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Well, what can i say, Mooncup truly is fantastic!!! I am 27 and Was looking into alternative sanitary product as i suffer from heavy periods and seem to waste money on tampons and pads and generally dont like the idea of filling up landfils with my waste!!!!! I bought a mooncup yesterday on day 1 of my period, took about 3 goes to get it in the right position, used it all day, all night and have had no problems whatsoever!!!!!!!! Day 2 is also going well. I couldn’t believe how well it had worked, no leakage and it is certainly no more messy than a tampon to empty. Will be recommending to all my female friends!! No more tampons or pads for me, thats for sure!! Thank you Mooncup!! : )

Kirsty – 24 March 2010

I’ve had my mooncup for nearly two years now and absolutely love it! It’s so easy to use, and no more worrying about running out of tampons when I’m at work/on a night out/staying at a friends house/at a festival. I only wished I’d had it a few years ago when I was backpacking. I started using it as I kept on getting terrible thrush after each period. The doctor recommended that I went back to using sanitary towels, which I really wasn’t keen on doing. A friend then recommended that I try the mooncup, and since then I’ve never looked back. More than anything, I love the fact that it’s reusable – no more bleached tampons and all the wasteful packaging that comes with it. I’ve told all my female friends about it and have encouraged them to at least buy one to try it out. It’s kind of like marmite, you either love it or hate it.

Amy – 24 March 2010

I have been using the mooncup for about 6 months and it is fantastic. Trying to tell friends about it is the most difficult bit – they all react in the same way – yuck! So I love the new campaign loveyourvagina.com… will be passing that on!

Rachel – 24 March 2010

when i first heard about mooncups i was a little bit suspicious to say the very least. How could something so strange make such a big difference to my life? I hated using tampons and that time of the month” used to fill me with dread. Now i’m using the mooncup all the dread has melted away. thank you so much to all at mooncup for your fantastic product. xx”””

colleen – 23rd March 2010

Well I have had mine for about 6 months now and can honestly say it has changed my life. The first month was pretty challenging and bruising at times but by the second month I had got the hang of it and really haven’t looked back. Totally liberating. No more towels, tampons, leaks, mess or waste. I can head off in to the wilds without a care in the world and recently went snowholing in the Cairngorms on my heaviest days- normally I would have had to carry out a huge bundle of sanitary waste. Just one word of advice- don’t use snow to rinse it out!!!! (Yikes that was cold). :o/

Lucy – 23 March 2010

Have been using a Mooncup for about 2 years now and since day one I’ve never looked back. In my opinion it’s the best thing since sliced bread! It’s environmentally friendly and saves me a lot of money too.

Jane G – 23 March 2010

I have had the mooncup for approx 2 mths, as soon as i got it i practiced, and was rather looking forward to “using it for real”. I can honestly say WOW – I did have to trim the tube and have trimmed it a couple of time now. I feel totally comfortable with it, and that was on my first period. I saw an advert for this approx 1yr ago and a collegue thought it was BAD so i was put off, but boy i wish i did it soon!! go ahead dont think twice go for it, it is totally amazing !!

Jane – 23 March 2010

I have been using the mooncup for nearly two years and am amazed by it’s ease and cleanliness. I love it. It is environmentally friendly, extremely cost effective, always at hand and importantly non-toxic to the human body. Why didn’t I discover it earlier?!

Alexandra Stauber – 22nd March 2010

I came onto this site after seeing the cryptic poster advert for ‘loveyourvagina.com’ at my tram stop. I was suspicious it might be a ploy of a horrid feminine hygiene company to sell weird scented products, but I was absolutely delighted to see that mooncup had gone in for some big advertising! At last! I’ve used a mooncup for about 3 years now and would never ever go back to tampons. Admittedly I’ll never feel joy at having to empty / change it, but I only need to do it in the morning and at night – not like having to change tampons all the time. My main reason for buying one was environmental but I keep using it because I feel so much healthier using it. I haven’t had thrush in years which is incredible as I used to suffer with it every month. Honestly please do believe all the great things women are saying about mooncup and buy one if you haven’t yet!!

Helen – 22 March 2010

This is a great product, I cannot recommend it more. I used to be a regular user of tampons, but I am very consciousness about the environment. I was shocked to find the amount of landfill space that is taken up by sanitary products alone.
I also found that tampons when used regularly could be quite drying.

I ordered the mooncup with the thought that if i didn’t like it is was only £18 . I have found that this has repaid itself many times over and throughly a good investment.

However, I do have to say that, just like tampons you get used to putting it in and taking it out. I am not squeamish about my menstrual blood and do not mind being up-close-and-personal with it when emptying it and washing it out, but if you do have a problem with it, it may take a while longer to get used to.

I think that this is such a good product, I am 19 and I have recommended it to all of my friends.

I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine!

Carla – 22 March 2010

I love my mooncup and have been using it for a number of years now. I am glad that I no longer have to pay for sanitary products each month and worry about the impact disposing them has on the environment. I have one problem though: after years of being carried about in my bag and stuck in the washing machine my mooncup’s storage bag is worse for wear. Is it possible to order a replacement?

Sarah, Glasgow – 21st March 2010

I first saw an advert for the mooncup on a toilet door in Keswick… thought it sounded good, jotted it down and promptly forgot all about it! 6 months on and I randomly saw the box in Boots as I hummed and hawed about which tampons to buy. Decided to give it a go, though still bought tampons just in case. 3 days on and I can’t see why I will ever go back to the mess of tampons. So much simpler, more convenient and comfortable. Only problem now is all the left over tamptons… any ideas??!!

Indi – 21st March 2010

I bought my Mooncup from Boots about a year and a half ago. It takes a bit of getting used to and I’ve had three kids so that makes it a bit easier (if you know what I mean!). What’s great is that you never run out of tampons at the wrong time and have to borrow or find a chemist that’s open. I’ve even knitted a Mooncup cosy for mine!If you care about yourself and the environment, use a Mooncup.

Jane – 21 March 2010

I started using Mooncup yesterday and I’m impressed. I was a little nervous at first but it inserted easily and I could just forget it was there. I trimmed the stem a little and to be honest I panicked when I thought I’d lost it. But the manual was really helpful and I just relaxed. I’m still getting used to it and it takes me quite some time to insert and remove but it is worth it for the comfort and confidence it has given me. Also,I live with boys so the fewer feminine products clogging up the bathroom cupboard the better. Mooncup is so discreet, user friendly and good for the environment. My advice is put your apprehensions to one side be confident and give it a go.

Jenny – 21 March 2010

I’ve been using Moon Cup since one and half years. First I found uneassy to use it. When I used it regularly I found it very easy and cofortable. I found it very clean so it doesn’t smell bad like pads which is very good to me. When I use moon cup during the period it doesn’t remind me that I am in period. And at the same time it saves Environment too. I recomment my frind to use moon cup.Thank you

Sabita Dhakal, Chitwan, Nepal – 20th March 2010

I’ve been using my mooncup for over four years now and have never used a tampon since I got it. (Think of all the money I’ve saved, never mind the landfill I’v not contributed to!) Can’t recommend it highly enough ;o)

Nancy – 20th March 2010

I’ve just started using a mooncup, I’d been curious about it for some time and was becoming increasingly frustrated with tampons and towels due to leaking and the inconvenience of having to change them often. Despite reading the website I was still quite unsure of what to expect with the mooncup, and I have to say I was a little sceptical – could a product work as well as people claimed it did? Now coming to the end of my first period using my mooncup, I can say that it is probably the best thing I’ve ever bought, and my only regret is having 8 years of periods without it! It was surprisingly easy to get used to using, very comfortable, and I’ve experienced no leaks at all. What I’ve been most surprised about however is how hygienic it feels. I’m somewhat overly hygiene concious and thought I would find it felt ‘dirty’ to some degree, but that was totally wrong, using it feels very clean and the thought of now going back to tampons and towels is what seems dirty and unpleasant to me now! You can tell that this is a product designed by women as it really does cater so well to our needs. I’d never go back now and I’m definitely going to be spreading the word!

lacey – 20 March 2010

I love my mooncup. It is so much more comfortable than tampons, I’ll never go bac. The environmental side appeals,but its the ease and comfort that make the decision to use one a no brainer. I think it too me two cycles to really be comfortable but after the initial nerves passed and I got used to it, the only question I have is why isn’t everyone using this?

Trish – 20 March 2010

I have been using my mooncup for 3 days now and have found it very comfortable, thank you.

Nelly – 19th March 2010

So, here’s the thing. My periods start unexpectedly, can be extremely heavy or very light and switch from one to the other within minutes. My mooncup deals with all these things. What it doesn’t do is protect me against my own stupidity. Last night, as I was cooking dinner, I suddenly felt that familiar soaking feeling – I rushed off to the bathroom and, because it was quick and easy, grabbed my mooncup and dived into the shower. As I was inserting it everything started to burn – for a moment I couldn’t work out what was going on, then I remembered what I was doing just before I’d rushed to the bathroom! Dicing chillies – OUCH! The burning eventually went away after an hour or so… But don’t let that put you off, the Mooncup is a wonderful thing when you do it right!

Maria – 19th March 2010

I’ve been using my mooncup for around 4 years and it’s the best protection I’ve ever had. It’s comfortable, I never have to worry about leaks and half the time, I forget I’m even on my period!

Rhiannon – 19 March 2010

I can only agree with all the other wonderful women here- MY MOONCUP IS AWESOME and has changed my perception of my period.
It’s no longer ‘dirty’ and to be thrown into one of the toxic waste bins in the women’s toilets-which need special companies to come and remove them. Instead, I can now see it for exactly what it is, and it looks much ‘cleaner’ when it’s not soaked up into an un-environmentally friendly tampon.

I’ve not had any leaks, and after getting used to insertion and removal, I only wish I’d known about them sooner.

So glad mooncup is having an advertising drive, after the recent ban of the word ‘vagina’ in a tampon ad in the US, it’s fantastic to see the promotion of such a great alternative product here.

If you haven’t already…get your mooncup now 🙂

Rose – 19 March 2010

I can’t praise the mooncup enough. I switched about 2 years ago. I would shout about it to every woman. I walk happily past the sanitary items shelves in shops because I never have to buy those again and I feel sorry for the women that still do. I will never again be responsible for the use of bleach, the addition to landfill, and above all the 5% VAT payable to the taxman – what’s that about?! Luxury items? Hardly!It’s easy to use and perfectly secure, never any embarrassment, and I’m proud to be a Mooncup user.

jm77 – 19 March 2010

Hi,I saw the mooncup advertised on the London tube and had a chat with my sister about it and I can honestly say i will never look back after buying one. I have suffered from very bad periods for years and have had a constant paranoia about going out when i am on my period due to the amount of blood i lose and a tampon and towel never worked, the mooncup has given me the chance to not worry about coming on my period for the first time in years. For any woman reading this who is not sure about using one, go and get one, you will never look back. Thank you so much mooncup.Victoria x

Victoria – 18th March 2010

i bought my mooncup after seing Cathy on a stand at the RCN conference. I can honestly say it changed my life! I used to get Thrush every month and that cleared up completely with the first use. I am at the beach alot in the summer and it gave me such a sense of freedom to just turn up in what I was wearing ,so to speak. I run and swim alot and have never had a problem with leaking or discomfort. No more finding squashed tampons in my bag or being sore and uncomfortable at the end of my period. I also went from someone who never spoke about periods to proclaining the virtues of the mooncup to anyone who would listen. It makes me happy that this is what my daughter will be able to use in the future instead of all that fiddling about and expense and WASTE!only one problem though -when I last sterilised my mooncup I put it in the pan and then watched the Apprentice and then the Apprentice you’re fired and then wondered what the burning smell was! Next time I will use a timer!

anna – 18th March 2010

I was so freaked out when my Mother got one and wouldn’t stop going on about it, but after I gave it a go I came to understand how awesome the thing is. And good for the environment. I am in the process of converting all of my housemates – 2 down, 2 to go. Once you get past the fact that your mates might laugh at first, you can realise how much better than tampons or pads it is.

