Can I use the Mooncup when I travel?


The Mooncup was made for travelling.

When you’re trying to pack light, you don’t want to carry bulky supplies of tampons and pads. Instead, you can pack just the one menstrual cup.

Mooncup is reusable, portable and saves a huge amount of space in your luggage. Whatever your trip, Mooncup can help make it easier – whether you’re a business traveller with carry-on luggage only, or an off-the-beaten-track backpacker in countries where it’s hard to find toilet paper let alone super-plus tampons.

Important information before you go:

We recommend getting used to using the Mooncup before relying on it for your trip, as well as to make sure to use drinking water to clean your Mooncup when travelling.

Sanitary protection off the beaten track

Mooncup is perfect for trekking and backpacking because you don’t have to deal with used tampons on the trail, or carry supplies (just empty the cup and reinsert).

And since the Mooncup menstrual cup can hold more than a regular tampon, you can spend less time worrying about where to find a toilet when you’re on a long journey.

Mooncup: a budget-friendly option

If you plan to wait and buy your sanitary products abroad, you may find them more expensive and hard to come by in some places. On average, a woman uses 22 sanitary products every period. Thankfully, whether your flow is heavy or light, you will only need one Mooncup, which makes it budget-friendly as well as better for the environment and your suitcase.

It’s all too easy to run out of tampons or pads on long trips. When you travel with a Mooncup, you have peace of mind that you’ve always got reliable sanitary protection on hand.