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Its been 5 periods since I have been using the Mooncup; already its paid for itself, moreover its dramatically reduced symptoms of dismenorrea which I have been dealing with for years now. Additionally, I have long suspected the absorption of healthful bacteria by tampons has lead in the past to BV - which let me tell you, sucks on so many levels. So far, I have had no issues with this. Again, i want to emphasize what a fabulous, efficient, clean and intelligent product this is. Keep up the great work!!! I love my mooncup!
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Made in the UK

Ethical Policy

Su Hardy, the Company Director, and her employees believe that the Mooncup has the potential to greatly improve women’s experience of their periods, as well as reducing the environmental damage caused by the manufacture and disposal of throwaway sanitary protection.

With these goals in mind the team at Mooncup is working to ensure that the Mooncup is the menstrual product of the future, guided by environmentally and people friendly business practices.
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