Love Your Vagina Poll


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We asked… what do you lovingly call yours?
…and here’s what you told us

Kiniki Wolfie Mingina Fanny Foo Fighter My ladiness Bits Love game Coochie Gristley house Vajuju Fufu the snoo Crumpet Vaigna Map of tasmania Misse Furmedge Garfield Wilderness Miggins My Lasagne Doorje (little door in Dutch) Womanhood LadyLike Padoochie Squish squish The happy hotel The hobgoblin Poonanny HoneyV Moonpeach Agapito the terrible Kitten erotica Numnum V-bird The control room Love biscuit Dierdre Octopussier Mumu The front bum Gynie The lady garden Franwah Millie Lady hole Henry Woobie Clam bake Funfun Smooth sally Mi Amigo Sag muff Tootle Pretty kitty Slinky malinky Flesh petals Teenage mutant minga turtle Wet lips Private property My chucky Snuggle pouch Noo noo Crushed cranberry Cookie Southern boo hoo Velvet coinpurse Kitty bits My lovely lady bits Moot The Vajungle Wondertavern Rose garden Foof Lady area Fangita Queefer Princess consuela bananahsmock Nunnie Er…vagina? V-gee-gee Va-joo-joo Foofy foof Bloody maary Velvet runway Garukavich The lower part of the reproductive tract Floof My girly parts Lady piece Mingle Antique closet Fandangle My daisy Spadger Fouffe Muzza Snatch The furry cup Funhole My butterfly Funhole Secret opening Delicate bits Whim wham Your vagesty Iron vag Muff muff Jungle of love Lucky charms Fandanga Falalaalala! Minky Otters pocket Flange Hanky-panky-yankee Snuggie Poo-nana Cherry cupcake My bean Mr blobby Mingella Plum Juicy Ladybits Vajoosh Coochie She who must not be named Cockpit Growler he cracken Mermaid purse Flappy falafal Pusswah The love cavern My most special of areas Peek-a-choo ‘down there’ Mrs muff My precious Pinkbit Ladypickle Kitten mitten Vaggle dazzle Pleasure island Minge Mound of joy Nugget Funkytown Puntang Pie The great barrier queef Miss floo floo Lil mamma Vera Fanny Fou Fou Secret peach Front butt Madame feubeuleuleu Chouchounette Love mound Poom Poom Lord Vulvamort Squishy mcsquishsquish Mooncup holder Vaj mahal Bujingo Ragnagna Fantomette Vaginaland Ming mang mong Me fun flaps Choupinette Cup pf pleasure Sacred flower Snuggle bunny Tropical flower Love pitta