Robyn – 18 March 2010

I have been using my Mooncup for six months and I am SO pleased with it. I never thought I’d be enthusing about period protection but it’s just awesome. No more mess, fussing about, having a stack of tampon boxes staring at me in the bathroom, no dryness or having to dash to the loo. I also like that once the Mooncup is in, it’s in, clean and sorted out – unless you change your tampon every time you go to the loo there’s a certain ick factor there. Plus I feel more “at home” with my body. Now TV ads for tampons seem laughable – they have to use blue liquid and act like vaginas are scary. So much of advertising etc acts like women’s bodies need to be cleaned up, tidied away and disinfected – scented “down there” wipes I’m looking at you. This feels much more accepting, like a real step for the normalising of the female body. Even without all that it is very liberating to walk away from the tampon aisle and not even think about when my next period is. Wish I’d had one years ago.

Alex – 18 March 2010

Great product. I’ve used it for years now and nothing could force me to go back to tampons. It’s no more complicated than tampons to use and let’s face it periods are never going to be a mess free business. 🙂

Clair – 18 March 2010

I cannot praise the Mooncup highly enough! It is fabulous, and I only wish I had discovered it ages ago! I’ve been using it for about a year, and now its second nature – no more tampons or towels for me. Saving a fortune, and doing my bit for the environment too. I just spent a long weekend camping in the middle of nowhere, and my period decided to join me. I would not have even been able to consider going on the trip without the Mooncup, and it was great to feel so free and without any worries about disposing of tampons etc. The Mooncup is perfect for this kind of thing, camping, travelling, festivals…no worries now. I even bought a few for friends as Christmas presents last year…!Thanks You!

Geneve – 17th March 2010

I decided to try the Mooncup because I absolutely hate using sanitary towels. I got on well with tampax but they gave me thrush so not wanting to go back to towels I thought I’d give this a go. I tried using it when I wasn’t on my period to get used to it first and this is a mistake I think. No lubrication meant it was harder to remove. I put it away and thought I’d never use it again. Then I had a month back using horrible towels again and I hated it. So out came the Mooncup. I use the method of pushing down one side to insert it. This works a treat. It’s very easy to insert. Once inside I give it a little turn to make sure it’s secure. I can’t even feel it inside me, it’s like I’m not even on my period. There is no horrible string hanging down like with tampons either. I love it. Removing it does take practice but once you get used to it it’s very easy. I find that for me it’s best to gently pull it down until I can get my fingers up to the rim then I hook my thumb over the rim on one side and push the side in and then pull it out. Oh by the way I found it best to just cut all the stork off. I spent ages and ages reading about it and really was not sure but I can honestly say that once you get used to inserting and removing it it’s so so easy. Comfortable and clean.

Marie – 17th March 2010

Mooncup is great – I love it. I think it’s sad so many people are squeamish about touching their own bodies. I love Mooncup for the fact it saves me loads of money, doesn’t leave horrible fibres behind, and means I’m not polluting the water system with tampons.

Vicki – 17 March 2010

I love using my mooncup. Took a few goes to get it right, but being able to sleep in WHATEVER position I like is so so good. Also, not having to change every 2 hours make it a winner for me, and not having to carry bags of “supplies” when I travel is a big plus.

milli – 17 March 2010

Love the mooncup! Thought would take ages to get used to but was fine immediately (although I had to trim it a couple of times until it felt right). I have excessively heavy periods and it is just so much more manageable and less worrisome now. Only slight problem is that for the first couple of days, and particularly nights, my period is so heavy the mooncup leaks, but this generally only happens at night and so I use an ST as well the first couple of nights). Also (sorry to be graphic!) took a while to get used to extracting/emptying it without spillage, again as I am so heavy. But after a couple of months I was totally used to it. Now been using for around 3 years and it has honestly made what was a terrible experience every month (changing super tampons every HOUR, not good) to something so manageable and easy that I hardly notice I even have my period. And no nasty chemicals and no waste. And it saves money! Brilliant.

moo – 17 March 2010

I wish I had bought a Mooncup years ago. It feels liberating to use, less messy than pads, and with no paper waste to deal with.
My top tip for a vessel for sterilising it on the stove: an ELC enamel play kitchen pot!

Jane – 17 March 2010

Amazing! I just got used to my mooncup and can now see what all the fuss is about. I bought it a couple of years ago now, used it for one period (not enough time to fully get used to it, so dont give up after a few tries!)I then got pregnant and obviously the mooncup got shoved in a drawer with all the other things i would not be using for a long time. Now that im having periods again, i pulled out the mooncup from the drawer and have been using it with ease ever since. It took a while to get used to it and feel that it was superior to other forms of sanitary wear. I’d say by about the end of the third period i was singing its praises. So many benefits, not just the reduction in waste (ie, tampons and sanitary towels going to land fill), but for your body,

  • Non-drying
  • can use it from day one, til the last day of your period
  • you can wear anything, swim(no strings hanging out!)
  • So convienient for when you are out and about and you dont need to worry if you have enough tampons in your bag, or worry your bag might fall open on the bus….

…..basically this has changed how i see my periods. They are no longer a hideous bother. Its easy to cope and i glide smoothly through them. This product is genious, get one, tell your friends and then take it easy and bare with it til you’ve got it down!

Laura – 15 March 2010

When I first heard about the Mooncup, I had the reaction most women do: “eurgh, what a weird idea .. I will never try that” … but then I looked at the website, read the history and the facts, and I was desperate to try it!!
I have never looked back, I believe that there is not a single woman who would regret trying the Mooncup. It has made my periods simple, and not the torturous time they used to be. My cramps are a lot less (I’ve heard many women say this about the Mooncup), and the stress of having to pack my bad full of tampons, remember to change them every 2 hours, etc has now gone – d’you know, I usually totally forget I’m even on my period!!!

Thank you Mooncup, I’m in love!

Rose – 15 March 2010

First of all – to the very sceptical “Morgan”, go ahead and sue all you like, you will only lose your money. I can assure you, the Mooncup *is* amazing and life changing. I don’t give out stickers nor tell “everyone” about it, but I wish I had the courage!
I first heard of something so weird as a menstrual cup some 7 years ago or so, and was curious to try it out, but never got that classic “round tuit” that I needed to order one. I don’t live in Britain but elsewhere in Europe so couldn’t just pick it up at any local Boot’s…

I finally gave myself the kick in the butt that I needed and started using it in January last year. I loved it from Day One. Oh, how I wish I had tried it out when I first thought about it! It is easily one of the best things I have ever spent money on in my entire life (36 years so far), and when you compare it to disposable sanitary products it is not a lot of money at all. I never have to worry about running out of tampons or pads. The cost of such products is eliminated forever. The hassle of disposing of said products – vanished overnight.

I can honestly say, that I now barely ever notice having my period. You know how some tampon brands advertise themselves as “freedom in a little box” ? Freedom is using a mooncup. So comfortable, so clean, so perfect. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone.

Elani – 15 March 2010

I spent 9 months travelling round Asia and South America last year and rather than carrying a year’s-supply of tampons with me I bought a mooncup!
This was without a doubt the most valuable travel item I took on my trip.

Since my return to the UK I have continued to use my mooncup, and it’s definitely saving me money on tampons.

It’s great: white trousers, no problem; swimming, no probelm; excercise, no probelm. Quite simply no problems to report.

It was a little tricky to get used to, but by the end of my first period with the cup I had perfected the insertion/removal technique.

There is no way that I will EVER go back to tampons, the mooncup is just too easy – yes a little messy with a heavy period – but it’s fine. I recommend it now to all my girl friends. And it’s great that it is environmentally friendly too.

Loving the current advertising strategy too!

Amy – 15 March 2010

I have used a mooncup for about 8 months now, ever since seeing advertising for it in the london tube. I have since moved back to NZ and tell all my friends about it. I wouldnt do with out my mooncup and cant believe this option is not talked about in sex ed!!! its sooo much easier and cleaner than pads or tampons, and I cannot use tampons! hate them with a passion. I think every young girl should get a moon cup!

Kim – 14 March 2010

wow im a cleaner and found a mooncup in a clients bathroom and thought what is this mooncup ???? searched the net and due to super plus tampax and towels not being enough when on my monthly ,thought why not try , nothing to loose , and wow ive used for a year or so now and have just purchased a spare just in case , when i got my mooncup i also got my 18yr old daughter one she swears by hers and has the mooncup box on top of her tv for her friends to see i tell everyone how i love my mooncup thank you sooo much

susan – 14 March 2010

Moon cup has changed my life! It is comfortable and does not leak. Once I had sorted out the right positioning for me, I have not looked back. It is so convienient and worry free, as well as saving me lots of money! Previously I used tampons, and found them painful to insert and remove and was always aware to their presence. Now my periods are less painful, and seem to be very heavy for less of the time, and I am convinced that this is due to not using tampons any more. I also used to sleep on a pad at night because of leaks, and now I can use my posh bedding all the while. It really is fantastic, and easy. I was amazed on a bad day how quickly it filled, but soon know when and how often to empty it, I do it every couple of hours when I am very heavy, and its full but I have never worn anything to supplement this as I don’t need to. What I will say is you need to get used to it, both inserting and emptying, but once you have sussed that, you will never look back again. I have even bought a second one to leave in my caravan, so I never need to worry. Fantastic product, to all you ladies out there, try it you, you won’t regret it!

Tracey – 13th March 2010

I have been using the Mooncup for over a year now. My sister, in South Africa, was actually the one to promote it to me. I haven’t looked back since! I used to have terrible thrush EVERY period from using tampons and a sanitry pad can be uncomfortable and not always practical. I have also saved so much money since buying the Mooncup. I certainly haven’t looked back and I am so grateful for the introduction!

Christie – 13 March 2010

After years of battling with thrush, heavy periods and bladder infections I was almost ready to give up. Nothing seemed to work for me. Tampons were cheap but itchy, and i was too worried to wear a pad due to such a heavy flow. A friend of a friend mentioned to me, this new godsend which came in the form of a cup. Also being a keen activist, i was extremely interested in an alternative to tampons and pads, as i know they must have severe environmental effects.My daughter is just coming up to menstrual age and i’m so excited to ‘ teach a new generation of ‘mooneys’ the way of the cup.
Viva la cup!!!

Angela – 13 March 2010

I have had my mooncup a couple of years now & words canot express how Wonderful a device the Mooncup is.Just like everyone else I have recommended it to my friends and family and my daughters.My only moan is that I took so long to discover it.The feeling of comfort and confidence you gain when wearing the Mooncup is unbelievable.I sometimes think of all those years I spent worrying about having a show and declining evenings out with friends and the countless times I had to rush off to find the Ladies in order to cope with a sudden ‘Super Flow’ not nice! Well that’s all in the past thankfully.I have always had a close spiritual connection to the Moon & her cycles of Maiden, Mother & Crone, but Boy I never realised how very fruitful her cup would be! ThankYou On Behalf of All Us Women who have come to appreciate the benefits of using a Mooncup.

Nikki B in the UK. – 11th March 2010

I’m on my second month with the mooncup so I’m still getting used to it. Despite all the problems I’m experiencing while getting used to it I still think it’s great and they don’t put me off. I haven’t yet developed the right technique of releasing the seal and sometimes when putting it in it doesn’t quite unfold properly. I know I’ll develop the technique the more I use it but for now I’ll be wearing a pant liner just in case!! I’m definitely a beginner!!

