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We are delighted to share with you some of the thousands of testimonials we have received from Mooncup® users.
You can search for testimonials on specific issues; however, it is important to remember that these are personal experiences, they may not be valid for everyone and should not be used instead of professional advice.

If you have a health or medical query, or are unsure about using your Mooncup menstrual cup, please visit How To Use where you will find more information and can get in touch with our team of qualified Mooncup Advisors.

I’ve been using a mooncup for a number of years now and not only has it saved me a small fortune but it has made managing my periods so much easier. I never feel restricted about what I can do or where I can go. It’s especially good when travelling as you can never run out of products and wherever you are, it’s simple to empty and reinsert. Probably the best money I’ve ever spent. Just can’t imagine why my friends won’t try it!

Sally – 20th May 2015

I live in a house of four girls and in the last couple of months we’ve all started using the Mooncup.
It’s been an amusing process for all of us, giving daily updates on how we’re finding our Mooncups! As a virgin, I found it quite difficult at first to get the cup in and found it a little painful to remove. However, by the end of my first period I was using the Mooncup like a pro! I also worked out that collectively we’re saving the environment from over 700 tampons a year!

Bee – 19th May 2015

Using disposable sanitary products had given me really bad thrush in the past, resulting in a year long course of antifungal treatment that often aggravated the problem further. Sick of the itching and the pain of using disposables, I looked on Etsy for reusable sanitary pads and from these I found out about the Mooncup as many women seemed to use reusable panty liners as back up with their Mooncups. I did some research and found out more about the Mooncup before finally buying one last month from my local wholefood store. I have to admit, I’m very impressed with the Mooncup and since using it during my last two cycles I have finally managed to get rid of my thrush and feel a lot healthier and happier in my vaginal health. At first sight the Mooncup does look very big but this shouldn’t put anyone off – it folds up and fits well once you get it in the right position. I have asked Mooncup to send me some stickers and leaflets to spread around my University campus as I am astonished at how few women know that there are other alternatives to disposables out there. As someone hoping to go into the Education Sector once finishing my degree, I think it is vital that we educate young girls and women about the different sanitary options available to them and I just wish I’d known about it sooner – the Mooncup could have saved me a lot of worry, pain and bother and it is safe to say that I won’t ever go back to disposables!

Daisy – 19th May 2015

I only recently heard about me steal cups and decided to try the moon cup around three months ago. I could only see positive comments about it so thought I couldn’t go wrong. I was right, it’s the best thing I have heard of in some time, I love it! I have since given away all my remaining supplies of tampons and pads and purchased another moon cup as a spare. Initially I bought the larger size as I am over 30 years however I have since purchased the smaller cup as I had c-sections for both my children and have found this better. Initially the insertion was a little tricky but I soon got the hang of it. I had to trim the entire stem off but otherwise it is perfect! I even have less period pain which is a big thing for me as I used to suffer terribly. I only wish my mother had told me about this product. I wonder if she ever knew herself. I have spread the word and two friends have since purchased one each and love it also. I will certainly be encouraging my daughter when the time comes. I look forward to another similar product that can be used safely for sexual encounters 🙂

Johanna – 2nd May 2015

I’ve just purchased my second ever mooncup. My first was about 8 years old so it has done a wonderful job! I honestly thought I’d never get the hang of using it, I really worried that I wasn’t doing it right but it’s just a matter of trimming the stem(for me, removing almost completely) and practising.Now, I love it and I am never going to buy another tampon again. I donated my “sanitary supplies” (funny that they are called that when they are anything but sanitary!) to a hospital ward and a women’s shelter. I have saved hundreds of pounds over the years and yes, the planet too.We need to start talking about this openly, I have plucked up the courage to discuss it with friends.

my daughter is 10 and she has asked about her options period wise. school only ever mentioned pads or tampons but she really wants to use a mooncup and I will buy her one to try. I hope she gets on with it, but time will tell. I could buy some washable pads just in case but I want her to be comfortable with her body and not see it as a dirty process.

If you’re reading this and you’re struggling with your mooncup: RELAX you will get the hang of it.
REMEMBER how long it took you when you learnt how to use a tampon or anything else in life
RING the lovely helpline ladies, they are wonderful
REJOICE when you’ve mastered it, now you can help others!

Helen – 28th April 2015

I had heard about the mooncup for a while. but I never got one until my friend got one and told me all about how great it was. I decided to go ahead and try it. I haven’t looked back since. I would go as far as to say it’s transformed my life. At first it was a little tricky to get the hand of but luckily for me I had my friend to go to with all my questions. Eventually I got the hang of it and I can’t tell you how much I love it. I’d never go back to horrible tampons which dry you out. I feel so much cleaner during my periods now. I now pretty much tell everyone I know about it and encourage others to give it a go!

Kay – 27th April 2015

I’m 49 and peri-menopausal. After a lifetime of extremely painful, heavy periods and then for the last 7 years a diagnosis of erosive Vulval/Vaginal Lichen Planus; using Tampons, literally, were a pain. No matter which type I used they’d irritate and inflame an already irritated/inflamed sensitive area :o( I’d tried a return to pads but with heavy periods and nighttime leaks they just weren’t working for me.

My younger sister fairly recently discovered Mooncup and advised me to try it. I only bought mine on Friday and today is the first time using it. So it may be rather early to create a testimonial, but I feel good about this already! After recommendation from my sis & reading the info & other testimonials, I really have high hopes for this product.

Apart from freaking my hubby & son out while boiling it for first clean. They had a look, screwed their faces up and unfortunately, they are of the we won’t ask, so don’t tell us variety. I will, of course, educate hubby eventually.

Instructions were easy to follow and I found that it was extremely easy to insert. Having a tilted womb, wasn’t sure if it would be work but after a bit of manoeuvring it feels comfortable.

Funny episode in Boots while buying it (why was it hidden away on the bottom shelf???). I forgot my reading glasses and took it to the counter to ask the young ‘Health Advisor’ if I had the right size. She seemed a little awkward (queue behind me) and had to ask me the difficult Qs like: ‘What age are you?’ (How embarrassing!) ;o) and then; ‘Vaginal or Ceasarian births?’ Two, Ceasarian. So she whispered yes, think this size is fine. I bought another product – gel. Painkilling not lubricating! Only when I left the shop did I realise she’d charged me twice for the gel. So unnerved was she, by this strange Mooncup buying person. Went back, explained, she tried to refund, till froze, then had to call assistance, another queue formed behind me. I felt like whole shop knew what I’d just bought. Ha Ha!

If I can get through that then actually using this thing should be a walk in the park. ;o)

Kirsty – 26th April 2015

I bought mine a few hours ago and I initially found it painful and difficult to put in but I tried again and the second time it was easy. So if anyone out there is having difficulty like I was the don’t worry, relax and keep trying.

Bryony – 25th April 2015

This thing is a godsend..but it wasn’t at the beginning!
I have been using my moon cup for half a year now during the age of 16 going on 17.

As I am younger then the mooncup took some getting use to and I admittedly had a few problems. Mainly to do with inserting the cup to begin with (which took practice) and taking it out was at the beginning excruciating.

It was suggested that squatting helps to remove the cup but I found it less painful when removing it when on the toilet.

So my experience wasn’t a good one. However I didn’t want to give up, I emailed about this for help and watched a few Youtube videos for advice and I can now safely say that I am using my mooncup pain free and that I will never go back to using tampons or pads 🙂

If you have any difficulties PLEASE contact Mooncup as when you’ve got the right technique you’ll never want to go back to your old habits!

Zoe – 23rd April 2015

I’ve fallen in love with my Mooncup! I love it and already can see it changing my relationship with my period! I’ll never go back to tampons or pads, life is too short to be miserable for a week a month!!!

everyone should try it, I’ll never go back

Jess – 22nd April 2015

I am a new mooncup user, and 4 days into my period now I can honestly say this product is amazing. Everything that is said in all the other reviews is true, I feel cleaner and I’ve had significantly reduced cramps this month. I found it a bit tricky to remove at first, but I’m getting the hang of it now. If you are considering buying this product, do it! Every woman should have one 🙂

Heather – 22nd April 2015

Thought I’d let you know today I bought my second mooncup, after 7 years of service it was time to retire my first one.Considering how long it lasts it’s a really cheap alternative, apart from the obvious environmental benefits. But what I as a young woman liked the best was that no matter how long a trip I was going for all I needed to bring for my periods were one cup.
However I can still remember the first time I tried it, and the panic when I couldn’t get it out. I tell it as a funny story now, and to show the importance of exercising your vaginal muscles, relax and work on that muscle control, and you’ll figure it out in no time.
Thank you for keeping both my consciousness and backpack light 🙂

Elice – 19th April 2015

My periods finished approx 18 months ago and although I used a Menstrual cup for the last 3 years with complete confidence and comfort I just wish I had known about them when I really needed them because I had pains, cramps, clots and flooding for years. All my GP wanted to do was insert a Mirena coil (which I wasnt happy about). The cup was such a Godsend, the clots still occured but were less painful and my period which used to last around 11 days was over in around 5 days (from start to finish). I swam, danced, slept naked and confident, and had a spare in my purse at all times which wasn’t a problem. I holidayed in 3rd world countries and it was amazing. My girlfirend and I have even sponsored an African girls school and sent them 150 cups. This means they can go all the time and we need to give women power. They are completely hygenic, environmentally friendly and cost so much less.

Jasmine – 14th April 2015

Having just decided to stop using my pill (which stopped my periods) dread crept in at the thought of using tampons agains. When a newspaper article caught my eye, Mooncup – never heard of it but the report made me want to know more. I visited the Mooncup website, watched the video & read people’s reviews. I found them so positive & encouraging that the next day I purchased my very own Mooncup with a well if it works it works attitude. Today I have tried it for the first time, early days I know it wanted to share my experience.
After about 5 mins I managed to insert the cup, using the folding methods recommended – I tried both ways (purely as had to try several times to insert it). Once in I coukdnt feel it & my day has passed with no leaks, phew must be in right place. Ok when it has come to emptying & replacing it I have spent longer in the bathroom but it’s first day & new, I guess when I started using tampons I was the same. So far I have to agree with every review I have read, I feel fresh & clean, I don’t itch & haven’t had a headache (something I live with normally when on my period). I’m 40 have no kids but stayed on pill just to not have periods & the hassle of them, now wish had known about the Mooncup earlier I may have had more days like today

Jen – 11th April 2015

I’ve honestly had this thing on my eye for a good while now, and just a few weeks ago l got to try it. I am currently 12 but have had this in mind as l wanted to avoid the TSS & chaffing from the disposable products, since l was 11. l participate in a wide range of activities that l don’t think that a tampad can accomodate with. Yes, l’m still a virgin. No, this does not hurt. No, it won’t leak. The Mooncup has worked GREAT for me, and l hope that it does to you too.I would definitely recommend this to any others, regardess of age, to try this product.

Kristal – 7th April 2015

Wow!! At age 42 and having had 3 C-sections, I have grumbled for several years about having to have periods. My mom went in menopause at age 58 so I’m probably destined for a late one as well BUT this moon cup has changed my outlook! I have always hated pads. I couldn’t wear tampons because they hurt too much. So- I’ve spent my life abstaining from swimming and doing lots of fun things while on my heavier period days, wistfully watching everyone else have a great time. No more! This is the greatest thing ever!!
I am 42 with three kids but no vaginal births- I’ve always been kind of “small” down there so I tried the B size and it’s worked perfectly. How could this have not been invented 30 years ago??????? So liberating!!

Michelle – 7th April 2015

I’m 34 and only wish I’d discovered the mooncup when I was younger! Incredibly easy to use after just a little practice, I did have to trim the stem several times to get a comfortable length and was initially a little worried about changing and cleaning but it’s your body and nothing we haven’t seen before! I no longer have any leaking, worry of leaking or sneaking to the toilet with a tampax hidden up my sleeve! I’m helping the environment, feel better about my health as the mooncup is safe and isn’t bleached as most sanitary products are. I cannot rate this product highly enough if you are thinking about trying the mooncup I urge you to give it a go as with the tiniest bit of practice you will never look back!

Mmjp – 7th April 2015

I cannot recommend the mooncup highly enough! I’ve always had periods which are a little heavy, and I get a few days of bad cramps. Tampons always made my cramps worse, always leaked and I found I had to change them too often to be practical. This left me with pads, which were okay, but uncomfortable, especially in warm weather. I work at a busy restaurant, which means I may be on my feet, running around for 6/7 hours without a break – on my heavy days, using pads was so uncomfortable, I got rashes and just felt unclean. I was always paranoid about leaks, and usually had some overnight. The mooncup has changed all of that! It eases cramps for me, and it is so comfortable – I can’t feel it at all, so much so that I forget I’m on my period sometimes! It’s perfect for my job, as I can leave it in for the duration of a long shift without worrying, and I can tackle all the physical aspects of the job with no restrictions. During the first couple of uses, it can be difficult – my first two tries I had some leaks and could feel it a lot, but by my third period using the mooncup I mastered it. I found I had to fully remove the stem (don’t be afraid to do this if the stem irritates you), and can empty and re-insert the cup in minutes. It’s clean, fast, convenient and is great for the environment, so forget whatever is putting you off buying one – you NEED to try this!!!

Laura – 5th April 2015

I’m 21 years old and just heard about the mooncup. It’s disappointing that tampax and other sanitary products seem to have more marketing material than cups. So, on discovering this product though an article on the internet,I was dubious. If this product is so hygienic, cheap and green; how have I never heard of it before? I did my research and I couldn’t wait to order one. I’ve always had problems with other sanitary products. I found them very irritating, both physically on my skin and how unclean I felt while using them, not to mention the cost and how inconvenient it is having to buy them every month.
However, since using the mooncup I have experienced none of these problems. I’ve felt like I can actually go out and enjoy myself without the worries of leaking etc. While using it I felt totally comfortable and was able to leave it in for the full eight hours without any mess. There is no odor at all, no cramping, and no mess of trying to dispose of stuff discreetly. The most beneficial aspect of the mooncup for me is that I can use it for my light flow without that awful, dry, scratchy feel of the tampon.

The only downfall is that it can be tricky to insert, but I think that is more my problem than the mooncup’s. It can also make some icky noises when removing it. However, cutting off the stem and removing the cup by squeezing it made no sound at all.

I can’t recommend this product enough, it’s saved me money, time, and left my life that little bit less stressful. I no longer dread my period, result!

Thank you so much.

Kay – 29th March 2015

I have been using a mooncup for 2 years now and love it. It stays in place through everyday activities including cycling, tennis and yoga. During my heaviest days it lasts around 6 hours, twice as long as super tampons. Inserting and removing did require practice and is not easy if your fingernails are very long. I also cut the entire stem off the mooncup because it is more comfortable, but it makes removal a bit more difficult. There is a tiny bit of leakage or spotting during heavy days so I now wear a slim cloth pad as backup. Since switching to the mooncup and cloth pads, I have very little discomfort and irritation during my period. No more disposable menstrual products for me!

Rachel – 28th March 2015

I recently bought a Mooncup after hearing it mentioned on a radio phone in about whether sanitary products should be taxed. A lady phoned in saying she used a Mooncup but that was all she said. I decided to look on the Internet to find out what this was as I’d never heard of them. I’ve just turned 50 and am in the throes of peri menopause. When I discoverd what a Moon cup was, I was intrigued to know more. I read as much information as I could including reviews, all of which were singing the Mooncups praises. I decided that I would like to try one for myself as the concept was a ‘no brainier’. I never thought there’d be a day when I couldn’t wait for my period to start so I could try it out. I have now been using the Mooncup for 2 days and I can honestly say it’s a wonderful invention! It is extremely easy to insert and remove (if you’re used to using tampons without the string, you’ll have no trouble). I can’t feel a thing once it’s inside and I could easily forget it’s there. My only gripe is I wish I’d discovered it sooner. I hate to think of the amount of money I’ve spent over the years on sanitary products. I would definitely recommend this product.

Julie – 27th March 2015

I’ve had my mooncup for nearly 3 years, and I love it. I bought it for the reason that I felt there had to be something more comfortable than pads, and I always leaked with tampons. It had nothing to do with the added benefits of being cheaper in the long run, and adding nothing to landfills (though they’re wonderful perks too!)
I couldn’t live without it now, and there is no way I would ever go back to something else. I often forget I’m even on my period, something which is impossible with pads / tampons, and my 7-8 day periods have become much shorter since using this too, something I’m convinced isn’t a coincidence. I do need a pad for the first day of my period, but that is an incredibly heavy day, otherwise I just pop this in and I’m good to go.

Also, it is fabulous to use in aeroplane bathrooms too. and there’s no faff about rubbish and sanitary products cluttering up your bag either.

Hannah – 24th March 2015

I was introduced to Mooncups 12 years ago and have used them ever since. I love their eco credentials, the total lack of waste and their cleanliness to use – no spillage, no mess. But the thing that I always tell people when they ask is how comfortable they are. No chaffing, like tampons, no abrasion or soreness. I ♥ Mooncup!

