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We are delighted to share with you some of the thousands of testimonials we have received from Mooncup® users.
You can search for testimonials on specific issues; however, it is important to remember that these are personal experiences, they may not be valid for everyone and should not be used instead of professional advice.

If you have a health or medical query, or are unsure about using your Mooncup menstrual cup, please visit How To Use where you will find more information and can get in touch with our team of qualified Mooncup Advisors.

I am delighted wth my mooncup, having gone through 6 periods with it by now. Thanks, mooncup! I love the monthly boiling ritual and the way I no longer have to worry too much about the Timing of insertion/removal. Tampons were much more restrictive – and truly disgusting. Also, seeing the collected menses is superbly interesting!!! There is no comparison here with conventional “hygiene” products. If you’re undecided – please give it a go!

Lou – 07 May 2011

The Mooncup is the most wonderful invention I think I’ve ever come across! I was worried it would be painful to use and it’s not – it’s much more comfortable than a tampon. It’s taken me about 5 or 6 times to get used to it, but now I’ve got the hang of it it’s easy. Thankyou thankyou thankyou! Now I look forward to having my period!

J UK – 06 May 2011

I first read about the Mooncup and thought yuck! Within thirty minutes of reading through the testimonials and watching the video, my Mooncup was on the way.The great thing I found was that because it doesn’t have to be avoided between periods like tampons do, I could practice inserting and removing for a few weeks before the “real test”. I had to remove the stem completely, but being able to do this before I needed it helped immensely.
As my periods start irregularly, I was also able to insert it over night the evening before I thought I may start, and clean and reinsert as needed.
Now I am on my first Real day of using it, I am already so comfortable with it I do not feel it’s presence, and instead of irritation and dread, I am bouncing about telling all my female friends about it. I am never going back 🙂

Ruth – 05 May 2011

I saw the advertising campaign for Mooncup on billboards on the tube in london, the clever graphics with different names people call their vaginas. I was intrigued went on the website and thought ooh whats that. It was only when talking to my friend about it that she said ‘I use that, and my flatmates do too. We’re obsessed with it, it’s so good.’A few months passed and I’d just bought some cheap tampons that were really horrid and remembered the mooncup. So I went out and bought it, money well spent if you consider you spend around £2 for a pack of tampons every month.
It is amazing, I can’t feel it at all, I feel very liberated not having to carry around tampons (or hide them in purses to avoid embarassment) or worry I’ve forgotten them.
It’s me and my mooncup. It feels more personal, as if the mooncup cares about me! haha, although that sounds odd!
Very easy to use after a few experiments. And also a bit of a novelty.
I’m 21 and I’m glad I found this method early on in my adult life!
Thank you!!

sarah – 03 May 2011

After reading about the mooncup, on some of my friends blogs. Exactly 3 years ago today (didn’t know that until I checked my blog)I bought my first mooncup. It took a few periods to figure out how to get it in place and how to get it out easily, but after that. I don’t use anything else. Somehow, a few months ago I lost it, and today, I finally got my new one.

I had so many problems before I started using it, with feeling dry, getting yeast infections and so on. Now, I don’t have any problems at all. (Exept for the fact that PMS still sucks)

II would recommend the mooncup any day.

Jo, in Sweden – 03 May 2011

i bought my mooncup about 6 weeks ago, i was a bit nervous to try it so i decided to give it a go before my period arrived so that i would have fewer accidents (just to get used to insertion) and once i got used to it i loved it, i could finally go swimming with my friends without being worried if the water was gonna make me leak once i get out, i have also had fewer period pains too which im almost sure was associated with using tampons, using it i feel like i’m not having my period, its fantastic and i will NEVER look back. five stars to the Mooncup 🙂

Coral – 19 April 2011

My friends and I were joking about getting a Mooncup a few months ago but it wasn’t until I researched it that I decided that it looked really good – not to mention amazing for the environment. I started my periods when I was 10 ( I’m 16 soon) so I’ve been using a ‘double whammy’ – a tampon and a pad – since they got heavier. With a roadtrip in America planned just when I should come on I bit the bullet and got a Mooncup. I tried to insert it when I first got it but had to buy a lubricant as well (KY Jelly is good for this!). I can safely say that I now cannot wait to come on and neither can my newly converted friend! Thank you so much, you have made what was a dreaded and sticky time of the month less daunting and hopefully thoroughly more enjoyable!

Ellen – 15 April 2011

I cannot over-emphasise how amazing this product is. It has changed my life. I have moved from feeling completely downtrodden, dirty and deflated during my period to actually looking forward to it, getting time to get to know my body better. I can’t stop telling my friends about it, and am pushing leaflets onto them whenever I see them.
Since starting to use mooncup I’ve also looked into other kinds of re-usable sanitary protection and found some amazing suppliers (such as the wonderful HonourYourFlow) where you can stock up on some lovely cloth pads for while you’re still getting used to the mooncup, or for heavy heavy days.

Mooncup, I love you and will put your stickers everywhere I go.

Lucy – 14 April 2011

Excellent product. Since my late 30s, I have had very heavy periods and got to the stage of buying two pairs of the same dark trousers and keeping one pair in my office. I planned my wardrobe for a week every month around ‘dark and absorbent’; fine in Winter but hellish in summer. I am a lecturer and the thought of a 90-minute class at the start of my period began to fill me with dread because I knew I would have to factor in a few parts of the class where I could get to the bathroom with super plus tampons concealed in my pockets. I still have the occasional problem but it is nowhere near as debilitating as life before Mooncup! It works well at night time, and helps when you are out for the day or travelling and only have to carry one little bag. Thank you. It has truly improved my quality of life.

Very grateful – 08 April 2011

The Mooncup was recommended to me by a trainer at my Gym I had never heard of anything like it before. I was only 18 when i purchased my Mooncup but had suffered for 20 day long periods since I began menstrating. Now that i have tried i will never go back i am uterly amazed at how nothing leaks it and has never overflowed. I recommend the Mooncup to anyone who wants to know about it, because weather you have menstral problem or not it is the greatest invention ever. The Mooncup along with the NuvaRing have managed to control and stabilise my period to a point where i know roughly when it will come and how long for.

Emma – 08 April 2011

OMG WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???!!!!!!!!!I loved the mooncup only after a few hours on!!! Incredibly convenient, comfortable and does not drain all the moisture… Above all, NO MORE WORRIES about leaking!
I also seem to experience much less pain too…. almost forgotten I’m on my period – ultimate comfort!

So happy I was lucky to come across the mooncup, but I am 33 years old and work for the NHS!!!! yet not heard of it all this time!!!
Please advertise advertise advertise… I so wish I’d known sooner.

All best wishes for an incredible product!

Theo – 08 April 2011

I was using another brand cup and I found myself frustrated with the leaks and difficulty of getting it to ‘sit’ right. I recently switched to the Mooncup and my problems disappeared! The more sturdy design and shape made a world of difference in the effectiveness of the cup! I’m so glad I tried another brand after having a disappointing first run with the menstrual cup.

Shannon – 07 April 2011

I’ve only had my Mooncup for 3 days, but I already know I love it! I have a really heavy flow, but I don’t have to worry that I’ll leak. My favorite thing about the Mooncup is that I can feel comfortable sleeping in it. Sweet dreams for me!

Kate – 02 April 2011

I can’t find my words to express how happy I am right now! It’s the first time I have used the Mooncup. I opted for a size A and B – I am 31 and gave birth 10 months ago via a C-section. I know, I should have started with the A , but I said: why not the B?
the first two days were perfect – but then again it was the light period of my period. In the third and fourth day I had the chance to understand that “low” means “low”. It was quite odd for me , a FORMER 😉 heavy user of OBs and Tampax and other internal tampons. I could not understand what LOW really meant. I trimmed the stem by half and , really, I can remove it entirely! Low means low, I can still grab it (yes, I have long fingers, but they do not need to be that long :-). and if we place it too high, a little bit of exercise to push it down is beneficial for the muscles.

SO, now that I have mastered the art of placing the mooncup where it should be (it’s really strange in the beginning, even after reading the manual and looking at the pictures, I still felt like it should be up – lucky me, the leakage taught me otherwise), I am 100% happy! Not a single cramp these days, but I cannot say for sure that it’s because of hte cup or not, I do not understand what’s the connection between the two. I definitely felt lighter and full of energy. Of course, staying at home with my daughter was helpful – all the changing and cleaning was done at home, plenty of hot water and soap and fresh towels :D. But, God, why haven’t I heard about this MIRACLE years ago? Why was I using those creepy internal tampons or the external pads, always worrying about leakage, spots, thrush, itchiness? I even went to my usual pilates hours and felt great (even though for a moment or two I thought I felt the blood going back up because of my position :)) ). Not to mention the respect we show Mother Earth by not buying disposable tampons.

If I had the money, I would buy such a gift to all my friends! some of the smartest investments in my whole life! I will keep the other A cup for travelling, just in case I get stuck somewhere and I have no clean water to wash the B cup. And, you know, for the first time in my life I was looking forward to have my period and test the cup :). Good job in connecting us with our Feminine side ! Thanks Mooncup!

Simona – 02 April 2011

When I first heard about Mooncup a few years ago I was very sceptical and really didn’t think it would be for me. Every so often I would come across a review or a sticker in the bathroom and I guess the idea was always there in the back of my head but never really something I thought I’d act on but last month I was given one by a friend. I very nearly gave it away but for some reason I changed my mind and decided to give it a try, even though I was fairly shocked when I saw it for the first time – it looks absoloutely massive! and made me think it would be really difficult to use and uncomfortable. Anyway, I’m now on day two of using it and its going great! Its a lot easier to use than I thought it would be, I seem to have got the knack of it pretty quickly and I even used it last night with great success! I’m not massively keen on emptying it and washing it out, I liked the disposability of tampons and don’t really like having to spend longer cleaning the mooncup – thats still a bit gross to me, but I guess its something I’ll get used to. Its more comfortable and feels a lot cleaner than other forms of sanitary products that I’ve used before so I’m definitely going to stick with it. Thank you mooncup – I’m a convert!

Sarah – 01 April 2011

I LOVE MY MOONCUP!I must admit, as with most people I struggled with my first attempt, so decided to hold off until the next month.
This time I had a few days off work, so didn’t need to worry about being away from the comfort of my own bathroom.
I’m now on day three and can definitely say I will never go back to disposable towels and tampons.
I regret the time about four years ago that I saw a mooncup in a shop and laughed and turned my nose up at the idea of it. It wasn’t until a friend told me about hers that made me check out the website and I realised that I shouldn’t have been so quick to laugh off the idea of trying something “different”. All those years of waste(especially as I’m not regular, so would end up wasting a lot of towels/liners on “just incase” days).
I feel similar to when I started wearing contact lenses, once you get used to putting in and taking out, you wonder how you ever lived without them!(It took me a lot longer to get used to the contact lenses!)
A big thumbs up to the support team too, when I struggled on my first attempt, I sent an email and they got straight back to me.

Christine – 31 March 2011

I’ve been using my Mooncup for years now. I can barely remember the time before it but reading others’ comments I vaguely recall waking up with blood covered legs and such like. I certainly remember the feeling of aching sickness lasting the whole week of my period. But no longer.
I love my Mooncup. As others have said – one of the greatest things for me is the direct connection I now have with the natural functions of my body. The blood is beautiful.

The Cup is easy to use and feels natural and comfortable inside me. On the heaviest days, I love that I can feel when the Cup is full so I know I need to pop to the loo. No drama, no discomfort, just a warm weightiness inside.

Also, hiking, camping or travelling during a period is a breeze now too. No need to carry huge supplies of tampons. Just pop the Mooncup into my bag (or even my pocket at the last minute) and I am prepared.

And of course there is the glowing sense of righteousness from knowing I’m no longer sending blood soaked cotton to landfill or flushing it out to sea.

My wonderful Mooncup – what would I do without you?

janie – 27 March 2011

Mooncup has been an absolute god send for me. I suffer from vulval intra-epithelial neoplasia, it’s a pre-cancerous condition of the vulva. One aspect of the condition that has affected me is extreme dryness of the vulva. I really struggled using towels and tampons during my period because both would literally suck the moisture from the vulval area. My periods were a nightmare, much more uncomfortable than they needed to be….then I found Mooncup. It looks a bit daunting and I admit I was nervous about insertion and removal because my skin is very easily irritated and torn, but after a few attempts I was fine. I don’t get leakage, it’s comfortable, no soggy cord, no more irritated skin and I get to feel good about myself for being eco-friendly.

Rach – 27 March 2011

hello! I just want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, cause you are selling this extraordinary cup! I used it last month, and itis just a huge relief for me. I was a heavy bleeder in periods time,
everybody in my family knew that I am ïn those days”…now, nobody
knows! And I am not even bleed that much! I thougt that the cup would not
be able to collect all my blood!
How a stupid I was! Is barely half full in second day, every 4 hours
when I wash it! I just feel great, my bathroom is not filled with
tampons, my bag is also free of tampons, I am really free!! I can’t
wait the menstruation now!Is just incredible! I would like that all
women use this cup, because it give us liberty! Thak you very,very, very
much! God bless you!

