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We are delighted to share with you some of the thousands of testimonials we have received from Mooncup® users.
You can search for testimonials on specific issues; however, it is important to remember that these are personal experiences, they may not be valid for everyone and should not be used instead of professional advice.

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I bought a mooncup two years ago before I went travelling through Asia and Africa. It was the best investment I ever made! No more stocking up on tampons before I go,or searching through little shops in vain trying to buy them. It’s perfect for countries that have squatty potties – you can’t flush anything down them, and they usually have running water in the cubicle – very handy. I’m going back travelling for another year, and I’m about to buy another mooncup online. Not because it’s stopped working after two years, but because I’d be devastated if anything happened to it while I was away and want a backup! I’ve told all my friends about it, some react with fascination, some with horror, but quite a few have gone out and bought one. I also started using it when I was a virgin, and am now using it after I got married, and can say it works equally well either way. Absolutely fantastic product, I recommend it to everyone! I would never never never go back to tampons.

Gabrielle – 29th July 2010

I received a mooncup for my 23rd birthday as a gift from my friends. At first i was very aprehensive as i thought tampons were the only choice to control my heavy flow. My life have been changed dramatically for thr better. I feel so confident now and dont let my period let me down. As i am a enviormentalist this is the best choice. I have recommeded it to all my friends. Thanks mooncup for the freedom you have gave me!!

Siobhan Mooney – 29th July 2010

Soooooo pleased I have taken this step! My Mooncup is brilliant! From the first time I used it I have had no probs at all 🙂 A very happy girlie. It’s just about changing your attitude towards your periods. Now I feel my body and I are working together every month instead of against eachother!! Thanks Mooncup x

Liza – 29 July 2010

I have been using mooncup for 5 years and I couldnt live without it. I suffer with pcos which means my monthly is erratic and superbly heavy. No more finding myself caught short because there were no sanitary products in the house. No more waking up in the morning in a bloodbath from a horror movie because no sanitary product will stay in place and cope with the heavy flow. No fear of infections from tampons. No more waste that is difficult to dispose of with dogs that find their way into the bins. I cant think of anything negative to say about mooncup, it takes some getting used to inserting and positioning, but not much different to a tampon or cap.

Anna – 29 July 2010

I first heard about an alternative to pads and tampons a few months ago and was sceptical but willing to give it a go. I have heavy periods and even when using the most absorbent night time pad during the first few days, I always have ‘accidents’, leading to me using a towel on the bed just in case.
So I got my Mooncup last month just as my period was finishing and I used it for two or so days and thought I’d just wasted 20 quid on something that was basically useless. But thankfully I stuck with it, and this month was the first time I’ve had a period without using pads or tampons. I still wear pantyliners as I usually do, but I’m more confident about moving about and what clothes I wear. It’s a bit fiddly and ‘up close and personal’ getting it in and out, but I think I’m mastering my technique, so thank you.

Michelle – 29 July 2010

i thought it would be a worthwhile investment, but was quickly proved wrong. despite frequent trips to the bathroom i had accidents throughout the days i was using it. i see that many people say it takes time to get used to but i think two months of stressful periods is enough for me. even my partner was begging me to go back to tampons by the second time round as i had been so tetchy and stressed about it that he hated the thing as much as i did. sorry to be the one person who has a bad review but i guess its just not for me.

Stef – 27th July 2010

Hi to everyone at Mooncup!
After reading about your product I was keen to try it, and im so glad I did!

I did think that £21 was quite expensive, but i can totally say its worth the money!

What can i say, I am so impressed with my Mooncup I will be recommending it to all my friends! I love the fact that I never have to waste money on sanitary products ever again.

I love my Mooncup, so much so that I actually look forward to my period just so I can use it, It has also really helped with my bad period pains, although they are still there they are much less painful.

Its a fascinating way to be in touch with your own body, and id never, ever go back to the old way! I love the fact that when in place I cant even feel my mooncup, and its so much more convinient than having to carry towels & tampons around.

Thank you so much, Mooncup is an amazing idea 🙂

If you would like to send me another Mooncup, as a valued customer i would love that! 🙂 Emma xxx

Emma – 27 July 2010

Brilliant! so much better than tampons/towels on so many levels. Somehow I’m much less aware of even having a period and it’s also helping me to finally shift the chronic thrush I’ve had for over three years since the birth of my son. I really can’t recommend it highly enough.

janine – 24th July 2010

Once I used the Mooncup I found my menstrual cramps stopped. I no longer leaked and had to make midnight changes to bedding. The bins were no longer overflowing with smelly, tell tale signs of a period.
I nolonger dread my period – I wont lie and say I love it – but it is just another monthly event rather than a challenge. It has the added benefit of being eccologically friendly – as opposed to the smelly packages destined for landfill!

Helen – 24 July 2010

I bought my own mooncup last month and was (for the first time) eager for my next period. As usual I didn’t fully read the instructions, just gleaned what I thought was important. I had no trouble fitting it, and after a few trials I actually removed the stem altogther as it was more comfortable without. Initially I struggled to remove the mooncup, but realised very quickly this was because I hadn’t actually read the instructions!! When I went back to the instructions and realised I had to use my own internal muscles to bring it within grasping range, and did so, it was unbelievably easy! And WOW. I can’t believe how liberating it is. I don’t smell, I don’t get the usual skin irritations I expecienced with tampons, I don’t have to use pads, I’m not worried about leaks and I feel confident enough to swim when I’m on”. I can’t believe no one has ever told me about this product before. I was so pleased I saw that ad in the public loos and went to investigate it myself. Needless to say I’ll be telling everyone.”””

Jo – 22nd July 2010

The most important for me in using Mooncup is that it’s way better for the environment. Sure it’s very comfortable and all. It’s a pity I didn’t use it before for I heard of it first time 5 years ago, such a waste. But I know better now!

Maria (Ukraine) – 22 July 2010

Hi there fellow moon cup worshipers, me and my lesbian friend love this product, is not messy at all and easy to insert into the vagina and is also very very comfortable. I run a mexican place and being on my feet all day i dont have time to think to change tampon, and is usually very smelly and leaking all over my underwear to my embarrasment also helps when running away from american border from the police mwahahahahaha moon cup should be advertised along side button moon….with a spooon thanks again button moon …i mean moon cup 😀

Virginia Inya – 21st July 2010

I first saw an ad for mooncup in a supermarket toilet and was quite amused as i thought theres no way that would work.then i came on this site and after reading many fantastic stories i thought i may aswell give it a go, if anything it’ll be quite fun laughing about it with friends.anyways i got my mooncup and iam in love…it fits so snuggly and i barely even know its there, not like tampons that often cause discomfort and i dont mind sharing as we’re all liberal ladies here, but i experience quite abit of odour which can be slightly embarrassing…but with the mooncup im so fresh and lovely…honestly im so glad ive discovered mooncup…i no longer dread the time of the month! thanks so much ms mooncup! x

Q J Smithson – 21st July 2010

This is day 2 of 1st using my mooncup – thought it would take a while to get used to but my body has taken to it straight away!! I totally love it! I feel so clean, i’m not peeing on a string anymore and no odour at all – in fact I almost forgot it was there! It feels so natural!! I even went for a 2 mile run last night (yes it was my 1st day of trying my mooncup – looney!!) but it didn’t move!! Not to mention all the other benefits from this product. I am so happy with my purchase – the only drawback of this product is that it is not advertised enough, otherwise I would have started using it a long time ago.