Megan – 24th March 2015

I bought my Mooncup last month after having a discussion with a friend about sanitary provision. It has always been a issue for me; sanitary pads are impractical, nasty, uncomfortable, and utterly useless on heavy days. Tampons are better but have never really felt comfortable, especially at the end of my period when my flow is a lot lighter and more unpredictable. I detest the feeling of dry tampons and sometimes you don’t have the right absorbency or even a spare with you. Plus I always felt disgusted with myself for throwing them away and polluting the world, but had no alternative! Mooncup changes all that! I read all the testimonials and everything on this site before buying mine, and everything these women have said before me is true – I even felt slightly less period pain than before, convincing me of my suspicion that tampons actually add to the discomfort. I didn’t see the need to wait until the latter days of my period to try the Mooncup, I got stuck in on the first day and just spent a little while practicing insertion and removal in the bathroom! Piece of cake once you know how! It’s such a relief knowing all I need to take with me when I’m out is some ibuprofen and a water bottle and not a stash of different tampons and liners. But aside from the overwhelming convenience and comfort, an unexpected plus, and perhaps the best thing about it, is I feel so much more in tune with my body! After one period using Mooncup I already feel like I know so much more about my cycle – I feel liberated! Mooncup does not feel invasive or malign but like it is designed to help you understand and support your body, not suppress or fight against it. I have told every woman I know to buy one and sent off for the stickers and leaflets – I am on a mission! I only wish, like every other Mooncup user, that I had known about it from the start. 11 year old me, embarrassed and needlessly ashamed by period stains and pads would have killed for one. Now, I have taken control, taken a step towards embracing my body, it’s functions and it’s needs, and my womanhood! Thank you Mooncup!

Jess – 18th March 2015

I bought the Moon Cup in January this year, and have now had two periods using it. Switching to the Moon Cup is one of the best decisions I have made in my life! I heard of it a few years ago but was put off by the idea of having to empty it in public places; this however is much easier than you would think as a) you don’t have to change it anywhere as near as much as a tampon and b) like the Q&A’s suggest, simply wiping it or using a water bottle is absolutely fine for the occasional time you do get caught in a cubicle without a sink. I knew when I bought the Moon Cup that it would have a number of advantages which have proved to be just as good as expected:
a) not having to buy tampons any more
b) not contributing to the environmental damage caused by disposable sanitary products
c) not having the dryness caused by a tampon
d) not having the awkward string poking out in embarrassing places such as the swimming pool!
All these advantages have been great and better than expected (the Moon Cup is so comfortable, you can’t tell it’s there, and putting it in and taking it out takes only the tiniest bit of practice!) but what’s been really great about the Moon Cup is the advantages I didn’t think about, which include:
a) Only having to change it every 7-8 hours, even on really heavy days
b) Not having the “odour” that comes along with your period, particularly towards the end of menstruation
c) Not having any “spotting” at the end of my period (bye bye pantyliners!)
d) Not having to worry about the size of tampons vs. flow – the Moon Cup can be worn throughout
e) Being really in touch with my body, and being able to know exactly when I have finished my period
f) They don’t cause any issues with toilet blockages, and you don’t have to deal with the ickyness that is the full sanitary bin in a public place.

Ladies – please try the Moon Cup! I have been singing it’s praises to my friends and I am shocked and actually quite disappointed that so many people think that a period is a “disgusting” thing, and that the Moon Cup is to be avoided – we should not be embarrassed by our bodies or scared of being more in touch with ourselves (yes, quite literally..!)
My only regret is not starting to use it earlier, as having now seen the difference in my body I have realised that the only disgusting and unnatural thing about periods is using any other type of sanitary product!
Go Moon Cup!

Becky – 14th March 2015

I LOVE IT!! My periods before having children where just hideous. I could easily spend £20 and more on pads and tampons in one period. It was a real down moment. My bag just seemed to consist of sanitary products. In the end I stayed in. I then found the Mooncup through an online forum. I read about it and read all the benefits it could have for me. It hasnt let me down. I have two children since I got my first mooncup and I wouldnt live without it. No smells, no leaking, no fear of going out and no more sanitary hang bag. It has helped me so much. My flow is lighter, im in less pain and I feel so much more confident. Ill sing the praises of my Mooncup to all my lady friends. Thank you!!

Lucy – 12th March 2015

It doesn’t smell. It doesn’t leak. You can wear whatever underwear you want (or none at all!). It doesn’t dry you out. It doesn’t leave fibres inside you. You don’t have to deal with it every time you go to the toilet. It can cope with clots. You don’t have to buy more and more every month. There’s no gross string hanging out of you. You don’t have to throw it away and feel guilty about the waste. It doesn’t feel like a nappy. You can measure your period so you know if something unusual happens. It doesn’t come wrapped up in pointless, wasteful packaging. You don’t have to carry loads of supplies around with you.
I feel free.

I did find insertion and removal a bit difficult to start with, but after sticking with it for a couple of days I soon got into the swing of it.

It saves me money, it saves me hassle and it’s comfortable. What more could I ask for?

liz – 9th March 2015

My mother had bought me a mooncup from another site and I fell in love with it. So I purchased one from here, and I will always love it! I love that I don’t have to spend so much on pads or tampons and I love that using the mooncup is better for the environment. And it lasts longer than a tampon. I never have to worry about running out of it:) I defiantly recommend this to my friends and family!!

Kristine – 8th March 2015

Oh my word, the Mooncup has changed my life!
I know some people have said they’ve found it difficult learning to insert and remove the Mooncup, and I know my experience isn’t the same as everyone’s, but I’ve found it SO easy.

No more worrying about leakage, no more excessive waste – it’s just brilliant.

laura – 7th March 2015

I started using my moon cup this week. Ladies, if you don’t know this product and are still using tampons and pads, I beg you to check it out! It is unbelievably fantastic!!
I never felt so comfortable during my period. No itchiness, no dryness, no leakage, no odour, no waste!! I feel much safer and healthier and in touch with myself. I can move around, I can go into the water for a bath or a swim, I enjoy being close with my boyfriend. And even the pain wasn’t as bad as usual this month.

It took me some time to give it a try because it was unfamiliar to me. I learned about it online and didn’t know anybody in person who was using a menstrual cup. I usually dread my period because I have very bad menstrual cramps and mood swings and the disposable sanitary products dry me out. I’m used to feeling just awful for several days and suffering from itches after each period.

I absolutely hate tampons, they always gave me pain. The fact that the moon cup is inserted into the vagina as is the tampon put me off for some time. I imagined inserting it as painful because of my experience with tampons and the size of the moon cup looked intimidating.

With finally mustering up the courage and giving the moon cup a try, I got the hang of it much quicker than I had expected. It doesn’t feel like a tampon at all, in fact, I find it much easier to insert despite the bigger size. Once it’s in, I barely feel it at all. There’s no burning sensation or uncomfortable itching, it smoothly slides in and sits comfortably low. It doesn’t feel like an intruding object at all.

I can officially state that I’m never going back!! I feel so ridiculously more comfortable and happy, I already lost a bit of my fear regarding my period after using it for only 4 days! Even my boyfriend is fond of it and notices that I’m much happier with it. I showed him the moon cup and dared to really talk about my period with him, I kinda lost a lot of my shame.

I think this product is simply genius. There’s only pros, all the way. Thank you, moon cup!! 😀

Anna – 4th March 2015

I bought my m’cup almost 2 years ago and i love it! My periods are not always the same as far as light or heavy flow. Not to mention I am helping the environment and my wallet at the same time! I love my cup and I highly recommend it to anyone!

Reeva – 2nd March 2015

I’ve had my mooncup for 6 months now, I was going travelling, and forced myself to get used to it during the period before we left, because as I suspected it was absolutely brilliant. Day one of period, on a boat for 13 hours with no toilet, let alone running water – no worries with my Mooncup. I was talking to a young woman today, saying she must try one… she grimaced, too much bodily contact. On thinking back I’m sad that I’ve added so much to landfill over the years, and maybe when I was younger I wouldn’t have felt comfortable being so “in touch with myself” however being a Nanny I change millions of dirty nappies/diapers I now recognise a period is just the same, it’s just a bodily function and there’s nothing dirty about it, it’s just life. Mooncups are so environmentally friendly, no nasty (real or imagined) smell and you never need period pants again, in fact I can continue to sleep in the buff for the whole month now, it’s brilliant. I’m definitely spreading the word.

Maria – 26th February 2015

I stumbled upon the mooncup by accident and it turned out to be an absolute life saver, although I still had to wear additional sanitary wear in the form of a panty liner it helped me control my heavy bleeding. After learning how to use the cup it really is no worse than using a tampon. I unfortunately had to have surgery for my heavy bleeding recently and my surgeon had never heard of them but has now researched the product. If it hadn’t have been for my discovery of the mooncup I don’t know how I would have coped.

Gregory’s girl – 25th February 2015

I heard about mooncups just a few years ago, and wish I’d known about them even sooner than that. I couldn’t be happier- it doesn’t have a revolting odor, no more expensive bleached cottons products, and it’s no messier than my tampons ever were. All of my worry about carrying enough sanitary products at any given time are gone because all I need is my one mooncup. This thing is incredibly freeing and I love it for so many reasons, I recommend it every chance I get.

Joyce – 25th February 2015

A life changing & completely genius invention! I feel grateful that I have found this product in my early twenties and have not had to endure years of bother with tampons and sanitary towels. You save money, look after the environment, feel clean and fresh during your period and it’s so easy to use. Believe every testimonial on here because it is the best thing that has ever happened to me regarding my period! You would be a fool not to buy one immediately!!

Chloe – 24th February 2015

I heard about Mooncup at Glastonbury last year, visited the website and thought I’d try one for myself.Now I see why everyone felt the need to leave their comments! The Mooncup makes you feel SOOO much better about your period that you just want everyone to discover how great it is!!

I have a contraceptive implant in my arm and, for me, a side effect of that is my periods often being lighter, but quite erratic. That meant that I was having to wear a thin liner nearly every day – just in case. With the Mooncup I can pop it in and not have to worry. It’s so much more comfortable than having to sit wearing a pad (and/or tampon) all day and worrying about when you might need to change it.

The Mooncup has absolutely changed my life when it comes to periods. I know it sounds like I’m exaggerating, but it’s made me more open about periods, I’m not embarrassed about them, I’m not constantly worrying that I might leak, I’m SAVING SO MUCH MONEY and also saving the environment!
Mooncup is just a win win win win win situation.

Thanks a million. 🙂

Claire – 24th February 2015

I’ve had my mooncup for three years so I can say I’ve truly tried and tested it! It took me a good three months to get to grips with it, my main issue was trying to insert it too high (like a tampon) and the length of the stem. I’ve since removed the whole of the stem as I found that personally I don’t need it. My advice for other women is to stick with it till you get used it, remember the difficulties you may have had first using a tampon and how they are second nature to insert now! The main benefits for me is that it really does reduce the amount of pain my period gives me, bizarre but true!
During my period, I am often very dry “down there”, and found that tampons made this worse. I prefer the mooncup as it does not absorb any moisture, but I find I need to use a little bit of lube (just once a day) to aid me inserting and removing it.

As it holds so much more than a tampon I don’t need to rush and change/empty it as often, in fact I often go to the loo and forget all about it as you really can’t feel it!

I’ve recommended it to all of my friends and family, a brilliant investment, saves money and the environment too.

Claire – 16th February 2015

Menstrual cups are not as commonly used in the US yet – so I hadn’t heard of them until recently. I did some research and decided on the MoonCup UK (MCUK). I can’t believe no one shared menstrual cups with before now. My period, for the first time ever wasn’t a huge inconvenience. The MCUK was easy to use – easier than I expected. I never felt comfortable in tampons and I was delightfully shocked when the MCUK was totally comfortable – couldn’t feel it at all, no matter how I ran, jumped, sat, rolled, slept – it was like it wasn’t there. There were no leaks, no smell, no issues.
I have already told many of my girlfriends to look into getting their own menstrual cup – of course recommending MCUK.
Thank you for making such a great product with the support needed to make sure your customers are successful!

Amanda – 15th February 2015

I just wanted to share my experience with the moon cup and encourage those of you reading the reviews to give it a try. I am not one to write reviews, but this is one product that all women should know more about. I realize it is not for everyone and you do need to be comfortable with your body to use it, but it is so much more superior to anything I have used. I think I had read about moon cup in an article and was intrigued and came to this website and read a bunch of reviews! I have been using a moon cup for about six months now and like everyone else will not go back! I was concerned it might not work for me since I have a history of vestibulitis and vaginismus (vaginal pain and uncontrollable vaginal contracting) that I needed pelvic floor physical therapy for. Although mostly resolved, I was still wary. This size kind of tripped me up too. I ordered size B- I am 31 and have no kiddos and it works great. There is a learning curve- read the directions and watch their little video- very helpful. Like everyone else said, don’t panic when you first go to take it out and can’t reach it very well! Took me a cycle or so to get really comfortable with insertion, etc.
Pros: you don’t have to deal with changing tampons every 2-4 hours.
A few months in, my husband and I went on a very extreme backpacking/camping trip in the Cascade Mountains. Of course I had my period the entire time. I climbed up mountains, slide down cliffs, and swam across a glacial lake without a leak. I even had to empty it on the side of a mountain ravine- if you can do it while balancing on a rock ledge, you can do it anywhere! and I didn’t have to pack tons of tampons in my pack!
You don’t have a string that gets wet or caught on anything
You don’t have uncomfortable vaginal dryness as your period is ending
I am very active- cross fit, P90X, hiking, etc. – I only had it leak once and it was during a hard cross fit workout that required a lot of jumping/weights. My period was heavier and I did not empty it for a few hours before the workout. Have had no problems since.
Cons: Occasionally a minute or so after insertion, the cup with “snap” or uncurl abruptly. doesn’t hurt per say, but feels a bit weird.
Although there were some reviews that said that it seemed to shorten their period or lessen their cramping, I have not noticed this in myself, but am just happy to have a great product that works so well. Really worth a try!

Nicole – 13th February 2015

I remember seeing the stickers for the mooncup in the ladies toilets when I was at University and thinking to myself, I should probably give that a go. Well, I graduated five years ago and have only just go round to actually doing it, and it was mostly the online reviews and testimonials that made me make that decision there and then. If only I had read the testimonials back then!
I personally didn’t find the whole concept of it weird or gross, I am quite in tune with my body. The only thing I had to overcome was getting used to insertion and removal. Trying different folding methods soon sorted the insertion, removal took a bit more practise but within a couple of days I felt confident and I knew that I would never go back. At first I used a liner because I wasn’t convinced it wasn’t going to leak but now I am totally confident in the mooncup.

It makes you feel SO much better about your period, you feel more in tune with what your body is doing, cramps are reduced, it’s cost effective, it’s more hygienic and for me knowing I am not adding to landfill is a huge benefit.

If you suffer with recurrent thrush or UTI’s – this product will change your life!!! (I don’t know why doctors don’t advise women to get one).

Kym – 13th February 2015

I have just used my mooncup for the first time and I’m converted already NEVER using a tampon again!!!! I had a lot of trouble getting it in and out but figure with practice it will become much easier over time I think I cut the stem too short and inserted in way to high but managed to get it out squatting in the shower £& using my lady muscles (sorry for the TMI but reading and watching videos is what helped me) I was getting panicked that I wasn’t going to be able to get it out. I suffer with bv and thrush all the time after the end of my period I think due to using tampons but I really think the mooncup will make that a thing of the past along with balance activ gel for 1 night at the end of my period I hope this May help anyone out there having similar troubles.

Katie – 10th February 2015

I recently heard of moon cup through a woman’s group online. I was a little sceptical at first, but I went ahead and purchased one. When my period came I used it. I’m never, ever going back to bags or tampons again. The cup is extremely comfortable, unlike a pad or a tampon I can’t feel that it is there. I can’t feel my period either which I can with the other products.
The moon cup is easy to insert and remove and it’s NOT messy like I thought it would be! I feel super clean too. No dryness, no itchiness! Peeing is easier too as with tampons the strong gets in the way and with pads it’s messy.

At night I can sleep however I want, I can roll about like usual with out worrying about spillage.

I can horse ride in it too with no problems cause it’s so flexible, it just stays where my body wants it. I can’t recommend it this product enough, it’s revolutionised periods, and it’s a green alternative to the thousands of pads and tampons we go through! Ladies if you’re unsure, give it a go. The worst that’ll happen is you don’t like it, the best that’ll happen is you’ll have hassle free, cheap periods for the rest of time!

Yey moon cup!

Abby – 10th February 2015

My sister is on a mission to convert the world to moon cup, (she’s even left a testimony, and she’s not the testimony type) having gone on about it for months she marched me into boots and made me buy one! My only regret is I didn’t listen to her earlier, it’s amazing!

Olivia – 7th February 2015

I’ve had my Mooncup for a year now and love it. It has saved me tons of money on tampons and pads. I feel like my hygiene is even better when using the Mooncup. It works great on both my heavier period days and my lighter days. Some discoloration has appeared now that I’ve used it for a year, but it still works great. I make sure to clean mine after every period. I recommend this product to all females! It’s way better than using tampons/pads and super comfortable. I don’t even notice it.

Kimberly – 7th February 2015

I have been using mooncup for 3 years and it makes my heavy periods more bearable. It took me a long time of trial and error to work out where I should wear it as I suffered a lot of leakage. Mooncup advisers were helpful in giving me pointers about how to solve this. I worked out I needed to cut the stem off altogether as it irritated me and wear it lower than I thought. During my period my cervix drops very low so wearing it low works. When I tried to wear it higher I just soaked my pads as usual. Now I am suffering inbetween period bleeding and having the mooncup is helping so much to cope with this, also I have been to see the doctor about this which is important. I am nearly 40 and have had 3 children so I wear the larger size. I would like my daughter to use this product when she is comfortable instead of tampons, she has just started her period and I hope my experience will save her from years of discomfort. After years of using tampons and pads only experiencing the discomfort of heavy tampons or dry tampons when my flow tailed off. I use the mooncup and pads now and use less pads during my cycle and feel much better even on my heaviest days. I can also plan my life around the heaviest days more easily.

