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I was concerned about the waste and environmental impact of disposables and also the cost to me on a monthly basis but I thought something reusable would be a bit gross! However, after reading into the mooncup I was amazed by the number of very positive reviews and lack of negative reviews and so I thought I would try it. I have been using it for a few months and I am really pleased I made the switch. After a little bit of getting used to it is now working brilliantly for me and I am so pleased that it is environmentally friendly and actually superior in function and comfort to tampons and pads. It has to be kept very clean between periods but this does not take much time at all and it takes a little longer to clean and reinsert but only slightly. There is no waste to dispose of which is great and it's very easy and discrete to carry in my handbag so I always feel prepared. I fully recommend it

Chloe - 24th April 2016

Hello! After purchasing the mooncup a few months ago I finally bit the bullet and sterilised it yesterday for use today! I can honestly say that a love it and feel a little proud about wearing it! I thought it would take me a few tries but after one or two goes I had it. I would recommend though a little bit of water or lune if you have it to get it in those first few times. And also trimming your Punic hair short so that any blood that comes out when you remove the cup doesn't linger! Praise the mooncup!

Emma - 23rd April 2016

Well how do I begin explaining how great the moon cup is?! I started my period when I was 9 years old, and am now 19. For a decade, I have loathed the 5 days a month filled with cramps, dry and itchy vaginas and messy and smelly leaks. I hated wearing pads (that's basically a nappy for adults, no thanks) and tampons dried me out. I hated how much it hurt to remove a dry tampon if it was inserted incorrectly or simply wasn't filled enough. I also started thinking a lot about what is used to make tampons so bright and white. Bleach!!! Not something you would ever want in your vagina. I ordered one immediately in anticipation for my next period. I was actually kind of excited to use it, I'd read so many rave reviews (I did A LOT of research). When my period came I first tried the twice fold technique which was kinda uncomfortable and I realised I definitely needed to trim the stem. So I attempted to remove it and holy moly did it hurt. But I stupidly just yanked the damn thing out without breaking the seal or pulling it out one side at a time. It hurt so bad I was honestly heart broken thinking this wasn't for me. But I persevered, googled some removal tips and voila, not an issue any longer. At first I had some messy removals but I was always taught practise makes perfect. By the second day of my period I was a pro. This product has changed my life, my student budget is thankful to be saved so much money a month and I feel good about cutting down the waste I create. I'm also no longer embarrassed by needing to change at a friends/boyfriends house and can go all day without worrying about leaking. Also TSS isn't as big of a concern as with using tampons. I've also become so much more educated by my body and period and that itself is fantastic. Also my cramps have all but disappeared, and I honestly believe it is due to the mooncup. I want to shout from the roof tops and tell young people like me how great it is. i will never use tampons again, this has honestly changed my life.

Nerys - 22nd April 2016

This is the best product I have ever bought! I feel genuinely happy every time I think about it! When I was younger I had quite light and none painful periods, but as I got older (and I now realise started using tampons more) they got heavier and I started getting worse and worse cramps, to the point where they wouldn't go away with exercise, painkillers etc. Now I have NO CRAMPS AT ALL! The difference is amazing! I don't know if my periods are lighter, but the pain is just completely gone. I used to feel completely miserable on my period with the cramps, but now I just feel so happy about how much better they are! My vagina also feels normal when using the mooncup, whereas it used to feel very dry with tampons. I found the cup pretty straightforward to use after the first couple of practice insertions, and certainly not as traumatic as the first time I used a tampon! I cut the stem as short as it would go and I can't feel a thing with the cup in during the day, I like to change it every 7/8 hours, it may start to smell a little if you leave it too long. One useful tip: When emptying the cup into the toilet, first put some toilet paper down the toilet and empty it onto that, that way you won't get the 'residue' at the bottom of the toilet which needs a few flushes. Also, to anyone who is worried about it being a little gross, it's certainly hands on and you need to be OK with putting your fingers in your vagina, but when using it I don't feel at all grossed out, and also I feel a lot cleaner than when I use a pad! I wish I had known about this years ago, the weeks when I am on my period (especially for holidays and special events) are so much more pleasant. My boyfriend and mum have noticed that I am much happier on my period. Thank you so much, this product has really, really helped me.

Lucy - 19th April 2016

Hi, I am a 36 year old woman and have been using tampons and pads for the last 25 years. I had always wanted an alternative, I have suffered with endometrosis for about 20 years now, and tampons made me feel a bit 'icky' I always wondered what kinds of chemicals were in them, pads were just messy, uncomfortable. I started to look for alternatives that were more environmentally friendly and safer, having read numerous articles about tampons and their dangers. I found the mooncup, I have used it this month for the first time and am happy so I have found it. I found it easy to insert and remove, not like the pain I felt removing a tampon. I don't know why more women aren't using these to be honest, but in my experience not many people know about them!