Sarah – 21 July 2010

I bought my first mooncup a few months ago and it is truly amazing. The first few times getting it in and out were a little tricky but as soon as I got the hang of it I loved it and now I’d never use anything else. The freedom of not having to remember to buy tampons and sanitary towels is brilliant. I love just being able to carry my mooncup around in its little pouch so it’s there if I need it. There are no leaks, no smells, nothing to remind me I’m even having a period. I rinse the mooncup much less often than I used to change a tampax and there is none of that dry feeling you get if you pull out a tampon too early. After having my children I used to feel a bit vulnerable using tampons in my exercise classes but the mooncup feels totally secure and never slips out of place. Without going into too much detail, it also stays in place if I need the loo for something more than a wee!! Using the mooncup has helped me to become more comfortable and confident with my own body. It is just the best thing I’ve ever used for my period and I will never ever go back to using anything else. I would recommend this to everyone.

Rebecca – 21 July 2010

I absolutely love my mooncup. Some of my friends are sceptical and believe it’s just some hippie nonsense (I refer to a quote from Arthur Schopenhauer, a German philosopher: “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”) but it really has changed my experience of having a period. When I go back-packing I don’t have to stock up on tampons and pads at all. Even if you’re worried about using it in toilet stalls where the sinks are in the public area, just take a bottle of water in with you. No fuss at all.I recommend it to women everywhere !

Amy – 21 July 2010

Ive been using my mooncup for about a year now, and i still love it the best thing is that you can almost forget youre on your period. Its totally comfy and i find it easy to remove (despite some of the things you hear, once you take a few minutes to figure out the right technique its fine!). Im saving so much money on tampons, and its good to think that its environmentally friendly too. A wonderful product, if you are considering buying one then my advice would be go for it!

Elaine – 20th July 2010

Hi thereJust wanted you to know that I have received my Mooncup order today in New Zealand only 4 days after placing my order! I cannot believe that it took only 4 days to get here. What incredible service.I am on day 5 of my period so have been able to try it out already. In fact I have been using the Mooncup for about 3 hours now already and dont even know that I am using it. Its fantastic. I bought one for a friend also and she is on her way to get hers from me soon. And I sent an email out on Saturday to my antenatal friends (after receiving my order confirmation from you) in the hopes that they may start using it too. I am a convert already!!Thanks so much,

Deb – 20th July 2010

Oh my god i so totally love my mooncup!

Sian – 20th July 2010

WHAT A RELIEF!!!! finally a comfortable, satisfying product, and im going to save soooo much on instead of buying tampons and tampax. No more rushing the husband out to shops when iv ran out, its easily reused and comfortable. A truly miracle product. No more stinky odours down there anymore i am 100% satisfied with this delightful moon cup.

Beccy Marie – 20th July 2010

I bought my mooncup 4 years ago when I was 18 and have used it every month since. I travel a lot to less fortunate parts of the world, that do not always have nice clean toilet facilities. My mooncup makes life so much easier as there is no rubbish to worry about disposing of. Its also brillant in that I can leave it in longer than a tampon, which is especially useful on long bus journeys when there is no toilet. On one trip I found myself in a situation where there was no toilet at all for a few days, but I managed to empty my mooncup in the bush with no problems. My advice to all women is to go out and buy your mooncup now!! They’re a fantastic invention!

Kerry – 20th July 2010

I found out about mooncup after seeing it in Boots and decided to try it out after reading the testimonials on this site.
I love it. It’s so easy and hassle free to use. I don’t have to worry about having tampons with me. I’ve told my mum about about it and my sister and they were a bit sceptical but love it too!

Thank you for making it and for the cute little bags they come with. I feel like this is a product for women by women.

Angharad – 20 July 2010

I’m totally not a hippy at all and I find the name Mooncup really quite a turn off. I was majorly concerned that the Mooncup would be an uncomfortable and impractical alternative to tampons but actually it’s brilliant; it’s much more comfortable then tampons (until I used this I hadn’t even realised how uncomfortable I found them) and doesn’t need to be changed nearly so often. I have really heavy periods and it’s coped no problems. Putting it in is a doddle, taking it out is slightly trickier but still pretty easy. So all in all I’m very happy with it and feel like telling everyone, and it’s great knowing that it’s good for the environment, good for me and good for my wallet.

Jane – 20 July 2010

I tried my Mooncup for the first time this week, and I’m converted already. Here’s why:
The Mooncup is asy to use, there were no leaks, it saves money, is better for the environment and periods don’t go on for as long as they used to!

I also found that it’s very comfortable to wear, too. No itching/dryness with this, which is a nice surprise.

Spread the word!

Beth, Manchester – 20 July 2010

Couldn’t be more happier or impressed. I feel good that I’m not producing so much waste with pads or tampons anymore and no longer have to discretely shop for them either! More comfortable then a tampon in every way. Putting the Mooncup in at first was a bit awkward but really easy to get the hang of. I’m not one to handle blood very well but the Mooncup keeps it nicely contained so cleaning it doesn’t bother my stomach either. It was a very good decision to get rid myself of bleached products and do better for myself and the Earth.

Katelyn – 19 July 2010

As a 19 year old woman I have been reluctant to try anything other than pads during a period. Even tampons scared me after I tried them once! But after reading so many glowing reviews about the Mooncup I found myself thinking about it all the time! I finally got around to purchasing one and what can I say? It’s AMAZING! With tampons I found it quite painful to walk around, but after a few practices with the Mooncup I was delighted to find it so comfortable! It does the job so well, even at night time! I haven’t had any leaking or pain, just a little strange sensation pulling it out! Other than that I love it and wont be going back to regular pads. Thank you so much, this product has totally changed my attitude towards having my period!

Alice – 19 July 2010

I love my mooncup! Now Ive really got the hang of it, its the most brilliant period invention ever! Its so easy, especially on the go. Thank you, I’ll never go back!!!!