Vi – 6th February 2015

I am 30 and have been using the small moon menstral cup for several months and I love it. I have never had a child. I have a retroverted uterus with heavy painful cycle. Could go through a super pad and tampon in 1-2hrs on a bad day. With moon menstral I have less pain and on heaviest day filled cup in 6 hours.

Alexis – 6th February 2015

Hi mooncup, I just wanted to let you know that your product has changed my monthly dreaded period. From changing both a tampon and sanitary towel hourly, due to my heavy flow, I now change my mooncup three hourly on my heavy days. I’m so much more comfortable and less stressed and bothered by my periods, so thank you!

Nikki – 2nd February 2015

The Mooncup changed my relationship with my period and with my body. Since I started using the mooncup I became more conscious and way more connected to my body and my femininity. Rather than considering it annoying and nasty, I know relate to my period as an interesting and beautiful phenomenon that is an integral part of myself.In addition, I also love the fact that the mooncup is environmental-friendly and that I don’t have to worry about carrying around tampons everywhere I go.
I highly recommend it to every woman!

Bianca – 2nd February 2015

At 45 I am no doubt in the last few years of my periods and I just wish I had discovered this sooner. Have had two c-sections and am an older customer but it has not mattered at all – the A-cup fits perfectly – and I am finally not having to deal with the leaks and discomfort tampons left me with. Am about to introduce this to my 14-year old daughter so she can have years of hassle-free periods. Thank you so much!

Rose – 2nd February 2015

This is the best £20 I have ever spent! Love my mooncup so much, no leaks, easy to use and so much more hygienic than tampons or pads. Would recommend to everyone!

Caroline – 31st January 2015

I bought my Mooncup about 5 months ago from Boots. I had read about them on social media, so I looked on your website and thought I would give it a go. I was sceptical, so I made sure I had some tampons ready just in case. I still have the box of tampons, unopened! I love my Mooncup. It gives me the freedom to do a days work with no sneaking off to the loo with my tampon up my sleeve as I don’t need to change throughout my working day! I don’t suffer the heaviness from a full tampon and since using my Mooncup I haven’t had a niggling headache (I always thought they were due to hormones, now I’m thinking they could be due to the dryness due to tampons or chemicals they put in them?) If you are thinking about giving it a go, don’t hesitate! I wish I’d had one years ago!

Rebecca – 27th January 2015

I Bought one of these from boots on Saturday. After reading a bit about them first, I was worried that it would take some getting used to. How wrong I was! These things are amazing, if you are reading about them, buy one! Don’t put it off a minute longer! No mess, no leaks it’s easy 🙂 I can’t say for sure after 2 days, but I’m pretty sure this might just be life changing! I have almost forgotten that I am on my period.

Charli – 26th January 2015

I would definitely recommend the moon cup to anyone. I bought one because I did not like the idea of using disposable products that then went into landfill and I also wanted to save money. The mooncup took a little getting used to, there is definitely a “knack” to it but once you’ve got it, it’s amazing! It stands up to all activities, I’ve never had any trouble with leaking. It is so much more convenient when going away to be able to take my one mooncup instead of lots of pads and tampons. Everyone should have one!

Rachel – 25th January 2015

I’m 18 and heard about the mooncup a couple of years ago but didn’t like the sound of it! I started on tampons a few years ago and found them much more liberating than pads but they dried me out! I was always concerned about harsh chemicals in tampons, but as a student just couldn’t afford to regularly buy natracare tampons! I am currently near the end of my first period with the mooncup and I’m never going back! It was easy to put in and take out from day one, its a lot easier than it looks! Its not messy and I can leave it all day whilst I’m out at college without having to worry! I often forget it’s that time of the month! No leakages throughout the day or night. With tampons I often woke up in the morning covered in blood! I feel like shouting out about this to women everywhere! More women need to be aware of this! I can’t express it enough!

Jasmine – 23rd January 2015

I love my Mooncup! I’m so incredible happy I’ve found it! I have been using Mooncup for 5 years now, and I can only encourage every one to buy one! It’s absolutely convenient for traveling, because you don’t have to change it so often. My period might not be as strong as some other women have, but I just change my Mooncup in the morning and in the evenings. So it’s perfect for traveling. You don’t have to carry stuff with you, except a water bottle if you like to change it during the day. I always forgot tampons at home or to buy new ones, so I really happy I don’t have to think of carry them with me. I can go swimming and into sauna without hoping that nobody can see that I’m wearing a tampon. I don’t have to go to the toilet every time I go for a swim, because Mooncup will not soak in water. I can do sports even hard ones. I always felt my tampons when doing sports with a lot of jumps, not with my Mooncup. I can’t feel it, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing. I always had problems with tampons on my very last days because my period wasn’t really strong then and tampons hurt really much when changing, I hate pads. So I’m really happy with my Mooncup, it doesn’t matter how strong my period is or if I have only spotting before getting my period, I can wear it and feel clean. Yes you can see your blood, but I think that’s nature. Why being afraid of seeing your own blood, it’s not ugly and you get used to it.

Mona – 23rd January 2015

An amazing invention! For the first time I feel utterly clean and healthy during my period. It has normalized the whole experience for me. My cramps have reduced, and there is a great sense of freedom not having to bring stacks of tampons with me everywhere I go. Thank you Mooncup!

Rachel-Rose – 22nd January 2015

The best product ever! I started using mooncup because I wanted to cut down on waste, but I couldn’t even handle tampons. Its taken me 3 periods to get to a point where its all I use! And I only used 4 pads on my last one. You can sleep, pee, run, skip, you really don’t feel it at all. I don’t need any stem to get it out either, it did take me a while of fishing around but then I found out I was going in at the wrong angle. My vagina and I have never been closer and I think she’s pretty grateful not to have rashes and smell gross every month! I can sit with my legs open on the tube and not get blasted by iffy wafts…

Jaz – 22nd January 2015

I had heard rave reviews from a friend and finally decided to bite the bullet- cannot thank my lucky stars I did. I always hated using tampons and other such products, finding them uncomfortable and stressful to use. Now that I have a Mooncup my period is quite literally a breeze. I feel clean, healthy, comfortable, not to mention richer! I go running, swimming, rock climbing with it in and I pretty much forget I have my period. No more running into Boots in a flap when I forget to stuff hundreds of tampons into my bag ‘just-in-case’, no more rustling, no more waste! If you are considering it, please, please do. You will not regret it! Thank you Mooncup!

Kitty – 19th January 2015

I have had my Mooncup for the past 7 years. It did take me a little getting used to, but with the concept of reducing waste and saving me money I have over time begun to use it as my main feminine hygiene product.
What I love about it is that it makes me feel almost normal whilst I’m on my period. I can still feel attractive to my partner and not worry about chunky pads.

I sometimes still use tampons overnight when my flow is particularly heavy, but I highly recommend the Mooncup – definitely my favourite choice.

Rebecca – 19th January 2015

When I tell people I use a mooncup one of the most common reactions is …ew. I have been happily using my mooncup for a good few years. It’s comfortable to wear and insert, unlike conventional raspy scratchy tampons. It doesn’t develop a putrid smell like sanitary towels. I recently misplaced my mooncup and reverted back to sanitary towels for 2 days. I forgot how dirty, fidgety and irritating they are! I had to rush out and buy a new mooncup immediately! I have found a way to not let my monthly cycle interfere with life and I had to get it back.What it doesn’t say on the tin is that mooncup is sensational at saving your sheets from dreaded stains, I also get far better nights sleep with a mooncup over disposable methods. Having discussed with a few friends we have discovered that mooncup seems to ease cramps, whether this is accurate or not it seems to be the only common denominator.
Practice makes perfect, inserting is easy but you will have the odd mishap. TIP: don’t ever whisk it out quickly not matter how much of a rush you are in!

Amy – 19th January 2015

I thought I’d share a full and frank first experience with the mooncup. I bought the size a for ladies after a vaginal birth or over 30. First I found this a bit upsetting as I’m over 30 without kids, (that wasn’t the problem although that is a whole other story) I’m fit n healthy and I really don’t want think of myself as looser down there. Anyway I got over it and purchased the recommended size. I got my next period on a quiet weekend at home so I thought I’d give it a try. Initially I felt congested down there I had to wee straight away.. You are full anyway so it was a bit unpleasant to add more stuff. As expected it felt a bit different but not massively uncomfortable. I got off to sleep easily. Unlike other methods, I forgot I had it in this morning when I woke. The removal could have been stressful but I had read up about it last night and I did the pelvic squeezes which moves it down, so I could get to pinch the bottom and pop it’s out. I felt empowered and that maybe I could move on to ping pong balls. It wasn’t messy either for a first go. I thought I’d be dealing with a scene from the Halloween or the like but it was easy to contain and no leaks. I am really pleased and impressed with my mooncup.

Chrissy – 9th January 2015

A friend told me about mooncup a few years ago and I thought it was revolting! Honestly I just couldn’t get my head around it and didn’t even consider giving it a try! By the way I’m a midwife so really should have been more accepting of it… Lol! Recently in my quest to start trying for a baby I’ve made some lifestyle changes to improve my health! For a long time now Tampons left me feel sore and dry especially on my lighter days and I hate using pads! I hate feeling like I’m wearing a nappy, the smell when changing them and having my waste bin filled with them! I also feel unclean during my time of month and just want to stay in bed till it’s all over!
Recently I went into boots to stock up on more tampons and Pads! I spotted the mooncup on the shelf picked it up and never turned back! I didn’t even give myself the chance to think about it!

The pack recommends to start using on day 2/3 of your period however once I’d bought it I went home and after contending with another Pad (I started that very day) I decided why wait! I boiled the mooncup and stuck it in! It took a few attempts before I more or less removed the whole stem before it was comfortable! But once it was in I forgot it was there!
The problem came when it come to removing it! I couldn’t find or reach the bloody thing and had no idea it would creep up so high! I tried with all my might to no avail… In the end called my husband who obviously wanted no part in my disaster and simple passed me the instruction booklet!
So the instructions say relax don’t panic… Blah blah blah! I was already tense and yes panicking! I honestly believed i’d have to go to A&E and have it surgically removed! Did I mention I’m a midwife!!!! Chances are I would know the gynaecology doctor called to assist at the local unit so this was not an option! I calmed down took some deep breaths did some little pushes and the moon cup materialised! I won’t lie was a bit messy, and the floor, my god the floor! But the cup was out! I rinsed it of and popped it back in! After spending £20 I was not going to be defeated on my first use! 3days later and I love it! Wish I tried it before, I can almost forget I’m even on! No cramps at all, no leaks at all and in never ever going back to tampons or pads!
I want to tell everybody and anybody about mooncup! Unfortunately my friends don’t seem to share my enthusiasm!
A little disappointed I didn’t receive any stickers with my box otherwise I would have used them in the loos at work and try convert a few more!

Dionne – 8th January 2015

I’ve been a dedicated Mooncup user for a number of years, and like others here I couldn’t be more pleased that I found Mooncup. Recently I started to experience some leakage on the heaviest day of my period when using my Mooncup, so contacted the advice line about this. The advice got was helpful, timely and considerate. I was impressed how seriously the company take helping Mooncup users out and would encourage others if they are not sure just to drop them a line and ask. Thanks Mooncup!

Ginny – 7th January 2015

So, this is about the best thing ever. I first heard about the mooncup via some stickers around my university, looked it up, saw some testimonials and figured it was worth a shot. I’ve never tried tampons (the whole TSS thing was a bit worrying) but pads: feel horrible, get expensive after a while, inevitably result in mess on my clothes, irritate me or even give me thrush if I accidentally get the wrong type, and are *not easy* to dispose of discretely in university accommodation.
Headed down to the local Boots and bought one – was slightly miffed that it cost a couple pounds more than advertised on the website, but still way cheaper in the long run and didn’t have time to faff around with delivery times, so I got it.

It’s amazing. It takes a little practice to get in and out the few few times, and if you have problems with poking around inside or seeing a small cup of blood, you may have to steel yourself. However, I can’t feel it at *all*, there’s no leaking, it needs emptying about twice a day (so much more convenient than pads) and you don’t need to worry about packing enough spares. Also, there was far less actual contact with blood than if I’d been using pads and having to remove/change them. With the exception of cramps on the first day, which I always get, and literally a minute a day of emptying it, I could not tell that I was on my period at all. Incredible. Plus, saving money in the long run.

Having used it, I honestly cannot tell why anyone would go for anything else instead. Spread the word to university students particularly – we’re moving away from home, starting to buy these things for ourselves, and it makes life so much easier.

Lauren – 6th January 2015

I’m 32, always struggled with tampons and found towels a bit stressful as my periods are short, but quite heavy. Since I started using the mooncup my periods are stress-free. I feel a lot more in control of my period because the mooncup is easy to use and so hygienic. You can also feel good about the fact that you’re doing your bit for the environment. It’s also cheaper! No brainer.

Kate – 6th January 2015

10 years ago an old school friend told me about the Mooncup. I thought it was a great idea and what a fantastic way to save money on the “monthly” (as my Mother calls it) and also aid the environment. I try to be as conscientious as I can be towards green issues, however I carried on as normal thinking that I’ll get around to it one day. And eventually I did.I am 36yrs old and had a child by C section – so I wasn’t sure about the sizing, although I opted for the larger one (and it is only marginally larger) as I didn’t want leaks.
Day One
Managed to get it in ok. Much better if wet (water not a lubricant). Needed to adjust it a few times and trim the stem but ones it’s in place it’s in place and you can’t feel a thing. You really don’t know it’s there. Fantastic! As a parent you know that you don’t get any time to yourself so going for a wee whilst having a child glued to my side asking various questions about Barbies was fine as there was no issues as there was nothing to see (mooncup inside). Impressed with the convenience. And it lasts between 4-8hrs – much longer than a towel or tampon. Still impressed.
Getting it out was a little tricky at first. I thought I might have to explain it to staff at my local A&E! My advice. Read the instructions! It does give you tips. And relax!
Day Two
Who’s idea was it to go to Ikea! Public toilets I was dreading! I think my friend thought I’d got lost I took so long! However, I’m still here to tell the tail, a quick wipe out and it was fine.
My first thoughts was that it was going to be very messy. But it’s seriously not. I’ve not “spilt a drop” – once you hear the suction release you know it’s nearly out, a quick wiggle and to get ready to ‘tip and rinse’. Make sure you wash hands before and afterwards.
Day Three
I have getting it out to a fine art now. The main thing is relax. Much quicker. Now no one knows the difference if I go to the toilet for a wee as it’s out, rinsed and back in in no time at all.
I am converted! No more hassles of sliding a tampon up your sleeve when you go to the loo and no more monthly expense as this lasts for years.
I didn’t get on very well with sanitary towels as I suffer with a skin condition in that area which used to flare up when I wore these, and tampons used to give me “twangs” similar to period pains. Plus it’s better for the environment and our used products don’t end up in the sea with all the sea creatures….would you like to swim around with our used sanitary products by your side?
I never write reviews, but I am seriously impressed! Only Day Three and I’m converted. I can’t stress enough for more women to try it. Comes with a cute discreet storage bag too! No need to hide tampons or towels in the zip up compartment of my handbag and I don’t dread my periods anymore…win win! I can’t believe I waited 10 years! Thank you Mooncup Makers!
P.S No leaks either (including overnight!) – the larger one is really only fractionally bigger than the smaller one, and remember you want it to make a proper seal, so if in doubt and you’ve had a C section, then go for the larger one. Just try it – you’ve nothing to lose!

Katie – 6th January 2015

Thanks to my mooncup I no longer feel gross during my period! The use of tampons and sanitary towels made me feel dirty and uncomfortable for years, now with the mooncup I often forget I’m even in my period! I feel cleaner and much more accepting of my period.

Alice – 4th January 2015

I bought a moon cup yesterday after reading a link on Facebook. This product is brilliant. I love not having all the waste in the bin and leaking pads or tampons. The thought of being environmentally friendly is a massive bonus too. This product needs more advertising it is amazing. Well done for the help for girls in Africa too.

Karen – 4th January 2015

I bought my Mooncup in 2003 and have been using it ever since. It’s such an intuitive product which I promote whenever is appropriate. I’m not paying into a massive corporation, it’s mine to keep and use as long as I need to. It’s discrete, easy to use, and comfortably reliable. I’ve been “caught out” a few times and am so aware of the waste being created and the messiness whenever I’ve used conventional products. It’s particularly good when travelling. I love my Mooncup and will do till I no longer need it. X

Bethan – 3rd January 2015

Since having my children (eldest is 6), my periods have been excruciating. I have always had heavy periods, and very painful. But since giving birth twice, I just couldn’t find a protection that a) fit me properly and b) could cope with my heavy flow. I stand most of the day at work and leak a lot. It was so humiliating. Tampons would HURT. I had a constant ache and felt like I was bruised from a kick! It was vile.
A friend told me about Mooncup a year or two ago, and I did investigate, but put it off. Desperate enough to go to the doctor to request a hysterectomy to free me from my misery, I decided to give it a go. It has revolutionised my period. Gone is the leaking, the general aching and bruised feeling, and obviously it hasn’t affected my flow, but I am able to get on with my life and not even remember I am having my period. Thank you!!