Jessica - 17th April 2016

Originally I was concerned about the switch from tampons and pads to the mooncup, but I have never made a better purchase! It took me far less time to get accustomed with it than I thought it would, and everything is very easy and comfortable now that I am used to it. I've only had one period with it so far but I can tell I will be using this for years to come!

Emily - 15th April 2016

Bought my mooncup yesterday and I'm already hooked. I had been using cloth pads (which are great too) but on my heaviest days I was bleeding so much I would have to get up in the night to change and would still wake up in the morning having soaked through, which is not a comfortable feeling, not to mention the amount of extra laundry generated! It took me a couple of attempts to insert the mooncup for the first time but I found using lubricant really helps with this. I was expecting to have some teething problems but had a completely problem-free first night - I wore it for 4 hours or so, emptied then wore it to bed and had no leaks at any point. I am thrilled! I have always been squeamish about tampons so wasn't sure how well I'd get on with the mooncup, but as it sits in a much lower position than a tampon I find it much more user-friendly. I wore pads to my ten-hour shift today as I'm not yet confident about emptying and reinserting outside the comfort of my own home but the first thing I did when I arrived home was to change back to my mooncup - I love it! I was really impressed too with all the information in instruction booklet too, really thorough and answered all of my questions.

Lani - 14th April 2016

I have used the mooncup for a few months now and I don't regret it one bit. It did take a little getting used to but after my second or third period I had no problems using it. I just wish I had found it sooner. Apart from my cramps I just don't feel like I'm on my period. I have two daughters and will be encouraging them to use this product when they are older. I will be telling as many women as possible to help save them money and the environment. Thank you MOONCUP

Amanda - 13th April 2016

I bought my Mooncup about 5 years ago to take to Japan, as I'd heard they didn't have a lot of sanitary options to choose from. I haven't looked back. My periods are lighter, I don't have to worry about being prepared on a trip or a long flight, I no longer have to run out to hurriedly buy supplies because I forgot, it's just the best thing ever. I'm telling all my friends to buy one because I really do think the Mooncup is something that has made my life one little bit easier.

Sally - 12th April 2016

I'm 15 years old, and I recently discovered mooncup while browsing the internet. I've got to say that it was one of the best things I've ever bought! I try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and I always saw pads and tampons as a "necessary evil" (I was unaware that there were alternatives). I almost never used tampons, so I was usually stuck with the mess and discomfort that came with wearing a pad. I was spending at least 5 minutes each morning just cleaning up the previous night's blood that had managed to get everywhere, and it really messed up my morning schedule to get to school. Now that I've discovered menstrual cups, life in general has just become a lot easier. I had some concerns about 1. leakage- I really didn't want to have to wear pads anymore, but I was willing to make the sacrifice to save my underwear from any potential leaks. However, I haven't actually had any leaks when using my mooncup, which was a pleasant surprise. 2. discomfort- when I originally got my mooncup, I was experiencing pain removing it, so I went on youtube to see if I was doing something wrong. sure enough, I had been way too rough in my removal of the mooncup, and I immediately followed the youtuber's example in the removal process and immediately experienced no pain. Another uncomfortable thing for me was the stem. I had trimmed it, but was worried about cutting it too short. I ended up just being poked a lot, which was unpleasant. However, once I got it to the right length, I couldn't feel anything poking me, or anything out of the ordinary in my vagina in general (I don't really feel it at all). 3.changing at school- Thankfully, if I empty the mooncup right before school starts, then I don't have to empty it until school is over (and i could honestly probably go for even longer). I've tried to convert my mom to the mooncup, but unfortunately she can't get past how "icky" the idea is. I have no problem getting down and dirty, so this wasn't a concern at all for me. I truly recommend this to everyone, I have no restrictions that I can think of that I think would prevent someone from using this wonderful product 10/10 stars!

