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I 1st saw an advertisement for mooncup in some public loo's a few years back, i looked it up and thought "vile". Recently though I've become fed up of very heavy bleeds the 1st 2 days, to the point i don't leave the house. Even with a super plus tampon (best brand as far as I'm concerned) i still get leaks. I read leaks with the mooncup are not so common so thought £22 is a LOT but may be worth it. The hygiene and environmental side did not even come into it for me (maybe it should) My main concern is LEAKS. Well it's only day 1, I'm only 7 hours in but so far NO leaks at all. I have emptied twice in those 7 hours but that's just me being curious. If I'd used a tampon I'd have had to change my knickers at least twice because of leaks. Even having a wee and wiping there is no hint of any blood roaming free. Hubby is not impressed with my recent updates but he's male so does not matter. With Tampons i find I'm constantly on edge i worry I'll leak, up to now I've not had any leaky type feelings. For those who think the empty and cleaning of the mooncup is a bit gross well it's far less yukky than suddenly feeling soggy wet when walking round Tesco. For me the biggest attraction of mooncup is the fact it does not leak, the big test will be overnight but even this early on I'm confident Mooncup will keep me clean through sleep time. Inserting it the 1st time was a little fiddly, and removing it the 1st time took a while but still far easier than i imagined. I think I've been converted although i will probably keep a couple of tampons in my bag for emergencies so i don't need to have my mooncup in my bag at all times, but i really can see the mooncup being my preferred method. Leak protection alone is enough reason to switch to mooncup.
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