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We are delighted to share with you some of the thousands of testimonials we have received from Mooncup® users.
You can search for testimonials on specific issues; however, it is important to remember that these are personal experiences, they may not be valid for everyone and should not be used instead of professional advice.

If you have a health or medical query, or are unsure about using your Mooncup menstrual cup, please visit How To Use where you will find more information and can get in touch with our team of qualified Mooncup Advisors.

The Mooncup made life possible for 2 years while pursuing successful treatment for extremely heavy menstrual bleeding, which got worse and worse during my 30’s. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!! I eventually had a hysterectomy at 40, which is a huge relief as my bleeding was extreme, so very sadly I need to say farewell to my Mooncup.

My bleeding was possibly due to my many fibroids which were gradually getting bigger (fibroids were 6cm, 5cm, and a few 2-3cm diameter). It wasn’t until I started using the Mooncup that I realised I was losing 300-400ml of blood a month! Including sometimes up to 200ml in just 24hrs. Being able to show the doctors real data like this helped me to get treatment. Amazingly one of them asked “how did you measure the blood loss”. Even some of the gynae specialists at the hospital haven’t heard of the menstrual cup!

It does take a bit of practice during the first couple of periods but it’s definitely worth it. You get the knack of using it – eventually I could easily fold and insert it one-handed. I had to partially fold it to get it out without any pain, but that was easy too.

The Mooncup actually feels much cleaner and much more hygienic than a tampon or towel. You do get blood on your fingers which you immediately wash off with water (take a small water bottle into the loo with you), but you don’t get blood anywhere else if you empty the cup often enough for your flow. I would never go back to having a yukky cotton cord hanging outside my body. The concept of tampons is really ‘eugh’ to me now, despite having previously used them for over 20 years.

The Mooncup was brilliant for light days (no problems with dryness like a tampon) and brilliant for extremely heavy days where I was using triple protection (Mooncup, wadge of kitchen towel, sanitary towel). On light and medium days I could confidently go swimming, go to the gym etc. On extremely heavy days it enabled me to physically travel to work (just) and sleep for 2 hrs at a time at night, when those things would have both been impossible otherwise due to the high flow rate.

Thank you again for liberating me during (most of) every period. I would have been so stressed and depressed during the long wait for treatment, if it hadn’t been for this product. I cannot recommend it more highly.

Helen – 13th February 2020

I have used my mooncup for three periods now, and I am amazed. No leaking, super easy, no worries and sometimes I forget I’m even on my period. I am telling my friends about it and some women have never heard of it before or think its a bit gross. But when you think about it logically I think its less gross than wrapping up sanitary products and going in the bin. I rarely even touch the blood and I swill it out in the sink straight away before reapplying. A tip I found on youtube says make sure the small seal holes are washed out too so the seal works properly to prevent leakage. Also I recommend not cutting the stick too far as sometimes is hard to get to when a new user. I can exercise and sleep with it in no problem. If you try it for the first time give it a couple of days to get used to taking it in and out it is worth the perseverance. I am always in favour of saving money too, no more pads, tampons and daily pads for small leaks either. I also bought period thongs from thinx for my last day which are great too and can use alongside your mooncup. Cant recommend mooncup enough, thank you for the invention!!

Louise – 20th February 2020

After having my first child last year I was finding tampons super uncomfortable, so I started wearing pads instead which I absolutely hated! I was dreading my period and felt I didn’t have any better options. I saw an advert for Mooncup online and decided to give it a try. What a game changer! It’s so comfortable, I can’t actually feel it at all. I’m sure the idea of it can be quite off putting to people which I do understand. You need to be quite familiar with your body, it’s processes and not be uncomfortable with the sight of your own blood. It can also take a bit of practice getting it in and out. I have only used it for one cycle so far but I’ve not had any leaks and it’s also managed overnight. I would definitely encourage people to give it a go if you’re fed up with the traditional choice of sanitary products and want to help the environment. Better for you and better for the planet! What’s not to like?

Sarah – 31st January 2020

Hey guys just wanted to say that I’m not going to go back to tampons, I found they hurt and was uncomfortable nearer the end of my cycle, so I brought a mooncup and I’m in love, I’ve only used it for one cycle but needed to say its great, Ive had a few teething problems but I’m sure they will get better after each cycle, on my first day of using the cup I didn’t need to use a hot water to ease my tummy cramps no painkillers it was amazing I felt at one with my body, being able to see how my body works is quite amazing too, lovely product just amazing

Evelyn – 29th January 2020

I’ve been using my mooncup for coming up to 6 years and have never looked back. It’s so convenient and reliable. Yes, it took a while to get used to but it’s so worth it!! And the money you save is only the start!!

Rachel – 23rd January 2020

Hi there! I recently was encouraged to start using you product when I expressed my concern over the financial and environmental effects of using tampons, not to mention the physical effects also. I made the decision to give your product a go and my goodness I was absolutely blown away by the results! I will have to recommend to all the women I know and perhaps do a post about it on my Instagram! Being a dancer and active person I’m always trying to find new ways to make life more sustainable and environmentally conscious! Thank you for your awesome product! ❤️

Alison – 26th December 2019

Took a while to get used too , but then bought a smaller size ( don’t assume if your over 40 that you need the bigger size ) & it’s so easy , no longer have a pocket full of products . Best part for me im not polluting the ocean .

Bev – 10th December 2019

I bought a mooncup and immediately freaked out trying to get it in and out… huuuuge anxiety trying to get it out! I read that practice makes perfect so I wore it to the gym and omg I nearly lost the thing it went higher up inside me! That was it, as soon as it was out I put it away for a few month. I was then due to go travelling and began packing all my sanitary products and I just decided the only way I will get used to it is to use it and it was kind of one of the reasons I purchased it. So I unpacked everything else and just took my mooncup. As I was still getting used to it I found myself in some tricky situations (especially due to travelling and camping!) but I just adapted and realised it was actually massively easier than finding a bin or holding onto your sanitary products until you find one. I have never looked back since that holiday. I find it comfortable (once I was confident I snipped off the stem) easy to use, inexpensive, better for the environment and also better for me. I highly recommend you buy one and try it but I mean really try it! It can be scary but in only a few periods you will be a pro! Happy mooncupping :)!

Alexa – 31st October 2019

I have been using pads since my period started at age 14 and I am now 29. This is my first period with mooncup and it’s great. I don’t have particularly heavy periods but I always found pads leak and make a mess by moving around too much, especially at night. The first day using the mooncup was great, it’s easy to insert and very comfortable. I trimmed the stem bit by bit until it was the perfect length and now I can’t even feel it!
Insertion is easy and comfortable and I struggled with tampons because I hate the absorbing, drying feeling whilst it’s inside. But the cup collects, not absorbs so it feels fine to me.
I wore a pad as well on the first day but there was no leakage at all, which is fantastic.
I feel very confident with the mooncup and have even gone out running with it.
Although it is a bit more ‘hands – on’ to change, I actually feel cleaner using it. I think this is because there’s no mess, odour, leakage or movement, like I often experience with pads. And when you go to the toilet, there’s no mess when you wipe. I think it can feel like you are sat in your own waste with a pad, which is gross and this is another reason why it feels cleaner to use the mooncup.
I also want to say, as a previous pad-user, that it is so much easier and nicer to get out of the shower or bath and not worry about dripping or anything like that!

Rebecca – 4th September 2019

I have been using the Mooncup for the last 2/3 years and it has been amazing. I suffer from PCOS so periods are irregular, heavy and very painful. Tampons have always been uncomfortable and cannot cope with my flow which left me with pads but I would have to change every hour (large night time size) to deal with the heavy flow. With the Mooncup, my periods have become less painful, more manageable as I am not carrying a pack of pads around with me all the time and environmentally friendly! The cup has paid for itself after about 2 cycles as I used to spend about £10 per cycle on pads! It took about 3 cycles to get used to but now I’ve mastered it – The cup is amazing! It is comfortable, mother earth friendly, convenient and money saving! Furthermore, it can cope with a heavy flow without any leaks! Take the plunge, you will not regret it!!!

Joanne – 17th August 2019

In a bid to be as green as possible I decided to have a look at using a menstrual cup. My sister had mentioned them a while back but I’d not gotten round to taking it seriously till I watched Hugh and Anita’s plastic documentary. Well I bit the bullet and bought one, size A as I’ve had kids and am 50 years old. I couldn’t wait to try it after having watched several videos on how and gave it go before my period to get the hang of it. Last month was my first full cycle with a Mooncup and wow, wow, wow!!! Why did I wait till I’m 50 and in peri-menopause to try this bad boy out??!!! These should be given to all women, school girls and homeless women. It’s comfortable, set it and forget it pretty much, you can wear them overnight, it’s totally comfortable once you get the hang on where it goes and it’s so much more hygenic to use. There is a learning curve and I’m currently on my second cycle which has been more of a learning curve this month but when you get the right position and seal you are golden. You have to be comfortable with your own body and how it works but I just want to tell every woman I know to try one!! My bestie has just ordered one too!! Cannot praise these things enough. Totally converted and never going back!!

Gillian – 6th August 2019

I’m 48 and have had very heavy periods for the past 35years, I heard about mooncup and thought I’d give it a go although didn’t think it would work for me. I wish I’d found it years ago! What a difference it’s made! It’s so comfortable and easy to use and I feel good about doing my bit for the environment.

Sharon – 3rd August 2019

I had seen adverts in magazines and at Glastonbury festival about the mooncup and I really wanted to do something that reduced my impact on the environment.

I bought one and did struggle to use it initially, perhaps because I’ve previously had a prolapse and quite a post partum stitch up, which had to remove some of my vaginal skin. The customer service from Mooncup UK was fab! I decided to out it away for a few months and try again. I got on better, but not enough to convince me as I still struggled to remove it comfortably. I left it a year and had an impulse though during my period last month to give it another go. I spoke with a friend who uses one and she gave me a fab tip on removing to squeeze the base of the cup, twist and pull. Well, this tip totally transformed my use of the mooncup and through the support of my friend, I’m a total convert. Goodbye tampons, no more wet strings in my pants after a wee or shower! No more sanitary product waste going to landfill from me! I’m over the moon (pun very much intended!) that I can now fully use my mooncup and actually look forward to my period!

Jen – 28th July 2019

I had always had problems with pads and found them abrasive, and tampons had also become so. Additionally I also found them quite messy and frankly, expensive to keep up with, especially as a student. I had heard of the Mooncup but was wary of trying it out, then my best friend gave me the best present and bought me one. It has been 5 months and I haven’t looked back. It is the most convenient, pain-free, environmentally friendly (without the plastic accumulation from one period worth of tampons) period product. I now recommend it to all my friends, some who are still reluctant. However, it is definitely worth a try, because if used well, it makes for a more positive period experience.

May – 14th July 2019

I’m on my second period using the mooncup and I am loving it! I first heard about it in 2011 before zero waste was anywhere near on my radar. After hearing a couple of friends in recent months using it, I thought I’d give it a try. It’s super easy once you get used to it (took me two days), it has reduced my period anxiety of worrying about when to change my tampon or if I might leak. As you can keep it in for 8 hours I pop it in the morning, change it in the late afternoon and then again before bed. It’s a time saver and also feels a lot more hygienic, I’m getting used to seeing my own blood and a visual representation of how my bleeding is decreasing across the period. It’s helped me to feel more in touch with my body, whilst doing something good for the environment and knowing I’m not putting any nasty chemicals into my body! Would really recommend. It’s also a fab money saver as I don’t need to go out and buy new sanitary products each month that will end up in landfill.

Yasmin – 8th July 2019

My experience with Mooncup was AMAZING, EVEN THOUGH it was not the right fit for me. I initially ordered a B size cup, given the fact that am 3. After a few months of trying, I contacted the company asking for help, as I was experiencing leakage. The costumer service representative was extremely kind and helpful and after after a few mails, further exploring the issue, the company sent me a cup in a smaller size to try, for free. After a couple of months and still experiencing leakage, I went to see a doctor and discovered I have a high cervix and a relatively long and muscular vaginal canal, which might be the cause of the leakage issues. I contacted the company again, they respond immediately and offered a full refund. It is important to me to write this review because first of all, I wanted to share this wonderful experience with the costumer service, which, were I come from, is a very rare thing. I also want women with similar built to mine to be aware of the fact that this product might not be as useful for them as they hope for and to recommend finding cups that are longer and narrower. I should say that I have about 20 friends who are using the Mooncup and they all recommended it. My hope is that the company will eventually create more products to help more women. Thank you, Mooncup, for being kind and considerate. :))

Michal – 3rd July 2019

I’m 26 and have been using Mooncup for 2 months. I was really nervous at first and wouldn’t wear it outside the house. Took a while to get the positioning right, but now I’m wondering where it’s been all my life. Periods are already so much easier to deal with! And I feel like I’ve got to know my body so much better too. Definitely no turning back.

Tiffany – 18th June 2019

I have been using a moon cup for around 10 years now and it has made itself an indispensable part of my life!!! I have a heavy flow and have never experienced leaking with moon cup ( which was a regular occurrence pre moon cup) It is a lifesaver when traveling as you only have to carry around one little thing rather than loads of bulky pads and tampons. It pays for itself MANY times over. It is so much more comfortable to use than other options and after you get used to using it there’s absolutely no going back! It’s brilliant and I would urge anyone who is thinking about it to take the plunge! You won’t look back I promise!

Amy – 5th May 2019

I’d heard about the mooncup from a few friends but was unsure about using something different than pads and nervous about inserting and removing it. I am so glad I gave it a try! Three periods later and I don’t have a bad word to say about it – I love it! After a few tests inserting and removing (the ‘C’ fold worked really well for me), and completely removing the stem, everything has been so easy. I’ve had no leaks at all, and only one issue removing it (and even then I just left it another half an hour and tried again, which worked fine!). I’ve been running, hiking, and climbing using it and it doesn’t budge. I work fairly long and physically demanding shifts and we don’t have a sink in the toilet cubicles, but because I can leave the mooncup in a bit longer than a pad or tampon, I can change it before and after work and don’t have to worry about it during and have no worries about leaks. It’s so much more comfortable to sleep in, it saves me money, helps the environment, and I wouldn’t be without it now!

Lucy – 1st May 2019

I am 43 years old and have been using the Mooncup for about a year. It was recommended by a friend and I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever invested in. I was dubious at first but ultimately my motivation was to reduce my use of plastic so I made a conscious decision to ditch the tampax (I used the ones with the plastic applicators) and the pads. I am not going to lie, it took me a couple of months to perfect the technique of using the Mooncup and the first few times I wore a pad as well as I was convinced I would leak….but I didn’t and I haven’t since using the Mooncup – it is brilliant! You can’t feel it (if it is inserted properly – and you will know when it isn’t), it is ultra reliable and easy to remove. I am peri-menopausal so it is perfect for me as I never know when my period will arrive. I feel I can wear any style of clothes as I am confident now, after using it for a year with no issues at all, that it will not let me down. I have recommended the Mooncup to many of my friends – some people have been ‘anti’ the idea because they think it must be messy or unhygienic in some way but I think it is the complete opposite to that. No leaks, no odours, no disposing of soiled pads or tampons, yes, you have to wash it but it’s your Mooncup, your body – it is no worse than when you are on your period and you are in the shower! I recommend this product so much, it’s better for you, good for the environment and great for your bank balance! Go for it, give yourself time to practice using it and you won’t regret it!

Jennie – 29th April 2019

I have been nervous about changing my cup in public toilets, but having long, very heavy periods and still wanting to go out and about and live my life, I have emptied my cup in probably every sort of public toilet facility going, including dark portaloos at festivals. Tip is to just have tissues and probably wipes handy, to go slow to make sure you don’t drop it – they can be slippery if you are heavy – and to have a bottle of water to hand to wash it. If there is no sink, just using a bottle, holding it over the bowl and cleaning it, is a perfectly adequate solution. There have been new practicalities to get the hang of, but it’s all a million times better than negotiating pads and tampons with their waste and mess and lower absorbency. Don’t know how I could have managed heavy periods without my cup. Love it!

