Charity Support


Mooncup Ltd is proud to support charities and not-for-profit programmes in the UK and worldwide.


Nepal Earthquake Recovery Fund (NERF)

Nepal Earthquake Recovery Fund (NERF) aim to help the people of Nepal who have suffered personal and economic hardship following the earthquake of April 2015, paying particular attention to rural areas, women and children and marginalised ethnic groups. NERF aim to help facilitate recovery through the funding and implementation of efficient projects adhering to their values of transparency, accountability, kindness, collaboration, interaction, and grass roots engagement. Women and girls are struggling to afford basic products and it is hoped that the Mooncup will offer a solution to alleviate the financial burden of buying sanitary products as well as proving better for their health and the environment.


Mobilise a Midwife

Mobilise a Midwife is a Mother Health International project which raises funds to buy bicycles to help traditional Midwives in Uganda reach mothers. The project also provides local women with the Mooncup.


Rowley Projects

We support Rowley Projects in building latrines and supplying Mooncups to women in Rachuonyo Province, West Kenya.


The Plastic Challenge

Giving up single-use plastics while raising money to fight plastic litter. A day, a week, a month – how long can you last? The Plastic Challenge takes place every year, and we are proud to support it and the Marine Conservation Society who run it.



Mooncup Ltd is providing subsidised Mooncups as part of an international aid programme run by Dr Phillips-Howard and her team from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. They Collaborate with the African Population Health and Research Centre, MOPH, and  the Kenyan Medical Research Institute(KEMRI)/CDC field station in western Kenya. Together they are providing Mooncups to girls in primary schools in Western Kenya to study the value of menstrual cups in reducing the girls’ sexual and reproductive health risks, along with providing them with a cost-effective menstrual solution and allowing them to progress with their school studies in dignity and comfort.



Mooncup has worked with Lift the Lid to introduce the Mooncup menstrual cup to Lenana Girls High School in Kenya. The school is for underprivileged girls who score high on Kenya’s national exams. The school is known for its self-sustaining projects and for offering business training and life-skills in addition to the standard curriculum.

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