Aly – 1st January 2015

I just bought a mooncup and tried it today for the first time. I wish I’d known about this when I was younger. it’s fantastic. Why don’t more people know about this? I just stumbled on it on the net, don’t ask me how, I have no idea. Why don’t women know about this? Come on, every woman should have one. It’s so liberating!

Sam – 30th December 2014

I brought my mooncup and looking for a more practical solution to dealing with my period. (Where I work I’d have to go to my locker to get things to use and so many other things having a period was almost impossible). But now I am in and out the loo in 3 minuets!! So easy to insert, reading the what you should do and then adapting it to you is best. And you just need to get used to taking it out then you’ve got it sorted.
I have a heavy flow for three days then the other three I’m pretty light. I can leave the cup upto 3 hours before I need ro change it on my heavy days.

Honestly a life saver.

I’ve been singing it’s praises since the first moment I used it. Saved so much money to.

900/10 would certainly recommend.

Hayley – 28th December 2014

I’m disgusted with myself that I didn’t try this 4 years ago when I first heard of the mooncup! I’m 43 now, and can honestly say I just had the most comfortable period of my life, and I’m a first time user. What had put me off before was notions of spraying blood all over the bathroom if I dropped it, but it’s completely safe! SO much better than the ubiquitous leaky tampon and the sodden pad that takes you by surprise on a long drive home, or at a friend’s house, or somewhere equally awkward. Ever decided NOT to go somewhere due to the possibility that you’d have to find a toilet every hour or that there won’t be any hygienic place to dispose of your used tampon? You’ll never have to stay home again!
I’ve had two tiny leaks – once due to an insertion error as it hadn’t unfolded properly, and once because it was full after an 8 hour sleep, but neither were as problematic as a leaky tampon and the panti liner didn’t have a lot to contend with. Delighted. Seriously delighted. This will change my life.

Ps. When I saw the stickers that came with my mooncup, I thought “Where the hell would I want to put those?…and why?”. Now I know. All women should know about this, so I’ll be sticking mine on a wall next to a tampon dispenser in a ladies near me soon!!

Sadie – 28th December 2014

I can’t believe how well this worked! I normally have to wear tampons and pads, and on my heaviest days this normally means four-six trips to the loo every day! I go through a packet of pads normally every period, and a box of tampons every two-three months. However since buying my mooncup I have saved myself so much money and time! I now only have to go to the toilet in the mornings and before bed, and maybe once more during the day! It’s so easy to use and clean, and not at all messy once you get used to it! It’s also less uncomfortable than a tampon, I think, and the best part, I no longer need pads! No leakage what so ever! I can’t thank you enough for making such a wonderful product!

Beth – 23rd December 2014

Looked at one of these repeatedly over my 20’s but thought it was a lot of money to spend if it turned out I didn’t like it.
Turns out age 30 I should have got one ages ago – it’s well worth the money.

If you are a tampon user you will have no trouble, you don’t even know it’s there though I did snip off half the stem as had read other reviews on this.

It’s also great knowing your not leaving tampon fibres inside you but you get the same clean feeling!!!

Anna – 22nd December 2014

I am 20yrs and a dental nurse. I had the contraceptive implant for a year and had it removed two months ago as I was not happy with it; it stopped my periods altogether and was affecting my mood a little. When I had my first period for a year I used tampons like I always have. But having not used them for so long and then going back to tampons, I remembered all the things I hate about them. They dry me out so badly and I get leakage with them when I am heavy- I never feel entirely “safe” wearing them. My job means a lot of moving and sitting so I was wearing a pad as well to keep me feeling safe but that was so uncomfortable. I decided to try the mooncup and honestly I wish I had gotten one six years ago! It was fiddly to begin with but you get used to it. Also, “birthing” it can be a bit of a pain but my pelvic floor thanks me for it, I am sure! I love it. It feels cleaner, I am not as dry, I do not have to carry bulky tampons everywhere and I do not have to fill the world up with used sanitary stuff. I love it to bits. Recommend recommend recommend.

Charlotte – 21st December 2014

I bought the Mooncup 6 months ago after getting fed up with pads and looking for an alternative. I am a young backpacker and have to say it is brilliant! Although it took a bit of practice to insert (I’d never used tampons) I quickly got the hang of it and it is so easy to use. Great for travelling as takes up no space at all in your backpack and there’s no guilt about the environment either. I only wish I’d discovered this fantastic product earlier as they are an absolute godsend and every woman needs one. They are so comfortable that you forget you’re on your period and the money saved is fantastic. No mess, no hassle, I cannot thank Mooncup enough for this great product -I’m never going back to anything else!! Give it a try and you won’t regret it!

Sara – 20th December 2014

I have been using tampons for 7 years and I became increasingly guilty about flushing tampons down the toilet, but found taking them out and wrapping them in tissue too gross.
Saw a sticker on the back of a university toilet for the mooncup and thought I would give it a go. I have just completed my first period using just a mooncup and I am never going back!

This is the future of sanitary protection! Tampons/pads are something we all should have moved on from long ago!

I found it really easy to insert by following the instructions, and it fits really comfortably. Can’t feel it’s there at all.

Taking it out and rinsing it not as gross as I thought it would be either – infact it seems more natural and its an easier way of gaging your flow.

My favourite thing about it? You can wear whatever knickers you want! You can even walk around naked! So if you have a partner, you can still get sexy infront of him, instead of slobbing around in granny pants 🙂

Thank you Mooncup, this is a life-changing product!

Mia – 19th December 2014

I’m 32. Decided to use a Mooncup for ecological reasons, and also I was having constant UTIs and wondered if switching to a Mooncup might help. Two things I’ve noticed since using a Mooncup- little or no period pain and a big reduction in the amount of UTIs I get. I am very pleased with it. I love that I don’t have to worry about buying tampons or carrying them around with me. I’ve had no problems at all using the Mooncup. So glad I made the switch!

Lily – 19th December 2014

I purchased the Mooncup for the summer as I didn’t like the sound of tampons. I am 16 years old and have no experience of inserting tampons. At first I struggled to insert the mooncup, but after a few attempts I succeeded. I find that the ‘punch down’ fold is the best. I had to trim off quite a bit of the stem and now when I use it I can’t even feel it. It is amazing. I used it for the first full school day today (previously been using it to bed and just on short trips out) and it was amazing. No leakage even though it was the second day (quite heavy)!!! I am seriously impressed. I would advise everyone to get one. Although it may be hard to get the hang of at first, it is seriously worth persevering as it has changed my life! I love it and I would give it 5 stars!

Victoria – 9th December 2014

Best purchase I have made in years. I hated towels, tampons constantly slipped because my muscles contracted forcing them out. My moon cup (nick named moon pig by bf) is clean, easy to use and lasts all day. I cant feel it, unlike tampons and so completely forget my period. And best still, i have realised my periods are normal and not the heavy and painful things I thought they was. That was clearly the mess that lossing tempons was causing.
I will never go back

Nikki – 1st December 2014

The best product. You feel much cleaner and much more comfortable. Few pointers for any newbies… pushing down helps, loads… cut your nails… and sometimes it will unfold a few minutes later and it might make you jump!

Emily – 1st December 2014

I’d thought about trying one for years, but never got round to it (probably would have got one sooner if they could be bought off the shelf in boots!). Then I got a copper coil fitted 6 months ago so decided to try the mooncup to cope with potential heavier periods. Unfortunately with the coil I get a week of spotting/light bleeding before my period – the mooncup makes this so much easier to manage. It’s a bit of hassle in the toilets at work, but yes, I wish I’d got one years ago. While I’m not sure if I’ll put up with the coil for much longer, I’m keeping my mooncup! And I’ll be buying my daughter one as soon as she starts her periods too.

Louise – 30th November 2014

I’ve been a satisfied user of mooncup for about 3 years now! I’m 23 (started periods at 10), and had been wanting to try mooncup for environmental reasons for several years but hadn’t plucked up the courage to give it a go. The last straw for me though was missing a martial arts tournament because I was on my period: I would regularly overwhelm my tampax super-duper-extra-plus-plus-plus and the thought of that happening in the ring (while wearing a white gi!) was unbearable. When I thought about it some more, the idea of having to miss things I wanted to do as well as the endless round of dashes to the bathroom to change tampons and clean up leaks for potentially the next 40 years just didn’t fly (personally I’m not comfortable with using contraceptives to reduce my periods – better out than in, right? that’s my opinion, anyway). Admittedly when I first opened the box I was pretty intimidated by the size of the thing, but after getting used to it gradually (using just once per period at first, then for one day, and so on), I am now a competent user and would definitely not go back to tampons! It’s just a matter of working out which technique suits you best and making it a habit. Standing in the kitchen, casually boiling your mooncup on the stove can feel bizarre at first but actually, it’s a lot easier than emergency dashes to the 24hr petrol station for supplies! For anyone who wants to use mooncup but is not sure/already using it but struggling, my advice is persevere at your own pace. It’s not a race, and if you want to go back to tampons/pads for a while it’s not a problem – mooncup will still be there when you’re ready for another go. Eventually you’ll get the hang of it, and you will have saved money, the environment, and improved your health and convenience. For me, I knew I was a proper, paid-up member of the mooncup club when I successfully went swimming on my period – before mooncup, there was no way in HELL I would even have CONSIDERED that!!! So that shows it works! Now I preach the mooncup gospel whenever the opportunity arises. The only objection (and a half-hearted one at that) was from my mum, who worried about TSS – but I pointed out to her that tampons are not exactly sterile when they come out of their cardboards boxes after spending weeks on a supermarket shelf (whereas mooncup can be sterilised easily), AND they leave potentially harmful residue which mooncup doesn’t! I think she had no choice but to yield to the logic of the situation after that 😀

Elinoir – 29th November 2014

I am not one to write reviews but this is a great product. For many years I have suffered the fear of leaking, especially, the first two days of my period where I am very heavy and sleeping was uncomfortable as I have had many episodes of ruining bed sheets. It was all quite stressful. Last month, I used the mooncup and though I still used a pad, I managed to sleep without waking up every 2 hours to change. I haven’t quite mastered getting it out without the mess so I have not been able to use the cup without a pad during the day ( I have since discovered I need to empty after 6hours on my heavy days). Anyway this is so good that I urge anyone thinking to buy one to just get on with it. It feels cleaner and it will change your life. I look forward to the day I master taking it out without the mess so I can use it while I am at work and can feel comfortable enough to just simply take a bottle of water to rinse and reinsert in the ladies. Until then, I have stopped using tampons and i am reducing the amount of pads, which I hope helps in helping the environment.

Carm – 29th November 2014

I had been meaning to buy one of these for ages! Sick of tampons and smelly pads, I went out today and bought myself one from Boots. I have to say, it has revolutionised the way I have my period. Saying goodbye and farewell to those cottony friends was the best thing I ever did! I have my mooncup in now for the first time and after a couple of inserts, I’m now pretty confident with my purchase! I want to do my part to help keep this planet clean and tidy for generations to come and the more women buy this product, the world will be less full of sanitary waste! I am so happy that I purchased the MoonCup, I already have friends talking about it and thinking of getting one for themselves! Whoever created this idea is a genius! I feel a lot cleaner ‘down there’, more hygienic and environmentally friendly already. Thank you MoonCup!

Chloe – 25th November 2014

I’ve never reviewed anything before, but this is life changing! I’d heard about the mooncup and liked the idea but was always a bit scared at the reality of it. Then I suddenly had to come off the pill and didn’t have any control over when my periods happened – and I had a beach holiday booked in for two months later… So I bit the bullet and got one. I’m hugely squeamish, and quite clumsy, so the first couple of goes at getting it in were a bit eye opening! It’s definitely easier to do it when it’s wet, and I ended up cutting off almost the entire stem. Read the leaflet with all the tips about how to fold it – they really work! Although you’re really good to go from the first time you try it, I agree it does take a couple of months to get completely used to it, and now 2 years later, I’d never, ever go back to tampons. I didn’t realise how drying they were until I used the mooncup. It’s brilliant to use, just pop it in at the start of the day and then forget about it until you get home again. And I don’t know how, but it has shortened my period by about two days. And I love knowing what’s normal for me too, I feel more in touch with what’s going on with my body. Thank you!

Vicky – 23rd November 2014

I’m on my fourth month of using my moon cup and I have never looked back. Its amazing. I couldn’t use tampons, so its a massive liberation from awful sanitary towels. I don’t have to wear period pants any more and it feels so much cleaner and hygienic!Its easy to use and really comfortable. I ended up snipping off most of the stem. I struggled the first few times taking it out but after that it was fine. Just don’t panic and stick with it!
I recommend this to anyone who is fed up with traditional products that are dry and uncomfortable and it saves quite a bit of money. Its paid for itself already!

Lou – 21st November 2014

I’m 16 and first got my period last year. I absolutely hated it and was glad I was really irregular and I still only get it every three or four months. But tampons and pads were the worst. Pads are sweaty and awkward and feel gross and tampons, I was constantly worried about leaving them in too long and they dried me out. But I just bought the mooncup today and I love it!! Was awkward at first and I tried so many times coz I’m kinda tight but used a lubricant and it went it easily!

Steph – 21st November 2014

I love the mooncup! My friend introduced me to it years ago when travelling (perfect when packing light and hard to get tampons) and I have never looked back. The odd time when I first started using it I had an occasional leak but probably happened less than with tampons and now it just seems to fit me like a glove. I find it way more comfortable than tampons…totally forget I’m wearing it at all quite often and I like how it doesn’t react with your body at all/isn’t dry and abrasive. Is also really easy to empty out and actually feels way cleaner than tampax once you get used to it.

Becky – 19th November 2014

I had wanted to try a Mooncup for some time as liked the idea of being more green, but I never seemed to get round to buying one. Finally, after getting more and more uncomfortable with tampons, especially after having a baby and getting a copper coil fitted, which made my periods heavier and more painful, I ordered one online. I am coming to the end of my first month using it and I am amazed. It is so comfortable, and far from being messy, apart from a little bit when changing, I feel much cleaner during my period than I ever have. My cramps were less and I didn’t even know I was wearing it and could go much longer inbetween changes. I can’t get over how easy it is to use, it was a little fiddly first time and I had to cut the stem almost off, but after a couple of goes it was easy to insert and then really easy to remove, just lean back on the toilet and give a couple of gentle pushes with your muscles and it moves down enough to get hold of and pull gently out. I am just annoyed that I did not try it sooner as I’m 38 now. I have just had to tell all of my female friends as they all need to try it and see how wonderful it is. My daughter is only small, but I know what I will be introducing her to when she starts her periods (many years down the line). Thanks Mooncup you are a life changing discovery!

J – 10th November 2014

I am 45 and after using tampons for over 30 yeRs was finding my flow so heavy that even the most absorbent tampson still leaked after 1 hour, so unhappily had to revert to tampons. This is my first period using the mooncup. It took a few goes to perfect the technique of inserting and then removing, but I love it! I wore a pad the first 2 days ‘just in case’ but it was fine, I confident,y used only the mooncup at night (although had to change it after 6 hours as flow so heavy) but it’s great – I absolutely love the freedom it provides. I had to trim the stem half way as it was uncomfortable when I sat down but now I cannot feel it at all and can forget I am on my period. If you are reading the reviews thinking about whether to order a mooncup, don’t hesitate just get one. No more towels or tampons, just tip the blood away, rinse and re-insert.

Nicnack – 9th November 2014

I found out about Mooncup from Freelee the banana girl on Youtube. As a person who has un-predictable period thank you so much for this product. I feel like it’s another step in the right direction to help save the planet and landfills, help the fight against testing on animals and also it’s much better for me too. Tampons and pads dry out and rub my skin, this is my 2nd day on Mooncup and it’s been a blessing, much more comfortable!I must admit the first time I emptied it made me yak a bit but I’m already used to it, I just need to get used to taking it out bit, I need to get a routine going.
Thank you for this wonderful invention 🙂

Siobhan – 4th November 2014

I’m in my first few days of using Mooncup and already a convert. Bit scary the first night as it went high, but after a bit more practise and some pelvic floor exercises along with some patience that I rarely possess, I’m there! I always used to feel dry using tampons and Mooncup makes me feel normal, and let’s face it how many of us can say we feel normal at that time of month?! I never liked the idea of using a non applicator tampon and used to revert to towels as soon as I my flow was lighter, but Mooncup just seems more natural and I’m totally confident using it! Feel much more balanced and it’s much easier to see how heavy or light my period is, I shall be spreading the word, Thank you Mooncup, for improving my life, sometimes it’s the little things in life that ,Eam so much 🙂

Rachel – 31st October 2014

I’m not one for adding a testimonial but I can honestly say the mooncup has radically changed my periods. I didn’t have much problem with inserting, after one cycle I was absolutely fine with it, I did cut the stem right down though. No more bloating, I feel totally normal whilst on my period, so much so that once I’ve emptied it in the morning I can forget about it which is great as I work in the community visiting people in there own homes ( you don’t want to be worrying about changing tampons in clients house, yuck, or that you maybe leaking) no more embarrassment for me. All I need to do is empty it again the evening, easy.
It’s also shortened my periods by 2 days. I run with it in and play netball, jump around and I feel totally confident with it and no leaks what’s so ever. I must add here that I was previously having to use pad and tampon on my heavy days.
My one regret is that I didn’t change earlier and so I’m on a mission to convert my sisters and friends, why would I keep this gem to myself, tell the world

Kedwards – 21st September 2014

I was studying abroad when I first heard about the moon cup and decided to look it up, however I couldn’t get it shipped to where I was at the time so I eventually forgot about it. A couple months ago I decided I was tired of tampons and started looking around for something else to use when I remembered the moon cup and it couldn’t have been sooner. I looked it up, ordered it, and impatiently waited for my next period. Hah! But when it came around the next month, I was prepared. I had cut the stem off immediately after reading other reviews, practiced using it, and went about my day. There’s no embarrassing “evidence” when I visit friends, no more pointless cotton filling up the earth, and no more worrying about the harmful side effects of tampons on the body C; I’ve even recommended it to several friends and I hope they make the move.