Vicki – 6th April 2019

I’ve been using Mooncups for about 10 years now, since my late teens, and it’s by far the best purchases I’ve ever made. Previously I only used pads, and the feeling of essentially wearing a bloody diaper is not something I’d ever want to go back to. I tried tampons once but it felt coarse and after reading TSS horror stories I promptly quit.
I found out about menstrual cups randomly through a meme on the internet that implied the whole concept was “weird and gross”. Intrigued, I decided to do some further research and I figured I’d try it out for myself. None of the pharmacies in my area sold any type of cups at the time, but the clerk recommended Mooncup to me.
When I got my first cup I was sceptical and worried about leakage, but it only took a cycle or two to fully get the hang of it and I haven’t had any worries since. I highly recommend using some water-based lubricant when you’re first starting out, or as needed during your period, cause I remember being a bit sore after failing to insert it correctly a few times.
I know some people are put off by the idea of having to take it out and empty it, but it’s just blood and mucus, not much different from a nosebleed. Plus I personally find it really interesting to be able to see just how heavy or clotted my period is and how it changes.
Like many other women I also used to be plagued by horrible menstrual cramps, and while this can obviously change with age too, I felt an immediate difference and relief after I started to use the cup.
Mooncup has saved me so much money and grief, it made me more comfortable with having my period in general. I don’t feel ashamed or inconvenienced by it anymore. Fully recommend trying it for yourself!

Emily – 28th March 2019

I wish I’d tried this years ago, but I didn’t, thinking it was some kind of “hippy dippy” thing. How wrong was I? I have 2 days, each cycle, when I’m really heavy and I can literally fill a mooncup about 5 times a day, so you can imagine how useless using a tampon was. Plus, after having children, I needed the added protection of a sanitary towel. Now, however, I don’t and I have the confidence to go out all day without fear of leaking. Sadly, due to my heavy flow and my heavy sleeping, it doesn’t work at night for me as the minute I stand up blood flows out of me. But as long as I wear a large sanitary towel I’m okay. Anyway, I really recommend the mooncup – it’s completely changed my life.

Laura – 29th January 2019

I am in my mid-20s and have been using sanitary pads since my periods began. I have heard friends rave about and recommend the Mooncup but, as I have never successfully been able to use tampons, I thought reusable cups would not ‘work’ for me.
This year however, I finally decided to give the Mooncup a try. I am SO glad I did and only wish I’d listened to my friends’ recommendations sooner! The instructions are very clear and I did a few trial insertions and removals to get the hang of things before my period started. I am so surprised at how easy I have found using the Mooncup, particularly as someone who can’t use tampons.
Today is the first day of my cycle and it feels very comfortable, I haven’t experienced any leakage, which is something I was concerned about. I could initially feel the stem irritating my labia but after trimming this completely, I can’t feel anything. The only slight issue is that removal was a little messier than anticipated and I splashed a few drops of blood on the bathroom floor but I am sure this will get easier with more practice.

I would HIGHLY recommend the Mooncup to everyone. If you’re reading this and, like me, struggle with tampons, please don’t let that put you off giving them a try.

Cassie – 24th January 2019

I’ve had my mooncup since about mid-2016, and honestly I can barely remember what a period was like before it. Initially bought as I was going travelling and I was concerned about safely getting rid of used tampons etc, now it has literally become part of my life (or at least for one week a month).
I can only think of pros for the mooncup including the huge cost saving that builds over the years (it’s the best investment), the lack of discomfort compared to tampons and chaff from pads, and for my reduced leakage (I’m a pretty heavy flow on my second day and my bed sheets don’t have a stain in sight). I feel cleaner during my period and I genuinely don’t feel it.
Yes, its a bit awkward at first to position and emptying and cleaning it can take some adjustment (I adapted so quickly) but generally I have no issues with emptying in public toilets (one of my initial concerns). Since having it, with no exaggeration- I recommend it to all my friends and I’m proud to say I’ve converted over half of them (some need a little more convincing). I love boasting that I help the environment in this way, and I don’t have to keep paying tampon tax!
Unless a better option comes along (which I very much doubt) I plan on staying loyal to the mooncup for the rest of my fertile life!

Grace – 12th December 2018

If you’re reading this and considering trying a mooncup, definitely get one! Can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made to my life – I got mine a year ago with a pair of Thinx period pants and will never go back to tampons and pads. The mooncup makes me feel so much cleaner than tampons, it’s better for the environment, brilliant for backpacking and I really think it has helped with my cramps. I don’t know how, but I used to take loads of painkillers every month and now I just have a couple of Paracetamol – my husband says I’m a different person in a good way! Honestly I wish I’d got my mooncup years ago. I got the hang of using it within the first month and now it’s second nature. Definitely get one!

Eleanor – 29th November 2018

I had thought about purchasing a Mooncup for a few months but eventually took the plunge. I suffer with very heavy periods and was concerned that the Mooncup wouldn’t work for me. Well, I was absolutely amazed! I had no problems inserting or removing the Mooncup and, once I had trimmed it slightly, could not feel it there at all. My biggest surprise was how well it coped with my heavy periods. There’s no more flooding; even at night. I can honestly say that it has changed my life and so wish I’d bought it sooner. X

Cathy – 28th October 2018

I have been using the Mooncup for nearly a year now and I will never go back to disposables again!

I was a bit sceptical at first, but after a few cycles I can say that this is a revolutionary product!!! I use alongside cloth pads that i use at night. I hope more women choose to switch if they are able.

I love my cup!

Laura – 16th October 2018

I’m officially a convert! I have irregular periods so I’ve waited quite a few months since I bought my mooncup to use it properly, and now 3 days into my period I’m in love. Tampons have always felt abrasive and slightly uncomfortable, however I can’t stand the dirty feeling of pads either so periods have never been great for me. However the mooncup is so comfortable, easy & painless to take out and reinsert, no uncomfortable dryness like with tampons & no leakage. Another benefit I’ve found, being irregular, is if I felt like I may come on that I could wear the mooncup ‘just in case’ regardless of whether I actually did. And best of all, it’s amazing for our planet!!! Now, I’m off to tell every female I know about this brilliant little thing…

Morwenna -15th October 2018

I hated my periods, period. Once a month, my boobs would hurt, my mood swing, and then it was time for the tampons. The whole process made me feel dirty from the inside out. I refrained from touch, I was scared for the three dreaded “S”s: Stink, Spot, Smell.
When I started the cup (purely for ecological reasons), my boobs still hurt, my mood still swang, but guess what? I didn’t feel dirty anymore. Somehow, I even started to enjoy my period time and see them as a monthly moment of quiet introspection. I regained trust in my feminity and cried because I was soft, not weak, and laughed because I was happy, not hysteric. I saw myself again with the respect I deserved and started to use this time for the caring of my soul, to grow it and become a better person for the rest of the month, until the new moon. It radically changed my life, and it’s hard to describe why or how, but it did.
Thank you.

Alice – 24th September 2018

Just wanted to make contact to say I bought my Mooncup back over a year ago now and I would never go back to tampons!
It’s a wonderful product and has not only made periods less wasteful, but has made me more in touch with my body and period. Periods feel so much less alien and I feel less stressed during my cycle.
Thanks for the great product, I’ve told loads of my friends, and convinced a few to buy too, and they’ve also loved the product.
Keep up the good work!

Cat – 17th March 2018

Hi i wanted to let you know my mooncup story, i bought one of you at a stall at Glastonbury festival in I think 2002, i was working there at the green fields and had forgotten my tampons, someone pointed me at your stall and i havent looked back, Im now on my third mooncup, the first lasted till 2008 when i had kids and then i lost the second! i absolutely love my mooncup and its wonderful to see it go mainstream lots of love staci x

Staci – 22nd April 2018

I feel compelled to write to you at the end of my work day to say a big ‘thank you’ – for the brilliant invention that is the Mooncup.
I started using my Mooncup a couple of months ago, after a long time of considering it, and wow has it revolutionised my experience of periods! Funnily perhaps, I even enjoy using it, and laughed with a dear close friend about how to get used to using it, and what ‘troubleshooting’ she had with hers 🙂
I’ve always hated the whole experience of sanitary towels, not least because they make you feel rather unappealing (even if no one knows they’re there). The Mooncup completely changes all of that, and feels like an extremely sanitary and most importantly ecological product. I think it does a lot for female liberation.
Thank you….

Lizzie – May 8th 2018

Hi Mooncup! Wanted to tell you that your product has literally changed my life! I’ve had lots of gynae problems over the years that have given me a terror or anything unusual happening downstairs (yes, including sex). However, I decided I should be brave and give the mooncup a go to try and reduce plastic waste etc. It only took one cycle to get used to it. And guess what? The sky didn’t cave in and I didn’t end up in terrible pain with thrush, UTIs etc. In fact it was SO much more comfortable and convenient than pads or tampons. Slowly I began to realise through using the mooncup that I didn’t need to be afraid of touching, indeed rummaging around in, my vagina -there was no pain! As a result of this I finally have something approaching a normal sex-life with my (very patient) husband again. Maybe too much information, but I just wanted to share with you what an amazing change the mooncup has made to my life. I am an evangelist now. Thank you so much. Alison

Alison – 5th September 2018

I am day 1 of using my Mooncup. My friend sent it to me and I have had it in my cupboard for 3 weeks too afraid to try it. Today, the time came and I thought ‘Its now or never!’, the first time, I leaked a bit and I was disheartened, but its now bedtime and after a day of practice, I am sat here with just white pyjama bottoms on confident that I will not leak tonight like I do with sanitary towels. Honestly, I think thats its right for me. I absolutely hated tampons, and pads just felt horrendous and finally at the age of 36 I have found something that works. Its early days but Id like to think that I will never need to use another disposal menstrual item again!

G – 3rd September 2018

I first heard about Mooncups about two years ago, and quite fancied the idea. My only hesitation was that I thought it might be a bit gross at times. Last September, I took the plunge and ordered my mooncup.

Well, all I can say is that I am a true convert! I absolutely love the mooncup. It is the best part of my period. It took a couple of goes to get used to putting it in, but once I’d mastered that it was great. It’s so comfortable once in, and so easy to empty. I find it much less gross than I’d thought, and I can’t stand the thought of going back to tampons.

I’d encourage anyone thinking about it to give it ago. The mooncup is so comfy, easy to use, and all round great. Plus, you get to feel environmentally superior as the mooncup is so much more environmentally friendly than tampons!!

CM – 30th August 2018

Easily the best period product I’ve ever bought. I’ll never go back. Saving money and the environment. Easy to use. 100% more comfortable than a tampon esp on light days
I worried it wouldn’t last in heavy periods, but I literally change it once morning and once evening and it’s never full. So practical and simple to use.

I strongly advise every woman to switch ❤

Sophie – 24th August 2018

Having never even used a tampon before, I was quite nervous about using a menstrual cup. The idea of it getting stuck scared me or that it might hurt when I wore it. However, it’s been extremely straightforward and made so much calmer and easier through the clear instructions provided. A little practice at putting it in and taking it out and I got the hang of it really quickly.

I’ve also been surprised by how comfortable it is. I love that it’s more environmentally friendly than the pads I’ve always used. And I feel more in control of my period now- less mess, less fuss.

Complete convert over here!

Eleanor – 12th August 2018

A big thank you to the Mooncup customer service who has been super helpful and amazing with me!
They really take care of the customer from beginning to the end. Thanks Hannah and Nicky, you were great!

Nicole – 29th July 2018

I switched to Mooncup about 18 months ago and will definitely not be going back.
Admittedly a little practice was required for the first few days, it was so worth it though.
I wish I had switched years ago, (I am early 40’s), but I really didn’t think I had any option other than tampons and towels.
The main benefits I have found are cost saving, confidence due to lack of leaks and smell, and comfort, as I don’t feel the Mooncup at all and no longer have chapping from towels, or that feeling of not being clean and dry. The obvious benefits for the environment make me feel good. I no longer have to carry towels and tampons around with me, and do not need to wear dark clothes in case of leaks.
This product is genuinely liberating in many different ways; my only regret is that I didn’t discover it sooner.

Zoe – 25th July 2018

It has been years since a close and trusted friend recommended I switch to a Mooncup. Six months ago, faced with the annoyance of so much unnecessary waste and increasing dissatisfaction with tampons, I made the switch. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The Mooncup is far, far better (more effective, more comfortable, easier to use) than I imagined…why didn’t I do this earlier? I also find it fascinating to have a clear view of my own menstruation levels and even the types of fluid involved. One purchase and that’s it for me – thanks, Mooncup. Perhaps the best thing of all, and I really didn’t expect this, I cannot feel it when it’s in. It adapts to the temperature of my body. Absolutely brilliant.

Nicky – 6th July 2018

My first mooncup didn’t go to plan! I cut the stem too short 🙁
As a virgin and having a tilted cervix, I needed that stem to be a bit longer than what I cut it! So be careful when cutting the stem!
So, I got another cup.
Two days in, worn at work! It’s getting easier and easier to remove and insert.
I barely remember I have a mooncup! It’s so comfortable now, and my confidence in removing (especially at work) has increased! I was so nervous about spillages, haven’t had any.
So nervous about leakage, none at all! I thought I was leaking, was just sweat!
Kinda gross, but before, when I used to go toilet, I would have blood everywhere, was terrible. Now, it’s clean, it’s normal! Almost like I’m not on period
Well and truly in love! Saving money & the environment at the same time! What more could you want ❤

Eloira – 4th July 2018

I’ve been using the mooncup now for about two years and it is has had such a positive experience on my life. I suffer from horrendously heavy periods leaking through tampons. I initially had problems with leakage until I realised on my heaviest days I needed to empty my mooncup every 1-2 hours to prevent it from overfilling. Because my flow is so heavy after reinserting my mooncup I do spot a little as I believe some menstrual gunk gets caught underneath the cup. I’ve noticed this never happens on my heavy days if I empty before having a shower and spotting never happens at all on my lighter days. Even on my heaviest nights I can sleep without needing to lie on top of a towel! But i do need to empty it immediately when I wake up in the morning as gravity is not a friend of an overly full mooncup. Although I will sometimes still wear a light pad if I go out on my heaviest days that is only 3 out of the 7 days of my period. On my ‘light’ days -which are probably like an average woman’s period, it works fantastic and has quite simply changed my life. I feel more confident, I can go swimming, do sports and quite honestly going to bed not worrying if I’ll soil my own bed sheets is simply one of the most empowering feelings ever.

Nico – 3rd July 2018

After only having used my mooncup a couple of times already I was horrified to find I had started my cycle on the day I was going to a very lively festival and going out afterwards. Not having much if any access to a toilet for hours and when I could get to one it was a portaloo, along with all the jumping and being thrown around that is involved at festivals, I didn’t know how I was going to cope. Using my mooncup and a thin liner for a little extra protection I lasted 7 hours on my heaviest day with only very minor leaks! And that was the day I discovered how amazing mooncups are. I love that I am helping the planet by producing less waste and I no longer have to keep buying tampons!

Katie – 2nd July 2018

WOW!!! SO wish I’d got one earlier as nearly 50!!! 🙁 As someone who’s always had heavy periods I’ve lost sleep being woken up by leaks even with towels and tampons. Always hated the way tampons absorb and end up tubular shape when I’m not like that inside! With mooncup I can see how heavy I am. I feel cleaner without all that icky leakage laying on the towel. So convenient and efficient. No problems swimming too!! Yay!!! Try it!!!