Lisa – 18th July 2010

One day into using my mooncup and I can’t believe I’m in love with a piece of silicon. I can’t explain how much I hate using pads; the inability to do sports, the leaks, the odour. And while tampons are ok, my period is crazy and either really heavy and I have to change my tampon every 2 hours or leak, or so little that I dry up. I think the mooncup is the best thing I’ve bought in my entire life! Thankyou!

Bee – 18 July 2010

I have been using my Mooncup for three years now, and it is still going strong. Before I used tampons and would regularly suffer from thrush. Since starting to use the Mooncup I have not had a single infection! Thanks for improving my quality of life, I’ll always stick with the Mooncup.

Claire – 17th July 2010

I love my Mooncup! After having horribly heavy periods, repeated flooding and that horrible feeling of ‘have i flooded whilst sitting down and leaked everywhere’ I can’t praise Mooncup enough. Although initially a bit weird to get my head around, it’s completely worth it, and i trust it completely on its own. I ride horses, ride bikes and swim with it in, normally tasks I wouldn’t have trusted a Tampon and a Pad with. It also has really reduced my period pain. Thoroughly recommend it, especially as I can feel a little righteous that I’m being environmentally friendly too!

Felicity – 17 July 2010

I’ve had a mooncup since 2005 and I would never, ever go back to any other product. I can pretty much forget I’ve got my period, instead of constantly worrying. Would recommend it to anyone.

Clare – 17 July 2010

This product has changed my life! I really dislike Tampons and I had been completly fearful of leaks and stains when using Pads to the point I would avoid going out when possible and definately avoided any other coloured trouser/skirts than black. Its easy, clean, comfortable, realiable and no one can tell I am wearing it, even my partner. I even forget I am wearing it at times! I’ve been using it for 2 YEARS and have not needed to replace it. Amazing investment! May take a little getting used to at first but you will love it! I do!

Tania, London – 13th July 2010

I first started using the mooncup three years ago, when I bought my first one in a small green/health/wholefood store. It’s so good though, I wish I’d started much earlier – for ages I’d seen the sticker on the door of the loos in Cambridge train station (the one on the left, if I remember correctly), but just hadn’t got round to checking it out.My motivation at the time for buying it was environmental – it’s entirely unsustainable to be using lots of disposable sanitary products every month, and I don’t fancy eating fish that have been feasting on used tampons.
But besides that, I really like the fact that I don’t have to change it as much as you do tampons, it’s easy to transport and no more worries about finding a place to buy them in an unfamiliar location.
One word of caution, though. I did have a minor mishap with my first mooncup – while sterilising it, I forgot to put the timer on, and predictably, burnt the pan dry and it went all brittle and cracked. Not good. No choice but to buy a replacement, but since then I’ve not looked back!
Maybe we can get a mooncup lady to replace the tampon ladies that visit schools to promote a certain well-known tampon brand?

Elizabeth – 13 July 2010

I’ve had my mooncup now for about a year and can’t imagine how I managed without it. It’s also comforting knowing I’m not contributing all that waste to the environment on a monthly basis – not to mention the money I must have saved.

Rachel – 12th July 2010

this is an amazing device. it makes the idea of stuffing cotton wool inside you or wearing pads seem completely ridiculous and medieval! it feels totally natural using a mooncup-my body feels cleaner, and i don’t even think about my period for most of the time! there should be better advertising for this product in the media and at hospitals, surgeries, clinics, schools, etc… because it’s not fair that so many women who’s lives are restricted by heavy periods or get infections through using tampons are missing out on a more convenient, cleaner, greener and safer method of handling their periods, simply because they have not been informed about the benefits of this device.

clara – 12 July 2010

I have used my Mooncup for many years now and absolutely love it! It took me a few goes to work it out, but it is just so reliable. I can go to work and leave it all day as I have learned how many hours I can use it during the heaviest time of my period. I also have around 3 days where my period is very light before it actually really starts and I always found this frustrating with tampons because it was painful and I was never quite sure when my period was really going to start so I needed to keep checking. What a waste. With my Mooncup this is no problem as I don’t have to keep taking it out and changing it, no pain and no waste. Great.Today the unthinkable happened. I made a tear in my Mooncup while cleaning it. I still used it though as the tear was at the top. I still works fine but I will be ordering a new one today to have it ready for my next period. Thank you Mooncup, I think you are a great invention and I pass your existence on to most women I come across.

Carmen – 12 July 2010

Hi,I have been using mooncup for almost a year now, and at the age of 43 with not much more menstrual life left, I wish I had one years ago. I absolutely love it and won’t use anything else. Guilt free periods!

Amanda Wheatland – 11th July 2010

A previous bathroom visit during my period: After enduring horrific cramps and the feeling of the tampon falling out of me, plus the sweaty feeling of the pad or liner. Rushing into the bathroom to find I have usually leaked, or having to somehow pull out a still dry tampon, then comes the RIPPPP of the new pad and/or tampon, the crinkle crinkle of trying to get it out on the wrapper and then the glue of the pad sticking to my fingers as I am trying to get that tightly rolled, smelly little bundle into the bin. Plus having to empty the rubbish before anyone visits my house cause if they look into the bin, there goes my privacy. Or the guilt of knowing it would end up in a landfill or if no bin is present and I have to flush it (tampons only) knowing it would soon be polluting the sea. How the bin smells so quickly and I would waste so much toilet paper wrapping up the pad or tampon into an unidentifiable package. How long each bathroom trip would take. How much I hated public toilet visits.Ok you get the picture. The point is. Somehow women are fooled into thinking that using disposable products are a more tidy, sanitary and dignified process. Haha. It must be advertising. Once I tried the Mooncup my life changed. (Plus I now use reusable pads and love them, but thats a whole different story)
It is easy, I don’t leak, I don’t have to change it every two hours and I don’t have as bad of cramps. It’s also quiet and small and doesn’t crinkle. Contrary to what I had been told, it is not even as messy. AND…I only need one. I feel much more dignified now.
So, it may take a little practice to get it perfect, but didn’t tampons the first time you used them? Give it a chance!

Chelly – 11 July 2010

My eco warrior boyfriend bought me my mooncup for Christmas!! I know..!!Today is the first day I’ve used it, and wow, I was surprised at how easy it was to use, and the fact that I don’t have to keep changing tampons – how great!I am so pleased I felt a great urge to read more about them and so found this site! All my friends are sceptical but I believe once you get over the initial worries about ‘change’ you will never go back!I keep thinking about all the packaging etc I will be saving by not buying tampons every month!

Hunter – 7th July 2010

After my sister recommended it, I bought my mooncup 3 years ago right before I moved in with boys. Not only did it make me more confident because it’s so secure, it helped me avoid the embarrassment of having to dispose of towels and tampons where the men might see (we weren’t as close as we are now and it could have been a bit awkward).
I swear by my mooncup and I feel even better every period knowing that I’m doing even this small part to minimise the waste I put into landfills. I’m secure in the knowledge that I won’t have any stray fibres left in my body and I can move how I want in whatever clothing I want – I even go swimming with it in!


