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We are delighted to share with you some of the thousands of testimonials we have received from Mooncup® users.
You can search for testimonials on specific issues; however, it is important to remember that these are personal experiences, they may not be valid for everyone and should not be used instead of professional advice.

If you have a health or medical query, or are unsure about using your Mooncup menstrual cup, please visit How To Use where you will find more information and can get in touch with our team of qualified Mooncup Advisors.

I have been using the mooncup for about 6/7 years now! I have NEVER had a leak, and have always found it incredibly comfortable. I have recently had my first baby and had to use pads for the first time in a very long time and oh my goodness, they were uncomfortable and irritating! I am now buying my new mooncup, and would seriously recommend it to everyone. So comfortable, affordable, clean and reliable! What more could you need from a sanitary product!

Michelle – 25 November 2013

I don’t usually do the whole review thing but just thought I would take the time to say how impressed I am with my mooncup, I was a bit worried at first that it would be difficult to get into the right position and would become uncomfortable and I did kind of expect not to get it perfect on the first try with it but I have to say I have got on with it from the very first time I used it, it is so comfortable to wear you dont even know it’s there and you dnt get that gross. Listed feeling like you get when using tampons when they start to get full and expand, I could never turn back to tampons now,
Thank you for a brilliant product 2

hayley – 23 November 2013

Wow! I only started to use my mooncup on an actual period yesterday (I had used it several times on a dry run before) and already I couldn’t live without this ingenious invention. Being a teenager I wasn’t 100% sure whether the mooncup would be suitable for me, however I was so fed up with leaky and uncomfortable tampons and pads that I went ahead and brought a size b mooncup anyway. Before I found the mooncup I ruined at least 3 pairs of knickers, and one bed sheet every period no matter what size or brand of pads I wore, however since switching I haven’t leaked one drop on anything – yay! Insertion was painful at first, but once I found the correct fold for me it was no longer an issue (I found I needed to use the ‘punch down’ method). I also had to remove the stem intill just after the second grip ring. Now I can insert and remove the cup comfortably in less than one minute! For anyone who is put off by the initial £20 investment, please don’t be. The mooncup is one of the best purchases of my life (up there with my IPhone!). Also, although the concept may seem a little hippyish at first, once you use the mooncup it feels great to be doing some good for the environment in at least one area of your life!

I would urge everyone to try it, esspecially younger girls and teens!!!

Sarah T – 18 November 2013

I decided to try the mooncup after a few of my friends mentioned it. I never liked using tampons as found them uncomfortable so used to use pads but hated that ‘wet’ feeling. I had a few difficulties initially inserting the mooncup but found that relaxing helps big time. I’ve been using it for 6 months now and recommend it to anyone who’ll listen. It’s so easy and discreet, I don’t notice it’s there- it’s better for the environment, for my body and also on my finances so what’s not to like about it?! 🙂

Kat – 17 November 2013

I wish I had invented this, it is amazing. I first heard about it from my sister, and I was so hysterically disgusted about the thought of it that she actually hung up on me. But after thinking about it properly and realising just how much money I was spending on both pads and tampons (I had quite a heavy flow so would use both on the first couple days of my period), as well as the environmental impact, I took the plunge and bought one. It did take a little bit of getting used to in terms of insertion and knowing when I needed to empty, but 4 months later I would never, ever go back. I was so skeptical about leakage as previously I had many an incident with underwear and sheets, but it works like a charm. And to top it all off my periods seem lighter. The blood thing really isn’t an issue once you get used to seeing it, and it’s quite interesting seeing how much your body is getting rid of. To be honest it isn’t any more messy than inserting a non-applicator tampon! The only thing I’m gutted about is that I didn’t know about it sooner, I wasted 18 years using other methods dammit! That’s a fair bit of cash I could’ve saved and a whole lot less rubbish in landfills or even worse, the ocean.

Julie – 12 November 2013

The first time I used my Mooncup, it took a few days to get use to folding and inserting it properly, but I’m so glad I persevered! It’s so much more comfortable and cleaner to use than either pads or tampons, so long as you make sure it’s sealed properly. No emergency shop dashes; no panic-stocks cluttering up my handbags; and, best of all, no horrible bodily irritations!
It’s been especially brilliant for me as an avid gym nut, jogger and dancer, and would recommend it to absolutely anyone! I love feeling in control of my body and appearance, and not having to sacrifice doing what I love as a result.

I don’t know how I’ve managed to survive so long without a Mooncup. I wish I’d known about this product sooner; it’s been an absolute revelation!

Kate, 23 – 12 November 2013

I love my darling mooncup so very much! I’ve been recommending it far and wide since I got it, and I’ve already persuaded one friend.I had a little trouble inserting it at first, since I at age 19 had so far been a pad girl only, so I was a little unsure how to fold it and how high/low it was supposed to sit, but a few read-throughs of the instructions and I was all set (and so was it)
A family holiday last month was actually saved by my mooncup, because for some reason there wasn’t a bin in the bathroom of the apartment we rented, but for once I didn’t have to worry about it:D
I’ve even had to get out of bed once or twice to empty it, because I forget it’s even in, it’s that comfortable.
Highly recommended to everyone who are considering it, it’s definitely worth it!

Marie – 11 November 2013

I LOVVVEEEE the mooncup! I’m 16, and up until now I always used pads (eco ones) as the thought of tampons was disgusting. I found out about the mooncup from my mum, who’d had an early prototype, and thought it was great. :)I was nervous about it at first, but after a few dummy runs I got it to work, albeit after a quick stem trim, and now I wear it with a reusable pad as backup. 😀
This will definitely be coming with me on my adventures. 🙂 Strasbourg here we come! 😀

Rhiannon – 10 November 2013

Hi I started using a mooncup after the birth of my daughter. I found that my periods were alot heavier than before. I was having to use a pad and a tampon and change every couple of hours, it was costing a fortune. While shopping I was just looking through the sanitary aisle and saw a mooncup. Lasts a lifetime and holds more, I thought this might just save loads of money. And it did. I was so much more comfortable (pads aggravate my allergies) and spent less money.
Thank you so much.

M.Davis – 09 November 2013

I am 13 years old and I love the mooncup. I hate periods because they make me feel really low and my Mum won’t let me wear tampons because of the risk of TSS so I have to wear pads which I find really uncomfortable and I hate the wet feeling. I saw the mooncup online when looking for an alternative choice of protection. I told my mum about it as soon as a saw it (my mum wasnt very interested)but when recently I knew I was going to have my period on my birthday sleepover my mum said she’d research it because my periods are really heavy. We bought it and at first I just could not insert it and I thought it would just never happen but with a few regualar practices for a day on the morning of my sleepover it was in. It is really hard to remove and it is quite painful to do so but I think I will get used to that. I haven’t had much practice yet but once I have I think I will use it all the time and I love it!

Libby – 04 November 2013

I’m 17 and I’ve just started using the mooncup, and I’m loving it! I have a pretty light flow so whenever I use tampons I worry because there’s never much blood unless I leave it in longer than 8 hours, but with the mooncup that doesn’t matter; I can just put it in in the morning and leave it until I’m going to bed.

Eve – 01 November 2013

Hi mooncup! I’m 13 years old and i started to use the mooncup when i was twelve. I really love it and I have been spreading the word ever since. I have absolutely no fault to pick with the product, its probably one of he best inventions ever. I dont ever have to worry about anything when I’m on my period and I wish more girls knew about it and wouldn’t be so shy when discussing the topic! Every woman goes through it! I was intimidated by it when I just got it but honestly, when you think about it, the concept couldnt be any simpler. Thanks so much for making such a amazing product!

Kim – 29 October 2013

I am 14 and first heard about the mooncup nearly a year ago. I thought they sounded amazing but was scared to get one. Earlier this year I told my grind about it an after many debates we both took the plunge and got one. I LOVE it there is sooo much to say about them. They are hygienic and so much better than pads an tampons. I told my mum about it and she was grossed out and kept trying to persuade me not to get it and to me it would fail. This made me more determined to make it work. It is so easy and simple to insert and remove. I would say that when removing put your thumb at the front all the way to the seal them push the cup against the back wall of your vagina and push it out. It’s pain free and really quick. Trying to convert all my friends. This is a miracle product I wish I brought it sooner. I also think that they should ban tampons and pads because ty are so bad for you and the enviroment. Anyway don’t hesitate get yours today!!!!

Jo – 29 October 2013

I never heard about mooncups before, now i read the description, i don’t feel the need of trying them out.

Nadine – 25 October 2013

After I went on the pill, my periods became a lot lighter and I decided to try the Mooncup. I like the idea that they are more environmentally friendly than the other sanitary options, and tampons/pads used to make me a bit sore ‘down there’.
I am offically in love with my mooncup now, it admittedly does take some practice with insertion/removal, and I would wholeheartedly recommend watching a ‘how to’ guide first.But 3 months in, I am a very happy customer and I have told so many people about how fantastic my mooncup is!

Beth – 25 October 2013

I have had my Mooncup for 2 months now and love it! I had always used tampons and tried the disposable cups that they sell in drug store. Those were an epic fail (leaking, hard to take out, messy) so I was skeptical about buying the mooncup. I will never go back! I removed the whole tip on mine and don’t have a problem removing it at all. I barely even know it is there and only worry about emptying it out twice a day, in the morning and at night. So much better then worrying about a tampon every few hours. No problem with leakage no matter how long I keep it in. I will never go back!

Stacie – 22 October 2013

I live in Japan and I’ve never heard of mooncup before my British boyfriend told me about it. I used organic cotton pads. I didn’t like that I have “thick” pads and I had to use tampon when I work. We checked the website and I thought it would be great. The first day to try was terrible and I was about to scream and cry “I can’t do this!” You may feel the same but please RELAX! If you are tensed, it would be more difficult to put or take out the cup. I had 3 periods so far and I’m getting used to it. I can sleep without a short even as I really don’t need to care about it. It was good to know how much I have blood out too. It was much much less than I thought. If you wonder to buy, just buy a cup. I am sure you will enjoy the period time with it.

Saya – 18 October 2013

I am 17 years old and I first heard about the mooncup through a video by Laci green. I thought it would be great if I could sleep without worrying about changing the sheets in the morning. At the time I didn’t have the money to buy one. So a week or so later I saw these soft cups and thought about trying them to see if the idea of a cup would work for me and as it turns out it did work but I wasn’t impressed with the softcups and thought maybe the reusable one would be better and then I decided to order mine online. A week later I had it and then I tired it. At first I was really uncomfortable and thought “oh no I just spent 30+ dollars on something that doesn’t work.” Then I reread the usage guide and then I trimmed the stem and got into a squatting position. And it was a world of difference. I didn’t feel that stem at the opening and it didn’t hurt at ALL! It was amazing.
Let me tell you that it is wonderful to be able to not have to wear pads or have to change messy and smelly tampons.

To those considering getting a mooncup, I say get one, they may be a bit of a learning curve on inserting and removing it, I know I had trouble getting it out without it hurting but once you learn how to do it, it makes a world of difference.

Samantha – 15 October 2013

I have had very heavy periods since my teen years. I go through a box of ultra tampons and a pack of overnight pads every single month. I have day stopping cramps, real physical exhaustion, vicious mood changes. I ruin clothes, sheets, underclothes every single month, no matter what I do it’s bad. I bought my Mooncup and it arrived 5 days before my next cycle. I used it last night for the first time and woke up to clean sheets and no leaks. I wore a pad yesterday and today because of the “learning curve” mentioned, but so far there has been no problems. I had to trim the stem, but other than that I have no discomfort like I do with tampons. It’s not messy. I have only emptied it twice so far. I can’t believe I have missed this amazing thing all these years. I love it. I want to tell the world all about it. I have never been so pleased by any product in my life. Thanks y’all. Now if only you can cure my cramps 🙂

Lindsey – 11 October 2013

THANK YOU!!!! I really struggle with my periods and tampons make me so sore and pads, well I feel like I’m wearing nappies! I saw this advertised and thought, why not! I am 30 and I can’t believe I’ve managed so long without my Mooncup. As soon as I used it, I loved it. I swim a lot and run a lot and before I had to cut down on those activities. Not any more! I feel so free and comfortable. Every woman needs to know and try the Mooncup. Thank you so very much!!!!

Beth – 10 October 2013

Mooncup is amazing! I have been using both tampons and pads but neither of them have been quite right. I’m fourteen and have had my period for a little over a year. I was always afraid of leakage and smells and such and always dreaded periods. But now I barely notice! Insertion was a bit tricky at first but now it’s very easy. I would definitely recommend the Mooncup even if you haven’t had your period for very long. It is very convenient as you can keep it in for far longer than either tampons or pads. Changing it whilst out can be a little messy but isn’t really a problem. All in all I would give it a five out of five! By far the best sanitary product. 🙂

Lily – 08 October 2013

Mooncups are fabulous! I started using one after seeing them advertised at a festival. I honestly will never go back. I love that it is a more eco choice, but it is also so much more convenient than tampons. I used to find tampons extremely drying and often painful, but there is none of that with a mooncup. It did take a couple of periods to get used to it, so don’t be put off if it initially feels a bit strange! They are definitely worth sticking with.

Charlotte – 06 October 2013

Mooncup changed my life. I’ve been using it for a year now. It’s so sad not having found out about it before, but it’s so nice to be finally enjoying it now. I now forget I’m on my periods, can go to the beach, can take dance classes easily and can sport those new white trousers any day. AND it’s all good for the planet!

Coral – 01 October 2013

I have now been using mooncup for 2 whole months, and although a couple of times have been tempted to go back to tampons ( only because I’ve struggled a couple of times with removal) I will never go back a, I suffer from endometriosis and pco and the moon cup is ideal for reporting menstral flow to doctors, I do lose a lot more than normal, but still have no problem with leakage, I used to have to wear both tampons and towels, now it’s just a small cup I am loving it I don’t dread my period as much as I used too, I’ve been trying to convert friends and family, but have yet to convince them, they really don’t know what they are missing, I will eventually get the hang of easy removal , and no more Texas chainsaw massacre moments ( I exaggerate a teeny tiny bit)

Ebonny – 30 September 2013

I have had my mooncup for about 6 years. My sister threw me a new one and said “try this.” I did. I started using it on days when I was at home to get used to it. Then on days when I would not have to empty it during the day (sorry but I had a large stock of tampons to get rid of). Now if I am out and about I am very naughty and use the disabled toilet if I have to empty it as there is normally a sink handy to wash it in and space to squat. I’ve never found a disabled person waiting outside for me to finish.I also do karate (white trousers!) and find it very handy if I am expecting my period so I don’t leak should my period start during training. It has saved me on quite a few occasions. The only time I had problems with this was when I was using a tampon.
Everything mooncup claims is good is all true. I will never go back to any other method – even when I had a knee injury and found it hard to squat I refused to use any other method.

Annie – 26 September 2013

So many years wasting my
time with tampons…
To the creator of the mooncup…
You can die knowing you have
Left a world a better place than you found it
Thank you…

Sepatron – 25 September 2013

I have been using Mooncup for 4 years now and I cant live without it! I used to get terrible leaking with tampons and hated the feel of wearing a pad and how expensive the good quality pads and tampons were. I paid £19.99 all that time ago and have saved over £100 by not buying all the other products. Like others have said, it’s perfect for long journeys or even things like nights out. I swim quite a lot and HATE the idea of a tampon string being seen out my bathing suit, thankfully I no longer have that paranoia. Money can’t buy that sort of reassurance and peace of mind?…..actually it can!!!

Lucy – 24 September 2013

This has been a total revelation! I had an episiotomy when I was giving birth to my daughter a year ago and ever since had found tampons so uncomfortable – they would shift down and press on the scar giving me a sharp pain and a feeling of ‘heaviness’ in my pelvis. Agony! I decided to try a mooncup as an alternative, and I couldn’t be happier. Not only is it more comfortable to insert and remove than tampons were, it stays put and doesn’t irritate my scar at all. It’s so comfortable and hassle free – I will be spreading the word with other mums who have had episiotomies. Looking forward to saving cash on sanitary products as well as they’re a rip off!