Denise – 13th June 2018

I have been using a Mooncup for years now and love it, it took a little getting used to putting it in and taking it out and I have flushed one down the toilet when drunk once but that was my fault for taking it out! (it didn’t fall out) I have converted quite a few friends as it saves loads of money and time being organised to buy sanitary products.. Cannot say enough about it. Love it.

Lisa -18th May 2018

OMG thank you so much Mooncup!!! I’m on my third day of using your brilliant product and I have not stained one pair of knickers or one sheet yet! I’m now thinking of suing tampax for all the bloodied knickers over the years. No, but seriously, you have changed my life!!! A cup… to catch your menstrual blood… who’d have thought it? Only a woman surely!

Eleanor – 11th May 2018

I bought a mooncup, wanting to not only save money on sanitary products, but also to be more environmentally friendly. I have also never gone through a period without a mishap, so really wanted to find a ‘leak-proof’ option.
I was quite nervous when I first saw the size of the cup, especially since I’m a virgin. It did take a while to figure out how best to insert it (my advice would be not to panic if you can’t do it at first, but try again a few days later – it took me a few times, but I’m glad I didn’t rush). As soon as I managed it for the first time, it felt so simple, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been able to insert it before!
The first time I used it during a period, I felt no discomfort at all, and it was the first period (after 7 years!) that I didn’t leak a drop of blood onto my clothes! I slept completely soundly, not worried at all, and didn’t have to worry about finding time during a busy day to change it, since it could hold so much more blood than a tampon or pad. The first time I removed it, I did so in the shower worried about splattering everywhere, but once I figured out the easiest way to remove it, it was really simple and not messy at all.
I honestly couldn’t recommend the mooncup enough – give it a go to see for youself! Take your time, and it will be the best decision you could make 😀

Becca – 11th May 2018

i LOVE my mooncup! i needed a bit of a learning curve on my first cycle with it but now i’m on my third and i’m a pro. it’s already paid for itself. i sincerely wish i knew about when i started menstruating years ago and i will never go back! i encourage all women to try it, it’ll change the way you view your period!

Francelly – 28th April 2018

I have had a mooncup for around 10 years now and I love it. I had a miscarriage last year and was told I had to use pads while I was bleeding to monitor the blood loss. It had been such a long time since I’d bought any sanitary products I was a bit lost choosing suitable towels, and I felt disgruntled having to buy them. Being forced to use towels made me appreciate my mooncup even more – no mess, no smell, no waste AND not having to pay out every month when my body performs it’s normal processes.

Honestly I should be a mooncup saleswoman because I tell anyone who will listen about them and have bought them as presents for friends! Friends have said they took a little practise at first but now they won’t be going back. I feel a little smug!

I’ve decided to buy a new size of cup because of my age and the fact that since the miscarriage my periods have changed and I’ve had a few leaks. But after 10 years the odd accident is nothing.

Because they make my periods such a non-issue I guess this must be what it’s like to be a guy and not be a slave to your body.
Thank you Mooncup people for this wonderful, life-changing product x

Rebecca – 6th April 2018

Love this product. I’m on day 3 of using it and can’t imagine going back to anything else now – sent the following to my friend when she asked why I liked it so much “ It just eliminates all the stuff I put up with thinking that there was no other choice ….. I can put in in the morning – leave it all day until I get home so no messing about at work. Can’t feel it at all. No leaks. Plus no wet string after a wee and I never liked using tampon at night cos I was worried about TSS so used to use a pad but it really irritated my skin – even sensitive ones so just felt uncomfortable and gross in the night. This just feels cleaner and more secure once you get your brain over the weirdness of it. I read loads of reviews first and forums and stuff and just thought it was worth a try. Was worried I’d be wasting £’s if I didn’t like it but luckily I do. Plus loads better for
Environment so can feel a bit smug ? and don’t have to touch a gross sanitary bin ever again . ? xx” ….. now she’s buying one too – thanks mooncup !

Sally – 13th April 2018

I bought a mooncup about a year ago after deliberating whether to try it or not for the previous 6 months.
I have struggled with very heavy periods since I was a teenager. Since having my two children things became worse and trying to manage a heavy period alongside a very busy work life and family life was becoming harder to manage. I wish I had discovered the mooncup earlier in life as it truly has had a massive impact on how I now experience a period. I would be happy to recommend this product to anyone! I have now had one years experience in using the mooncup and feel confident in using it. I no longer worry about leaking everywhere whilst at work and can look forward to a holiday (and swimming!) without worrying about my period. I definitely will be encouraging my own daughter to use a mooncup from the get go. An added plus that can’t be overlooked is the positive environmental impact too. Please try the mooncup – you honestly and truly won’t look back!!

Becca – 19th April 2018

The mooncup is seriously one of the best products I have ever purchased – genuinely life changing. I bought my first in my thirties and only wish I’d had one from the age of 13. The point has been underlined recently when I went on a trip for a few days and forgot to pack it and had to resort to buying a box of tampons. I am horrified by the amount of packaging they now come, with wrapping and a silly blue plastic telescope tube that doesn’t work, and their performance is absolutely rubbish. They are soaked through and have dislodged into some wierd position within an hour or so. You can’t stray from the nearest loo. The mooncup I can literally put in and forget about all day. no hassle, no leaks and no grotty towels and tampons going into the oceans. I know some people are concerned about using them for religious reasons – please don’t be. I wish to spread the word far and wide. The mooncup is a lifesaver – they should be available on the NHS.

Louise – 18th April 2018

Mooncup’s are so easy to use. You have to get over the initial issue of touching the blood but once you go Mooncup you’ll never go back!

Charlotte – 30th March 2018

The mooncup has changed my life!

It sounds like an over exaggeration but I have suffered with heavy periods since being a teenager. I have had many embarrassing accidents due to tampons soaking through and sanitary towels.

I am a student nurse so I often have 13 hour shifts. I would usually be soaked through by my break time or the end of a long lecture. But i have not leaked once.

I was a bit dubious about using it at night since often I wake up to something out of a horror film after 3 hours. But even on nights where I’ve slept through i was clean!

I also like a lot of ladies on here had to purchase half of boots to get me through my period. So it’s practically paid for it’s self after 2 months! And you are helping the environment.

I will never go back to using tampons and sanitary towels.

Rosie – 29th March 2018

I bought the mooncup a few weeks ago. I’ve known about it for some time but only finally decided to purchase one after problems with my coil and being advices by my doctor that tampons weren’t ideal for someone with a coil.

After spending a couple of hours at the weekends, period free, trying out the mooncup, I was still a little dubious as to whether it was reliable whilst I was at work all day or at training and kept the stock of tampons on hand.

A few days ago, I thought I was coming on my period so popped the mooncup in as a ‘just in case’ and went to my crossfit training… I was amazing to find I had indeed come on my period and it had captured every drop and I hadn’t even felt it during the intense workout. Following a shower when I washed it and reinserted, I headed for a long day at work, where I spend most of the day presenting to delegates: pacing, moving around and generally being quite active. I kept checking for leaks and was delighted that there weren’t any. And again I wasn’t really aware it was there! I arrived home and jumped in the shower, and emptied the mooncup, amazed yet again that it captured everything and was so easy to use! After reinserting (easier each time) I headed to the swimming pool and was now confident that it would be fine! Following a long night sleep without any issues again I now am a full convert and wish I’d started using the mooncup years ago. Gone are the soggy tampon stings and dryness and hello to feeling fresh and confident!

Bravo!! I applaud what you’ve done and will be telling every woman I know!


Emily – 23rd March 2018

I bought a Mooncup a few months ago after a ton of research and I’ll never look back. It is so comfortable and easy to use once you’re used to it (which for me was within a few days). Now when I have my period I nearly always forget I’m even on because it’s such a hassle free experience! Also it is so nice knowing I am no long contributing to the detrimental amount of waste sanitary products unnecessary cause. Could not recommend this company and product more.

Abby – 11th March 2018

As a virgin when I first used a mooncup I was a bit shocked when I saw the size of even the small one and wondered how on earth I was going to get it inside me! I’m not going to lie…I really struggled to insert it. It took me weeks of practice and numerous emails to the mooncup nurse, who was so helpful and supportive and told me to take my time and not to rush and reassured me. When I finally got my mooncup in, it really changed my life. Before when I had my period I was always watching the clock so as not to miss the time I next needed to change. With my mooncup even on my heaviest days I don’t need to clock watch. Emptying it once or twice during the day (as well as an am and pm shower) is fine, often just in the shower is plenty. I’ve found this the easiest way because over the toilet sometimes I fumble the cup and little splashes over my clothes isn’t the best look. I’m not very nimble fingered so I make it easy on myself when I can. Having said that emptying over the toilet isn’t a big deal really, I just prefer the shower. I can’t imagine my life without my mooncup. I think I’ll even miss it when I’ve gone through the menopause!

Emma – 2nd March 2018

I’ll admit I was a little skeptical when I first started using the Mooncup. As someone who’s always suffered with heavy periods I was worried this little cup simply couldn’t cope with what my body had to throw at it, so much so I used precautionary sanitary pads alongside it, such was my confidence. I need not bother! Not once have I leaked whilst using the Mooncup, even when i’ve gone running and swimming, it’s never let me down. It’s such a relief going to sleep and knowing I’ll wake up clean – I have far more restful nights now, which no doubt helps with the PMS!
I’ve saved money and worry on not having to buy a range of different products to get me through my period – this one cup covers me throughout! And it’s great that you can use it before you’ve actually started, unlike tampons, so you’re never caught short!
I would recommend anyone try the Mooncup if you’re looking to take control of your periods.

Alys – 1st March 2018

I’ve been contemplating using a menstrual cup for a long time… And it was only when my sister told me that she’s been using one for about a year that I finally took the plunge and bought a mooncup for myself. Oh my lord, why did I not do this sooner?? I was really quite nervous about using one… “what if I can’t get it out!!” was the main thing that ran through my head… But reading all the testimonials and the information leaflet that comes with it… I did it! I did a couple of “dry runs” before leaving it in for the day so that I could practice removing the cup and I scared myself – I couldn’t reach it!! Absolute nigthmare and exactly what I was worried about! But, I relaxed, and gently pushed the cup down like the information leaflet says to and… Hey Presto, it was easy as that!! So I did it again to make sure, and it was fine! All that worrying and wasting sanitary products for nothing!
Ladies, this is immense… The environmental impact alone is worth doing this! I’m an adventurous person, and going camping/on holiday/long kayak trips/everything, is made so much easier and simpler by this one little cup. No more over packing sanitary products and wondering what to do with the used ones whilst you’re out in the middle of nowhere! Genius! People need to spread this, not just on these testimonials, but EVERYWHERE! It shouldn’t be a taboo topic to talk about – I’ve shared it with my other sister and friends now and they’re trying it also!!
No reports of leakage so far… But I’m willing to accept small leakages and take a reusable pantyliner just in case.
If you didn’t guess… I’m so happy with this product! 😀

Molly – 1st March 2018

After being initially dubious about the mooncup, having concern with possible leakage & comfort, I can now say I’d never go back to tampons! With an ever growing concern for the environment and not to mention the health risks with tampons, the mooncup is the way to go. It’s comfortable, there’s no leakage and there’s no dryness that I used to get from tampons when coming to the end of my menstrual cycle!

Sophie – 27th February 2018

I received my Mooncup today and I’m in my last two days of my period, ok initially I was a little nervous bet yet so excited to try it out. I’ve researched so much about the product and how it has changed peoples lives… I can definitely see why!! I LOVE IT! I am so surprised that I seem to have mastered it from the 1st time and I cannot fault it. Had no leaks, although I am still wearing pads just in case as it’s my first cycle using it and I’m also using them up. So far so good and I’m amazed that I can’t even feel it. I’m a fairly active person and been to the gym today, not felt it once! It’s amazing that I will never have to buy those expensive tampons or those gastly pads ever again!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE, thank you Mooncup ?

Nel – 8th February 2018

Wow – I was hesitant to swap to a Mooncup to start with, but after a couple of practises it is easily the best thing I’ve ever bought! Saving the planet and saving money! 10/10

Catherine – 2nd February 2018

i am a full day into using a cup for the first time, it was an impulse buy i must admit. but instantly felt so much cleaner and comfy. it was so simple. cant believe after a day i never want to go back! thank you Mooncup xx

Emma – 29th January 2018

I recently purchased my second Mooncup after using my first one for about 10 years. I have always had extremely heavy periods. On my heavier days I use my cup with a cotton pad and I’m good to go. Traveling with my mooncup has been so convenient. I don’t have to carry a bunch of supplies with me or go on the hunt for stuff because I’ve been surprised by my period. I love this product and the new design has made it even better. It is so much easier to insert and remove. Thank you for such a great product.

Chanthou – 19th January 2018

I’ve been using my mooncup for the past 4 months and I couldn’t be more satisfied and happier! Every time I have my period I think about the times I didn’t know about its existence and how I wish I had known it before. It’s practical, easy to use and comfortable. A money saver and clean. If you’re comfortable with your body then its the best option for the terrible period days.

Vania – 19th January 2018

After seeing at a stand in Glastonbury a few years back, I have always wandered what it actually would be like to use a Mooncup as there is a lot of stigma around ‘reusable sanitary products’ being dirty etc, but on looking at how many chemicals I have been using in Tampons for years I was shocked! Only 1 week after my New Years resolution had been set of using my new Mooncup, I have 100% been converted. A bit of trial and error at first but it’s super easy & I feel so much less toxic to the environment! MAKE THESE TAX FREE!!!

Gemma 19th – January 2018

Without sounding dramatic, using a mooncup has actually changed my life! 1 year after first using one, I can’t imagine ever going back to tampons and pads. It took a couple of uses to get used to but now I find it so comfortable and easy to use. Being better for the environment is a huge bonus. I recommend a mooncup to everyone now!!

Beth – 14th January 2018

Back in 2007 I saw an advert for a mooncup on the back of a toilet door in a youth hostel in Canada, I was intrigued but didn’t go any further than that.

Last year I decided I had had enough of pads and tampons, firstly due to the crazy amount of waste they produce with chemical processes and plastics and secondly I always felt a bit dirty and uncomfortable.

WHY oh WHY did I not try this sooner. Yes its a bit of a faff and takes some time to get use to it but this small fry in comparison with the benefits, its blooming brilliant. Have a go its a game changer.

Rachel – 10th January 2018

The best change I’ve ever made!
So comfortable, it’s so strange when you 1st use it because it’s different but in a great way. After using tampons for years you realised just type uncomfortable they where. Never going back. There is never a worry when wearing one. Please get one you will never be disappointed ❤️

Ruth – 12th January 2018

Having had my mooncup for almost a year, I put it to the ultimate test last night when I went to a white themed party… I wore my mooncup and warned my girlfriends to keep a lookout for the slightest discolouration in my white jumpsuit. I checked a couple of times throughout the night to find absolutely nothing! Not even a leak. The mooncup is a lifesaver, I felt so comfortable and confident and by the end of the night had forgotten I was even on my period!

Carey – 17th January 2018

I bought my mooncup over 2 years ago when I moved into a house of boys and didn’t want to leave used tampons in the bathroom bins, and I can honestly say I’ve never looked back. I didn’t believe the hype but it was so true – no more leaks, no more tampons, no more anxiety about whether or not I’ve bled through my tampon already. Every woman should own a mooncup.

Alice – 3rd January 2018

I have been using the same mooncup for about 15 years, through the the birth of two children, and am so pleased to see menstrual cups being talked bout more these days.
I recently misplaced mine following a trip abroad and when my period came I I couldn’t locate.it I had to return to tampons. It was dreadful! I remember tampons only needing changing every 6-8 hours but this time I was changing (and leaking) every 2-3 hours. The fussy packaging and discomfort was annoying and I was so pleased two days later to find my mooncup.
As long as I change.my cup every morning and evening, usually in the shower, there.is no mess, no fuss and I forget I even have my period.
I will never go back to tampons again!!

