Advice & FAQs

Advice & FAQs

Welcome to the Mooncup Advice Centre, designed to answer many of the questions you may have about using the Mooncup or MCUK menstrual cup, and provide tips and information on menstrual health.

Because - like anything new - using the Mooncup can take a little practice, Mooncup Ltd. provides a unique expert advice service established in 2004 and run by experienced Mooncup Advisors (with nearly 40 years of nursing experience between them!) If you have any questions about using the Mooncup, are confused about what size you need or have a gynaecological issue you think may affect your Mooncup use, then check out the Advice Centre for detailed and expert information

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How to use the Mooncup


As an extremely active individual (skydiver, snowboarder, sailor, camper, hiker, etc.) I was always finding myself very limited around my menstrual cycle times, always being forced to drag around boxes of tampons everywhere I went. Sometimes, if I wasn't prepared, I'd be stuck out miles away from shore with only my brother on our boat, or up on top of a mountain in the snow, and not have a single tampon on me. Plus, having severely heavy periods on a very irregular basis made my menstruation incredibly difficult to deal with (not to mention the literally crippling pain associated with a flow as heavy as mine is). Also, being a very eco-conscious person has made me feel even worse about using disposable tampons so frequently. On a suggestion from a friend, I decided to look into alternative sanitary protection, and I was just so blown away by all of the glowing reviews about the mooncup that I had to give it a go. I just experienced my first period with the mooncup, and I am a complete convert. I also just went sailing with my brother and had zero problems with leakage, pain, and unpreparedness. I'm relieved to be free from the 'tampon curse' and will never, ever go back. I realize how awful tampons are now, as I would endure extreme vaginal swelling, pain, and irritation from constant usage. Even worse, because of their constant leakage, I would have to wear 'period panties,' or panties that were badly stained from previous periods because of leaky tampons, in order to avoid staining new panties. I didn't even realize how horrible that whole process was until I stopped being forced into it. I found the mooncup very easy to use (even as a beginner) and very comfortable. Incredibly enough, all of my stabbing menstrual pains have vanished completely. Further, I can continue with my active lifestyle uninterrupted and with no pain, no cost, and no environmental impact. Thank you, to all the women behind the mooncup; you have changed my life.
Paula, 19
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