Melissa – 07 July 2010

I’ve had my mooncup just over 2 years now and have never been so pleased with a sanitary product. I always found pads really uncomfortable and with my periods varying in flow rate even over a day it’s difficult to predict which tampon to use meaning I either picked one too small and could leak in less than half an hour or picked one too big and then had to drag it out almost dry, which of course leaves you feeling uncomfortable. I could also leak through a pad in less than 2 hours on a bad day!!!! The best thing about my mooncup is I can use it on a very light day or on a very heavy day. I also get a strange feeling when I know it needs to be emptied so have a lot less problems with leakage!!! I always recommend them to my friends when the topic comes up and couldn’t believe it when th school nrse who was about t go and talk to a group ofgirls about menstruation had never heard of them!!!! Maybe you should promote mooncups to the health authorities as many school nurses could pass on how wonderful mooncups are!!!!!

Louise – 6th July 2010

Loving your work- Mooncup is an absolute revelation- it has totally enhanced my life and having a period is no longer a big deal, which is how it should be! I really would advocate it to all women, especially those who care about the environment and our oceans- it’s a massive positive change all women could do! And think of the bonus of saving all that money to spend on far more interesting things! Be sustainable and smart ladies- don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! It would be great if they were more accessible here in New Zealand to spread the word more!

Laura – 06 July 2010

it took me a while to get use to it, but i was determined as i bleed heavily and was sick of stinky sanies i also figured that all the sanies going into landfill sites every month was a disaster, worse even than disposable nappies, im so glad i stuck with it as i now have it gliding in and out with ease when in public loos, i just empty it down and wipe it with tissue, no need to deal with it in the sink. this product should be available to women everywhere. i love it…

catherine – 4th July 2010

Thank you, mooncup, you have saved our sex life!
I suffered from vaginal dryness for a long time, which made intercourse rather uncomfortable. When this goes on for long enough, you subcounsciously learn that it will probably be painful, and then you don’t even want to try.

The doctor I consulted couldn’t help; I am only 29 so it couldn’t be menopause, and since it was just dry but not itchy, her other standard replies didn’t fit either.

So I decided to buy a mooncup. After 3-4 months without tampons the dryness is gone, and both me and my husband are very happy 🙂

Lucy – 04 July 2010

Hi all cant believe been using mooncup for nearly a year now and love it was panicked at one point as think my dog ate it so had to go and buy another one as cant go back to tampons, am really heavy had had bad accidents before mooncup. keep up good work mooncup rocks, have got 3 of my friends yo convert., loads of love lou xx

Louise – 04 July 2010

I’m just another one of the very happy ladies using the mooncup! It took me a while to pluck up the courage to buy it and try it but I am sooo glad I did! This is the second month I’m using it and I was actually looking forward to using it again! Thank you. I wish I had been introduced to this before.

elena – 3rd July 2010

The Mooncup really did seem very daunting at first, but true to everything I read about it prior to my purchase, it really is a great deal better than towels or tampons.
Using the Mooncup, I don’t feel disgusting when I’m on my period, which happened all the time when I used towels. It ensures that I feel fresh and clean all the time and I couldn’t be happier. It’s not at all messy, unlike towels or tampons and I’ve had no problems with inserting or removing it.

I used to always be very self-conscious on my period, but now I feel totally free and happy to wear whatever I want to without having to worry.

I couldn’t be happier with this product.

Louise – 03 July 2010

I’ve been using my Mooncup for about 8 months, but I didn’t realise how much I loved it until I went away for the weekend and forgot it, and had to go back to using pads again. I felt so ‘icky’ all weekend.When I use my Mooncup I can just pop it in, and forget about it. Fantastic. I think I love it most at night because i now don’t have to worry about leaks, and having to wash the sheets and everything.And for those of you worried about the ‘ick’ factor – I find it far, far less messy than disposable pads and tampons. Every woman should have a Mooncup!

Rachel – 2nd July 2010

6 months after purchasing my my mooncup- I’m astounded- its easy to use, not as messy as i anticipated, and i forget i’m even having my period! Two years after a horrendous birth of my beautiful baby (3rd degree tears – took 11 months to heal properly), ive suffered from constant rash, irritation, thrush, heavy periods using extra strength tampons and towels etc every single month, 3 months of using the mooncup- and absoloutely nothing !! i dont know why i didnt buy it sooner, top tip for use – RELAX and breathe deeply – I have practically no period pain and feel so much happier and relaxed within myself- no more looking for a public toilet every hour when i’m having my period, i cannot reccommend this product enough

Marie – 02 July 2010

I’m using mooncup for two months and i am very,very happy.It’s clean, not smell and doesn’t stain my clothes.
it’s cheap, I’m saving a lot of money stop buying tampax.

Also TAMPAX, sanitary naping and paint liners ARE full of BLEACH.

I am very happy of mooncup.
My vagina loves mooncup!
My period loves mooncup!
My ovaries love mooncup!!

Manuela – 02 July 2010

My sister told me about the Mooncup last year, and as someone who travels around quite a bit and can’t always find the space or convenient disposal units for tampons, etc., I got one.I was – and still am – absolutely thrilled with how easy to use, comfortable and hygienic the Mooncup is. I would have suffered a great deal without it, especially while living with boys! As an added bonus, I feel confident enough while wearing my Mooncup to go swimming and even wear white underwear and trousers!I have told several of my friends about it and they all agree that it is a genius invention!I love my Mooncup!!! 😀

Melissa – 1st July 2010

I bought a Mooncup last week after finding your website through a link on a medical site. I’ve only been using it for three days, but I’m already amazed. Why have I never heard of this before??!! It was very easy to use, though I was a little unsure of how to use it in a public loo with no sink inside the cubical. I managed at work ysterday and today, no problems. The onlt advice I ould give is – don’t be affraid to trim that stem back as far as you need. Once it’s trimmed you won’t know you’re wearing it and even if the stem is completely gone, you can still get hold of it.I’m 40 years old suffering from menhorragia (dysfunctional uterine bleeding, or recurrent heavy periods). The Mooncup’s measurement lines will allow me to keep a more precise diary for my doctor by including a fairly accurate measurement of blood loss. The more details I can give my doctors, the more informed they will be, leading eventually to better dignosis for other women.Oh, and not having to buy tampons any more, not having leakage from tampons and not sending used tampons to landfill – BONUS!!!Rest assured I will be spreading the Mooncup word. Thank you!