Rose – 11 March 2010

I bought a mooncup a few months ago and it has revolutionised my life. I know that sounds extreme, but it really has. I travel a lot and had very irregular periods. Now, I just pack the mooncup and, if I think my period might be coming, I can insert it and relax. It’s worth it for that alone, but if you want the icing on the cake… I haven’t had a single ‘leakage’ problem since using it and in addition, my periods have for the first time in twenty years, regulated themselves. To know that I will now have no worries when I have my period is simply fantastic. On a practical note for those who might be unsure as to whether to get one: The first few times I used it I did find it awkward but the telephone line was a lifesaver. Really friendly woman who was practical and helfpul. I persevered. You do need to get a bit more ‘hands on’ than with a tampon but you get used to it really quickly and it is worth being more hands on to have no worries about knickers, sheets, or running out of tampax / not being near a loo. Please, please try one. You will never go back to tampons again.

Lucinda – 08 March 2010

I bought a mooncup two months ago after having been considering it for some time. The first time I used it I found it painful to remove despite following all the instructions given so I contacted you and you sent further and more helpful information. I have just finished using it for the second week and, having been slightly worrried about the same removal problems occuring again, I would just like to reassure anyone who has the same problem that it gets much easier and is now pain-free!I now only find myself needing to change it twice a day, compared to tampons which I was constantly changing! Since it is environmentally friendly i no longer feel guilty about filling up landfills with horried tampons. Also, I had never before realised how much tampons dry you out – thankfully from now on I will never need to use another one ever! i have definatly been converted! THANK YOU!!

Amy – 4th March 2010

I just wanted to say that I’ve been using the mooncup a few months now and it’s amazing. I’d never go back to tampons, it’s so convenient and has made periods much easier to cope with! Thank you so much for your great product and I’m spreading the word to everyone I can.

Fiona – 04 March 2010

I bought a mooncup because I had developed an allergy to pads and tampons, so out of desperation had to try something else! Thank goodness I did! I am really impressed, no more irritation, leaks or carrying loads of pads and tampons around. I found I could almost forget about my period, I had to empty my mooncup alot less often than I had to change a tampon.Not only is the mooncup good for me, it is helping the environment which is a real bonus. Thank you!

Cecilia – 3rd March 2010

It is fantastic! Works wonders, feels comfortable. I am in the process of trying to convert my friends!!

Freya – 3rd March 2010

Just finished my first period using the mooncup and I am delighted to say it was a great success!
My period is heavy on the first two days, with bad cramping, so I was hesitant to try it because I thought I would be emptying it all the time to prevent leaks. I had no leaks at all, the cup easily caught everything with room to spare.

I also found it really interesting to see exactly what was going on – it’s really surprising how great it feels to know what your body is producing.

It takes a little while to get used to inserting and removing it but you soon get the hang.

The best news of all is my 7 day period was cut down to a 5 day period! Thank you mooncup for making a grim part of my month a good deal less grim 🙂

Heather – 03 March 2010

Being an American, I bought my mooncup while I was studying abroad for a year. It has made such a difference in my life. The mooncup keeps me from having to constantly worry about leaks or sanitation. I have been using my mooncup for nearly a year now, and it is so nice to not have to dread that time of the month anymore. I highly highly recommend it to every woman that wants to have any easier time dealing with their dreaded monthly visitor!

Felicity – 03 March 2010

This is such a fantastic product. I have been wanting to try one for a while, so impulsively purchased one the other day when my period started whilst out and about.
I must admit, I was a little grossed out at first handling the cup, but once I became comfortable with the whole process (inserting and removing)it has become absolutely fascinating. I now have the ability to monitor my period right the way through, which is a comfort as it’s great being able to see just how it’s all functioning “down there”.

For the first time ever I haven’t had ANY leaks during my period, which is an absolute godsend! No more ruined underpants! and it’s amazing not having to wear a pad to bed!

It also definitely goes without saying the environmental benefits of the Mooncup are just excellent, I feel just a little bit better about my impact on the world.

I will definitely be raving about the Mooncup to my female friends and family (as soon as I can find an appropriate moment to mention it!)

Jenni – 28 February 2010

WOW!!!!! i have NEVER hadmy period before but this sounds GREAT! so when i get it” i deff buyin the mooncup but i think u guys should get some FUNKY! pattern/colors!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh woooo mooncup!”””

Ann – 25th February 2010

I’ve had my Mooncup for over 2 years now and haven’t used a single tampon or towel since. It took a few tries to to get the hang of removing it but I feel confident swimming or doing sports and it’s great for work as I can go all day without worrying about leakage. It’s also great for holidays as you don’t have to stuff your suitcase with sanitary protection and then worry about disposing of it. And of course, it’s so much better for the environment. Every woman should try this!

Sarah Hannah – 25 February 2010

I love my Mooncup! I’ve been using it for over a year now and still going strong. Learning to use it was a little difficult at first but I kept trying and now that I’m used to it I couldn’t be happier. My cramps are greatly reduced and sometimes it’s almost like I don’t have a period at all! I’ll never go back to the old way – now I cruise past the feminine hygiene aisle at the supermarket and chuckle to myself hehe…

Canuck loves cup – 20 February 2010

To anyone who has just bought their mooncup and is struggling – don’t give up! It does take a bit of getting used to, and for a few days I thought I’d wasted my money, but I am now a huge fan. I wouldn’t go back to tampons for anything (dry, leaky, expensive, polluting and horrible!)

Emma – 18th February 2010


Dena – 18th February 2010

I am very impressed with the mooncup, after years of heavy periods and struggling with tampons and sanitary towel, I am very active and love to swim and I could never swim at the time of the month. The mooncup is easy, discreet and has saved me so much money!
It is comfortable and fits nicely in my handbag, also I find if I am at work on a long shift then I can pop the cup in a few hours before I know my period is going to start so that I am never caught out!
I have recommended the cup to lots of my friends who have all brought it and have had similar sucess!!!

Hanna – 18 February 2010

I was extremely skeptical about the mooncup and it’s usage, but after 4 days it’s made a massive difference to my life. I’ve had no cramp at all and thoroughly recommend it.

Julie – 18 February 2010

I tried Mooncup after seeing an advert on a toilet door advertising space. It is without a doubt one of the best things I have ever done.
At first I did have reservations, but decided to give it a go… the first day I used Mooncup, I went out for the day to a Go Ape centre (aerial obstacle courses, tree climbing, crawling around, zipwires etc). I had no problems whatsoever. No leakage, no discomfort at all – it was simply brilliant. I did wear a sanitary towel as well, to be safe, but it was completely dry and clean when I went to the bathroom several hours later!
I’ve been using it ever since. I can’t recommend this product enough – I don’t understand why it isn’t available more in supermarkets or advertised more.
It’s so clean, safe, environmentally friendly, comfortable and generally brilliant! I would recommend it to anyone.
N.B. I would say you need to be comfortbable with your own body and willing to insert the Mooncup manually – maybe people who are virgins or slightly more reserved may not feel comfortable with this. But anyone who has had sex or is comfortable with their own body and willing to give it a go – I say go for it.
Best. Decision. Ever.

Terri – 18 February 2010

I’ve had my mooncup for 8 months now and I must say, it’s probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, not an exaggeration! At around age 15 I started having really heavy periods, wearing a super tampon and a night time pad and having to change the tampon at least every hour. Age 16, I got fed up and decided to try the Mooncup as I was pretty desperate. It’s actually been amazing!
Because of my age I was initially worried if I would be able to get it inserted as it looks massive, but if you’ve been using tampons it’s really easy to insert.
The mooncup makes me feel so clean and hygienic, unlike the sticky messy feeling you get from other sanitary products. The fact that I have to change it less often is an added bonus – I can go out for the night and never have to empty my cup at all!
As for the ‘ick’ factor, if you already have heavy periods this really shouldn’t bother you! It sounds strange but in a way as your period is contained within the cup it’s a bit less traumatising to look at, rather than a messy pad or tampon :L
Mooncup is something I really wish I’d heard about sooner and I couldn’t live without it.

Rachel – 16 February 2010

This is the best female sanitary product on the market! Every woman should have one. I’ve just used it for the first time and can’t believe how easy to use it is. For all those sceptics, just go on and try it. Believe me, you will never look back

Cath – 15th February 2010

I bought one of these on Thursday after reading the reviews and, admittedly, with reservations. Tampons give me thrush every period and this brings on cystitis… A lovely combination!
My period started on Saturday and so far, I love this product. I haven’t felt any thrush-like symptoms, it’s very easy to fit and remove and unlike a tampon, I really can’t feel it at all. I

it’s slightly messy, I won’t lie, but well worth it and the comfort and reliability well outweighs the negatives. Get one today!

Becki – 15 February 2010

Thank you to the inventors of Mooncup, it has made my life so much easier.I hadn’t heard of mooncup until I went into Boots to buy extra large tampons as that was the only place i could get them, on looking across the shelves my eye caught your product, the concept looked logical so I purchased one along with the tampons (which are still in the cupboard)say no more….

penny – 15 February 2010

I’m too old for a mooncup, But my 15 year old daughter wanted to do her bit for the environment. I was a little unsure when I first saw the mooncup, but she loves it! Especially the freedom it gives here at school and in dance. She want’s to tell the world about mooncup, but is too shy. Well done on such a fantastic product! Thank you, I’m glad I found your website.

Jean – 13th February 2010

I have been using the mooncup for the last 5 years. I started with a similar one which my sister in NZ sent me as they are popular there. I changed to the mooncup because the other one I had was brown rubber and not so pliable. I have to say that there is no way I would ever go back to using any other form of sanitary protection. I have never had and problems with it and have been able to use it on every holiday I have been on ~ no worries about swimming or anything else. I have changed it in public toilets too with no problems. I have recommended it to a friend and she would now not use anything else either. Some of my friends don’t think its very nice using it but I can’t see that its any different from using a tampon and much better for you as well as your purse!! I would recommend everyone to try it out and am sure that they will not change back to tampons once they have.

Jennie – 13th February 2010

On my third period with the mooncup now and wouldn’t swap back for any money! i did find that it took a while to get the hang of it, especially removal, which hurt at first. What helped was realising that there were three stages to removing it: bringing it down to the vaginal entrance, breaking the seal and actually getting it out, and that there was a technique to each – now it’s becoming automatic. Love having nothing to carry around, (or forget to carry around) during my period, love not feeling dry and itchy and getting thrush, love having nothing to dispose of – neither guilt at flushing nor a gross bathroom bin. I still make a bit of a mess emptying, but getting better at that! All in all a huge success and wish i’d done it sooner.

CJ – 13 February 2010

In my opinion, every woman should own a Mooncup and other forms of sanitary protection should no longer be produced. This would not only have a fantastic effect on the environment, by reducing waste, but also enable women to feel cleaner, healthier and happier during their period – as well as saving them hundreds of pounds!

Laura – 13 February 2010

Incredible…..I am half way through my second period relying totally on my Mooncup, it really is absolutely amazing, no leaks, no cramps, no sneaking tampons out of the locker at work, and no worries! I bought my Mooncup because I was sure that the tampons were causing my cramps, I was right, with the Mooncup the cramps are gone – hooray! I think this is due to the lower position of the Mooncup in the vagina which means it is not pressing on the cervix like a tampoon.The string from the tampon used to drive me crazy but with the stem cut short I find that I can not feel the Mooncup at all.Tampons seemed to suck all the moisture from my vagina, while their chemical content and fibres seemed to damage the lining of my vagina. With Mooncup there are none of these problems.There are a couple of new problems though, taking it out can be messy but removing it with one hand while holding a tissue in place with the other has solved this. The only other problem is that I seem to spend a lot of time washing it

Rose – 11th February 2010

Bought my Mooncup on Sunday and have been using it since Monday (today is Thursday). I think it is a much better option than Towels or Tampons. Periods are a messy, painfull pain in the bum but the Moon cup really works and has not been messy at all. I am not a hippy, eco warrior but you have to try this.
Like so many others say, I don’t know how it works it just does.