Hannah – 19 September 2013

Good god, what can I say that hasn’t already been said?! I spotted Mooncup posters and leaflets way back in 2005 at Glastonbury festival (I think!) I immediately just knew it was right! ‘Why have I never heard of this!? This looks perfect!’ However, my bf at the time said something like ‘eeew that’s proper disgusting!’ and promptly put me off investing. (Shame on me!)
However, I never forgot about it and would often try to remind myself to search for one every now and again. My periods were getting more painful and heavier as the years passed and like others, I juggled a routine of tampons, pads and both, and towels in the bed at night, just to get through. Yuck!
It is this year, 2013, that I finally remembered about the Mooncup. It came up in conversation between me and my lovely fella when I was having a particularly bad period and he was filling a hot water bottle for me at some ungodly hour. He is very open and we were talking about products. I was telling him how useless they all are but then, I wouldn’t really know for sure as I think all girls just use the same brands their mums did. I definitely did. He was saying something like ‘but there’s loads isn’t there? I wonder if they feel different?’ when I remembered about the Mooncup advert. I told him about it. Infact we got straight out of bed and I googled it, immediately finding the Tampons vs Mooncup youtube video. I knew I wanted to try it! So that following weekend he drove me the one hour trip to the ‘big city’ (we were living out in Connemara in Ireland at the time) to visit the Boots. Bingo! I found myself willing my period to be early so I could take it for a test drive!
During the month wait, I practiced putting it in and removing it, just so I wouldn’t be horrifically under qualified when it was ‘go time!’
My first period with it was a half success. I got it spot on the first day and night and then had a leaky/tweaky one the following day. I wore a pad for a break after getting a bit frustrated with myself but resolved to calm down and try again upon waking.
Since that first one, I have nailed it. And I will never, ever, ever go back. It pays for itself on long journeys. We drove to Northern Ireland for a weekend away and I could tell I was going to come on. Pop in your mooncup in the morning and worry not one jot for the rest of the journey!
The pocket in my handbag reserved for ‘spares and just incases’ is free for sweets! My bathroom windowsill/bedroom drawer/other hidey holes are vacant and useful. I love not needing any other product. One tiny Mooncup in my bedroom drawer is all I need. I love putting it in on the day I know it’s due, and just relaxing because I’m covered! Not waiting for the spots or leaks! It’s pre-emptive protection!
I couldn’t love a product more and I have told EVERYONE. I put it all over facebook too! And consequently spawned two more converts! That upset the TMI Police I can tell you but I don’t care!
It’s made my period shorter too! All the heavy stuff is over and done with in 2 days, and the rest is easy. I can’t feel it when it’s in and if I can, then I’ll re-jig until it’s right.
I have had about 5 periods since and they’ve been so much easier to live with. It is so, so worth it for that.

Dani – 19 September 2013

Thank you!!I went out on a limb and bought a moon cup because I have a light flow right now and tampons would hurt to take out and make me all dry. Your product is like magic, it’s painless, I can’t feel it, I’m not self conscious or aware of it. It’s made my period a much happier time of the month, shame it doesn’t cure my mood swings though. But seriously I would recommend this to anyone who will listen, I told my cousin about it today, a friend yesterday. And I’ve only been using it for 2 days
Thank you MoonCup!

Steph – 11 September 2013

I heard out about mooncup around 3 years ago and was interested, but was unsure about getting one, mainly because it was different and I didn’t know anyone else who used one – I finally ordered mine about 3 months ago and my only regret is that I didn’t get it sooner. I am now an extremely happy convert and am on a mission to get all my friends and family to use one too. It is so much cleaner and nicer to use than tampons or towels and I really notice the difference as it does not dry me out like tampons did (which were also sometimes sore to remove). Mooncup is really easy to insert and remove and feels really comfortable. I recently used mine during a week long camping and road trip and it was great. The environmental benefits are big too, I didn’t realise how much waste I got through each month before I started using mooncup, it’s quite staggering really. It’s also much nicer not having to take a bag or purse full of sanitary ware into the loo with you at friends houses or remember to have your stash of tampons with you on a night out, you don’t need anything – it’s already with you 🙂 I have never ever written a testimonial for a product before but I really felt compelled to as mooncup has made such a positive impact on my life, Thank you!!

Tracy – 10 September 2013

Thankyou mooncup! I am 13 and always had light flow- then on the day I went on holiday my periods got so heavy that I was changing super tampons every hour and half. I got sick of it and looked online for a alternative. Sooo glad I did! I love my mooncupnow and can go throught a full day of school with no worries whatsoever. I have tried telling my friends and hope that someday I will convince them to try one too. I still have heavy periods but no longer worry. I am pleased that I found the mooncup so soon. Thankyou again and good luck to all new mooncupers! =)

Lissie – 09 September 2013

A friend of mine told me about Mooncup and then not a week later, Erika Moen did a page explaining (and giving really helpful hints) about it.
It is my first day and I love it! It is so comfortable, and I have had no leakage. I worked out, took a nap, and sat at the computer for a bit with no leakage!

So far, best 30 bucks (american here) ive spent all year!

Beth – 07 September 2013

At almost 39 I wish I’d known about Mooncup YEARS ago. Having 2 heavy periods a month I spent a fortune on tampons; and leaked and felt like I smelled all the time. Thankfully, with Mooncup, I no longer fear staining seats etc.

Lou – 31 August 2013

The mooncup has been completely amazing and changed my life for the better.
I am 16 years old and having started my period at 14 my mum was skeptical about whether I would be able to use it. I was desperately looking for solutions for periods on Duke of Edinburgh so I bought the size B and despite initial problems with insertion and removal, I have proved my mum wrong.

I recently used it on a watersports holiday, saving me from the problems of soggy tampons that need to be changed regularly. I also no longer have to use sanitary towels at night we keeps everything cleaner.

My advice to anyone my age considering buying the moon cup is to do so. However you will need to be comfortable with your body and willing to persist through some pain at the start (at least this is what I found). The best tips I picked up where keeping your jaw slack when inserting as this relaxes the vaginal muscles, starting off by squatting in the shower and ultimately just being confident and determined about it.

It’s ecological, cheaper, cleaner, lasts longer and has no bad odour! It’s been great for me as I have irregular periods and don’t know when they are coming. Using the Mooncup has been such a freeing experience and I hope to never go back to tampons.

Thank you Mooncup

Mary – 31 August 2013

LOVE IT!!! I live in the land down under and had only recently learned of moon cups. Ill admit the idea completely grossed me out but after much thought i purchased one online during my last period, it arrived just before i was throwing a cocktail party, where i asked had anyone heard of a moon cup and i was suprised as they had so out my brand new unused one came, much to the disgust of my younger cousin who was completely grotted out! One of my mates has purchased and another is waiting on our reviews. So here is mine: its day 2, i love it and although yesterday with a heavy aunt flo i had a bit of a messy time getting my MC in and out its brilliant i dont even feel it in there which at one point had me worrying id be leaking but no, no leaks and lots of comfort!!!! If your debating about whether or not to purchase do it and just try it out in the shower if your worried about mess, best part is no blood all over your towel as you can get in shower remove, clean, re insert, get out and not have to worry about dripping on the floor or remembering to take clean undies in for a pad then doing the mad dash to your room before you kids ask whats that thread mum??? Im 29 have two kids and have now a new appreciation for my won body which i finaly feel im respecting, So thankyou to MoonCup for making such a crappy week be not that crappy afterall!

Mandy – 29 August 2013

I have found out about this product by chance, read a lot about it and then decided to buy and try it.
OMG! This should be part of the ‘education’ we give to all young girls when we explain to them the options that they can choose when menstruating.

In comparison to all the conventional pads and tampons, there is no way i am going back after just one trial.

I feel more comfortable, have less of a worry about leaking and there is just not a chance I can ever again use a bleach containing product that is actually not good for your body…

I even reckon the pain is lessened by the fact that there is just so much less stress with the whole process of being on your period.

normally I would have to take a tablet straight away, and then again the second day, but the I am now half way through the second day and have not had to take a tablet yet this month…. Yes there is pain, I am not claiming that this miracle have eliminated that, but I seem to manage it a lot better as I feel relaxed and confident about cleanliness and freshness..

Very good product and comes highly recommended!!!!!

I for one will tell everyone I know about it as there is just no need to suffer!!!!

Yes you pay about £20 in shops (less online i presume) but what once in a number of years compare to whatever you currently spend every month?

I SAY GO FOR IT! Give it a try, and see how you feel!!!!!!

Mrs K C – 25 August 2013

I had planned a fun day out on the lake with my friends. My monthly had just started the evening before. It would only be my second time with the Cup, so I was worried about cramps and leakage during those intense 5-6 hours out on the water; particularly since I was still learning to use my Mooncup properly.
However, I was pleasantly surprised.
In a full day of intense exercise: rock-climbing, swimming, and cliff-diving the mooncup did not fail me in any way. I had a great time out boating on the lake with friends, sans unpleasant reminders of my Monthly.

I could easily minimise cramps with moderate physical activity– no discomfort during swimming whatsoever, and more importantly no leakage.

Oh, and the next day I went zip-lining and hiking in the mountains for 3 hours, too!

I am so relieved I no longer need to avoid and cancel trips like these simply because of my time of the month. This is why although I was initially worried about the effectiveness of the Mooncup, today I am completely convinced that it is the right choice for me.

Agnes – 24 August 2013

After reading so many good reviews online about the Mooncup, I had to try it. I got so sick of using pads and feeling horrible every month. I hated tampons, they were just not my thing… What was there to lose? The first time I tried it, I admit, it was uncomfortable inserting it and the suction once the cup pops is very strange. Once the Mooncup was inserted, I couldn’t feel a thing. So comfortable, I almost forgot I was using it! I did have some problems initially with the cup not wanting to pop open and I had some difficulty finding solutions online for this, but I found that pinching the base/side of the cup that the fold is on, for a few seconds, works. Thanks to the Mooncup, I can wear any clothes or underwear I want – no GRANNY PANTS at that time of the month! Woohoo! I would urge any girl to at least TRY the Mooncup. It’s much cleaner than pads and much more comfortable than tampons. I wish I had found this option years ago!!

Caroline – 24 August 2013

I love Love LOVE my Mooncup! I thought about using one for years and finally took the plunge and am so glad I did. Inserting wasn’t a problem for me; I found removing it more difficult. However using petroleum jelly on your fingers when removing and really breaking the seal first to get it into the shape you need to remove it I find the best way. And cleaning with bicarb really does remove some of the staining. The Mooncup nurses were great too for advice – why the hell the whole world isn’t using one I just don’t know.

The Venerable Mrs A – 19 August 2013

I brought my mooncup after I realised that tampons were making my cramps worse, and out of a hatred of pads. So, so much more comfortable than tampons or pads. No smell, no dangling pee string, no bulge in the nickers. It’s great! It takes a few tries to work out the best way to insert it, and removing it the first time was tricky, don’t panic! Just keep trying until you find a good method. Try googling different folds, I found the one in the instructions difficult. Also put on some music, it will help you relax and will cover the comical squelching sounds. I did find that I had to trim the stem about 2cm, as the stem would irritate me. Give it a shot!

Jess – 18 August 2013

I first found out about the mooncup on youtube… and to be honest, I thought of it being pretty unpleasant to use. But the thought of never having to buy a disposable sanitary product seriously made me want one! And now that I’m using it, it is not unpleasant at all and wish I knew about this sooner! I can go through my periods without worrying at all, plus I know I’m doing good for the environment and my pocket which makes this an awesome product!

Bee – 17 August 2013

Wow.. that’s all I can say! I’m in my late teens and honestly, I had my reservations about buying the Mooncup. What if it got stuck? What if it was uncomfortable? Surely it would be more popular if it were that good, right? NOT the case! It’s great. I just bought it today – popped into my local boots and 10 hours later, I’m already converted. Ok, so I’m still getting used to it. I haven’t cut any of the stem off as I’m slightly nervous about doing so, but I’m sure I’ll build up confidence soon enough. I’m not worried at all about leaking at night, which was always my biggest worry before. I’d recommend for every woman to try this product out. It just might change your life!

Elizabeth – 14 August 2013

It’s my first day of use today. Tip for the woman out there I out it in while in the bath so I could relax and not worry about mess even though there was non. My cousin told me about the mooncup I’m all for saving money in the long run and I was at a point I would try anything to feel comfy during my period. I had the contraceptive implant for 3 years had a baby and I’ve just recently took it out again to try for baby number 2 befor the implant I used tampons but while on the implant I had no periods so when taking it out getting used to tampons again was hard and somtimes painfull so went back to pads even though I hated them and they made me feel icky. So I’m extremely happy about the mooncup as soon as I trimmed it to the size I needed it and put it in I new the money was worth it i can’t believe it took me till the age of 25 to hear about it I’m going to tell all my girls 😀

Nicola – 14 August 2013

I absolutely love my Mooncup; it’s made periods so much more easy, cheap and comfortable. It’s easy to insert, I feel clean when I use it, because it is simply easy to clean, and it does the job! I intend never to use a tampon or sanitary towel ever again.

helena – 11 August 2013

I’m 14 years old and have one my period for one year, and my Mooncup for one month! I got the Mooncup after constantly leaking tampons, unhygienic pads, and just getting fed up with it all. I was grossed out when I first read about it – a disposable tampon?! Ew! But after much deliberation, I decided to give it a try. It arrived one day before my period, where the first few days are super heavy, and the last two are very light, causing problems. I got it in on the third go, and put a pad on for protection. After about an hour, I felt the familiar leaking feeling, so I dashed to the toilet expecting a huge mess – nothing! It was slightly painful to remove, but i’m sure this will ease up over time. This is a amazing product, and I just wish more people my age were told about it. I love my Mooncup!

Caitlin – 07 August 2013

Dear Lord, the heavens have blessed us. Get this, I started using my mooncup when I was 12. If i can then you can too. You can buy it from Boots which was most convenient for me and the people at Mooncup are so lovely and sent me a free cotton bag to store my mooncup in when I had lost the original one that came with the mooncup itself. Really, the mooncup is probably the best menstrual cup out there and I think it would be better for all woman compared to the divacup as they are stiffer, longer and just in general, a trickier customer. However mooncups are flexible, squishy and relatively small yet they contain alot. You can do so much with a mooncup and this helps especially if you do exercize often or swimming etc. I am so happy I found the mooncup and now I am converting all those around me. Please, all women reading this, get it. I mean the first time using this I was scared as hell, I didn’t even knew where it goes but mooncups help you to get comfortable with your womanliness and over time, you get more familiar with everything and you wont even have to think about it. Also, if your parents dont agree with you using it, show them all the benefits to them and if its to do with hymen breakage, tell them many have already had theirs partially worn away by strenuous sports. I just hope all women convert to mooncups, I am so glad I tried the mooncup. I dont even have to worry about periods like other girls my age do now and I dont have to faff around with ridiculous tampons and all the health risks they impose.

Kim – 06 August 2013

I first saw Mooncups on the shelf at Boots when shopping with a friend, we both looked curiously at it, then decided it was far too big to fit “in there” and was quite scary. Fast forward a few years and I was reading through some travel blogs where one lady swore by her Mooncup, stating how amazing it was. I scoured the testimonials on the website and decided to give it a go. How I wish I had picked one up when I first saw them! I was hooked after the first month so promptly bought my friend one. To say she was a little surprised with my wonderful gift is a massive understatement, but, she too got hooked and has already converted a few of her friends. I have been singing the praises of Mooncups now for 9 months, I will never go back to tampons, the smell and that horrid swollen feeling I used to get “down there” every month. I love feeling clean, comfortable, (and very smug each time I walk past the tampax aisle in Tesco).
I have been deploying stickers on toilet doors and handing out leaflets to anybody that will listen. A few of my work mates (and my sister) are getting a bit sick of my constant advertising, but I won’t give up until they are all converted!!

Vicky – 03 August 2013

Just bought my mooncup today after a lot of reading up on the net, I have awful trouble with tampons and hate towels so I though it can’t be any worse than the monthly struggles I suffer… I got home and tried it straight away and I have to say I’m just totally amazed! I thought I’d leak until I got the hang of it, but not a single drop! I jumped around, as I cycle and swim I needed to be sure it was secure, and I didn’t even know it was there. I’m almost at the end of this period, but I’m actually looking forward to nxt month when I can really feel liberated and get on with my life without worries or sore lady parts from bleached uncomfortable towels or awful leaks from tampons. I wish this was advertised more openly and that I’d discovered it 20 years ago when I first started my periods. Thankyou mooncup!!