Traci – 1st July 2010

Dear Mooncup,
I would just like to thank you for your fabulous product. I am DELIGHTED with it and cannot wait for my next period – all my friends are sick of me ranting and raving about my lovely Mooncup!

Once I got to grips with the insertion I was amazed how easy and pleasant the Mooncup is in almost every way, and your staff at the Advice Centre are swift to respond and very helpful. It’s also a relief to know that even if I have a moment where I become convinced it’s never going to come out again, there’s no rush because it’s perfectly safe, so I can just sit back, take a few deep breaths and try again in a bit.

So thank you, Mooncup. You’re super!

Jem – 01 July 2010

Hi everyone, me and my friend stumbled across the mooncup after reading an article in a magazine and thought we would give it a try! Its only my first day of using it but i already love it! Once you get used to inserting and removing it its fine! So many people dont know anything about it so i am now going to spread the word! I have problems with thrush and bv from using tampons but hate the unclean feeling of using towels, this is great and hopefully will solve this problem for me, watch this space 🙂 just wish i had heard about it sooner!!! If you haven’t got one please buy one im sure you wont regret it!!

Annonymous – 01 July 2010

Thank you Mooncup. This is the best product I have bought in a long time. I have only been using it for two days but already I feel totally at home with it – after a few hours I went running and swimming! I was worried about finding it fiddly or messy to use (and so hesitated for a few months before buying one) but I got the hang of pretty quickly (just allow yourself some ‘practice’ time when you can use your own bathroom in peace!). It’s just SO much better than the alternatives all round, especially for nighttime (I usually have a very heavy first few days and have to get up in the night – not any more!), and for sports. Well done. I always felt that there must be something better than tampons (so unpleasant and drying) and towels (so un-eco). Thanks again.

Stephanie – 30 June 2010

I’ve been using a mooncup for about 4 years. It made life sooooo much easier – I could forget about changing tampons every 2hrs during the first two nights of my period, and finally got a good 8 hrs sleep! It took a bit of practice to get it inserted comfortably, and getting it out can sometimes be a fight against suction, but no biggie. I travel a lot on business, and it’s so much easier to pack my mooncup every trip, instead of taking 2 boxes of tampons if my period is due. Now I’m into menopause (10 years early, thanks for nothing, body!) so I’m really irregular, but I never worry about being caught without tampons. I think all girls should be told about this at school, instead of all that nonsense with towels and tampons.

Liz – 29 June 2010

I’ve been using the mooncup for about 3 years now and my only regret is that I wasn’t told that this was an option 20 years ago when my periods first started. I thought it would be difficult to use but it was fine and very clean (better than tampons). I’ve had irregular periods for years but since using the mooncup they have finally settled down. I can’t say for sure that it is related but there have been no other changes in my life that I can put it down to. I now feel free as I’m very active and having to think about carrying and changing tampons all the time was a worry. I’ve also saved money. I wouldn’t go back to using tampons.

Lucy – 29 June 2010

A friend told me about this miracle invention, and although I’d never heard of it before and was a bit reluctant to use something I didn’t know, now I am so glad she did!! At first I thought she might be overacting about the benefits and the difference it made, but when I finally tried it, I have to admit she was absolutely right! I used to stain my clothes beacuse I move a lot and excersise almost every day, and the Mooncup is just perfect! I have not had any difficulty whatsoever using it, although I have to say I cut the little tube to half it’s length, as it was massive for me, but then that made it. Now I’m the one telling every woman I know, and believe me, there’s nothing like the Mooncup for exercising, sleeping without worrying about changing the sheets after each one of thoses 2-3 nights with heavier periods, going to the beach or wearing white trousers during your period!! I am so glad my friend discovered it for me!

Olga – 28 June 2010

When I first heard of menstrual cups I thought they sounded a bit gross. However my curiousity got the better of me and I decided to see what the fuss was all about. I bought one from Boots and I never expected to be so impressed by it!I worried about not getting it in the correct position and leaking but I can say in all honesty that I have never had a problem with it at all. I have been using my mooncup for six months now and I will never go back to tampons!I never had a problem using tampons but the mooncup is better for the environment, better for my body, significantly cheaper than my previous monthly supply of tampons and somehow I don’t get period pain like I used to. In fact with the mooncup, I’m hardly even aware that I have my period! I highly recommend the mooncup to all women!

Maria – 27th June 2010

I’ve used the mooncup during two of my periods now and I just love it!! It has given me more freedom to move about without feeling a wet pad in my knickers. It is especially liberating during work where I don’t have to take as many breaks to check that everything is alright and to change pads or tampons. The mooncup is life changing and every girl and woman should be told about it!! 🙂

Rev – 27 June 2010

I have been mooncupping for a year now; I have recently introduced it to a group of women at work, they love it too. A fantastic way to start the month!! Hassle and odour free. thanks mooncup.

Michealine – 26th June 2010

I bought my Mooncup around a year ago, and after a disasterous first attempt (found it extremely painful to insert) I consigned it to the bathroom cabinet. About 4 months ago when I realised I had run out of tampons right before my period I decided to give it another try. During that first period I had a bit of leakage, found the process was messy and thought the hype around the Mooncup was exactly that. I persevered however and have used it for the past 3 periods very successfully – the key to easy insertion is to wet it first, and ‘wear’ it much lower inside you than you’d expect to avoid leaks. I love that I don’t need to remember to buy tampons and that it needs emptying far less frequently than a tampon needs changing. I still find emptying it a bit yucky but I’m getting used to that. If you do decide to buy one, don’t expect to love it straight away but do persevere…..it’s definitely worth it.

Tracey – 26 June 2010

Fantastic! Being an eco-architect I was beginning to feel like a bit of a hypocrite clogging the world up with tampons once a month, so I sought out a mooncup! Three periods in and nothing would make me go back to tampons. The best thing is not having to sneak your bag away at parties, work, friends houses, boyfriends, because everything you need is already in there!

Nadine – 22nd June 2010

i have heard about the mooncup a while now but since moving to spain and the area we live in (not good for flushing toilet paper or tampons) i got my sister to send me one and i have used it for the first time, i got with it straight away no problems at all very comfy not at all a pain like tampons are, really easy to clean and i am very happy it will save me money and the environment thumbs up 10 out of 10 should be advertised lots and get every women using one,

Kerry – 22 June 2010

I couldn’t get on with Mooncup. I was 49 when I started to use it and was having heavy periods I found it leaked. I would have like to of been able to try it when I was much younger and the muscles were stronger. I was having more accidents with it than conventional tampons. However it wasn’t all bad. I found easy to insert, no horrid string hanging down and on light days it was ok. I think its a great idea but not for me

Micaela – 21st June 2010

I just bought my mooncup after hearing about them from various people who had also heard but never tried. It is now only my second day using it and I am converted! I change it much less often, I can ride my horse, go swimming do anything I normally do with complete peace of mind. No need for awkward moments in a friends loo with no rubbish bin! Fantastic, I recommend every woman should have one. Go mooncup!

