Tampon vs Mooncup

Let the battle begin!

By popular demand, here are the lyrics for the Mooncup vs Tampon Rap Battle!

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How a menstrual cup ad campaign went viral

On 28 January 2013, we released a defiant online campaign in the form of a rap battle. The film, produced by St Luke’s, dramatises the benefits of using Mooncup® versus more common forms of sanitary protection such as tampons and pads.

Two crews, representing Mooncup and Tampon, battle it out, pitting the typical emotional reactions of users of conventional sanitary products against the factual benefits of using the Mooncup menstrual cup.

Just 10 days after the launch, the battle had received more than 140,000 YouTube views, hitting no #1 position in the ‘How to & Style’ and ‘Most Popular’ YouTube charts, and gaining acclaim among advertising industry experts.


Why a Mooncup vs Tampon Rap Battle?

Kath Clements, Campaigns and Marketing Manager at Mooncup says,

“Ultimately choosing the right sanitary product for you is really personal: we’d just like to make sure that choice is made knowing the facts. Staging a rap battle was a playful way to present some of the reservations about using the Mooncup that we hear, alongside the benefits that Mooncup users enjoy – in the end, as ever, it’s down to the viewer to pick their ‘crew’!”


Rap Battle beermat finger puppets

We took the battle to the pub when we launched what was probably the first ever sanitary protection beermat!

In keeping with Mooncup’s determination not to buy into the shame, secrecy and embarrassment of old school feminine hygiene advertising, our small, ethical, UK business used the beermats – an unusual media choice for female consumers – to provoke debate and crack open this outdated taboo.

The beermats add an extra dimension to the ‘Tampon vs Mooncup’ rap battle campaign by encouraging users to watch the battle via QR codes, interact with the lyrics, and even share their own versions of the rap online.

From the CreatorsAl Young, Executive Creative Director at St Luke’s
“The most convincing case for this product comes from someone who uses one. This work aims to create a debate amongst women and introduce them to the advantages of Mooncup.”