carry around just in case. It has made me carefree and confident on heavy days, or during the night, at the pool - I haven't had a single 'accident' or leak, and I even forget I am wearing it. I also experience fewer cramps. After hearing about it, I was resistant at first, thinking it would be messy - but my experience has been great and not gross at all, unlike sanitary towels and tampons. I wholeheartedly recommend it to other women.

Amanda - 27th July 2016

I love my Mooncup! I overheard some women talking about how wonderful they are so did some research and bought one. I have really long periods with mostly light flow and these are great. I only empty it about 3 times in 24h and the rest of the time, I can forget I am having a period. It seems to decrease the symptoms that I always thought were a normal part of that time of the month (e.g. cramps). Positioning it and emptying it took a bit of getting used to but now I am used to it, I much prefer it. The only time I've had a problem with it leaking was once whilst swimming - I moved in a particular way and felt the seal go. However, I've been swimming on other occasions and it has been fine.

Rebecca - 14th July 2016

I feel so much more confident and comfortable during my period since I've started using a Mooncup. I have never used tampons as I find them too painful, so have always had to battle with the mess and sometimes real embarrassment of using pads (odor, viability, inability to go swimming, nervousness about sleeping in other people's beds because of leakage etc.). My Mooncup has taken all of those worries away. Periods are hard enough as it is - trusting the Mooncup to deal with the practical side of my period is a big help.

Katie - 14th July 2016

I have had my Mooncup for two months now. After having my two children, my periods were so heavy that even a towel and tampon couldn't cope. I tried tablets from the doctor but they didn't really help. I couldn't walk about without it being a scene from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Mooncup has changed that. The first few tries at getting it in and out are messy. Once you get the hang of it though, it's a breeze and no messier than removing a tampon. I don't have to worry about my clothes anymore or whether the pad and tampon can hold the flow. The Mooncup can always hold the flow, even when it's really really heavy. I would recommend a Mooncup to everyone. You won't need towels and tampons ever again. Best product ever.

Lesley - 10th July 2016

I recently started using a moon cup, and I wanted to tell you it has really been an incredible change for me. From reading other peoples (equally long!) reviews I realise i’m not alone. This sounds massively naive, but I think the lack of mainstream visibility of moon cups and menstrual cups unconsciously had a major effect on me. Although I heard about moon cups some time ago, I assumed that since they weren’t normalised, something must be slightly odd about them. I now realise I never stopped to examine my prejudice, or question where those ideas came from, but unconsciously I associated a moon cup with something outside the mainstream and not really for me. (I’m ashamed to say that even in my late thirties, the stereotypical assumptions in your rap ad applied to me!) What an idiot, I’ve been missing out for all these years. Of course I realise now how hard it is for a small ethical company producing moon cups to compete with a highly commercial market of sanitary brands (probably dominated by men). But its easy to realise this in hindsight. I wish I’d had the lightbulb moment earlier! The thing that changed my attitude enough to engage me, was walking into Boots and seeing a moon cup on the shelf right in front of me. Every month I would feel frustrated about the fact that mainstream pharmacies don’t sell unbleached organic tampons, and I would have to go out of my way to visit health food shops, where I would spend large amounts of money on disposable organic sanitary products. Seeing the moon cup in Boots was fantastic, and a turning point. When I was younger, at the heaviest point in my period I couldn’t get through classes without my tampon getting saturated and leaking. Going to the toilet mid-class was frowned on (‘bad planning’). I’d double up with sanitary pads that were uncomfortable, inhibited my movement, and which I was terrified would show through my clothes, and get sweaty / smelly. When I had my period, I’d wear outfits that didn’t show up blood if I did leak. I’d sit in certain positions to try and mitigate any accidental leakage. I’d sit in toilet cubicles trying to time the rip of the tampon packet to someone flushing, so nobody would hear. It had a psychological impact which really inhibited me in many ways. Having access to a product which held so much more blood could have really helped, I think (although there’s obviously also a whole plethora of social norms underlying my paranoia which I hope can change too). My periods have got lighter as I’ve got older, but I continued to suffer from leaks throughout my adult life. I remember a hiallejuja moment on a trip to America when I was about 16, where “pads with wings” were available (I had to wait another few years to get them in the UK though). They gave me a greater chance of getting through the night without blood all over the bed. And I simply accepted the small leaks with tampons and put up with “period pants”. But now that I’m using a moon cup it makes me realise that tampons probably just don’t fit me brilliantly. Using a moon cup I can genuinely forget about my period, and I’m not endlessly scrubbing pants in cold water to remove bloodstains! For me, using the moon cup has also been quite an interesting process of knowing and touching my body intimately, in a non-sexual context. If I’m honest, before becoming familiar with handling and exploring my vagina (a large part of which came through masturbation and sex), I am not sure that I could have comfortably inserted and removed a moon cup. But at the same time, the process of using a moon cup has taught me new stuff about my body! Although there have been a couple of times when I’ve found the blood a bit difficult to deal with (especially the thicker consistency stuff), the close up encounter with my own menstruation has been quite amazing. I marvel at the things I didn’t know about my flow, my blood, my human system. I’m glad to have become familiar with another element of myself. So I suppose that using a moon cup has actually been a process of self empowerment for me, not just an effective ‘product’. Its prompted some good reflection on myself, my past, my body confidence. Amazing! Who would have thought it. Almost like, at the age of 39, I’m having a first period experience again, but in much more positive circumstances.

