10 Eco-Friendly Gifts For A Green Christmas

Minimalism over consumerism  With Christmas fast approaching, we’re thinking about how we can combat the culture of consumerism and create a more ethical experience this year. (Because, y’know we really do like to think about these things here at Mooncup…


How Did The Vagina Become The New Commercial Frontier?

With the world’s first Vagina Museum opening in London this month and Pussy Power bags spotted on the catwalks, it feels like vaginas are clearly having a moment. At Mooncup ltd. we of course couldn’t be happier about this –…


Period cup or menstrual cup… What do you call your Mooncup®?

We’ve created a poll to find out which name you prefer. But first a little background about how our galactic name came to be… The Mooncup® is of course our beloved brand name – the original medical-grade silicone menstrual cup….


Make sure your Mooncup® is the Real Deal

Make sure your Mooncup® is the real deal So you’ve been thinking about ditching the disposables for ages; your best mate’s been raving about the Mooncup® for years now; tampons are a drag and you’re fed up spending your hard…


Face of Mooncup Competition: Celebrating Mooncup Users

Are you the Face of Mooncup? If you’re a #RealMooncupUser, then yes, you are.

The secret of the Mooncup® is out!

From early day whispers to Whatsapp groups with sisters, it spread like wildfire…

To your friends, your daughters, your mothers. In fact, to anyone who’d listen!

It was YOU. Who helped to smash the menstrual cup taboo.

At Mooncup, we’re on a mission to champion you, the users!

As the creators of the original silicone menstrual cup, we’ve been around for quite some time – seventeen years to be precise! We were founded way back in 2002; the days when thin eyebrows were all the rage and menstrual cups were practically unheard of!

We learnt along our journey that ‘word of mouth’ recommendations were vital in taking the Mooncup® from ‘hippy alternative’ to a mainstream option.

Did you know that our Mooncup users have prevented over 1.7 billion tampons or pads ending up on beaches or in landfill? 

Enter our campaign to >> WIN a Zero Waste Hamper and £125 to spend at Etsy.

Are you the “Face of Mooncup”?

Face of Mooncup is a simple campaign to demonstrate that there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ Mooncup user; each one of us is unique. All that unites us is a common mission to make the experience of periods positive, healthy and eco-friendly.

Kath Clements, Marketing Director at Mooncup explains:

“Our users have always been our most powerful advocates. For a small ethical business selling a one-off purchase, we’ve not got the multi-billion pound marketing spend of the disposable sanitary product giants, and word-of-mouth marketing has been a key element of our success.

“This campaign is a great way for us to showcase the diversity of our users, to celebrate them, and effectively continue the tradition of word-of-mouth marketing using its new habitat, social media.”

Visit our Face of Mooncup competition page to find out more and see all the inspiring entries we’ve received so far.

To Take Part

To take part, post a photo of yourself to Instagram (or our Mooncup Facebook wall) in your ‘natural habitat’, showing what makes you unique… at work, doing your favourite hobby, or just chilling out on the sofa. Tell us why you love your Mooncup and tag your photo  #RealMooncupUser and #OwnYourPeriod @mooncupltd. Every week we will share posts on our Instagram feed.

Go! Share the love!

And thanks for being part of the Revolution x

For more information and full T&Cs visit FACE OF MOONCUP COMPETITION

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