Madalina – 24 March 2011

My friend recommended the moon cup and initially i was abit freaked out about it but was willing to give it a whirl as its better for you, environmentally friendly and best of all, no need for horrid sanitary products and big knickers at night along with dry tampons! OUCH! So, i went out to boots and purchased it, got it home and thought, WOW, thats bigger than what i thought! It took me 2 days to come round to actually trying it but it was actually easier to insert that what i thought. I admit, it made a few funny noises when inserting and taking out ! Apart from that, i felt nothing, no leaks, no pain, no drynees and this is my first time! I gave the end a trim as that proved to be a little uncomfortable but its great! For me, its mainly mind over matter, when you think about it, it seems weird but just dont think about it and its great! Best invention for years i say. Thanks Jenni, i am sold!

Leanne – 22 March 2011

As soon as my friend told me about the Mooncup, I bought one. I hated tampons so much that I was willing to try anything! So far, I am VERY pleased. It is comfortable, and it’s true that you forget you’re having your period when you’re wearing it! However, I have had some continual problems with a little bit of spotting and occasionally I just get the positioning wrong!! Perhaps I need the larger size (though I am under 30 and have never given birth!), but hopefully pelvic floor exercises will help. :o) Despite the minor upsets, I really love the Mooncup. It’s far better than tampons or pads, and with practice I am sure I will get it 100% right. It’s worth it!!

Jane – 22 March 2011

i bought a mooncup on tuesday after coming across this website by accident.i am always ‘on’ for my holidays and have in previous years taken northisterone to delay my period,this always left me feeling bloated and i worried about the health risks.Well,not anymore,i cannot believe something so simple actualy works so brilliantly ! i popped it in very easily after reading the leaflet with no problems.i did cut the stem shorter when i removed it to empty.its friday today and i am chuffed to bits i have found such a simple answer.i went out all day yesterday and emptied when i got home.no leaks no worries.i have fibroids and suffer from very heavy loss but the mooncup coped well and contained it all.no worries looking for a loo every hour.i havent been swimming with it in but after reading other testimonials i can believe i will be able to use it with confidence and no more soggy tampons .i cannot believe i have lived without this for all these years and i will be telling all the girls i know about it.Thank you mooncup for liberating me from tampons and towels.

sandie – 18 March 2011

Without a doubt the best period product in the world! No more tampons, no more pads! Brilliant. Pads were the bane of my life. I hated them, I hated the feeling of them and would often go without and use a tampon even on my lightest days, a physical pain in it’s self just to avoid a pad! Now, everything is wonderful…my mooncup pops in and out with ease even on my lightest days, I can’t feel it inside, it doesn’t leak and I am doing something good for the environment. If you haven’t already done it….go and buy one! Thanks Mooncup!

Mimi – 13 March 2011

I got a Mooncup for Christmas this year and started using it as soon as I got my period, I thought there would be an adjustment time but there was none, I loved it straight away, is the single most useful change I’ve made in a long time.I love how there is no waste, I also experience less period pain, which I totally think is connected!
thank you so much

Sol – 13 March 2011

I’m disorganised. I have two so I always know where at least one is. But that’s the only downside. (In fact I bought the second one after i thought i had cut off too much of the end. Turns out I hadn’t) And my friends think i’m a ridiculous hippy. Even though they are mostly hippies. My most extreme example is using it while camping in the sahara. I thought it would be impractical – but actually what else could I have done? Carry around used ‘products’? Leave a trail for the wild dogs? No thanks. Mooncup all the way. Thank you so much Mooncup people for changing 25% of my life.

Jodie – 11 March 2011

this product is amazing! mensual cups aren’t mainstream in Australia at all, but when i saw a mooncup flyer on the back of a uni toilet door i looked it up & decided to give it a try. it was a bit awkward for the first few months, but now i’ve got used to it and don’t use anything else. it made my latest backpacking holiday so much easier, and i feel really smug knowing that i haven’t used a tampon in ages! such a great product 🙂

Janelle – 10 March 2011

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone at Mooncup for your amazing product, which has changed my life. It’s clean, hassle-free, and totally rockin’… I love it, my partner loves it, and my friends have all rushed out to buy their own. Nothing could have changed my life more in such a profound way than this simple but amazing little device! Only problem is taking it out for sexytime with my partner, which cannot be done with gay abandon like with a tampon, as the result would be walls, floors and ceilings splashed with blood. Still, it’s only been a year and no doubt over the next few we’ll find a way around this – looking forward to spending the forseeable future happy with my Mooncup. Thanks, too, for your fabulous customer service which is personal, swift and caring. An exemplary company with women’s best interests at heart, a fantastic approach and a fabulous product x

Jem – 10 March 2011

Last year a friend mentioned that she had bought herself a Mooncup, to be honest I was pretty freaked out by the thought of it. Having said that, the thought stayed with me and the more I thought about it the more I realised the only way of finding out what it was about was to buy one. At £20 it seemed like a risk, what if I didn’t like it? Didn’t like it? What was I thinking!! It’s amazing! I am a self-confessed lazy-arse so not having to worry about carrying anything with me or changing it often is brilliant! I’m only on my second month with it – but would never, ever go back to tampons. I’m trying to introduce it to my friends – is it an exceptable Birthday gift to give???!!!

Emily – 09 March 2011

I would like to share my experience having used a Mooncup for the past 3 years especially as I have just read an article from a women who gave up after her first try. I am lucky to have very short but very heavy periods, prior to using the Mooncup on the second day of my period I’d need to change my tampon hourly due to the flow. When I read about the Mooncup and it environmental and positive health benefits I thought I’d give it a go. The first few times I used it where strange and slightly uncomfortable – similarly I remember this also when I first used tampons – I spoke with the help line who gave me some wonderful advice – trimming the stem and where to aim etc. By my second cycle of using the Mooncup I got in the a routine, and found I was changing much else frequently than I needed to with a tampon. 3 years on and it’s working well for me. All I can say to newbies is don’t give up!

KatieJ – 09 March 2011

After years of being on my own I decided to move in with my partner…….all my thoughts were positive until I thought about ‘ the time of the month’. The thought of embarrassing leakage, especially at night, filled me with dread and not to mention having to set my alarm for 3am so that I could change myself. I went online to see any alternatives to tampons and the irritating towels. This is when I came across mooncup…….and went straight into town that day to buy one. I have been using it for three months now and am amazed at the benefits!………No more leakage, no more natural odour I used to get, no more irritation, no more wasting money, no more adding harm to the environment and above all, I can sleep happily throughout the night on my heaviest of days, knowing that I will have no leaks and be as fresh as I was when I went to bed.I had absolutely no problem learning how to use it, just take the time to read the instructions and relax!
I personally find it cleaner to remove than a tampon and less painful.

Susie – 08 March 2011

I had been thinking about the Mooncup for a while after seeing an ad for it on the back of a toilet door. I bought one the other day after starting my period and was instantly shocked by just how effective, comfortable and generally wonderful the Mooncup is. It sits very well, takes in all of my very heavy flow and isn’t really any messier than removing a tampon – in fact I’d say it was cleaner!

Daisy – 08 March 2011

It’s hard to explain how brilliant Mooncup is! It makes life so much easier!

Vicky – 05 March 2011

I’ve been thinking about trying a Mooncup for a while now and finally bought one last month. I can honestly say I’ve just had the most comfortable period of my life! I usually get cramps and stomachache, but I have had hardly any pain, and because of this I have slept through the night. It seems that because the blood flows into the cup rather than into an outwards-expanding tampon it just does not hurt as much.I feel cleaner and so much happier that I am not contributing to yet more landfill!! No leaks, no mess, and I feel so much more comfortable. Best move I ever made!

Esther – 01 March 2011

Truly one of the very best purchases I have ever made – a great invention. I have been using it for about three years now and never want to go back. Only wish I’d known about it years ago. I was initially drawn to the idea of it being environmentally friendly and economic. It is both of those but also incredibly comfortable, easy to use and healthy. Wish I could persuade more women to try it!

Madelaine – 26 February 2011

I was very happy when I picked up my first Mooncup, since I’d been thinking about the use of a cup instead of pads or tampons for a while, especially because my periods get very heavy. It was a little clumsy to use at first, but after about 2 or 3 cycles I had the entire process down pat. And I feel so much safer with the cup because I don’t have to worry about waste or affecting the environment anymore with feminine product disposal. I feel much more free and able to move and do performance work thanks to the wonderful adaptability of the mooncup. I have recommended it to at least 5 or 6 of my friends, as well as promoted it to friends and communities online.

Sabrina – 26 February 2011

Oh lord. I purchased the Mooncup yesterday and I am already a hardcore fan. Its sooo much easier. No more worrying about where to put the ‘Rubbish’ and alsoe rediculously comfy!! Loving it! <3

Rebecca, 20 – 24 February 2011

Dear Mooncup,
I wore you to my Valentines ball
With a white corset, white tights
white knickers, and not much more
A dangerous gamble one might say
for being on the second day
of the red moon
party could of ended soon
Happily I’m pleased say
You kept me safe, no stains displayed
In the flow, new love did grow

Love Lucy

Lucky Lucy – 23 February 2011

In the past periods I hated.
Tampons and sanitary pads were so outdated.
I hated all that throwing away,
and thought there’s got to be another way!
Then at Glastonbury I saw a sign.
Moon cups I thought that sounds fine.
But actually it’s changed my view,
and now each month I shout woo woo!
My Mooncup I really rate.
It’s never going out of date!

By the way how often should I buy a new one??

Janie – 22 February 2011

After putting off buying one for two years due to fears over the size I can safely say this is one of the best things I have ever discovered- and it’s only my second day of using it!After a couple of initial difficulties with insertion and removal [I imagine as I practise this will get better and better] I used it over night and it was amazing- not a drop spilt, comfortable, wonderful! Feel so much cleaner, wearing nice underwear and hardly period-y at all.
It’s even given me the confidence to stay over my boyfriend’s something I’d never usually do when on my period over my paranoia of gross tampon strings and messing his bathroom up- but now, I feel totally secure!
Thank you so much for this brilliant addition to my life.

Abi – 20 February 2011

Wow, I can’t believe that I’ve suffered painful and very heavy periods for years. I’ve just started using my Mooncup, I’m into my 3rd day of my period, when by now I’d be feeling very sorry for myself with the constant run to the toilet to change my protection (that never really was very effective). My cramps haven’t happened this month (no idea why) and I’m no way near as heavy (again, no idea why). Just go and buy one it’s the best £20 I’ve spend in years.

Patricia – 19 February 2011

I have now been using this for just three periods and already I know I’m never going back to tampons.I’m not going to lie and say everything was/is perfect, it was difficult the first few days to get it out again, also it kinda grossed me out for a while being a little mucky sometimes with blood getting on my hands. But I got used to that, and now that I’ve had some practice it is tidier, not as clean as inserting/removing an applicator tampon, but hey. The best thing about it is never suddenly realising that I have no tampons left (and sometimes no money to buy more being a student!) I just start carrying it around with me a few days before I’m due on. I do still wear thin pantyliners because there is a tiny bit of leaking, but that’s livable with 🙂
So basically, it’s a very cheap alternative, discreet and good for the environment.

Verity – 10 February 2011

I’ve used one for years now and try desperately to convert people. Once you get over the initial Euuurrgghhh of emptying (and it’s only your mess!!) it really is a fantastic invention. I had never heard of one or seen them advertised. It would put the big companies such as Tampax, Lillets, Bodyform etc OUT OF BUSINESS as you’ll only ever need one! No more worrying about leaking/finding a toilet, I just pop it in in the shower and remove and swill at the end of the day. Please give it a try, you’ll never go back to tampons/pads.

emma – 07 February 2011

I got mine around 7 years ago, had a litte time off with my last pregnancy but when I needed it again it was like finding a little friend in my drawer! It really is life-changing, I feel so secure and not prohibited from any activity. I almost cant’ bear that people dont’ know about it!!! I wish I’d had it when I was a teenager but I’m so pleased I will be able to tell my daughter about it when she needs to know; she will have more options available to her!!!I love the fact that I’m not using up resources that go into ‘regular’ sanitary products too.

Kyle – 05 February 2011

Just bought a mooncup, rather nervously, wondering will I be able to manage it etc, but thought that it was worth a try. I’ve had three children and used a contraceptive diaphragm, so my worry wasn’t about getting it in or out (!), more just the practical logistics of will it leak since my periods are fast and furious, although short.
Well, I’m on day two of my first period with it. Yesterday I spent a bit of time going in and out of the loo, checking it wasn’t leaking. It wasn’t! Not a bit. The only irritation on this first day was the stem, which was too long, and rubbing a bit. This morning, after a totally leak free night with it in (and I usually wake up in a mess with a soaked tampon, pad and pyjamas), I cut almost all the stem off. It felt quite brave (you can’t reattach it after all!), but solved the problem immediately.

Today I have spent the morning shopping – no problems. And this afternoon I’ve even been on the kids’ trampoline – no problems, and it didn’t budge at all, even though i thought it might come out completely!

Verdict so far: excellent.

lillibet – 05 February 2011

I love this. Everyone I’ve told who has tried it loves it. You know all those tampon ads that talk about having a happy period? Well with this you really do. Honest! One question – why can’t they buy it in Australia? I’m telling all my friends about it and they think I’m downright weird. I think you’re missing a big market!