Gemma - 4th April 2016

Thought I'd give it a few months before I left a review but have to say I absolutely love my mooncup, I can't praise it enough. Bit tricky getting the hang of it at first (as are tampons) and I still prefer to deal with taking it out, emptying and re-inserting in the comfort of my own bathroom..but only because I'm paranoid of spillages and it can take a couple of flushes to get rid of the 'waste'. Before using the mooncup I was constantly aware that I was on, I would leak using both tampons and pads (together) felt sore and uncomfortable down below not to mention feeling 'dirty'. With the mooncup I almost forget I'm on my period and I just feel so clean, no leakages, no wet strings etc I can go a full day at work with it in, no more sneaking tampons up my sleeve lol. If you're considering getting one, I urge you to do it NOW. I heard about mooncups many years ago and I'm kicking myself I didn't get one sooner, when I think about all the nights out, special occasions, holidays etc that could of been so much more hassle free.. I have seen the light, can't believe how differently I feel towards my periods now

abi - 1st April 2016

I bought a moon cup last month after speaking with a work colleague of mine who swears by it. Until then I had never heard of it before, but as I work in a community job I thought it was worth a try .. I used it near the end of last month period and found it a little uncomfortable at first but soon got used to it. I also had to cut just about the whole stem off which seemed to help.. I have to admit when taking it out to clean I found this a little painful , but I put this down to my own error and not titling it properly to un insert.. I am due to start my period tomorrow and am actually looking forward to trying this for a full cycle in the hope not to have to use tanpons again..and not experience the normal itchy hot feeling that wearing tampons gave me ...

Lesley - 26th March 2016

I recently got caught out on holiday without my mooncup and I didn't realise just how much I love it until I was finding a service station on a Sunday night for emergency supplies! It is comfortable, simple and so easy once you get used to it. I chose it to save waste, money and be kinder on my body; I don't really like the idea of tampons and pads are uncomfortable and irritate my skin. If any of that sounds familiar, I'd say give it a try. The only problem I have is forgetting about it - I barely notice it's there. It makes me feel less sorry for myself every month and I can just crack on with work and exercise without any worries. I love it. Thanks to the Mooncup team and I hope more ladies find this a revelation! X

Hayley - 21st March 2016

Recently I've started trying to make some big steps towards living a more eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle, so I was really pleased to discover a sanitary product that isn't needlessly wasteful or damaging the environment! The mooncup definitely takes some getting used to but I honestly couldn't recommend it enough. Once it's inside I don't feel it at all, and it doesn't feel drying (or soggy for that matter!) like tampons felt. The only cautionary thing I would say is DON'T rush into trimming the stem too quickly! After my first day using the mooncup I trimmed it to a length which felt right when I initially inserted it. However as my day went on the mooncup re-adjusted itself a little further up inside, which made (and still sometimes makes) it quite difficult for me to reach the stem to remove it later on in the day. I've gotten used to it now but I do regret trimming it as much as I did so hastily. Completely my own fault though! In any case, I think the mooncup is absolutely brilliant - it has really helped me to get more in tune with my own body, and has definitely improved my pelvic floor muscles! Can safely say I will never be going back to tampons ever again.

Meg - 16th March 2016

So happy that I bought this. I no longer dread each month and can carry on as normal. My husband has noticed I'm happier and don't have mood swings any more. I sleep better and feel comfortable in myself. I just wish I had heard about this years ago. Thank you Mooncup the best thing I've ever bought!!

Claire - 15th March 2016

I wish I had made this switch years ago, but fear kept me from doing it. This product is amazing. Downright amazing. One of my huge fears of dealing with it in public was unfounded. It's no more work than switching out any other product I've ever used. And it WORKS! I was skeptical, but, I can't help but sing the praises now. The first few days I walked around very nervously, expecting everything to go wrong. But everything worked as expected, and I can kiss my fear of a stain forming on my bottom throughout the day goodbye!

Molly - 15th March 2016

The best thing ever for collecting menstrual fluid!!! Every woman should try this! Yes, I can see how this is fiddly to begin with but so are tampons. Once practised it is a quick job of taking out, emptying, cleaning and re-inserting the Mooncup. I find the folding twice method works well for me and I can feel the Mooncup unfurling and 'locking' into place. I cut the stem twice to get the right length for me and found this easy to do. No spillage when removing and no leakage when inserted properly. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! The cleanest I have ever felt during my period. I cannot recommend the Mooncup highly enough. Go and buy and try one!