A Happy Moon User – 19th September 2014

I heard of the Mooncup a few years ago but at that time I was even too scared to use tampons. When I started using tampons, I was getting sick of all the waste and smelly rubbish bins in the bathroom. When I got my contraceptive implant and I knew irregular bleedings could occur I was looking for a new solution. I have used the mooncup for 6 months now and I’m super happy with it. I couldn’t get it in first and it took me a day of practice but it all went well and I would NEVER go back to tampons or pads.

Anna – 17th September 2014

Absolutely think it’s the best thing ever, so simple and easy to use, thank you to my sister in law for recommending it. Can’t big it up enough!

Zoe – 16th September 2014

This cup is amazing! I have like five other cups all different brands, but MCUK is my favorite by far! I can’t believe I keep putting if off for so long and just ordered one now. If this was my first cup then I probably would not have to buy the others. Frankly all cups are comfortable and better than tampons but this cups doesn’t leak while all others do, at least for me that’s how they work out. Out of all my cups, this one also seems to be of better quality than some others. I’ve heard people talking about the rim of this cup to be too firm but I think it’s actually pretty soft, yet the design makes it pop open so easily! I only wish is that the holes could be placed even more higher so this cup could have an even bigger capacity as I have very heavy flow, but I will forever choose cleaning my mooncup more often over constant leaking.

Ting – 13th September 2014

I have just bought my second mooncup after giving birth. I have used mooncup for ten years before having my son, and I have never looked back. I hated using pads as they felt like nappies and really didn’t get on with tampons as they were so uncomfortable. My first experience trying to remove the mooncup I was too tense and worried myself silly so didn’t find it easy, after a small amount of practice I now don’t even think about taking it out or putting it in.
I have found mooncup cleaner, easier, more comfortable and leak proof. I have been swimming and trampolining with it in and haven’t even been slightly worried about leakage. It’s discrete and much greener for the environment.

Mooncup has made something which was once rather inconvienient into something I don’t even notice.

Thank you mooncup, I am very grateful!

Hazel – 12th September 2014

Bought my Mooncup over a year ago and the condition is still as new. I use the bicarbonate of soda + damp flannel technique to rub off any staining and sanitise it for the next use. When I first purchased it in March 2013, it took about 2 or 3 cycles to get used to using it, mainly removing it. I wrote to the Mooncup Team and they were very helpful and speedily wrote me a reply with some advice, so I started partially folding the Mooncup when removing it. Now I don’t need to do that all and use the wiggle side-to-side technique. I’m also way more relaxed when removing it and have no issues at all. I exercise and go about my business without having to worry about any leaks or anything. I’m now like many women (and girls) who ‘love’ their Mooncup, although I haven’t named it anything as I think ‘Mooncup’ is the perfect name for it. Like so many others, I wish I’d known about this little gem when I had my first cycle. I reckon Mooncup / menstrual cups should be included on the sexual health curriculum. I think everyone should have the right information to make the right choices for themselves. Lisa E.
Aged 30

Lisa E. – 12th September 2014

I bought a mooncup 3 years ago after seeing a sticker on a toilet cubicle in a shopping centre. It was honestly the best thing I ever did. As a nurse it is often difficult for me to get away from the ward, making my period a nightmare time of the month. With mooncup it’s easy, I just pop it in in the morning and forget about it. There is no worrying throughout the day about how I’m going to get away to the loo etc. I also find my mooncup a lot more comfortable than tampons, I have an IUS fitted so my periods are fairly light. This meant that removing tampons was really uncomfortable as they were often dry. I have none of that with my mooncup. I would honestly recommend that every female give them a go, you won’t be disappointed!!

Jenny – 10th September 2014

When a friend told me about the Mooncup I initially thought Yuck! and dismissed the idea. Then I had my daughter and my periods got really heavy, I needed tampons and pads but still had embarrassing leaks so eventually I stopped going out socially during my on days as it was too stressful! Also my period pains got worse, I would spend hours bent up with a hot water bottle getting grumpy with anyone and everyone! So I decided to try it, that was about 4 years ago. The first few days of using it were a bit hit or miss but once I got used to it it changed everything. I no longer have to fill my supermarket trolley with tampons and pads saving me about £10 a month, or fill handbags to bursting point once a month. No more worries about leaks, even heavy periods go by with ease. My period pains have gone, I don’t seem to get PMT. It’s less messy than I had to cope with before. I can’t fault it! I only wish I had known about it sooner, I could have saved so much waste from tampons,goodness knows how much money and stopped so many days being ruined by cramps. Thank you to everyone that was involved in creating this amazing product! I have recommended it to friends and will be sure to tell my daughter when she gets her periods and hopefully I can save her some of the pain and misery that I had to go through! : )

Ruby – 6th September 2014

Mooncup saved my holiday, my music festival, my camping weekend,the list goes on. I heard about Mooncup a few years ago but wasn’t sure if they were worth the money, until I realised a few months ago that my period was due smack in the middle of my beach holiday. There’s nothing worse than having to go to the loo & change your tampon every time you go in the water or risk leaking on your towel, so I decided to invest. Best money I have ever spent, it hasn’t been all plain sailing, it took me a few attempts to get the hang of it, and I had to trim the stem off completely – but now it’s so easy to use & clean, and no more carrying a small suitcase of tampons & towels around ‘just in case’.I literally can’t recommend this product enough!

Carrie – 5th September 2014

Trying out the mooncup has not been a stress free experience with a few adjustments needed to positioning and one minor panic about the cup being stuck forever… That being said I have had no cramps, no accidents or leakage and a period which stopped 2 days earlier than normal. There is no discomfort and the washing process is surprisingly easy with a small water bottle in your handbag! Go and buy one it will change your periods for the better!!

Betsy – 5th September 2014

I love my mooncup, it is so practical and confotable to use, and it isnt harmful to me or the environment. I’ve been passing on the messege and now my sister has one too and loves it! MOONCUPS FOR EVERYONE

Vivien – 30th August 2014

I purchased the mooncup after reading the reviews online over a few months, as a fibroid and heavy period sufferer(I’ve taken various medication and numerous operations but refuse an hysterectomy) I decided as I’d tried every other form of sanitary protection I had nothing to lose! The best decision I have made, I have just had the most easiest, convenient and stress free period for over 10 years! The mooncup is amazing, I couldn’t praise it enough, inserting it is easy( but I have used a diaphragm for contraception for years) it kept me clean and fresh, no leakage, no stomach cramps and no embarrassing moments where I would suddenly pass blood clots and find myself covered! Emptying it was easy and I also found the measurements inside the cup very useful as it is a way for me to monitor blood loss( I am anemic). For some reason I didn’t experience as much pain, or bleeding and it didn’t last as long( 5 days instead of the usual 10 plus) I can not recommend this product enough, I wish I had discovered it years ago! For the firat time in over 10 years I actually had a life during my period. I almost don’t dread my next period! Highly recommended

Michelle – 26th August 2014

Thank you. My mooncup arrived just in time for my period and now my life has changed for the better. My periods are fairly light and a bit erratic so tampons don’t work for me. I have been using pads but hate them. A friend told me about the Mooncup a few years ago and finally I ordered one. I just want to tell those out there that are thinking about it, do it! They are sightly awkward to use at first but, by reading other peoples feedback and doing internet research, I was well informed with tips etc and have had no troubles. Thanks again. It is great to have options, and you guys make a great product.

Jenny – 26th August 2014

I have NEVER been this thrilled with a period related product, nor would I have ever expected to be. I’m so excited about Mooncup that I actually want to frantically run up to strangers and tell them about it, because whilst they may not work for everyone, which is unfortunate, all women should at least know about them, and give one a try, as they are revolutionary.

I’ve always been happy enough with tampons, though I was never really comfortable with trusting them fully, and was always annoyed when traveling at a time near my period as I’d have to take tampons just in case. I decided to try a Mooncup because I was beginning to hear some rave reviews, and I have to say, it was one of the best decisions that I have EVER made; life changing.

By the third day of my cycle whilst using the Mooncup, I was 100% comfortable with using and inserting/removing the Mooncup.
The biggest learning curve was discovering how, and where exactly, the cup should sit, and with each insertion It became quicker and quicker. It is now just as quick and easy as inserting a tampon, but a thousand times more comfortable and trustworthy.

Truly incredible, I will never use a tampon again. Ever.
Thanks Mooncup team!!

Jessie – 23rd August 2014

My reasoning for purchasing a mooncup was the environmental benefits, I try to do my bit where I can and after hearing about mooncups I was keen to ditch the pads and give it a go. Having been on the contraceptive pill for 10 years, 3 on the injection I hadn’t had a period for quite sometime and when I decided to ‘go natural’ again last year I was severely regretting my decision due to how long and painful my periods were. Whilst researching the mooncup I read women claiming that using the mooncup had shortened their periods and made them less painful, I was a little sceptical but thought if it did work it would just be another benefit. I can now say wholeheartedly it’s true. My periods have gone from 8 days to 3, my flow is not as heavy as it appeared from using towels, the pain is minimal now and lasts for half a day as opposed to 3/4 and I can actually go out and do things rather than lay in bed almost in tears. It was tricky the first couple of times I used it but I soon learnt the best way for me to insert it and it’s now quick and easy to use. I can hand on heart say I will always use a mooncup now, I already can’t imagine my period without it. I feel better knowing I’ve lessened my environmental impact greatly and I’m so much happier on my period now because of the reduced pain and the number of days I am on, to the point, I’ve even forgotten a couple of times that I’m in my period because I can feel no side effects and no horrible towel.

Kaylie – 21st August 2014

“Koupila jsem si kalíšek Mooncup B. Byla jsemnetrpělivá, a tak jsem ho vyzkoušela hned 2.den
menstruace. Vložení absolutně bez problémů!
(S tampóny jsem občas problém měla.) Po dvou
hodinách jsem odstřihla část stopky. A pak už si
jen dělala co jsem chtěla. Vyndavání jsem si nacvičila
během dvou pokusů. Všechno je jednoduché,
hygienické, příjemné a pro mě i spolehlivé. Kalíšek
obstál na výbornou i na běžkách! Takže holky, dámy,
ženy … do toho!” (viz více v angličtině)

Terezka – 20th August 2014

“Musiałam zaprzestać używania tamponówponieważ wysuszały moją śluzówkę. Kiedy
usłyszałam o Mooncupie nie mogłam się doczekać
miesiączki, aby go wypróbować. Bałam się jedynie
kłopotów z zakładaniem, ale okazało się to o wiele
łatwiejsze niż myślałam, od pierwszego razu nie
sprawiło mi to żadnych trudności. Polecam go każdej
kobiecie prowadzącej intensywny tryb życia”.
(zobacz więcej w języku angielskim)

Melania – 19th August 2014

My periods are really heavy and I was sick and tired of not getting a good nights sleep with the thought of having to change the bedding in the morning, due to ill fitting towels and tampons. I am over the moon to have found Mooncup, as I had a good nights sleep for the first time, stain free and full of confidence.I have told everyone……………..

Nicola – 19th August 2014

I have never written a review or testimonial on anything before, but I am so delighted with my mooncup that I had to let you know! It has been an absolute revelation! By following the extensive and very clear instructions, I found it very easy to use right off the bat and I love it how clean and comfortable it is. I was worried it would be messy before I tried it, but it’s the cleanest sanitary protection I have ever used. I can’t imagine going back to towels again. I have always found tampons difficult to get on with, but the mooncup is totally different. I can’t feel it at all. It’s as if I’m not even having a period when I’m wearing it. I live in a hot, humid country and often get yeast infections after my period because of using towels. The heat can make towels smell very quickly, and damp towels plus sweat feel revolting. No such problems with the mooncup. I can swim spontaneously, roll around on the floor with my baby, sleep without underwear on… It’s changed my life! Thank you! I wish I’d got one years ago.

Helen – 16th August 2014

I was very dubious and it took me a few years since hearing about the mooncup to give it a go… but wow! It’s a game changer. Everyone needs one. Goodbye leaks, goodbye soggy tampon string, goodbye ruined knickers!!! No leakage, easy to use, environmentally friendly and affordable. I may even look forward to my next period to take it for a spin again!

Christy – 12th August 2014

Having just had the contraceptive implant fitted and experiencing spotting for three weeks the mooncup has been a godsend. As I had it before I had the implant fitted I can say that it can cope with the lightest and the heaviest bleeding with minimal fuss. Best 20 quid I ever spent!

Rosie – 12th August 2014

I have PCOS and it messes up my cycle like crazy. It comes at the most random times, never on schedule, and it’s extremely heavy. I can’t really do anything the first two days of my period and I bleed through tampons almost every hour. I spend a LOT of money on feminine products that don’t even work like I want/need them to! So mostly out of desperation, I ordered the Mooncup to see if it would help (I was willing to try anything!) It arrived faster than I was expecting and just in time because I started my period not too long after. It was a lot easier to use than I thought; I had no difficulty inserting or removing the Mooncup. It felt really comfortable, way more-so than a tampon. Since my periods are so heavy, I wore a pad with the Mooncup as well, but noticed SIGNIFICANTLY less leakage than what’s normal for me. Consequently, the first day I used it, I fell out of a window and broke my ankle (LONG story!) and I was so thankful for the Mooncup in that instance because I was having to be carried around a lot and was stuck at the hospital for a while with no opportunity to use the restroom or anything. I’ve been on bed-rest ever since and haven’t even noticed I’ve been on my period! It’s been so great and has made a horrible situation (broken ankle AND period at the same time?! ugh) so much better than it could’ve been!!! I’m extremely happy with Mooncup and look forward to never buying another box of tampons as long as I live!!! 🙂

Liz – 9th August 2014

I am 3 days in my first cycle with a mooncup and I wish I’d got one sooner! I stopped using tampons a few years ago because I hate the way they dry you out and are bad for PH balance among other things! (they’re just all out gross to me) but pads are bloody annoying, and I’ve recently started swimming and gymming a lot and pads are just not practical when getting a sweat on. Also I hate the way pretty much all pads these days are ‘scented’ with some floral bullshit that when mixed with period actually smells worse than with any unscented products! It’s just not necessary and I like to look after my vagina, I don’t want all this perfumed and bleached crap! ANYWAY, Mooncup is just completely liberating! I also feel less awkward at work – as our office is so small we have only one bathroom shared between males and females, but now I don’t have to worry about anyone noticing me take a pad into the bathroom, or leave the wrappers in the bin. Liberating I tell you, liberating!

Tannah – 4th August 2014

I wouldn’t normally write a testimonial but I am so pleased with this product I felt I had to. I generally menstruate for 8 days in a 35 day cycle. The flow starts with spotting, becomes very heavy for tampons to cope with for a couple of days then goes light. I struggle with getting the right absorbency for my flow every month. Tampons are either leaking within a couple of hours or too dry to remove. This is my third day using mooncup and it’s just fantastic. It’s easy to Insert, just make sure your cervix is facing into the cup and the cup is fully open. No leaks.. Though I was really worried about this, I believed it would pop out and spill everywhere! Not even possible! I was crazy to think it, once it’s in only a good tug and wiggle will budge it! I was really scared whether it would be gross, the thought of a cup of blood sounds proper grim! But compared to the sodden tampons and pads covered in blood and clots I’ve faced for years, the contained flow within the mooncup was a vast improvement and actually made the whole thing a whole lot less gruesome. You don’t have to pull string out the way when peeing, you don’t worry about leaking with a big sneeze! And you can empty it a lot less often than changing a tampon. I also discovered that my flow was nowhere near as heavy as I thought. Also it’s great for the environment, which to me was just a nice perk for a product that is absolutely essential. I honestly believe that all women should be provided with this product on the day of their first period. I was actually put of by this product because I believed that it was used by people who cared more about the environment than their own needs, but honestly, those women have had the best of everything from this product. I CANNOT rate it highly enough. Thanks to everyone at mooncup, you’ve made a huge difference to my life x

Sally – 4th August 2014

Was looking for something to help cut down the amount of non-recyclable waste in my life, and discovered the Mooncup.
Although it was a bit of a cost-investment for me, I decided to get one and give it two months (two periods!) for me to get used to it and for it to prove it’s worth. By day 3 I was completely sold on it. There is a knack to inserting and removing the Mooncup, but it’s not hard to master and the job is easy and clean once you’ve got the hang of it. I love not having to worry if I have enough pads and tampons with me when I go camping or on holiday.