Hannah - 10th July 2016

After seeing stickers for mooncup on the back of a toilet door I frequented visited in my uni library I decided to google it and find out what it was. I was amazed I'd never heard about it. I have now been using it for three months (during which I've spent about 7 weeks on my period). It's AMAZING! Some days I don't know if I'm going to bleed or not so I insert it anyway to save any accidents. I have always disliked the environmental footprint of normal sanitary wear so the mooncup has made me feel so much greener already. I can't feel it once its in, so if I have no cramps I forget I'm on my period. I used to worry about the smell of pads and didn't like wearing tampons all day. Mooncup has solved all that! I like how I can see how period blood looks and how it changes especially as I'm so irregular right now. I've told several of my friends and my mum has bought one too. Please mooncup guys advertise more so more people buy your amazing product!

Catherine - 29th June 2016

Amazing little product! I can't remember the last time I wrote a review, but I just had to for mooncup. Bought this little gem yesterday after my period came when I was at work. Quickly stormed out to whole foods and decided: I'm going to give this a go today, no more delay! It siimply feels right for you body: you don't feel it and inserting removing is super easy. Recommending this to every girl and woman out there!

Andreia - 29th June 2016

I've just tried the mooncup for the first time at 41years of age! It's great. Thank you.

Sinead - 21st June 2016

I have tried pads, tampons and recently started using the Mooncup. Pads leak and generate a discernible smell (on the more sweaty days). Tampons...well they're not uncomfortable but the string tends to get contaminated when passing urine or opening your bowels. Furthermore, on the lighter days, it feels like such a waste to be disposing of many lightly-stained tampons. My Mooncup has not leaked; there's only been faint traces of blood on my underwear (saying that, the cup was in for at least an 8hr period). It's amazingly comfortable (can't feel it in there at all!) and eco/finance-friendly. You're never too old to learn new tricks :)

Cindy - 16th June 2016

After debating with myself on whether I should invest in a Mooncup for the past month I finally took the plunge. It arrived the day of my period (great timing huh?!) so I got to work straight away. I found it was relatively easy to put in, and that it stayed in place flawlessly. It was actually so perfectly placed that after 6 hours of wearing it I couldn't get it out. After 3 hours of trying I eventually gave up and convinced myself to go to bed. I actually went to sleep crying because I thought this cup would be stuck inside me forever as I failed at yanking on the slippery stem. I searched Google to find advice and every single woman who had suffered the same fate as me were advised to "stay calm" as "it has to come out eventually" and that "it can't go anywhere". This advice settled me for a minute which persuaded me to have yet another pull but NOPE. I had finally convinced myself that my vagina was broken, that the cup had suctioned itself to my cervix, that the holes weren't punched through properly, that it wasn't in right, that a menstrual cup just wasn't meant for me... That I would have to head to the emergency room in the morning should I fail again at pulling this blasted thing out and that I would NEVER use it again. MAN WAS I WRONG. The next morning arrived, and after wearing this thing for longer than the recommended hours I realised it was now or never. I headed straight to the shower, squatted down and grabbed onto the stem, all it took was a firm pull and I was finally able to reach the bottom of the cup, I gave that a tight squeeze and I could feel the suction release itself. I WAS FREE. It's amazing what a relaxed vagina can do. I emptied the contents down the drain, and shoved that blasted thing back up there (despite my emotions previously, I had convinced myself it would not win. I CAN DO THIS AGAIN BECAUSE I HAVE ALREADY DONE IT. HA!) I must have changed it 3 times that day, I felt like a a menstrual cup PRO. I went to work the next day, Mooncup in vagina and I even changed it whilst at work, something I couldn't imagine doing on that first day. THE GIRL WHO CRIED HERSELF TO SLEEP DUE TO THE FEAR OF HAVING A MOONCUP STUCK INSIDE OF HER FOR ETERNITY CHANGED HER MOONCUP AT WORK, AND SHE LIKED IT. *fist bump* Ladies, I know a lot of you reading this review might be daunted at the prospect of this happening to you, or maybe it has already happened to you and you're in need of advice: well I'm here to say YOU CAN DO IT. If you're struggling to release the suction then beeeee calmmmmm. Pour yourself a nice glass of wine and run yourself a hot bath/shower. Hell masturbate if you have to, just doing something that relaxes you because pulling the cup out of a tense vagina is more hassle than it's worth. Trust yourself, trust your body, you can do this. Don't. Give. Up.

