Why don’t you make the Mooncup in different colours?

The Mooncup is made from natural un-pigmented silicone. We have chosen to avoid adding food colourings or pigments that may compromise the health, ethical and environmental benefits of the Mooncup®.  A transparent cup can also really help in clearly observing your flow.

The Mooncup ethos: less is more

As consumers, we are always being encouraged to buy more products and told that we should replace those we already own with new ones. The Mooncup gives you the chance to step out of the cycle of consumerism in at least one area of your life – and this is one of the reasons that so many love the product.

We believe adding colour to the Mooncup would make something beautifully simple into something unnecessarily complicated. We also think the Mooncup looks rather nice just the way it is.