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I stumbled across Mooncups while searching the internet for a healthy/environmentally friendly alternative to tampons. I'm in the military (Australian Navy) and have an incredibly active working and personal life. In fact, I'm off to sea next year!! And I'll definately be taking my mooncup. No more trying to slip a tampon in my pocket and rush off to the 'heads' inbetween watches, no more land waste, no more dryness or thrush. This is only the second period that I have had my Mooncup for and I will NEVER use anything else. It's quite easy once you get the hang of it and it honestly only took me the first day of my last period to figure it all out. I took great pleasure in giving my box of tampons away (along with a Mooncup sticker). My partner is facinated by the concept and happy for me that I've found a healthy and environmentally sound solutions that also saves me money. My whole office now knows about them and two other girls (sailors also) have bought them too. I can't thank you enough for providing a wonderful to convert my sister!!
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