Michelle – 4th August 2014

I bought my Mooncup on a whim a year ago before I went travelling. I had never liked tampons because I found them too dry and uncomfortable (even the light flow ones) and found pads bulky and often messy because the flow of my periods can be a little unpredictable. Mooncups are amazing, especially for someone travelling without regular access to decent toilets and not much luggage space. You can pop it in in the morning and take it out when you get home from your day out if your periods aren’t too heavy. I got the hang of inserting the cup straight off the bat so I was quite lucky, and quite often I forget it’s even there! I’ve only once had a problem with my Mooncup overflowing and that was because it is so unobtrusive that I actually forgot I was on my period! I also find the Mooncup seems to help with my period cramps. However, the biggest advantage of the Mooncup for me is the smell. At times with pads I found that I would sometimes get an odd smell(disgusting, I know!) which made me self conscious and meant I changed pads even more frequently creating even more rubbish. But with the Mooncup I don’t get anything like this, the blood that collects in the cup doesn’t give off a smell at all, which is fantastic. I used to find periods so annoying, but now they are so easy to deal with. All of this makes Mooncup the best choice for me and I know I’ll never go back to other methods of sanitary protection.

Lynn – 31st July 2014

I used a mooncup for the first time last month. My period is irregular and so it’s always a total surprise when it comes. I was going on holiday and I was sick of carrying stuff with me constantly “just in case”. Annoyingly I did come on half way through the holiday, but using the mooncup meant my holiday was in no way ruined. I could wear any of my beach clothes without worry of tampon string making a nasty appearance or leakage! I went to a festival while abroad and let me tell you, if you can remove, clean and re-insert your mooncup in a portaloo you know it’s the product for you! In reality, I didn’t need to even empty at that time at all, but as it was my first time, I had the panic of “oh God it’s going to be full, I’m going to leak everywhere!” Totally unfounded, they say 8 hours on the FAQs, they’re not lying. Yes I had the initial – oh god this is gross, a cup of blood, a cup inside me, but really is that any less gross than a piece of cotton shoved inside? I think this is now the product for me, I survived the toughest challenges for my first time and it was better than what I’ve been doing for the past 15 years.

Samantha – 28th July 2014

I tried using the Mooncup several years ago and initially found removing it quite painful so gave up for a few years. Then a close friend told me she had started using it and how good it was so persuaded me to give it another try. So glad I did as 16 months on I can honestly say it’s the best thing I have ever used! After a bit of practice I was able to remove the Mooncup correctly and since then have noticed my pms is not as bad, I hardly get any cramps when on my period, if anything it feels like a gentle release. Also during some cycles my period is only 4 days instead of 5 or 6 and I have become more “at one” with my body and no longer dread my period every month.

Vicky – 26th July 2014

I decided to try the Mooncup after several years of heavy, uncomfortable periods. I hated how pads felt and how drying tampos were. After some online research I took the plunge and bought one. It is safe to say I could not be happier! No leaks, easy to insert, removal is a bit more tricky but you soon get the hang of it. Complete convert! I am going to reccomend to all of my friends, 100% worth it.

Alice – 22nd July 2014

Just bought and used my first mooncup today. At age 40 and with 3 children I thought I knew it all – I was so very wrong! Today I’ve been on the beach in a wetsuit all day playing with kids, kayaking and swimming. No toilet facilities at all so normally impossible with a period. However, today was a total joy! (Quick dip in the sea when needed a wee!!) When I came home, I struggled a bit to get it out but read the leaflet again and managed ok. So pleased, this product will have so many benefits – just how did I not know about it before? My daughters certainly will when the time comes!!

Jo – 20th July 2014

I think they are marvellous things. I have had terribly heavy periods since having children and they were getting to the point of rendering me incapable of leaving the house on certain days. I have been using the moon cup since November 2013 and it has been a revelation! My periods are still heavy but they are now shorter! Result! Last month I was at Ascot on my heaviest day and it coped admirably…this month I was sorting my daughters prom on my heaviest day and once again it was brilliant! I still have to wear a sanitary towel on the my heavier days as sometimes I do leak but my usage is down to so little I am probably using what I used in a month in a year.

Louise B – 19th July 2014

I am a happy user of mooncup for about 2 years now. I remember being a bit suspicious about it when my friend first told me about it. But I decided to give it a go, and I am so happy I did. I no longer have to buy expensive sanitary products every month. I am never caught off guard, by not having any tampons in the house when I need them. And it really has made me feel a lot more positive about my period. I no longer dread it, and often forget that I am on it when I am using my mooncup. It is that confortable!
When using disposable products I used to get horrible cramps. After starting using the mooncup these have drastically receded, and I rarely experience period pain these days.

And as a bonus I have the emotional gratification of knowing that I am making a smaller contribution when it comes to waste going in to landfills.

All in all a completely positive experience, and I will never go back to disposable sanitary products. Now I am the one telling all my friends how great the product is.

Veronica – 15th July 2014

I LOVE my mooncup! I have recently changed career from shop work to gardening. The lack of toilets and bins therefore prompted my purchase. I will never look back. I find it very easy to use and a lot cleaner than having to carry used sanitary products around in the van and it’s nice not to carry pads and tampons in every handbag. It copes with the varied physical parts of my job; running, bending, climbing, hanging, kneeling ect. When I get hot and sweat from digging I don’t have to worry about gross odours and I feel cleaner knowing that I’m not sat sweating in my blood all day. In terms of comfort nappy rash from thick pads is eliminated and I don’t have to worry about wearing pants at night. It also means (like tampons) I can fill my pee bottle without making it obvious to my colleagues (all men) that I’m on. It has reduced my cramps to almost nothing, though they weren’t awful to start with and I’m finding that my period is over much faster. I am also finding that, oddly, I am really enjoying learning about and monitoring my period. This was something I wasn’t expecting. 🙂 Basically ladies; great idea, well made, economically advantageous, ecologically friendly and easy to use!

Laura – 12th July 2014

At first I was dubious and a bit grossed out by the Mooncup, but on reading the testimonials on here, I decided to bite the bullet and buy one, prompted by the fact that I was going travelling for 5 months. I used it the period before I left, it takes a bit of getting used to, how to place it and how to correct a problem, but I was so glad I got it. It doesn’t fill up anywhere near as much as I thought it did. Mine are quite heavy, but it really is less than you think. It meant I didn’t have to lug tampons everywhere, and I didn’t have to worry about running out or where I would get some. You can empty it how ever many times, so when I was going on long bus journeys (south-east Asia) and had only just put it in an hour before the ride, I could quickly to a last minute empty before the bus without having to waste a whole tampon as I usually would have. It really is fantastic, they give you such clear instruction on EVERYTHING, from size to how to clean it. It’s good enough for me to have taken the time to come on here and write about it.

Emily – 11th July 2014

A work colleague told me about the mooncup and ordered me one to try. I have never looked back. I think it is amazing and so much better than tampons or towels. I would recommend it to every woman.

Alison – 10th July 2014

I have been meaning to get one of these for years and yes insertion is tricky and a bit tricky. I began to feel at 35 years of age it was time to have control of the time of month. I never have a period where I am overjoyed and I do not look forward to it(I never will) but love this product easy clean and not as tricky as you would think to put in though getting out is trickier. Maybe not someone who loves my period but at least now I can tolerate it die to such a fantastic product. Tampax your days are our numbered.

Tamsin – 2nd July 2014

I have been using my mooncup for about a year now and have not regretted the decision. It’s really easy to use and and not unhygienic when you follow the instructions on washing it.I always used to worry when I went away that I wouldn’t have enough tampons but now I no longer have to think of this! 🙂
I have convinced some of my friends to try it and a couple have do so and not looked back!
I always felt like there was a weird smell when I used tampons and felt really self-conscious about it. But now I don’t notice anything! 🙂
Best £20 I have spent!! 😀

Nessie – 1st July 2014

It’s the end of the school year and I was invited to a few pool parties right after and then my period started! What luck. I had to use a tampon for a bit but they didn’t last long enough at all. So after the first day I got home to try and put in my cup. I was never able to get it in before today because I felt slight discomfort. Today I got it in just barely feeling it. When it’s inside I don’t feel anything at all unlike with tampons. I love so far and will probably never go back to using disposable menstrual products.

Ray – 29th June 2014

I’m absolutely IN LOVE with the Mooncup!
I’ve only been using it for two cycles (never used tampons before, just pads) and I’m getting into the swing of things now. I’ve no idea how I coped with pads for so long, as this thing is amazing.

I should note that I’m a virgin and have never even used a tampon before, so don’t worry that it’ll be too big or that you need to try a tampon first or anything like that! I’ll admit that I wanted to throw it across the room at first attempt, but once I’d gotten it in for the first time, I knew I was onto a winner. (I use the punch down fold, I’d recommend it)

There are SO many benefits of the Mooncup. I think it says it all that I was terrified to use tampons for years, yet within two cycles of using the Mooncup I’m completely in love.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I can insert my Mooncup and then completely forget I’m even on my period for a few hours, once I’ve taken pain killers for the cramps. It completely removes that ‘icky’ feeling you get with pads. Sure you do come into contact with blood on removal, but remove it while sat on the toilet and you’ll be fine.

The Mooncup is so versatile and can be used by people of all ages, sizes etc. If you’re on the fence (I’ve known about the Mooncup for months but wasn’t brave enough to get one) I implore you to buy one! I can’t lie and say it won’t be frustrating to insert at first, but after that you’ll be wondering how you coped without one!

Love you, Mooncup!

Laura – 27th June 2014

Firstly OMG it’s AMAZINGFor the last 6 months or so my periods have been awful, excessively heavy and would last for weeks, this month alone I’ve been bleeding for four weeks with no hope of it ending any time soon, I’ve spent at least £20 this month on sanitary products.
So ordered a mooncup on Friday got it Saturday and tried it Saturday night, well what can I say I am literally over the moon!!!
Can’t say enough good things about it to be honest other than go out and get one NOW LADIES!!!!!

Kathy – 23rd June 2014

I have just had my second period using my mooncup and I will never go back. Trimmed the stalk off and have got the knack of positioning it correctly. I have been running with iit and can honestly say a couple if times I have completely forgotten I’m on my period! I find removal is no issue if you bear down and use your inner muscles. I feel cheated that I’ve already had 15 years of periods without a mooncup!

Lisa – 20th June 2014

After about six months of using a Mooncup, I’ve had absolutely no issues, have even stopped wearing a pad and totally wish I’d heard of it years ago. It has really made a big difference.

Becky – 19th June 2014

I have previously had a lot of difficulty when using sanitary towels and tampons. I have found sanitary towels to be uncomfortable, and tampons to leave me in a lot of pain as they would always seem to soak EVERYTHING up, leaving me sore and extremely uncomfortable. I was therefore over the moon to find out about mooncups, but I was very hesitant, concerned that I might not be able to remove the cup easily and may be left in pain. However, I cannot stress how grateful I am that I had the guts to just give it a go. The first time you use the cup can be daunting, but once inserted I couldn’t believe how comfortable it was! Compared to using tampons and constantly being able to feel them, I was really shocked to discover that I couldn’t feel the mooncup at all! The removal was also daunting, but I found that squating and using my inner muscles to (excuse the reference) but squeeze it out of me to be the most successful method. I have seen reviews that state that the mooncup leaves a really horrible smell, but as long as you read the instructions and boil the cup before you use it, there are no horrible smells at all. I would really recommend this product, it really will make that time of the month ever so easy!

Amy – 19th June 2014

I love my Mooncup so much. I’m not exaggerating to say it has changed the way I live my life during my period. I began having my period when I was 10 years old, and I have always had terribly heavy flows. I have tried pads of all different absorbencies … with wings, without wings, extra long, overnight. I have tried all different varieties of tampons as well. It was fairly normal for me to change these every two hours. Nothing prevented the embarrassing leaks. On top of the absorbency issues, the pads and tampons were so uncomfortable to wear for six days in a row. A friend introduced me to the Mooncup on a camping trip almost three years ago, and I haven’t looked back. It’s so comfortable. I really can’t even feel that it’s there at all. There isn’t any awful drying or soreness, and best of all, NO LEAKS! I don’t have to worry about going on long hikes, camping trips, sitting through a whole day at work or a music concert. I can be as active as I want to without worrying about leaks. It’s so liberating. I’m so thankful for my local healthfood store for carrying Mooncups. I only wish I had known about them sooner so that I wouldn’t have had to use those other awful products for the first twenty years.

Anibelle – 18th June 2014

Oh my god. The mooncup has changed my life. I have never felt cleaner during my period – no nasty smell, no leaking, no horrid waste filling up our landfills, just give it a wash and it is ready to reuse! I LOVE IT. If you don’t have one, get one! It will change your life too.

Amy – 17th June 2014

I stumbled across moon cup on the internet quite by accident, thought it was worth a try, ordered it and it had arrived by the 3rd day of my period so decided to give it a go. I used it last night and today. Easy to put in, no leaks. Tricky to get out after it had been in all day but had a break and tried again later and it came out fine. I’ve really surprised myself and am getting used to the idea if it. I will definitely recommend this to my sister/friends should it crop up in conversation!

Emma – 17th June 2014

Hi, I just thought I would drop you a line as I have (FINALLY!) got around to buying and trying out my first mooncup. At the ripe age of 40 3/4!! I had transferred onto organic tampons ages ago, but when I went to buy some more last week I found the mooncup on the shelf next to them in the local health food store (Portland Road in Hove as it goes, I did not realise you guys were local either!) and I couldn’t resist getting it. I eventually had time to clean and try it out last night, which all went fine and then I refreshed it this morning. I had forgotten that I was due to go to the gym – got in, did a 2k speed row (warm up), still all good, then I did some handstand practise (still fine). Our workout today involved a couple of miles of running, sit ups and back extensions – all went really well. In fact, I beat my best ever time, and I couldn’t feel a thing. Am so chuffed I finally got around to it and just wanted to write to say thank you – I can’t believe it’s been so easy, why did I not do this before? Anyway, keep up the good work.

Emma – 16th June 2014

The mooncup has saved my life! From my first period I knew I was going to have a rough road ahead as heavy periods run in my family. I started using tampons but they made me feel ill and I almost fainted in a bathroom stall at school, that’s when I knew i had to find something else, so a couple of clicks on the internet and voila! I found the mooncup. I pestered my mum to get me one and almost cried when she said no but eventually she got me one and I have never looked back. Now I can concentrate at school and play sport like I used to, which helps even more since I’m starting acrobatics and its mainly guys participating. Thank you mooncup I`m not sure what I would of done without you 😀

Faith – 15th June 2014

I first purchased a Mooncup around 2007/8.Like all new users, it was alittle tricky to insert.I found putting my leg up on the bath allowed insertion & removal so much easier. I have to reiterate previous testimonials; it’s fantastic!I am now in my prime and for some insane reason I returned to tampons a year ago.The cost is ridiculous and let’s go on how bad tampons/ sanitary waste is for our environment and aquatic life. I recently purchased a new Mooncup……… Happy days! Not only do I not have accidents…. My age group different menstrual flow. Saving money and even more personal to me …… Much much better for our environment. I too am thankful for the day I stumbled across the Mooncup.

Katrina – 14th June 2014

When I was younger, my sister told me ” Buy a mooncup”, it’s amazing ! But I told her I couldn’t because I wasn’t able yet to put a tampon, I had a real problem with that. After it will be easier. But I was still not convinced to buy a cup. And this year, with some friends, we made a collective purchase order. And I think it helped me a lot. Because me share our own experience between us and our tips and tricks to be comfortable with. I’m quite ecological, and I’m so happy to don’t have to pollute with my tampons anymore. The mooncup is a sollution
more ecologic
more economic
more hygienically
So don’t wait anymore !

Malika – 13 June 2014

I have been a moon cup user for over 2 years now and to be incredibly cheesy, it has changed my life!I used to dread my ‘time of the month’, I suffered from heavy periods and therefore trips to the loo were frequent for me both day and night.
Since using moon cup, I suffer from considerably less stomach cramps and trips to the toilet!
I will say that it takes a bit of getting used to and you have to be very ‘familiar’ with yourself but once you have the hang of it, it’s safe to say that you will not regret your purchase.
After a bit of trial and error, i have found that I only have to empty a few times a day and not at all during the night. I no longer suffer from leaks and even the though of using a tampon again makes me feel really dirty!
I think that every young woman should be taught about mooncups as they are still very much a taboo subject (why???)

Ruby – 10 June 2014

My sister has been using Mooncup for like forever and she kept on telling me to get one but i insisted against it. And then my cousin bought one and they were both going on about how great the mooncup is, so I said I would try it but not necessarily keep on using it.
The first time was awkward as I wasn’t used to putting it on and off but i fell in love with it and I’ve been using it since.
It is great as I used to get really sore using both tampons (as i dnt have a heavy flow and i was always feeling dry) and towels. My daughters, if I ever have any, will be using Mooncup as soon as they are able to.

Cristina – 08 June 2014

I agree with lots of the other testimonials but I wanted to add my four favourite things about using a mooncup. Firstly – on busy days when am not sure if I am going to start my period I just pop it in so I am prepared. Secondly, you don’t have to grab your handbag in public whenever you need to pop to the bathroom. Thirdly you don’t have the dilemma of whether you should wrap or flush. Lastly, on my heavy days tampons would only last for one hour. So I would always dash to the bathroom just before going out and be on the hunt for bathrooms every hour but trying not to change too early or leaving it too late. With mooncup – I don’t have the stress of running out of tampons and I can empty it whenever it is convenient with no added expense.

Fiona – 04 June 2014

Incredible. Easy to use, comfortable and convenient. Can’t believe I’ve been using tampons all these years.