Trish – 03 February 2011

I wish I had been told baout this years ago! I discoverd it by accident in a travel blog, please advertise in the UK more I have had periods for over 10 years yet had never heard of this, I am truely amaazed this is really a wonderful product that has changed my life!

e smith – 02 February 2011

I have been using a mooncup for many years, and this its the best invention EVER for women!!! Thank you. x

Sarah – 01 February 2011

Its amazing, genuinely! Ok it doesn’t stop periods being a complete pain, however it does make them more manageable. I suffer quite badly as my periods are heave, now i no longer leak, i trust the mooncup and it is so cost effective! It means you don’t have to take a bag to the bathroom with you. Its excellent for the environment and i cant be sure its related but my periods are now less painfull and have reduced in length.

Im an absolute convert and cant praise it highly enough!

bees – 25 January 2011

I discovered the Mooncup three and a half years ago while at university and have been an avid fan ever since. I live in New Zealand so ordered one from the website without knowing exactly what I was getting myself into, but I have never looked back. They make life so much easier and – like other people who have written here- I wish there was more publicity for them so more people used them. They are so much better for the environment and for our bodies. They allow me go just forget about my period for most of the day. If you don’t already have one you’re missing out! It’s seriously one of the best investments I ever made.

Sophie – 24 January 2011

I’m totally thrilled with the Mooncup. I bought it about a year ago, but couldn’t get on with it, so put it in the drawer. Last year I decided to try again. It took about four months to get used to, and once I found my own way of using it, I’ve never looked back. Its great for wearing at work and when I go to the gym. I can use it when having a light day, or a heavy day, so its much more convenient than other sanitary products. I only need to empty it in the morning, when I get home from work and before going to bed. Well done Mooncup.

Jules – 23 January 2011

When I thought about buying a Mooncup I was worried it might be messy to empty. I’m the kind of girl who wraps tissue around the tampon string before pulling in case it’s dirty. In fact it’s been fantastically easy and quite clean. What I hadn’t appreciated was that the seal the cup forms against your skin stops any flow reaching the outside of the lower part of the cup, so removing it isn’t messy at all.Only having to empty it once during the work day is life changing. I can sit through long meetings without worrying about leaking, or having to pop to the loo carrying my handbag.
This is ideal for trips too – much less to pack!

Nikki – 21 January 2011

I’ve been using the Mooncup for about 6 months now and I can say it’s the best period’s protection I’ve ever used. No more worries about stains, having to buy more tampons or sanitary towels and mostly not worrying about disposing of these in the bins, yuk! I used to get really bad period pains and they’ve completely disappeared since I use the Mooncup. I’ve been telling all my girl friends how great this is and I hope more and more women start using it and ditch the tampons.
Thank you!!

Sylv – 16 January 2011

I first tried another brand of menstrual cup when I was about 24, in the smaller size that was recommended for women under 30 who’ve not had children. I loved the idea and convenience of the cup, as well as the savings in money and the sheer waste that disposable products generate, but I never had much success with it as it would move and after a few minutes I’d be able to feel it. I decided to try again with Mooncup and even though I’m still under 30 and have not had children, I ordered the larger size to see if I’d have any more luck. Best decision I ever made! I’m now a Mooncup girl and I’ll never go back. This cup is reliable, never leaks and doesn’t move, even through a full and active work day, a day at the beach or out snorkeling. I never wake up during the night just to “check” that everything’s still ok down there! It only needs emptying once in the morning and then again before bed, and it never “runs out”, so it beats any other method hands down for convenience. I’m going to try to convert my friends and family – once you get used to the idea and the use of the cup, you realise it really is the best option for your sanitary needs!

Rachelle – 15 January 2011

I never knew that there was an alternative to tampons and pads. I never thought about the environmental impact I might be having by using them. I was recomended by a friend and now there is no looking back. I love my Mooncup – it is the best invention ever. All my friends are now converts.

Gemma – 14th January 2011

I’ve been using my mooncup for over a year now and am extremely impressed and totally happy with it! I have had 4 vagina births and have been lucky enough not to experience any problems with it. I wish it was advertised better because when i tell other women what i use they have never heard about it.

karen – 11th January 2011

Hi Cathy,
I have persevered with my Mooncup and this month have had no issues. I visited my doctor who has upped my medication to control the pain and contractions and this has helped considerably. I think maybe the contractions were distorting the cup slightly. I still think it is a brilliant product and will continue using it.:-)

It may be worth mentioning to any one who is a very heavy painful bleeder that a trip to the doctor to sort this out is not something to be either ashamed of or worried about.

My doctor has me on Mefenamic acid for pain and Buscopan to control the contractions. Although these are used for IBS and arthritis they really work for Painful contracting periods. My doctor also suggested to me that if I still leak he could put me on pills to control the bleeding but my medical experience of this in the past is that it just makes the bleeding last longer….at the end of the day it’s all got to come out!

If you do have an customers who suffer from painful heavy periods I would be happy to share my experience I am a Therapy Radiographer and believe us girls should stick together and share info 🙂

Karen – 11 January 2011

First day using the mooncup – so happy! Had some trouble with it last night so had a break and tried again today and hasn’t leaked or anything so far. Thought I would notice the difference but there have been a couple of times when I forget I’m using it rather than a tampon. Completely converted!! 😀

Tasha – 11 January 2011

I just got my mooncup this month and already I am satisfied customer. I tried another brand of menstrual cup and was disappointed that it would leak and was an uncomfortable fit. Part of the reason for that is because I have a cervix that sits low. Because of the mooncup’s shorter cup size, softer silcone and thicker rim I have been able to wear it and not feel anything at all. And no leaks! I would definitely recommend this product for those who have tried other cups and found them to be too rigid or struggling with getting them to stay in place. I feel that the mooncup’s design is much more superior!

Erin – 11 January 2011

I brought my first mooncup in 2003 and it’s lasted 6 years before a small hole appeared and I’m replacing it. Using the mooncup has enabled me to experience my period as a much more natural and less yucky phenomenon. I even use my menstrual blood as plant food for my tomatoes! I’m spreading the word.

Caraline – 9th January 2011

I love mine. I work in a fast moving place and cant stop for the bathroom all the time. I love that I can use the mooncup for 9-10 hours with out a worry. I see my coworkers whisper its that time I need to use the restroom again. I always think I have no worry’s about that. I used pad before trying the mooncup, I couldn’t use tampons. I could feel them as I moved. I do a lot of heavy work at my job and tampons made me feel sick. They didn’t move with me. The mooncup is great. It move with me and I don’t get that sick feeling at all.
I ounces forgot my mooncup at home, and I was stuck at work for two days because of the weather. All I can say is I cant believe I ever used pads.

Sarah – 09 January 2011

I am a doctor and a complete Mooncup convert. I have been using it for two years following a friend’s recommendation. Super economical, comfortable and no leakage. Brilliant product. Cannot understand why women continue to use traditional sanitary products.

Rachael – 07 January 2011

The Mooncup is a fantastically simple product which works really really well! I recommend it whenever I can and so far have 3 friends who have bought one for themselves and are all now talking about how great their Mooncup is too!There are so many women who aren’t happy with either tampons or pads and if only they knew about the Mooncup their experience of the their period would be so different.Let’s keep talking about it so that other women can know that there is another choice.

Rachel – 3rd January 2011

i bought the mooncup out of my 18th birthday money, i asked my mom if shed ever used one, she said she once used a contrceptive cup for one when she was caught short without a pad.so i bought it prior to my next period, which strangly enough was sort of a mile stone as it was 5 years since my first.
the first time i put it in it felt weird, i felt like one of my brothers might notice that i was wiggling in my seat. i went upstairs and removed it, i’d worn it for ten minutes and i’d noticed my vaginal canal felt swollen. but it wasn’t. i tried a gain the next day, after trimming and re-inserting it felt okay. i then slept in it. i normally have to wash my sheets daily when menstrating due to wearing pads, mom prohibits tampons so thats why it took me time to realise lower than a tampon meant.
i then spent amonth on the mooncup. the first rinse i rinsed with warm water and when i inserted it it moved so i took it out to see like a curdled mix of vaginal fluids, and rinsed it under cold water before re-inserting it was fine after that. i have now been using the mooncup for two months, i’m quite frotuate as i get a small set of cramps about twevele hours before i start so i now don’t stain my underware as the mooncup can be worn just before as it dosent dry you out or cause irritation.

last month i got snowed in at my nan’s without my mooncup and had to wear these horrid rubbing pads, and when i gothome and put it in, the sides of my legs where screaming HEAVEN. i still get to where my favorite pants.
i’m halfway to convincing my freinds and my sister can’t wait to be allowed one when she’s older.
my younger sister thinks that “big” girl time of the month means chocolate and fun. i used to grumble “it aint that fun”

but in fact since i got the mooncup i can’t wait for my monthly “big” girl time either.

jordie – 03 January 2011

I had heard of the moon cup and wasn’t sure about trying it until a friend convinced me to give it a go. As it suited my ethical considerations, budget and lifestyle I thought why not. Well here I am coming to the end of my first usage. The packaging and instructions are fab and your website comprehensive. I wasn’t remotely anxious as the instructions were so clear and reassuring and as a result I have had no problems using it. It has meant I have enjoyed all activities including pilates, rigorous hikes with my dog and running 5Km. In fact I hardly remember I have it. Thank you for changing my life and protecting the planet as well as my pocket!

Sarah – 29 December 2010

This is the best thing I have found in my 29 years of being a woman. Thank you so much. Now I feel like I know exactly what is going in and coming out of my body and i don’t feel as ‘clogged up’ as I did mith tampons. Finally, technology IS on our side! 🙂

Annie – 25th December 2010

My mooncup has truly changed my life. Since I was little I was always just ‘one of the boys’. I never had girly things, preferring to play with the boys in my class instead of doing stuff with the girls. When my periods started, I was absolutely disgusted. With pads, with the mess, and with myself, that I had a body that made me go through this every month. My period occupied my every waking minute, dreading when it would happen again. Wearing pads and tampons made me feel dirty, so much that I would hold off as long as possible, and end up having to throw away half my underwear drawer each month. I became very depressed, and even suicidal. Counselling and anti-depressants didn’t help, and as soon as I was old enough, I went to my local family planning clinic and asked for the Implanon implant, as I had heard that it stopped periods in some cases. This happened, and I enjoyed 3 blissful years of being period-free. 3 years came to an end, and around that time I heard about mooncup. I decided to give it a try, and right from the word go, I felt new. Reborn, even. For the first time in my entire life, I actually feel like the woman I am. I enjoy having my period, as it gives me a link to other women I had never felt before. I feel comfortable with my body, and even don’t mind talking about periods anymore. I even recommended mooncup to a friend when she told me she was allergic to tampons. She bought one that afternoon, and took me out for drinks to say thank you!
It’s been a year since I bought my mooncup. Life is good, and I have you to thank. Thank you.

catherine – 25 December 2010

I LOVE THE MOONCUP. Every time my period is over and I empty my lovely blood, I am so relieved I found something so fabulous! Thank you, blood collecting magic.

Ivana – 24th December 2010

I’ve used my mooncup now for around 7 years – and nothing else. I love it – I just empty it every morning in the shower during my period.
A small tip – to make insertion and leak-prevention perfect, I’ve cut off the entire ‘stem’ and angle the folded cup more back than upwards when inserting it.

After my period has ended, I give it a good wash with anti-bacterial handsoap. I find soaking it in a solution with one of those tablets for false teeth removes some of the natural discolouration that occurs. Of course I rinse it well before next using it.

I agree with the previous reviewer who said every girl should be given one of these when they start menstruating.

Emily – 24 December 2010

Thank you so much this has made my periods far kore bearable. No more leaking even at night. No more ‘torpedo’ size tampax falling out of my handbag. This is now my 2nd period using the Mooncup and it’s so much better. At first I found it difficult to remove in the mornings but now I just wait 30 minutes, let gravity do it’s work and everythings fine. Thanks again.

deb – 19 December 2010

My sister gave me a mooncup for christmas 3 years ago. It’s the best present I ever had. It takes all the boring hassle out of dealing with your period. Try it – you’ll never regret it!

emma – 17 December 2010

i never liked using pads or tampons, both options were grim — bleached cotton up there or sitting in it! gross! i’m pleased that i’m able to finally have another option now, one that is environmentally friendly as well as more sanitary. they’re swimming-proof, kickboxing-proof, gym-proof and yoga-proof, so i don’t have to worry about what i’m doing and whether i’m going to leak. fab! thank you so much xx

Lisa – 9th December 2010

I first heard about menstrual cups a couple years ago, but I was living in Canada at the time, and so they were not available to me.
Since coming to England as an Exchange student, I thought I’d keep going with my investigation to see if a Mooncup was right for me. It was a little tricky at first and has only leaked once. They’re now available back home from Diva, but I like Mooncup so much that I’m definitely going to get a couple more for when I go home so I can teach my friends.

Sabrina – 09 December 2010

I’ve had my Mooncup for 4 months now, and just finished my first period using nothing but the Mooncup. (I was still getting used to it before, so I was switching between the Mooncup and tampons). At first when I tried to use it, it was really uncomfortable. I was getting frustrated and angry at my friend who recommended it and kept raving about it. Finally, I forced myself to keep trying, and I’m so glad I did. It can still be a bit uncomfortable to insert, but I’ve found some tricks. I find it easiest to put in while I’m showering in the morning. Also, sometimes I have to think sexy thoughts and get a little aroused so it can glide in easier. (Maybe that’s weird, but hey, it helps.) Now that I’ve gone through a full five-day cycle using nothing but the Mooncup, I’m a true believer. I had no spot bleeding, felt totally secure with it, and loved not having to change it as much as tampons, especially on my heavy days. I’m still getting used to being that up close and personal with my menstruation blood, but I just keep telling myself it’s healthier for me and the environment.

