Healthy tips for the vulva and vagina

Five top tips for a healthy Vulva and Vagina When it comes to cleaning the vulva and vagina, the best advice is to keep things simple! Getting to know your vulva and vagina is important – recognising any changes early…


How the Mooncup fits in with my vegan lifestyle

Why choose the Mooncup® if you’re a vegan? Many people are choosing to become vegan for various reasons – for the sake of the animals, for the planet or for health reasons. Whatever the reasons once you make the leap…


Knowing your Vulva

So, what is the vulva? As a Mooncup advisor and practising nurse specialist in Sexual and Reproductive Health, vulval and vaginal health is paramount. Awareness of normal anatomy and recognising changes can be a tricky business as the complexity of…


Ethical Business

Asegúrate de que tu Mooncup® es la auténtica

Así que llevas un tiempo pensando en mandar a paseo los productos desechables. Y tu mejor amiga lleva años entusiasmada con la Mooncup®. Los tampones son una lata y estás harta de gastarte el dinero ganado con el sudor de…

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