Claŕe – 01 June 2014

I finally bought a moon cup, 9 years after I first heard about it and wanted one!!! When I was 12 I saw an advert and thought- this is amazing! Seems so easy and environmentally friendly! But alas my mum wasn’t keen so i left it and forgot about it. I recently saw another advert so did some more research.
I think women in this day and age are made to feel like periods are gross and something to keep hidden- even away from yourself, so at first I thought it was really disgusting to tip out your own period blood. Then after some research I thought it’s no more ‘disgusting’ than using tampons or disposable sanitary towels. Its better for the environment and cheaper in the long run! I also am paranoid about leaking and having something to collect flow rather than absorb does a better job I think.

Anyway, my moon cup arrived literally on the last day of my period so I practiced getting it in and out- it was harder than I expected (But I did expect it to be like a tampon). Now I’m on my next period and used it straight away, I have not leaked and it’s been in place longer than I would leave a tampon in. Putting it in is much easier, still perfecting my removal technique but it’s still only technically my second/third day of using it.

I would recommend this product, its not drying like tampons, although I suspect you may get sore if you are removing/adjusting it all the time- the key is relaxing! Going to try it swimming and overnight on a heavy flow and then I will repost if it’s done the job, because it’s safe to say that I think I’ve been converted!

Tara B – 29 May 2014

Mooncup is awesome, forget any misgivings you might have because once you’ve got one you will never look back…

Victoria – 28 May 2014

I really love my mooncup. I’ve been using it for about a year, and it is perfect for me. On my light days I can leave it in all day, and it is very comfortable. Can’t imagine using anything other than the mooncup for my mensies in the future!

April – 25 May 2014

I decided to give Mooncup a go as I am going travelling for a few years in September, starting off in South East Asia. The thought of taking an infinite amounts of tampons just wasn’t going to be possible, along with disposal issues, it just isn’t practical.
Firstly I read as much as I could about them and had difficulty figuring out which size would suit me best – being on the cusp of 30 with no children. I emailed Mooncup who asked me questions and gave good advice, so I settled with the smaller size.

To begin with it wasn’t easy. At all.
Inserting it was much easier than I had imagined but getting it out was beyond difficult! I read all the advice, tried all the techniques but it felt like it was never going to come out, over an hour was spent fiddling about each time, getting dizzy and muscles aching from the random positions I was trying!
Once out, all was well! Little to no spillages and no leakage at all once inserted – just getting it out was a mission and a half!

However, I had confidence that, like I had read, it would get easier the more you do it and that couldn’t be more true! This is my third period using Mooncup and although I was dreading the removal initially it has been very quick and easy, mere minutes and it’s all done – I’ve definitely got the hang of it now! Feels great!

I seriously cannot recommend this product highly enough, the perseverance is completely necessary yet entirely worth it. It feels amazing knowing that I don’t have to carry and dispose of tampons anywhere anymore, let alone when travelling.

The financial, economical and health benefits are reason enough to give it a try.
I am considering purchasing another one for a spare – just in case!

deb – 22 May 2014

when i head of this mooncup i was a bit neves a bout using it took me 3 gos to put it but now iam having no problems with it now i have now stoped useing tampons i fill much better having this inside me i do not fill it when its in side me ill keep on useing it thank you .

katherine – 22 May 2014

Four months ago I bought my moon cup and I’ve been in love ever since. I got a moon cup because I was so over putting weird chemical laden tampons into my body and I wanted a healthy and sustainable alternative.
I’ve had a real easy time with my moon cup. It’s easy to insert and remove, not at all messy, and I haven’t had ANY problems with leakage. When I was using tampons I believed that I had an extra heavy long period- maybe up to 6 days. Now with my moon cup, my periods are significantly shorter… 2 days! What is this magic?

I do lots of things with my moon cup: riding my bike, practicing yoga, running around the park with kids, sleeping, camping, and traveling. It’s all been wonderful! I can’t believe it took me so long to switch!

If you’re reading these testimonials because you are scared of trying it: Just do it! It will change the way you experience your menstrual cycle. Don’t be afraid! It’s only a moon cup!

Lady – 20 May 2014

I’m 22 years old and have only ever used sanitary towels. I was a bit nervous about the idea of a mooncup as I hadn’t found tampons to be comfortable, however, my reservations were completely dispelled upon using it. Today is my first day using my mooncup, and I’m totally converted. I feel cleaner and more comfortable than I’ve ever felt during my period before. I definitely reccomend buying and using a mooncup. They’re great! Don’t hesitate, it’s completely worth it.

Hope – 20 May 2014

I have very heavy and short periods which caused me lots of logistical problems. I also do martial arts and my heavy periods were stopping me doing this on certain days. I came across the Mooncup by accident. It was an instant solution for me. It did take a few cycles to perfect but I haven’t looked back.

Vicky – 15 May 2014

I was wondering for a long time if there were alternatives to pads and tampons. A friend of mine spoke about Mooncup and told me how great it was.I’ve never got on using tampons so I’ve always stuck using pads, which when in the gym or using communal showers (I play rugby)or doing sport in general isn’t really convenient. The smell and wet feeling you have with pads is also horrible. Also I’ve never felt comfortable about being on my period whilst on holiday and have always tried to book holidays around it.
I bought my Mooncup a few months before I started using it as I was scared about it being like a tampon. Eventually I (wo)man-upped. I decided to do a few trial runs – when not on my period, so I could get used to it. I found I had nothing to fear.
The first few times I used it on the first day of my period I did leak. I used pads for those first 2 days of the fisrt few months. You learn what feels right when putting it in. It doesn’t hurt to insert it either nor can you feel it once it’s inserted.
It’s really not messy either. I found I actually felt cleaner even when taking it out than when using other sanitary products.
I tell any of my female friends willing to listen about how great the Mooncup is!
I wish I had known about Mooncup 10 years ago! I’m glad I’m now helping the environment and I feel so much more confident and cleaner and happier when it comes to my period. It’s been amazing!

Rhi – 12 May 2014

Ok, I will admit that it took me a while to get used to my Mooncup but I have been successful this month and I am so glad I got one. I only wish I’d started using this as a teenager! I struggled at first because the cup didn’t seem to be fully open when inserted but I tried one of the other methods suggested in the leaflet and now it works brilliantly. No leaks and you can’t feel it’s in. After a couple of uses I was confident enough not to wear a panty liner so the Mooncup not only makes things cleaner and easier for you but it also saves money and the environment! It really is great to be able to get on with your life and not be held back by your period. I just want to tell everyone to try it and persevere – it will be worth it. Thanks, Mooncup! x

Jane – 09 May 2014

I saw this in Boots and thought I’d give i† a try. Once I purchased I visited this website and after reading the hundreds of very positive reviews was very keen to try, so after boiling it for a few minutes decided to pop it in. It took a few goes to get it in comfortably, so I then had an hour to try it out before I went to Pilates. I was worried it would fall out (as I have this problem with tampons after having a couple of children!), absolutely fine, the suction helps keep it in place. Then the test.. I moved around cautiously in my class and after an hour of being upside down, horizontal and upright, no leaks at all, very impressed. It was easy to take out, squeezed it at the bottom and helped it out with my finger, this seemed to be the best way, while hovering over to loo… just in case! No problems whatsoever, emptied it, rinsed it and popped it back in, hey presto! I’ll never go back to tampons. Thank you.

Cassedy – 07 May 2014

I was decidedly skeptical when I bought my mooncup after having had a couple of beers and while waiting for a prescription, and kind of though – why not?!
A year later I have not looked back once, and really cannot say enough good things about the mooncup. I have told friends that it has ‘changed my life!’, and I have to say that this is really not too far off.

The fact that I can empty and change the cup whenever is convenient for me, without having to wait for it to be full or the timing to be right, is really amazing to me. I have an IUD I have fairly heavy periods, and was always having trouble with XL tampons and pads on heavy days. Having to get the timing *just right* to changing everything, as 5 minutes too late there was leakage and disaster everywhere. I now think back to a stressful trip to Egypt and roadtrip through the US where facilities we sparse and timing bathroom breaks with tampon change breaks was really a nightmare… The mooncup has done away with all of that, and I could really really not be happier!

I didn’t find it difficult to use, insert and take out, and you will quickly get the hang of keeping it upright when it’s full too. A bit of practice and voila, I barely think about it these days.

I also love that I am no longer using anything chemically cleaned or with added scents, and the fact that I can just wash and boil the latex is amazing. No more dried out anything! 🙂

I really cannot recommend it enough, and wish I had known about and tried the mooncup years (decades!) ago. Give it a try, I promise, promise you won’t regret it!!

Lisa – 29 April 2014

The moon cup was a brilliant investment. I had thought about trying one and it was the reviews which sold it to me so I’m writing my own. I love it! No more dryness and discomfort when the flows not heavy , it’s not as messy as you’d imagine. Honestly if you’re concidering do yourself the favour and buy one.

Amy – 28 April 2014

I have to admit I was very skeptical, the whole idea of reusing a tampon equivalent struck me as icky! But I just got sick of seeing the bathroom bin fill up with used sanitary products (even more gross) and thinking of the waste, both in environmental and cash terms. So I thought I’d give it a go, and if it didn’t work out it didn’t work out.
Well! What can I say?! It’s everything everyone says! I found it unwieldy to insert on the first go but had no problems after that, think it just takes getting used to (definitely worth wetting it first – it’ll be wet subsequently anyway because you’ll have rinsed it). I had to trim the stem by quite a way but once I’d done that I frequently forgot it was there for long stretches of time, particularly as it doesn’t require changing nearly so often as tampons. I would put it in before work, rinse it when I got home and again before bed. That was it! And it was never full.

I had no leakages for the first time in 14 years. No unsightly strings hanging out when changing underwear in front of the hubster (I always had an ick thing about that and would try to hide when doing underwear changes at lady time, seems ridiculous now), although the poor man has had to listen to me going on about how fabulous the Mooncup is for the whole of my period. He smiles politely poor chap.

I completely agree with the other comments about improved comfort, I normally get that horrible dry feeling on the last couple of days of wearing tampons but I’m not quite ready to go with nothing – not a problem with the Mooncup it doesn’t dry you out and is completely unnoticeable the whole time. I didn’t notice any change in cramps unfortunately but still worth it for increased comfort.

I am 29 but have had no children vaginally or otherwise, so was unsure which size to go for as I’m on the cusp of turning 30. I don’t know what other people think but I went for the smaller size and have had no problems so I would recommend this to people in a similar situation.

My only gripe is, why aren’t these things more widely publicised? I wish I had tried it years ago but didn’t have any information on it until I made the effort to look it up. But when I did, it was the reviews that sold me on it, so here’s mine! If you’re thinking about it, please do it for the sake of your comfort, the environment and your pocket, I promise you will not regret it. I work in a school and will be nagging the Year 6 teachers to include the Mooncup in the suggested sanitary wear as part of our sex education classes. Viva la Mooncup!

Jenny – 26 April 2014

I bought a Mooncup on impulse while visiting the UK a couple of years ago, having heard good reports about menstrual cups from a friend. I was about to fly back to Australia and didn’t want to pack a whole load of bulky pads and tampons in my luggage. I’m very glad I took the risk and left the tampons on the shelf! I would never go back now. It took a bit of getting used to, and I found it uncomfortable until I had completely removed the stem (now I just grasp the very bottom of the cup itself to get it out). After ironing out the teething troubles though, I can’t imagine life without it, as over-blown as that sounds. It makes every period easier to manage, saves loads of money, and is much better for the environment. It is my saviour when I go out camping in the middle of nowhere for weeks at a time for my job – only one small thing to carry, and no waste to worry about!

Ellen – 20 April 2014

A friend of mine told me about Mooncup about a year ago. Although she sold me listing all the advantages, I did not have the courage to get one until last week. Oh, why did I wait? It is definitely the best solution to handling our monthly inevitable discomfort. I read the instructions and managed to use it properly on the first day. Used it for over 8 hours and not a drop has leaked. Taking it out is a bit more “hands on” than a regular tampon or pad, but it is definitely much cleaner and there is no smells at all! I recommend this to all women out there. Eco-friendly, comfy and neater – what else would you want? 🙂
Thank you!!

Amanda – 15 April 2014

Moon cup is fabulous! I’ve had mine about six months now, would never go back to tampons. The benefits for me are no leaking, period pains/ cramps are much reduced, it doesn’t make me feel dry and itchy on lighter days and best of all my periods have gone from 5-6 days long to 2-3 days long! Not sure how that can be but I can only think that it’s down to the moon cup 🙂 Honestly it is so much more comfortable, I even forget that I’m on my period! I went for a 3 mile run the first day of my period this month! That never would’ve happened before, I’d have been sat on the sofa feeling bloated and miserable.Give moon cup a try, you won’t regret it!

Emily – 08 April 2014

I’ve been using the Mooncup for about 18 months now. I’m going to be realistic here and give my truthful opinion, it takes a bit of getting use to. I’ve mastered the art of inserting it but some days my anatomy isn’t having any of it! If I’m slightly constipated I’ve know the cup to turn inside (a little worrying the first time but not a disaster). I also still need to wear a small pad when using it. That said, for 18 months I’ve saved an astronomical amount of money that quite literally would have been flushed away. My only gripe really is when out shopping and you can’t get to a loo with a basin to rinse, I’d like for Mooncup to devise a little box with a spare cup so that you can rinse in the privacy of home later.

Michelle – 08 April 2014

I have been using my mooncup for at least a year now, and I would *never* go back!
I started looking around for other options rather than using tampons as I found them uncomfortable half way through my period causing me dryness.

One of the best benefits is that you can put it in even if your not on your period, so no worrying about if you have started your period or rushing off to the toilet!

I found it a strange concept reading about it before I bought it, but mind of matter ladies, it is amazing!

I cannot recommend the mooncup enough, I wish I was made aware of it in my teens!

Lucy – 04 March 2014

This is THE BEST invention ever…being in the military we go out on exercise…living in the woods…wee-ing in the woods,…there is NOTHING worse than having your period when you’re out..because…well where the hell are you supposed to put used tampons?? in your pocket??This solves that problem, nothing to pack, nothing to worry about “will I be able to change my tampon reguarly” (because you wont)
I am SO glad I bought this, even if it was £50…it would STILL be SO SO SO worth the money.

Amy – 04 March 2014

Took the plunge a few days ago and bought the mooncup . I was a bit skeptical before trying it but I’m so pleased I have ! I found it easy to insert once I tried using the second folding method, it took longer to get good at getting it out but once I realised not to panic I wasn’t going to lose it I have had no problems . As someone who has problems inserting tampons I’m shocked I can use it had no leakage or uncomfort . Have already told all my friends highly recommend it

Liz – 04 March 2014

I’m 35 years old and I have a 3.5 year old daughter. Not long after she was born my cycle started going haywire. I went from a normal cycle to being on for nearly two months straight! Doctors don’t know why and scans show nothing is wrong. A friend suggested I try a mooncup as she’s used hers for 15 years and she has a 2 day cycle! I’ve used it for one cycle but I went from being on for two months straight down to 20 days! Still most women’s worst nightmare but a blessing for me! I hope it continues to help improve my quality of life! I know others have mentioned this as well, but it was so nice to not have to be constantly worried about whether or not I was leaking. This is a phenomenal product. Everyone should get one!

Kara – 02 March 2014

I love the moon cup! I have never been able to wear tampons and pads gave me problems as well. When I first heard a out the mooncup I was a little skeptical, bought one anyway and after a few times of trying would never look back! I had no problems with it at all!My job means I have to travel a lot on planes and my first time trying out my cup was when I was travelling. Changing pads in an airplane toilet isn’t fun but was a breeze with my moon cup! First time was a bit apprehensive but that was more nerves and I was fine! I now look forward to Aunty Flo’ because it is such a breeze and tell everyone and anyone about my moon cup!
Thank you for making life so much easier!

Sophie – 27 February 2014

I ordered the Mooncup and it arrived just in time for my next period! Being excited to try out my new purchase, I put it through as many tests as I could think of:
Running, walking, showering, jumping, napping, and even weight lifting. The Mooncup stayed in place, fit comfortably, and I had zero leakage. Even as I was doing squats, I thought for sure something embarrassing would go wrong but everything turned out fine.

My husband is thrilled that I’m happy, and essentially will be saving us money since I won’t have to buy tampons/pads every month. I wish I’d known about this product earlier or at least was given an option about it when I first started menstruating.

Amber – 23 February 2014

I actually bought the moon cup because a friend of mine had a terrible experience with another menstrual cup brand. I shopped around and even watched some youtube tutorials before landing on the mooncup and finding it worked perfectly with my heavy flow; I would use a super plus tampon and a heavy flow pad and it would only last maybe 3 hours. The cup had a bit of a learning curve, but after trimming the stem a bit and wiggling around (it really helps!) it was barely noticeable. Cleaning and removal was a slow process but all in all the whole thing was a small price to pay for not having to use a tampon.Honestly, I wish I would have tried it sooner.

Cole – 22 February 2014

I just bought my Mooncup a few months ago and I must say that it was the best decision I have even made. It is amazingly comfortable, handy and easy to use. I have already recommended it to all my friends! I am very glad I discovered it and I only wished I had done it earlier. Thank you!

