Reach out to your school

Your voice matters! Please get in touch with your headteacher to make sure your school is signed up to the free period product scheme.

We have created two letters for parents and students to use as templates, but personalising your letter and telling your head teacher why this matter is important to you will have even more impact.

Consider copying your councillor in your email too, putting pressure on local governments to support schools in making sure no young person with a period will go without. Not sure who your local councillors are? Find out here.

Parents/Guardians: Get in touch with the head teacher to make sure your school is signed up to the free period product scheme. We have produced a template letter that you can use to ask your school’s status and to request that your school includes sustainable products in their order.

Young people: ask your teacher or school nurse for your free Mooncup menstrual cup! All learners in state schools and colleges should be able to access period products if they need them. If your school hasn’t opted into the programme, you can use our letter template to write to your head teacher and ask them to sign up.


Spread the word

You can find out more about the free period product scheme and the cause, in our blog post here. Please do feel free to share it with your friends and contacts!

In order to help you to spread the message far and wide, and inspire others to get involved, we have prepared a social media tool kit for you, packed full of visual assets, including some key period poverty facts & figures, as well as some fun illustrations and stickers to share on your feeds.

Please make sure to tag @mooncupltd along with #freeperiod so that we can keep up with all the action!

Your social media toolkit

Facts and figures to share

Illustrations to share

We have worked with the lovely Grace Mandeville, illustrator and youtuber, to create some fabulous illustrations that you can share on your channels. Make sure to scroll down to see them all! These are available as static images, animated GIFs, and Instagram and Facebook story stickers too!

  • To access the stickers, simply search for #mooncup or #freeperiod in the sticker tab when you are uploading an Instagram story for example.
  • To download the static versions, click on the image that you want below, it will then pop up in a new tab, and you simply need to right click and ‘save image as…’
  • To download the animated GIF versions of these illustrations, please see the list below.

Animated GIFs to share

All Grace’s illustrations are also available as animated GIFs to upload to your Instagram feed.
To download them, simply click on the title of the illustration you like, in the list below, then right click on the MP4 file and “save video as…”.

Thank you for spreading the word and for standing up for period equality for all!