Love your Vagina Song

Music by award-winning composer, Simon Bass. Song performed by Amanda Dawson.

A year on and it was time to take the campaign a step further. Working again with St Luke’s, we released a song featuring 25 different names that women call their vaginas – these were drawn from the more than 14,000 different names that were entered into the online poll at

Simon Bass, an award-winning composer, wrote the music, and the talented singer, Amanda Dawson, performed the song.

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The accompanying film was shot at Proud Cabaret in London.


Rebecca Lewis from St Luke’s

“We were presented with quite a few challenges when we started thinking about how to advertise Mooncup. First of all, the feminine hygiene market is a crowded market place to advertise in; it is dominated by two types of product – tampons and sanitary towels. As you’re probably well aware from talking to your friends and family, women’s behaviour can be ingrained when it comes to our sanitary protection – most women don’t want to think about, let alone change their protection.

“Furthermore, when they first see it, lots of women find the Mooncup a challenging product. When presented with it, people’s reactions can range from shock to disgust!”