Which size?

The Mooncup and MCUK are available in two sizes:‘A’ and ‘B’. Size A measures 46mm in diameter and 50mm in length. Size B measures 43 mm in diameter and 50mm in length. Both sizes have a pull stem 21mm long, which you can trim to the length that is right for you.

Sizing is based on pelvic floor tone, not menstrual flow, and it’s important to get the sizing right to get the best from your Mooncup or MCUK. Pelvic floor tone will vary according to your age, childbearing history and what sort of exercise you do. Corrective surgery to the vagina will also have implications. Check the guidelines to see which size you need:

Size Table

Size Size A

Because vaginal and pelvic floor tones naturally reduce with age, the size ‘A’ is recommended for women aged 30 or over. The difference between the ‘A’ and the ‘B’ is only small (3mm), but it is crucial!

Size ‘A’ is also recommended for all women who have given birth vaginally, regardless of age.

Size Size A

Designed for young girls and women under the age of 30 who have not given birth vaginally. It may also be suitable for women over the age of 30 who have had corrective surgery to the vagina, or who are advanced in tone-maintaining activities such as yoga, dance or pilates.

If you’re unsure of what size you need, please contact our Advice Team

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I had never heard about mooncup until this summer. I thought the idea was very interesting and bought it. On the next period I tried to use it, but did not have too much success removing it, so I gave up. Last month I thought: this cannot be, I have to learn how to use it. So I gave it one more try, and reading very carefully all the advices Mooncup gives us, I eventually can apreciate the marvelous of this product. Further more, this company has the best and wonderful customer service I have ever seen. I lost my user guide and asked for another. In less than a week, I had it at home (and I live out of the UK). Congratulations to Mooncup and I encourage every woman to use the mooncup.
Ana Paula
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