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Please note: The last dispatch date before Christmas for orders from our website will be Friday 21st December. For delivery before Christmas, please ensure you have placed your order by midnight on the following dates:

  • For Delivery within the UK 18th December
  • For Delivery within the EU 13th December
  • For Delivery Within the USA 13th December
  • For Delivery to the rest of the world (Excluding Africa and Middle East) 6th December
  • For Delivery to Africa and Middle East 3rd December

Our offices will be closed between 22nd December – 2nd January and therefore any orders placed during this time will not be processed until our offices have reopened. We apologise for this delay, and will aim to have these orders dispatched as soon as possible thereafter.

Wishing you a very festive period!  

  • Mooncup talla A


    Recomendada paramujeres de 30 años o más y para todas las que han dado a luz vaginalmente, independientemente de la edad.

  • Mooncup talla B


    Recomendada paramujeres de menos de 30 años que no hayan dado a luz vaginalmente.


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