Maria-Katharina - 10th March 2016

My first time doing a review of any product, so that's something! Despite being a 17 year old virgin, who's never tried a tampon before, I was incredible intrigued by this product! I'd seen many reviews just like the one I'm writing and decided I'd jump in and get one. At first it was incredibly.. awkward? Which is normal, you are shoving something up in your vagina, and in my case for the first time! But now after my third time using it, I will never go back! Thought I'd say a little about my experience; The first period I used it, I didn't keep it in during the night (I was scared it'd move up and blah blah, usual worries that come with trying this). My second period, I did leave it in overnight, and surprise surprise, it didn't move further up! However, it still took about.. 15 minutes for me to take out, wash and put back in, so for convenience, I didn't wear it to school as it'd take too much time on a morning. Third period, I do all of the above. Takes about 5 minutes changing and washing up which will decrease with experience, I wear it to school and with enough confidence without a pad underneath! It's great! I did trim the stem as it was prodding me and making it incredibly painful! So I trimmed the entire stem. I find the punch down fold is the best method to use. Sometimes it doesn't full open, I cant feel it unless I run my finger around and 'poke' the cup, if it sort of bends and moves, then its not open and I just continue to prod it while rotating my finger until it feels almost.. inflated? Its hard to describe but it's something you'll know once you try it. Also! Everyone tells you about squatting to remove the cup if you cant reach it, personally I find sitting on the toilet to be the best solution, but I squat to insert. So if you cant remove it easily, try sitting on the toilet with your back straight! I do recommend everyone to at least try this! I mean almost everyone tries pads and tampons to find what works, why shouldn't it be the same for the cup?!

Alexis - 3rd March 2016

This is my first review on anything ever online!! I just love it so much! So simple, comfortable, I feel clean, no worries about leaking and no worries about what other sanitary products you need to pack to cover your current flow. One does the job. Wonderful for anybody that travels, stays over in a friends, boyfriends house, as it leaves no waste! Simples! I instantly got used to inserting and removing, no troubles there and no troubles so far! I was shocked at how fast I learned, I looked up some helpful info on using it as many panic about inserting/removing it and found them very helpful!(precious star pads on youtube is fantastic!) I tried a dry run first, which I recommend doing so you can get used to it for your real trial! This amazing product has changed my monthlys for life! Would recommend to everyone! 5 stars! Thank you Mooncup!!!

Lynn - 3rd March 2016

I'd read about the mooncup online but always passed it off as something not for me. After years of painful periods, thrush from tampons and having to use steroid cream on my sensitive skin from pads rubbing, enough was enough! I picked one up in boots for around £20 and can honestly say it is worth every penny. A small investment to make when you add up what you would usually spend in a few months on other products. It was a little bit fiddly to insert the first few times, I have rinsed mine in water before hand which makes it easier. You just know yourself when it is in the correct position as you can't feel it. My friends are a bit dubious about buying one as they think it looks a little bizarre however i believe as soon as you buy one you will never look back. thank you!

Kate - 2nd March 2016

I have had this for a few years now, I absolutely love it. One of the biggest things I hated about menstruating was how I always felt like I was leaking. This took that feeling away completely it did itwhere tampons couldn't and it made me feel more comfortable than napkin it was just amazing. I absolutely love this product highly recommend it have recommended it to dear family members and friends. Unfortunately the one I first ordered isn't sitting as well as it use to so I've ordered a new one.

Zoe - 24th February 2016

This has revolutionised my period. It took me a few cycles to get the hang of it but it is so worth it. It's comfortable, I don't know I'm wearing it and I never had that level of comfort with a tampon. I feel much cleaner and fresher, there's no leaking, it's like I'm not even on my period. I can run, play sports and go climbing in it and never even know its there. It's also made me so much more comfortable at night I'm not worried about leaks. Love it.

Amy - 23rd February 2016

I have struggled with pads and tampons for years due to allergies and i researched and discovered menstrual cups, i was a bit nervous when i got it but all i can do is praise it, its like a phantom is in there, i know its there but i cant feel it, and its good that i can keep track on my flow ive now recommended a few friends into trying them out too

Billie - 22nd February 2016

I am really happy to hae finally bought and used the mooncup after hearing about it, all positively for years now. Initially I walked into a big-brand chemist and asked if they had them. They did but the atmosphere was so unfriendly I eventually picked one up in a local healthfood shop. Yep, it really is another level from tampons and pads. No more plugging cotton in your vagina like a "shut up won't you". I am early thirties, no pregnancy and I followed the guidelines for a size A. However were I to choose again I'd get the smaller one.

Kathryn - 20th February 2016

So I used my mooncup for the first time today. I read a LOT of reviews in preparation and honestly I was expecting it to be a lot more difficult than it was. First thought that its BIG, I have size B as im only 21 with no children. Once folded if you guide it in very slowly it does go in ok - was a little uncomfortable the first time. I kept it in for an hour then removed it with no problems?!!!!! I only needed to snip off a little of the stem - may snip off a little more once I am more comfortable. Once you've put it in it does take a little while to 'settle' and become comfortable because you can feel it at first. Once you've had it in for a few hours you really cannot feel it at all. However when you do go to remove it does move up inside you somewhat. Fortunately I managed to 'push' just a little. This was much easier than I expected, just a few gentle pushes and you can grab the stem. I now feel I understand childbirth a lot better haha. The first time I removed it it did hurt a little I'll be honest. I think I have quite a small vagina and haven't had sex for a little while either, but hurt a LOT less the second time I took it out. So far so good! It was actually MUCH easier than I expected and no need to wear a pad as well - I feel very confident that I won't leak!