Mel – 01 August 2013

When I first started my period I remember putting on a pad for the first time and being disgusted because it felt like I was wearing a nappy. So I moved to tampons and suffered the monthly ritual of trying to guesstimate how many millimetres of flow I produced in 4-8 hours, living in fear in case I misjudged and ended up with stained knickers or TSS. Earlier this week I decided to buy a Mooncup. After just 2 days I feel truly clean, comfortable and normal whilst on my period. Thank you Mooncup for liberating me.

Jess – 01 August 2013

When I first looked into menstrual cups, all I could find were (to me) weirdo hippies going on about being more in touch with the Moon and using the blood to fertilize their houseplants. NO thank you! But then I met some “normal” people who used them and figured I’d try it. I’ve spent more on dumb experiments than this, how bad could it be?
Well, I’ve been using mine for a year and a half (ish) and I can’t imagine going back. I dread when my period comes unexpectedly and I have to use a pad or tampon for a few hours. I didn’t think I’d be that person to preach Mooncups to the masses, but everything they say about these things is true! It never leaks, so I can wear my normal underwear (hallelujah!), I only have to check it in the morning and before bed, it’s a one-time purchase that pays itself off in a couple months … yeah, I’m a crazy Mooncup lover!

Try it. Seriously, do it. Even if you’ve tried the disposable cups and didn’t like them, get a Mooncup. Save the environment, save some money, get to wear your favorite undies, whatever you want. Just try it.

Rachel K – 30 July 2013

I came across this whilst talking to other women about cloth diapering, of all things. I was using reusable nappies and wipes on my son and started to use cloth panty liners too, while waiting for my periods to return after having a baby. They have, finally, but as I have a contraceptive implant they are still very light. I was a tampon fan before getting pregnant, but due to the lightness of my periods they were a no no. I bought a mooncup and got on with it straight away. It is so much more comfortable than tampons and hasn’t leaked once so far. Love it and I plan to never buy any disposable sanitary-wear again.

Kimberley – 29 July 2013

I have had my mooncup for nine years now and sadly today I let it boil dry while sterilising it 🙁 so am ordering a replacement. Over the last nine years I have saved so much money on sanitary wear, my periods are lighter and much easier to deal with. Before using the mooncup I was wearing two heavy duty towels at once and had to change several times a night. I have never once had a leak from my mooncup, my cramps are reduced too and I don’t know why but my period doesn’t seem to last as long either. I would urge anyone to give a mooncup a try, what have you got to loose?

Kim – 29 July 2013

Just finished my first period with the mooncup and I can’t believe how much of a difference it made! I always find that that time of the month makes me feel really grotty, wearing pads or even using tampons I never feel clean and I am always paranoid about leaking and odours. However, with the mooncup I didn’t have to worry about any of that at all, I didn’t even feel like I was in my period. It was a bit awkward to get in and out the first couple of times but by the third day I nailed the technique and was able to do it almost as quickly as it would have taken to change a tampon. I wish that I had heard about this sooner and I will definitely be recommending it to all my friends. The mooncup is brilliant!

Jackie – 27 July 2013

I recently bought myself a mooncup as although I’m 18, I’ve not got into a regular period yet, they can be very unpredictable and sometimes I can be really heavy and sometimes really light, so I found myself stocking up on every absorbancy tampons and spending ridiculous amounts of money, I am also going away soon and won’t be able to purchase any supplies whilst away, I don’t know whether I’ll be on due to their unpredictability so would find myself taking about 4 boxes of tampons just in case! in the end I took the gamble and went for a mooncup, it took quite a bit of fiddling to get the hang of it but after some practice I’m finally getting the hang of it, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the inconvenience of tampons!!

Emma – 25 July 2013

What they say about the learning curve with the Mooncup is definitely true. At first I tried practising inserting and removing the it before I got my period in hopes that I might learn to use it properly– wrong move. The experience was extraordinarily painful and got me nowhere. However, I got my period today and decided to give the cup another go; what I can say about it so far is it takes me a while to remove it properly, but it is very comfortable once it’s in and the feeling of dryness keeps me optimistic that after today I’ll be able to gradually ease into this new routine. It definitely takes getting used to, though, and at first I didn’t think it was for me since the amount of pain I felt during removal was discouraging.
What helped was the fact that the pain was only temporary; all I had to do was wait a while until the feeling subsided, then try again. I will keep trying because I know my money was well-spent, this feeling of absolute dryness and comfort is irreplaceable.

Agnes – 23 July 2013

My sister had told me about the moon cup a couple of years ago, I was a tampon user and thought it sounded really grim! Then my periods changed and tampons became a problem, I needed something new and refused to go back to pads. So my period came and I popped to boots, tried it straight away, I didn’t like it at all. I didn’t use it again that period. Since then I’ve tried again (in the shower which made practicing inserting and removing a lot easier) and now I love it! Stem trimmed off made it more comfortable for me and I’m ready for my summer garden pool without worry or having to sit by the side being jealous. Money saving, time saving and better for the environment…. This needs to be told about to young girls in sex ed! Well done mooncup 🙂

Danni – 19 July 2013

I HATE HATE HATE THE MOONCUP…. FOR NOT COMING TO ME BEFORE NOW!!!!! getting a mooncup is the best decision you will ever make in your entire life. simple as. i’m 14 and have really irregular periods, sometimes wickedly heavy that I cant walk and sometimes so light that i don’t notice them! i got the mooncup at a really heavy time and I love that i can leave it in for the whole school day even at my heaviest!!! it’s perfect because it does all days! school trip in 2 days and I am ready for mother nature if it comes! i’m preaching to the world! why don’t they give out these in 3rd world countries instead of stupid tampons????? LOVE YOU MOONCUP

Emmy – 16 July 2013

At work we were talking about Mooncups and it turned out that 3 of my colleagues were total converts. I’ve known about it a while while but their utter conviction at its benefits finally persuaded me – and I don’t regret it!
I’ve always had a terrible time on my period, this is my second cycle with my MC and I cannot recommend it enough – it works wonders.

Rebecca – 16 July 2013

I was initially tempted by a mooncup because of their eco-friendly benefits, but I resisted for a couple of years as I’ve always found tampons pretty uncomfortable and figured the cup would be no different.I’ve had mine for 6 months now and I am COMPLETELY converted.
The first month I used it, the mooncup was a bit awkward to get in and getting it out again was unpleasant, but by the end of the week it was absolutely fine and far more comfortable than tampons.
My periods are often difficult because they can change from extremely heavy to very light, but the mooncup means I don’t need to think about planning ahead nearly as much!
Overall a fantastic buy. I just hope mooncup can expand on their advertising so more people can hear about a much more environmentally friendly and comfortable option!

Fiona – 16 July 2013

I used to live in brighton, so have known about the mooncup for years, I was always a bit put off by the hippy sounding name! Since having children I have found tampons a real nuisance, and didn’t quite trust the moon up would work. I spoke to the lady on the stall at Glastonbury this year, and still wasn’t convinced enough…until this morning, 2nd day of this months period I had enough and went into town to give the mooncup a try…I used it straight away, and although it feels different to tampons, already it is just SO much better, I am genuinely excited by the thought of never using tampons again!!!

Ruth – 15 July 2013

I purchased my MCUK ten years ago. TEN. YEARS. AGO. The first time I used it (ten years ago!), I had a rough start. As a wee 20 year old, it made me nervous to be that in touch with my body, and so I remember I put it away for a month or so. After using tampons/pads/liners the next period, decided I would give the cup one more chance. I’ve never gone back. For ten years I have not used a single tampon, pad, or liner, and only recently have I ever had any leaking issues. Honestly I think the reason why I have had a leaking issue with just this period could be due to a change in my flow after going off the pill after almost 12 years (hooray for IUDs!), but also likely because nothing lasts forever and I am likely due for a new cup. I’ll likely get a new one and retire my old one before my next period, but I’d say it had a darn good run!
Also, I had a copper IUD inserted three months ago (the Paragard in the US), and I haven’t had any discomfort from suction when using or removing my mooncup for my last three periods with the IUD. I just wanted to mention that because I have seen some women asking about that online. I believe some say it is not recommended because people fear it could pull an IUD out of place, but (so far) I have not even felt any weirdness relating to it (and after feeling the IUD being inserted, I know EXACTLY what kind of pain to expect if that sucker tried to come back out again).

Lastly, I just went on a 15 mile canoe trip down a river last weekend and didn’t have to worry about changing a tampon. You really need to get in on this because ADVENTURE AWAITS!

Rachel – 14 July 2013

What more can I say than Thank you! I hate tampons, especially at the very start and end if a period, there really is nothing worse than the feeling of removing a dry tampon. Pads are no better with the uncomfortable, damp feeling and the paranoia of ‘do I smell?’
I discovered the mooncup a few years ago, bought one, tried it a couple if times and didn’t really keep at it as I was convinced I’d ‘loose’ it. Then a few months ago I realised I was using a minimum of 2 large boxes of tampons every month! So I rummaged in the back of the bathroom cabinet.
I’m so glad I did. No discomfort, no smell, no dryness and best of all no pain! Since using the mooncup for the whole length of my period (which can last 10 days) I’ve had no cramps at all.
So once again thank you!

Charlotte – 11 July 2013

I have to say that I’m so glad I found this product when I did because I was really beginning to get irritated with tampons completely drying me out and pads being so uncomfortable and smelly! The mooncup is an honest joy to use – I’ve only used it for one of my periods so far and I can honestly say I will not be turning back! There’s a slight learning curve to begin with (though, frankly, not as much as I’d initially thought). I tested it out before I started my period for that month so that I could get the hang of taking it in and out whilst it wasn’t messy – and I think that’s probably why I remained mess-free all week when I finally got to have it for real. My pants have been completely stain free (hoorah!), I haven’t had to fork out to buy any more expensive sanitary products, the mooncup doesn’t dry me out the same way that tampons do & I’ve been entirely comfortable and at ease using it. I so strongly recommend it, every if you’re nervous about it – it’s the best thing you will ever do for your monthly visitor! 100%!

Rachel – 11 July 2013

at 47 and suffering a couple of miserable months with very heavy periods i went to the doctors for help, i was given a prescription to stop the bleeding,while reading up on what i had been prescribed i stumbled across the mooncup i went and got one this morning and have to say its the best thing ever,i had no problem inserting it,it does not leak, i dont know its there unless i sneeze,did not feel it when i coughed unlike a tampon, iam just so pleased with it so far and its only the first day ,today is the first day i have left the house since friday for any length of time without a change of underwear and a handbag full of pads and tampons,i cannot believe no one has ever mentioned them to me but you can be sure i will be telling my family and friends about it .Its just so nice to go out and feel safe and comfortable what a lovely day .

dizzy do – 09 July 2013

I honestly think this is the best thing that has been designed for women, ever! This is period three using it and absolutely NO issues with leakage etc…is fantastic. So much better than towels or tampons both used to be so drying that they were making me VERY sore….well…no more!! Brilliant!!
Please please advertise more as I wish I’d known about this years ago as would have avoided years of discomfort. Now it goes in and I forget that it’s there!!

I’ve been telling everyone about it!!

Great product

Jules – 07 July 2013

I bought a mooncup last week after about 2 and a half years of discovering them and umming and ahhing. I am truly converted just one tiny issue I can’t get mine out. I’ve tried all the advice except the first thing which was cut the stem after you’ve tried the cup. I cut most of the stem off and it’s no use I can’t get it out. I hated tampons as I could feel them all the time no matter how far I put them but this cup was extraordinary, I imagined being able to feel the cup every second but no such discomfort. There’s no advisers available at the weekend so I’m a little worried about how on earth I’m gonna get this thing out. I know it can take a little while to get used to the removal but I’m starting to think maybe I should just let it live up there if that’s what it has decided upon, who am I to question the mooncups choice?

Layla – 07 July 2013

I just wanted to say thank you. Silly me for being 44 and not trying a Mooncup sooner. My periods have always been on the heavy side, literally flooding through tampons in under an hour on the first two days. No more… The Mooncup is genius! I even ran 11 miles on my heaviest day and no leaking. I don’t seem to have the lumps I had before and no more horrible dryness. This months period was almost like not having a period, I’m definitely converted. I’m a mother of two girls, one is 10yrs old and growing fast. Am hoping in a few years time when she’s ready, she’ll choose to use a Mooncup too.

Rebekah – 06 July 2013

I started to realise just how much non-biodegradable waste my use of sanitary products was creating and wanted to find something greener. I can’t believe more women aren’t using a Mooncup – it’s far less hassle than any other product and takes away the eco-guilt and expense of sanitary products. It’s also ideal for when I am somewhere that doesn’t have a bin in the loos to get rid of a sanitary towel. Absolutely amazing.

MJ – 23 June 2013

This is the most greatest invention of our generation. I started using moon cup nearly 3 years ago and wish that I had started it many years before. It’s comfortable, hygienic, ecofriendly and purse friendly. I swapped to it after having gynae surgery and could not go back to tampons and I have never looked back periods lighter and the biggest difference is cramps much reduced!! Two bits of advice as when u first get one it it can be so easy to get frustrated but trust me persevere! 1-buy a very soft toothbrush and when I need to clean it I put in Milton then brush softly to remove stains etc. And 2- believe it or not have short fingernails as it makes it myth easier to insert and remove-!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Ash – 21 June 2013

I ordered my mooncup in a fit of hormonal impulsiveness on the first day of my period, and it was here in 3 days! I cannot believe I did not know about this amazing device before; if any of you ladies are undecided about it, invest the money and give it a try. I personally will not be looking back, can’t wait to clear out my bathroom cupboard of all the space consuming tampons and pads…..

Emily – 21 June 2013

I ordered my very first Mooncup (via Amazon) a few weeks ago and had the chance to put it to the test when my period began today. After just a few hours I am completely converted. I cannot even begin to express how happy I am that this product exists, and that I never have to fiddle with pads or tampons ever again. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to inserting/removing the cup but I got the hang of it fairly quickly. A great product that I will definitely be recommending to others.

natalie – 19 June 2013

Day 1The collection device arrived and having watched and read a number of instruction techniques the mission was all systems go. Supporting equipment spread and lowered attempts resulted in “tail reduction”
Day 2
Mission aborted due to slippage
Day 3
New attempt at launch seems successful in first moments of flight. NASA scientist to continue with mission, it seems all systems go.
Day 4
The day started with the extraction, a surprisingly deep retrieval aided by the collaborative approach by the other chute.
A new adventure began after deep cleaning equipment and surrounding launch platform.
Take off was amateur but the shuttle is now in space.

stay tuned ……

New2blogs – 16 June 2013

I hate my period I hate tampons I hate towels I LOVE mooncup!! I bought it today and it’s the best 22 quidI have ever spent! I LOVE this so much I called a friend and told her about it she is buying one tomorrow ! Thank you I LOVE this x

n.fillery – 15 June 2013

I’ve been using my cup for several months now, and I’m in love with it. For me, it’s much more comfortable than tampons, and it’s much more cleaner than using pads. I was so excited (and proud!) to first use it, and I’ve never really had any problems. At first I was scared of leaks so I used pads with it, but I had nothing to worry about – there were no leaks! I’ve used it at work, the gym, on a bike, and whilst sleeping and I’ve never had any issues.
I really wish I was taught about cups when I was growing up, rather than having to chance upon them myself. Despite that, I’m really glad that I did find mooncup when I did. I feel so much more comfortable with myself and my cycle now and that in itself is worth more than the price of one cup. Thanks mooncup!

Lauren – 11 June 2013

Hi, I just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know how in just one week Mooncup has changed my life as an active female. I’ve always had very heavy flows, resorting to costly overnight pads just to make it through a couple of hours. As we all know, feminine hygiene is in no way cheap, and it definitely adds up over time 🙁 . Aside from the obvious fact that these are earth friendly and body friendly, I just wanted to say that I cramp far less now and don’t fear leaks! With the low set insertion, it’s easy and comfortable to use the mooncup. Tampons were always very uncomfortable, because I dry out easily and they aren’t effective on clots. With mooncup, I’m now free to go about my life without interruption or having to use birth control as a management system! If you’re skeptical on the comfort, don’t worry. I’ll admit, the first few insertions were difficult, figuring out how I was comfortable getting it in. But I found my position and haven’t felt it since! (Sometimes it makes me double guess if I even put it in! But the lack of mess is kind of an obvious clue haha) I look forward to many years of being care-free and uninhibited by my periods. Thank you Mooncup, for being everything you claim to be and more! Sincerely, a very grateful customer. <3 🙂

Rachael – 10 June 2013

The mooncup is absolutely amazing! I’ve had mine about a year and a half, and have convinced several friends to get them. Environmentally-friendly, convenient, comfortable, economical– I even forget I have my period when I’m using my mooncup. It has honestly changed my life and I tell that to all of my female friends. I wish you advertised more in the U.S. so more people could laugh at tampon ads the way I do now!

