Make sure your Mooncup® is the Real Deal

Make sure your Mooncup® is the real deal So you’ve been thinking about ditching the disposables for ages; your best mate’s been raving about the Mooncup® for years now; tampons are a drag and you’re fed up spending your hard…

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Hymen or Vaginal Corona?

STOP PRESS; The Hymen is NOT a membrane that partially covers the vaginal opening?

After 24 years of nursing experience, the majority of this in women’s health, I have always thought that the Hymen was a thin membrane that partially covers the vaginal opening which could in some cases be torn by having sex or during sports. That is what it says in the anatomy books anyway….

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Maria Pali: Marathon Running with Your Period

I first came across the idea of environmentally friendly sanitary care back in the 1990’s via the Women’s Environmental Network. They had a nifty sewing pattern to make simple sanitary pads using a plate as template. The idea stuck in my head but it was when I was on a six month trip to India and ended up spending great chunks of it wild camping in the tribal heartlands of Orissa and Madyhur Pradesh

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Healthy Tips for the Vulva and Vagina

When it comes to cleaning the vulva and vagina, the best advice is to keep things simple. As explained in my last post- getting to know your vulva and vagina is important, recognizing any changes early on could make all…

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How the Mooncup fits in with my Vegan Lifestyle

Why choose the Mooncup® if you’re a vegan? Many people are choosing to become vegan for various reasons – for the sake of the animals, for the planet or for health reasons. Whatever the reasons once you make the leap…

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Knowing your Vulva

The question is… are we all familiar with the intricate folds and openings of this part of our body? As a Mooncup advisor and practising nurse specialist in Sexual and Reproductive Health, vulval and vaginal health is paramount. Awareness of…

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