Laura - 15th February 2016

I am so happy I found this product...it was through a friend! Suddenly, I don't even dread my periods. The mooncup is easy to use, leak free, cost efficient, so environment friendly and healthy! I happily recommend it to every woman I talk to about periods. I can run, dance, swim wearing it...absolutely no worry!

Saumya - 15th February 2016

I bought my moon cup a few months ago after seeing people talking about them on various blogs, YouTube, etc. I took the plunge and bought one just to see if it was any good. I was really sceptical at first and I admit I skipped using it for a couple of periods, however, I've knuckled down and used it for 3 periods in a row and I LOVE it! It was uncomfortable at first and it took me a while to decide I needed to cut the whole stem off! But now I feel like a pro! I empty it in the morning before I shower, once at lunchtime and then just before bed. I properly clean it (by boiling) at the end of my period and just before it too as it's sitting in the cupboard for a few weeks between periods. I'm NEVER going back to disposables! Saving the planet and my pocket - so happy :)

Melissa - 11th February 2016

I've just posted this review on Boots website and I wanted to share it with you. Mooncup is the perfect solution to monthly bleeding - a small bendy cup that sits just inside, moulds to your shape and collects blood. You just need to pop it out a few times a day to empty and wash it. It's about the size of a small egg-cup and the handy guide that comes in the box with it (as well as a cotton bag for storage) shows how to insert it. It only took me a few goes to get the knack and it really is easy. (Easiest if you consciously ask your muscles to r-e-l-a-x and also leave your hands and the cup wet after washing.) Putting it in and out needs a finger and thumb so I also had to file down my thumbnail! The cup is made of an inert transparent bendy silicon stuff - I'm allergic to rubber, latex and other plastics but the material was fine, no irritation at all. The instruction leaflet explains how to trim the 'stem' to make it more comfortable. Mooncup is a British company, and they're made in the UK - so you can be reassured that you're buying a quality product, and supporting UK industry too. The instructions for sizing say choose the A size if over 30 or have given birth through the lady-department (apparently I can't say the anatomically-correct word in a Boots review?!). I'm nearer 40 but haven't given birth and I'm happy that B is the right size for me - I'm slim and have strong muscles from yoga etc. I find that after I put the cup in, I'm aware of it but by squeezing and releasing the muscles a few times, it moves into a good position and then I can't feel it at all. Incredible! And then you can walk around with a sneaky smile on your face, knowing you've got a brilliant solution hidden inside. You'll know how often to take out and rinse the cup because it depends on your flow. And I was delighted to find I could even do this in the shower. I swim regularly and the Mooncup is so much more hygienic - no pool water soaking into tampons (yuk) - and also there's nothing to dispose of. Perfect. It might seem pricey but how much do you spend on tampons/pad over the years? I'll never need tampons or pads every again! Even on my first month using Mooncup, I didn't need to use a single pad. So not only is it environmentally-friendly, it's economically savvy too. I highly recommend this to all women - and if I had limitless money, I'd give these out free to girls at school. And I'd like to see Boots and women's magazines doing more to promote this superb product. Thank you Mooncup, I wish I'd found you 20+ years ago!

Suzanne - 10th February 2016

I bought my first mooncup about 5 years ago. It was definitely worth the investment. $30 for 5 years worth of menstrual products. I am buying a new one today. But this is only because I lost the first one.

Jenn - 6th February 2016

It took a little practice to get it in properly and after one extremely messy accident I now know exactly how it needs to sit inside me. It was odd at first to put something bigger in circumference than a tampon, but I got the technique down and I can now do it when I'm half asleep. I get far less cramps compared to a tampon nor does it chafe. I know exactly what day my mentrual cycle starts but it was always a nervous wait with a tampon on standby because it could come in the afternoon, evening or overnight. As you're not suppose to put a tampon in in anticipation of your period, it caused a lot of anxiety. With the Mooncup, I can put it in if I know I'm about to start and if I had to take it out to refresh, it doesn't chafe and make me sore. The Mooncup is the best investment ever! Now I just need to offload my unused boxes of tampons on to someone.

Kara - 4th February 2016

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