Fiona-1st January 2018

I am 16 years old and I started using the Mooncup on my 13th birthday. I thought it would be difficult but it was very easy to use and did not hurt a bit.
My favourite way of emptying is in the shower. I empty it down the plughole and wash it in warm water with Dettol soap or just a little anti-dandruff shampoo which keeps it sweet. Being wet, it is very easy to put back in.
A friend tried a cheap one from China. Because the silicone was soft it collapsed inside her and leaked. Also the sizes can be different and the cup may not fit as well. There really is no substitute for the UKs own Mooncup!
The Mooncup is always a perfect fit and I cannot even tell if it is there, it is just as if it is a natural part of my body.
Ideal for sport, no string to show in changing rooms or communal showers! And long-lasting and leak-free, it lasts me all day whatever I am doing!.
Now my 10-yr-old sister wants one but Mum is not so keen on that idea!

Suzie- 20th December 2017

I’ve always suffered from extremely heavy periods ever since I started menstruating age 9. I was always terrified of tampons, so made do with sanitary towels until six months ago when I discovered I was getting sores “down there” whenever I wore one! My cousin showed me her mooncup and how to use it, and afterwards I went online and bought it.

It was very awkward to put in at first, but after cutting the stem and doing a few “dry runs”, I’ve figured out – mostly! – the angle to put it in.

The difference has been amazing. I no longer feel uncomfortable on my period, unless I haven’t inserted the cup properly, and I forget it’s there! It’s so easy to clean between insertions, and very easy to sterilise. I worked out I have saved about £50 already, and it’s so unobtrusive – I can still wear my pretty pants if I don’t want to wear my granny knickers.

Definitely recommend the mooncup: it’s cheap in the long run, requires minimum effort and the amount of mess isn’t at all bad so long as you don’t mind a little bit of blood on your fingers when you’re first figuring out what angle works best!

Dani – 30th November 2017

After about a decade on the mini pill with no periods whatsoever, I was dreading the inevitably horrifically painful ‘first period’ after switching up my contraceptive methods. I did a LOT of reading about what to expect and stumbled across the many positive testimonials about the Mooncup. I thought I’d give it a go. I am SO pleased I did. It is super easy to use – I can’t feel it at all. No leaks. No drama. And much less period pain than I used to get many years ago with tampons. It really is strangely empowering and I feel like I’m more in tune with my body than I have been in years. Best decision I’ve made.

Nicola – 29th November 2017

I have just my Mooncup about a year and it has genuinely revolutionised my period. Its so much easier than using tampons and pads which for one I always found horribly uncomfortable but also I had to change mine ever 2-3 hours but the mooncup lasts most of the day. I wear my cup at night too as I always used to find my flow quite light when sleeping meaning I would often be wasting a pad overnight and my period would resume in the morning. Not only this but I swim regularly and forgot I am on my period but a tampon used to be very soggy and start falling out. Thanks for being a life changing product that I can use for years to come! I only started using this at 16 and I am glad I didnt wait any longer.

Katie – 11th November 2017

Ever since reading about the Mooncup via a friend on Facebook, I’d been intrigued to try it. I made a promise to myself that as soon as my period returned after breastfeeding, I would take the plunge. Well, that time has come and yesterday I completed my first Mooncup experience! It took me a couple of days to master it, but by day 3 I felt like a pro, I even went for a swim with my cup in.
After three vaginal births I’m probably lacking a bit of the muscle tone down below that I once had, but I had no problems with inserting/keeping in/retrieving the cup whatsoever. Once I had my positioning sussed it was SO comfortable too.
Seriously wish I’d got on the bandwagon with these things a lot sooner!

Ruth – 6th November 2017

Today is my second day of using mooncup . I’m 41 , and my periods are perfect to live with . No pain , medium bleeding, 3 days only . But the comfort with mooncup cannot compare with pads or tampons. I can’t use second one . I feel pain and big discomfort.
First day was a struggle, because of “installation ” problems . But after many times I’ve tried, I’ve learned to do it with one attempt. At night was feeling really relaxed . Can’t even feel it no more .
Ladies really you should get your own mooncup! It’s cleaner, more comfortable and better for your pocket and most important, good for our planet . Just a thought on the end , why you should have one those dangerous days . Climate change , wars … testimonials of women of war , homeless women about big suffer involving those days because of lack of higene product should make us think. I feel like if anything will happen tomorrow, with mooncup I’m safe .
Let’s change the world of women period.
We safe a lot of money using mooncup . Maybe a promise to yourself buy second one for homeless lady in your town ?
I’m buying one next month .
With menstruation cups we can help girls which are forced to stay at home for few days in a month and can’t attend school. We can make a big difference!
Thank you mooncup !

Aga – 26th October 2017

Although I am now peri menopausal I have been lucky enough to discover how amazing the Mooncup is just as my periods are coming to an end. I can’t find a negative aspect for using one. It’s been a life changing experience in every way – from travelling, cost, convenience and a feeling that you are positively helping the planet. Last week there was a major news item which reported on women and young girls on the poverty line unable to afford to buy sanitary products. I was incensed that there was no mention of the Mooncup and will be writing to the BBC to air my point. If you have never tried the Mooncup please give it a go as it will change your life!

Sarah – 1st December 2017

I am 41 and just started using a Mooncup 6 months ago. All I can say is wow what a difference! I suffer with heavy periods for a few days of my period and have never had a leak with it. I had cut the stem a bit too short since it was sticking in me originally but have worked out a way to still remove it. In the past I suffered with sores on my ‘bits’ from being sensitive to sanitary towels and dried out from tampons so always dreaded my periods. I didn’t realise this was another option until I saw someone recommend it on Facebook so thought it was worth a try.

I have just started Uni (slightly mature student) and surprised that it’s not advertised there better – and NUS are sending emails about tampons but not these. I guess people may think it’s a hippy thing that’s difficult to use but that’s completely wrong. All periods are messy but this is the most comfortable way to deal with them. My tip is to roll some toilet roll up before removing it to then slowly pour the contents in once you’ve removed it to avoid mess. I am now confident removing it in public toilets.

People find it hard to talk about their periods publicly but really think this should be part of school education to give all options at a young age. I wish I knew when I was younger!

Caroline – 12th October 2017

When I first heard about a menstrual cup I was a little mortified by the idea of tipping a cup of blood away and actually seeing it.
The reality is it’s has changed my life forever. I’ve had periods for 20 years (started when I was 10) they’ve always been heavy and painful, and I’d pass out and be sick. Every single month. With the Mooncup I don’t get any of that. They’re still heavy but only for about 2 days and then hardly anything. I no longer dread periods, the days seem to fly by and before you know it, it’s over.
It’s nowhere near as bad as I thought it would tipping the blood away and whoever told me you only get a tablespoon of blood throughout a whole period lied. It’s actually amazes me how much blood the Mooncup holds.
It only took 2 periods to figure out the angle I needed to put it in to work best for me.
I would never go back to towels or tampons now, I love my Mooncup and highly recommend!!!!!

Sophia – 7th October 2017

I’d heard about mooncup through a friend years ago, and I thought the idea sounded crazy! I didn’t understand how it could possibly work and I forgot about it. More recently I stumbled across an article online that talked about the environmental benefits and the money that could be saved and, intrigued, and I finally took the time to find out about mooncups.
I couldn’t believe the raving reviews for mooncups – pages and pages of them! These women were so excited about a sanitary product, and I didn’t know that was possible!
I bought one, and now I understand all those great reviews – it has genuinely changed my life! The mooncup is so comfortable and discreet, none of the nappy-like crunch of a pad or the discomfort of a tampon. Gone was the fear of wearing a bikini or going to the beach on my period. I no longer had to take an army of pads and spare underwear if I was staying at someone’s house, or worry about any unfortunate leaks.
I honestly cannot recommend the mooncup enough to anyone whose thinking of trying one. It took me a cycle of two to completely get the hang of what I was doing, but it was totally worth it! Within a few days of using it I even tested it like the girls in tampon commercials – I wore my mooncup and white underwear and it didn’t let me down! My sister has a mooncup too and loves it, and we’ve raved so much about how great it is that a friend has just gone out and bought one too!

Holly – 3rd October 2017

The thought of pulling out another dry tampon made me shudder. Or being half way through my working day feeling like the blasted tampon was full, only to go to the bathroom to realise I’d acidentally peed on the string at my previous visit and it had soaked up the urine and expanded. I’d had enough of them. I found them gross.

I’d heard about the mooncup years ago and naively dismissed the idea, thinking there was no way I’d be pulling out a cup full of blood to tip away. But now I’m doing it and it’s SO much more comfortable than tampons.

When it first arrived I inspected the size of it and throught “no way is this going to work for me”. And in all honesty it didn’t for the first couple of cycles. It’s taken a while to figure out the correct angle and positioning but now I’ve nailed it and it’s changed my life. I actually find it…. interesting….! (P.s whoever made up the fact that we only bleed an egg cup full per month is a liar).

What’s even better is that it is SO much better for the environment. Did you know the plastic applicator of a tampon can take like 500 years to decompose?! Mental. With the mooncup I give it a wash between uses, and at the end of my cycle a boil ready for the next time I need it. Easy peasy and the environment is not harmed. Perfect!

Give it a try, give it several trys and don’t give up. Once you’ve got it, you’ll be trying to persuade all your mates to get one.

Laura -12th September 2017

Hello! I always wanted to try this cup since I discovered it! I finally got one and loved since the first use! I was scared at the beginning and took a while to get use to put and take out, but now it’s perfection! No messy periods, no stress with clothes and a HUGE plus: no harm for the environment! 😉

Andréa – 8th September 2017

When I first heard of the idea of a menstrual cup, I imagined it being rather similar to what tampons were to me at the time which is annoying things to put up with whilst you on your period. But I have been truly contradicted, I mean like most of us the first couple of days of your period is a bit of an uphill struggle most of the time, involving not only the possible loss of some pretty panties but also stress that goes with it all. But the Mooncup changes all that I feel, there’s no worries of if it all gushes out spontaneously or anything like that, you know that with the Mooncup you feel like you can concentrate on what’s important. On top of that your helping the planet a pad/tampon at a time. All in all I think it’s something every person with a period should have access to.

Rebecca – 25th August 2017

I just ordered my third Mooncup. I first heard of cups thanks to a sticker which someone had left in the girls’ bathroom at Warwick university, in 2006, I think – it was quite a few years ago. I never ever thought of using anything else after I bought my very first cup. I moved to a tropical country and it was so convenient (think of what happens with pads when you’re sweating and suffering from the heat). Now I live in Canada and I’ve had my cup for years and years, it’s time to get a new one!

Céline – 25th August 2017

I can’t believe how good the mooncup is. I dreaded getting my period because I hated the nighttime pads experience. Now, I pop the mooncup in and FORGET IT’S THERE. It is truly magic. I feel fine about getting my period now, which feels so freeing. Genuinely life changing!

Jenny – 15th August 2017

I’m on the Mooncup website to buy myself a new one, because my current cup is… a decade old already! Initially I was slightly nervous, and the Mooncup support team were of amazing assistance. Now we’re 10 years on, and I would never consider using anything else.

Thanks for a great decade!

Helen – 8th August 2017

Why, oh why, didn’t I make the switch sooner?! Honestly, the mooncup is THE BEST purchase I have ever made. I’ve been using mine for three days now and I am totally in love. I can’t explain how bizarrely empowering it is to wear a Mooncup. It feels fantastic and is great for keeping track of what’s happening with your period. I’ve been lucky that me and my mooncup have just sort of clicked – I did have to trim the stem (no drama) but since then, it’s so comfortable!! I’ve had THE BEST nights sleep on a period that I have ever had! Just try it, you won’t be sorry. I’ll never never go back to tampons. The difference is just remarkable – I can’t stop telling people about my mooncup and how amazingly brilliant it is! I’m actually enjoying my period and I can’t wait for the next! Big smiles all round – thanks Mooncup!! ❤️

Charlie – 26th July 2017

Hi, I started using a mooncup about four years ago and it’s really changed my relationship with my period.

Initially I saw them in the shops and would tentatively pick one up and wonder how it would fit and what the logistics would be – it just seemed a bit daunting. A while later a friend spoke to me about how great they were and I think this is all I needed to tip me into buying one!

It took a couple of cycles to get used to fully but it was pretty straight forward for me. Instead of seeing my blood as a waste product and something that must be hidden at all costs, I now monitor my period and body in a different way as you can see the subtle changes that go on throughout.

I think every young girl should be given them in schools and that they are the future!

Heather – 28th July 2017

I got you mooncup when I was 14 and I’m 20 now. It has been a really stable support through all of my periods for the past 6 years. Starting from quite an early age meant that I soon became familiar with my cycle and any squeamishness went immediately. I started off by using some water based lubricant to help insertion but as soon as you get used to it, water works just fine. Two notches on my cup stem and that works well for me. I find I rarely get any cramps at all and I can see my menstrual cycle take place by observing what is emptied from the cup. I can insert the mooncup if I know I am about to start my period and be comfortable in the knowledge that is isn’t drying me out. Cannot recommend mooncup enough.

Emily – 19th July 2017

I really can’t thank you enough for such a fantastic product. It took a couple of tries to get used to inserting and removing, but now I will never go back! My period pain is reduced and I feel so much cleaner and more comfortable during my period. I honestly forget I am wearing the mooncup because it is so comfortable! Really glad that it’s good for the environment and now I don’t dread my period like I used to!

Lauren – 14th July 2017

I always got caught off on my period and never had any pads to spare and always had to run to the shop for them. I had heard of the Mooncup before but was always skeptical if it would work for me as I never really even liked the idea of Tampons. I saw it was being sold in Boots but kept putting off buying it until I went in when I was on my period and decided why the hell not. And I am so glad I did. I no longer am caught off gaurd as I take the little thing with me everywhere so always have it on me in case I start when I’m not expecting to. And saves me lots of money instead of having to buy pads every month. I have been using it for about 4 months now and won’t ever think of going back to pads

Ignacio – 7th July 2017

Like many others I was a little skeptical about using the Mooncup, but after reading so many rave reviews, I decided to give it a go. I have only been using it for three days but I am never going back to pads or tampons again!

The first couple of times inserting/removing it were a little awkward, but after a few goes I felt like a pro! The Mooncup is comfortable, so much so that I forget I’m wearing it! In the past few days I’ve worn it at the gym and whilst sleeping and have had absolutely no problems! No leaks, no discomfort!

It’s going to save me so much time and money in the long run, no more last minute dashes to the shop for tampons! I also love that is reusable and environmentally friendly. I highly recommend the Mooncup to anyone who has to deal with periods, I wish I’d started using it sooner!

Sophie – 5th July 2017

I just switched to a moon cup and I’m glad I did! I feel so much freer! And my bin will be much emptier from now on. I do leak a little, but I’ve only had one period with it so it might be that I have to get used to it, or that I went too long without emptying (but that’s what cloth pads are for!).

It’s interesting to get to know your body more as well. I always thought I bled more than that (TMI?), but it must just look more on a pad. And once I cut three notches off the stem and finally learned how to insert it properly, I couldn’t feel it at all! I could forget I had it in, if I didn’t remind myself!

I like knowing that I’ll never have to buy another pad again, and that I won’t run out :). I worked it out: in a year my mooncup will pay for itself twice. I might donate my stock of disposable pads to a homeless hostel.

