Sheila & Grassroots
Suicide Prevention

Sheila and Grassroots Suicide Prevention


Every year, each Mooncup team member is given a share of the Mooncup funds to donate to a charity of their choice. Sheila, Book-keeper, explains her choice here:

“Grassroots Suicide Prevention is a local charity which supports communities to prevent suicide. It provides courses which teach suicide alertness and intervention skills to community members and professionals. Since 2006 it has trained over 5,000 people in suicide prevention and mental health both locally and nationally, and contributes to both local and national suicide prevention and self-harm strategies. In 2014, they launched an initiative to make Brighton and Hove the UK’s first Suicide-Safer City. I feel that suicide and its impact on family and friends is an issue which is hard to address, whereas the more it is acknowledged the more chance there is to intervene. This organisation is a leader in the UK in bringing suicide awareness to individuals and to the community at large. “.