Lift the lid – Kenya

Project: Lenana Girls High School in Kenya

Location: Cherangani Hills in Kitale, Kenya

Date: 2015 – Ongoing

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Sending Mooncup menstrual cups to Kenya

Lenana Girls High School in Kenya

Mooncup Ltd works with Lift the Lid by offering Mooncup menstrual cups to Lenana Girls High School in Kenya. The school is for underprivileged girls who score high on Kenya’s national exams. It is known for its self-sustaining projects and for offering business training and life-skills in addition to the standard curriculum.

Before sending a larger quantity of menstrual cups to Lenana, a small team of teachers and nurses at the school tested and became comfortable with the product first. They are now trained and have become mentors to the girls who are receiving the Mooncup.

Before this shipment of Mooncup menstrual cups, the girls coped with their periods using dishrags, newspapers, straw, leaves, and mud. They had to sneak away to bury the used material in the ground. Some confined themselves to their rooms in shame.