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I'm adding my thoughts because it was reading others' testimonials which convinced me to give it a go, and to keep trying. The first couple of attempts were a bit awkward and I managed to spill everything all over the bathroom floor, but I've not done that again - I guess anything new is difficult, especially when you've been using tampons for near 30 years (eek)! Anyway, I'm on my second month now and I'm convinced it's the way forward, so much so that I've cleared out my bedside draw of tampons - leaving oodles of space for other stuff, so that's a plus. One big plus for me is that I won't have to be paranoid that I've left a tampon in - all those times in the morning when, bleary eyed you can't remember if you've taken it out or not - I certainly won't miss that! I've had to get up in the night for years because a tampon wouldn't cope with my flow on the first couple of days. The mooncup does cope which is great. And as I'm getting older my flow is heavier, and I was considering the progesterone coil to help slow things down - but now I don't feel I have to so that's a plus too. I'm just annoyed that I didn't give it a try years ago when I first came across them. I think it's a shame that the mooncup is not more widely sold and advertised.
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