Anna – 21 June 2010

ITS GREAT!I haven’t even had mine 24 hours yet and as far as I can tell its fantastic! I dont know why but you can just feel that it is much better than tampons. I had a go at inserting it and taking it out 3 times in a row this morning to practise and get the stem the correct length and now it seems just like putting a tampon in. In fact its actually easier as it doesnt have to go in as far. Plus there has not been any leaking whatsoever! Which is something I found (past tense now!) constantly with tampons. I think it is going to be a real plus, not having to take all that other stuff around all the time as the only thing you need will be right with you. I find the second way (illustrated in the cute little instruction book) of folding much easier to insert as it is more tapered, and about 30 seconds after inserting it I can just about feel it pop into shape, this isnt at all painful, just a slightly odd feeling.I am very green conscious and try quite hard not to buy and throw away exsess stuff, so this is really good for my morals!I worked out that I will save about 30-40 a year! So the cost is covered in under a year! Plus I will have to empty the bathroom bin… Never! In fact I will probably just get rid of it!Its also good to be able to see your flow as a liquid rather than soaked into a material where you cant get an accurate judge on how much there is, it was quite interesting to see how much or little you do actually loose, and because all the blood is on the inside of the cup it keeps you much cleaner. I have not slept using it yet, so Ill report back on that, but I am sure it will be fine! TSS is also a worry with tampons, and that is eliminated with this the high risk categories (teenagers) should be encouraged to use the Mooncup as an alternative.I dont want to speak to soon, but this really is very good!If you are reading this and are not sure I really think it is worth a try I dont know, it might not suit everyone, but it will probably be much better than you think it will be!

Ali – 14th June 2010

I just started using the mooncup two days ago – I must admit I’m impressed. I got the hang of it pretty much straight away and hopefully it will only get easier to use with some practice.I’ve always struggled with my periods and now I feel this will give me so much more control, no more searching for pennies to buy tampons either!

Pixie – 14 June 2010

I’d just like to say how great the mooncup is. My friend recommended it. At first I was wary about the size and inserting/removing it, but it only takes a little practice and is well worth the effort. Once inside it is so comfortable you forget it’s there. It feels so much more natural and is so nice to know I’m no longer damaging the environment with tampons and pads. Much cheaper too than having to buy products every month. I will certainly be recommending the Mooncup to everyone I can. Wouldn’t it be great for mooncups to be available to women in the 3rd world as well, say through the Red Cross for instance?

Sal – 11th June 2010

I wasn’t sure about this at first as I found tampons difficult to use and uncomfortable and so I presumed since the mooncup was internal like tampons i might have the same problem. I decided to give it a go anyway because it seemed like a far cheaper option and much better for the enviroment.
The first month i found it difficult to insert and to take out and the stem irritated me, i kept trimming it but it still didnt’ feel comfortable. I went back to towels the first month.

The secound month i decided to try again and this time i cut the stem of completly because i was confident i could remove the mooncup without it,

that made all the diffrence and it fitted perfectly and comfortably.

I think I will be using my mooncup every month now.

Julianne – 11 June 2010

I love my Mooncup! Yay! I decided halfway between my last and current period to buy a Mooncup, but due to the fact that it’s the run up to Christmas I couldn’t afford to buy one until 2 days after my current period started, which was a great disappointment. But never mind, I started using it straight away! I Bought it on Monday and its Thursday now and Im completely sold (I was pretty much sold before I used it anyway!)I love not having to wear pads during my period, its amazing! I think I might have to use pads for the heavier days (the first 2 days which I missed this month) and for those Im going to order some GladRags (reusable pads) from America after Christmas.Ive never really been bothered by my periods, but I have to say this is the first time Ive looked forward to my period and the first time Im wishing for it to last longer! I think Ill be a little blue when its finished and Ill have to put my Mooncup back into hibernation in its little bag for a whole month. For the other ladies out there all I can say is to trim your nails on which ever hand youll be using to position your Mooncup my nails were very long and I accidentally pinched myself a few times 🙁 Oh and ladies who are really into their gardening menstrual blood from your Mooncup is the most convenient, amazing, cheap growth boost for your plants! Just keep a nearly full watering-can in the bathroom and empty your Mooncup into it instead of the toilet. Ive spoken to several women who do this and they say their plants are flourishing more than theyve ever seen even with the highest quality plant feed available. Another amazing money saver!! (if youre into gardening, that is) PS. Can I request some stickers and leaflets? Im going to stick stickers everywhere and put the leaflets in the toilets at work (and every other public loo I happen upon!) I hope my boss doesnt laugh, he already thinks Im crazy. Hooray for Mooncups!

Brams – 10th June 2010

I really hated the thought that there could be toxins including bleech in tampons. It’s such a sensitive area! I have been using a mooncup for 5 years and could never ever go back. I love it!

Sharon – 10 June 2010

I bought my Mooncup 5 years ago when I was 18 and havn’t used a tampon since! I have always had heavy periods, but even on my lighter days the mooncup is so much more comfortable and has made that time of the month so much less stressful. It does take a little getting used to at the start, but I would recommend it to anyone.

Emma – 8th June 2010

This is the first month I have used the mooncup and I am very pleased not to have an accident” yet. As a 54 year old who floods most periods and wears nighttime pads throughout my periods this is really great. I have not slept so well during a period for years. However I did not realise how abnormal I am as I calculate I have lost 285ml so far and am only three and a half days into my period. “””

Susan – 8th June 2010

I am 17 and have had very heavy periods with a lot of flooding since they began at 13. It can often mean changing sanitary products every 2-3 hours, despite medication. I found an article in a magazine so with my exams looming I bought my mooncup.With my previous history I was very apprehensive, but willing to give anything a go.
My mooncup has changed my life. I have now sat my exams without having to leave halfway through like I had done a few times previously.
The mooncup has allowed me more freedom. What I am most thankful for is that it has allowed me to embrace rather than avoid my womanhood. I feel so much more confident in myself as a woman and as a person. I feel much happier knowing that I am allowing my body to be as free as possible and myself the ability to live through it with such ease.
Ultimately buying a mooncup is a ‘risk’ because if it doesn’t work for you then you have lost £20. I have gained something £20 would have never given me.

Rebecca – 08 June 2010

I read about the mooncup yesterday and rushed out to get one in my lunchtime. I’m already very thankful I did. Since I passed 37 my periods have become very heavy and despite using the highest absorbancy tampons i was having to use a pad as well because of leakage (sometimes after only an hour!)Today – no problems at all, no leakage and great comfort. Thank you!!