Ale – 08 June 2013

I saw a mooncup link shared on facebook a couple of years ago and remember thinking it was a bit gross, but it must have stuck in my mind because I recently bought one. Having to carry a nappy bag around with me all the time since having babies, it’s nice to have one less thing to remember to pack. It only took me one afternoon to get used to it, gradually trimming the stem away and now it’s completely comfortable. More people should know about the mooncup, the only obvious choices are tampons and sanitary towels. It’s worth sharing the knowledge, even if people are a bit grossed out at first, because they might come around to it in the end like I did.

Hannah – 06 June 2013

The first time I tried putting in the Moon Cup was a bit awkward and slightly shocking… The cup seemed so big! But now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, I love it! The Moon Cup is easily the 2nd best thing I’ve ever put in my vagina. 🙂

Victoria – 31 May 2013

As an extremely active individual (skydiver, snowboarder, sailor, camper, hiker, etc.) I was always finding myself very limited around my menstrual cycle times, always being forced to drag around boxes of tampons everywhere I went. Sometimes, if I wasn’t prepared, I’d be stuck out miles away from shore with only my brother on our boat, or up on top of a mountain in the snow, and not have a single tampon on me. Plus, having severely heavy periods on a very irregular basis made my menstruation incredibly difficult to deal with (not to mention the literally crippling pain associated with a flow as heavy as mine is). Also, being a very eco-conscious person has made me feel even worse about using disposable tampons so frequently. On a suggestion from a friend, I decided to look into alternative sanitary protection, and I was just so blown away by all of the glowing reviews about the mooncup that I had to give it a go. I just experienced my first period with the mooncup, and I am a complete convert. I also just went sailing with my brother and had zero problems with leakage, pain, and unpreparedness. I’m relieved to be free from the ‘tampon curse’ and will never, ever go back. I realize how awful tampons are now, as I would endure extreme vaginal swelling, pain, and irritation from constant usage. Even worse, because of their constant leakage, I would have to wear ‘period panties,’ or panties that were badly stained from previous periods because of leaky tampons, in order to avoid staining new panties. I didn’t even realize how horrible that whole process was until I stopped being forced into it. I found the mooncup very easy to use (even as a beginner) and very comfortable. Incredibly enough, all of my stabbing menstrual pains have vanished completely. Further, I can continue with my active lifestyle uninterrupted and with no pain, no cost, and no environmental impact. Thank you, to all the women behind the mooncup; you have changed my life.

Paula, 19 – 30 May 2013

Love! Why did I not know about this and try it sooner! I will admit that the first try with the mooncup was unsuccessful due to nerves. However, on my second attempt I found insertion easy (I laid on my back first time). I had no trouble with leaks at all. None. Say goodbye to ruining your favourite underpants. I will say that neither the C fold or punch down methods worked for me. I use the triangle fold. Go to youtube for demonstrations on other folds if you are having trouble. I’ve also found that pinching the bottom of the cup to where it’s almost in the C fold for removal helped me as well. The benefits are worth it. I’m also ecstatic that when I return to the US, I’ll still be able to order the mooncup under the mcuk name. Thank you so much for changing the lives of women everywhere!

Susan – 29 May 2013

I have been using mine for a year. It is amazing. Safe easy to use and clean. Sometimes I get a little messy with removal and occationally if I don’t get up in the middle of the night when I am being lazy but need to empty then of course some leakage is bound to happen. But wow. I would never ever go back. Better for the environment. Better for my pocket. And it is wonderful to only need the one wonderful little mooncup for all your period needs. I actually look forwards to my period. Am no longer phased. And feel that you have answered every prayer I could ask when wanting something to deal with a bleed. Buy one, buy one, buy one!!!

Monica – 24 May 2013

I’ve been using my mooncup for almost a year now. It took me forever to finally try one, I read loads of reviews, was originally grossed out etc. Trying a mooncup was the best decision I have made in a long time. I have pretty heavy flow and still only have to change it once or twice a day, I’m fine overnight which is the best thing ever- no more uncomfey pads and awkwardly position tissue and NO leaking. Seriously a game changer. Never going back to pads or tampons.Honest points-
1) It takes a while to get used to fitting, wearing and emptying. It took me 3 periods to get used to it completely and the first time did feel kind of weird.
2) Emptying can be a little messy but again, with time I have found a routine to minimise this. Still working on a public bathroom solution, work and home I have sorted.
3) If you are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with blood or your own anatomy down there, it might take more time to get used to. Try getting used to these things first!
4) Sport. I horse ride regularly which was why i used to wear tampons over pads. The mooncup is great for riding, even in cream jods! I do wear a small liner though as on heavy days, using my seat to ride can cause a little leakage.

Hope this helps anyone considering trying a mooncup. They save money, time, hassle and leakage. For me it has really changed that time of the month and I can’t stop telling my friends!

(20yo student, vet nurse and horse rider)

Becky K – 20 May 2013

I cannot believe it took me this long to find the mooncup. I’ve gone from (un)sanitary pads to tampons and each time felt disgusting during my period. I’ve been using the mooncup for two cycles now, and I cannot stop talking about it. No more ickiness and no cramps! I don’t know how or why my cramps aren’t as intense as before but this product is… magic.
Handling my period has actually made me feel closer to my body and I’m no longer worried about traveling or running. Thanks to my dad for giving me my magic mooncup 🙂

Kika – 17 May 2013

Oh my goodness!I bought a mooncup, almost as an experiment, thinking that if I hated it then I could go back to using other sanitary products, but I have completely FALLEN IN LOVE WITH IT! It is SO good, so handy, so portable – I don’t have to worry about getting blood on the sheets while I was asleep, or having to be paranoid about leakage! I am SO happy and have already began trying to convert other people I know to the joys of the Mooncup!

Esther – 12 May 2013

When I first heard about Mooncups I was very skeptical, mostly because I didn’t think I had any issues with my current monthly practices and a menstrual cup seemed so alien to me. But the more I thought about it, the more appealing it seemed- mostly for environmental reasons. And I’d never say no to saving myself some money!
I decided to be open minded and give it a go, and I’m glad I did. By the end of my second period with a Mooncup I felt like a pro and I definitely won’t be using tampons again.

Now I’m trying to get all my friends to try one too!

Erin – 05 May 2013

Hello! My name is Moa and I’m a seventeen year old girl from sweden. I bought my mooncup last fall and I just want to say thank you with all of my heart for this wonderfull product. I’m so happy with my mooncup that actually I’m longing for my nezxt period some times. The mooncup makes it som mych more fun. I’ve told all my friends about it, cause I’m so satisfied. Just wanted you to know that. Love, Moa.

Moa – 02 May 2013

Hi, Even though I’m a guy I would just like to say this is a brilliant device. I randomly clicked on a link that sent me here and I then sent the link to a few of my female friends and a couple of weeks later they were all saying it is a MUST HAVE and have recommended it to all of their friends. On another note you could also add that the Mooncup gets rid of the dreaded sending the BF/Husband down to the shops for Pads/Tampons and him getting the wrong ones.

Brendan – 02 May 2013

Holy Gee yes! I heard of menstrual cups two years ago. I talked about it with my best friend but the idea of something “new” was like no way to her. So I forgot about it. Well just last month my sister clogged my aunts toilet with her tampons and they had to clean out the whole system. HOW EMBARRASSING. I never wanted that to happen to me, or her (again.) My grandpa (eek) asked me if I was flushing mine down the toilet too. I just said “No!” but in reality it was “Yes!” I don’t want to leave my dirty ones in the garbage (EW) So I was looking for different ways, And the menstrual cup came to mind! I decided why not, I couldn’t find any in local stores so I tried amazon and got one cheap! My sister thought it was weird and gross so I told her fine have fun with tampons I’m going to free myself! She finally agreed and bought one too, Well after a few weeks I finally started, and I got it in pretty easily, just taking it out hurt a tiny bit for me (but then again so does tampons!” I did calculating and I am saving my self 1,506 dollars from tampons just by using the moon cup. It is nicer on the environment and my wallet! So far no leakage, can’t even feel it. And less cramps!

Ukiah – 01 May 2013

I am a 13 years old and bought a mooncup after getting fed up with tampons and remembering that our school nurse had mentioned mooncup as a more eco-friendly alternative. After I got it my period did not come for ages so I had a while to get comfortable with removing and inserting it. I have now just started using it and it has not leaked once and I could not feel it AT ALL. It is also good because I do not need to carry supplies with me around school whilst on my period.I only ave two criticisms: sometimes it makes a squelchy (sorry) sound removing it, which can be awlward in public toilets, and that my school nurse showed one to us and told us about mooncup but then said they were not yet available in shops. This was in 2012. It would also be helpful if they were presented as a normal alternative to tampons and towels, rather than an afterthought for environmentalists and hipppies as she did. (I realise the last criticism is not mooncup’s fault).
I would recommend this and especially urge young girls to try it if they are worried about inserting/removing.

Lexie – 27 April 2013

I got my mooncup a few months ago because my periods were so heavy that i was changing a super super plus every few hours. at first i was like wow this is huge and i couldn’t get the knack of it so i left it and decided i’d try it later. now, i have just tried it again 3 months later and so far (after an hour!) no leaks! let me tell you it takes some time to figure out how to get it in, but i will never give up on my moon cup. keep trying!! viva la mooncup!!

Emily – 24 April 2013

My period always used to be a complete drama, cramps, leaks, discomfort and tampons and pads were disgusting and uncomfortable. Also, I do dancing and swimming so it was always very awkward to do these things at my time of the month. I was desperately looking for an alternative. Thank goodness I found the mooncup! I was excited and nervous for using it because being 14, I still have my hymen intact and I thought the mooncup would hurt. Initially I was right, insertion was painful and frustrating so I emailed the mooncup team- who were extremely helpful- and with some practice it was dead easy! I recently went on holiday to France and I was due on, my first time with the mooncup- no cramps, leaks or paranoia. I even forgot I was on! Whenever I emptied the cup it was never even half full- even on my heaviest days, and I didn’t feel it. As for dance and swimming, my period isn’t even a problem with the mooncup. I haven’t changed it in a public toilet yet but I don’t feel the need to, seeing as it lasts so much longer so I can just empty it when I get home from school. Yes, at first I thought it’s be disgusting but really it’s just as much contact with blood as with a tampon or a pad. If you are like me, a teenage girl and you are sceptical about using the mooncup, just try it, honestly, after some practice it gets so much easier and periods aren’t a worry anymore. It’s eco-friendly, comfortable, money efficient, reusable, easy to use, so what have you got to lose by trying it? Thank you so much for improving my period, mooncup!

Ella – 23 April 2013

i choose mooncup for a simple reason. I wanna go green. I’m suck with menspad that full my bin. I also suck to wash my menspad,it’s hard to be clean..Choose mooncup is my big decide. The culture of my country(Indonesia) is so eastern,which is taboo using something in your vagina(no one use tampon here), and using mooncup is a disguisting thing. But i’m marriage and have 1 child, i think i need no worry about that ‘taboo’..
Using something different with others makes me become stranger. I just share my experience using mooncup with my friend who sell this mooncup. Need 2 days until i relax using thing mooncup. 1st experience,i think..’uh,so hard to be go green’,because my vagina can’t relax well,so my mc hard to be entered,also to open it. But now it’s easier and i’m free from menspad irritation! Alhamdulillah..

ardiba rs – 20 April 2013

I wish I would have known about this a long time ago! The MCUK has made my period a lot less of an inconvenience. I use to have to wear a tampon AND a pad, now I just wear my Mooncup! It took me a few tries to get it right, but now that I have it figured out, I am NEVER going back! I recommend this to every woman. Seriously. Get the Mooncup!

Heather – 20 April 2013

hi, i’ve been looking at the mooncup for a whille now , trying to pluck up the courage to try it. i got it for my latest cycle and i wont be looking back. wish i’d done it years ago.i found it so clean and hygenic. i did’nt find it messy to change, just comfort and security.
i will be reckonmending it to my female friends and relitives.
thank you mooncup .

lozzie – 18 April 2013

It took me a couple of months to be able to use my mooncup – first few times I tried was pretty uncomfortable, third month I got it down by buying some water based lube and putting it in in the shower – works a treat, more comfortable than anything else once you’ve put it in right, never gives me thrush after my period which tampons sometimes would, and cheap and better for environment! I would definitely say give it a go sooner rather than later and don’t worry if you don’t get it right first time.

bspeake – 15 April 2013

I’m 28 years old and have been using my Mooncup for about 6 years. It’s pretty amazing to think about the amount of money I’ve saved, not to mention the amount of trash not going into the sewage and landfill! I’m really glad to have found out about this company so long ago, and I’m feeling newly inspired to tell more of my friends about!

Melissa – 15 April 2013

i’m using mooncup for first time,try before on dry run,and no problem put in,and removal. Very easy to clean,even the hole can clean on one squezze,no smell either. Leaking in my second day period,because its heavy,i should empty it every 2 or an hour.No problem for me i just empty it everytime i go pee and using pad just on heavy day.Mooncup quiet stiff which is work for me,i can do yoga and other stuff without worrying leaking,tq mooncup

dinawulan – 14 April 2013

I had found about mooncup through a facebook post from a friend. She was asking another one of my friends who has a lot of holistic and eco-friendly knowledge about products. I thought I’d check out the site since I was open to new ideas since I actually have had a lot of trouble with traditional sanitary options. I ended up reading many of the testimonials, which really helped, and the fact that the mooncup you can re-use safely, it sounded like it reduced cramps and an influx of hormonal disruption had me sold.
I received my mooncup with in two weeks, and at first had some issues with inserting it properly. The very first time I put it in I wasn’t sure I had it in right, I took it out and re-inserted and thought, yeah that feels right, then went for a run. I hadn’t actully sealed it right and it ended up moving up (which I just thought it felt comfortable since your not supposed to really feel it, and I used to wear tampons which were higher and I was used to) and I did not notice until 5 hours later. I had ended up cutting off pretty much the entire stem, so when trying to retrieve it, it was incredibly difficult. I was so stressed and worried that it was going to get lost (which ladies it won’t, it’s in a pouch and just stay calm, and you can push anything out of there as long as you take your time)that I just couldn’t get to it, and had to get assistance. After contacting mooncup’s nurses via email, they gave me some great tips and now I know how it’s supposed to feel and how to secure it properly. I prefer pushing down the opposite side in where it looks like a rose, then inserting, so you feel it open when it actually does open/is supposed to open and will seal after kegeling a couple times. I had the moon cup for 4 months and it was great! It really does help reduce cramps, made me less hormonal, I didn’t have to worry about leaking which I felt like i did before since I feel like I had a heavier flow than most in the beginning of my cycle. Also, you don;t have to worry about carring around multiple tampons or pads! Just make sure to carry water with you when you’re using it for when you go to the bathroom unless you plot out the bathrooms that are one individual bathroom that use can use a sink. I had forgot my water one time, and got anxious and ended up dropping my mooncup in the toilet while it was flushing 🙁 Today, I am buying another one since it really is a great sanitary product!!! I’d recommend it to every woman 🙂

Nita – 13 April 2013

I bought my Mooncup in 2005 with admittedly a few reservations because me and tampons had never got on, at all.
But it only took a couple of weeks of practice and my first period to convince me that I’d made the right decision!

It feels so much cleaner – no more sanitary pads (which are ridiculously expensive and unfairly taxed to boot, before anything else) or tampons. Once you try the Mooncup your list of things which you hate about the other above mentioned methods will tenfold. Mine did. Dryness being the main thing – both suck the moisture right out of you making what can be a painful time of the month even worse.

I spread the word wherever I can about Mooncups. That includes to male flatmates (it was a good conversation piece in an University Halls kitchen!) and work colleagues.

A few things to note: any male partners will be fascinated by the concept (much like they were at 11 watching a tampon expand in water for the first time), and any noises on insertion/removal will make them giggle like the schoolboys they once were. Similarly, this noise can also attract cats. Overzealous male dogs can also find it reather interesting. Just make sure no four-legged friends accompany you to the bathroom at Mooncup time, is my advice.