Shelley - 16th June 2016

I have been using my mooncup for about six months and thought I would write an honest review of my findings. Overall I like it very much. I have never had any problems with fitting or leaking from day one and being a public sector worker who is out and about all day, like the fact that I can go longer without emptying if necessary - though I still try for every three hours or so like usual sanitary ware. The emptying is the trickiest bit, can be messy on occasion and does take longer than normal sanitary products. Without being too graphic I find that upon removal I tend to get a 'string' that remains attached to myself and the mooncup. whilst I wipe with paper, it can be messy if this gets on the toilet seat. I empty the cup down the sink (mostly)but you will also get pooling in the bottom of the toilet which flushing alone does not remove, so will require a brush nearby. Rinsing under the tap is no problem but you do need to use fingers to remove all content as it does stick to the sides. Thus I am somewhat sceptical about the use of a waterbottles in public toilets - I imagine this would earn some very curious comments and stares! once you get used to these querks, it is easy and 'green' to use. I tend to wear with a panyliner to allow for any residual mess after emptying but this is more paranoia than anything. A tip for when out and about - use cafes such as Costa and Starbucks who have self contained facilities..! overall I like the product, wouldn't go back, and once you are used to the slightly faffy emptying procedure, will love it like me.

beck - 15th June 2016

The mooncup has totally changed my life with periods. I immediately hated pads because of their bulk and also tampons for drying you out and that awkward string. All gone with mooncup. I only bought mine yesterday and already I'm going to go out because i have total faith in it. I even slept in it... More comfortable and absolutely no leaks. (I'm pretty sure it has made them shorter too). I haven't even mentioned the environmental positives with it. Change to mooncup!

May - 13th June 2016

I almost never write reviews but this just deserves one. I am 14 and started my periods 3 months ago. I despised that feeling of sitting in wet pads and I had unbelievably heavy first 2 periods. Pads just wouldn't work. I switched to tampons but I hated the fact I had to keep changing them every four hours and I couldn't sleep in them because I was sure I'd forget. That meant leaks every single night even with high absorbent pads. I was about to give up. Not to mention school. I hated pads for school because I felt like you could see even if you couldn't and got a bit sweaty. I also felt it would shift throughout the day and miss those all of a sudden downpours. Luckily, after researching period options I discovered the menstrual cup! What a life changer. My mum doesn't know I have one because she has no idea what they are and I felt embarrassed at how many pads I was going through. I got it in first time unbelievably and it worked a dream. I had to trim the stem as during my cycle I have a low cervix so it was just sticking out. I am confident in internal period options after using tampons without applicators for a while so the mooncup didn't phase me. Anyway, 6 hours later (there was no leakage but I felt to be on the safe side I better check it) and was shocked at how little blood there was. Usually by now I will have changed a tampon at least 3 times. I felt so confident in the mooncup that I slept in it and set an alarm so I'd empty it on time. 8 hours later and it still wasn't full. I'm so impressed and confident in the mooncup that I am going to use it to school which I usually hate especially when on my period. No more noisy wrappers. No more discreetly opening the bin. This is such a life changer! I often go out to things that are long events and I've even cancelled plans thinking... but what if there's no bin, what if people know, what If I make too much noise. Not anymore. Already I feel like a mooncup professional! I'm sorry for the long review but it just deserves one. I wish I had known about this and I am sad to know that not many people do. I am disappointed that these aren't mentioned in sex Ed lessons as that would greatly increase knowledge of them. I love my mooncup. So I guess this is goodbye for now. Till the next time I mooncup which will be far into the years to come.

Elisha - 12th June 2016

I recently bought my first Mooncup and my first thought after wearing it for an entire period is "where has this been all my life?", I am 30 ! It is far more comfortable than tampons and does not dry or irritate my vagina like tampons and pads do. there is minimal mess , no mess at all whilst inserting and removing and you forget it is even there seconds after insertion. there are no leaks on my heavy period days either !! ! am extremely happy with this product and I recommend it to every female I know !