Margaret – 11 February 2010

It’s tricky at first – but it really does get easier to use. And you know what? It is liberating! Strange but you feel as though you don’t need to buy tampons, pads etc etc ever again and it’s amazing!

GP – 7th February 2010

Great, great, great and while I got a bit of stick from friends for thinking about using it………I am determined to convert them!! It is a little messy but way less messy than towels where the blood is sitting on the pad and letting germs get to it! ………and how much money have I saved this month!! 😉

Sarah – 07 February 2010

I love love love my mooncup! I love how easy it is to use (Bit fiddly at first but I soon got used to it). I love that I dont have to carry tampons around with me any more. I love that it’s environmentally better than tampons. And I’ve not had a single leak in 2 months use (I even wore white underwear to test it properly and not a mark). It’s comfortable and clean. I wish I’d heard of it years ago. I heard about it thru word of mouth. Most of my friends had never heard of it till I told them. It should be shouted from the rooftops! Every woman should try one. I’ll never go back to using tampons and pads again.

Angie – 03 February 2010

I just have to comment on a testimonial I read while researching the moon cup for my 2 daughters (22 and 23) I think her name was Megan and she was saying that the testimonials must be fake because they were all positive. Although I have not personally used one I am purchasing them for my daughters and have no doubt that they are everything women say they are. The reason I have NO DOUBT is because my husband and myself used a diaphragm for fifteen years as contraceptive until his vasectomy and then we used the diaphragm for sex while I was menstruating as well as for when I was too poor or out of tampons. Same concept – Great idea.

Susan – 02 February 2010

Read about the mooncup in Cosmo, and was interested, checked out this website, bought one, used it and hey presto!Took 2 or 3 attempts to get position right, but once you get the hang ot it, so easy to use & so much more comfortable than a tampon! no leaks, no dryness. easy to use, cheaper, (I was spending the same amount as a mooncup every other month!!)
Wished I’d heard about them years ago!!

Sally – 31 January 2010

I just bought one this afternoon, because I’m sick of tampons drying me out and giving me thrush. Inserted it with no problems at all AND can get it back out – insant and complete WIN. I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with Mooncup!

Clare – 28 January 2010

What a revalation! Having developed an allergy to tampons I thought I would give it a go – that was 3 years ago and I have never looked back. There is no soreness or dryness at the end of your period, you dont have to change it as much as you would a tampon and after 3 periods it has paid for itself. every girl should have one – advertise more – don’t keep it a secret – it saves the environment too.

Laura – 28 January 2010

i was a bit scared of my mooncup at first, what if i cant get it in, what if it wont come out, but ive been using it for about a week now and im extreamly happy with it, i find it so easy to insert and remove and its a much bettee alternitve to tampons i would recomend any woman to try it, and being an active 15 year old i can go through my period with a breeze, thank you!! xxx

Paige – 26th January 2010

Hi, Just wanted to share my experience of the Mooncup. damn… its easy to use! I was worried about loosing it up there but nope! Its so comfy I can’t feel it at all yet its easy to get at. Thank you – its the most brilliant product – good for me, good for the environment, good for my purse. Thank you!

Rachel – 26th January 2010

I tried the Mooncup out of frustration with tampons; on the rare occasions when I wanted to feel clean and not worry about the potential smell of using pads the tampon would always fail me. Inserting them was often very uncomfortable, and 9 times out of 10 the tampon would shift and become painful-cue a dash to the toilet and changing back to pads.
The eco-friendliness of the Mooncup never mattered to me, I already feel I suffer enough during my period without adding guilt to the mix. All I wanted was to feel clean and natural with no discomfort or chafing, and the Mooncup delivered!

The thing I love most is that you can put the mooncup in while you take a shower. That way it’s lubricated, I’m comfortable and relaxed, I can get nice and clean and there’s no trip to the bathroom after my shower to insert a tampon and try not to get blood under my nails.

Even better, I can almost forget I’m on my period, and sometimes I even sleep with it in which I never dared do with tampons. For the record, after all my struggles with tampons I didn’t think a Mooncup would fit comfortably but it does, and everyone should try it!

Stevie – 26 January 2010

I have been using the mooncup for over 4 years now and absolutely love it, despite generally being anti mod-cons. Although I’ve recommended it to most of my female friends only 1 has been converted as the others are either too squeamish to try it or can’t afford the larger up front cost. I have been travelling in several places with it and it’s so much easier than tampons/towels – only one tiny bag to take, no solid waste to block simple toilets/fill holes in the ground and no need to try and purchase sanitary protection in another language! If anyone has experience of using it right from when they started their periods I would be interested to hear how they got on.

Louise – 26 January 2010

It really is light years ahead of the tampon. I was sceptical at first but after using it I will never turn back. Less mess, Better for your body, Cheaper AND better for the environment. Youd ont get that from a tampon. What are you waiting for….. do the switch TODAY GIRLS! I LOVE IT

Pippa – 23rd January 2010

I have just tried the moon cup for the first time. I read alot of advice about trimming the end down but decided to try it first. It definatly does need to be trimmed and once it has been it fits perfectly. I am completely happy with my purchase and I love it.
It feels completely secure. Today I went out walking for 2 hours and I did not feel the moon cup at all. So much better than tampons.
The only negative I do have is that it is slightly messy on the hands.
I spent ten years in the Armed forces and this product would not be practical in a field environment. However for everyday life it is fantastic.
I only wish it would be advertised more so other women could learn about this and it’s advantages to the environment.

Diane – 23 January 2010

Dear Su, I would like to add to the other testimonials. I LOVE MY MOONCUP. I am at the end of my first month and… it is faultless. I emailed before my period (after a bit of practice) and the advice given was muchly appreciated. The product is A*! It is comfy (:D), it is easy to insert; I recommend the second type of insertion, I have not leaked ONCE… and I have not used ANY pads. I feel like I am not on my period, and I find it liberating to use with the added bonus of no yakky waste! A-maz-ing!!! I am telling as many people about it as possible; though my boyfriend IS tiring if me singing its praises! THANKYOU!

Laura – 22nd January 2010

I would just like to say, my mooncup arrived today and I’m already ecstatic with it. I think that this revolutionary product coming from an ethical business run by women is astounding and really impressive.
I really hope we can all gain the courage to look at women’s reproductive cycles in a more respectful way and advocate more environmentally-friendly/safe products such as the mooncup to all the women we know in the future.

I think this is a significant move forward for womankind and the feminist movement.

El – 22 January 2010

I have been using Mooncup for almost a year now & I must say, it’s the best invention so far to cope w/ women’s monthly ‘monster’. Ever since I used Mooncup, my lifestyle has changed. I don’t dread having my period for the month because I know I always have my Mooncup around. Great buy! I encourage all the women to use this – saves you money, saves the environment & saves you from a lot of stress!

Valerie – 22 January 2010

“Fui aconselhada por uma amiga a usar aquela fraldas de algodão reutilizáveis, como fazia minha mãe e minhas avós, como alternativa de redução de lixo e benefício pra saúde. Conversei com minha ginecologista e ela aprovou a idéia. Porém quando comentei a mesma idéia com uma amiga européia, ela me apresentou o Mooncup e logo vi que era a solução mais ideal à minha busca e minha rotina. Porém temi fazer a comprar pela internet e esperei dois anos (achando, a cada ciclo, que aquela seria a última vez que eu usaria absorventes descartáveis) até que uma amiga me trouxesse um da Bélgica e dei fim à minha curiosidade pois minha menstruação chegou logo depois que eu estava com meu mooncup em mãos. A expectativa foi de todos. Com exceção da menina que me indicou, ninguém mais com quem conversei já tinha ouvido falar no produto (I live in Natal, capital of the state Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil). Depois que comecei a usá-lo senti uma satisfação plena, um alívio por valer a pena ter esperado tanto e não se enganado. Passei meu período de menstruação inteiro monotemática, me senti usufruindo de uma revolução íntima incrível, de me deixar rindo sozinha e ter despertado essa vontade irreprimível de vir aqui deixar essa declaração de amor ao Mooncup! hahaha”

Talynne Lopes de Sousa – 22 January 2010

I bought a Mooncup a little while ago for a variety of reasons: eco-consciousness, curiosity, dissatisfaction with tampons / pads etc and I am very pleased to say that it paid for itself within a month!! Just one Mooncup period in and already there were none of the usual cramps, disturbed sleep, financial outlay and it finished a day quicker than usual.
I was a little nervous about using it to begin with but it is much easier to insert and remove than I feared and by the end of the first day I had definitely got the knack. No mess, no discomfort and no leaks whatsoever (it did take me a while to trust it completely so I carried on with pads as well the first few times I used it).

I would advise new-Mooncuppers to try it without trimming the stem at all then take it off in little bits until you can’t feel it when you sit down (also gives you valuable practice inserting and removing the Mooncup!). I was a bit tentative to begin with but now have only about 5mm of it left and it’s so comfortable that I completely forget Aunt Flo is staying 😉

It really is a brilliant little thing and I’m so glad I took the plunge.

Helen – 21 January 2010

I’ve been reading about mooncup for some time now and was very skeptical as I had very heavy periods and wore super-plus tampons and a towel and still leaked!! But I plucked up the courage and bought one. It was strange getting used to it at first and removing it took some practice but I would never go back to using tampons For those you who have heavy periods and are reading this testimonal thinking it doesn’t work I can tell you it does! My only regret is not using it sooner

Elaine – 12 January 2010

I have been using a mooncup for a few years now and have had to change size now I have welcomed my first baby into the world. Again, no problems with the new size, I just can’t imagine life without my mooncup and am currently spreading the word in my mothers group! We have many mums who are very environmentally conscious and use cloth nappies (as I do) and they are really fascinated with the idea of the mooncup. I never regret my purchase of a mooncup and couldn’t reccomend them more.

Rachele – 06 January 2010

My moon cup is defiantly one thing i could not live with out! i could not even imagine returning to pads. My period is so heavy i use to try and stay as still as possible to avoid that feeling of gushing blood, and God forbid if i was to sneeze..lol anyway point made…With using the mooncup, i still have a heavy period but it is so much easily to deal with. It almost feels as if you you are not even on.
It is not difficult at all to insert and take out, you easily get use to it. there is no smell or mess. i just take it out, tip it straight down the loo, rinse under the tap and put it back in…easy.
it does seam a bit big when you first get it, but i always use a lubricant. It can be a bit embarrassing when trying to tell and advice others to use it, as they just have a giggle and say its a bit massive. (i just think, if only they knew!!)
I actually initially brought one because i was going skiing whilst my period was due. And i needed a tampon alternative( as they just leek and generally don’t agree with me) im so glad i stumbled across the mooncup, it meant i enjoyed my ski trip and could bare every other period after that.

umm potatoface – 06 January 2010

Hi,I just want to thank you so much for your wonderful release from those dreaded tampons at last! The mooncup makes periods less of a chore and now I have one tampons seem so old fashioned!!! I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful invention. Gillian, Spain

Gillian, Spain – 5th January 2010

I read about Mooncup in a University Magazine 5 years ago. Always wanted one but never bothered as I had to order online and really had no way to pay. I am in England on a holiday from Australia, and had to take the dreaded trip to the chemist to get my monthly supply of “plugs” where I saw the little mooncup shining brightly at me. I was overjoyed and proudly handed my new friend to the check out chick. I couldnt wait to get home and start using it. It took a few go’s to get it right and its the next morning and I feel great! Thank you mooncup! A Souvenir worth buying!

