Hannah and The Earthworks Trust

Hannah and The Earthworks Trust

Every year, each Mooncup team member is given a share of the Mooncup funds to donate to a charity of their choice. Hannah, Mooncup’s Advice Assistant, explains her choice here:

I’ve chosen to donate to Earthworks Trust (The Sustainability Centre and Natural Burial Site), an independent learning and study centre, a beacon for sustainability and an award-winning social enterprise charity in the heart of Hampshire’s South Downs, UK. This is in memory of my Nan, Margaret Read.


Nestling under a canopy of broadleaf trees and a yew grove, the natural burial site lies in a peaceful and secluded corner of The Sustainability Centre. The natural burial ground is managed to an ecologically sound system, creating a space of safety for wildlife and encouraging new life to bloom, whilst becoming a lasting tribute to those who are laid to rest there with natural and simple dignity.


The staff who work there are fantastic, and made space in a very difficult time for the opportunity to celebrate life and contemplate the cycle of both endings and the new beginnings that flower from these.


Find out more about The Earthworks Trust