Is the Mooncup messy?


When you insert the Mooncup, it’s pretty much the same as inserting a tampon in terms of the amount of blood you come into contact with.

When you remove the Mooncup, the outside of it is relatively clean; the vast majority of the blood is collected inside the cup. You hold the Mooncup upright until you empty it into the toilet.

Then you simply rinse, or wipe, before re-inserting.

With the Mooncup menstrual cup you won’t have to deal with the mess of disposing of used sanitary products-  especially when a bin’s not handy.

You will see your blood, but you will not have much actual contact with it. You may well find, as many others have done, that once you get used to seeing your blood, it’s actually a good way of being in touch with your body, which can lead to a greater sense of acceptance and well-being.