Clare – 06 December 2010

Using mine for the first time in the last few days and have had no problems what so ever.It is soooooo much cleaner than tampons & pads which surprised me.I do bleed heavily & the only very slight watery leak I had was when it was full,basically I’d forgotten about it.I’ve not had those uncomfortable cramps that I get when my tampon is reaching saturation stage.I’ve been swimming & playing in the sea without having to worry about a leaky tampon & it doesn’t absorb water so you don’t feel ‘bunged’ up.I will certainly be advising my daughter to use one when she is old enough & comfortable enough with her own body to go rooting around for it.Relaxation on removal is the definate key,the first day that was my main concern,but no problems there either…Such a wonderful,simple little thing,my only regret is that I hadn’t discovered it sooner.Will be sure to recommend it to anyone who will listen..

Debbie – 5th December 2010

I had wanted to try using a menstrual cup for at least a year before I got round to buying one and finally purchased my Mooncup from a large Boots outlet a few weeks ago. After a rather rushed and unsuccessful dry run I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get it to work and it would be a wasted investment. I needn’t have worried!
My period came around again and I was determined to at least give it another try. I played around with it a bit first, trying out different folds and getting used to the shape and feel, and then inserted it sitting down on the edge of the bath. I am petite and a virgin, so it was slightly painful getting it past the vaginal opening (using a “punch down” fold), but once it was in it felt fine. I had no problem getting it to open and form a seal. I kept it in for about ten minutes as a test run the first evening of my period, and had a slight panic trying to take it out, but with taking some big relaxing breaths, bearing down, and some fishing about with my index finger managed to remove it without pain.

I wasn’t brave enough to try overnight use of the cup straight off the bat, but in the morning after having woken up to disgusting sticky thighs from my pad moving around in the night, I determined to start using the cup properly and cut out disposable products all together. This time I inserted it sitting on the toilet, and it was definitely easier than the first time. I have felt comfortable, dry and fresh all day. I wouldn’t say that I forgot it was there, but I’m sure that’s down to the novelty of using a cup rather than to actually feeling it inside me.

I have a long coach journey and an important interview coinciding with this month’s period, and was planning on using disposable pads and tampons, but I’m already confident enough with the Mooncup to use it even under such stressful and uncomfortable conditions. I’m 100% converted.

E J – 05 December 2010

My friend got one years ago and finally so did I, due to eco reasons and the wish to be from tampons. I had the mooncup at home for 6 months and was a little put off but finally had ago and felt so free and natural that I’ve never looked back. Perfect for all activities, horse riding, bikes and yoga, alway a tough test on tampons. Thanks very much Mooncup.

Pam – 28th November 2010

I can’t say enough about this product. I have always *HATED* my period, but now it’s not a big deal! Pads gross me out, and the idea of pee on my tampon string bothered me too. Both are completely uncomfortable to wear. I could always “feel” the tampon, and pads alternatively chafe or feel icky. There were times the darn things just weren’t in my handbag too, and I had to ask someone at work if I could borrow one. Awkward. Then along comes Mooncup. It’s 100% comfortable, and I don’t need to worry about “running out”. Yes, there is a learning curve to getting used to it (cut the stem, removal takes practice), but it is more than worth the patience. No more landfill or water supply nastiness to feel bad about, either. And mooncup is the biggest money saver. I will never, ever, ever, ever go back to pads and tampons.

Happy Camper – 28 November 2010

absolutely brilliant! I spent some time reading through the other testimonials and I agree with most… although I don’t look forward to my periods, I don’t dread them anymore! I hated having to surreptiously get a tampax into my hand whilst my male colleaugues looked on…. and then high tail it to the loo! It’s rubbish!!! Why don’t men have something similar that they have to do? They get everything .. including peeing over balconies (all that they have to do is turn their back!) Tosh! The mooncup comes with you to the loo… and stays with you. Bit of toiletpaper to clean it out when you don’t have water and you’re off again! Next meeting without smelling of the ridiculous scent that sanitary pad companies think that you actually want to smell like…. being a woman can suck when it’s that time of the month, but with a mooncup, it’s business as usual. Try it!

michelle – 26th November 2010

I bought my mooncup 2 years ago with all good intentions after reading all the reviews, but never quite plucked up enough courage. Today, I realised I’d run out of tampons and as I had the house to myself I tried it. It was so simple I was shocked. I couldn’t be happier, how easy! I practiced once, putting it in and then taking it out and it was so simple I didn’t feel the need to practice anymore. I can’t believe I was so concerned for 2 years and it took all of 4-5minutes to convert me! Now I’ve got to think about what I’m going to treat myself to with the extra ££’s each month.

Ellie 25 – 26 November 2010

I’ve been using a Mooncup for 6 months now and I think it’s absolutely brilliant. I’ve always had very irregular periods, and I’d either get caught out if I was early or have to waste loads of pantyliners, tampons and towels for nothing if I came on later than expected. Not so with the Mooncup – I just put it in and get on with my life! I wasn’t sure at first, and it definitely took a little while to get used to but I honestly couldn’t imagine going back to tampons. Now I’m trying to convince my friends to give it a go – the only problem is that they don’t believe me when I tell them I can still do sport with it in, and that it doesn’t smell at all! I’m committed to spreading the word though!

Alice – 23 November 2010

oh how wanderfull the mooncup is.I read about it last month and i couldn’t wait to have a period(never liked before)this month.I have my period and I am using the mooncup.It is fantastic,all the benifits had been said ,I don’t need to repeat it now.I wish I had discover it years and years ago.I am going to tell all my female friends and family about it.A big thank you to the magazine (sorry forgot which one)which I read it from.

milan – 17th November 2010

I’ve been using the mooncup for about 9 months now and it’s completely changed the way I think about my period. Before I would always get thrush/cystitis from using tampons and used to dread not only the period itself but the aftermath with antibiotics and pain! My mooncup is easy to take to work with me, far cheaper in the long-run and better for the environment. I do experience some leakage but nothing that a pantyliner can’t handle! Thanks mooncup, I’ll certainly be spreading the word!

Rebecca – 17 November 2010

Have to say when I first heard of moon cup I thought yuck! But curiosty got the better of me so I had to have one. Have used it for two periods and for the first time in 8 years I haven’t leaked at all! As I used to wear tampons and pads together as they where that bad. I love the fact that I can monitor how much I loose with the measure! My peroids strangly have become lighter after 2 months!! Love my moon cup always talking about it! I now have two so when out and about I can empty one wrap in tissue and pop in bag until i have time to wash it out.

Miss Gajic – 16th November 2010

When i was brought for a mooncup,first i didnt understand for a while then one day i took my time to read through the leaflet and try as i was on my periods, after ward i became a bit uncomfatable but i kept on trying even to sleep luckily through the night i had forgotten my status and slept soundly i woke up the following morning and told my husband that i was the most happiest woman in the whole world i experienced a night of a total comfort thanks to mooncup menstrual cup it make my days a stress free.

Norah – 16 November 2010

Just got my mooncup on my first day of my period yesterday and its amazing!!!! i’m a skint student, one off payment is great!! wooohoooo!!!!

lauren – 15th November 2010

mooncup is the best thing i purchased – maybe not ever, but for a long time sure!I think every women should have one! At first i was sceptical, but now, i would newer switch back to tampons or pads. girls, give it a try.

galthea – 15 November 2010

I saw a sticker in a ladies loo and thought I would take a look. Now after four months of using Mooncup I am thrilled! It is so easy and has removed all the usual hassle of periods. There is just one day/night a month when I need to use a towel too, but other than that I just deal with things first thing in the morning and last thing at night – somethimes just in the morning! Life on holiday is so easy, expecially when away from a loo. Can’t recommend it enough. Fantastic.

Joanne – 14th November 2010

I’ve used the mooncup for two years now. I hated those haevy flow days when I would have to go to the toilet every 3-4 hours just to find that I ruined another pair of white underwear. I don’t have to be anxious about having a leak anymore. Sometimes I forget I even have my period.

Haley – 14th November 2010

I’ve been meaning to write for ages to say thank you for inventing this! I bought mine about three years ago and it is the best £20 I’ve ever spent. I saw a sticker in my university’s library and checked the mooncup website out online. I wasn’t sure about the messiness angle but I went and bought one in Boots to try it out. I don’t like tampons but the mooncup is so much easier. I swear that it helps with cramps also – I don’t know why, maybe it is the vaccum it creates. After you get used to it, it is so easy. Lots of public bathrooms have sinks nearby but if not, then you can just empty it and wash it later on. It’s also kind of nice to be aware of how much blood you are losing because with pads and tampons, you really have no idea. Also, I find with pads that there is a very distinctive smell that you just don’t have with the mooncup. I used to feel really self-conscious and aware when I had my period, worried that I was leaking, and also just feeling a little distugsting about the whole process. Using the mooncup has made me aware of this natural process, I am not worried about whether people can tell if I’m on my period and I actually forget about it most of the time. I’ve turned all my female friends on to it. It is such a shame that more people are not aware of it. Thank you so much!

Anna – 14 November 2010

Its been 5 periods since I have been using the Mooncup; already its paid for itself, moreover its dramatically reduced symptoms of dismenorrea which I have been dealing with for years now.
Additionally, I have long suspected the absorption of healthful bacteria by tampons has lead in the past to BV – which let me tell you, sucks on so many levels. So far, I have had no issues with this.

Again, i want to emphasize what a fabulous, efficient, clean and intelligent product this is. Keep up the great work!!! I love my mooncup!

janey – 14 November 2010

I’ve been reading about mooncup for around six months and at first I was very suspicious whether it would work or not. I have very heavy periods I have to wear a pad and extra super plus tampons and I still leak! so I was very skeptical of the mooncups tesimonials. Well this is the third month of using the mooncup and I must say I am totally amazed! It was a little tricky to get used to at first but now I feel like an expert! and I dont leak! For the first month I wore a pad because I was afraid of leakage, but I can say the only time I leaked was when I left it in too long, because it was just so comfy.So for all you our there that might be reading this and wondering should you use it I would say give it a go you wont be disapointed.It also gives you a chance to actually see what your blood loss looks like, if your squeemish like me you probably wouldn’t want to but it has helped me to connect with the natural process a woman goes through every month and not something that you want to hurry up and get out of the way. So thanks to all you folks at mooncup I wish I had started using it sooner it has changed the way I look at my menstrule cycle

Elaine – 11th November 2010

I have had one of these for years and I would NEVER use anything else. After getting fed up of carrying tampons of differing absorbancy or having the horror of forgetting anything altogether, the moon cup just makes life so much easier. Incredibly comfortable, it is great for those really heavy days as it hold a lot and can be removed as regularly as you need without discomfort. No disgusting pads to deal with, no waste, easy to clean, just brilliant

Claire – 11 November 2010

I was a little unsure at first, but after the first month or two of using the mooncup, I would never go back to anything else. Once your body got used to it being there, and you mastered the insertion/removal – it is amazing. I have reccomended this to my girlfriends, and even convinced my mom to order one. Thank you!

Courtney – 10th November 2010

I love the moon cup it is soooo much better than anything else and I can actually swim when menstruating. I think that I damaged mine though by leaving it to boil for too long so anyone else reading this don’t do the same thing. I am getting another as there is nothing to compare with this product.

Jen – 10th November 2010

I was a little unsure at first, but after the first month or two of using the mooncup, I would never go back to anything else. Once your body got used to it being there, and you mastered the insertion/removal – it is amazing. I have reccomended this to my girlfriends, and even convinced my mom to order one. Thank you!

Courtney – 10th November 2010

I love the moon cup it is soooo much better than anything else and I can actually swim when menstruating. I think that I damaged mine though by leaving it to boil for too long so anyone else reading this don’t do the same thing. I am getting another as there is nothing to compare with this product.

Jen – 10th November 2010

I am over the moon with my Mooncup. I suffer with very heavy period and cramps, I popped it in and no more cramps, no more mess and instead of 7 days on my period all done a dusted in 4 days. Thank you mooncup you have change my life.

Clare – 10 November 2010

I never thought I’d ever look forward to a period, but when I bought my mooncup I just couldn’t wait to try it!Day 2 and I simply wish I’d found it sooner. It’s far more comfortable, far more reliable, and a lot more convenient than tampons and pads. I love being able to pop it in and then forget I’m on my period; no checking wether it needs changing every few hours (goodness on a heavy one it can be every hour with tampons… but not the mooncup!)
I can see now why mooncup girls rave about them, I really didn’t think I’d want to share that sort of information with any one… but it’s such a fantastic discovery you almost feel like not mentioning it to everyone is depriving them of a better period!

Laura – 10 November 2010

I work in Outpatients and assist in gynaecology clinics where we have patients who could benefit from your product. After recently purchasing one of your cups, I honestly can say that it is the best thing I have ever bought that has changed my life immensely

Amanda – 6th November 2010

wow!i bought my mooncup just as i finished my period last month so i didn’t get a chance to try it out!
I’m quite young (13!) and i love, love love my mooncup! i got my period yesterday and i was so excited to use it! i inserted it easily and left it in for 3 hours. when i took it out it was barely even half full! it was so comfortable and i couldn’t even feel it in me!
i was a bit nervous when i used it overnight and i leaked a bit but that was only because i put it too high up. i have fixed the problem and am extremely happy!