I have used Mooncup both when on the pill and after having an IUD fitted recently (and Mooncup has coped spectacularly with the increase in flow the IUD has caused.)

I honestly believe that my Mooncup was the best purchase I have ever made, and when I hit 30 I will happily replace my B cup with an A cup; I hope to be able to use my Mooncup for many years to come.

Amy – 10 April 2013

I bought a mooncup a few years ago and tried it a few times but couldn’t quite get it right. It sat in the box in the bathroom cupboard for a while, until recently when I was due to get my period right in the middle of a snowboarding holiday. I usually get relatively heavy periods and wasn’t looking forward to having to stop boarding every few hours to change a pad, so I decided to try the mooncup again.
I’m so glad I did, because I got the hang of it quickly this time around and it saved a lot of faffing with sanitary towels in public toilets on the mountainside. I would insert it in the morning, remove and re-insert it when I stopped for lunch and take it out in the evening. I could probably even have managed without emptying it in the middle of the day if necessary.

Even doing very strenuous exercise all day it barely leaked at all, and once I knew exactly how to insert it there were no leakages. I even forgot that I was on my period, which was amazing given that I usually worry about leaking through pads and feel a bit nasty.

My advice would be don’t give up if you don’t “get it” straight away – it’s well worth a few attempts. I won’t be going back to sanitary towels at all after this.

Heather – 06 April 2013

I’m thirteen, I’ve been using the mooncup for about six months and its brilliant! I’m still a bit irregular but i can put the mooncup in even when i’m not on my period which makes me so much more comfortable. I’ve not had any pain or cramping since i started using it which is a major difference to when i used tampons and pads, and i went on a holiday and i could go in the pool! I absolutely love it and i’ve recommended it to a couple of my friends who have heavy periods and both are going to try it out 😀

Eve – 06 April 2013

I knew almost at the same time about a couple of friends using the mooncup. One of them had it with her when we went trekking and told me all the good things about it … including of course how ecological it was for the environment. I ordered mine when I came back to London. The first time I tried it I almost had a cramp in my hand because of trying and stressing and trying and stressing to have it in the right position and worrying about how I would take it out. Second day was already much easier. Next month even easier. Now is just so natural I laugh about how hard I found it the first day … I even thought about sending the mooncup back on that first day … hi, hi, hi!!! I am now a very happy user of the mooncup and tell friends about it. Why didn’t I know about it earlier?!

Tania – 01 April 2013

How I love my Mooncup! Years ago I had a Keeper but the silicone Mooncup is much more comfy. Once I’d mastered the knack of inserting and removing I’ve never looked back. I’m perimenopausal, bleeding and spotting for weeks on end, with variable flow. I was starting to get nappy rash from panty liners & pads! Mooncup put an end to that and is so comfortable and convenient, whether I’m spotting or flooding. I haven’t used a single pad or tampon in a very long time, and I’m back to swimming, cycling and yoga. THANK YOU.

Clare – 29 March 2013

“Wat ben ik blij dat ik een Mooncup heb gekocht! Hij zit zo comfortabel, je hebt gewoon niet door dat je ongesteld bent! En daar komt nog bij dat ik met de Mooncup bijdraag aan het milieu en aan mijn eigen gezondheid… het is gewoon geweldig! Je voelt je zo schoon en zo vrij, veel fijner dan tampons, of nog erger, maandverband! Ik hoef niet meer om de 2 uur te rennen naar de toiletten, want hij gaat vele uren mee, en ik kan eindelijk gewoon een nacht doorslapen! Bedankt!!!”

Anne-Mieke – 25 March 2013

Used the mooncup for the first time last month and it leaked the first 2days. By the end of my period I was starting to get the hang of it. I’ve just started my period again and it is working perfectly. I couldn’t manage to twist the cup at the beginning but I’ve worked out now I was incerting it too high so I couldn’t twist it and then it was leaking because it hadn’t opened fully. Persevere with it even if the first month it leaks. Even now after 2 periods I don’t think I’ll use anything else. It also works great for me because my period stops and starts for the week. It can start quite suddenly so I was alternating between pads and tampons. Now the mooncup does for all days of my period. Wish I’d heard about this earlier…….

Lizzy – 21 March 2013

Okay, I’ve had this thing for three days, and I’m just mad I haven’t switched over sooner! What an amazing product! I read all of the discussion boards before purchasing, then read them again before using it, so I was prepared for the “learning curve” and the possible pain and discomfort. Neither of which I had. I did need to trim the stem up a bit because I really felt its presence, but that was it! I folded it into the “c” fold, slid it up, it popped in to place, and we were good to go! My first day I had to empty it once, my second day was super heavy and had to empty it every two hours, but by nighttime, the “safety net” pad I wore to bed was completely unnecessary. By day three, I had to empty it once and today- MY PERIOD IS OVER!” I’ve been having 6-7 day periods for the past few years, and maybe the “suction cup” action is drawing out all of the fluid- I don’t know, but after a heavy workout this morning and a few errands this afternoon I went to check it out, and there was nothing there. Nada. I’m kind of giddy about this whole business. To think of all that $$ and waste on tampons and chemicals I was introducing through my lady bits. I can’t wait to introduce this to my daughter. Pros: no waste, cost effective, quicker period, chemical free, in touch with my cycle and my femininity. (that may be weird, but my periods are so much more enjoyable since I have begun honoring my female-ness. I had no idea what the real texture and viscosity of my fluids were- I love knowing myself that much better!)
Cons: a bit inconvenient to clean during emptying- especially in public bathrooms, the “undainty squelching” noise it makes when releasing the suction and pulling it out- again especially in public bathrooms. But the pros FAR outweigh the cons.
I love my Mooncup.

Mandi – 19 March 2013

I’ve just recently used a mooncup for the first time and it has absolutely changed my life. I have irregular periods but when I do they tend to be very heavy and the first few days are absolutely hell for me – constantly running to change tampons and pads and worrying about leaks, to the point that I have to stay home for two or so days at the start of my period. The mooncup gives me so much more control over my period and confidence to be in public! It is a bit of a learning curve getting it in place correctly, and taking it out. I also cut too much of the stem off not thinking the mooncup would rise a bit further up once in. And you do need to have access to a loo cublicle with a sink in it really. But as I have several at my workplace, keeping everything fresh and making sure my hands are scrupulously clean before and after refreshing the mooncup isn’t an issue. I can’t recommend it enough. My life is so much better now because of it.

ling – 16 March 2013

Wow! Bought my own Mooncup yesterday, and although inserting and removing it was a slight struggle at first, I’m absolutely over the moon! With a bit of practice, it’s not that hard at all to put it in and get it out again – and remember: you have to do so much less often than with tampons or pads! I love it: you don’t even notice you’re having a period, it’s so comfortable to wear, and it’s safer and – of course – better for the environment! I’m recommending my friends, ’cause it’s just amazing! Thank you!

Anne-Mieke – 16 March 2013

It may sound dramatic but the mooncup has changed my life! I bought one for going travelling and have just used it for the first time and after a couple of goes getting the hang of inserting it I am absolutely thrilled. I can put it in and not have to worry about my supplies of tampons for the whole day, or worry about thinking where I will next be able to change a pad/tampon or whether I might leak. It is also totally comfortable when you get te hang of how its inserted and you cant feel it at all. you feel totally free. Basically it doesn’t feel like I am on my period and I didn’t think there would be anything ever that could make my time of the month easy and fuss free! Thank you so much who ever invented this little gem!

Freddie – 14 March 2013

I LOVE my mooncup. I feel liberated its fantastic! Mooncup is easy to use and comfortable. It didn’t take any practice at all and was using it confidently strait away! I will never go back to tampons- yuck or pads double yuck. Go and buy one strait away you won’t regret it. 🙂 cx

Clair – 13 March 2013

Wow! Wish i had got one years ago. Periods had never been much of an issue for me – but now suddenly they have got very heavy and tampons etc just weren’t up to the job – especially with flooding. I had a really embarrassing incident, and it was getting that i was afraid to leave the house. Got the mooncup and it has completely turned things around – i am back in control – i feel much less squeamish about emptying the mooncup, than changing soaked through sanitarywear every hour. It just feels cleaner and more dignified, and i am so so grateful that mooncups are available. Oh and also – being able to see exactly how much blood i lose each month is reassuring – it is a lot – but i googled it and it is within the bounds of what is normal at this age – it is not the pints and pints that i thought i was losing when using tampons and pads

toni – 13 March 2013

I’ll admit that when I first heard about the mooncup it freaked me out. But as people kept talking about it I was curious and tried it- this is without a doubt the best product I have ever used. When you start using tampons you never want to wear pads again, and when you start wearing the mooncup you never want to wear tampons again! It has never leaked, it’s much more comfortable, easier to use, and I even feel healthier! I genuinely can’t promote this enough – take the time to get used to it and it will revolutionize your period. It makes life so much easier, as I don’t even have to change it throughout the day. I can completely relax and forget about tampons, and I’ll never need to pack feminine products to go on holiday again, so it’s space saving too!
Definitely buy this and give it a try!

Nicola S – 08 March 2013

I absolutely love the mooncup!I ourchased it because I hated using tampons because I found them painful, always leaking after just a couple of hours, unsafe, expensive and terrible for the environment.
I have had mine over a year now and was a bit difficult to begin with but I find my mooncup perfect now. I took mine on holiday and when I went to the toilet, I didn’t have to take a bag with me, and because the cup is sealed there were no leaks through my bikini.
I can wear it whenever, if I go to the gym, if I go swimming and I need to change it alot less than I did tampons. I will absolutely never ever go back to using tampons or pads and my period doesn’t have to make tonnes of litter of tampons boxes and wrappers that get swept into the sea anymore. It’s by far the most comfortable thing to use when you’re on your period, I get alot less stomach pain too which I think was linked to the tampons and at £20 every 10 years, is so eco-friendly. Buy one today and tell all your friends too, this is definitely something that most women will be using in future so jump on the band wagon 🙂 x x x

Christine – 07 March 2013

I LOVE the Mooncup. Seriously, you won’t go back. I bought mine 5 years ago, so the amount I’ve saved is…wow. The first day or so you need to get used to it, but after that, I can honestly say I can’t feel it. It stays in place, I can go swimming and at the end I forget I have my period. It’s so much less “icky” than tampons.. There’s nothing disgusting about emptying the mooncup, but a tampon or sanitary towel full of old blood starts to smell. That’s not a problem for me. And no more towels going to landfill. How gross is that? I’m never going back!:)

Annie – 25 February 2013

After seeing an advertisement in a toilet at my Uni and making some research I finally bought a Mooncup. Seeing the size made me little uncomfortable at first as I usually only use small and medium tampons, but was surprised how easy it is to insert. Yes, you’ll get to know your body MUCH better, and yes, it’s a little weird the first time BUT: it is absolutely amazing! Just had my first try at a public toilet (and went therefore to the disabled cubicle with a sink in it (just in case I made a mess)) but only needed my water-bottle. It cleans so easily, leaves no mess, no spills! UH-MAZ-ING! Here’s also a little tip: the first time you’ll use it do it before you go to bed, so you can take it out the morning after in the shower, so you get a feeling for your body and the seal, because the first time it might spill a little. I would love to see more women using it! Fighting dryness, diseases, capitalism and environmental hazards! It is so empowering, and I must say it contributes to my integrity as a woman, a feminist and environmentalist! Pure awesome MOONCUP love!

Dari – 24 February 2013

I heard about Mooncup at a festival a couple of years ago and thought it would be gross. But since then I have become a lot greener and try and do everything I can to reduce waste etc. So I thought I would try Mooncup because I found that I was getting through a lot of tampons and getting quite bad cramps. I don’t get any pains now and generally feel better… think it’s due to now having a load of chemicals soaking into me every month! Not to mention I no longer worry about leaks when I’m at the gym, or asleep, or any other time… I can trust it to keep me clean and it is so easy to use… Never have to buy another sanitary product or throw anything away… AMAZING!

Jennifer K – 22nd February 2013

I have been aware of mooncups over the years, but could never quite visualise how they worked. Thanks to the ad Tampon .v. Mooncup, I thought I’d have a look at the website. The website is so clear and friendly, instructive and reassuring, I ordered one. This is my first day of using it, and apart from breaking the habit of reaching for the usual string (ugh), wearing a panty-pad (ugh) in case (not needed at all), and some getting used to knowing where it feels right, I honestly feel I have come home in my body in some small way. I’m approaching 44 if that helps others decide to switch at any age 🙂 Cheers, Mooncup Team!

Kate – 21st February 2013

I bought the Mooncup in August of 2012. It’s the most AMAZING thing ever! I’ve had a lot of trouble with my period, since I was 14. I’m 20 now and I’ve struggled with a lot of problems from Pads and Tampons. They seemed to contribute to a lot of yeast infections and when my flow finally became smaller, tampons just hurt. That’s when I found out about the Mooncup. I have to say when it arrived I was slightly intimidated , but I gave it a try and it was awesome. Took a few days to get use to and such, but it’s the most amazing protection, no leaks at all! I can finally wear cute underwear when I want to during my period. I use to have to wear a back up panty liner when I used a Tampon. All I can say is it’s the best $30 I’ve ever spent.

Alice – 21st February 2013

I’ve been using the Mooncup for about 5 years and love how convenient it is. I’m far too disorganized to remember to buy or carry around tampons, so the Mooncup is great. The only problem I have with it is that it seems to shuffle itself higher up my vagina while I sleep, which can make it difficult to remove in the morning (doing it in the shower is easiest). It does leak occasionally first thing in the morning after it’s done its odd nocturnal repositioning, but hardly ever at other times. On the whole, it performs better than tampons or pads when it comes to leaks. I like how comfy the Mooncup is, particularly at the end of my period when tampons can feel very dry and chafing. I definitely don’t regret my purchase.

Hannah – 20th February 2013

I’m from Australia and a friend’s sister told me about mooncups when we were about 14 -tho her terminology was somewhat cruder! I had a few hippyish friends and many of them had heard about them, but none of us really knew where to get them from back in the dark ages BI (before the internet)! FF a few years until after I’d moved to the UK, I finally discovered them on the internet… when I was pregnant!! Ah the irony!
Then, thanks to lactational amhenorrea I didn’t get a period for nearly 2 years, but after that, I was browsing through Boots one freezing morning and came across a moon cup! YAY! I was trepidatious -£20 is a lot to shell out for something that you’re not sure about (I think it must’ve been in the first release), but I bought it and have never used a tampon since -sometimes I have resorted to pads, especially as after 7years, during my last pregnancy my Mooncup was thrown away, and now, 2 years on I have to get organised and order a new one from OS, which seems like effort, but I’ll be oh so happy when it gets here and I can swim etc.
I find that showering twice/day and inserting it then solves any dramas with mess & public loos, tho’ it’s not too bad when the toilet is in the bathroom and you can use a flannel (never felt too comfy with the idea of flush water).
The cup is sooo comfy (or more to the point unnoticable)! and less dangerous than 2 tampons!!! (which I saw recommended elsewhere for heavy flow) My daughter is getting one for her menstruation onset celebration, whenever that be!
And I recommend them to anyone who brings up tampon discomfort -tho it’s tricky to know who will give you the blank “crazy loon” look!
It did take a couple of months to get used to it and ocasionally there were issues when I mis-inserted it, but nothing more than when tampons were new, and it’s sooooooo much comfier & more convenient (especially when camping/travelling) when it is right!
& to the teen girls reading this, don’t have sex when it’s up your vagina, but you shouldn’t be doing that with tampons either!! (from a mum)

Isa – 14th February 2013

This is so amazing, it’s been a cramp free, with a lighter flow and I have actually not been bothered by my period thus month. I actually find having periods quite disturbing and upsetting normally. I started when I was 11 years old and I think it traumatised me a little to be honest. But with my lovely moon cup I have felt comfortable with my body and its natural process for the first time ever, normally I spend a week a month feeling absolutely discusted at what my body is doing. NO MORE!!!

Hannah – 12th February 2013

I can’t imagine not having my Mooncup! Tampons and pads always caused me lots of pain and discomfort, to the point where i would dread my period. Now it comes and goes without bother. My first one lasted me 3 and a half years, and must have saved me a fortune! Especially as medical problems during this time meant that my periods were very long and heavy. Made it all just a little bit easier to deal with!.
I recommend these to every woman who i talk about periods and would love to see them included in teaching on periods in school!