Nat – 05 January 2010

Ive been using a Mooncup now for 2 years and I honestly would never ever turn back! The first 2 months took a little getting used to, wearing a panty liner on heavier days just in case I hadn’t placed the cup right, but having sussed it now I am completely convinced it was a good purchase!The best part is that as the cup doesn’t absorb fluid, so I am not “dry” (excuse the expression but super tampon users will know what I mean) during or for a day or so afterwards- much more comfortable! That and I cant feel the cup at all… I might as well not be on my period.
Its great not to spend money on Tampons every month, be a little better for the environment and feel comfortable during those girly days!

Emma – 05 January 2010

I only started my period a few years ago, and I used to hate being a girl ’til I found the MOONCUP 😀 It’s great because I can go anywhere I like and never have to worry about it. I got really angry trying to put it in at first, but then I got the hang of it and I took it on a trip to South Africa. I sat through LONG car journeys, spent all day running around and swimming at the beach, best of all I climbed up a mountain (which took AGES) and had no worries about finding a toilet all the time! One word of advice though…try not to spill it when you take it out, ESPECIALLY if you are at a friends house and they have carpet in the bathroom. Talking my way out of that one was awkward!!!

Alisha – 04 January 2010

I’d known about the mooncup for ages but didn’t actually buy one until I was persuaded by all the positive comments following an article in the Guardian a short while ago. Now I’ve got the hang of it (it’s easy after a few goes, just remember to R-E-L-A-X) I can’t believe no-one told me about this before. It’s just amazing. I always found my period to be a bit of a nuisance because I do a lot of running, walking and cycling (which involves tight-fitting lycra pants) and I’ve never really got on with tampons so was always conscious of wearing a pad. Honestly, every women should at least give it a try before deciding it’s too gross or too weird, because once you get over that you’ll find out it’s absolutely brilliant and never look back.

Emma – 03 January 2010

One of my friends told me about mooncups, i had never heard of them and was quite grossed out at first. A week later I myself was using one. They are a lifesaver since i have quite a heavy flow and still go to school. Thanks heaps!

Jo – 02 January 2010

I’ve had mine for about three months now and it’s absolutely changed the way I feel about my period. It’s so comfortable you forget it’s even there, and so easy to use. Fantastic 🙂

Nicola – 31st December 2009

I cannot recommend the mooncup enough! I started using mine about 2 years ago and I haven’t looked back. It is so comfortable, convenient and economical. My periods last for about 8 days every 3 and a half weeks, with heavy spotting either side. It used to be a nightmare because I couldn’t use tampons on the lighter days and as I travel a lot I had to take loads of tampons with me wherever I went. I also don’t like the sensation of the cotton wool on my vagina, and the cord used to chafe when I was running any long distances – The mooncup solves all these problems. I have told all of my friends (girl ones obviously!) and quite a few of them have tried it for themselves and are also in love with it. Please, please give it a go – You’ll wish you discovered it years ago1

Gillian – 31 December 2009

I got my Mooncup only yesterday (i happened to be in the middle of my period) and I already love it! It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but after I trimmed the stem I can’t feel it at all! It’s perfect for me, because I hate using pads, and I always forget tampons in for too long. I also find it sort of interesting to actually see and measure the blood.This may sound strange, but now I am looking forward to my next period so I can test the Mooncup in the heaviest first days.

Eli – 30 December 2009

Suffering from heavy periods and clotting I had several severe leaks with tampons, as they don’t absorb clots. I have found the Mooncup much better, as it catches the flow rather than absorbing – so clots are no problem. No more having to carry tampons in my handbag or having the rather icky (not to mention environmentally dubious) disposal after use. Wish I’d known about the Mooncup years ago.

Ellie – 28 December 2009

I’m 11 just had my frist peroid moon cup was brillant easy to use not like a tampon really really comfy ! i can go swimming i’m free from having to go to the school loos every 2 hours ! I LOVE YOU MOONCUP U ROCK !

Claire – 27th December 2009

I’ve had a mooncup for about 8 years now. I can honestly say it is the most liberating product ever made. Unfortunately my puppy has just taken it out of the dishwasher (best way to wash them between periods) and eaten it! Oh well, I’ve placed my order for a replacement as there is no way I could live without my mooncup! Thank you

Olivia – 27 December 2009

I was slightly nervous when I first opened my mooncup, it looked so big! I got size B because I’m 18, however I had fears it would be too wide, because I think I’m rather ‘narrow’, but I was so excited when I opened it I tried it straight away, and… it was perfect!! I got it in in a second and it formed a suction without me even noticing! I walked around in it a bit and I couldn’t even feel it, it was so comfortable!! I didn’t feel ‘stretched’ as I was scared I would, although I think I need to trim the stem a little. Anyway, breaking the suction was so easy; i just squeezed the base a little and got it out without any hassle and I don’t think anything would even have spilled!My sister laughed when she saw it because they’re a bit of a joke to immature people I guess, I think because they think they’re ‘gross’ but I do a lot of hiking and camping and honestly, it’s a lot less gross than having to pack out used tampons!
The mooncup is amazing, and I could not be more happy or satisfied so thank you very, very much!!

Laura – 25 December 2009

I have used mini tampons for over 10 years now and find they dry me out. Plus I care about the environment and quite like the idea of saving money whilst getting to know my body better so I ourchased a mooncup.I am now using my mooncup for its second period. For the first one I only used it during the evenings and the weekend when I was at home and knew I was in a safe place without feeling stressed or anxious. This time I am at work and feel secure and comfortable; I trimmed the stem as suggested which made all the difference! I also feel like my period is a bit of a novelty, which reminds me of the excitement at not knowing what to expect when I began menstruating in my teens! Thank you mooncup!

Ree – 22nd December 2009

My friend told me about the Mooncup a year ago and I haven’t looked back since. It’s so comfy it’s unbelievable, and talk about discreet!I can’t even think about going back to sanitary towels now; they just feel dirty.

Emily, 18 – 22 December 2009

I was in bed with my boyfriend this morning, discussing periods etc, and I mentioned ‘mooncups’- something that a friend had heard of some time ago. We both agreed that they sounded kind of gross, but he insisted on googling.
After I read the testimonials, I was pretty much sold on the idea (well, very curious at least!)…I purchased one at Boots a few hours ago, and I’m happy to say that a) it is very easy to use, b) it’s surprisingly comfortable- more than tampons, in my opinion, and c) it’s actually a lot less unpleasant than tampons which are pretty unappealing. Of course, there are the eco-friendly and wallet-friendly advantages too.

It’s a shame that Mooncup.co.uk isn’t more widely known. Obviously word-of-mouth is the best and least expensive way of advertising, so girls, tell your friends! I think the company would do well by targeting the mainstream female population as well as alternative/eco-conscious women…maybe you could get a young, popular celebrity to endorse it?

I’m off to email this link to my friends!

Kate – 22 December 2009

I’m surprised that more people haven’t mentioned that you can wear this all day and the menstrual blood doesn’t smell. After three months, I still stare at it in amazement when I take it out, thinking of how terrible tampons and pads smell after the same length of time, and how companies manufacture special bins and little bags to deal with them.

Flora – 21 December 2009

I have been using a Mooncup for nearly 2 years now and I wont go back to tampons. I don’t miss the leaks I had with tampons or the horrible smell of tampons and pads. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough! It helps you be more in tune with your body and once you’ve got used to it (after a couple of months for me) you’ll wonder how you managed without it. I can’t believe people still use tampons and pads!!

Shelley – 21 December 2009

HI glad found this site i have now had this mooncup for 2 yrs, as i,m allergic to sanitary towels and tampons, free bulkiness and smell, great social life not having to rememeber to it whilst out and about thnk you very much xx

Debbie Roddick – 15th December 2009

I have endimetriosis and have onyl just started using the mooncup (this is my first period using it!). And already i have half the pain and feel more comfortable, i wish my gynacologist had recomended this to me as it is alot better than using tampons or towels, i will be telling all of my friends about it, i thinkits brilliant! It is obviously not a cure for endimetriosis, but it has made it alot easier to live with! I wish i had discovered the mooncup as soon as i was diagnosed!
Thank you so much, you have no idea how this has made my life better 🙂

Laura – 15 December 2009

I remember when I first started using my Mooncup that it was quite a revelation (and it felt scary too). Through using the Mooncup I have become a lot more comfortable with my self and my body. It has also helped elevate much of the discomfort and cramping which I used to get.Over the years it has just become part of my normal routine, and sometimes it can act like a security blanket (I have my period and I feel like crying, but it’s ok because I have my Mooncup).
However, I have recently been fitted with an IDU and was told not to use my Mooncup for the first month. I have often said that I would never return to tampons or pads, but given the circumstances I have no choice.
I had completely forgotten how complicated it can be (not to mention expensive). Having to remember to put spare pads in my bag, changing them, disposing of them, etc. It all feels very messy and unclean, not like my wonderfully simple Mooncup.
So thank you for my Mooncup, which has given me many years of service. I can’t wait till next month when things will go back to normal, and I can feel like a proper woman again.
I love my Mooncup!

Brook – 15 December 2009

I saw this mentioned a couple of months ago and thought I’d have a look as I was travelling out to India , and thought it would be an easy option to tampax/towels .Took quite a few attemps to get it right and postioned it correctly , which worried me for when I wouldn’t be in my own bathroom .
3 months later and I have no worries about anything . I still use a pantyliner as normal but the Mooncup has made my periods less of a trial and I feel cleaner too .
I walk quite alot and this is ideal , I can go for a decent 3/4 hour walk without having to worry . Not having to take lots of products out with me is great .
I do make sure I keep wetwipes with me when I’m out and about as not all public loos have facilities close at hand .
For anyone slightly curious I say try it , it’s not expensive . I don’t honestly think I’ll go back now , very happy with my choice .

EConnor – 12 December 2009

After 18 months of shall I shan’t I, I took the plunge. It’s great. No problems with insertion or leakage. Day two I had a moment where I thought it wouldn’t come out accompanied by a fit of giggles on the bathroom floor as the cats looked on somewhat bemused – oh the indignity. Next day I just cracked how to use it and haven’t looked back. Absolutely no worries about it at all. Roll on next month when I get to use it again, and yes, I’ve already raved about it to my friends, one of whom could be a convert.

Joy – 09 December 2009

I LOVE the Mooncup. I like that I do not have to worry about having supplies with me. I love that I can insert it before my period just in case” and it is safe to do so. I love that I am doing something positive for the environment.”””

Peggy – 5th December 2009

Today is my first day with the Mooncup! I’m 19 and just figured I’d give it a go. I was pretty taken with its economical and ecological benefits. I’m really liking it so far. Took me a while to get it in properly (about half an hour) but once in it was fine.
I was worried about it somehow getting back out, so I danced and cartwheeled around my room and it’s stayed in, so I’m confident about it now. 🙂 It’s really comfortable, which is always a plus, so I’m happy with it. Definitely worth the money, especially when I think of the money I’ll save in the long run. Ahh.

Now all I have to do is recommend it to as many people as possible! Thank you, Mooncup! 😀

Jazzmynne – 05 December 2009

WOW! Totally amazing, this is the best thing that has ever happened to the time of the month. I bleed a lot and so for the first day or two need to use a pad as well but this is NOTHING compared to what I would have used before. Mooncups are the way forward!

YummyMummy – 02 December 2009

When I first read about the Mooncup I was intrigued. Since I started taking the Pill, my periods, which used to be pretty heavy, have been getting lighter and lighter… to the point where I couldn’t use tampons any more, because even the lightest absortion was too much other than during the first day. So I thought I would give it a try, since I always found pads messy and uncomfortable. I am so happy with it! It took some practice to put it in, but once I got that bit sorted, I can say it is just plain and simply wonderful! Give it a go, and enjoy!

