How do five households manage to live without waste for one month?

We present the Objective #Rezero web-series, a European first where five households accept the challenge to go #ZeroWaste for 30 days

Rezero is a Catalan not-for-profit organisation that have been working for over a decade to change production and consumption models and move towards zero waste in Catalonia. They have created the Objective #Rezero web-series, as part of the Yo Soy Coco campaign, a pioneering experience brought to our screens as a webseries by FORMA I&M productions.

It is the first web-series in Europe of its kind, featuring five families and one challenge: no waste for 30 days. 

The five episodes follow the households as they become more aware of the need to reduce waste. Over the month they change their consumption habits, avoid single-use products, wrappers and packaging and plan their weekly shops in more detail to become more waste conscious.

Participants from all walks of life recorded their experiences, unscripted, on their own mobile phones to show the realities (and difficulties) of the challenge.

The participants quickly found that reducing their single-use products resulted in many benefits. As they reduced the products they used in the bathroom and kitchen there was an immediate positive effect economically, socially and on an environmental level. Interestingly, there was also the added bonus of health benefits for the five families.

Part of the success of the series was down to the fact that many viewers could identify with a particular household or family – from family life, to retirement years, to student living. Another reason the series has gained such respect is that it transparently reveals that the ideal goal of achieving a completely “zero” waste lifestyle is far from easy. The series therefore focuses on the first ‘R’: Reduction, as the key to avoiding the proliferation of waste in our lives.

The five families who’ve taken part in the challenge have paved the way for many more people  to work towards adopting the “Zero Waste” lifestyle.

You can watch the whole series online in Catalan or watch the English subtitled video below to find out more about the project.

Finalist at the EWWR Awards

The series has received acclaimed recognition with a nomination at the annual EWWR Awards for their outstanding action in promoting waste reduction. The EWWR (European Week for Waste Reduction) judges include individuals from the environmental sector who are recognised at a European level, as well as professionals in the field of waste management.

“Objective Rezero follows people’s everyday realities to transmit the values of the zero waste lifestyle, as well as share practical information so people can get started themselves. The campaign hopes to be a positive and empathetic way to empower and enable citizens to reuse and reduce waste in Catalonia and beyond.”

We wish the Rezero team the best of luck for the award ceremony and look forward to seeing the ripples of effect their campaign achieves 🙂

#Rezero works in collaboration with the Generalitat de Cataluña and Barcelona Town Hall Waste Agency, as well as with support from Mooncup Ltd.


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