Natalia - 8th June 2016

Why oh why did I take so long to buy one! I've been the very happy owner of a moon cup for exactly two days (mid menstruating) and once I had figured out how to use it and snipped the stem to size I am a complete convert! So, so easy to use and never a worry about forgetting to take fresh tampons with me. But the absolute best thing is the feeling of complete cleanness. Using tampons I would worry about leaking and generally felt a bit disgusting. The first night of using a Mooncup was a revelation - no more 'period pants'!

Emma - 6th June 2016

So happy to have found the mooncup. I had endometriosis removed through surgery recently and has researched a lot in terms of sanitary protection and possible links. I always used tampons, but after surgery decided to use towels. Absolutely hated them! Felt constantly yucky and uncomfortable. So pleased I found mooncup! Easy to use, hygienic, reusable, no worries about links from the bleach that's used in sanitary protection! Love it!!

Lisa - 5th June 2016

I bought the mooncup over 18 months ago, I struggled initially, and then stopped using it. But in the last six months I've been using it exclusively. I really love using it now, I feel no discomfort at all and sometimes even forget I'm using it. The biggest win I've had was a few weeks ago, I took part in my first triathlon on my period and using the mooncup! So that's open water swimming, cycling and running wearing the mooncup. The whole event was amazing and felt no discomfort, especially on the bike! I can't recommend the Mooncup enough. It's saving me money, time, hassle and I know I'm doing something amazing for my body and trying to make a dent in the waste production problem! Thank you Mooncup!

Rebecca - 4th June 2016

Brilliant! So pleased I decided to try this! Has taken a few months of using it until I have finally perfected it and managed to have no leaks at all. I go to the gym, trampolining and weight lifting and have managed to use this with no leaks at all. So much more comfortable than tampons. Which I'd switched to a Mooncup years ago.

Katrina - 29th May 2016

A million thank-yous :) One of my friends has been chirping on about mooncups every time the subject of periods comes up- but I thought she was just 'one of the lucky ones' who didn't have painful, heavy periods. Periods are truly agony for me so I never thought to try mooncup until the flooding got so bad that I really had nothing to lose. I was using tampons+towels and changing every 90mins. It's really changed my life because it takes all the guesswork out of things. What I love about them- 1) Brilliant at dealing with clots and sudden changes of flow at the start of your period. 2) No chemicals, and perfumes- I'm really sick of the way even supposedly unperfumed tampons smell so toxic these days from being next to perfumed pads in supermarkets. 3) Although I still throw up from the nausea, and feel generally awful, the crampy shocks of pain have stopped. I was sure that tampons were often pressing on a nerve which would go into spasm. 4) No dryness at the end. My tips- Watch all the youtube videos- they all have brilliant tips. It will make you feel more relaxed about trying, seeing how other women have learnt from their experiences. To find the length of stem- go for a walk- if you make it to the end of the road without rushing back to cut some more off, then you know it's right! Tilt it slightly sideways as you remove it. Cut your nails short. You can suck it up a little higher inside you by pretending to stop yourself peeing. I use C fold technique- I don't worry too much about angle of insertion, but I do try to keep finger and thumb in contact with the mooncup either side of the fold while guiding it as far up as possible...then let go, suck up with your muscles and swoosh a finger around the base to help it unfold. First time out and about? Try to find toilets which have hand basins in the cubicle, these are a godsend. To remove, *almost* sit down on toilet, hovering above. Bear down, grab and squeeze the end with thumb and middle finger, angle sideways and SLOWLY pull out. Lastly- it's normal to sit at home staring at the box feeling confused and a bit doubtful/worried before you try it for the first time! Just relax and have fun with the learning process, it really is worth it.

Kate - 27th May 2016

I have been using a mooncup for two years now, and admittedly it was not a love affair in the beginning but I now much prefer it over tampons and find it more comfortable. I find it also more convenient when I am using bathrooms at someone else's house and there is no need to worry about whether there is a bin or not... It did take a few months to get used to it, and the stem was super uncomfortable, after cutting off small pieces each time I decided to cut it off and that did the trick. It can leak a bit on heavy days, so it needs emptying a bit more often and it unfortunately does not make my period pain any less (which I read somewhere, but I have to read the first scientific article to convince me that it may influence pain perception). It takes longer to change than a tampon, but then you don't need to change it as many times. I am glad I persevered despite finding it uncomfortable the first few months and it's great not having to remember to buy tampons etc anymore!