Ari – 1st December 2009

The Mooncup is pretty much the bst purchase I have EVER made.I used to worry about changing my tampons and leaking during my period, and always found it uncomfortable because of dryness towards the end of my period. The mooncup takes all these problems away. It takes all the worry, and hassle and fuss away.
I used to wear “sensible” pants during my period, to hold a pad in place, or because I was worried about leaking. I don’t have to do this anymore. I can wear whatever pants I want, and I can sleep naked like I normally do!
The Mooncup is seriously one of the best inventions ever, every woman should have one. They are SO easy, and not at all disgusting.

Maggie – 01 December 2009

I LOVE mooncups!I enjoy horseriding, cycling, dog walking and generally enjoying life. I suffer with very heavy long and painful periods and it seemed like my life had to go on hold for the duration. Well now I just feel so much freer, I can still do all those activities without worrying about leaks or feeling clammy, smelly and uncomfortable! It’s really handy for camping and going abroad too. I have never used tampons but I’m fine with the mooncup because it doesn’t dry you out and take away your natural defence against infections. It’s also saving me money and cutting down on landfill!! I will spread the word!

Natalie – 27th November 2009

I have had my mooncup since 2004 and haven’t spent money on tampons (the thought of having to use a tampon again makes me cringe) or pads since I clicked the “order” button on this website. I can’t imagine how much money and hassle it has saved me. I’ve never had a leak or any kind of problem, I love the fact that I can put it in when I’m anticipating my period and not bleed onto my clothes and – call me gross – I love the fact that you can see what comes out of you!

Eleanor – 27 November 2009

I have been using the mooncup for around a year and I think it is absolutely brilliant. I don’t usually get passionate about things like toiletries but the fact most women aren’t aware of the mooncup, and that it works, is unbelievable. For years I used tampons and experienced the usual problems of leaks, running out and rushing around at random points trying to find a chemist, and the mooncup just makes life easier. Tampons are simply rubbish in comparison.

Anne – 24th November 2009

I love love love my mooncup. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I will admit it took a try or two to figure out a comfortable insertion and removal position, but once I had a little practice, it was brilliant. No worries about leaking or smell. No need to carry a load of extra supplies around in my purse for heavy flow days. This is a fabulous product; all women should be using menstrual cups instead of pads and tampons!

Amanda – 24th November 2009

RE negative comment from Morgan, im sorry that you have not tried the mooncup, if you had you would be raving about it aswell. This is my second comment on this site and I can assure anybody out there that neither of my comments are fakes!. Mooncup is worth every penny an I have already recommended it to my sisters an friends and I can assure you that I am British.

Sheena – 24 November 2009

The mooncup is awesome – I barely even have to think about my period now!! Definitely give it a go if you are thinking about it!

Anna – 24 November 2009

My Mooncup has improved my life during my period.. I no longer have the worry of what to do with soiled products, and it is much more comfortable and discreet than anything I’ve used before. I’ve recommended it at every opportunity and have converted a number of other women already. I first used it whilst I was on holiday in what was the hottest week of that year and was much happier and comfortable than I would have been had I been using tampons or towels. I was concerned that I might leak at night, but quickly discovered that this wasn’t a problem, and now I don’t dread the mess or additional discomfort of uncomfortable products every month.

Julie Baugh – 23rd November 2009

I’ve been a satisfied customer of the mooncup for years. Recently it proved once again how great it is when I used it during a heavy-duty camping trip in the Sahara desert. It was a bit hands-on, but I loved not having to carry used tampons around with me for days. The only weird thing was that in the morning there were a jackal’s footprints all around the spot where I’d buried the blood the night before. One obviously had a good scatch and sniff in the middle of the night!

Sue – 23rd November 2009

My Mooncup has improved my life during my period.. I no longer have the worry of what to do with soiled products, and it is much more comfortable and discreet than anything I’ve used before. I’ve recommended it at every opportunity and have converted a number of other women already. I first used it whilst I was on holiday in what was the hottest week of that year and was much happier and comfortable than I would have been had I been using tampons or towels. I was concerned that I might leak at night, but quickly discovered that this wasn’t a problem, and now I don’t dread the mess or additional discomfort of uncomfortable products every month.

Julie Baugh – 23rd November 2009

I can honestly say that my Mooncup has changed my life! I used to dread having my period so much – with heavy bleeding, leaking, problems with tampons AND towels, it was a nightmare! I found mooncup and from the very first try, it was amazing. I cannot believe this isn’t the primary product for periods! It should be! I am so grateful, I can’t even express it enough in words. Prepare to have your life changed for the better!

Sophie – 23 November 2009

Used mooncup for the first time, FANTASTIC !!. No leaks even at night. I did take the time toread lots of reviews an followed the tips as I thought it would be tricky to insert/remove, im happy to say that I did not have any problems.I did have to trim the tail but I am extremely happy that I tried it an will be recommending it to my family and friends.

Sheena – 23 November 2009

I am on my third day of using the mooncup and I’m just getting used to it now! I would say that it does take a bit of practise to insert and take out, and it is a little fiddly, but it is definitly worth the extra effort. I found the FAQ on inserting and removing very helpful and it is worth reading it as well as the leaflet before using it. No more tampons and towels for me!

Rachel – 21st November 2009

I switched to mooncup for the same reasons I believe most people do: environmental concern. I had been worried about the effect of tampons for some time, but knew of no alternatives. I discovered mooncups on the internet one day and ordered one immediately.
It’s fantastic. Very easy to use, I got the hang of getting in and out with no trouble after just a couple of tries. It’s very clean, less messy than tampons, and very confortable. I fell much more confident exercising when I have my period.
I have no regrets about the purchase of my mooncup: it’s cleaner, cheaper and better of the environment… Go fot it!

Carrie – 21 November 2009

I recommend anyone give it a go. A wonderful investment! The benefits are numerous- and even if you decide to not use it after buying and trying (you won’t) it is only £20, which is a few day’s worth of lunch money, or text credit -or coffee dosh. Please try it- all these people can’t be wrong.

Jez – 19 November 2009

Just wanted to say Mooncup is just fantastic! I have been using it for two years now and have never once looked back. One of many beauties about it is that if, like me, you can be a tad forgetful from time to time it really isn’t a big deal if you forget to empty and wash it in a whole day! You can also wear it overnight and lie in with no worries that your tampon will overflow. Between periods I sterilise my mooncup with baby bottle sterilisation tablets. It comes out sparkling. Every woman not adverse to internal protection should have a mooncup. They just make sense!

Anna – 16th November 2009

I bought a mooncup recently for environmental purposes and was really nervous about using it. I just had my period and it was the best period i’ve ever had! The mooncup was so easy to use, so comfortable I couldn’t even tell it was there, and whilst I know some people are concerned about the ‘messy’ aspect of using one, I actually found it a lot more pleasant than using tampons. I had no leaks whatsoever and didn’t have to worry about carrying a bag full of three different types of tampons around for a week! One very happy customer. 🙂

Kirsten – 16 November 2009

I have just brought my mooncup and I was pleasantly suprised to find it very easy to use. I was worried I would not be able to use it as I hahve never used tampoons but I had no problems what so ever :)I would and already have recommeneded this to friends and family.

Sonia Jones – 15th November 2009

I’ve used my mooncup for about 18 months now. I have very heavy periods and used to spend a fortune on tampons, used to dread “that time of the month” as it used to be very messy, time consuming and spent the whole time terrified for little ‘accidents’!
Mooncup has changed my life. Its so effective, comfortable and now I am so much more relaxed that I never need to worry. Plus I’ve saved a fortune!

Thank you!

Emily – 15 November 2009

I’m 51 and read about it on a messageboard. I thought I’d try it almost as a talisman, if I spent 20 then I’d get to the no periods stage of the menopause. So I’m on to the 3rd period after purchase. I think it is wonderful product and I wish I had found it earlier in my life. However, I do have very heavy periods and it does leak. Yes it seals to your vagina, but it doesn’t act as a complete plug as I thought it would. Try filling it up to the rim with water, it will leak until the level reaches the bottom of the second rim.One of the advantages is that I am able to measure my menstrual flow and now I do know I have more than the average and can talk to my doctor about this.I was a little concerned when I first started using it and it leaked that your booklet said that one of main reasons for leakage was wearing it to high in the vagina.Well, I’m sorry, but my body has decided exactly where it sits. I tried placing it low and my body naturally positioned it exactly where it wanted it. So I’ve ceased to worry about that.The first month I found it difficult to take out, but I’ve since learned to use my vaginal muscles to push it out to a point where it is easy to reach by the body of the cup.I’ve told friends and family, I hope some of the younger ones find this earlier than I did.

Janice – 13th November 2009

I have never even heard of the mooncup before, I obviously read the graffiti in public toilets and not the stickers! I stumbled upon the site whilst looking for a pattern to make some reusable sanitary towels from old cotton nappies. Since having my baby almost a year ago my periods are horrendously heavy, completely different from before, hence the need for a super absorbant home-made towel to couple with my industrial strength tampons. The thought of a reusable tampon is genius! I really don’t like tampons, they either leak due to heavy periods or dry you up because you’ve got the wrong one in. I have not had any trouble using the mooncup – no leaks, absolute security and no uncomfortable cotton-wool-on-a-string feelings. It is a bit messy sure, but no more than removing a filled disposable tampon and certainly nowhere near as bad as having to turn your husband out of bed because you got a puddle of blood on the mattress during a 3am feed… I am upset my friends think I’m weird for using this, we live in a society of disposable things, most of which is unnecessary and expensive landfill. Perhaps I can’t convert my peers to my way of thinking, (we don’t talk about periods) but I am happy in the knowledge I will be raising an army of little eco-warriors whether they’re my kids or not and they will all know the name “Mooncup”!

Connie – 13 November 2009

I had heard about the mooncup sometime ago but it wasn’t until I saw an advert recently while I was researching irregular bleeding on the internet that I finally decided to buy one. I am so pleased that I have, not only because I can feel very eco friendly now that I am not filling landills with hundreds of tampons a year and I will save loads of money but also because I have recently had the contraceptive implant fitted and this has caused irregular bleeding while the hormones settle down. Now that I am using the Mooncup I can monitor how much I am actually bleeding during this time. And it saves me wasting a tampon when I end up only spotting for a few hours or leaking when I try to just use a panty liner! Its really irritating to be having a very irregular flow and this product makes such a difference to that. I’m surprised that I can’t feel it even though its wider than a tampon, although I did have to trim all the stem off before it felt comfortable. Its so easy to insert and remove and I feel much more confident that I’m not going to leak with it. If I think that I might be I can always check it, clean it and re-insert it without having wasted a tampon in the process of making sure I’m not going to leak before I go out somewhere! I am definitely going to recommend it to all my friends! Thank you, I wish I’d bought this sooner.

Lorraine – 10th November 2009

I have used the Mooncup for about a year now and I have to say how liberating the experience is! I am peri-menopausal and was experiencing vaginal dryness, pain and soreness leading to an appointment at a regional GUM clinic to find the reason. Since changing over from tampons to the Mooncup my symptoms have all but disappeared! I think that I had developed some kind of allergy to the bleaching agents used in commercial tampons, although even changing over to “greener” organic 100% cotton bleach-free ones only reduced my symptoms slightly. Now I get occasional soreness and my incidence of thrush has declined to almost nothing. The other advantage to the mooncup is that I no longer have to invest in pant liners (another source of irritation) as the mooncup is leak free. In 12 months’ use I have not experience an “accident”. My G.P.(male) is impressed by my findings and has started promoting the use of the Mooncup in other perimenopausal women. Oh, and another plus, we have no sanitary disposal unit where I work and now I don’t have to worry about the dilemma of what to do with a used tampon – we have a sink by the loo. So, thanks so much for changing my life!

Maria – 10 November 2009

I saw a negative comment on here by Morgan, and I think she has clearly never used a mooncup. I’m American, and I bought mine back before all the shipping restrictions came about. I LOVE it!! Its the best thing I have ever spent money on, and I DON’T believe these are fake testemonies. I would encourage any woman who is comfortable with her body to get a Mooncup. I have never been more happy.