Alex – 07th February 2013

I bought my Mooncup after months of wondering whether I should give it ago. I was a bit taken aback by the size of it but managed to get it in successfully first time. As I was keen to try it out and get used to it, I didn’t leave it in too long before attempting my first removal! I found this bit a lot harder than getting it in, but still, managed it without much issue. However, the second time I used my cup, I struggled to get it in and have since realised it will take me a while before I’m a dab hand. I haven’t used my cup every day of my period, each period, but have used it when I’m at my heaviest. I have to really make myself relax and squat down to remove it but if I can’t do it first time, I leave it a bit longer, clear my head and attempt again. I find the knack is not to rely on the stem, as I tend to do, just pull on it far enough that you can comfortably ‘pinch’ the base of the cup then pull on that. I’ve not yet managed to get my fingers far enough round the base that I can squeeze it to remove, so it does feel a bit odd (but not painful) to remove it.One thing I do find unpleasant is the smell. I know other people have said there is no smell, but I find it quite strong. On this note, I have not yet used my Mooncup out and about long enough to have to empty it in public toilets, but at home, I’ve found it takes a lot more than a quick swish of cold water to rinse out. I need the hot tap and at least 2 rinses, so not sure how I’d find having to rinse it in a public loo using a bottle of water? I can smell that distinctive, slightly metallic, slightly ‘meaty’ menstrual blood. Maybe mine is more strongly scented than others and I guess I don’t actually have to sniff my cup! Also, I noticed that the smell lingers after I have sterilised it (using boiling water in a pan), even if I boil it once or twice. This really put me off the first time, but the smell had disappeared by the next month.

One more thing: At first, I found it difficult to know when to remove the cup. Once, I think I left it in slightly too long and when I removed it, the contents spilt out. Today though, day one of what is going to be a heavy period, I kinda of felt heavy down below, as if the cup was literally weighted. When I did remove it, it was indeed pretty full. It’s just trial and error, I guess.
Ive not experienced any leaks with my moon cup, but have noticed some blood once or twice when I’ve wiped – this is down to me not inserting my cup properly – you can tell when you haven’t!
All in all, I really love my Mooncup and can easily see me using it as my sole sanitary product, once I’ve got a bit more used to it.

Helen – 06th February 2013

I had heard about mooncup about ten years ago but have only just got around to buying one and….Oh My Goodness!I wish I’d have got one all that time ago!They are cleaner,easier,SO much more comfortable than towels (I wont use tampons for so many reasons),there are no disposal issues (I loathe having to wrap and chuck used towels in ANY bin,ughh!) and any concerns I had prior to using mooncup the first time went immediatley.Insertion was no problem,its about finding your technique,it took me 30 seconds first time and I couldn’t feel it inside me at all.I trimmed the puller to halfsize and its just right.The best thing is not one drop leaked!This is the easiest period Ive ever had.Mooncup is fantastic,thank you so much ladies!!!

Kerry – 04th February 2013

I have been using my mooncup for nearly 6 years now, so from about age 18, and wouldn’t go back to anything else.It does take a little while to get the hang of, but after not long becomes second nature.
I lead an active lifestyle doing all sorts from walking and swimming to caving and riding, and have found my mooncup much more comfortable and reliable in those situations than other methods.
For me, it is also important to know that I’m not contributing to sanitary waste streams either, and it’s a good money saver too.
I would definitely recommend trying a Mooncup, hopefully you’ll love it as much as I do.

Alison – 03rd February 2013

I got my mooncup (in my case MCUK) in the mail a few days ago, and in times where money is tight, I know this will be a godsend. It got here after my last period ended, but I’ve been using it even when I’m off my period/ovulating as well to practice folding it, inserting/removing it, and getting all the techniques right. So far, it’s taught me a lot about my body. For example, I knew when I was fertile/ovulating, but with the mooncup, I can see it in a whole new perspective. It’s a wonderful product produced by a wonderful company run by supportive, knowledgeable women who know what’s best for us, unlike these greedy tampon/pad companies run by men who just want to make money… bleach? In MY body? From tampons? I don’t think so.

Sarah – 03rd February 2013

Absolutely brilliant got used to it straight away despite feeling nervous wish I’d discovered this years ago

Annon – 01st February 2013

I have always used pads because I hated the feel of tampons and the few times I had to use one, my vagina would get very irritated and dry. Even with a lot of pads, the chemicals or plastic in them would give me a rash or worse make me raw.I finally found a natural cotton pad, but I was still ruining my undies at night from leakage. So I decided to give one of these a try. I am super sensitive down there, (couldn’t even use a nuva-ring birth control) so I was very skeptical about how comfortable this would be. I’m 30 and don’t have kids, so I ordered the smaller one. WOW! I am a total convert now! It was a little tricky putting it in, but I just squeezed my muscles once inserted and it corrects itself within a few minutes of walking around. The removal wasn’t messy as I feared it was going to be. I just pinched the bottom to break the seal and gently pull it out while squatting over the toilet. I’m on day two of trying the Mooncup and I’m not irritated down there at all.I actually feel cleaner and I can barely feel it too.Best part is no leaks! I don’t plan on wearing it to work, but it certainly has helped me sleep through the night worry free. I am super happy with this product. Good bye messed up undies and bed sheets! Thank you Mooncup!!

M.Lam – 29th January 2013

As Rihanna says ‘where have you been all my life!’wow, mooncup, or as i call it my little diamond! it sure is a girls best friend! every woman should know about them!
let me just say that if you have problems with sanatary wear, drying you out, making you itch or in my case I got a very bad allergy to the chemicals contained in sanatary pads! I was at my wits end so went on a google hunt for none chemical products! I found the mooncup and read some reviews they all sounded positive, so i tho nothing to lose but try and I can say I am over the moon i did!
just finished my 1st period using it and can not belive it! I feel that I have not even had a period, usally by now I would be in total pain from my allergic reaction. but with the mooncup nothing at all, i had no problems putting it in or taking it out. its defo going to be my friend for life. and its only £18! and its supossed to last years, so a saving on products and the planet! I am a happy lady!

Nicole – 28th January 2013

I have always laughed at the mooncup thinking it was a bit weird. My uni friends and I all thought it was funny and logged onto the website for a laugh. But then after reading some of the testimonials I became curious – it seemed like a genuinely genius idea! I’m 21 but still a virgin and though fairly confident with my body I was nervous. It took my first 2 periods to get used to it but now I’m completely converted. I never leak anymore, can leave it in for most of the day and I don’t even wear a pantyliner or pad just in case! I honestly can’t imagine using a tampon now. The mooncup feels cleaner. I barely feel aware of my periods at all! I’m yet to convince my friends but after 3 months I’ve already made my money back so if you’re having doubts, just buy one!

Anna – 28th January 2013

I am planning a big backpacking trip next year and am looking for ways to save money and packing space. Sanitary stuff is often expensive and hard to come by abroad. I read the Mooncup leaflet thoroughly and used it successfully first time with no mess! I was a little worried about emptying it the first time, so I timed it for when I was about to have a shower, and removed it over the bath just to be sure. It was clean and easy with no mess at all, and I don’t mind telling you I was actually a little emotional with relief and excitement at the new solution I have found :’) I look forward to the coming years tampon-free!

Elena – 23rd January 2013

I heard about Mooncup when I started working in recycling & waste promotion at a council. I had organised a trip to the local landfill for some students, and one of them told me about Mooncup. I’m so glad she did because I had no idea it was available and haven’t used any disposable sanitary products for 6 years now. Never had any problems or looked back. It’s now listed along with local stockists in our council’s A-Z guide for recycling and waste reduction 🙂

Vic – 18 January 2013

Until i used my mooncup i was happy using tampons, id heard others talking about mooncup and thought it cant hurt to give it a go!! Well things went great and i had no problems as long as i took my time, unfortunatly had to resort to a tampon last night as i had kids banging on the bathroom door disturbing me 🙁 , i can honestly say i found the tampon most uncomfortable and i will never use them again (feel like burning the rest of the box tbh) I dont feel comfortable enough yet to try emptying the mooncup in a public loo but will definatly keep on, practice makes perfect!! Will also be spreading the word. Thankyou mooncup x

claire – 18th January 2013

Fantastic! I was a bit dubious at first, a bit fiddly to begin with, but I persevered and will never look back! Healthier, chemical free (unlike most tampons)and cheaper in the long run. I Got mine from boots two years ago, and I just sterilise it after use with milton or similar. Give it a go, and give it a chance – you won’t regret it! 10/10

M Somers – 16th January 2013

Possibly the best money I have ever spent. I just wish someone had told me about it sooner. Im on a mission to persuade my friends it’s the way forward. Much more comfortable and effective than any pads or tampons and cramps are no longer an issue for me. Thank you Mooncup. It really has changed my life! X

Caitlin x – 15th January 2013

I have had my moon cup for 8 years now and LOVE it! It has made dealing with periods so much easier and I would recommend it to anyone. It took me about 2-3 months to completely get the hang of it, but I couldn’t imagine ever using a tampon again. It is particularly brilliant for the days leading up to your period – when it could start at any point. I tend to just use it anyway on those days and you never have the embarrassing rushing to the toilet or worry that you might start when you are out and about.Fantastic invention! Thank you!

Sam B – 15th January 2013

After a very nasty allergic reaction to a sanitary towel, I have been scared to use pads or tampons ever since. I have very sensitive skin and i found the rubbing of pads and tampons extremely uncomfortable and I would often end up with thrush 🙁 When reading about the Mooncup I couldn’t believe that something I could buy on a student budget would actually work.
But after a particularly itchy period I bit the financial bullet and bought one. I used it for the first time today- no problems whatsoever! So easy and comfortable- I don’t ever want to see a pad or tampon ever again!

Verity – 14th January 2013

I have to admit it took me a while to get it just right, but once I mastered the Mooncup I knew I’d never go back. Using anything else now just doesn’t make any sense when this product is better for your body and the environment, and kind on your purse too!
I loathed uncomfortable pads and hated tampons that dried me out, but the Mooncup is just so inert it feels natural to use and I don’t even notice it.
I’d recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Natalie – 11th January 2013

At 16, after being amenorrhoeic for a year with an eating disorder, my period came back as as pretty nasty surprise. I used pads and tampons for a day before remembering some research I did on the mooncup before. I persuaded my mum and bought it straight away 😀 Got home and was slightly scared at how huge it looked! But inserted it pretty easily and painlessly straight away with the ‘c’ fold. Getting it out took…a little more practice. Given that I am probably pretty ‘narrow’, tugging it and pulling it straight out probably wasn’t the best idea…ouch. But after 3 or 4 different tries, that got easier and I can do that easily now too 🙂
But ohhhh my gosh, when it’s in! You can’t feel it, it doesn’t leak at all, you can leave it in waaay longer than tampons and forget about your period, I plan to go swimming tomorrow, I won’t have to pack half a suitcase full of pads and tampons when I travel, will save money and be healthier and greener it’s so so good! It is kind of gross (but at the same time weirdly fascinating) seeing the contents but it’s worth it! In short: converted

Sarah – 09th January 2013

I started at 12 with heavy, irregular periods. Several female members in our family have had a hysterectomy due to heavy periods. I struggled through until 18 and went to University. Sharing toilets, not all had bins so tried tampons. Hated them and still had to wear a pad which defeated the object so gave up. Tried the pill. Amazing, lighter, regular flow, planned periods so heaviest at weekends and social life around them. Now 31, married, thinking about kids. Worried about irregular and heavy periods when I come off the pill so thought I’d try Mooncup after remembering it on Embarrassing Bodies. I read ALL the testimonials, videos, did my research. Never considered environmental impacts and love doing my bit to be green. Mooncup is fantastic, only tried it for half a day and 1 night, comfortable, no leaks, insertion/removal ok in shower, daren’t yet over toilet but will persevere until I’ve mastered technique. Blood is gross yet intriguing. Outside of cup is clean even using halfway through a period. Will recommend to all. Finally, looks big but does fit! Weird coming from a girl who is married and sexually active but I still don’t know how it all fits down there and no I’m not comfy with fingers below let alone inside. One word ladies – FREEDOM!

Annie P – 07th January 2013

I chose the menstrual cup for environmental reasons, and I chose mooncup in particular because of how accessible they made the switch from tampons seem. Yes, I was dubious, I had my doubts if it was ‘for me’, but now – like many women seem to suggest – the idea of going back to any other method seems unthinkable.
I had resort to tampons for one day during my last period, and the difference was huge – I had forgotten the discomfort (that ‘dragging’ feeling) of tampons, and by the end of the day I was relieved to get home and switch back to mooncup.

I wore a pantyliner for the first couple of cycles until I was comfortable with the cup, but now I am confident in my own insertion technique and never use one. 9 months on, I can hand-on-heart say I would never go back! I’ve saved about £30 on tampons already, so the mooncup has more than paid of itself, too. Bonus!

Jessie – 01st January 2013

I have a retroverted uterus so it took a couple of attempts to get the right position. Once I did it was perfect! Comfortable and no leakage. I am hoping it will also reduce my tendency to get thrush around the time of my period. Wish I had got one years ago!

Lisa – 01st January 2013

I am 47 and have spent the last couple of years fighting with very difficult periods. They moved very close together (every 21 days), they were so heavy that I kept flooding first thing in the morning, spilling blood all over the bathroom floor before I could get to the loo in time. Spent my time worrying every time I sat down in case I flood the chair (especially when I was in someone else’s house) and holidays have been a nightmare when sleeping in a hotel bed, I had no sleep worrying that I was going to leak all over the sheets which I frequently did. I also had enormous clots and lots of pain, making my period a very dreaded experience. I can’t use tampons because of thrush and I find they always leave bits inside you and dry you out and make you sore so I have been going round in the daytime wearing the largest night time towels that I could find and still leaking all over the place.
One day before Christmas, I had had enough of all this and started to look on the Internet to see if there was a product which might help me with this problem and I stumbled across Mooncup. Thank goodness I did as it is the answer to all my prayers. Although at first I found it tricky to put in and out I have now mastered it and trimmed the stem so that it no longer causes an irritation. I no longer have any floods and am looking forward to my next holiday without worrying. I no longer have clots and have very little pain! I don’t know how to explain this but I am so grateful to the Mooncup people for making my life tolerable again. If you are in any doubt, give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Victoria – 30th December 2012

I’m a young virgin woman of 17 (only for 2 more days until my birthday). I have to say the moon cup is a wonderful invention. I just got it today, and tried it out while I am on my 3rd day and the insertion wasn’t too bad to figure out. I learned that I must use the 2nd folding method, and I’ve noticed that once I get the pointy end in I have to twist it around for the rest to fit. Then I can feel the cup open up and the stem fits in comfortably. I don’t even have to trim it like I have heard other women doing. The item fits like a glove! That technique took me the second try to figure out. I’m still working on the removal part, and I can’t lie it did feel uncomfortable. Personally, I think it was my thin hymen getting a bit of a work out, but it wasn’t impossible. Now, my goal is to successfully remove the cup without having to push the stem section out, and properly removing the seal, since I pretty much pulled it 90% of the way.
Another thing that I love about the Moon Cup is that it really connects you with your body, and the shape of it. And, I realized that my period actually isn’t like the ‘Nile River’, as my friends and I jokingly call it. Pads and tampons make the whole process look 10x worse, and feel 100x worse for that matter. The Moon Cup is pretty clean. Even with my first attempt to remove it, the outside didn’t even have blood on it thanks to the seal. All I had to do was ball up a small amount of toilet paper into the moon cup and give a good wipe and it was clean and ready for insertion. And, to top it off if I did the removal correctly it would have been even cleaner.

Did I fail to mention that I had a tampon on before I had my moon cup in and after the 2nd insertion the slight dryness that I had disappeared and was properly lubricated once again? It’s wonderful!