Athena – 06 November 2010

I have been using a mooncup for about 7years, and love it, i have very heavy periods, and now only on my period for about 4 days instead of the 9 days i was when using other products. i leave the little bag hanging on a hook in the bathroom so my husband and sons know its the time to be tidier in their rooms, generally nicer to each other and me. I have recomended it to a few friends and they love it also.

Nicola – 04 November 2010

Everytime I had my period it was like a hadicap now with mooncup I feel free it’s easy to use and very efficient,very happy very good product

MIHA – 3rd November 2010

I bought a mooncup about 3 years ago, but initially found it a bit fiddly, so stopped using it. More recently I decided to give it another try. I am now completely converted – I found it took a while to get used to inserting it so it couldn’t be felt, but it really is worth perservering. I feel less pain and also it doesn’t make you feel dry like tampons do, and there is less mess and no smell. I like the environmental advantages of it too. Long term it will save me loads of money. The biggest benefit for me thought was to realise how much blood I was losing each month – I had no idea as it is hard to judge with tampons and towels. I mentioned it to my GP who ran some blood tests – turned out I was low in iron which helped to explain why I had felt really rough for many months despite eating very well. I’m now on iron supplements and feeling much better, so my mooncup has helped my health (and the environment) in more ways than I imagined – THANK YOU.

Alison – 03 November 2010

I love my moon cup, i’m a new user and it is so comfortable. I have problems using tampons, they give me thrush but with the moon cup i no longer have that problem and it’s so much cleaner than using towels.

Lucy – 31st October 2010

Can’t praise the Mooncup enough. First month had a few troubles with heavy days, but this month (second) is perfect. It’s just so easy – no more worrying if I have enough tampons in my handbag to cover the work day, no wasting money on them either.
If only the Mooncup was available in shops in Australia we might see a higher take-up here.

H – 31 October 2010

What a clean, fresh, natural, neat and comfortable way to get through a period. Theres no going back! Its difficult and frustrating to find your own knack of removing it starting out, but worth persevering. I was very grateful to another girl for putting her method on her testimonial, which I was able to adapt to suit me, so heres what worked for me in turn: I tuck my fourth finger up the outside of the mooncup past the ridged part, until I can press it away from my vaginal wall (to break the suction), then just try and nudge it down with my finger hooked. A combination of this hooking it with my finger and bearing down eventually releases it. I take my time with it, but hope to get quicker with practice. For anyone whos used a diaphragm, its not unlike the hooking action you use to remove that. A huge thanks to the inventor of the mooncup. You can be sure we wont hear this broadcasted throughout the world of commerce and retail too much money at stake in the massive profits on feminine hygiene products. Play your part in this quiet revolution and spread the word! As mooncup users are set to save so much money over the coming years, it would be lovely if there could be a scheme whereby we could purchase mooncups on behalf of women in the developing world? Thanks again. x

Sle – 30th October 2010

After using the mooncup for almost a year now, I love it! After 2 children, tampons seemed to be more irritating and drying & so I braved the mooncup. At first I was disappointed as it seemed uncomfortable – I could constantly feel it & felt I was ‘hanging on’ to it. After three cycles, it’s so quick and easy & I cannot feel it. I feel happier, cleaner and thrilled that I’m using something safe & environmentally friendly. I’d even go so far to say I’m quiet pleased when my period comes around – there’s something very empowering about wearing a mooncup. I found it does take time – new users do not be disheartened – it really does become second nature.

Ali – 30 October 2010

I have been a convert to the Mooncup since first seeing a stall at a festival in 2003. I can honestly say that it has revolutionised my time of the month! One of the things which used to frustrate me the most was having to remember to buy sanitary items – (pantyliners and tampons)and the constant challenge of trying to find them reasonably priced somewhere. This has now been taken away by never having to buy them! Super value for money, mine is still going strong after 6 years! Hoorah for the Mighty MOONCUP! Hayley-Emma 🙂

Hayley-Emma – 25th October 2010

I just received the Mooncup and used it for the first month and I LOVE IT!!! I live in Washington, DC., and although it is not available here, I had a friend ship me one from the UK. I love all the things that everyone else loves about it; it pays for itself in less than 3 months, it saves me from creating so much waste, and its easy to use! The reason I am in love with it, however is because you can do almost anything while wearing it! You don’t have to “change” it like you do tampons every time you go to the bathroom or take a shower. You can go swimming with it.At first insertion was kind of uncomfortable, but after about the third time I emptied it, I was used to the way it felt. I have a full box of tampons on standby just in case, but I really don’t see myself using them ever again.
This is one small way women everywhere can make a difference in reducing waste and keeping our planet just a little bit cleaner.
I can’t believe I wasted so much time and money without the Mooncup! I have recommended it to everyone, even my mom! There are so many people in the States that would love to own Mooncup, so please please please make it available for shipping in the US.
Thank you so very, very much!

Alex – 25 October 2010

Took the plunge on Saturday and bought one. I now want every woman in the world to have a Mooncup. Please, if you’re reluctant to try it give it a go. I promise you won’t look back.

Su – 22nd October 2010

My experience with Mooncup spans 12 years – extremely happy ones too! As an active sports person and one who understands Anatomy and Physiology (Sport Science background), I know my body well and how it needs to perform at all times. I actively seek out anything natural, organic or in Mooncup’s case – just plain obviously sensible! I bought one on sight, used it immediately, experienced nothing but admiration for something so simple yet so effective, that I haven’t used anything else since; again I say, 12 years. I ‘wax lyrical’ to friends and am astounded at how few women know about or use Mooncup. Even my guy admires this product and I successfully have ‘orgasms’ whilst using Mooncup during my period. What more is there to say other than ‘Thank you Mooncup’ :-).

Rachel – 22 October 2010

About three months ago a family friend sent my husband an email about the mooncup.The next day he took me shopping for one and even paid for it too. The look on the checkout girl’s face was a picture.I am so glad that email was sent as the mooncup has been a godsend.I no longer get cramps and general discomfort that have plagued me for years and it is so simple to use.Every month is so much easier to get through now that I have the mooncup and I recommend it to everyone who wants an easier life.

Julia – 18th October 2010

An end to tampon tyranny!
Just bought one on impulse last Friday. I had thought it a rather comical concept, wondering whether I was a size A or B and, if I got the wrong size, how I’d ever get a refund! 🙂

Anyway, I’m so glad I did; the last few days of my period have been a revelation. It’s so much better than changing tampons every few hours and feels far less intrusive.

I wish more women knew about the Mooncup.

Bearmina – 18 October 2010

Mooncup is unbelievable!!! My best friend had been trying to convince me to try it for years and I’ve put it off due to a combination of the “yuck” factor, the upfront cost and general laziness at changing my ways. And now I’m so mad at myself-I cant believe I’ve been needlessly using tampons all these years when I could have been using mooncup: more comfortable, less fuss and feels so much more natural! It has completely changed the way I feel about my periods. People say it is hard to use, but I think this really depends. I mastered in a day with my friend on email chat for trouble shooting queries! So if you can find a”mooncup buddy” who has used it before I think this really helps. I just want to tell everyone about it-I wish periods were not so stigmatised so everyone would openly talk about how amazing it is! Down with the tampon! Go Mooncup!

Louise – 17 October 2010

Dear team, I just have to post some feedback to you.. I have been using the Mooncup for over 6 years now and wouldn’t even dream of using anything else! I use it through my career as a professional dancer and teacher,I do pilates and yoga with it and even surf with it too! I also have stage 4 endometriosis,which can be really debilitating on times,particularly the awful fatigue and the crippling pain. However I am still able to use the Mooncup with this condition and want to encourage woman with the disease to buy one. Knowing how easy it is to use and not putting harmful chemicals (The cotton in Tampons is bleached etc) or nasty fibres into my body reassures me every month. I want to shout about it to the female population! Buy a Mooncup girls..it’s total freedom,environmentally ethical,safe and practical.. Long may the Mooncup prosper! Love a satisfied happy customer.

Anon – 15 October 2010

i have now been using my mooncup for just over a year…. with endometriosis i was not able to use tampons and suffered from very very heavy periods so was worried it might all fill up and do me a damage…but not so… it has been great. i remember the first month i used it… the freedom! it was amazing.. not having to look for a toilet everywhere i went incase i needed to change my protection every hour or so… when i put him back in the box i almost felt like i was putting away a new little friend… i have continued to use it ever since with amazing results… i no longer dread my period.. like most people i dont enjoy it” haha but its not a bother anymore…easy peasy!!! even my boyfriend thinks its great haha”””

Kerry Dawson – 14th October 2010

It’s been about two years now that I’ve been using a Mooncup and I must say it’s AMAZING! At first I thought the contraption was quite scary looking and I wondered if it would stay up in there and not fall out, i’m kinda wide-set. But it stayed plugged right up in there. And another reason I was a tad bit skeptical was because I was afraid it wouldn’t be able to hold it all.. I mean, they’re only so big, and I bleed like water comes out a faucet. But to my surprise it got it all… But one thing that would be GREAT if the people at Mooncup would do, would be if they made them glow in the dark, considering my bathroom doesn’t have working electricity. And ANOTHER THING! I’m a die hard Bon Jovi fan and I have been for about 20 years, I would LOVE to see a Mooncup dedicated to Bon Jovi. I’d personally buy like 40. 🙂 But overall, I’m completely satisfied with this product!

Alejandra Dolores Emiliana Gomez – 12th October 2010

I have just started using a mooncup, picked it up at boots while stocking up on tampons. I have to say, despite ignoring most of the tips, I have had no trouble whatsoever using it, folding method 2 all the way, and trimmed the stem right back. No leaks, no discomfort, no hassle.
What a fantastic idea, too! It’s the end of taking my handbag to the loo, or trying to subtly hide a tampon in my hand, the end of worrying that I haven’t enough tampons to last me through an evening (my periods are short but very heavy for the first 2 days), the end of dashing into shops trying to find tampons when I’ve been caught short… just ingenious! Not to mention the savings…

Love it!

Olivia – 12 October 2010

I tend not to write testimonials but this really is worth writing about. I had seen advertising for the Mooncup for a few years but never bought one; until now!! I have just used it for the first time this week and have to say after getting used to it (pretty quickly), I think it is absolutely brilliant! Even if you think this isn’t for you, please please think again and try it. You don’t need to empty it nearly as frequently as you need to change your tampons, and you feel much more in control of your period. I always used to wear both tampons and pads and would STILL leak, but when I tried the Mooncup, there were no leaks at all (not bad considering I used to need super plus extra tampons). You also save on money and the landfill sites. How many websites have this many testimonials? It’s because it really is worth shouting about. Oh yes, and goodbye to that horrid piece of string hanging between your legs. I am 30 by the way and really wish I’d known about this sooner.

Eleanor – 11th October 2010

This is the exception to”if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is”… it really is that good! Discreet, so comfortable, easy to use and seemingly completely leakproof. Wish I had discovered it years ago!

Ann – 11 October 2010

Its amazing, I have been let down by tampons in the past! Not one leak in a day and night on my heavest day of my period! Had a bit of trouble the first time I tried to remove it but then i remembered the advice on the website and relaxed it was easy then! Im gonna try to convert all my friends please can i have stickers and info for work!

Soph – 6th October 2010

I stumbled across Mooncups while searching the internet for a healthy/environmentally friendly alternative to tampons. I’m in the military (Australian Navy) and have an incredibly active working and personal life. In fact, I’m off to sea next year!! And I’ll definately be taking my mooncup. No more trying to slip a tampon in my pocket and rush off to the ‘heads’ inbetween watches, no more land waste, no more dryness or thrush. This is only the second period that I have had my Mooncup for and I will NEVER use anything else. It’s quite easy once you get the hang of it and it honestly only took me the first day of my last period to figure it all out. I took great pleasure in giving my box of tampons away (along with a Mooncup sticker). My partner is facinated by the concept and happy for me that I’ve found a healthy and environmentally sound solutions that also saves me money. My whole office now knows about them and two other girls (sailors also) have bought them too. I can’t thank you enough for providing a wonderful product…..now to convert my sister!!

Tanya – 06 October 2010

I have been wanting a Mooncup for a while, my boyfriend found out about it and told me, since i have sensitive skin and hate that little string hanging from the tampons he thought i would enjoy the idea. At first i was thinking that the testimonial were exaggerating and it wouldn’t be all that change, but i’m very happy to confirm that they were all right, i’m very attached to my mooncup since the second day i tried it and i have no intentions at all of going back to the tampons or pads. I feel like im doing good to myself and the environment i live in, not to mention those around me that had to put up with me having terrible pain and feeling gross and icky every time of the month.Thank you for such a comfortable and reliable product

Ana, Brazil – 05 October 2010

I’ve just received my mooncup and practised putting it in while in the shower! Something I’d recommend if you are on your period when you try it like I was. After I got the hang of putting it in I have to say it is very comfortable – can’t feel it at all!I was so excited about getting it. I used to find tampons really convenient for my period but stopped using them because I didn’t really bleed enough for them and they made me dry and uncomfortable. Plus my mum said the fibers they leave can give you fertility problems. I wasn’t sure if I believed her but I didn’t want to risk it so went back to using sanitary towels.For the record, I HATE sanitary towels. They are so messy and I hate the embarrassing moment at work where I have to discreetly sneak one out my bag to take to the toilet. With this no more mess and no more embarrassment and I have all the freedom of tampons but the natural way!All in all a fantastic product and I’m looking forward to it making my life a hell of a lot easier!!

