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Well my mooncup arrived on the second day of my period, so I tried it out as soon as i got home. I began having reactions to tampons a few months ago,so it was easy to make the moon cup choice. Was a little akward the first couple of times but like anything you soon get the hang of it and become a pro. I went to the gym for a 2 hour session and it was a peice of cake! Couldnt feel a thing and no leaking. I have convinced 2 friends to try it out and im sure word will spread further after that. Thanks for such a truly great product!
Emma UAE
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Made in the UK

Ethical Policy

Su Hardy, the Company Director, and her employees believe that the Mooncup has the potential to greatly improve women’s experience of their periods, as well as reducing the environmental damage caused by the manufacture and disposal of throwaway sanitary protection.

With these goals in mind the team at Mooncup is working to ensure that the Mooncup is the menstrual product of the future, guided by environmentally and people friendly business practices.
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