Mooncup review archives – 9 questions about the Mooncup, answered!

The ‘Mooncup Review Archives’ will answer every question you’ve ever thought of!

At Mooncup HQ we may well have heard every question in the period book. No matter how “TMI” you may think it is, chances are we’ve probably heard it. In fact maybe we could compile the “Period Book” if we needed to. We like to take pride in our menstrual geekiness in this business! 😉

Basically, there’s no topic off-limits for us when it comes to menstrual fluid and its collection. And even though the conversation and knowledge about menstrual cups is growing year by year, there are still those tricksy questions that continue to puzzle the uninitiated.

From the thoughtful and more obscure:
“Can you use the Mooncup whilst deep sea diving?”

…to the commonly pondered and practical:
“How the heck do I clean it in a public loo?”

We could easily wax lyrical about why the Mooncup menstrual cup is the best period option out there, but we thought we’d dig into the Mooncup® Reviews to see how users themselves discovered all the answers to the very questions you’re thinking of.

9 Questions You Wanted To Ask About the Mooncup® – Answered

As it turns out, the best way to discover the intricacies of Mooncup usage is to try it out for yourself. And these guys did.

Over to the Mooncup users

1) I want to try the Mooncup but won’t it be messy?

Cleaning mooncup menstrual cup under the tap

Check out how Charli got on…

Mooncup review - is it messy?

Check out the Mooncup review archives for more feedback: Is the Mooncup messy?

2) Won’t the Mooncup be uncomfortable?

See what Abby had to say…

Mooncup review - is the mooncup comfortable?

Even more Mooncup reviews can be found in the archives: Is the Mooncup comfortable?

3) Yeah neat idea, but the Mooncup looks way too big?

Mooncup menstrual cup close up

Take it away Laura…

Mooncup review - is the mooncup too big?

We often get asked if young people can use the Mooncup. Read our FAQ for more information: Can I use the Mooncup if I’ve just started my period?

4) I’m tempted to give it a go… but isn’t the Mooncup expensive?

Chloe decided it’s cheaper in the long run…
Mooncup review - is the mooncup expensive?

5) But isn’t it tricky to use the Mooncup in public toilets?

Mooncup in a public toilet next to a red reusable water bottle

Another common query. Becca shares her personal experience…

Mooncup review - using in public toilets

6) Can I use the Mooncup if I have heavy periods?

Mooncup close up with red liquid

Good question! We’re glad to hear that Nic found the Mooncup helpful with heavy periods

Mooncup review - Mooncup with heavy periods

7) Can I use the Mooncup if I have really light periods?

Another common question. See how Angela found the Mooncup for her light periods…

Mooncup review - Can I use the Mooncup for light periods

8) Isn’t the Mooncup smelly and gross? 

woman smiling and holding a mooncup menstrual cup

We thought you’d never ask! Ann tells it how it is…

Mooncup review - is the mooncup gross

9) Can you use the Mooncup when you’re scuba diving?

Woman scuba diving

After extensive research, Lauren came to a conclusion…

Scuba diving with the mooncup review

Sold by the Mooncup reviews? Buy your Mooncup here.

Haven’t had your Mooncup review fill yet? Check out the Reviews section or head over to the testimonials archive where you can also filter reviews by topic.

And don’t forget if you still have some questions about the Mooncup menstrual cup you can contact our Advice Service run by lovely medical health professionals by emailing [email protected]

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