They should really be teaching about these and cloth pads in schools, instead of just tampons and disposable pads. 🙂

Sabrina – 1st July 2017

I have been known to exaggerate at times, but not this time. Having just used my Mooncup for the first time I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this product is a game changer in the world of menstruation!
I am also soooo annoyed that I didn’t start using it 10 or more years ago, I could have saved a lot of pain and misery as well as do my bit for the environment.
I think I had the same reservations that possibly many people do about using it but to be honest as soon as I mastered it and realised it is not at all as messy and uncomfortable as I had anticipated it being, I knew I would never be going back to tampons and pads. At times I genuinely forgot I was wearing it and I could never have said that before.
Thank you Mooncup for making my monthly misery much more bearable and I’m just sorry I didn’t do this a long time ago.

Katy – 29th June 2017

This product is absolutely fantastic. It’s comfortable, excellent for environment and reusable. You save money, dashing to the shops and emptying the oh-so-gross bathroom bin. I feel ‘cleaner’ and less guilt about adding to landfill ! I completely recommend – 100% – and I hope someone reading this makes the same right choice I did !!

Holly – 24th June 2017

I heard of the Mooncup about 4 or 5 years ago but I was a little put off in my somewhat immature schoolgirl mindset. I’ve never liked using pads because I find them uncomfortable, and I was always terrified of leaking whenever I used a tampon. Coming to university I thought it was about time I actually did something about how much I hated tampons, so I ordered a Mooncup on a whim, just to try it out. The first time I used it typically did not go too smoothly but I persevered and I’m so glad I did! I have never worried about leaking since using the Mooncup. I’ve not been embarrassed to be on my period since, taking a bag or a tampon stuffed up my sleeve to the loo every time I’ve gone, just in case. And only now since not using disposable sanitary products do I realise how many I threw away! I have recommended it to so many friends, and genuinely tell them the Mooncup changed my life: my heart no longer sinks when I get my period because I know I can just carry on as normal.

Anna – 21st June 2017

I literally adore this product, I wish I had known about it when I was younger and I could have saved so much money! Its changed my life – I forget I’m on my period 🙂
This is something that needs to be explained in schools – it is the future and is encouraging the world to move forward to a more sustainable future.

Carol – 4th June 2017

Why have I not tried this sooner!? I’ve seen the signs advertised on toilet doors since I first started my periods back in secondary school, and then when I moved to Uni. I always thought was going to be as bad as tampons (I’ve been a pad user all my period life after some stressful tampon moments).
But I’ve been getting into being green and reducing our household waste and decided to give it a go, thinking it’d end like the tampon problem and I wouldn’t use it. I’ll admit my first few tries didn’t go so well, I had a lot of discomfort. Then I reread the part about trimming the stem so gradually over a couple of periods doing different levels of exercise and movement I’ve got the stem to the perfect length and I’m truly amazed.
Now I don’t know its even there! Its fantastic. I had my first night’s sleep where I didn’t wake up feeling disgusting and it has made my period feel so much better! I’m no longer dreading a week of every month! The best thing for me though has been related to swimming. I always had to take a week or so off swimming because I just wouldn’t wear tampons, but the cup has changed all that – swimming all year round is now possible thanks to my MoonCup!
I love it – I wish I’d had the guts to try this sooner! Its a learning curve, but I think everyone who menstruates should try one!

Stephanie – 4th June 2017

I was encouraged to try the Mooncup by both friends and family. I was a bit sceptical at first and mega nervous about insertion and removal but am SO glad I started. The first few attempts were horrible and it took me about half an hour to remove(!) BUT soooo worth the perseverance as now couldn’t be easier to use. I love that it is eco friendly and has also encouraged me to get to know my body and cycle so much better. Everyone should be using these!

Jo – 17th May 2017

I could not be more impressed with my Mooncup and I wish I had known about these years ago! It has helped me to know my own flow a lot better and I can go most of a whole shift at work on my lighter days without even taking it out. It is incredibly comfortable to wear, you don’t even know it’s in, plus there is zero chance of leakage as long as it is inserted properly and emptied regularly enough. It is great to know that I am not contributing to wastage too, they are far more environmentally friendly than tampons or pads, plus I hate the feeling of sticking dry cotton up there! I have told all of my female friends about these and every single one who has bought one has been just as impressed as I am. Thanks Mooncup, I no longer dread my period quite as much as I used to!

Celia – 1st May 2017

I am immensely sorry that I have had decades of tampon and towel use when I could have had a mooncup instead! I’m 43 so hopefully I’ll still get my money’s worth out of it but what a revelation. No hassle to insert (I’ve had kids so that’s probably why), a little trickier to master removing it but after a couple of days I was getting good at it. It is brilliant, I couldn’t feel it, no leaks and miraculously – hugely reduced cramping – I keep waiting for it to really start but it didn’t. It’s also kind of fascinating coming face to face with your period, but nothing worse than you would with tampons or towels so don’t let that put you off.

The absolute best thing for me though was the total lack of landfill waste. My bathroom bin remains empty instead of filling up with discarded products in nappy bags.

I want to tell every woman I know that they need to get one of these, I’m already evangelical about it! It has such potential for women on limited incomes too, would save a fortune over just a few months and never mind the environmental costs. They should be given out free by the NHS – although I’m sure the sanitary product industry wouldn’t like that.

Anyway – thank you Mooncup! You’ve made me a very happy menstruater!

Maria – 21st April 2017

Hello Mooncup people! So, after seeing the Mooncup advertised on many a Glastonbury and other Festival toilet door over the last 15 years and getting increasingly more concerned with the amount of waste I generate on my own, on my period… last weekend I bought a Mooncup….. WHY HAVE I NOT DONE THIS BEFORE? Its brilliant! I’m 43 now and have always had what I like to describe as “Epic” periods… so I’m not going to lie, my contribution to land fill is pretty horrific, but that also meant I was concerned as to how a cup would cope with my bodily expulsions. Well I can tell you I absolutely love it…. I bought it on Sunday ( day 2) and used it straight away, it was a bit tricky first couple of inserts and extractions… however what a fantastic thing it is… by day 4 I has ditched the extra “just in case” pad, as not a leak to be had….. just wished I had taken the plunge an awful lot sooner and trust me (up until having a brain haemorrhage 6 years ago I’ve been in sales after uni all my adult life ) I will be selling this to anyone who will listen – fantastic product – thank you 🙂 X

Melanie – 10th April 2017

I bought one a few months ago and it sat in its box on a shelf for a while. Quite frankly, I was a bit terrified of it! ‘That time of the month’ caught me off guard this month and I’d run out of disposables, so I finally decided to give it a go…
The first few tries were quite awkward, but after a bit of trial and error I ended up cutting the stem completely off and oh my days I don’t know why I ever bothered with tampons!!! It’s so comfortable now, I can’t even feel it! So much easier to remove and empty than I expected and much more convenient that having to remember to buy pads/tampons every month.
I will be recommending Mooncup to every lady friend I have.

Hannah -7th April 2017

I’m 19 and training to be a vet, so I spend a lot of time on placement where it can be hard to dispose of tampons (farmers do not understand!). I bought a Mooncup but didn’t expect to be able to use it, however I was pleasantly surprised! After a couple of tries it was easy and comfortable to insert and remove, and I didn’t even notice it was in. No leaks, and I can get away with emptying it every 8 hours, which is much more convenient that any other method. It’ll be perfect while I’m on placement, and the eco-friendly aspect is just a bonus!

Helen – 12th March 2017

I’m not sure why I haven’t written a testimonial sooner! I’ve been using my Mooncup for around 7 years now. At first I was not so sure, having a few leaks, or not being able to get it out. BUT PERSEVERE! I now love my Mooncup it helps with heavy periods and there is so much less to think about. And after YEARS some of my friends are finally giving it a go!! and all satisfied so far. Go for it!

Estelle – 7th April 2017

My sister has been using the ‘mooncup’ for well over a year and I was very reluctant.. Anyway she bought me one the other week and I have just used it for my latest period!
I am amazed!!
Thank You!
No more stuffing tampax up my sleeve at work or carrying my hangbag to the toilet.. no more leaking during the night..
I will recommend this to all of my friends and have already requested stickers and leaflets.
Thanks again!

Julie- 7th March 2017

Although I try to live my life as respectfully of the environment as possible, I am by no means an obsessive “eco warrior” type and the “green” aspect of the mooncup was not my main motivation for trying it. (It is, of course, a highly gratifying bonus!) For years I have absolutely dreaded my periods and the associated dryness and itchy irritation that comes with using tampons and pads, not to mention the foul odour and feeling of not being “clean,” no matter how often I wash to try and keep fresh. After careful research, I hoped that a menstrual cup could offer me a way to avoid all that misery. AND WOW, HAS IT EVER! The mooncup has completely transformed my experience of that time of the month. Fairly easy to insert and remove with practice and patience, it coped brilliantly with my heavy flow, needed less frequent changing and best of all- no more discomfort…and no more period “smell.” And because it’s reusable and lasts for years, lots of money saved too. Why on earth aren’t all women using these? Not only would it make periods easier (and cheaper) to live with but imagine wiping out all that noxious landfill! Just make the change and liberate yourself from the tyranny of the sanitary product industry forever. Environmental charities should be distributing these for free to women in third world countries as well.

Julie-2nd April 2017

The freedom that mooncup provides can’t be underestimated. I work in a job which doesn’t leave me with a lot of opportunity to run to the toilet that often so. I need to be able to trust the product I’m using. Tampons just weren’t working for me. I much happier using mooncup. I’ve also contacted the mooncup team for advice at one point and they couldn’t have been more helpful.

Dee-28th March 2017

As a transgender person, menstruation has always been a touchy subject for me, and periods have always been uncomfortable. Mooncup makes it much easier to cope – I usually can’t feel the cup at all, so for me it offers up to 8 hours of not having to think about what my body is going through.

Not having to stock up on products is also brilliant and saves a lot of embarrassment and discomfort. No more having to pretend I’m buying for someone else, or shamefully asking someone to buy products for me. My cycles tend to be highly irregular and heavy too, but I no longer have to worry about keeping extra products for emergencies. The money saved over time is the icing on the cake.

If you’re transgender and, like me, dread the monthly ‘curse’, I’d highly recommend giving Mooncup a try. Once you’re used to it, it really does make a huge difference.

Jeremy – 10th March 2017

My sister has been using the ‘mooncup’ for well over a year and I was very reluctant.. Anyway she bought me one the other week and I have just used it for my latest period!
I am amazed!!
Thank You!
No more stuffing tampax up my sleeve at work or carrying my hangbag to the toilet.. no more leaking during the night..
I will recommend this to all of my friends and have already requested stickers and leaflets.
Thanks again!

Julie – 8th March 2017

At first, I was sceptical at the idea of using a mooncup, as I have always had heavy periods, and was paranoid about leaking or having to empty it often. I have never been so glad to be so wrong! It is so easy to insert, and so much more comfortable to wear! It’s also really liberating to see how much blood you really use, which really isn’t all that much! I have been using for 8 months now, and have saved almost €60 on tampons etc! I had a slight mishap with an unusual mark on my cup recently, and the team very kindly sent me a replacement cup. An excellent company, I cannot recommend mooncup enough! 🙂

Pauline – 4th March 2017

I’ve recently bought a Mooncup, I have heard about them before but they just seemed a bit surreal for me! But I bit the bullet so to speak and I have to say, I honestly think this thing is the best thing since sliced bread!!
It took me a few attempts to get the position right but after that it’s so easy and convenient! I have pcos so my periods are all over the place and I can’t just put a tampon in on random days on the idea that I might bleed that day whereas I can put my Mooncup in and if it’s not needed as such it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t leave me dry etc and it’s not a waste of money if it hasn’t collected anything!
Make the leap, you will not regret it!

Cat – 3rd March 2017

I wanted to try the moon cup for environmental reasons, I watched youtube videos, and decided to purchase a cup. Was a little awkward at first (I’m not a tampon user) but as I type this, I can’t even feel it. Wish I had bought sooner.

Annmarie – 28th February 2017

I’m only on day two of using my mooncup but i’m converted! I haven’t got on with tampons since having kids and my skin tends to react to towels so i needed an alternative.
It’s definitely been a couple of days of trial and error, but i got there in the end and tonight i bit the bullet and wore it to my karate training. This was the test for me. I was really worried at first and wore a panty liner as well just in case all the jumping around caused leaks but i needn’t have worried. I could have easily forgotten it was there….
I will not be going back to tampons/towels…ever!

Sarah – 28th February 2017

I’ve been using The Mooncup for about a year now and absolutely love it. I was a bit nervous about it to begin with because I knew very little about menstrual cups but was fed up with tampons and pads, and wanted to give something else a change… I must admit that it’s a lot easier to use and wear than using tampons. I always struggled finding the right size of tampons (I’ve got a very heavy flow for the first two days). Now, I don’t need to worry about that… and it doesn’t normally leak, unless I don’t insert it properly or its full. It did take me a couple of days to figure out how to use insert it properly. Once you get the hang of it, its also really easy to remove, even towards the end of my period; if you’ve ever had to remove a tampon at the end of your period you know how much it hurts. It’s also awesome to use traveling, though I’ve never had to use it during a long haul flight (I’ve never had my period when I’ve done a long haul flight)…

I have shared with friends about the greatness of the menstrual cup but its something that not a lot of people are willing to try out because they’re not really willing to take the step and try out something new. I’m glad I did.

Rachel – 27th February 2017

I heard about the mooncup via a review someone posted on Youtube a few years ago but finally got one this year. As a teenager this is much more conveniant than other sanitary products. I’ve never liked tampons, they just felt wrong and were super uncomfortable however, using the mooncup felt much more natural and I was suprised that it ‘disappeared’ once it was inside. I only could feel the stem – which I later had to remove but since there has been no problems. It definitely took some practise but it was definitely worth it! I especially like the idea that you can use the Mooncup Menstrual Cup even when you’re not on your period – I did a few ‘dry runs’ just to practice the insertion and removal until I felt comfortable and it helped so much! If you are having problems with insertion or removal I definitely recommend doing a ‘dry run’. This product has changed my life and I have recently also got my mum to convert to a mooncup user!

Eden – 19th February 2017

My mooncup arrived last month, after umming about buying one for awhile… have to say I wish I had bought one sooner. It didn’t take me too long to get use to it, simply squatting I’m able to insert and remove it easily. It’s not messy and I’ve had no mishaps. Once fitted properly you don’t feel it at all.
Normally I’d have to wear tampons for a week, this time with the mooncup it was just 4 days – maybe a coincidence, but I hope not.
I really cannot praise the mooncup enough, I really wished I’d bought one sooner. I’m converted.

Victoria – 15th February 2017

I bought my Mooncup a couple of years ago, I’d never got on with tampons and was struggling to attend swimming sessions when I was menstruating. After using it for the first couple of months I gave all my packs of my sanitary pads away to friends saying I’d never want to go use them ever again since I’d tried the Mooncup. Just wish I had bought one sooner – I wince at the money and ruined pants I could have saved.

Daisy – 14th February 2017

I came across the mooncup when I was looking for an alternative to tampons. Although I like the idea of tampons, I just didn’t get on with them so I was stuck with the nappy pads (pardon the pun). Up until then I’d never even heard of a menstrual cup despite being in my early 30s. The mooncup immediately peaked my interest, so after months of debating whether or not to buy one, and after reading all the positive reviews I decided to invest in one. The mooncup for me was like a match made in heaven; no more leaks, no more embarrassing incidents, no more nappy pads and eco friendly. It’s easy to use and easy to remove once you get the hang of it. My periods are shorter, less painful and for once in my life I’m not completely depressed about being on. I would recommend the mooncup to every woman; it’s changed my life as far as my periods are concerned and it is, by far, one of the best things I’ve ever bought.