Amy – 2nd October 2010

I started using the Mooncup about 5 years ago after a friend recommended it to me. I hated towels, and tampons irritated my skin (and leaked slightly for me) so I was keen to try something which was both better for my body, more environmentally friendly and cheaper for me in the long run. I haven’t looked back since. After the few initial attempts to insert it I soon got the hang of it, and think every woman should at least give it a go! You don’t have to change it as frequently as tampons, you can insert it just before your period starts (unlike tampons) and you can wear it right to the end of the period when you’re just spotting (unlike tampons). There are not many items that cost this little, last for up to 10 years and are better than the more expensive alternative!

Suz – 02 October 2010

Mooncups are amazing! I can’t believe they aren’t widely known about, they are so amazing. They are better for the environment and better for your bank account! It was a bit strange to get used to, but it works so well. I never worry about leaks like I used to when I used tampons/pads. I am so glad I discovered them, I will never go back to tampons.

Lindsey – 28th September 2010

Absolutely brilliant; wish I had discovered it at 25 rather than 45 !

Alison – 28th September 2010

no words describe the amazement i had when i bought this. i was a little scared at first when i bought it but when i inserted it i didn’t feel any pain at all! it felt completely natural. when i changed it later (after 4 hours on my 3rd day) it was barely half full! i was ecstatic! i reinserted it and carried on my normal day until the evening came. i was slightly worried but i changed it before i went to bed and as soon as a woke up and i got a perfect nights sleep and my mooncup didnt leak at all! what i am trying to say in a very long message is BUY A MOONCUP NOW AND CHANGE YOU LIFE!!!

Lalia – 28 September 2010

I read the testimonials on the website some time ago, but only went around to buying my Mooncup last week. I was desperate to find a solution to help me get through the misery of having my period for 12 days+ in a row (not recommending the contraceptive implant btw)! I was not comfortable wearing tampons everyday, especially as the flow was very light and I would have to remove them half-dry…ewwwI’m glad to say that Mooncup solved the issue in style! I still need to practice to avoid that embarrassing suction noise when I remove it, but I really want to say thank you for making my life 10x easier already!

Joy – 28 September 2010

At first, like Im sure a lot of other people, I was skeptical and didn’t fully believe the moon cup was for me or that I would feel confident or indeed comfortable with it… How wrong was I!Ive never used tampons so inserting the moon cup was something I was concerned about but to be honest it was pretty much plain sailing from the off. The only difficulty I found was taking the cup out for the first time, you have to remember to break the seal properly once this is done I could not believe how user friendly this cup is.I feel confident and honestly cant put in to words how pleased I am so far with such a simple little thing. Its changed my view on my periods. I have to thank my partner and moon cup for introducing me to such a fantastic thing Id recommend it to everybody!

Alex – 26th September 2010

I am so relieved that i found the Mooncup (which was on a toilet door at uni). I hated using pads, it was like a nappy, and tampons always the string got loose and got wet when you peed or was showing.The only problem i’ve had with it is when i pull it out after breaking the seal, it can’t really fold up because of the liquid in and so it’s aa bit tight to pull out, any suggestions??
Apart from that it is money saving, time saving and mess saving. I love it and think everyone should get one 😀 xx

Louise – 26 September 2010

Changed everything – it’s not painful or uncomfortable – you forget it’s there and that you’re on completely.

Em – 22 September 2010

I tried the mooncup and thought it was perhaps the most free I’ve felt during this otherwise delicate time, I have recommended it to all of my friends and they too almost feel like the women on those now out of date adverts on the television! Thankyou for Mooncups

Rosie Ellis – 20th September 2010

Wow – what a revelation. Have known about mooncup for a couple of years but really thought it just wasn’t for me – have now taken the plunge and am amazed. About to go travelling (in developing world) for a year, so instead of having to take a year’s supply of tampax one tiny mooncup will do instead. Really comfortable, no leaking, feels much more secure AND you get the “I’m being environmentally friendly” glow 🙂

Esther – 20 September 2010

Hello, I was gutted last week when my period was late, meaning that it would coincide with my first ever Triathlon! Luckily a friend had introduced me to mooncup a few months ago so I raced completely leak and worry free and came in 19th out of 108.. Feel free to edit that and use it in your marketing material, I was very impressed! Nancy Doyle, Haywards Heath.

Nancy Doyle – 18th September 2010

I have used the Mooncup for around 5 years now. The first few times I used it, it felt very strange, but after the first few months, it felt as though there was nothing there!Once you have cut the end down to a comfortable size for you, you will wonder why you ever used anything else.
Yes on occasion it seems messy, but I find this far easier than the tampax I used before. I was originaly an avid tampax user, & wondered how something this shape would be comfortable. The shape & texture of it is actually very easy to use & unbelievably comfortable.
I find that my periods seem more regular, as along with other testimonials, the last day or so do seem shorter, but run off into a nice clean finsh. I rarely have any leaks, & find that I can enjoy things like excercise or swimming alot more comfortably, without having to worry about instantly changing a tampx.
I occasionaly have to use a tampax when I’m caught short, as an emergency, but can tell the difference in comfort straight away. Once the Mooncup is in use, it’s so much easier to excuse yourself, whereever you are, empty and/or adjust, then carry on, with no mess & no fuse.
I will never go back!

Emma – 18 September 2010

I’ve used the Mooncup for about a year now and I’m a definite convert. It stands up to cycling, climbing, and camping (as well as everyday life) with no trouble and no chafing (Hurrah!) and it will eventually save me a small fortune. It makes irregular periods much easier to handle too – if in doubt I can wear it just in case. If you’re not convinced, try it anyway!

Em – 18 September 2010

Im 25 and I have always used towels as tampons felt uncomfortable and as though they were going to fall out. I dont know where I heard about mooncups probably on facebook. In the middle of my last period I was feeling extra confident like I always do, and thought id like to try something new. So I went to Boots and looked for a mooncup. I was expecting a really big box, dont know whether Id seen one on the website and got the scale wrong or maybe it was the word cup and I associated that word with a mug of tea sized object. Anyway I was amazed by how small the box was but bought it anyway. When I got it home and opened the box I looked at the cup and thought Ive never really got anything larger than a finger in my vagina. Thats never going to fit! So I tried to get it in a few times getting blood all over, then when I did get it in I had big problems getting it out as I could not seem to fit my fingers in anywhere near the cup never mind round the sides of it. During that period I had a few goes with it which lasted about an hour at a time. And I then gave up. I have been waiting a week for this current period and now it is here I have tried the mooncup in again and there seems to be more room than there was last month. I can get two fingers round the side of it and get it out without a panic like before. Im still not sure the stem is short enough as I can sometimes feel it, but Im going to work on that and will definitely cut down on the number of towels I use. Hope it all goes well. And to anyone else with a new mooncup I echo the advice about sticking with it, it appears to get easier with time.

Smith – 18 September 2010

I have had mine for about 2 years now and i love it!!! i wish someone had told me about this earlier and i want to get all my friends to use one too but it is difficult to try to convince them because it is something new and it does take alittle getting used to, but once you have cracked it it is soo worth it!! so comfortable i forget i am on my period alot because i cant feel it. it is sooo much more convenient for traveling or just to keep in your bag incase, and ive only spent £20 since i bought it 2 years ago an im sure it will last me for many years to come saving me hundreds of pounds

and more importantly to me saving all that waste and impact on the environment, there is nothing worse than seeing a tampon or sanitary towel on the beach when your trying to enjoy your hols

once i got used to using it i have never had a problem with it, i use it while swimming and doing sports and even my boyfriend isnt aware i am on my period unless i tell him.
I wont look back!!.

Towels and tampons are horrible and smelly and so wasteful and uncomfortable,.. who wants to walk around wearing what feels like a nappy all day sticking to your leggs an crinkling, horrible!!

because the blood is still inside you before you empty it it doesnt come into contact with the air so it doesnt smell at all and you simply empty it away and rinse the mooncup what could be simpler!

if you have been umming and arring just go out and get one you will wonder why you didnt do it sooner!!



Anna – 16 September 2010

A few months ago I was out shopping and unexpectedly got my period. I went to use a tampon vending machine and it was out of order and someone had written “ha ha!” use a mooncup! I’ve been meaning to try it for a while so I went and bought one. I was a bit unsure at first but now I can’t believe I ever used tampons. It’s so clean and easy to use, I feel virtuous every month for not creating lots of polluting waste and don’t have to spend money on tampons ever again. It’s brilliant! If only every woman used them it would make sure an positive impact on the environment.

Jo – 15 September 2010

i have had my mooncup for going on three years now, and i dont know what i would do without it! my periods are quite heavy, the amount of money i was spending on tampons meant that i payed off my mooncup in no time. and it is by far more superior in the comfort as well as convenience factor than any other product i have used. i wish more girls over here in Australia knew about this special little thing, as it makes your time of the month fly by without you even noticing or bothering to have spares on you ‘incase’. oh, and as ive had my moonup for a while i can safely say i can still see it being used for many many years to come with no need to buy another. i am so happy i stumbled upon this website by accident all those years ago and thought i’d try it out…who would have known it would change the way i feel about my period forever! =)

monique – 14th September 2010

I love my mooncup, within 4 months I had recovered the cost and now I menstruate for free! I have no problem with blood and I think that the mooncup allows me to understand my body better, I know know how long my cycle is and just how much I bleed.Gone are the soggy nappies and the scratchy synthetic tampons which always leaked.
One added advantage: instead of buying ox blood fertilizer compounds for my roses every now and then I will tip a moon cup of my own moon offering for the roses and needless to say they are growing splendidly.

Coral – 14 September 2010

I just wanted to let you know how fantastic I think your product is! I have been using the Mooncup for about 2 yrs now and after my first period using it i have told all of my friends and family about it. Not only is it good for my body, it is good for the environment too – and my purse!
Thank you so much.

Kate – 13 September 2010

I have never used it but it looks realy good!

Jess – 12th September 2010

OMG buy one. I don’t feel it at all, there’s no strings to get in the way, no worry about pad smell and leakage, and you can sleep a full 8 without worries. It is a little messier than a tampon, but just barely… and leakage is non existent unless it’s not placed right – and even then you can take it out, rinse and reposition, unlike tampons where you take it out and have to get a new one to try again. I feel cleaner during that time of the month, and don’t have to spend money every month on tampons and pads – I’ve had mine 4 months now, the amount I spent on it just about equals what I would probably have spent on tampons and pads… and I won’t spend anymore for ages. Barely messier than a tampon, so much better overall.

Lorraine – 12 September 2010

I heard about mooncup a long time ago, but didn’t even consider buying it. Not until someone suggested it would be good for long distance running. I decided to give it a shot and am blown away! Believe the testimonials – it is amazing! There is no mess, it is comfy and the best bit for me is that it makes everything feel so natural. I am bursting to tell people about this!!!

Lauren – 7th September 2010

I have noticed that nobody on here seems to have discovered how to know when to empty their mooncup. It is really easy! When you feel a bubbling sensation inside, it is time to empty, it really is as simple as that!

Emma – 07 September 2010

I had horrendous trouble the first time I tried mooncup, but I was so determined I would be able to wave goodbye to tampons and sanitary towels forever that I kept on trying. You know what they say, third time lucky – it was for me, I finally got it and ever since have wondered why I found it so tough! I’ve just done a ski season and it was a dream to be carefree about heavy periods. Mooncup has literally changed my time of the month” to a non event. I recommend it to all my girlfrieds”””

Chloe – 2nd September 2010

Incredible! Not only great for the environment, but also very easy to use, and cost efficient (no more tampons!). I started a few days ago using the mooncup, and I’m already 100% convinced of its advantages. I feel confident, no leakage, and the included instructions have tought me how to use it in 3 seconds! I expected that it would take some time before I would get the hang of it, but completely untrue! Either I’m a natural 🙂 or it’s just very easy to use … I would recommend it to everybody that has the right attitude towards mother nature. I discovered the mooncup through a public toilet in Geneva (I’m living in Belgium, I was travelling), but never heard of it before, which is a pitty. Too bad there isn’t more marketing around this in my country …

Ruth – 2nd September 2010

I have known about the Mooncup for many years but I have to admit to being incredibly grossed out by the idea of it. But then a friend of mine, I thought the least likely person to use such a thing, started telling me about it so enthusiastically that I decided to try it. And it is AMAZING! it’s only a little messy on removal, reduces the smell, is amazingly comfortable and easy to insert and remove (took me a day or two to get used to this). And the best thing about it other than all the money it will save over time? The waste reduction. Every month I feel so guilty about the amount that goes into landfill or down the toilet and now I can stop! Although I do feel a bit bad about not having bought one years ago.

pinkhippy – 02 September 2010

One word… WOW!!Why has the mooncup never reached my knowledge until now, All I can say is that I bought one from boots after reading all the comments on here and money well invested! I’ve spent the last few days of my monthly in bliss.

I am completely happy and will never use tamps again.. Ever!

The wierdest thing was taking it out for the first time, but I had no problems So this comment is to say thank-you mooncup for this brilliant invention. Simple, Elegant and Fabulous 🙂

Melody Siren – 02 September 2010

hello! well were just over the ‘moon’ (hehe) with our mooncups. We could not live without it! insertion was rather difficult at first but squating on the floor really helped us! we have recommended it to everyone we know! looking forward to new styles, shapes and colours! to the ‘moon’ and beyond!