I can’t wait until I really get the hang of it! I’m never going back to pads, tampons, or pantyliners. I’m a moon cup gal now 🙂

Erika – 28th December 2012

I just want to say one thing to the creators of mooncup. Thankyou!! I have always had a problem with heavy, painful, erratic periods. I would easily get through a pack of pain killers each month just to combat the pain, and dont get me started on the amount of sanitary products i had to buy each month. Ive only used it for the last week but im already a convert. The best thing for me is that i stayed with my sister for a few days recently, and didnt feel totally lost and embarassed. I didnt live in the toilet or have to try and hide used tampons from family members like i usually do. I even went cycling today, something i would normally find too painful whilst using a tampon and too uncomfortable with a pad, and only just now remembered im wearing my mooncup! The only negative i can think of is it took me ten years to find it, by chance, as i was in Boots and depressingly remembered i was due on and had only a few tampons left. I was wary at first but figured ive spent 20 pounds on less useful things so id try it. And i can honestly say this is the least painful period ive had in years! No more expensive, painful, smelly, itchy sanitary products. I feel almost free from the curse of periods 🙂 All women should try it, and i sincerely hope they feel a sense of freedom too. Thankyou mooncup!

Miss V – 28th December 2012

When I bought my mooncup (as a Christmas present to myself) I was a little apprehensive at first, but even now on my first use I can say that I can see myself falling in love with it. Although insertion took a few attempts, it fits comfortably. As somebody with painful, heavy periods this is a godsend. No more spending a fortune on sanitary products!

Rosie – 26th December 2012

Just wanted to let you know that i wore my moon cup while diving several times a day for a few weeks, to depths of approx 18 metres, and it was absolutely fine 🙂
Cleaning it well on a remote island with no running water was more of an issue, but i managed!

Thanks very much.

Lauren – 20th December 2012

On month 7 with my mooncup and I’m head over heels in love with her!! Took a few months to feel comfortable and confident using her and there were days I felt frustrated, but the thought of going back to tampons kept me trying and now we pretty slick!!
I work outdoors all day, I walk dogs, and felt awful having to use my customers toilets at the that time of the month, and I couldn’t possibly have left my tampons in their bins, yuck! Mooncup has made this so much easier!

Also my cramps are almost completely gone, think most of the pain was psychological (trying to hold on) but I don’t feel the need with the mooncup.

Managed lunch in the big smoke with the girls today, 2 re-freshes completed successfully with the help of a bottle of water stashed in my bag! Was so pleased! Can’t wait to introduce my daughter (she’s 11, nearly there!) to a mooncup so she never has to feel the way I was made to feel when my periods started!!

All hail the Mooncup!

Thank you

Rachael – 20th December 2012

Just wanted to say how fantastic this product is. It took me a while to get to grips with it, but now I would never go back. It has saved me over £40 this year, its comfortable, easy to use, reassuring that there are going to be no accidents and all in all, pretty amazing. Although it sounds a bit over the top, it really has changed my life for the better. Just can’t understand why these aren’t on the NHS as just a bit of education would save money, the environment and younger girls wouldn’t have to put up with the embarrassments that I did. Well done for being so innovative.

Janet – 20th December 2012

I have been using mooncup for last seven years. I am an architect and a compulsive traveler. Apart from saving money and the planet, for me the mooncup has been great because I have very heavy periods as I am on blood thinning medication. I find that the mooncup holds more than conventional tampons so I don’t have rush to change so often in the middle of my work. I also found it very convenient to use in the 36 countries I have travelled to, including to slums where I work. I usually travel with just hand luggage and so the mooncup is very suitable for a light traveller.

Sumita – 20th December 2012

Fantastic! Can’t believe I ever had a period without one of these. Since giving birth, I couldn’t wear tampons, and found myself wearing two of the top brand towels at a time. I still leaked at night. Not any more, thanks to mooncup. One criticism is, the marketing and advertising. Aim higher!

Rachael – 20th December 2012

I have been using the MoonCup for about five months now. For me, it is fab. I had a lot of problems with basically drying out and forgetting to change tampons ( and getting bored having to do it all the time – im lazy lol). It doesn’t stop my cramps but it does make life easier. No problem leaving it for longer. I had no real problems with changingetc, it does take time to get use to but then so do tampons right? Try it, it is great. And no having to remember to buy tampons.
Also thanks to the Mooncup team, who sent me a new cup when I got the wrong size!!

Rachael – 10th December 2012

I discovered the Mooncup years ago, but never gave any thought to trying it at the time. However, after reading about the environmental impact of disposable sanitary products and the need to be more money-conscious, I came across the Mooncup again. I decided to try it and after the first use, I can safely say that I won’t be going back to disposable products any time soon. The Mooncup is so comfortable, you can’t even feel it! I have no more concerns about leaks, which means that I can wear the Mooncup without needing a towel as well. A bit of practice is needed to remove and clean, so I suggest using it at home at first until you are more confident. But overall, it is a fantastic product. Don’t be put off by people if they tell you it’s unhygienic or dirty, they clearly haven’t tried it and have very closed minds. You only need to know how many tampons end up in the sea (gross!) to know the Mooncup is definitely NOT dirty. Give the Mooncup a go, if you can’t tell you’re wearing it, how will anyone else?!

Charlotte – 28th November 2012

to add to all of these positive reviews – it took me a couple of periods to get the hang of it, but once you get used to inserting/removing it and rinsing (if youre out and about, best to go to a loo where the basin is in the same cubicle), you will never look back. ive used my mooncup for 10 years now, and cant even think how much money ive saved from not buying tampons/pantyliners. just £20 for 10 years! thats about 240 periods and god knows how many tampons. literally hundreds of pounds saved! in these money-tight times this is the easiest way to save money, with the added benefits of being convenient, safe, enviromentally friendly, and a whole weight off your mind when in party dresses or sleeping in someone elses bed! would recommend the mooncup to anyone.

philippa – 28th November 2012

I love the mooncup! I was fed up using disposable products made by pharmaceutical giants that aren’t good for my body or the earth and so I wanted to try the mooncup. I thought it would be hard to use but it’s actually very easy and much more comfortable for me than tampons. I used to find urinating really uncomfortable with tampons in but the mooncup doesn’t present this problem at all. I find it overall way more convenient and comfortable.

Megan – 23rd November 2012

I brought a moon cup to take travelling with me as I was going to a remote island and didn’t want to lug 5 months supplies with me, and even though its not the most practical when your toilet is a whole in the ground with a bit of tarpauling it was still great just had to remember to take my water bottle as well 🙂 highly recomended its not as wired/scary as U first think 😀 xx

Emma – 19th November 2012

I have had severe periods since I started in sixth grade. I remember being teased because I would have accidents at school because we didn’t have long between classes and the teachers did not always let us go to the bathroom. I needed to go change my pad constantly. Once I was older, I began wearing a tampon and a pad at the same time for extra protection. I am now a first year teacher, teaching kindergarten, and do not get the chance to go to the bathroom much if at all during the day. There is always something needing to be done every second of the day and even if the students are at PE you have meetings, conferences, work to be turned into the office, or something to be finished and sent home that day with the kids. You find yourself running at the last minute to pick the kids up from their activity. Thankfully, I found Mooncup when researching alternatives because I did not want to mess up my clothes at school. I have fell in love! My first try at insertion was horrible and painful. I do not suggest the folds they give you in the instructions. Knowing I had no other choice I googled how to insert the cup pain free and found new folds. I tried one of the smallest folds and have never looked back! Teacher try aMooncup. It will change your life!

Kelly P. – 14th November 2012

I’ve been using my Mooncup for about 6 months now so I thought it’d be a good time to write a review.First off, I had used tampons for 5 and a half years before switching to my Mooncup, I had very heavy, very painful periods (super plus tampons had to be changed every 2-3 hours on heavy days) and whilst my periods are still heavy they’re nowhere near as painful as they used to be and even though they are still heavy I only need to empty my Mooncup every 4-5 hours on heavy days. I recently had to use tampons again as I got my period early and had left my Mooncup at home and the pain was almost making me faint, as soon as I got home and put my Mooncup in the pain started to go away.
I am converted for life and currently trying to convert my friends.

Martha – 12th November 2012

The first thing I did when I turned 18 was to set up a Paypal account and order a Mooncup online. I’d had my eye on it for a while after having seen a sticker in a restaurant bathroom, but was too embarrassed to ask for one, and also, at the time, in a country that didn’t sell it in stores.
Like many others, I first found it difficult to insert/extract and wondered whether I had wasted my money. Thankfully, I kept trying and the Mooncup has become a staple in my life. It’s so much cleaner and easier than conventional throwaway products. The reusability and friendliness towards the environment is just another bonus!

Now, two years later, I bought another one in Boots as a backup. For people shying away due to the price: The investment is quickly made back if you think about the horrendous prices of tampons and pads, and the amounts you use each month.

I had always been plagued by PMS, strong cramps and moods. After starting to use the Mooncup, I found that I get fewer cramps, weaker and shorter periods, and less dryness and discomfort.

It’s great to get to know yourself and “what’s going on down there”. You’re really in control. I like that you can leave it in for longer without worrying about leakage. I had some problems with leakage in the start, until I figured out to wear it lower. Now I only occasionally wear pantyliners, just to feel safe.

A while ago, I had a contraceptive-pill-induced hormonal problem, causing me to bleed excessively. Thanks to the Mooncup, and much to my gynecologist’s surprise, I could tell exactly how much I was bleeding.

I even went on a 1-month expedition to Madagascar recently. As I was always carrying ample supplies of drinking water and my Mooncup, having my period there was no problem. The other girls, by contrast, did much complaining about their “supplies”, all the while leaving an unsightly trail of used items, wrappers, and applicators in the pristine wilderness….

Bottom Line? GET ONE. You will not regret it. It sounds too good to be true – but it simply is that good!

Sophie – 04th November 2012

I saw an article in a magazine about mooncup about 5 years ago and had a look at them in my local Boots and disregarded the whole notion as something a bit ‘new agey’ but recently I began to reconsider my whole attitude when I was changing my highest absorbency sanitary towels every hour on days 1-3 I thought ‘what am I doing there has got to be a better way’ and then I thought back to mooncup, took the plunge after getting some advice from this very site’s advisors regarding sizing etc, which was followed up by some VERY useful advice that expanded on the leaflet that came with mooncup. This is my first period of using it, it is day 1 I have worn it overnight and during a 45 minute fitness class when I would usually have had to wear a tampon which was never the right absorbency with too little or too much particularly the day before you start ‘proper’ but you need something in or on. I had practised a couple of times before starting and was just waiting for the event to give it a go (strangely enough I was kind of looking forward to my period which has NEVER happened) Anyway the point of all this babbling is I am just wearing the mooncup no towels or liners. I LOVE IT! I am a total convert no leaking, you forget it’s there, no getting up in the middle of the night feeling like you are dripping for want of a better word(sorry if that’s TMI!). All I can say is I am going to convert EVERYONE to this fabulous, fabulous item. It’s a bit messy to take out but it isn’t any worse they dealing with a tampon, so as a former sceptic I have to say what are you waiting for?

Katie – 02nd November 2012

I’ve only ever heard one of my friend’s mention that they used a moon cup and that was about 6 years ago and I never thought any more about it. But since having a baby and starting my period after a year of breastfeeding I thought I’d give it a go. Having my baby made me more aware of the amount of junk (nappies,etc)we pollute the environment with. I decided to use cloth nappies and cloth breast pads and tried using cloth sanitary towels but they were too chunky and chaffing. The mooncup was next on the list. Initially I was put off by the expense (£21 in Boots) but then I considered I’d probably spend £4 a month on towels, that’s £48 a year.
Very pleased and will spread the word

Matty – 02nd November 2012

I bought this a few months ago. The main reason I wanted to buy it was the cost. I’m a student and money can get a bit tight! Buying tampons every month/second month just wasn’t feasible. I wasn’t sure what to expect but thought I’d share my experience.
Inserting the mooncup was fine (although the folding methods detailed in the booklet didnt work for me. There are many blogs etc online showing different ways of inserting it so you just need to find the one that works for you.)The only real problem I had was that to begin with the mooncup was really painful to get out. However after a couple of months I got the hang of it. I’m not sure what I was doing wrong exactly but you just need to persevere as you will eventually find the knack!

I love my mooncup now. I couldn’t be without it and can’t recommend it enough. If you’re someone like me who might not get off to a great start, please persevere. It’s well worth it I promise! It’s not as messy as I thought it would be either which is great! At first I was worried about needing to change it in public bathrooms but I find that I dont need to as it can be kept in much longer that tampons so I can work around trips out to public places.

Give it a go! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Caroline – 02nd November 2012

I recently bought a Mooncup and have just been using it…it is AMAZING! Wondering why it’s taken me so long to get round to it! So easy to use and so much more pleasant than putting bloody cotton in the bin/toilet. I LOVE IT! Everyone woman needs one and it’s so much better for the environment and financially. I’ll never go back 🙂

Bee – 01st November 2012

Mooncup is great! I cannot recommend it enough. I was totally grossed out by the idea of a cup, which you would see all of your own period in, but once you get over that initial month or so, it is fine, and I honestly don’t think about it any more.
I have a very low lying cervix, so always found tampons very uncomfortable, and I was totally 100% DONE with pads, and liners. They smell, they are just horrible, so I thought I would give the Mooncup a go…and it works! Even with the stem cut off totally, I can still slightly feel it if I cough, or sneeze, (my cervix only sits about 3cm up during my period!) but it is so totally worth it, and I will not be going back to towels any time soon. I have had no leaks, which I was paranoid about, I went to the gym on my second day of using it, and have been swimming, and it’s been great. It’s very easy to pop in and out, and as long as you make sure the seal has formed you won’t get any nasty surprises! 🙂

100% recommend this product to anyone who will listen! 😀

Louise – 29th October 2012

I’ve had my first Mooncup for almost 10 years now and every month I thank my clued-up sister for telling me about them. I reckon it has ‘cost’ only 13p each period over this time but that is nothing compared to the ease of use and needing nothing to carry about during periods (fab when camping!). Why anyone still chooses throw aways is a mystery…..

Christina – 24th October 2012

The mooncup is better than tampons and pads in every single way. Once you are used to it it is easier to use, more convenient, cheaper, creates less waste, makes you more in touch with your body and never ever leaks. I wish I had known about them years ago. Thankyou Mooncup.

Jo – 19th October 2012

I love the Mooncup Keep up the good work, Mooncup. I’m never going back to tampons 🙂

Alana – 18th October 2012

I just bought my mooncup recently as a friend had told me about it a few months ago. She doesn’t use one (yet!) but she was considering getting one. It piqued my curiosity so I went ahead and bought one and was surprised by how easy it was to use! Since I’m still a student, it seemed like a really good way of saving money and I’m so sick of buying pads and tampons that are really uncomfortable to wear. With the mooncup you barely notice it – it’s wonderful. I’m going to be urging my friend to buy one now!

Edie – 18th October 2012

I’ve been sent long term to work in West Africa. We have a small supermarket on site, but it quite often runs out of items, so I decided to try the mooncup. I love it – I don’t need to rely on the shop, I don’t need to fill my luggage with sanitary items, I don’t need to panic if I stay here for several months without going home to UK & I can take anywhere in the world. On long haul flights I don’t have to worry about leakage or fiddling about in stinky toilets. Even out in the bush you can find fire, pan & boiling water for sterilisation. Enjoy your new found freedom & some extra cash 🙂

Paddy – 07th October 2012

Just a quick note to say how much I love my moon cup. It’s just great. Dependable, discreet, easy, environmentally friendly, healthier. You only have one problem….your customers only need buy one! I’d recommend them to anyone. All women should own a moon cup!

Emma – 06th October 2012

I have poly-cystic ovary syndrome, meaning insanely heavy, prolonged and irregular periods. At my heaviest I would need to wear both a tampon and a pad, and change both every half-hour or so, with a period lasting anything from 1wk to 3mths! I can also go anything from 6mths to 2yrs between periods, so wasn’t sure whether a Mooncup would work out, getting used to it over 3 cycles could take years! But I got mine about a year ago, and wish I had done it much sooner! It does take a little time to get right, but I cannot stress enough how worthwhile it is to try it, stick with it and make it work for you. I can wear my Mooncup for a couple of hours even at my heaviest, and all day (up to 8hrs anyway) at other times, without needing to empty it. It copes brilliantly with fluctuating flow and with clots. No more rustling packets in work / public toilets either, and no more trying to deal with used sanitary products when there is no waste bin. Plus I do feel a bit smug knowing I am not contributing even more waste to landfill too. Thank you for a brilliant, life-changing product!

