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Asegúrate de que tu Mooncup® es la auténtica

Así que llevas un tiempo pensando en mandar a paseo los productos desechables. Y tu mejor amiga lleva años entusiasmada con la Mooncup®. Los tampones son una lata y estás harta de gastarte el dinero ganado con el sudor de…

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Hymen or Vaginal Corona?

STOP PRESS; The Hymen is NOT a membrane that partially covers the vaginal opening?

After 24 years of nursing experience, the majority of this in women’s health, I have always thought that the Hymen was a thin membrane that partially covers the vaginal opening which could in some cases be torn by having sex or during sports. That is what it says in the anatomy books anyway….

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Healthy tips for the vulva and vagina

Five top tips for a healthy Vulva and Vagina When it comes to cleaning the vulva and vagina, the best advice is to keep things simple! Getting to know your vulva and vagina is important – recognising any changes early…

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Knowing your Vulva

So, what is the vulva? As a Mooncup advisor and practising nurse specialist in Sexual and Reproductive Health, vulval and vaginal health is paramount. Awareness of normal anatomy and recognising changes can be a tricky business as the complexity of…

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