Ana – 19 February 2014

Last month i googled ‘tampons that dont leak’ and the gods of the internet lead me to the mooncup :). Like many others i hate using pads due to the odour and general feeling of ‘wearing a nappy’ .I have always used tampons. I am 28 and started my period at age 13. I have found over the past six or so years my period is heavier and even the super plus tampons tend to leak after 3 hours, sometimes less dependant on what that cycle is like, but never more than 3 hours.

Anyway, after researching the mooncup i found that i could purchase one in Boots. I didn’t want to order online incase of any postal delays. I have spent the last three weeks waiting abd waiting for my period to come so i could try it! Felt like forever! Usually i dread it arriving. WELL.. Today is the day!! I inserted my mooncup (size B) at 5am before leaving for work. It was really easy to insert. It is genuinely so comfortable that i forgot all about it! And the best part? I have had no leakage! Usually my reminder to change if i forgot would be wet underwear. I took my mooncup out to empty it at 11am! 6 hours after insertion, no leakage, nothing! I am so happy with this, i wish i had gotten one sooner 🙂 i feel really confident today! Usually i am paranoid about going places during my period. A little tip i would give when taking it out is not to panic if you struggle. If you find it a little hard to get hold of then just push it with your muscles (as if you are trying to poo) and it will come down a little lower and is easier to remove.

Thank you so much for this product 🙂 i am spreading the word to my friends!

Sarah – 17 February 2014

I’ve been using Mooncup for almost a year now and I think it’s amazing! I found that other sanitary products did not offer me enough protection and were very drying so I decided to search online to find out if there was an alternative. I was hesitant to buy Mooncup at first as I was worried that it would leak and feel uncomfortable but it is excellent, no leakage even if left in all day, easy to keep clean and it’s so comfortable that I forget it is there. Before using Mooncup I found horse riding when on my period very uncomfortable as sanitary towels and tampons would leak but now I can go out for a long wander on horseback and not worry about any mess. Mooncup is not very well advertised, even since I started using one I’ve never heard anyone else mention it, except online. It’s a great product and excellent value for money. All females should know about Mooncup!!!

Lynn – 12 February 2014

I’m 16, I’ve just got the mooncup 2 months ago and I am in LOVE. This is one of the best purchases of my life! I’ve already saved money on tampons, it’s comfort is far superior to a tampon and it holds so much more liquid. Honestly, I no longer feel chained down by my period and being scared that I’m going to ruin my pants every month. And we all know about that horrible when-you-first-wake-up waddle/run to the bathroom hoping your tampon isn’t going to leak, well that’s not an issue anymore either! Seriously 10/10 would buy again.

Esperanza – 12 February 2014

I am nearly 49 years old and have got to the point when I am afraid to go out of the front door during my period. After a really bad day and night last week where I suddenly started my period and was going through a tampon and pad every 45 minutes or so I was ready to cry. A colleague told me about the Moon Cup, with nothing to lose I went that day and bought one. What a magical device the first day was spent checking every 5 minutes that it was not leaking it was fine. That night was the first night in a long time that I had not woken up in a blood bath, I slept like a log and no leaks. I kept it in until there was no fresh loss and feel like a new women. Moon Cup is my new best friend!

Claire – 04 February 2014

I am really impressed with the Mooncup and I can’t recommend it highly enough! I purchased it out of curiosity but was quite skeptical about the practicalities of using it and whether this product would live up to all the positive testimonials I had read of it. Previously before I bought the mooncup, I had developed sensitivity to using tampons and sanitary pads, leading to discomfort, itching, pain and recurrent thrush. I hoped that the mooncup may eliminate these symptoms.Well, I can honestly say that the mooncup is a revelation to menstruating women! While I have experienced some soreness while getting used to inserting/removing it, I have been thrush free during my period for the first time in months. I find that the folding method 2 for insertion is far more preferable and comfortable. I don’t have to change the mooncup as often as conventional sanitary products and the mooncup is far less messy than I imagined. The menstrual blood does not leak around the sides of the cup, meaning that it is not messy when you remove it. A great product that I personally have benefited from!

Amanda – 01 February 2014

I’ve been using my mooncup for about 6 months now, and will never go back to tampons/pads! I know it will differ for everyone, but somehow my period is now shorter and cramps have almost completely disappeared. Like most first time users, I had problems with positioning and leaking. What I find best is folding the cup like usual, then inserting it by sliding my thumb up along side it. 10 million stars for the mooncup, doesn’t hurt that its environmentally friendly as well 🙂

Anna – 30 January 2014

I couldn’t believe it could really be as life changing as the testimonials I’d read/rave reviews from friends but IT IS THAT GOOD.
It took me one period to get used to it- I would really advise testing out inserting and removing it when you’re not on your period so you get used to it (if you rinse it with a bit of water its easier to insert). Tricky at first but definitely definitely worth persevering and so easy when you get used to it.

I suffer from really heavy periods and Mooncup is so much better than so called super extra absorbant tampons. I can actually rely on it and I don’t have to worry about changing it when I’m out either, so I can forget about my period and just get on with stuff!

It’s just so much cleaner. I don’t worry about staining my underwear any more and there’s something about not needing to break out the Bridget Jones pants that makes being on my period less of an ordeal!

Total Convert! – 29 January 2014

I won’t repeat all the many positives about the mooncup but, in three words – I love it and won’t go back to the nasty tampons (oops, that’s an added set of eight words). I simply wish I’d started sooner, but better late than never. A massive thank-you to my best friend who introduced me to the idea and encouraged me to try it and to persist when I was having “teething” problems during the first two periods. By month 3 I had cracked the no-leak code: my mooncup doesn’t pop open like a rose at dawn so I have to adjust it until it’s a perfect concave shape all around (my finger informs me of this). I was worried I’ll never be a true initiate but now I feel I could apply for a NASA job. My own uncharted territory… On the fourth period I was exploring the depths of the ocean, for the first time – nothing to stop me. I’m not the proselytising type but this is too good to keep to myself so I’ll talk to anyone who wants to hear!

Myriam – 21 January 2014

I LOVE IT!! Along with my dishwasher I would say the best money I have EVER spent!!!!
I have never liked tampons always found them uncomfortable and was always very aware of the TSS risks associated with them. I was originally very unsure as to wether a moon cup would be for me, due to the fact that I never got on well with tampons. I read many reviews before purchasing the moon cup but finally decided I would give it a go. Honestly I can not tell you how pleased I am, I really would urge anybody thinking about it to give one a go. I swim in it, I sleep in it, I literally love it!!

I used to hate the week of my period as it either meant uncomfortable tampons or horrid, smelly, itchy, pads. But the moon cup has literally changed a week of the month for the rest of my life!! I can do what I would normally do with out any compromise. It took me only a couple of cycles to get the hang of using and now I can get it in and out with virtually no mess, its definitely no more messy than inserting a non applicator tampon, and the fact that you don’t get the horrid smell that you get from pads its just fantastic!
So in summary if your thinking about trying a moon cup, do its is simply BRILLIANT!!!

Kate – 19 January 2014

I accidentally left my mooncup at home on a recent trip to visit my parents and after going back to tampons for a few days I can honestly say I have NO IDEA how other people cope without this thing
As a woman with a very light flow, I always had difficulties with tampons drying me right out and becoming painful to insert and remove, but pads just left me feeling disgusting and like I was wearing a nappy. The mooncup did get some getting used to, but honestly it is so worth it because you can just forget about the fact you are even on your period for the whole day. I started using it when I was a virgin, and had no more trouble than the usual.

Would definitely recommend to anyone, trying to convert my friends.

Robyn – 17 January 2014

Absolutely love my Mooncup. I am now on my second one (after stupidly damaging my previous one by leaving it soaking in Milton for FAR too long) and I am a happy cheerleader for the product.
It takes a bit of getting used to (for the first month I used it along with pads, by month two I started with a pad but it was so awful compared to the product I stopped using them completely), but once you do you will never look back. Beyond any green consideration the Mooncup is very comfortable and you forget you have it in. Very useful for exercise and when you go on holiday, due to how long you can keep it in (subject to how heavy your flow is) and how easy it is to empty it and pop it back in.

Mooncups should be included as part of girls education about periods and products – I will never go back to pads now but I do wish I have found the product before I did.

Finally I would like to praise this site for the quick processing and dispatch of my replacement Mooncup. After discovering I had damaged my old one only 5 days from my period I was horrified. I placed my order Monday morning and my new Mooncup arrived today.

Kathryn – 14 January 2014

Hi, I bought my Mooncup a few months back and I have used it every period since. It is such a great thing although I still need practice getting it right to stop leaking. I love the fact that it is environmentally friendly and that I don’t have to buy and dispose of pads or tampons. it is so comfy to where and makes it so much easier especially on heavier days. At first I thought it was a bit more hassle than using a pad but it is so much more comfy and less smelly and it means that I don’t have pads in my bag if my mates go through it at school. Thank you

Anna – 09 January 2014

So I have finally got a Mooncup and I am absolutely delighted. Why didn’t I do this sooner?
I suffer horrid, heavy periods that no tampon can match. Within an hour they are soaked through, flooding plagued me, changing knickers throughout the day, clothes constantly in the wash, LIFE ON HOLD. This is no way for any lady to live their life.

So the Mooncup, okay it took me a day to get to grips with it. In the first day I had slight leakage, though nowhere near like a dreaded tampon. By day two I had corrected this by perfecting the twist. Yippee!

The mooncup is comfortable and really works! It is amazing how clean this product makes you feel, you forgot that you’re even having your period. This is worlds away from tampons and pads that are uncomfortable, drying, itchy, smelly and irritable to your skin.

I highly recommend and hope one day that every lady owns one of these! Eco friendly and purse friendly, perfect.

Hannah – 08 January 2014

I was encouraged to try mooncup by my step-sister although I had been aware of that type of product before then. I had been concerned about the waste with traditional pads for a while, although I use relatively few because my flow is light. The mooncup has been fabulous! I’ve used it for two months now. It does take practice and perseverance to insert and remove but it’s worth it. You have to give yourself time and try to relax and you’ll find the best way for you. I find the second fold easier, and have to fold a little on the way out too. I also cut the stem right down to within 5mm. The ick factor is still there, but it’s also accompanied by a certain fascination. I now also seem to bleed for a day or two less than before. I’m so pleased that I am no longer reliant on pads and will be saving money and producing less waste from now on. Everyone should try it!

Liz – 03 January 2014

After having a heavy period all my life, selecting the right tampon has always been tricky. Often I would get a dull ache from wearing them. So I searched online as for what to do and found reviews for the mooncup! It’s much shorter than the big super-flow tampons that I needed so it doesn’t hurt, I can’t even feel it! I bought it a few months ago and it’s definitely made up the money already. I’m at college with lessons all day, I used to have to time my toilet stops in my day in order to change pad + tampon because both would always be soaked through within an hour in days 2-4 and having to rush myself in the bathroom in order to not be late for my next lesson always made it worse! The mooncup doesn’t need removing as much as a tampon, it’s quicker, you don’t have to wear a squidgy uncomfortable nappy type pad. It’s fantastic. It causes no pain, and the stress of getting my period is much less because now I have an awesome way of controlling it. Would definitely recommend it to any lady. Especially those with a heavy flow, a busy schedule or those who are interested in helping save the planet.

Jess – 01 January 2014

I am not one to ever write reviews, for this product, it is necessary. I bought a moon cup before I would be traveling to India for 6 months. Clean is the word to describe how this product made me feel. It is a no hassle, accessible, and stress-free solution for your period.
I would recommend this to EVERY woman. I have saved over $500 in tampons/pads, have less clutter in my bathroom cabinets, and am able to enjoy my day without worry.

Samantha – 31 December 2013

A friend recommended me the mooncup a few months back and I’ve finally got round to buying one. I cannot stop telling everyone how wonderful it is! It feels so natural to be in tune with my body and I’ve already forgotten it’s there. It’s weirdly exciting to see how much has come out throughout the day (never though I’d say that!) and really nice not to have to be bothered changing something frequently as I would have done before with pads. Very liberating and not having that dreadful feeling at that time of the month. Thank you!

Emma – 29 December 2013

I wasn’t ready to try the Mooncup when I first heard about it years ago – I still thought tampons were simpler. A few months ago, I heard about it again when a coworker raved about it, personally telling me many of the benefits that are in these testimonials. I was openminded, but again, I wasn’t ready to try it: I still had a whole box of new tampons. Later that month, I nearly contracted toxic shock and sepsis and had to take 3 weeks of antibiotics because I absent-mindedly left a tampon in my body for far too long. It was a shocking and upsetting experience, but the best relief was knowing I never had to use a tampon ever again! I ordered my Mooncup immediately. Ive only just begun using it, but I thought it was important to share how safe this product is in comparison, on top of all the other benefits. I agree, once it’s inserted properly, it’s like it’s not even there, and best of all, there’s no smelly garbage piling up. Telling my close friends and family about my health scare has gone hand in hand with introducing them to Mooncup – I couldn’t endorse it more. When I researched what happened to me, I found that so many women have have had the same problem with tampons. Let it be said: Mooncup to the rescue!

Samantha – 26 December 2013

I have been using my Mooncup for almost about 6 months now (after 10 years of sanitary towels only). I always felt bad throwing my pads in the bin, but wasn’t sure tampons were for me – I have heard they can be quite dry and not so great overnight. One day, I heard about the Mooncup from an online forum and hunted one down. I knew I was leaving to travel through Canada for a year (am there now), and I also knew I didn’t want to be carrying around lots of pads and figuring out which new product to buy here. So I thought I would give the Mooncup a go. I am so glad I did! I absolutely love it. Ok, so it can be a little messy at times, but I am not easily grossed out! It is far outweighed by the fact is kinder to the environment and in the long run, and so much more economical. Of curse another plus point is it takes up virtually no space in my backpack! I wanted to write and than you for such a fab product!

Rebecca – 19 December 2013

I had never heard about mooncup until this summer. I thought the idea was very interesting and bought it. On the next period I tried to use it, but did not have too much success removing it, so I gave up. Last month I thought: this cannot be, I have to learn how to use it. So I gave it one more try, and reading very carefully all the advices Mooncup gives us, I eventually can apreciate the marvelous of this product.Further more, this company has the best and wonderful customer service I have ever seen. I lost my user guide and asked for another. In less than a week, I had it at home (and I live out of the UK).
Congratulations to Mooncup and I encourage every woman to use the mooncup.

Ana Paula – 19 December 2013

I don’t usually bother reviewing products but this is one thing I really can’t imagine living without now I’ve got it! I first bought it when I was 15 because I was going abroad with school and didn’t want to spend half my time worrying about my period being due. Nobody told me about mooncups but I was desperately searching for an alternative to pads and tampons and I found this site. When I first tried putting it in, I got SO frustrated (not to mention a bit sore) because I couldn’t do it right, but I left it for a day or two and got the hang of it instantly next time I tried. Persistence is the key! As for the school trip, it involved a 17 hour flight, a trek up a mountain, lots of very long drives with no toilets along the way, swimming, dodgy public bathrooms, etc, and the only thing I needed for my period was the mooncup. It does take a bit of practice to change because it’s kind of slippy. I once dropped it on the bathroom floor (I wasn’t even in my own house, THANK GOD the floor was tiled) but other than that there’s been no problems. Since then its been camping and on a ten day road trip too. I love not having to carry a supply of pads or tampons everywhere and worry about disposing of them! It’s so much more practical, especially if you’re an outdoors sort of person like I am. And it’s great if you have trouble predicting when your period will come because you can use a mooncup just in case if you really need to, which you can’t do with tampons and it would just be a waste to do that with pads. My mum is a bit baffled by mooncups and some of my girl friends say ‘ew!’ if I mention it but don’t knock it ’til you try it!

Hannah – 15 December 2013

I’ve just bought my daughter her first mooncup – she’s thirteen. She started her period a couple of years ago and has always used reusable sanitary products. However she does lots of swimming and uses a tampon for this. I’ve used a mooncup for many years and think its great., and can’t believe I didn’t think of getting her one sooner!

Bittybit – 08 December 2013

I had a Mirena coil inserted at the beginning of September this year- it was awful. The continuous trickle of bleeding meant I was having to either use pads which I loathe, or risk using tanpons which were incredibly painful to remove as they never absorbed much! I bought my mooncup just over a month ago and cannot believe the improvement in my quality of life. I’m so much more comfortable and happy- no more ruined underwear or waiting for the worst to happen. I only found out about them through research and I’m so glad I did. I think if you can- everyone should use them!

Effy – 07 December 2013

I’ve been using the mooncup for 18 months now & tell everyone about it. Since stopping using pads & tampons I haven’t had thrush! And I feel more confident that even though my flow is heavy the mooncup does it’s job so well. My periods are still heavy but for less days now, my age maybe/or the magic of the moon cup. I’ve tried to convert my 3 daughters, 26, 18 & 16, but they say it’s too yughy, it’s not, once you get into the swing of it, always take a bottle of water into a public convenience it’s great. Best for me is being able to stay overnight with confidence I wont leak!

Ruth, 45 – 01 December 2013

I’ve been thinking about buying a Mooncup for a while now, but hadn’t actually spoken to anyone who’d used one. I’m quite disorganised when it comes to changing (and even buying!!) tampons so figured it would be perfect for me. I was a bit worried about getting it in and out but managed it first time. So easy, quick, painless. After trimming the stem off it is super super comfy. After emptying it a few times it actually became easier to do than changing a tampon which is something i’ve had years of practice of!! Great product, really wish i’d bought one sooner (also, it’s kinda cool seeing home much blood comes out!)

Daisy – 27 November 2013