LD – 08 June 2010

I have used my mooncup for over a year now and its the best buy I have ever made. I have used it when travelling and when there are no usable toilets available, as long as you have a bottle of water to rinse it out it can be used anywhere,anytime. Fantastic, have recommended it to everyone I know, every woman should have a mooncup!!

Wendy – 7th June 2010

The Mooncup has totally changed the way that I think about my period – for the better! Whereas before my life was a monthly slog of emptying stinky, tampon overflowing garbage cans, rooting through my bag to find that the sad tampons at the bottom had mushroomed out of their wrappers and were now rolling around in the detritus at the bottom of the bag, and staring at shelves in my bathroom cupboard that were stocked with what seemed like hundreds of boxes of tampons of varying absorbencies, now I’ve just got this wonderful little object that has simplified matters immensely.
Simplifying my period was the primary reason why I decided to try the Mooncup – I just couldn’t put up with all the stupid little accouterments anymore. However, more importantly, the Mooncup actually works. I was dubious, but was proven totally wrong. I have a heavy period but have never had to use even a panty liner with the Mooncup. Unlike tampons, which can sometimes fit awkwardly and give a strange rubbing sensation, I have never even noticed the Mooncup when it is at work. Finally, the issue of cleanup is straightforward and not at all icky.

The feeling of being liberated from all of the STUFF associated with periods is incredible. No more discreetly trying to slip a tampon into your pocket while excusing yourself to go to the loo. Just pop it in (and out) and go! What joy. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

Christine – 05 June 2010

First encountered menstrual cups at (very) small world music festival i got dragged to by my Daddy dearest years ago, the summer i first got my period when i was twelve (seven years ago), but as i was with my dad i didn’t ask to go and have a closer look, that was just too weird for me at that time, none the less i was intrigued, and thinking about it it might have been a mooncup stand, but by the time i’d got home i’d forgotten all about it, wasn’t until this past spring where i was just randomly researching sanitary protection around the world and stumbled across them again, this was the first brand (yes there are others) i found and i ordered one. First month was tricky (removal issues – we’ve all been there), but second month was much better (Small leakage issues only), here’s hoping third time lucky, its a fabulous product and although i never had too much of an issue with tampons or towels, i probably won’t go back to them except using up last of my towels for backup until i get some reusable ones (because they look and feel so much nicer – landfill reduction added bonus with reusable products but not main reason for trying them out). i have stickers and leaflets and am currently trying to spread the love one cubicle door at a time. love to all the girlies out there and hope you get on with yours too. x x x

Anastasia – 04 June 2010

I’ve been using my mooncup for a while now and find its a perfect alternative to the horrible giant pads [that never fit my underwear] and tampons [that I consistantly leaked from].
Last month I couldn’t find it the night before my period was due and I couldn’t bare the idea that I would have to spend all day worrying about leaking, I was SO relieved when I found it. It really has changed my life!

Periods aren’t a big deal to me anymore and I don’t have to worry about forgetting to carry tampons as you can put it in the day you’re due on and forget about it.

Get one!!

Joanna – 04 June 2010

I heard about these a couple of years ago but wasn’t 100% struck on the idea. However after being sick of leaking tampons, towels and liners that feel they are rubbing you sore I thought ‘why not?’ So far I’ve found it very easy to put in! (not quite as easy to get out but sure time will fix that) Very comfortable. Not even aware you’re using anything! Think my only regret will be that I didn’t buy one sooner. Bought it from a well know high street chemist so was easy enough to get one. Looking forward to not having to buy extra boxes of sanitary products because I forgot to put some in my bag, or trying to discreetly get stuff out your bag and to the loo, or lugging you bag to the loo etc! Like the idea of helping the environment too! Its such a simple but god idea!

Karen – 03 June 2010

I have had my mooncup for over 2 years now, and I cannot stress enough how much it has changed the way I feel about my period. When I started using tampons i thought they were so convenient, but then found the mooncup on the internet while looking up alternative products and havn’t looked back since.I can honestly say the mooncup is the most comfortable product i have used, as well as being the most convenient and great for the environment. It is a shame ladies in Australia have hardly heard of this product as I would recommend it to every girl as an alternative (and better) product!Thanks for giving us girls a choice =)

monique – 2nd June 2010

I have had my mooncup for over 2 years now, and I cannot stress enough how much it has changed the way I feel about my period. When I started using tampons i thought they were so convenient, but then found the mooncup on the internet while looking up alternative products and havn’t looked back since.I can honestly say the mooncup is the most comfortable product i have used, as well as being the most convenient and great for the environment. It is a shame ladies in Australia have hardly heard of this product as I would recommend it to every girl as an alternative (and better) product!Thanks for giving us girls a choice =)

monique – 2nd June 2010

Bought and used my mooncup last Saturday and I love love love it, like most woman I had heard about it previously and had thought to myself no way will I be using one of them!!! However after having children my periods have gone super heavy and super plus tampons dont even last an hour, with an 8 hour shift in work looming I didnt want to be nipping to loo every 5 mins, I had more recently changed my thoughts on mooncups and had been reading this site and the testimonials, so I decided to just go for it, I had no issues inserting and havent found it messy, I had one mishap where I lifted the full cup to look and somehow managed to tip it over my pyjamas LOL.I have had no leaking no dryness and no thrush as well as being kind to the environment and I’m also thinking of all the money I will save myself I was forever buying new knickers after yet again flooding this time it was clean all the way through.
Thank you mooncup

Lorraine – 02 June 2010

To begin with I thought I’m not sure about this. Any doubts have now left me and yeah its fantastic can’t wait to let my friends know about the mooncup! Kind to the environment and my pocket – thanks

Mel – 02 June 2010

I was very sceptical when I first got my Mooncup, esp since I’ve always had problems using tampons (ouch!) and could never get the hang of inserting them correctly! I was soooo shocked when i opened the box and saw the size of the Mooncup! How on earth is that going to fit up there?!?! Was my initial reaction. But after reading the instructions and with a lot of patience, managed to insert it correctly. (The 2nd method worked best for me) Wooo i danced around the bathroom in sheer delight! =) I’m hoping that this will save me money and it’s great piece of mind to think that i’m not ruining the planet with disposable things anymore! I love the idea of having different colours of them, as it would make them more attractive to younger users? Maybe this isn’t possible? I’ll definately be telling a few of my friends about it!! But want to see more advertising!!

Shona – 1st June 2010

I have just started using a mooncup today! I am so impressed at how easy and painless it was to use and take out. I am so pleased that I made the switch and would recommend it to all women.

