Advice & FAQs

Advice & FAQs

Welcome to the Mooncup Advice Centre, designed to answer many of the questions you may have about using the Mooncup or MCUK menstrual cup, and provide tips and information on menstrual health.

Because - like anything new - using the Mooncup can take a little practice, Mooncup Ltd. provides a unique expert advice service established in 2004 and run by experienced Mooncup Advisors (with nearly 40 years of nursing experience between them!) If you have any questions about using the Mooncup, are confused about what size you need or have a gynaecological issue you think may affect your Mooncup use, then check out the Advice Centre for detailed and expert information

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How to use the Mooncup


A friend told me about it and I was meaning to give it a go, although was put off by it's 'hippy' image i guess, until she said she hadn't looked back and the thought of using a tampon seemed really unhygienic now, so i gave it a go. Brilliant! Took a month to get used to it. Can't feel it, never leak, don't have to worry about carrying stuff, no money on tampons, environmental, less 'dragging' period pain, more comfort. Thank you!
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