Jen – 05th October 2012

I have been using a mooncup for a few years now after an enthusiastic endorsement by a friend. I’ve done a number of long wilderness journeys and try and leave as little trace as possible. One of the amazing things about the mooncup is how easy it is to use outdoors. I carry a small water bottle with a squeezy top so I can wash it, and dig a little hole to empty it into. A much easier way to travel with a ‘leave no trace’ ethic than trying to get rid of tampons or towels. After having had a great recommendation I pass this on by recommending the mooncup to my other friends. Thank you!

Lily – 05th October 2012

First impressions…
Well, today is the first time I have used my new mooncup…. First thing this morning, I hated it. It felt way too big to put in and just too weird! Probably because I don’t know “down there” very well, despite being married and having given birth, there seems to be a forbidden rule to not get to know your own body properly.

Anyway, I now realise that my vagina is not a perfect circular tube like I always imagined, but rather like a squashed donut. This knowledge makes it a whole lot easier to put in and remove!

I’m not 100% confident yet, but my first attempt to put in, remove, trim stalk, put back in again, took over 30 minutes – all with my 11 month old daughter screaming through the loo door! Not a relaxing environment…

Today is the first – and therefore the worst – day of my period, and my pains are no less using the mooncup than with towels or tampons (and today, haven’t even subsided with pain relief :o( ), but I do lack the horrible undercarriage / groin pain so far that I get with tampons. But I could feel when my mooncup needed changing as I felt rather ‘heavy’, but this equally could be due to poor pelvic floor.

But changing it was not messy at all, nothing like I imagined, certainly no worse than with a tampon, but the squatting was rather difficult! I’m sure it will all get easier with time.

One thing though, I’m amazed at how little blood I’ve lost so far… if using tampons or towels, I’d have had to change several times by now, but with the Mooncup I clearly saw that it wasn’t even half full… crazy, all this belly ache for that…!!

Anyway, I’m here this far and don’t refret it, but it’s a totally new experience and Im enjoying not feeling like I need a shower / itchy / wearing a nappy / feeling a tampon…. so, so far so good :o)

One last thing, removing it straight down really hurts… ouch… make sure you do like the instructions say – one side at a time – and don’t rush (even if the squatting is getting to your thighs, or your baby is yelling at you…!) x

Amz – 27th September 2012

Hi, I was thinking about it recently and worked out I have been using my Mooncup exclusively for nearly 8 years! As soon as I tried it I could never go back to pads or tampons. This has made my quality of life so much better, I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am. I can’t imagine a single woman who should be without one. To anyone thinking about trying it – stop thinking, start doing! I persuaded my sister to try it, she has been using it for a few years (she is far more squeamish than me) and she went on holiday recently with pads/tampons as she didn’t want the worry of using it whilst travelling; but when she came back she said she was going straight back to mooncup as she had forgotten how gross pads were, and how rubbish tampons were! Hurrah! The benefits outweigh any concerns over mess, even for someone who hates the sight of blood.

Sophie – 22nd September 2012

I have just brought the mooncup about 4 hours ago and I am so impressed! I am going backpacking in 3 months and wanted to try it out before I left. I liked the idea of not having to pack months worth of tampons and pads (which will take up vital space in my backpack). I found it very easy to fit, I have cut the entire stem off the mooncup. I have no pain or discomfort sitting down, in fact I can’t feel it at all. It feels very secure and I havn’t experienced any leakage so far. well done mooncup!! you have answered all of my backpacking worries!

Steph – 17th September 2012

I wish I had bought a Mooncup years ago. I have very heavy periods and the Mooncup copes brilliantly. I have just been away, staying with family at the weekend, and I didn’t have to pack all the usual tampons and towels. I found the Mooncup easy to get the hang of and it’s comfortable to use. It really is an amazing product, I can’t recommend it enough.

Sharon – 12th September 2012

I found out about moon-cups years ago, they have literally changed my life for the better. Recently whilst at a festival my friends saw an advertisement for them and were a bit confused about what on earth they were. It felt liberating to be the ‘mother hen’ as it were and tell my friends all about them – I wish I’d told them years ago. I don’t know what I’d do without my moon-cup, it is one of the best things I have ever bought. YOLO.

Hanna . E – 11th September 2012

I saw your testimonial section and I couldn’t help but add my experiences! I’ve known about Mooncups for years, but for some reason, never really saw it as an option. I WISH I had gotten one sooner. I have Endometriosis – heavy periods, which are painful and messy and uncomfortable. I dread the day my period comes. I have a big hippy friend who doesn’t stop talking about Mooncups and how I should be a convert and go for it, but the outlay has always concerned me for something which I thought I would use, hate and bung away. Man was I wrong!! I LOVE my Mooncup. I feel clean, well protected, confident and with much reduced pain, especially after day 1. I would forget I was on my period if I wasn’t climbing the walls for chocolate and spinach! I fitted first time without leaks. I feel so clean, I can never ever imagine going back to other sanitary protection now. The equivalent would be getting rid of your loo and going back to a line pit! Wonderful, wonderful Mooncup, we will be friends for years!

Megan C – 10th September 2012

i havee usedd myy moon cup for the first time today! I did practise twice before hand as i was unsure what to do! im glad i did as its still a bit fiddly but im sure ill get better after time! i was soo excited when i used it todayy and only spilled a tiny bit!! itss soo comfortable! despite my friend saying i was mad to buy one i still did and i already love itt!! im 15 so its okayy for teenagers!!

belle – 04th September 2012

Periods were the bain of my life. I hated uncomfortable tampons and refused to use them, pads made me feel self conscious and left me feeling unclean. I had to make sure to plan activities around it, such a pain! I just wanted to hide away until it was all done with.
Then, I found mooncup. At first, I thought this wouldnt work for me, as it took me a while to get the hang of insertion and removal, so I only used it at home. But, after a few months, BAM! It was easy as pie! Im so glad I stuck with it. Its so much cleaner and unobtrusive than other products, I forget its even there! No more planing around my periods, so comfortable and hygienic, the mooncup really has given me a freedom I never used to have. Now that time of the month is no big deal 🙂

So thankyou for your wonderful product! Any woman who is unhappy with her sanitary products should give it a try, stick with it and you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it before!

Christina – 04th September 2012

After two years and a half I’m still using it as happy as the first time, even more! I was so happy when I discovered such a thing! I don’t use any other things like towels or tampons. I used to have problems with them like drying and irritation, but not anymore with Mooncup: it is always better than any other alternative product: it is comfortable, easy to use (just a little practice the first two days may be, but it worth it) and so cheap! I recommend it to all women when I have the chance! Go girls, let’s use Mooncup!

Irene – 03rd September 2012

I have been using the mooncup for about 4 years now. Never had any issues with it. I recently changed my contraception to the copper coil resulting in very heavy periods . If I was not using the mooncup I reckon I would be using 10-15 tampons each day, which would not be very pratical.
Bottom line, the mooncup is a great product .

Fiona – 02nd September 2012

I’ve been using my mooncup since I was 25 – in 2006. It revolutionised my life and I love not having to buy boxes and boxes of tampons anymore and HOW much money must I have saved! So easy to use and keep clean – I boil mine in the microwave, in a mug of water. I keep it in a denture box from Boots for the other 3 weeks of the month 🙂 When I was on the pill I loved being able to pop the mooncup in in the morning when I knew my period would arrive that day.
Over the past year or so I’ve noticed that it’s getting harder to get a good “seal” and I’m getting a few more leaks. This current period I have not been able to get it in “properly” once and I’ve reluctantly realised that at 31 and not too good at the old Kegel exercises it is probably time to go up to the bigger size. Somehow this has made me way more depressed than the increasing number of grey hairs on my head and my new inability to eat a chocolate bar without instantly putting on a pound. Wah!

Ah well, keep up the good work!

Rachel – 30th August 2012

I saw the Mooncup ad in the London tube about 2 years ago and then went to Boots to check it out but still was not convinced and sticked to tampons. I’ve always had really bad backache during my period since I can remember but thought that it is normal ‘period thing’. Few weeks ago I found out that my friend is using IT so I had a chance to talk to ‘real’ person and get some more info. She said that it is the best thing ever and it is not messy at all which was my main concern. So I bought one straight away and…I wish I bought it earlier!!! Very comfortable, no problems with using it from day one and my back pain magically disappeared! Would recommend this to every woman. This is a must have item and should be wider advertised so more women could get their hands on it. I’m going to try to talk every woman I know to it.

Alina – 29th August 2012

I just used my Mooncup for the first time and although I have to say it’s a weird feeling, I LOVED IT! It’s no hassle getting it in or out although the stem did rub a little at first.My body needs to get a little more used to it but I couldn’t agree more with all the lovely ladies on here. It’s not fussy or messy! It’s environmentally friendly, cost efficiant AND you can avoid that embarrassment of not having anywhere to bin your tampon or sanitary towel and having to stash it or try and make a break for a bin in the kitchen or whatever. You can just wash it and go!
The Mooncup actually made me look forward to my period! 😀 I want everyone to know about it!!

Hati – 28th August 2012

If you think of buying a mooncup dont hesitate. I bought one after extensive research and its so much worth it. You save your health, money and environment. At first i didnt think it would be very practical or nice but actually using Mooncup feels even cleaner than tampons. Another plus is brilliant customer service. As an advice from me: Do read the leaflet and advice on the website, it helps you understand how the mooncup works straight away. I didnt have any problems since the very first time using it. 😉

Nat – 20th August 2012

I wish that this product had been available when I was younger. Tampons were a revelation when they came out but the Mooncup is amazing and even more liberating. Well done, great for women and even greater for the environment.

Rachel – 19th August 2012

I bought my mooncup this morning having had three days of very heavy bleeding. I bought it as a last hope, having not slept for the three days (getting up in the night to change my tampon/pad combination). This shuld never hav been my last hope, it should have been my first choice! I wish I’d have known about mooncup when I started my period; I’d have had 20 years of stree free periods.Granted, I’ve only had the cup for 8 hours but already I’m converted. Usually, I’d have had to change my tampon 8 or so times by now, and my pad 4 or so times but as it is I’ve been building furniture, shopping and reading in my garden, all without the need to change a pad/tampon, it’s freeing and wonderful, and I couldn’t ask for more.
I didn’t find insertion fiddly, but I could see how I might, and releasing the cup was easy once I slid my finger alongside the cup. Maybe slightly more messy on the fingers than a tampon but a lot less messy on the underwear.
I’m so glad I decided to bye a mooncup! I’ll be telling everyone how great it is!

Kerry – 18th August 2012

Why was i not made aware of this sooner!? This product is the best thing since sliced bread…Ive used the mooncup for the first time and i havent had one leak during the day or night.iv not had to wear a pantyliner like i have to do with Tampax due to leaking, no more dryness or itching and i can barely feel my mooncup there as its so comfortable. cleaning is a breeze, when wearing i just rinse if off and pop it back in and then when iv finished i boil it to get rid of any nastys lurking and then pop it back in the bag, …..i just dont have enough good things to say about this product….all i would say to all you ladies out there is perserve with it it is a bit fiddly and can take some goes to get right but once you do you wont regret it…im already much happier know in that i dont have to go back to pantyliners and tampax EVER!

Dee – 11th August 2012

I’ve just used my mooncup for the first time today & it’s amazing!! I found it really easy to insert, delighted that it never leaked, a little apprehensive about removing it but actually after relaxing a bit more I found it just as easy. So I’m over the moon(cup)!
I purchased it over 3 years ago after my second baby, using & promoting real nappies it made sense that I too would use something good for the environment so I was excited to get started.
However, breastfeeding & falling pregnant with my third baby meant my period hasn’t returned until now (very nice)
I already know that I’ll never use tampons again, I oddly feel cleaner and much more comfortable, I know what the mooncup is, what you see is what you get, with a Tampon who knows? one reason why I’ve always used real nappies on the children.
It feels so good to be helping the environment again too 🙂
Thank you mooncup x

Joanne – 10th August 2012

love mooncup just used it for the first time. no leaks no mess. dont have to worry about public toilets as only need to change twice a day. no more being niped by tampax applicators. found it very easy but did alot of reading on the mooncup and looked on you tube so was very prepared.

helen – 05th August 2012

Hello! I just turned sixteen and used my mooncup for the first time yesterday. I had to struggle a bit to get it in properly but after some tries I had it in there and it felt fine! After that I took a two hour bicycleride and barely thought about my period. It was great! I never liked tampons because I could feel them and they were absolutely uncomfortable and pads were just a mess. The mooncup is hardere to ‘get in place’ but once there I barely feel it! And i think it’ll be easier the more I use it. But please if you’re considering getting a mooncup. Just give it a try!

Bianca – 04th August 2012

I’ve just ordered my third Mooncup in six years, not because they have worn out (far from it), but because I’ve managed to lose it once again, haha! Subsequently I have endured a Mooncup-free period for the first time in years. Disgusting! I don’t know how I coped with the leaks, discomfort and mess of pads and tampons for so long before switching to the Mooncup. The inventors deserve a medal. This is a lifechanging thing. I’m going to make a determined effort not to leave this one in a random handbag or bathroom, because I can’t go through another period without it…and sorry to anyone who finds the others…

Laura – 25th July 2012

I bought my mooncup while newly pregnant with my first son. Now that my third son is almost 2 I finally have had a chance to use it. After six months, I am a total convert!

mira – 23rd July 2012

I started using a Mooncup about a year ago and am so pleased with it. I have recommended it to several friends and converted a few of them! It’s a truly wonderful invention.

Raquel – 23rd July 2012

Fantastic! Since having a baby I found tampax very uncomfortable due to scarring. I found out about and tried a mooncup, after a couple of attempts to get comfortable and confident and removing the whole stem I became completely converted! Comfortable, money saving, no leaks, no get ups in the night to change, great for the environment and no bin in the bathroom to empty (I was never a flusher!).Brilliant. I’d go as far as saying its changed my life!
Give it a go, you have nothing to lose!

Laura – 21st July 2012

i will never ever ever use anything other than the mooncup again, EVER, if any of my friends and family talk about periods i always bring up the mooncup and tell them to try it out. I also don’t have to worry about running to the shops at 2am if i run out an when I am out, i dont have to worry about leaking everywhere because i know it can handle it which no other products would. thank you!! <3

kat – 21st July 2012

Seriously, just buy one. It will change your life! I first heard of the mooncup years ago when a friend of a friend recommended it to me (after typical girly talk about heavy periods/ the horror of the pads and tampon combo) and my gut reaction was ‘ick’. I wrongly assumed it would be messy, smelly and just part of a hippie fad. Meanwhile, I was struggling with crippling period pain and near constant urinary tract infections (caused, I now believe, by large tampons expanding and pressing uncomfortably on my urinary tract). I was also reading horror stories about the bleaching and chemicals that tampons undergo and resenting the massive quantities of tampons I was being forced to buy each month to cope with my flow. I only properly looked into getting a mooncup a year ago, and I was won over straightaway. This website had loads of really good, detailed information and the testimonials really helped sway me because I could see that lots of other women who had been struggling had found a solution with the cup.
My first try was a bit hit and miss, mainly because getting it in and out takes a little getting used to. But by the second month I was a bit of a pro! I can honestly say that this is one of the best products I have ever bought in my life. It has improved my quality of life considerably. The pain I experience with cramps has reduced (I think maybe the flexibility of the cup helps) and the fact that it holds so much more fluid than a tampon means that long shifts at work are a lot less stressful. I really can’t imagine how I managed without it!
I made sure to stick the stickers in public places, hoping that if at least one woman who struggled like I did sees it and looks into it further, it will be worth it. My friends are sick of me ranting on at them about how great it is, but I’ve already won a couple of them over. It’s a total joke that pads and tampons are the default sanitary product, especially as the mooncup is a much more environmentally sustainable alternative. I really hope that I see this change in my lifetime.
So, from the bottom of my heart, a massive thank you to you women behind mooncup. This is the first customer review I have ever left, but I just had to let you know what a great job you’re doing. Many thanks, Ffion

Ffion – 20th July 2012

I love my mooncup. I am a midwife and perhaps that means that I was never worried about the possible ‘mess’ which I find a lot of women who have not used one worrying about. But really it is so clean and easy that anyone can use one – squeemish or not! I find the expensive of tampons so offensive – how dare we be charged so much when we have no choice? and VAT? don’t get me started! I feel like I have won a feminist battle by making one simple purchase rather than a monthly one :)My mooncup is super comfortable and reliable – never had a leak ever, which is more than I can say for tampons and towels.
Thank you Mooncup! xx

Hannah – 20th July 2012