Why should I use a menstrual cup?

Why should I use a menstrual cup infographic

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Five reasons to turn away from disposable menstrual products



You’ll spend 6 and a half years of your life menstruating.

11,000 disposable sanitary products are used over your lifetime.

You will spend £1200 on disposable sanitary products in a lifetime.

But you’ll only need 1 Mooncup® menstrual cup which can last for years and years.



When thrown away, disposable sanitary products end up in landfill or incineration.

Flushed tampons and pads block sewers and end up in our sea and on our beaches.

27,938 used tampons & applicators collected on our world’s beaches on a single day.

90% – amount of plastic in most pads. Many tampons and panty liners also contain plastic.

1.5 billion items of sanitary protection are flushed every year in the UK alone.

Mooncup Ltd is one of the world’s Top 10 Ethical Brands/Companies. Unlike multinationals, Mooncup is an employee-owned small business, certified by the Vegan Society.



Toxins can be absorbed into the body through your vagina. We’ve known this since 1918

Traces of chemicals, dioxins and insecticides were found in 5 of 11 disposable sanitary products tested.

These include:

Gyphosate – the active ingredient in weed killer, pesticides and insecticides.

Rayon –  made from cellulose fibres, rayons are commonly found in disposables. These abrasive fibres can cause tiny scratches when inserting and removing tampons.

Polyethylene + Bleaching agents

The Mooncup menstrual cup is made from medical grade silicone and is non-absorbent to respect your natural balance.



Tampons absorb 65% menstrual fluid and 35% vaginal moisture.

A Mooncup holds 3 times more menstrual fluid than a regular tampon, giving you longer lasting protection on heavier days.

As Mooncup is non-absorbent it won’t dry you out, making it great for lighter days too.



No last minute dash to the shops No stockpiling of different absorbency pads or tampons

No regular monthly expense 

No carrying bulky spares

Mooncup have a bespoke advice service run by medical health professionals to answer your queries.