Vicky – 10th February 2017

I have been using Mooncup for over ten years. It took a bit of getting used to at first, but it gets easier after the first few times. I used to boil it to clean it at the end of a cycle, but then switched to using a quarter of a sterilising tablet and cold water instead. The thing I love about Mooncup is that it’s an honest product. Tampons and towels are marketed on how dry and fresh they keep you – and they often do neither. Mooncup wins hands down. You can go for longer without emptying it – even on a heavy period (not be be recommended, I know, but I had been using two tampons at a time some months before I discovered Mooncup). Mooncup doesn’t make you smell bad. In fact there is hardly any odour at all. The initial outlay is more, but the longer I’ve used it, the more I’ve saved. I reckon it costs me around £2 a year now, so I’ve saved a lot of money over 10 years and don’t have to go near those awful sanitary disposal bins in public loos. On occasion, when I’ve forgotten to take my Mooncup and had to use a tampon, I cannot wait to get rid of it as it seems unhygienic and unkind to my body by comparison. To me, disposable sanitary products cause as many ethical and hygiene problems as they solve, so it’s Mooncup all the way.

A Mooncup Veteran – 8th February 2017

I wish I’d tried it sooner!
Bought a mooncup because it was better for the environment and saved money over time. I thought it’d be weird but there are so many great things about it- you can’t feel it, it needs changed less often than tampons and no smelly bin! (one time at the end of a period the cup smelled a tiny bit funny but once it had been washed and dried it was fine again, still miles better than tampons). And just one thing to carry when travelling! Definitely recommended.
It took some practice at putting it in and taking out but after a day or two you’re a pro.

Fiona – 6th February 2017

My mum bought me one around 7 years ago and I was very scared about using it at first but I will never go back to pads! Being a waitress I run around constantly and I can get on with my day comfortable knowing I have no risk leaking! I always recommend it to friends and family! It’s definitely a cheap alternative and you can swim with it in!

Acacia – 19th February 2017

When I hit my late twenties, I went through a hormonal shift. My periods went from being predictable and regular to erratic and farcical. I haven’t been able to manage my period flow since the change: I have extremely light days that barely warrant tampon usage and a 24-36 hour heavy period during which I will go through a box of tampons. While the blood loss alone feels debilitating (some days I can barely get out of bed) – and is accompanied by migraines – the hemorrhage is also unmanageable because I can barely stem the flow with tampons/pads – nights involve either grisly sheets or sleeplessness – changing super plus tampons every other hour. I have even been known to discretely stuff tissues down my pants in a fully packed tube caught off guard after changing my tampon at the station!!! This month I used the mooncup for the first time, and it seems to offer a solution to the irregularity of my cycle – it was fine on the light days, and I could gauge how much blood loss I am having and when the *heavy* day was about to hit. As the mooncup holds about three times the amount of blood, I only had to empty it out five or six times a day. Yesterday on my heavy day I woke up to unblemished sheets. And I was much more mobile during the course of the day – I managed to sit through a lecture, go on the tube to an exhibition, attend an active dance class, and I didn’t run out of tampons or have leaks in these public places. What an improvement!

Selene – 6th February 2017

After having my son 18 month ago, I have strugged with discomfort when using tampons and like everyone I found using pads uncomfortable and messy. I have been using my mooncup for only 3 days and I have to say it is truly amazing. It is the first time I have felt comfortable in a long time. I am so happy, I can’t tell I am wearing it. I feel free to live my life and do what I want without been uncomfortable or in pain. Thank you so much for this life changing product

Amy – 3rd February 2017

Just launched my first successful mission to mooncup after a few failed attempts. Here’s what worked for me: water-based external lubrication (me not the cup), foot on toilet seat lunge position and folding method #2. Getting it out was harder – shouldn’t have trimmed the stalk so much! Wide legged squat, a few kegel squeezes, firm pinch on the base of the cup and voila! Looking forward to more freedom with the mooncup!

Della – 3rd October 2016

I was bought my Mooncup by a friend of mine over twelve years ago. It is the only menstrual product that I have needed to use throughout the whole of the twelve or more years that I have owned it. I am now buying one each for my three daughters and am certain that their Mooncups will serve them as well as mine has served me. Along with the practical and environmental benefits of the Mooncup, there is the connection with the menstrual flow, the blood, instead of just disregarding it as a ‘dirty’ pad or tampon. My periods are coming to an end now but my Mooncup is still what I use when they do occasionally appear. It is the simplest menstrual product to use and I highly recommend it to all women.

Siân – 3rd October 2016

I’m not sure why I haven’t written a testimonial sooner! I’ve been using my Mooncup for around 7 years now. At first I was not so sure, having a few leaks, or not being able to get it out. BUT PERSEVERE! I now love my Mooncup it helps with heavy periods and there is so much less to think about. And after YEARS of my friends are finally giving it a go!! and all satisfied so far. Go for it!

Estelle – 3rd October 2016

Oh Mooncup, I cannot stress enough how much you have changed my life! I have been striving to a more eco friendly life recently and this change from normal sanitary products to the Mooncup is the icing on the cake. Yes, I was nervous at first, and yes I worried about how I would remove the Mooncup, but now I feel like a pro! I trust this product 100% and feel I could do anything during my period without worrying about leaks! I am shouting from the rooftops about the Mooncup and have already ‘sold’ three of my friends on the idea. For anyone thinking about buying, please do, it’s a game changer. Follow the instructions, look at troubleshooting, and persevere. After my favourite pair of shoes, it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought. Thank you.

Jo 3rd October 2016

Yes! What a small piece of genius. No more irritation from tampon threads, no more tampons in the environment, no more worrying whether I’ve packed enough tampons in my bag. This is such a good idea and I’ve found it easy to use.It does take a bit of practice folding the mooncup to insert comfortably, but once it’s in there you can’t feel it. I had to trim off all of the stalk to make it comfy, so I just grasp the bottom of the cup and it comes out fine. No leaking while it’s in so for up to 8 hours I wouldn’t even know I was having a period. Fantastic product; go for it girls!

tired.mum – 3rd October 2016

I am very pleased with the protection the Mooncup offers me. I have been getting heavy bleeding and the Mooncup is the best for controlling ‘flooding’. I’ve only been using one for the last couple of cycles but I don’t think I’ll be using anything else from now onwards. The other good plus is that you can actually get a clear idea how much you are loosing, which is good to know.

Elizabeth 3rd October 2016

I absolutely love my mooncup. My period pains are all but gone and my period is only about 2-3 days rather than closer to 5. I only wished I’d found them earlier! I have converted one friend who loves her new mooncup and I’m trying to convert more.

Liz – 3rd October 2016

To be honest, when I first tried the moon cup, I never thought I’d use it again. There was a lot of discomfort and a few gross mishaps. It definitely took a while to figure out the best way to insert and take it out but it turns out for me TWISTING was the key! Now that I’ve mastered all that, I absolutely LOVE my moon cup! I go most cycles without getting blood on ANY of my clothes (always had leaks at night with pads). Sometimes I even forget i’m on my period because I can’t even feel it and it fits great! If I do ever have leaks its only because I’ve totally forgotten it was even in and need to empty it! I have very sensitive skin, especially down below, and itchy pads and tampons DID NOT HELP that situation. But the Mooncup eliminates so much itch and allows me to follow my normal skin care routine without interruption and a lot less mess! I also travel a lot! And sometimes traveling can trigger my body to have a period totally out of the blue! So its nice that I don’t have to constantly worry if I have enough pads or tampons and if/when I’ll need them. I just have my moon cup with me all the time and its always ready to go to work whenever I need it! Even in less than ideal bathroom situations! I love that I’m saving money, the environment and my clothes! I love my moon cup! Thank you!

Mary – 3rd October 2016

I bought my mooncup in 2012…and I’m still using it! Such a good investment. I often pair it up with some panty liners and it does the job. I can’t describe how convenient having a mooncup has been! Some may find it disgusting but it’s very sanitary – it all depends on you. Keeping it clean, disinfecting it through boiling and storage. I am so glad to have a mooncup.

Lau- 21st September 2016

I am so happy with my Mooncup! To all your girls out there who never used tampons I can tell you using the Mooncup is not scary. I used a tampon once and hated it. The feeling was horrible, the placement wasn’t comfortable and it just didn’t feel right. I “test drove” the Mooncup for one day and actually forgot I was wearing it. I urge you all to at least try it, the placement and insertion/removal might take a bit of getting used to but it is very easy and you can’t feel it. It is kind of like a contact you know it is there but eventually you get used to it and I completely forgot about it after a couple hours.

Also if you are having problems or worried the people you can contact via email are wonderful and so understanding. They put you at ease and make you feel so comfortable.

Mooncup is brilliant!

Jean- 30th September 2016

I was very hesitant about using the mooncup but I had heard such good things about it that I decided to try it. I used to use tampons but found they were uncomfortable with a light flow. The mooncup worked instantly and I’m so happy. It doesn’t leak and it’s not that awkward to empty as long as you have access to a toilet with a sink. The only time I fill the cup is on day one, and even then it’s only after 7 hours or so. Yes, you have to get up close and personal with your period and ultimately get it on your hands, but it’s nothing water won’t fix! And trust me, you feel so much more comfortable and clean without all those ammonia soaked tampons! I am a true convert and absolutely recommend it to everyone!

Lauren – 30th September 2016

So I am 13 and I started my period in may. I used pads for the first month and felt so icky and gross about it that I decided to try the mooncup which I saw on the boots website. It had good reviews so I bought it and I absolutely love it!!! I do leak every now and then because I am yet to figure out the best ways to do things for my body but honestly I am glad I found this at such a young age and I will never use a pad again! I am a cheerleader and I can cheer and I love to swim and it’s so awesome I love it!

Tabitha- 28th September 2016

I came across the Mooncup when looking online for an alternative to tampons. So glad I found it and will never go back! When I bought it I practiced with it before getting my period and found the punch down fold the easiest and definitely running it under cold water helps. Have used it for four periods now and having no problems. Used it swimming last week and was great. Would highly recommend it

Martina – 26th September 2016

Just wanted to thank you for the great mooncups you make. I ordered today a new mooncup after using the old one over 15 years. Oh we have been together travelling, sailing, surfing, horse-riding & much much more and experienced so many amazing adventures! The only reason really why I decided to buy a new one is that the old one is already a little bit stained. Otherwise it is still in good condition.

Elina – 31st March 2016

Just thought I’d add some comments about using the Mooncup during sport as that was what I was a bit concerned about before buying mine, as I do a lot of running. Went out for a 2-hr run on the second day of my period and it was absolutely great, completely comfortable and I honestly forgot it was there, which wasn’t always the case with tampons! so go for it ladies, it really is a better option!

Caroline – 29th April 2010

I’d been meaning to try one for ages but never actually got one until a friend told me about it. Since having a baby my period has become very heavy, and I’ve been finding both pads and tampons annoying, uncomfortable, messy, a hassle. This is the best solution ever – it took some getting used to (ie, the first two or three times dealing with it, cutting down the stem etc) but is now beyond brilliant. Convenient, very(!) comfortable, worry free, “roundup” free, and I’m now enjoying pristine sheets and underwear during my period which is a massive novelty and feels pretty great! In a logical world this should make all other sanitary products obsolete.

Julia – 24th December 2015

I bought my moon cup over 3 years ago. I had heard of it but never really wanted to spend £20 on it. I really wish I was made to use this when I was younger. I truly believe that tampons made my periods worse and they are so bad for the environment. I will never ever use a tampon again ever!!!!!! I have washable pads for when I am sleeping which go in the washing machine and my moon cup. I have taken it abroad with me, its been running with me its been swimming with me, to parties and nights out with me and it has never let me down. I love it. I lost it once about a year ago and I was so upset my husband went out and got me another one 🙂 bless, if I had had daughters I would make sure they used these. I would love to be able to set up a charity so that women in third world impoverished contries have these, I cant imagine what they go through every month without proper sanitary conditions. I will work that out and hopefully let you all know. I have converted nearly every woman I know, and they are all raving about it. I have lighter less painful periods and my skin is even clearer after using it where as that time I would break out. I have less bloating and my cycle is shorter. Amazing!!! buy one today, dont wait just do it, you wont regret it 🙂

**** – 23rd December 2015

i bought my moon cup back in march this year as i was going to be on exchange in japan for a year where they are a pad based society ( :/ ) and thought id give it a try and i finally got my chance to use it today (December i have a unpredictable period and am on the implanon) and I’m was amazed at how easy it was to insert and how i didn’t even notice it was in after 5 minutes this is fantastic a great price and eco friendly I’m completely sold ill definitely be telling my girl friends ^_^

Brittiney – 19th December 2015

I’ve been using a mooncup for 10 years now, since after the birth of my first son (I was using washable nappies, and saw the mooncup on the nappy webpage and thought I would give it a go). I have used it since then. I thought at times it was a bit messy and perhaps a bit inconvenient, but cheaper in the long run than tampons and towels and better for the environment so I kept going and kind of got to appreciate it.

THEN this period, I could not find my mooncup; but no worries, thought I, there’s a handful of tampons in the cupboard going spare, it’ll be an easy period. How wrong I was. Mooncups are far more easy than tampons, now I know that for sure!

1)I think have had more leaks in the last 7 days than in the last 10 years. I have been constantly worried about leaks all week!
2)It’s inconvenient to have to remember to take a tampon into the toilet at work every time, just in case, and to ferret in the cupboard at home before going there, and to remember to put enough into my bag for whilst I am out for the day, no such worries with a mooncup, it’s there, you take it out, empty it, clean it put it back, there is nothing to forget;
3)Using a tampon is really no less messy than using a mooncup, (probably much more so, if you consider the frequency of leaks)
4)Tampons do not absorb clotty bits (that’s something I don’t remember from previous tampon use, perhaps it’s a sign of getting old….
5)It’s really great to go swimming with a mooncup – tampons tend to get all bulked up with pool water, but mooncups don’t
6)Period end tends to be a bit uncomfortable because the tampon absorbs vaginal fluids so can be sore to insert/remove

Previously I was a mooncup user. Now I am an EVANGELICAL mooncup user. I cannot believe that anyone would be daft enough to want to use tampons or towels when such a great alternative exists.

I have already been out and bought a brand new mooncup in case my old one doesn’t turn up before my next period. (After 10 years, it is probably not a bad investment!)

P.s. for any long term mooncup users, I really recommend a one period mooncup holiday – you will never want to go back to tampons ever ever again!

Sarah – 14th December 2015

I’m halfway through my first cycle with the Mooncup and I’m kicking myself for not trying it already. My periods are heavy, like double protection, constant leakage, not leaving the house heavy, and as I advance further into my forties they’re getting worse. I’d always feel terribly bloated, and the cramps were just terrible. This little cup though…its a miracle. No bloating, cramps are so minimal they may as well not be there and there’s been nothing in the way of leakage. I’m going to consign my old lady period knickers to the bin! I finally feel like one of those women in the tampon ads. I could go roller skating in white shorts now! It’s surprised me how easy it is to use, I really thought it’d take a couple of cycles to get used to it but on insertion, it just kind of finds it’s own little niche and stays there unnoticed. I think this is the start of a long and beautiful relationship!

Alice – 13th December 2015

I finally took the plunge (as they say) today and bought a Mooncup. Put it in as soon as I got home, had to fiddle about a bit, but then… Yay, it fits, it’s comfortable, I’ve just been out on my works Christmas do and it’s been awesome so far and I have pretty heavy periods at the beginning! Goodbye tampons, goodbye sending stuff to landfill and goodbye to poisoning myself! The other thing I should mention is that I have had three natural births and they were big babies!! Thank you Mooncup, I can already see this will change my life!