Amber & Vicky – 1st September 2010

I was first introduced to the idea of a mooncup through a friend. I have always been concerned about the environment, and the environmental hazards of using disposable items. I was initially a little wary about the mooncup as I have never been able to use tampons as they are uncomfortable and, frankly, a little scary! However, I still went ahead and tried the mooncup after being egged on by my ethical conscience and reading the testimonials of others. What can I say?! This product is incredible. It does not leak and it is extremely comfortable. No nasty smells or dryness either, which was what I had come to associate with periods! Many people might think looking at their own blood would be a little grotesque, but its really not- Im the most squeamish person alive and have never batted an eyelid using the mooncup. Its actually quite pleasant in a strange way because you get to see whats coming out of you rather than having something absorbing it all as though it is wrong and not supposed to be there- it puts you more in touch with your body. Whats more, I found it very easy to use- far easier than a tampon. I have been using it for 3 months now and will never, ever look back! I might also add that I am only 19 years old, and have found it ideal for my active, busy lifestyle. I think this product is a godsend and that many younger girls could benefit from using one. I also live in shared accommodation, and I find the mooncup a lot more convenient than towels and tampons because theres no faffing around with those dirty sanitary bins, and you dont have to empty it as often. This product has simultaneously freed me from the burdens of uncomfortable and cumbersome sanitary wear, improved my body confidence and reduced my carbon footprint. I think it may be the best thing I have ever done! Everyone should try one- open your mind beyond the whole disposable is the only clean and hygienic way of doing things idea that weve been force-fed since the age of around 8 and breakfree of the tampax stranglehold! You will never look back!

Katy – 1st September 2010

Best investment I’ve made this year!

Susan – 01 September 2010

really want to share my experience that i just used it once and i love it. it needs alot of practice to use it first time but once you get the hang of it, you would wish that knew abt it before. thanks for bringing this product out.

anita – 01 September 2010

My grandma bought me a mooncup for my birthday a few months ago and at first I was alittle put off because I kept inserting it the wrong way and the cup kept suckering onto the wrong places which was uncomfortable. My mooncup stayed in my knicker drawer and I went back to tampons. Then last month I was at the supermarket looking at the tampons and I couldn’t get over how expensive they are (4.00 a box!) so I just walked away and gave the mooncup another go and I’m so glad I did! Once you get a knack for inserting and removing the cup it’s so easy to use, it holds so much fluid I don’t even spot, (no more soaking knickers in bleach in my basin) and I never have to worry about where my next tampon is coming from. Not to mention how good it is for the environment, I just empty it into the toilet, wash it with alittle soap and water and put it back in. I was walking home from the library today and I saw two men loading all the sanitary bins from my student halls into the back of a truck, I shudder to think what horrible chemicals they use to treat them. As I walked home with my mooncup inside me I felt good knowing that I wasn’t adding to that problem!

Alfre – 31st August 2010

I’ve been using the mooncup for last three months now and what a great invention! I’m that pleased with it I’ve actually gave my towels and tampons away, although raved about mooncup in the process! I read about mooncup in a magazine and thought it to be gross at first I must admit! After discussing it with my friend we both thought we’d give it a try and both will never look back! I used to get thrush from tampons and discomfort due to dryness but not anymore! The mooncup is the best invention ever! It’s easy to apply and remove once you get the hang of it and no more carrying around tampons and towels in your bag, just your tiny mooncup! Love it! Thankyou mooncup!!!!!!!!! X

Yvonne – 31 August 2010

Hi I tried moon cup for the first time this month. It was recommended to me by a friend as I was having problems with sanitary disposal at work and was being made to feel uncomfortable. I have 2 children and wondered if it would work for me. I found it reall easy to use and can’t believe how much easier it was. Not only am I saving money but I’m also helping the enviroment. So thats what I call a bonus. I will be passing on information about moon cup to my friends and family. I simply love it!!!!!!

Dawn Jones – 28th August 2010

hi, I just used the product for the very first time. Was a bit taken aback by the thickness of the silicone. It could do with being a little thinner. I found the product a little tricky to use and felt as though I was spending a considerably longer amount of time in the bathroom than I would do normally. Also, it was incredibly uncomfortable to remove. The product is no longer folded when being removed and it felt as though I was giving birth – not least because I has to breathe intermittently to get the product to come down low so that I could reach it. I sadly to not feel as though it is money well spent on this occassion. I bought mine from a branch of Boots.

Annonymous – 28th August 2010

After stumbling across an advert for Mooncups, I must admit I was a little sceptical. As a PCOS sufferer, periods can be VERY heavy and a complete nightmare…..to the point where a jumbo box of super + tampons will last 2 days!! But after reading the testimonials, I drove straight down to Boots. I AM OVER THE MOON WITH MY NEW MOONCUP!!With a bit of practice it fits perfectly and wow!! No leaks, no running to the loo every 5 mins, and even better that its better for the environment. Thank you sooooo much!

Heather – 28th August 2010

When I got to college my roommate was the first person that made me question using a tampon. The more I thought about it the more it seemed better for my health and of course better for the environment to start using a different product. When I found the mooncup I thought I would give it a try, it was affordable and the testimonials seemed convincing. I bought my mooncup and had it for several months before using it (mostly because I was just trying to get rid of the pads and tampons I already had and also because I was a little nervous). I finally ran out of tampons and decided that it was a good time to start using the mooncup I had bought finally! I have no successfully used it through several cycles and it’s one of the most valuable items I have bought for myself. I highly suggest that every woman purchase a mooncup! Thank you for such a great, healthy, sustainable product!

Kayla – 28th August 2010

I think that tampons and pads/towels promote the idea that your period is dirty, smelly and uncomfortable, secret and taboo. I know I felt that way when I first started. Since getting my Mooncup (two days ago) I feel so sad that disposable sanitary products are the norm. The difference that it makes to your feelings about your period to use something clean, soft and reusable is hard to explain to the the uninitiated. Something about being able to just wash the blood away feels so much healthier, and to be able to see it properly, as a natural thing caught in a clean, transparent cup.
You’ve changed my life.
Thank you Mooncup!

Zoe – 28 August 2010

I bought my Mooncup a couple of weeks ago and have just used it for the first time. That is, I put it in several hours ago and have just had my first daunting attempt at removing it … and it was a doddle! I’d read all the testimonials first and taken on board the problems some people had had with them, so I suppose you could say I was prepared. So, for this, my first time, I squatted in the bath, just in case of any spillage. And there was none! I won’t say it came out easily, exactly, but it only took me a couple of minutes to remove (I’m pleased I watched the video on the website first explaining how to use), then another couple to wash and reinsert. And, despite what you might expect, it is far less messy than removing a tampon! I’m impressed! There has been absolutely no leakage (although this IS only the first day of my period, so I’ll wait and see what the next couple of days is like) and it is MUCH more comfortable than a tampon (with which I always experience some leakage). I’d read about a similar product several years ago in a magazine and just wish I’d hunted down the Mooncup and tried it sooner!

Lisa – 28 August 2010

I have been using Mooncup for about 6 months – its brilliant! Always used tampons, always had leaks and felt guilty about the waste. Mooncup is easy to use (sure – you need to get used to it) and gets you connected with your body and how it works. Its not gross and unhealthy (this is YOUR body afterall)- I think its beneficial for environment, has reduced cramps and I find it really convenient as I am always on the go. I am not an Earth-mother type of person (read Grazia, love shopping, watch ANTM for my sins!) – but Mooncup is really a genius bit of kit. Highly recommend it.

Anjana – 28 August 2010

I used to use sanitary towels and they made those few days of every month a misery. I didn’t even want to leave the house while I had my period. Thankfully my mum e-mailed me the link for the Mooncup website and I just have to say, thankyou! This is the best invention EVER.

Clayre – 28 August 2010

I’ve been using the mooncup for a year now. What I like best about it is that you don’t feel like you’re having your periods. Like some of the other posters on this board, the first couple of days of my period are really heavy – it’s good being able to (1) have something that can stay in for a few hours without having to be changed every hour – especially since I’m a teacher, and can’t keep running out of the classroom, and (2) know exactly how much I bleed every period – I always doubted that it was just a couple of spoonfuls, now I know!
The mooncup has now been to several countries with me, and all over Europe and Asia on holidays – and has saved me a LOT of money and packing space!

maya – 28 August 2010

I’ve just started using my mooncup after having my first child and tampons no longer worked for me. It sounds stupid but it seriously changed my life! It’s so comfortable, easy and I might even go as far as to say it makes my periods fun!

Charlotte – 27th August 2010

I finally bought one when I came across it at the local market here on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. I had heard about them but couldn’t imagine that it wouldn’t leak or something. It’s fantastic! I am so happy that I don’t have to buy and dispose of tampons or pads, or wash cloth pads, ever again. I cut the stem off completely as it’s more comfortable for me that way, and still easy to use. I don’t know what it costs to manufacture; maybe oneday they’ll be widespread and be cheaper- who knows. but it is well worth the price because it will save me money and is healthier for me and the environment, and because hopefully if the company that makes them grows, more and more women can find out about the moon cup. It is worth a lot to me to be able to buy something that will last so long, too. I would highly reccommend the moon cup to any woman who reads this. I really do wish I had gotten around to buying one earlier, and that I had found out about them earier. It feels so great to have what I need and not need to buy all the rubbish that I’ve relied on up till now. my advice to you: if you think it’s for you, get one now and don’t put it off like I did- get a moon cup!

Liz – 27th August 2010

I’ve been using the mooncup now for almost 2 years! And I really like it for several reasons:

  • 1. Other products always caused a lot of dryness&pain during and after my menstruation (which is really annoying, no riding a bicycle or having sex for 2 weeks in total…) BUT since the mooncup I haven’t had those problems anymore *yay*
  • 2. Easy removal & no leakage. I have a heavy flow, and I never have had a leakage with my mooncup 🙂
  • 3. You can really see what your body does to cleanse itself. And I like to keep track how heavy my flow is, and that’s really easy with a mooncup!

So, buy it! And respect nature, respect your body and no more leakages!!

Iris – 27 August 2010

Thank you mooncup…I discovered mooncup about a year ago when I became irritated by pads and tampons. I was hesitant at first but within a few days I would never go back. I have been using it for several months and never had to buy anything else. I think everybody should know about mooncup! Thank you!!!

Elena – 27 August 2010

I used the Mooncup, It helped me immensley! My Mooncup is brilliant! Every month it works wonders! Hooray Mooncups!

Kathryn – 26th August 2010

I wanted to say what a great product, I am using my cup for the very first time and it’s great. I have two children and I was really fed up with tampons and just hated the time of the month and having to go to the toilet very often because of the heavy periods but now as many others that are using it I tend to forget I am wearing it, no need for sanitary towels as extra protection no more dryness because of the tampons, it was very easy to insert from the first time and after adjusting the lenght of the stem to suit my own needs it’s just great. I just wanted to suggest a bit more advertising because if it wasn’t for my husband that saw the advert on the tube coming home from work I wouldn’t knew about it. And also if the box could be sealed would be great cause my husband got mine from boots and the person who served him didn’t knew exactly which size would be good and gave him a size B instead of a size A and I had a bit of problems exchanging it , good thing I didn’t opened the box and I managed to finally convince them that I haven’t even touched the box so that they would exchange it for me.But other than this everyting is perfect. After I read all the testimonials I was still a bit reluctant, I don’t tend to buy stuff just for great reviews but I said I will give a try and I am very glad I did, it’s just great. I will tell all my friends and other mums that I know about it cause it’s a great little product, saves you money, lots of money, and is great for the environment too.So a big thank you from a very satisfied customer.

Maddie – 25th August 2010

Just to add to the copious positive reviews, the mooncup is awesome. I’m 18, virgin and don’t have any complaints! It was kind of a mission to get the hang of inserting it (I tried it out a few times before my period so it was easier when it actually arrived). I always used mini/regular tampons (which were hard enough to use when I first got my period) – it could be hard for girls not used to tampons, but still easily overcome with practise. I never even had a problem with using tampons, except that awkwardness of waiting for it to start and end, and not having sanitary bins at friends’ houses so I am surprised at how much I am liking this mooncup. Enough to write a review, and that’s something.

Emily – 25 August 2010

I purchased my mooncup over a month ago and for some time I talked myself out of using it because the thought scared me some what. I plucked up the courage and tried using it in the last two days of my period to get me used to the idea. I found it a little difficult at first but once it was in, I couldn’t feel it at all! Now I have been using it from the beginning of my period and like some people say, you forget about! I dont have to worry about carrying products around with me and although I have been wearing a liner just for reassurance, I dont need too. Taking the mooncup out is also suprisingly easy. In a wierd way, I was actually shocked at how little blood there was compared to what I imagined when using sanitary towels/tampons. I am so happy with my mooncup that I have already started spreading the word. I honestly believe that it makes periods so much more pleasant and I feel cleaner!! It feels great being able to sleep through the night and not worrying about leaks or big period pants!!!! Thank you for such a great product!!

Claire – 25 August 2010

Ever sinds I stoped using my contraceptive pill I have very heavy periods, 2 boxes of tampax every month. Then I discovered the mooncup by accident. It’s fantastic. You put it in, no leaking, don’t need any bandage to prevent leaking in my underware, no need to change every hour. And afterwards you just wash it, sterilize it in water and it’s ready to use next period! This product should be distributed largely for all woman!

