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I bought a mooncup a few months ago and it has revolutionised my life. I know that sounds extreme, but it really has. I travel a lot and had very irregular periods. Now, I just pack the mooncup and, if I think my period might be coming, I can insert it and relax. It's worth it for that alone, but if you want the icing on the cake... I haven't had a single 'leakage' problem since using it and in addition, my periods have for the first time in twenty years, regulated themselves. To know that I will now have no worries when I have my period is simply fantastic. On a practical note for those who might be unsure as to whether to get one: The first few times I used it I did find it awkward but the telephone line was a lifesaver. Really friendly woman who was practical and helfpul. I persevered. You do need to get a bit more 'hands on' than with a tampon but you get used to it really quickly and it is worth being more hands on to have no worries about knickers, sheets, or running out of tampax / not being near a loo. Please, please try one. You will never go back to tampons again.
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Made in the UK

Ethical Policy

Su Hardy, the Company Director, and her employees believe that the Mooncup has the potential to greatly improve women’s experience of their periods, as well as reducing the environmental damage caused by the manufacture and disposal of throwaway sanitary protection.

With these goals in mind the team at Mooncup is working to ensure that the Mooncup is the menstrual product of the future, guided by environmentally and people friendly business practices.
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