Naomi – 12th December 2015

I bought one of these after seeing a few adverts online and was curious so i had a good look at the website and faqs and it sounded great. My periods are very light of late and this has been super annoying as I don’t get on with sanitary towels, I get thrush, and I’m too light to use tampons for the recommended time at the moment. Anyway, the mooncup is easy to insert because it’s mega squishy and once it’s in I can’t feel it. I had a practice go after a bath a few days prior so I was familiar with it as well. Best part is feeling clean and fresh like I’d used a tampon but none of that horrible feeling removing it. Mooncup is no more difficult or messy than a non applicator tampon and far more comfortable! Wish I’d discovered it sooner!!

Angela – 28th November 2015

I have been using my mooncup for almost a year and I must say this is the best thing I have ever bought. You feel clean like wearing a tampon without the fear of toxic chemicals leaching into your body. I have to admit that there is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the right insertion method, you will be so happy. My only regret is not buying one sooner. I truly love my mooncup!!!

Nicole – 28th November 2015

This discovery is life changing! I can’t even remember how I stumbled across Mooncup but I wish someone had told me earlier. I have used it for two days now and I couldn’t be happier! I have never wrote a testimonial for a product before but I don’t think I have ever felt so strongly about something I have bought- I literally want to tell all the woman in my life to make the change. Thank you.

Natasha – 29th November 2015

I love my mooncup! I hate using tampons, they always feel uncomfortable, and they shift and leave me feeling dry. With pads I get rashes and eczema popping up after only 2 days because of the materials and chemicals. With either I leak. For the first time since my periods started, I’ve had neither rashes, nor pain from my sanitary wear, nor leaks. Plus I don’t feel guilty about adding to the landfill and it’s much cheaper in the short run (after about 3 months I’ll have worked out cheaper) – especially now since the tampon tax! Thanks!

Natalie – 2nd December 2015

I have been using mooncup for over 5 years now, I have recently had a baby and turned 30 so I had to change to size A as I was getting leaks. I have to say they are amazing and there should be better awareness of them. Definitely took a bit of getting used to but so did towels and tampons.

esso – 11th December 2015

I’ve been using the Mooncup since April this year (8 menstrual cycles), and it’s so so magical. Of course at first it needed some getting used to (re: insertion and removal), but after that, my period comes and goes like a breeze. As I don’t have cramps whatsoever, sometimes I even forget I’m on my period when I’m wearing the cup!

Natalie H. – 3rd December 2015

Absolutely love my Mooncup!!! I was a bit hesitant to begin with, but after attempting my “dry run” both at home and at the gym with no issues I found myself actually looking forward to my next period to test it out for real. It took about 2 days to find my own personal method and I was slightly nervous using it during my CrossFit sessions but it did not let me down despite being upside down, squatting and jumping off boxes! If only I had known about this product earlier.

Claire – 3rd December 2015

I bought one of these after seeing a few adverts online and was curious so i had a good look at thewebsite and faqs and it sounded great. My periods are very light of late and this has been super annoying as I don’t get on with sanitary towels, I get thrush, and I’m too light to use tampons for the recommended time at the moment. Anyway, the mooncup is easy to insert because it’s mega squishy and once it’s in I can’t feel it. I had a practice go after a bath a few days prior so I was familiar with it as well. Best part is feeling clean and fresh like I’d used a tampon but none of that horrible feeling removing it. Mooncup is no more difficult or messy than a non applicator tampon and far more comfortable! Wish I’d discovered it sooner!!

angela – 28th November 2015

Admittedly had a little bit of trouble inserting it at first as the size was a lil intimidating but once i got the hang of it i had no problems! i definitely won’t got back to tampons ever again, much more convenient; i don’t have to spend a fortune getting different sizes to suite my flow and don’t need to change it every time i want to have a shower/bath or go swimming on my cycle,

Kim – 28th November 2015

I’ve been using Mooncup for over a year now, and it’s fantastic. It took a bit of experimenting to get a hang of the process, and attempting it in a public restroom is still a thing I would do only in the direst of circumstances. Bus as for the downsides, that’s it. I don’t care much about the environmental message. Mooncup is just extremely convenient. This year I went to university, and it was such a liberating thing! I don’t have to worry “Have I bought pads/tampons? Do I have enough? How many should I take with me?” I can study, go partying, stay over at friends, party, change my plans whenever I want. Mooncup is just there, in my bag, end of.
And it saves A LOT of money, too. I estimated that one Mooncup costs about the same as a year’s worth of pads. From now on it’s saving my money! As a student I have to count my pennies, and not having the sanitary products on my monthly list means a great deal.

Lynn – 27th November 2015

I’ve been using a Mooncup for over 10 years now and always loved it. When I went to get it out last night I discovered it was missing (very weird – I think I must have thrown it out by accident!)so had to use emergency sanitary pads I had hanging around. I’ve just spent a very uncomfortable night and morning until I could nip to Boots to buy another one. Now I’m restored, I feel so brilliant that I wanted to write and express my profound gratitude that I don’t have to go around feeling so bad every month as people who usually wear pads must. I just find it’s better in every single way. I never trusted or got on with tampons which used to leak, hurt and cause thrush if you were dry or pads which are so disgusting they just make you feel like you’re wearing a wet nappy. It’s saved me so much money over the years and the embarrassment of buying sanitary products and I don’t feel bad about chucking things away. It’s really a perfect solution so if you’re considering it, please try it.

Claire – 26th November 2015

Best £20 I’ve ever spent! I recently bought the mooncup and have only been using it for 4 days. I have to say that this is the best decision I have ever made. It has changed my life. I’m a broke student so I’m already saving money(happy days) AND I’ve been wearing white panties and white trousers for 4 days without any leakage. Not even a drop. Not even at night. I wish I’d known about this earlier. EVERYBODY WOMAN NEEDS TO INVEST IN A MOONCUP! Don’t hesitate ladies, just buy!

Ann – 22nd November 2015

I don’t even know what word to pick about how much I appreciate my mooncup. I was grossed out when I heard about it but decided to give it a try as an alternative. My first day using it and I can’t complain! There was no need to be nervous at all. No leaks, no fuss and no having to run to the bathroom to change every 2 hours. Perfect for my busy day at work and just overall a great buy. Thank you 🙂

Billie – 19th November 2015

I love my mooncup it’s better for my health,the environment and my Magick, and to feed my plant’s I really can’t complain.

Jo – 13th November 2015

I’m so sad, since I got my Mooncup I had to forget about all my favourite hobbies:
– worrying about leakage
– feeling unclean and worrying about odour
– spending money on sanitary products
– remembering to take them if I stay over somewhere
– finding ways to dispose of towels
– polluting the environment
– always half thinking about when/where the nearest bathroom will be
– feeling like I want to shower 5 times a day
– enjoying the physical discomfort of tampons and towels

Took less time to get the hang of it than I expected, and now I have, it’s like I don’t even notice my period has come and gone because it was so easy. You spend 2 minutes emptying it and then don’t feel like you’re on your period for the next 8 hours.

I am free!

I hope there is a campaign to get these out to women in need, I would support it 100%.

Kate – 12th November 2015

I’ve used the Moon Cup overall for around three periods now and I can already say that this is the best decision I’ve made when it comes to periods and my health and financially. For me, once you’ve got a little used to it, it’s much easier and cleaner than pads or tampons. You feel a lot more in tune with your body as you get to know it more and feel more comfortable with it. You save a lot of money also! It feels good to know that I’m not harming my body or the environment!

Georgi – 12th November 2015

The last few months I have been plagued with really heavy menstral cycles, so much so I would soak a pad every hour. As I never got on with Tampons I took to sleeping in the bath. Since I discovered Mooncup I have managed to get a good nights sleep! As the cup holds a lot more than a pad and for me has not leaked I can safely say this last 3 days have been the happiest I have been, not to mention well rested. I would recommend this to anyone with heavy periods.

Nic – 6th November 2015

Mooncup changed my life, years of thrush and BV, after changing to using a Mooncup 2 years ago, barely a problem, its so easy to use and my periods are certainly lighter and less painful. The added bonus is obviously the cost saving and the lack of impact on the environment unlike other sanitary items. I am shocked so few women I speak to have ever heard of the Mooncup and I wish I had known about it before I did, its a shame its not more widely available. Great product !!! Love It,

Nita – 31st October 2015

I never review stuff but I feel that, in this case, it’s a necessity: I was very sceptical about the mooncup. I thought it was another one of those things that only ultra-hippies think is great but that the rest of the world is puzzled about. Well, now that I’ve bought one I feel like the dumbest woman on earth for thinking that. The mooncup is the most practical, ingenious invention of our time. In fact, if you opened the dictionary and looked under “Miracle”, there should just be a picture of a mooncup. I don’t understand why they aren’t handed out in schools or by the NHS to EVERY SINGLE WOMAN alive. I thought it was going to be really gross. Instead, I feel like I’ve been given the chance, for the first time in 26 years, to actually learn about my body. As someone interested in waste reduction and ecological approaches to living, I know I’ve found a lifetime solution. But I think the Mooncup would change your life even if you’re not eco-friendly and you hate the environment.
Best £20 I EVER spent. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoe – 27th October 2015

I’ve been using my Mooncup for about a year now and I would never, ever go back to using pads and tampons again.During this time I’ve found that my cramps aren’t anywhere near as bad (they were often quite debilitating and I had to take a lot of time off work in the past), I don’t spend any where near as much money, my pants are spot free (gross, yeah, but I haven’t leaked once using a Mooncup), AND my periods are shorter and much less complicated.
All this with the added bonus of knowing that some poor fish isn’t going to end up with the contents of my uterus all over its face.
Nice one Mooncup.

Laura – 27th October 2015

Dear Tampon There is no easy way to tell you this…it is over. I am breaking up with you. This can come as no surprise as I have been very distant for the last few months. You haven’t seen me for a while and probably miss me. I don’t miss you….At All.
You promised me horse back riding in white pants
You promised that I could run down the beach in a white bikini.
You promised me energetic games of volley ball in cute white shorts.
We never did any of that. Instead you gave me cramps, dryness and thrush. All these years I thought it was me. I thought that it was something I had to put up with. I was wrong.
I have met someone else. Her name is Mooncup and we are in love. Mooncup loves me and I love her.
Since I have started seeing Moon I have had no cramps, no dryness and no thrush. My periods, which used to last 5 to 6 days, now only last 2 and a half days.
I feel healthy. I feel clean. I feel good.
Now I must get going. I have a volley ball match to get to.
Kind regards

Libby – 26th October 2015

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! No more inserting horrible dry tampons. No more wet strings. No more running around trying to find someone with a spare when it’s time to change.
The measure on the cup is great for keeping track of how much I’ve lost. Took a couple of attempts to get the hang of insertion but once it’s in I can’t even feel it (I had trim the stem to the right length). In fact, mine is so comfy that I spent a while looking for it this morning before I remembered that I’d already put it in. Ditsy? Yes! But still testament to how comfortable it is. Easy to change and clean, even out and about. Fantastic product and highly recommended 🙂

Lottie – 22nd October 2015

I used the mooncup for the first time the other day, I have always had problems with tampons as I could never get them to be comfortable and I had to change them very regularly, also with sanitary towels other than feeling like I was wearing a nappy they would give me a rash so I decided to try out the mooncup. I was very weary at first because it is new to me but wow it is amazing! I find it a little difficult to put in because I am new to using it but it is so comfortable, I can’t feel it at all and I don’t need to worry about taking it out for baths showers and swimming, I also find that I can wait the whole 8 hours between emptying without overfilling it and there are no leaks. I will definitely be recommending this to everyone I know best money I have spent in a long time!!

Charlotte – 18th October 2015

I’ve been using a mooncup since university. I initially bought it for environmental reasons but, 12 years (and 2 babies) later, I now love my mooncup because it just seems so much cleaner and nicer than either pads or tampons. I would never want to go back to using either. The only negative is that I worry I will forget I’m wearing it sometimes. Can’t recommend it enough. Love it.

Emma – 12th October 2015

I love this product! Once you get over the initial ‘this is a bit gross’ and you figure out how to get in and out without any dramas, this is the most simple and brilliant way to manage your period. I have only had one spillage (on my first go) when the cup didn’t open properly in my vagina, since then I make sure that it has unfolded (yep, sometimes with suction sound included!) and I have not had any leaks at all. I used tampons before my mooncup and sometimes near the end of my period I would remove them and bits of cotton would stay inside. I love the mooncup, as it feels cleaner, safer and better for your body (and leaves nothing behind!) I find it works best for me to start using the mooncup when my period has actually started flowing, so if I know I am due my period, I will wear a pad that night then use the mooncup the next morning until the end of the cycle, but after the first night, I don’t use any other sanitary products. I find it helps to empty the cup in the sink, if that is possible, as you may need to flush a few times otherwise. I have just bought another 2 mooncups to send out to my Nepali friends. This product has massive humanitarian benefits for countries where periods are still a massive taboo, and will make rural village life for my friends so much easier.

Emma – 11th October 2015

This product is amazing. I wish I had found it years ago. I was worried that I would struggle with insertion and extraction so I ran myself a nice bath and relaxed a little before hand. The instructions were clear and I had no difficulty fitting the cup from the first try. It was easy to remove after a brief moment of panic! All I needed to do was to bear down and the cup dropped low enough for me tp pinch and release it. The tail was the only discomfort. I trimmed it twice then just cut it off. I can hardly feel the cup inside me and have had no leakage. Well worth the money, I will never buy another sanitary product ever again,

Jody – 9th October 2015

So after years of friends telling to get one, I finally did some four months ago. I have struggled for years with tampons, both applicator and non applicator. Each month dreading my period. I found tampons slipped, were painful, and very drying and itchy. At 42 I didn’t want to go back to sanitary pads. So, the first month was a learning curve. Yes it was a bit uncomfortable putting it in and removing it. When I went out I was worried about the practical aspects so resorted back to the tampon. Month two was a breeze. So much so I forgot I was having a period! Now four months in and I’m a total convert. I want to tell everyone “Free yourself from the tampon”. I live in a small village in rural Derbyshire so I’m not sure how well shouting it will go. Seriously though I have two young daughters who will NEVER use tampons, I wont let them. Mooncup is the future for them.

Sally – 4th October 2015

I’m only 18 and have struggled with heavy and irregular periods ever since I started when I was around 14. I always had to carry tampons with me and have had to try every pill there is to try and keep my periods at bay. Despite all the help I received from my doctors, I have been unable to find a solution which means I will just have to wait and (hopefully) in time they will sort themselves out. Wearing tampons all the time was hurting me and making me feel uncomfortable as I was always worried I would leak. On the other hand, as my periods were so irregular, sometimes I will come on for a day and the bleeding be very light and therefore wearing a tampon was highly uncomfortable as there was not much to ‘collect’. My sister has also struggled with the same problems with her periods. She is 3 years older and so has had the problems for longer. She told me about her buying a mooncup and suggested I should get one myself. At first I was a little apprehensive but decided to give it a go and now I absolutely love it! I found it very easy to use and didn’t have any problems at all. It makes me feel so much more comfortable as it lasts a lot longer than a regular tampon (which is so useful for college and my part-time job) because, as I previously mentioned, my periods were so heavy I would constantly be changing tampons. Even if I have my one day, very light but equally annoying period, I feel safe knowing my mooncup isn’t hurting me and is fool-proof in terms of how much you bleed.
All in all I am so glad I listened to her advice and bought one for myself. It’s brilliant!