Bloem – 23 August 2010

I thought I’d give it go. It took a bit for me to get it in the right position that felt comfortable but now its fine. I love it. I feel cleaner and almost as though I’m not on my period, as I don’t have to wear a pad. You don’t feel it’s there and can get on with the day

Geraldine – 21 August 2010

Hi Cathy, thanks so much for the advice and the quick reply!It’s certainly getting better with more and more practice and the advice you gave me worked a treat. I’m surprised by how quickly I’ve become used to the mooncup and how good it is! I’ve heard about all the cancer-causing dioxins in tampons and thought my body and the environment could do without! And (sorry for sounding like an advert) but I’m so so pleased with this product and it’s so nice to not have to be burdened with tampons and sanitary towels. i wore it to school today and normally i have to wear super plus tampons PLUS sanitary towels but today i wore just a mooncup and a pantyliner and that lasted me the whole day. YAY!! I’m telling my mum and sisters about this gem. Thanks again.

Catherine – 20th August 2010

I LOVE the Mooncup, it has changed my life, sounds soppy I know but it really really has!!! No more stained pants and blood down by my knees (I have a heavy flow!!). I have only used it for one cycle but love it so much I want to marry it, it is wild yet safe, just like a good man should be!! Hee Hee!! xxxx

Jude – 20th August 2010

Fantastic. I went back to tampons temporarily to finish the last box (of my life) and was so shocked to realise how uncomfortable and leaky they were!

K – 20 August 2010

I bought a Mooncup after suffering from recurring thrush for a year. At first I bought size A because I’m 6 months from being 30 but realised I only needed size B. It is incredible, I put it in first thing in the morning and don’t worry about it until four or five hours later. I never leak and I don’t worry about leaking, it’s fantastic! I can’t believe it took me so long to find out about this product. I will not be going back to tampons.

Caroline – 19 August 2010

I have used my Mooncup for 3 months now. Unfortunatly I am one of thos ladies that have really heavy periods and I am unable to wear tampons due to problems with the chemicals in them. I decided to try the Mooncup after reading some of the information and testimonials. I can say that this is an excellect product adn I will continue to use it, how ever I do find that for the first 2 days of my period I have to wear a towel as well as I do have a little leakage. I have tried all the tips to make sure you have a good seal and I do these every time I insert it. I would recomend the Mooncup to everyone as wearing light towels for 2 days feels so much more healthier then wearing towels for the 7 days of the period. Go for it you won’t regret it.

Karen – 18 August 2010

I first read about the mooncup on the internet and have to admit I thought it was a bit odd. However last month after 9 years of using pads and tampons I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and I’m so glad I did! It takes getting used to in terms of inserting and removing it but it isn’t nearly as difficult as I expected. I can’t emphasise enough how pleased I am with this product. It just makes the whole period process a lot more discreet, no more brightly coloured wrappers in my bag! Have to say that my biggest worry about the mooncup was that it was going to be a bit disgusting to empty but I have been pleasantly surprised, it really isn’t any worse than changing a pad or tampon. In fact I’ve become quite fascinated by being able to keep track of how much I’m bleeding by using the measurements on the cup. The mooncup is less hassle, more natural and something I will be recommending to any woman who will listen!

Jenni – 17 August 2010

Mooncups are dangerous. Previously I was a very private person, I objected to the advertising of sanitary products on TV. I swore blind that I had no bodily functions what-so-ever!It just isn’t lady like to go around discussing ‘the time of the month’this is why mooncups are dangerous – I am just so excited by mine, I honestly feel like I’ve found the ‘cure’!I am telling everyone. It’s ridiculous.I found my mooncup easy to use from the start, probably because I read a few blogs and was aware of the difficulties other people had come up against. Like placing it too high, or keeping the little tail on. I have worn my cup to various exercise classes, including body combat and circuit training – no leaks!My period is shorter now, I don’t know why, but if I were to speculate I’d say that because nothing is obstructing the blood flow it’s all over and done with sooner.I can ramble on for ages, it’s cheaper, feels more natural, simple, brilliant. I have become evangelical about them! I can’t go far enough to recommend them. I wish someone had told me sooner.

Jo – 15th August 2010

I finally got off my backside & bought one & it arrived a day after my period started last month. I had read reviews on here & had fully read the booklet that came with it within an hour of receiving it. I opted to use it pretty much straight away & I am NEVER going back to towels or tampax! Ok, it’s a trial & error thing for inserting & removing, but that’s nothing new as I always struggled to use tampax anyway!
I had to remove the whole stem pretty much straightaway as it was irritating me, but I’ve got the knack of removing it sorted with no problem whatsoever.

I can honestly say I’ve never had such a good period on my first go. It actually finished 2 days early & I had hardly any pain at all, which is unusual for me!

I’ve also since found out a friend of mine has used it for 5 years & I had a go at her for not telling me about it sooner!

If you are reading this… Get a Mooncup, you will seriously regret not doing so sooner!

Michelle – 15 August 2010

I absolutely LOVE my Mooncup, it has truly changed my life – The other day I had forgotten to take it out with me and got my period a day early – I was actually a little uncomfortable at the idea of using a tampon instead because it seemed so alien!It is comfortable and easy to clean and transport and actually seems to make my periods shorter, which is a miracle!

Liv – 14th August 2010

I have used a mooncup for the last year. i decided to give it a try after seeing a mooncup sticker on a ladies loo in a motorway service station!! Also quite frankly was really fed up with how much over my lifetime (40 years & counting!) i’ve probably spent on tampons etc. Took a bit of getting used to but soon got the hang of it & thoroughly pleased with the product. Does what it says on the tin. Then last week horror of horrors i had my bag stolen with my mooncup in it as i was about to start my period!! So went out had to buy some tampons which really gutted me but had no choice. With the tampons I leaked and felt really uncomfortable for several days. I dont feel the need to use liners with the mooncup as i have no worry about leaking. Just wish I’d discovered it a few years earlier. I’ve never written anything about a product before but having had to use tampons again i realised how great the mooncup is. My replacement arrived in the post today which i was very relieved to see!!

Stella – 14 August 2010

I just wanted to add woopiedoop feelings about your wonderful moon cup to your long list of satisfied customers. I so wish I hadn’t put off for so long giving it a go. The wonderful free feeling of not being plugged up, and saying goodbye to all that furtive fumbling with paper packets, and best of all sharing the bath with my kids and not having to worry about whats that piece of string caught on your bum mummy?” I no longer feel under siege during my period. I feel myself and I’m so grateful to you. Many many thanks”””

Lucy – 13th August 2010

After several months of testing, I want to confirm that the Mooncup works very well! At first, I had to get used to it a little bit, but after a few days, it’s routine. It even passed the music-festival-sleeping-in-tents – test. Saves a lot of cotton, energy, rubbish and money.The only thing that’s wrong with it is that I have not used it the last 15 years..! I have just found out about it on utopia.de
Thank you for this product and for such a positive and environmentally friendly working philosophy. Greetings from Germany!

Mela – 13 August 2010

Don’t know bout wanting my period to last longer, however, I bought one and used it on the second day of my period. I have heavy flow for days 2, 3 & 4. I found I had to empty it after about 4 hours. But I would have had to change my usual sanitary protection then anyway. I found it fiddly at first and it helped to use toilets that had the sink inside the cubicle. I think I might get another one and put it in the car or my handbag just in case I’m not home when I start to bleed. I’m not much of a one for handbags. Marks out of ten I think 8… simply because of the time it takes to empty, clean and reinsert. Other than that I have absolutely no complaints.

Empresss – 11th August 2010

I recieved my mooncup just in time and I love it! I bought it after reading how much trash tampons and pads produce, I was shocked. In this time of environmental change, I think we all have to do our part, and the mooncup is a perfect place to start. The mooncup is very easy to insert and extremely comfortable. My teenage daughter saw my mooncup and can’t wait to get one too. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

Julie – 11th August 2010

As people say there is a new start for every thing… and for me it was a new country (!LOVE UK!) and – Mooncup! I’ve used it for only a month now but am totally in love with it and will never-ever now be on tampons or pads again, and it is such a relief, a liberation of a very intimate and pleasant sort. I’ve known about menstrual cups for some time now but in my home country LATVIA they are hard to get, expencive and as funny as it may be, portraited as “dangerous” by some people:) But from the time I’ve moved to UK now I could find them in Boots with no problem at all! Yes 22£ is a lot but think about the nature and about your health – isn’t it worth it? I am so happy, no words can express it!!!

Anastasija – 11 August 2010

I got in touch a few weeks ago, enquiring about a mooncup and the effects it would have on a regular cystitis sufferer. I went ahead an tested it out. I have had my happiest period to date. Not a hint of cystitis. Hurrah. I hope this will be useful for anyone with a similar enquiry. Thanks.

Louise – 11 August 2010

Words cannot express my delight. Even if I didn’t care one iota about environmental issues, I would still get this. It simply DOES NOT LEAK. Once I was brave enough to completely cut off the stem, I had ZERO problems using this from day one of my period to the end. Next month, I’m sleeping in the nude on white sheets – just because I can!

Cheron – 11 August 2010

I bought it around a year ago. I had painful periods and bowel problems that flared up badly each month. Not to mention the enormous amounts of tampons that I used each month due to my heavy bleeding. Since using the mooncup my period pains are significantly reduced, bloating is less painful. I have had less leaks than with tampons. I even have the impression that my bowel problems are better (why I cannot fathom). I feel altogether less ill during my menstruation. In addition I am indeed feeling more “in-tune” with my body and I adore it that I am not dried up and crunchy after my period. I wish I had heard of the mooncup earlier and spared myself all the years of unhappiness.

Melanie – 10 August 2010

I have been using my mooncup for about three years now and Ive never had any problems with it. Before I changed to the Mooncup I used to get thrush after almost every period, but since using the mooncup it has never again been a problem. When I fist got the Mooncup I was quite sceptical about its ability not to leek as my periods are quite heavy but agin its never been an issue. it does take a little getting used to but its a million times better than tampons. I would and have recomend it to anyone.

Jude – 9th August 2010

I was ready for some months of trial and error, but…. Just had my first Mooncup-period and I am amazed at how comfortable it was to use!I work in a hospital as an x-ray tech and I often forget to go to the toilet. Sometimes there are a lot of trauma patients to tend to or have to assist in a procedure. The Mooncup gave me immense freedom. I have experienced no leakages, just some clumsiness with tipping it in the toilet. But my technique improved each day.

Thank you whoever stuck that Mooncup sticker in a ladies room! You have definitely improved my life!

Katja – 09 August 2010

The Mooncup is brilliant for all women who have had a natural birth. Tampons no longer worked for me post-birth as they simply leaked, which was distressing and made me feel like my pre-baby body was gone forever together with the freedom that internal sanitary protection provides. I tried the Mooncup as my awareness of the environmental impact disposable sanitary protection has was raised when I had a baby- I had chosen to use washable nappies so why should I still be using plastic backed sanitary towels? But discovering that the mooncup didn’t leak despite my much heavier periods and my post natal body gave me such a boost that I can only recommend that you publicise your product amongst women who have had natural births and who probably suffer in silence thinking that they can no longer use tampons and think that they are resigned to towels for the rest of their reproductive years. Young mothers need to know there is something out there for them. i am really happy siting here with my Mooncup, knowing that there is light at the end of eth tunnel (if you pardon the pun!)The only other thing I would suggest is that you bring out some washable panty liners or pads to accompany the use of the mooncup as other companies on the market are doing this- if you sold a package of the mooncup with pads then customers would not go elsewhere. Now i am gaining confidence that I can use the Mooncup,I feel determined not to use disposable sanitary protection of any kind. Thanks!

Anya – 7th August 2010

I discovered your product by accident, as this is not sold (or discussed) here in Australia. I found out before a planned trip to the UK. I must admit, I found the concept, quite unsettling, however, if I did not read through the testimonials I never would have bought one. But I am so glad that I did! Working in an office full of males, I no longer have the dreaded walk to the toilet where I had to secretly stash my tampons, and hope they’d never be discovered. It is far more comfortable than any tampon, and the savings I’m already making, as well as knowing I helping the environment. This product is brilliant and everything I read by other users is true – a great product that every woman should use!

Bliss – 07 August 2010

I am an endometriosis sufferer and with this I get an extremely heavy flow and very painful periods. I purchased the Mooncup a few months ago and i got used to it almost straight away. What I loved the most, having a very heavy flow, was not having to ‘change myself’ every 2-3 hours during the daytime because the Mooncup holds up to 3 times the amount my usual protection does, including clots (which are very common with endometriosis. Also I can now get through the night (with an accompanying pad) without waking myself up to ‘change’. Previously I could get through a super plus tampon and nighttime towel in a matter of a few of hours….this would result in me going to work very tired. Based on this alone Mooncup has changed my life. And if that wasn’t enough, I swear I experience slightly less pain than before. It’s great for light days, heavy days and super heavy days. I love it, and haven’t been able to curb my enthuiasm – even my boyfriend knows all about the Mooncup now!I can highly recommend this great alternative.

Janie – 31st July 2010

Wished I’d have heard of Mooncup years ago!!! A friend recently recommended it. I was a bit dubious, but bought one, after reading about it and reading the testimonials. Right from the start I took to it. Followed the instructions and put it in and took it out without a problem. I ended up cutting the whole stem off, as it was a bit uncomfortable even when trimmed by half and I found I could get my Mooncup out without the need for the stem. It feels so wonderful to be without pads and I feel so fresh and clean.

Cindy – 31 July 2010