My Mooncup is stuck – how do I get it out?


If you’re having difficulty removing your Mooncup menstrual cup try not to worry; the Mooncup® cannot get lost inside your body. Below we have included some tips and techniques that can help.

If you’re experiencing pain, your Mooncup has been in for longer than 8 hours or you’re feeling unwell, then contact our friendly Advice Team on +44 (0)1273 673845. The Advice Service is open Monday-Friday, 9-5pm UK time. Outside these hours we would recommend you seek medical advice.

Tips and techniques

Try to relax.

If you’re struggling to remove your Mooncup menstrual cup the most important thing is to take your time and relax your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are particularly sensitive to stress and can tense up around the Mooncup and make it harder to remove.

The pelvic floor muscles surround the vagina and other pelvic organs. If you are unsure where this is, think of the muscles you would use if you were trying to stop yourself passing urine (weeing) or opening your bowels (pooing).

If you’re having difficulty removing your Mooncup®, try using a relaxation technique that you find effective (such as having a bath or a warm drink); this can help your pelvic floor muscles to relax and can make removing your Mooncup menstrual cup easier.

Wash your hands

Remember to wash your hands with soap and water before attempting to remove your Mooncup.

Get into a good position

Find a position that is comfortable and that you can stay in for a while. If you’re worried about mess you can try to remove the Mooncup in the bath or shower or use a towel underneath you. You could try:

  • Squatting – this makes the vaginal canal shorter so is an excellent position for removal
  • Sitting on the toilet with your legs apart
  • Or find another position that’s comfortable for you

If you can’t reach the Mooncup

  • Do a series of small, downward pushes with your vaginal muscles – lots of small pushes are better than several big ones
  • Helpful Tip: Remember to keep breathing! It’s important not to hold your breath if you are pushing with your vaginal/ pelvic floor muscles, so try to breathe out each time. There is evidence to show that breathing out with every push helps to decrease downward pressure and reduce strain on the pelvic floor
  • It may feel like the Mooncup is moving back up slightly after each push – don’t worry, this is normal
  • These pushes should help bring the Mooncup low enough down for you to reach the base of the cup or the stem; if so, release the seal and remove the cup

Please Note: We do not recommend regularly pushing down using your vaginal muscles as a method of removal. If you feel that you are regularly needing to do this to assist with removal of the Mooncup please get in touch with our Advice Team.

Release the seal

It is important to release the seal before removing the Mooncup menstrual cup .

To release the seal either:

  • Insert your index finger and thumb and pinch (squeeze) the base of your Mooncup to release the seal
  • Or, insert your index finger alongside the cup and push the side of the cup away from the vaginal wall. If you’re able to, try hooking a finger over the rim of the Mooncup to help bring it down

When you’ve released the seal:

  • Keeping the seal released, bring the Mooncup® down towards the entrance of the vagina and remove it. If you’re finding it uncomfortable to remove the rim at the top of the cup, you may find it easier to fold the Mooncup to allow it to come out of the vaginal opening more easily.

If you start to feel tense and your Mooncup menstrual cup has been in for less than 8 hours, you may wish to take a break and try to remove your Mooncup again when you’re feeling more relaxed.

If you have tried these tips and you still cannot remove your Mooncup®, then please contact our Advice Team via email or telephone on +44 (0)1273 673845. The Advice Service is open Monday-Friday, 9-5pm UK time. Outside these hours we would recommend you seek medical advice.