M – 24th September 2015

I decided to try the Mooncup after getting a job working at a summer camp in America. I needed to save precious room in my bags, I needed to limit the amount of waste/rubbish I would produce, and I needed something I could do sports and swim with. I cannot express how happy I am to have found Mooncup! It doesn’t take up any room in my bag, it’s re-usable, and I feel so fresh and comfortable doing my sports or swimming with it in. My camp was pretty rural and using the Mooncup saved me from making long trips to the supermarket for more feminine products. I will admit it’s a little tricky to get in/out at first but you have to persevere because once you start using this you will never go back to pads or tampons, and the benefits are so worth it. I’ve recommended this to so many people since I started using it.
Thank you Mooncup!

em – 21st September 2015

I am very happy with my switch to mooncup! I went vegan around 7 months ago and since I have been looking to be more Enviromentally friendly. I took a trip to boots to pick up tampons and left with just a mooncup after being so impressed with the info on the box. Practised inserting before my period and was surprised with how easy it was, I have since had to trim off the stem entirely for a comfy fit but it is still super easy to insert and take out. I cannot think of one negative thing to say it’s amazing and have already converted some of my friends to use mooncup! Thank you!

Lucy – 7th September 2015

What a revelation mooncups are! I’d delayed going eco as I couldn’t face washing blood covered pads, but after using washable nappys for my baby I had to take the plunge, instead finding mooncups. They are such a logical solution and, once you are used to them, are much better than either pads or tampons. How did I not know they existed before?!?I was initially scared of using the mooncup, even having panic attacks when I first tried it with a shortened stem due to fears about getting it out! If you are worried I recommend pushing it out with just your vaginal muscles before cutting the stem to discover how ridiculously easy it is to get out. Also they are actually simple to use even in public toilets with the bonus that you need to empty them less anyway.
I did have initial leek issues (albeit less than I had with pads/tampons) and really didn’t believe that it could work at night, but it was definitely worth persevering to determine the right position for me to be both leek free and comfortable 24/7. After childbirth my period became erratic but mooncups are perfect whatever my body is up to. Sometimes I have to empty it after just a few hours (which is still a lot longer than the alternatives lasted as mooncups hold more), but otherwise go 8hours only changing it to follow the recommendation. My only concern now is forgetting I’m using it.
I tried Mooncups for environmental reasons, but am amazed how much more convenient, comfortable and cheaper they are compared to any alternative. Try it!

Caroline – 7th September 2015

After 5 years of using the moon cup, it has changed my life.Took a few days to get the hang of it, but persevere, this little thing has completely changed my life.

Sally – 27th August 2015

I’m 19 and I’m so so glad I found out about mooncup! I suffer from pcos and have always found pads unable to cope with how heavy my period can get, which left me with tampons. However, since my cycle always fluctuates unpredictably from light to ridiculously heavy, it’s always hard to guess which strength tampon to use, which the results either being uncomfortable dryness or embarrassing accidents…many a comfortable pairs of pants were lost this way. But! Mooncup is amazing for this! I can’t even express how amazing it is to be able to insert the mooncup and just not have to worry what my flow decides to do that day, it honestly feels like I can get on with my life. Not only that, but it really is extremely good for travel. I have a year abroad next year in a country where tampons haven’t really caught on and I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do until now. In terms of insertion, I struggled a bit at the beginning; I think it was because I wanted it to work so badly that I stressed out and couldn’t insert it properly. It felt a little bit like all the amazing testimonials here were part of a massive joke that I wasn’t in on, but then I slept on it and tried again the next day and lo and behold, I figured it out! If you’re struggling, I suggest trying the second folding method as it makes the shape slightly more similar to a tampon, which you might already have experience in inserting. But whatever happens, don’t give up on it, because using a mooncup will definitely change your life for the better (and that’s not even an exaggeration!)

Izzy – 22nd July 2015

I admit I was unsure about the mooncup at first, I liked the idea of being more environmentally friendly but worried about how practical it would be in real life. Now I’m totally a convert, wish I’d swapped sooner! Been using my mooncup about 6months now and love it, really easy to use and never had any leaks unlike with tampons. I have really heavy periods and used to need to change tampons regularly (1-2hrs!) which was difficult at work, don’t have that problem any longer because the mooncup is definitely up to the job which takes away a lot of stress. I was nervous about emptying it in public toilets but you really only need a small amount of water to rinse it out and a little bottle of water takes up less room in my bag than a massive pie of tampons! I would recommend it to any woman, it really is amazing 🙂

Becca – 21st July 2015

I’m on my third cycle using the mooncup and I am delighted with it. Feel all round more comfortable and in control with none of that fumbling in the bottom of bags for tampons and trying to hide them about my person on a trip to the loo. As others have said, I feel cleaner and there is none of the previous wastage. A product I will use for years to come. Thank you Mooncup!!

Jo – 18th July 2015

I heard about the Mooncup and thought it was a horrible idea .. But as I was allergic to all my sanitary products I was willing to try anything .. And I’ll never go back! It’s so easy to use and you can’t feel a thing! I highly recommend this product it’s more Eco friendly and person friendly !! Mooncups will most definitely be the next best thing 🙂 it sounds expensive at first but when your spending approx 4 pound each time on a box of tampons it costs next to nothing! Can re use over and over.. You most definitely need to buy one

Chloe – 18th July 2015

Using my moon cup for the first time today and I love it! Absolutely no leaking whatsoever and I feel so comfortable compared to using a pad. Totally converted!!

Emma – 17th July 2015

After reading a very scary article a girl who lost her leg to Toxic Shock Syndrome and already being the sufferer of continual urinary tract infections from a wide variety of weird and wonderful strains of bacteria, I decided I needed to stop using tampons and try the mooncup. I’ve seen it advertised a lot at festivals in the loos (for obvious reasons considering their issues with dealing with waste there!), but I had lots of stupid misconceptions. I think one things girls and young women automatically assume is that pre-childbirth, immature vaginas are just too small and that a menstrual cup will be HUGE and that if you struggle with super tampons it’s just a no-go. So untrue. Having taken a while to come round to bigger tampons myself and still found them a bit uncomfortable sometimes, I couldn’t believe how comfortable the Mooncup was on first use. I had to practice putting it in a couple of times and trimming the stem but after that it was fine! Having used it for a couple of days now, I’ve had no leaks, been super comfortable and just forgotten it’s even there. I really like the fact I can see how much I’m bleeding, as I’ve been checked out for endometriosis before, so I like to keep an eye on it. LOVE the fact it’s so eco-friendly, and that I’ll be saving so much money (especially when everyone’s been so enraged about the tax on tampons recently). Also that when I go away I won’t have to think about packing loads of tampons and pads, just one little Mooncup. I really think you guys need to start promoting through schools and universities (students = small budgets!) because I feel like if they had been explained to me sooner and my misconceptions had been proved wrong, I would have converted long ago! I’m now raving to all my friends about it, so hopefully they’ll be more young converts soon.

Lauren – 13th July 2015

Saw adverts for the mooncup posted all over Glastonbury festival and as I am going travelling around Asia next year decided I may as well give it a try. I think its fantastic! its environmentally friendly and is so much cheaper. this first attempt was a little awkward but this was expected 🙂 I would honestly recommend it to everyone.

Rachel – 13th July 2015

Having been plagued by heavy periods for a number of years, I was having to wear super plus tampons and pads together to stem the flow, my last period got heavier and I was having to change tampons every half an hour. I looked on the internet to see if there were any extra absorbent tampons, the next ones up were ultra. I then looked on stockists in my area and came across the mooncup, I remember seeing it in boots about two months ago and didn’t really think it would work for me. I read the reviews and went and bought one the next day, as I could not go on the way I was. These things really should be advertised and possibly leaflets put in hospitals and GP surgeries, I was offered a procedure called an ablation to help with heavy periods, no need with the mooncup, yes it’s a little fiddly and a bit messy, but that’s nothing to some messes I found myself in and having to throw my pants away! Thank you, thank you mooncup.

Sharon – 13th July 2015

I bought a mooncup online after it came up in conversation with a very environmentally-aware friend of mine.
First day of my period today and home all day too so I was excited to try it out. Having read mixed reviews I wasn’t sure how it would go but I have found it really straightforward. As simple as following the instructions. I’m quite aware of my body and its functions so this prob helps but I was surprised that it went in first time. I felt a slight discomfort for about five minutes but forgot all about it after that. I’ve changed it a couple of times today without any problem and no further discomfort.

It makes me feel as though I am being much kinder to my body (and our planet) than when I use tampons.

I am so so so enthusiastic about this product and so grateful for my friend’s recommendation, after just one day I can honestly say I can’t imagine going back to tampons.

Thank you!

Kate – 10th July 2015

Mooncups are so simple, effective and clean they make tampons and pads seem a bit antiquated by comparison! No more leaks, no more worrying about funny smells, no more itchy, sticky yuckiness on hot days, no more dryness and irritation, no more feeling gross and dirty down there, no more waste going in to land fill! One of the best things I have bought for myself.

Ann – 9th July 2015

J’utilise la mooncup depuis 2007 (soit 8 ans maintenant). Je suis heureuse d’avoir découvert cet objet donc trop peu de monde ne parle. Cela facilite ma vie de femme au quotidien: – dans mon travail (dans un milieu très masculin, sur des chantiers où il n’y a que rarement de poubelle pour protections) – dans mes loisirs (haute montagne, parapente, ski, escalade, natation… elle m’a accompagné dans tous mes voyages, dans tous les climats) – dans mon confort (plus de sécheresse vaginale, aucune brûlure) Lorsque je n’ai pas d’eau à disposition, je l’essuie avec un peu de papier toilette. Et je la nettoie le soir dans la douche. Cela n’a vraiment rien de repoussant de vider sa coupe ; au contraire, cela me permet de bien visualiser l’évolution du flux. Merci pour cette invention unique, qui fait qu’être une femme n’est plus un handicap pendant 1 semaine par mois!

Charlotte – 9th July 2015

Don’t give up on the Cup! First time I used it, I couldn’t get on with it at all. It sat in my cupboard for 2 cycles. But of course my latest period showed up on a day I planned to go swimming, so I gave the Mooncup another chance. After a couple practises, taking it in and out is as easy (and clean) as a tampon. It doesn’t leak which means swimming (and sleeping naked) are stress free again.
It’s so comfortable that I often forget it’s there at all – except that I actually look forward to taking it out and seeing how much blood I’ve collected. Which leads me to the best thing about the Mooncup – it’s helped me feel connected to and respectful of my body again. Periods used to be a pain, now I rather look forward to them!

Jen – 7th July 2015

Had my Cup for about a 4 days now, I managed to get it right the first time and then tried and tried again and couldn’t get it right again for a day or so. left it for a day and tried again and I seem to be getting right now. no more leaks! I usually bleed for 2 weeks so this will save me loads of money in the long run! Always worth a buy and the practise!

Chelsey – 7th July 2015

I love this thing!!
I was on a work course about the Environment and our impact on it and what really struck me was how much i contribute to landfill every month. I have never liked tampons or pads, they make me feel irritated and unclean, especially in the summer.

I saw Mooncup online and went to my local Boots to get one the next day.

I’ve been using it for a few days now and its amazing! The first attempts to insert it were disasters, but once i found the fold that work and had it settled it was great, sat comfortably and i slept soundly with it in all night.

The next morning i had no trouble removing it and have not looked back since:)

I’m recommending it to every woman i know!

Sarah – 3rd July 2015

I am so glad I bought the mooncup. After discovering it on the boots website and doing a lot of research I got it and it was the best decision I ever made and will never ever use disposable products again. I feel so much happier about it and feel sorry for those who don’t use them

Luna – 29th June 2015

the first time you have to insert it will be a little tricky, especially if you are nervous as I was! you don’t want to cut the stem the first 2 -3 times, or you’ll have a panic attack as I did when I “couldn’t find it” and just hurt yourself. Just take your time, the mooncup will find her way inside your body, and then all your periods will be a walk in the park. This has been my second month and I couldn’t be happier, you can’t feel it, you can exercise, work , do anything you like with that magical clean sensation and don’t have to worry about forgotten tampons, change the smelly things, always feeling wet and uncomfortable. Just forget about those days!!

Simona – 26th June 2015

Last week, June 2015, I lost my Mooncup. I’d had it for just over ten years!!! Nothing had gone wrong with it in all that time and if it hadn’t been lost I would have continued using it. So thank you, what an amazing product! It went all the way around the world with me, on so many adventures. From my mid twenties to my mid thirties!! Losing it in a weird way, feels like I’ve lost a part of my body!
Back in 2005 I saw a sticker promoting the Mooncup. I was amazed that such a healthy ecological solution existed and I’d never heard of it. I’d long grown tired of that nasty dried out feeling I was getting from tampons. I don’t know exactly how much money I’ve saved since that time. I’ve certainly put a lot less into landfill.

So it’s time for another Mooncup. I must admit I’m a little sad to be parted from my original. (I’m sure no one is actually recommended to use it for ten years and more but still!). I have promoted the Mooncup to my friends and family, those that have tried it haven’t looked back.

Keep up the good work. You are making and supplying a wonderful necessary product, helping your fellow humans and our beautiful planet. Not many of us are able to say that about our jobs! I’m very grateful that you are and for all that you’re done. Here ten years later you’re still going strong and I’m able to buy another one!

Many many thanks,

Sincerely a faithful customer


Katherine – 22nd June 2015

I am absolutely delighted with the mooncup as a replacement for tampons. They are also great for the environment and animal friendly.As soon as I started using it I saw the benefit. You dont feel it at all and you can clean it as often as you want or need to.
Its great for sports too; I do a lot of running and it sits in place perfectly.
The advice on the earthwisegirls site is great too. I did panic somewhat about removal of the mooncup, but the advice was perfect and relevant.
You do have to get a bit more ‘hands-on’ with yourself, as its not the same as pulling out a piece of string, but you get over this very quickly.
I wish we had these many tears ago, and Ive recommended to friends.
Brilliant alternative to the mounting costs of tampons and their negative impact to the environment.

Jennifer – 19th June 2015

To all those wondering what to do with already bought tampons- donate to homeless shelters please!

Rach – 19th June 2015

After suffering with increasingly heavy periods and pain that was getting worse year on year I was getting very tired of ‘standard’ sanitary products – a super plus tampon would only last 45 minutes at the most for the worst day of my period and I found myself getting yeast infections every couple of months. The bulk and sometimes weird smell that accompanies pads meant that they were also off-putting for me.
After seeing a Mooncup sticker inside a toilet door at university and seeing on the website that its capacity was more than that of the most absorbent tampons, I decided to give it a try. I wish someone had told me about this years ago and it could have saved me a hundred periods of misery!

It takes a little getting used to at first – I obviously wasn’t getting the seal right during my first period with it and it kept creeping further and further up which lead to lots of leaks and trying to fish it out was a bit of a nightmare. As I had to do with tampons a decade ago, however, I persevered and eventually got it right! Making sure the holes aren’t blocked, turning it, inserting it as low as possible and particularly giving the stem (which I shortened as much as possible) a little tug downwards once it’s inserted and opened all seem to help with forming a seal and since then, I experience next to no leaks even with my nightmare periods overnight when I only have to wear a thin pantyliner in case I really exceed its capacity during a long sleep.

I have found my cramps and pain to be much less severe than they were using tampons and I haven’t had a single yeast infection in the year I’ve been using the Mooncup. Between these benefits for my health, for my wallet, the environment and the fact that you can’t feel it when inserted properly (I used to hate it when my tampon slipped further down and it would irritate my nether regions!), the Mooncup has been a complete lifesaver.

Something you don’t realise as well until you experience it – I no longer have the panic of realising I have no sanitary products in my bag or jacket – I can pop into the loos with it in and not have to worry about taking things with me. No more running home from lectures to fill my bag with bulky super plus tampons, no more worrying on nights out that I’m going to be leaking within half an hour and don’t have anything with me. It’s been the best decision I have made for my health and sanity coping with my horrendous periods and I espouse its merits to anyone who will listen!

It’s about time we expand puberty and sex education in schools to let girls know that there are other options out there. It would have saved me so much money, time and distress over the years! Thank you Mooncup!

Meg – 18th June 2015