Missy – 06 November 2009

After three days of non-stop practice/stress, I’ve finally managed to insert my Mooncup for the first time today.Not had a chance to experience it working yet, but at least I know I’m prepared. Great that you can practice when you’re not on!So just to let everyone know, even if you’re struggling, don’t give up; I’m now waiting to proclaim this one of the best inventions ever…bring on the period!

Cheryl – 5th November 2009

What can I say?! I’ve been using my mooncup for 18 months now, and if I were to choose the single greatest investment in my health, my savings, and my womanhood I’ve ever made – this is it. I love my mooncup! I still go shouting from the rooftops about it (Ok, not literally…).
I’m willing to try most things, so when I heard about it I thought ‘Oh yeah, why not?’. At first it was a bit tricky to use, and it took a couple of periods to get the hang of it, but after that it became second nature. I’ve been swimming in the sea, swimming at pools, to karate class in a white dogi/uniform, spent 8 days with the heaviest period I’ve ever had in a filthy music festival… no leaks, no spills, no cramps, no problems.

It’s so interesting being able to see what your body’s doing too, as weird as that may sound – I’m a naturopath so I suppose I have that bias – but it makes things so much more useful, especially for things like fertility watching and monitoring, or if you’re ever at the gynae.

I can’t believe how much money I’ve saved already, and how easy it is to use. You could almost forget it’s there – no smelly tampons to deal with or nasty pads sitting in your knickers, no sneaking off with a tampon in your hand at work, no cramps, no dryness, no infections, no problems, and nothing polluting this beautiful planet. It’s perfect!

See how I go on and on?! Once again – Thank You!! x

Erin – 05 November 2009

I started using the mooncup about 6 months ago, after using tampons for a decade or so. I hated pads: they just felt uncomfortable, and tampons tended to make me feel dry and irritated, especially once my flow lightened towards the end of my period. I LOVE the mooncup!! It can take a bit of practice at first, especially removing it, but once you get the hang of it, you can never look back. It is just amazing! I’ve been telling all my friends about it, hoping they get one too. It’s wonderful feeling at tune with ones body, and helping the environment at the same time.Sometimes I do have a little trouble removing it, but the best advice is to not panic, over time you learn techniques that help you remove it easily and insert it correctly.I highly recommend the mooncup! I heard about it purely by accident, and I wish they were displayed in stores along with Tampons and Pads.Thank you very much!

Sarah – 3rd November 2009

Unfortunately I have the horible fortune of bleeding continuously for over 6 months now 🙁 Gynae hasn’t a clue whats wrong with me, and I’m only 18. I spend around 20 a week on tampons and pads….and im only on benefits, my bleeding completely ruined everything. Imagine PMS 24/7 for 6 months! My auntie gave me the link to this website and I’ve just recieved my Mooncup today. First Impression was.. OMG its HUGE! Lol…but i worked it out and hope it is going to work for me! No more stuffing my bag and pockets full of tampons! I hope this is going to change my life completely! I think its going to make me a lot happier as well!! I will certainly pass this link on to all the women I know!!! Thanks!

Dani – 3rd November 2009

I’d heard of the Mooncup over a year ago but it seemed expensive so had put off buying it until I saw it in Boots a couple of months ago.
The Mooncup is amazing! You cannot feel it and the only bad experience I’ve had was when I accidentally put it in sideways. It got lodged and I started to panic. I thought I’d have to tear myself apart! Once I calmed down and teased it around, everything was fine. I think the trick is to not put it in so quick.

BanChan – 03 November 2009

Best thing since sliced bread!!!! Like everyone was a bit dubious about this but I still had to try it for myself. Oh boy am I glad I did. It so easy. Its extremely interesting too learning about your own bodily functions. Just remember to wash your hands before and after and dont leave the mooncup on any floor or washbasin unless its on a tissue in case of germs.I would recommend this. Just try it. You will be glad you did.

Claire – 03 November 2009

I’ve been using my Mooncup for about a year now and LOVE it!!!!!! I have super heavy periods and only have to empty my Mooncup every 3-4hrs, where I was leaking through a SuperPlus Tampon in 30-60 mins! Had a few difficulties getting it placed comfortably initially but, once I got that sorted…….Fantastic!!! Have recommended it to quite a few people already! I’ll never go back!!!Thank you Mooncup UK!!!!

Sarah – 1st November 2009

First of all congratulations for designing the best, healthiest and more eco-friendly product ever created for menstruation =) I have been using the mooncup for around 4 years now and find it very confortable and easy to use, especially when travelling since I don’t need to worry about buying “stuff” anymore.

However, with regards to one of your Q&A questions on whether or not it will hold inverted postures, I can say it holds pretty well if you are inverted for under 5 minutes and/or your period is fairly light that day (i.e. if Mooncup is practically empty). If not, I’m afraid it does leak a bit when you return to your normal position, but nothing a small “Salva-slip” won’t hold =) It might also spill a bit during exercise if you’re having very heavy periods.

In any case the Mooncup is amazing and well worth buying! XDXD

Shenti – 01 November 2009

I only wish I had been given one of these aged 12… it’s all you need. Marvellous.

Polly – 01 November 2009

My Mooncup arrived at the same day as my monthlies! I was so happy to see that you’ve sent it without unnecessary outer packaging (even though it was sent from one country to another) and it was delivered by daily mail. I expected the usual big package for a tiny thing-posting delivered via some logistics company.
It is really great to see that every detail of your company is so thoughtfully sustainable. From the ink on your flyers to the (wonderfull) Mooncup. Thanks a lot. And keep going.

Ju – 30 October 2009

When I first heard about Mooncups I thought I laughed and couldn’t believe anyone would want to use one, but a week ago I thought ‘oh why not give it a go’ and already I know that I’ll never go back to using tampons. The mooncup worked first time, it’s easy and economical too!

Olivia – 29th October 2009

When I get the mooncup I was a little sceptical about the size. Then I try this with the first day of my mensturation. I need 2 days for the right practices, but after this time I feel free and glad with mooncup. Over 15 years I use tampon but in the last time I was unsatisfied. I search for alternatives. But it was only after buying the mooncup I read that this is a ethical company which lead from women. So I do a good think for and the enviroment. Small things can do great things. Thank you for the mooncup.

Anita – 29 October 2009

ohhh. i ve been using the mooncup for the last 4 years and i am extremly happy about that.so happy that i just “convinced” 25 other women to get one…i got mine in new zealand where it is normal to get one in organic shops.i noticed that its not like that here in germany. i live in hamburg with lots of organic and alternative shops, but no mooncup.i want to spread the word about mooncups more official…because i think,us women have -at least- the right to hear about it.its gonna be new for lots of women,as for the women i just told lately about…i really believe it has to spread.its just wonderful in every dimension.thanks for this wonderful friend:)

Kathy – 28 October 2009

I have been using the Mooncup for a 1 1/2 years and it is probably one of the best purchases I have ever made. No more worrying about buying and carrying tampons and pads, as long as I have my cup I am all set for my entire period! I have always dreaded that ‘time of the month’ but the Mooncup has made it a lot less hassle. I will never enjoy being on my period, but using a Mooncup means I hardly ever think about it now!

Anna – 27th October 2009

I was so nervous about using my mooncup for the first time. I won’t lie I struggled with removing it the first few times and had some slightly uncomfortable experiences, nothing too horrific though, but now I realise it was worth it. It got easier and easier and now I use it without worry. Although some of my experiences with getting used to it weren’t ideal they weren’t enough to put me off. I agree with another user that it should be stocked in supermarkets alongside the tampons to let people know there is a grenner way. The only thing that bothers me is the website written on the inside of the cup, it makes it that little bit harder to clean but when all is considered the eco friendly little product is a welcome change.

Flik – 27th October 2009

I am a relatively new mooncup user, although I’ve been using washable sanitary pads for some time. If you are finding it tricky to begin with, relaaaax and bear with it – it does get much easier! I am a great believer in taking only what you need and leaving the land as you would like to find it, so am much happier dealing with my own waste in private than expecting the local council to clear up my most personal items for me. Call me picky…but I do step over a number of ‘escaped’ panty products every bin day on my way to my daughter’s school. It’s happened to me in the past and it’s mortifying!We women should be comfortable with our natural processes and be happy to deal with them ourselves. Great product, so comfortable it even feels nice! I will make sure my daughter is aware of the choices available when her time comes.

Alice – 27th October 2009

I bought my mooncup last month and I thought I would put it in the cupboard for a few months whilst I plucked up the courage to use it. I decided to give it a go a month later and I have to say I’m a fan! Despite being a bit worried about how it looked, fear of mess and how to use it, I am really impressed. Can’t believe I didn’t get one earlier. It’s incredibly comfortable and a lot less messy than I thought it would be. I’ve even recommended it to some of my girlfriends.

Gail – 27 October 2009

Very pleased to be using the Mooncup in conjunction with washable pads. I have found it to be comfortable, reliable, and a way of keeping in touch with my natural rhythms.My only minor criticism is that when my flow is very heavy it leaks a little at night. This is easily solved with a washable pad as well, but I don’t wear it alone at night just in case.
I can’t believe that this product is not better known, and I am so pleased not to be creating more landfill with disgusting used tampons ……
Many thanks for a very good product.

Michelle – 27 October 2009

I have been using my mooncup for about 6 months now and cannot express enough just how much I love it! I have told many friends about it and I really hope they take the plunge and give it a go. I love the fact that I am no longer contributing to horrible sanitary products in landfill sites and the sea and that I don’t have to pay exorbitant prices every month for disposable products. I also feel cleaner and that my periods aren’t an issue anymore. I have milder PMT than I’ve had for years, less cramps, shorter periods and generally feel better than I ever used to during a period. I trimmed the stem down to almost nothing and have no problems removing the cup – I just make sure I remove it over the toilet bowl so that nothing spills on the floor. I also carry wipes around with me to wipe my hands if out in public. I just wish I had known about the Mooncup years ago instead of reading about it on a tube ad months ago. I urge anyone who is having doubts to give it a go, you won’t regret it!!

Simone – 27 October 2009

I purchased one of these and it is actually amazing the only problem I have is that I think the B size is still a little too big for me cos when i take it out it hurts the lower area of my vagina because mine has quite a small entrance.

Hope thats proof that these aren’t fake.

Rosie – 27 October 2009

I’ve been using your mooncup for a couple of months now and I can honestly say that it’s a great product. Now that I’ve trimmed the stem, it’s completely comfortable to wear. It feels so much better to be nice and clean down there. I think I’m actually in a better mood during my period now that I don’t sit around in messy pads for a week. Thank you.

Olivia – 26th October 2009

Well my mooncup arrived on the second day of my period, so I tried it out as soon as i got home.I began having reactions to tampons a few months ago,so it was easy to make the moon cup choice. Was a little akward the first couple of times but like anything you soon get the hang of it and become a pro.
I went to the gym for a 2 hour session and it was a peice of cake! Couldnt feel a thing and no leaking.

I have convinced 2 friends to try it out and im sure word will spread further after that.
Thanks for such a truly great product!

Emma UAE – 25 October 2009

Im using my mooncup for the first time this week, to be honest I was not expecting it to be at good as it is. Its great im so glad I decided to try it out. Thank you mooncup. xxxxxx

Jennie – 25 October 2009

I used my Mooncup for the first time on holiday in Morocco last year. Quite frankly it was a wonder. I had been dreading having to use terrible toilets in public places but the Mooncup made life so easy! I’ve been using it for over a year now and have bought one for many of my friends. They’re all converted and have bought them in turn for their friends. Apart from the obvious financial and environmental savings, it’s great to be able to go out and not have to carry a bag full of tampons and towels. I used to dread my periods but now they may not exactly be fun, but they’re a lot less bother!I rarely notice my periods now and haven’t complained about them for months!Thanks Mooncup!