Charlie - 22nd May 2016

I must say this is a fantastic idea. I love it was a bit worried at first encase it went wrong or something. but think it's the perfect thing for pmt. you can't even feel it. seriously amazing great idea if ur traveling or really long days out or sitting down for along time worrying you might leak. This little baby is just perfect for that. Girls I'm not one to write reviews but I had to on this great investment. LOVE MY MOONCUP.XXXX

andrea - 13th May 2016

This product is such a game changer! I am so happy that I heard about mooncup. If you follow the instructions correctly it is super simple to use. Such a practical thing, better for the environment and much healthier for your body than using tampons or pads! Thank you so much for this lovely product mooncup :)

Kristy - 13th May 2016

Wow. For so long, I have suffered heavy periods and feared the dreaded period where I would have to double up on tampons and pads. However, moon cup has changed my life. I have only used it for one cycle. But I will never go back. I feel clean and comfortable when I wear it (because I can't feel anything) and I would go as far to say I don't even feel like I am on my period for most parts of the day. Not only is it environmentally friendly but you don't have to literally throw money away for sanitary products, which is a key thing if you are struggling for money. There is a big thing that it's a bit messy, I would disagree. It's no worse than using a tampon. The only slight concern is the mega suction, as it can be uncomfortable during removal if you don't have the nack. But to be honest it's a good thing. You know its doing the job and stopping you having a leak. Fab product all in all. 100% recommend.

Briony - 11th May 2016

My younger sister persuaded me to try a Mooncup as I was complaining about the cost and waste involved with using tampons and sanitary towels. After contacting Mooncup regarding the size to buy (very helpful, thank you!) I took the plunge and got a Mooncup. Having read bits and bobs of advice about using it for the first time, such as: use panty liners, try lube for insertion, have a bottle of water handy etc etc, I decided to ignore all of that and try it out whilst hiking and climbing in the Atlas Mountains and had no other form of sanitary protection. I figured if I can use it in a place where I'm staying in a different location every night and doing pretty heavy physical activity, then it has to be a winner!! So off I went and my period arrived 2 days into the trip on a tough day of 25km hiking with limited opportunities to stop for the loo, yet alone empty and clean the cup. The first day of my period is lighter, so it wasn't too bad at all and I was able to empty and rinse the cup when we arrived at our mountain shelter in one of those squat style toilets with a bucket of water. To keep hygiene I was using hand sanitiser before taking it out. Squatting actually proved to be a really easy position to get it out and with a little wiggle back and forth it came out just fine. It was strange at first seeing the blood so vividly as with pads and tampons we get used to it all being kind of soaked up and a lighter colour. I was amazed at how dark and thick the blood actually is. Smilingly, I thought 'ah, so this is what my period actually should look like!', and I felt it was a healthy thing to be able to really see the amount, texture and colour. The first few times I emptied the cup, I got a little bit of blood hanging / trailing, so I think having a tissue or wipe handy to wipe yourself as soon as you remove the cup is a good idea. With regards to physical activity, I literally climbed mountains whilst wearing the cup and I did not even notice it at all! There was zero discomfort, no leakage and I really did forget it was inside me. I should be honest here, I am quite privileged with my period, it is only 4 days long and only heavy for 1 - 2 days, and even then I am aware it is not that bad as I don't need any pain killers or anything. I can't speak for women who suffer with very heavy and / or painful periods. For me, the Mooncup is perfect. It's easy to travel with, sustainable, discrete and comfortable. I would strongly recommend giving it a try. Thanks Mooncup for changing the way I manage my period! :)

Beth - 5th May 2016

I absolutely love the mooncup - it's by far the best product I have ever bought and I have even converted friends and family! It has endless benefits for my body and the planet and is helping me to feel more body positive and proud of myself for living in line with my environmentally friendly values. would recommend to anyone, I'll never go back to tampons!

Lauren - 2nd May 2016

When I read all the reviews I thought they were a bit over the top, but honestly after a bit of getting used to I can honestly say the mooncup has changed my life (well at least the period part ;)! ). I always used tampons with pads/pantiliners to back up on heavy days and pads at night as nonstop tampon use would make me feel dry and uncomfortable down there. Despite this I could never quite get the absorbency right and was always either leaking or drying out! Now with my mooncup I just pop it in the day I'm due, or when I start to feel period cramps and change it when I remember, no more leaks or drying out...ever! I can't feel it in, can lie in in the morning without rushing to change my pad/tampon, go swimming (no string to worry about!) do exactly what I want without worrying at all. It does take a bit of getting used to but once you get the hang of it it is 100% worth it! Normally I wouldn't need to change it out and about and can go to the toilet without changing it, but if you need to and want a sink to wash it out most places have a disabled toilet you can quickly use if necessary.

Katy - 2nd May 2016

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