Love your Vagina Campaign

‘Love Your Vagina’ – not something you see every day on the tube.

In March 2010, we launched a bold advertising campaign which saw beautifully illustrated posters of some of the pet names women call their vaginas plastered around London Underground and pulled along by adbikes displaying the URL

Visitors to could submit their own pet names in the online poll, as well as find out more about Mooncup®.

The aim was to transform the conversation and break the taboo around talking about vaginas (and how we look after them), periods and sanitary protection.

The campaign received a huge amount of publicity, with The Guardian calling it the model for green advertising. It was the first time we had done a campaign on such a big scale.

From the creators

Rebecca Lewis from St Luke’s

“We were presented with quite a few challenges when we started thinking about how to advertise Mooncup. First of all, the feminine hygiene market is a crowded market place to advertise in; it is dominated by two types of product – tampons and sanitary towels. As you’re probably well aware from talking to your friends and family, women’s behaviour can be ingrained when it comes to our sanitary protection – most women don’t want to think about, let alone change their protection.

“Furthermore, when they first see it, lots of women find the Mooncup a challenging product. When presented with it, people’s reactions can range from shock to disgust!”