Nicki – 22nd October 2009

Don’t know how I lived without it before-it’s an incredible product and I’ll never go back to anything else! I love it!! There are so many benefits to using it

Leigh – 22 October 2009

I heard about the mooncup (or similar) about 6 years ago but couldn’t buy one until I got a credit card (last month!). The mooncup is the first thing I bought. Consequently I had high expectations – and I was not disappointed! I get lots of blood clots which cause tampons to be quite frustrating in the first few days of my period. I found the mooncup very very easy to get used to, it didn’t leak at all, (amazing!). I’m counting all the money I’m going to save, and so happy about less waste into the environment! I’ve told lots of women about it but have difficulty expressing just how much I love my mooncup. If only they would believe me! Thank you!

Anna – 21st October 2009

This is one of the only things I have bought which has actually improved my life. The benefits are many – health, cost, convenience, security, environment. I have told all my friends about it.

Nikki – 21st October 2009

I LOVE MY MOONCUP! I am only on my second month of using my mooncup but am just starting to get the hang of it and can’t image life without it. It was a little tricky to use at first and it took patience, perseverence and practice but I would never go back to pads or tampons. I feel so mch cleaner and healthier and proud that I am making a difference to the environment and to my account – not having to buy other sanitary protection is such a relief. Thank you Mooncup!

Emily – 21 October 2009

I have just used the Mooncup for the first time, age 40, with three young children. I am thrilled with it, and have been spreading the word. I found it very clean and easy to use, and just wish I could have had access to the Mooncup from my first period, all those years ago! My daughter will be lucky enough to use the Mooncup from day one. I can’t praise it enough!

Susan – 21 October 2009

I was starting to feel guilty about the environmental consequences of using tampons and towels, so I decided to invest in a Mooncup. My only regret is that I didn’t discover it sooner! (I’m now 35…). I don’t know I’m wearing it, and it seems so much more ‘natural’ than tampons or towels. And sleeping with it in is a revelation! No mess, no fuss. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Donna – 21 October 2009

Nach einer ca. 4 monatigen Gewoehnungsphase bezueglich rein- und rausgeben klappt es jetzt prima mit meinem Mooncup.
Ich freue mich, dass ich den “CUP” gefunden habe – er ist natuerlich und simple,

spart Geld, vermeidet Muell und verbindet mich mehr zu meiner Periode – im positiven Sinne!

Inge – 15 October 2009

Ich verwende seit einem halben Jahr Ihren Mooncup (von dem ich über eine Freundin erfuhr) und bin absolut begeistert. Nun hätte ich gerne einige Flyer und Info Material, die ich bei Gynäkologen und Apotheken auslegen kann. Ich bin sehr verwundert, dass der Mooncup so unbekannt in Deutschland ist und würde das gerne ändern. Herzliche Grüße

Eva – 09 September 2009

Der Mooncup ist super, ich fühle mich wesentlich freier und beweglicher. Ich bin oft unterwegs, wandern, zelten und lange radtouren. Mit dem Mooncup kann ich problemlos reisen, ohne müll in der Natur zu hinterlassen. Obendrauf spart’s mir auch noch Geld. Geniale Idee, vielen dank.

Gabi – 09 September 2009

Acabo de pasar mi primer periodo con Mooncup y puedo decir, sin lugar a dudas que ha sido mi mejor periodo en 23 años de menstruaciones!!! Es mucho más fácil de colocar y retirar de lo que yo imaginaba; no se siente; me siento limpia y segura todo el día; puedo hacer todas mis actividades con total normalidad, y además no contamino al medio ambiente. Qué más puedo pedir? Ahora recomiendo este sistema a todas las mujeres que conozco, porque para mí ha sido todo un descubrimiento y una mejora total de mi calidad de vida durante mi menstruación. Gracias por estos inventos tan maravillosos!

Toya – 05 August 2009

Al principio me costo quitarmela y me asuste, ya la segunda vez fue todo facil, ahora estoy contenta de llevarla, me parece comoda, limpia y sobre todo, ecologica. Tambien lo utilizo de noche y va muy bien.
Suerte en el proyecto!!!

desde barcelona…gracias

Paulina – 05 August 2009


Rakel – 05 August 2009

Cher groupe de Mooncup,
Votre produit est fantastique,a chaque lune je suis fier et soulager de l’avoir.

Dans le bois, en bateaux, dehors hiver comme l’été, je le porte avec reconnaissance.

Depuis son acquisition (1 an) j’accueil mes menstrues avec amour et respect, je trouve enfin le contact avec mon sang rassurant et propre, Merci!!!

Melissa – 05 August 2009

J’ai découvert la Mooncup il y a 6 mois, mon seul regret, c’est de ne pas en avoir entendu parler avant. Mon regard sur mes règles à changé. Et quel confort comparé aux tampons et aux serviettes. Je vide la Mooncup moins souvent que je ne devais changer de tampon. Et je trouve son entretien très simple.Il y a aussi la satisfaction d’un acte pour l’environnement, et je ne parle même pas de l’économie financière…
Je pratique pas mal de sport et notamment la randonnée, je vois d’avance les avantages de la Mooncup, et tout ce que je n’aurais pas à mettre dans mon sac à dos. Quant à la piscine, j’en ai oublié que j’avais mes règles.
Alors merci, merci de tout cœur pour un petit quelque chose qui change la vie.
J’ai déjà convaincu du monde autour de moi de l’essayer, et je compte bien continuer.

Cécile – 05 August 2009

Hallo! Ich habe vor einiger Zeit einen Mooncup gekauft und ich muss sagen, ich bin total begeistert. Ich habe eine sehr leichte Periode und mit Tampons war es oft sehr unangenehm. Da ich auch bei meinen Freundinen so geschwärmt habe, wüsst eich gerne, ob es Info-Broschüren (in englisch wäre völlig in Ordnung)und Sticker von Mooncup gibt?! Wenn ja, könnten Sie mir welche zukommen lassen? Vielen Dank schon einmal

Miriam – 05 August 2009

Sehr geehrte Frau Doktor, ich Silvia, habe den mooncup bekommen. Es ist ein wunderbares gefühl. Nach anfänglichen kleinen schwirigkeiten geht es jetzt ganz gut. Ich fühle mich wohl und habe keinen Stress mehr. Man ist viel unabhäniger so. Danke mit lieben Grüssen aus der Schweiz.

Silvia – 05 August 2009

Mit dem Mooncup zu menstruieren ist ein reines Vergnügen: Keine Schmerzen oder Krämpfe mehr… Vielen, vielen Dank für dieses tolle Hilfsmittel!

Antonia – 05 August 2009

Hi All!I ordered my Mooncup in August of this year after finding your web site while searching the net.My Mooncup arrived about a week after ordering it (I am in Australia). I’ve since used the Mooncup over three cycles and I couldn’t be happier. Its so easy to use, comfortable and convenient. I’ve raved about it to my friends and have several who are interested in getting their own.I think its a fantastic product and would highly recommend it to anyone considering purchasing their own.I would be happy to receive and distribute pamphlets regarding the Mooncup so that when someone asks a questions I can give them the information, as it is I pass on the web address so that they can have a look for themselves.All contact I have had with your staff via email has been very polite, friendly and informative.From a very happy Mooncup girl – Thanks!

Kali – 26th July 2009

“Prémière utilisation de la mooncup… un peu de stress, mais au final que des avantages.. c’est agréable à porter, et pas pénible à mettre… en tout cas ces 1èeres impressions sont largement positive, moi qui cherchait une alternative aux tampons.. c’est top”

Hélène – 07 July 2009

La verdad es que estoy encantada..llevo dos ciclos con ella y es muy cómoda. Obviamente hay que tener algunos cuidados para mantener la higiene, pero a mi me resulta más cómoda que los tampones!!! Ni me entero. Desde luego la recomiendo…a no ser que seas demasiado aprensiva…pero es igual que usar tampones sin aplicador o un diafragma!! Anímate!!!

Usuaria – 07 July 2009

La mooncup es lo mejor que me he comprado en mucho tiempo. La regla dura menos, es fantastica! ya no tengo que ir al baño con un tampón en la mano, sólo la vacio y listo! Mi vida a mejorado en el periodo menstrual muchísimo hace 6 meses que la uso y se la recomiendo a todo el mundo! Solo tiene beneficios!

Sofia – 07 July 2009

All – 20 April 2009

All – 20 April 2009

“Jag brukade ha riktigt jobbig mensvärk, menmed min Mooncup har jag inte haft någon alls.
Dessutom är den snäll mot den normala vaginala
miljön istället för att suga upp den naturliga fukten
som tamponger gör. Det här har varit min bästa
mensperiod någonsin.”

Kia – 20 April 2009

“Mooncup är bekväm, diskret och lätt att använda.Jag sportar mycket och brukar hata när jag får
mens eftersom jag alltid känner av tamponger och
bindor och det är jättejobbigt – men nu längtar jag
efter att simma, åka ut och cykla eller rida för nu
känns det faktiskt inte att jag har mens.
Tack för att jag har fått tillbaka den här 4:e veckan
varje månad!”

Nina – 20 April 2009

“Der Mooncup ist bequem, diskret und leicht zu handhaben. Ich treibe viel Sport und hasse es normalerweise, wenn meine Regel kommt, weil ich die Tampons oder Binden beim Sport immer spüre – was einfach scheußlich ist. Aber jetzt kann ich es kaum abwarten, schwimmen zu gehen, Fahrrad zu fahren oder mit meinem Pferd auszureiten, denn ich fühle mich mit dem Mooncup so, als hätte ich gar keine Regel! Danke, dass Sie mir die ,vierte Woche’ im Monat zurückgegeben haben!”

Sophie – 20 April 2009

“Ich freute mich sehr, als der Mooncup rechtzeitig vor meiner Periode ankam. Da ich immer lieber Binden als Tampons getragen habe, war ich besonders erstaunt darüber, wie einfach der Mooncup zu verwenden ist. Er ist auch sauberer als ich dachte. Es ist regelrecht befreiend. Ich fühle mich frischer und unabhängiger und bin außerdem erleichtert, nicht mehr zu den Abfallbergen beizutragen”.

Marie – 20 April 2009


All – 20 April 2009

“J’avais toujours des crampes menstruelles, maisavec la Mooncup, je n’en ai plus! Elle laisse un
environnement vaginal normal au lieu d’absorber les
sécrétions nécessaires comme le font les tampons.
C’est les meilleures règles que j’ai eu de ma vie!”

Elisabeth – 20 April 2009

“J’étais ravie de recevoir ma Mooncup à temps pour mesdernières règles. D’habitude, je préfère les serviettes aux
tampons. Ca m’a épatée qu’elle soit si facile à utiliser et plus
propre que j’imaginais. Ca m’a vraiment libérée, je me sens
plus fraîche, plus libre et j’ai bonne conscience de ne pas
participer à l’accumulation des déchets.”

Marie – 20 April 2009

“La Mooncup est confortable, discrète – facile à utiliser.Je suis très sportive, et normalement, je déteste mes
règles parce que je sens toujours le tampon ou la serviette
– c’est horrible. Maintenant il me tarde de nager, faire
du VTT, ou de monter à cheval parce que je ne sens
vraiment plus que j’ai mes règles!
Merci de m’avoir rendu la quatrième semaine de chaque mois!”

Sophie – 20 April 2009

All – 20 April 2009

“Ik had ontzettend zware krampen, maar met de Mooncup heb ik daar helemaal geen last meer van gehad. Hij zorgt bovendien voor een normale vaginale omgeving, want hij absorbeert geen nuttig vocht zoals tampons dat doen. Dit is de prettigste menstruatie die ik ooit gehad heb”.

Elisabeth – 20 April 2009