Sarah – 01 June 2010

I tried a mooncup after my sister recommended it, and at first I was worried since I’ve never been able to use tampons since my muscles are quite tight. But using the mooncup has been amazing. It took a little practise to get used to inserting and removing it, but after just my second period with it I was familiar with it and ofund it easy. I would absolutely recommend it for the environment, and for your own body since it’s so much healthier!

Beth – 30 May 2010

I have been using the mooncup now for 2 years and have to be honest I was sceptical at first but now think its the best invention for women yet. It have saved me money, time and even eased my cramps. I only wished I would have used it earlier in my life. I am a very active person and find that I do not have to worry about anything when I am using my mooncup. Its easy and envronmentally friendly which is a big must nowadays.

Lee – 30 May 2010

Fantastic! I have very heavy periods and extreme period pain, since using the mooncup the pain has more than halved, I don’t know how but I’m very happy. I no longer have to take time off work every month. I’ve been using the mooncup for over a year and can’t believe they are still so unknown. I have told all my female friends about it.Thank you Mooncup, you really have improved my life.

Lucy – 30 May 2010

I bought a Mooncup online years ago, and it utterly revolutionised the way I felt about my body during that horrid grumpy week… which suddenly wasn’t quite so horrid and grumpy anymore, and so much less stressful not worrying about leaks and whatnot, and I just felt clean and nice and normal during my period for the first time. I have no idea how or when or why, but sometime since then I reverted back to sanitary towels. Tomorrow I’m being treated to an evening at a spa – imagine my horror when my period arrived yesterday! But then I remembered my mooncup, and searched the house high and low… but to no avail, I now realise that the only reason I’d have stopped using it in the first place would be if I’d lost it, which I must have, somewhere..! And knowing there wasn’t enough time to order online and have a new one delivered, I popped on here to discover if hope against hope there might be a stockist somewhere nearby… and found that Boots now sell these marvellous things! And as I type I’ve got my new mooncup in, just as comfy and brilliant as I remember – why oh why did I put up with disgusting sanitary towels for so long?! Thank you lovely mooncup people, for changing my life for the better, again 🙂

Lucy – 27 May 2010

Wow, I have been using my Mooncup for a grand total of about 30 minutes and already it has changed my life! A few months ago I had an IUD fitted, which made my periods very heavy and painful and makes me feel decidedly unsexy. I have to attend a wedding this weekend, and was dreading the logistics of cramming tampons into a tiny purse, the possibility of embarrassing leaks etc. So I bought a Mooncup, tried it out a few times in the shower and am now wondering how on earth I have managed to get through 15 years worth of periods without one! I can’t wait to wear my new dress at the weekend and now I can wear sexy underwear to boot!

For what it’s worth… I actually went for the larger A cup size, even though I am 26 and have never given birth. I’ve never had any problems “accommodating” anything down there, and wanted maximum protection, so this seemed like the best choice. So far, it’s very comfortable, hasn’t leaked, and actually makes me feel… sexy? Sorry if this is too much information, but I’ve noticed that with the Mooncup in place my vagina smells and feels, well, normal – instead of the dry, ickyness I always just assumed was part of having a period.

A truly amazing and empowering product. I’m off to burn my tampons… Thank you!

Andrea – 27 May 2010

I bought a Mooncup as I became more environmentally aware of wastage, and also because of continual disappointment from regular tampons. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and I use it whilst I am travelling. Better for me, better for the environment, I think it is all in all a win win product.

amy – 27 May 2010

I first heard about the Mooncup at a Women’s liberation festival. I was so excited to hear about suc a revolutionary product, that I ran home and ordered it right away! Luckily, I got my mooncup the same day as my period so I will NEVER AGAIN have to use those wasteful, invasive, man-made tampons! I’m also ecstatic to hear that other women are finding new and innovative ways to celebrate what Mother Nature has blessed us with. Thank you for changing my life!

Kevina – 26th May 2010

This product has honestly changed my life. No more worrying about leaking, no more worrying about smelling, no more running out of supplies. My period is no longer the chore it used to be.

Ash – 26 May 2010

I have been using the mooncup for 2 years after reading a very small artile in a magazine.I can’t praise it enough. Everything that everyone has written I echo wholeheartedly with, especially why don’t more women know about it. I have spent a lot of time in Africa and have never seen anything advertised about the moon cup and feel that this is one of best things that could be promoted for the liberation of all women there. You often read that girls can’t attend school in the 3rd world whilst on their period because of the lack of money to buy sanitary products. I know that you are a business and need to make money, but Why not start a charity that provides these to every women in the 3rd world who wants one. I would be more than happy to make a donation to provide a woman with such a fantastic gift. The positive publicity you would receive would promote your product more to the people who can afford to buy it.

Sue – 21st May 2010

Just tried it for the first time this week. Brilliant! No leaking, and it’s really comfortable. I’ve been swimming twice and running a lot – no problems. Will spread the word!

Gillian – 21 May 2010

Have just recieved my first Moon-cup and wanted to thank you for the incredibly quick delivery service, was expecting to wait a couple of weeks, but two days after making my order, there it was coming through my letter box. Have even been able to try it out on the period I was having when I ordered it! outstanding. Goodbye tampons!

Laura B – 20th May 2010

I was thinking about buying a mooncup for a long long time and when I finally did.. I’m never going back to pads and tampons! It’s so easy to use (prefer the fold no.2 as it’s much smaller on top and easier to insert), never leaked! not even on first (heavy) days and not even after 8hours! was little bit scared of taking it out, but never had a problem with that either (no spilling, no dirty fingers). I am even looking forward to my period ;-))The best spent money ever!!!
Thank you

Vendy – 20 May 2010

I just finished my first month using the Mooncup, and I am very happy that I ordered it. It is great not to worry about having enough tampons or pads. I didn’t have any problems at all. I was worried about feeling it at first, but after getting the placement right, I didn’t feel it at all. Best of all, it works! I didn’t have any leaks after I figured out where it needed to sit. I was trying to place it too far up. Normally, I bleed through and ruin a pair of panties every cycle, but not this time! A friend told me about mooncups, and I am so thankful to her. I plan to tell all of my friends how great they are. They are so freeing, every woman should have one!

Rebecca – 15th May 2010

I tried my Mooncup for the first time two days ago and what a difference already. Yes, I did have a bit of a panic in the bathroom when I didn’t think I would be able to get it out, but once I’d relaxed and tried a different position, everything was good. I’m still perfecting getting it in, but that take practice I guess.As I have heavy periods and a retroverted uterus I was sceptical, and I didn’t want to build my hopes up too much, but it’s amazing.
My husband and friends must be sick of hearing me rave about my Mooncup, but I don’t care, I love it!
Thank you so much, I wish I’d have heard about you years ago.

Maxine – 15 May 2010

When I first learned about the Mooncup I was really intrigued because I hate buying products every month, don’t like what they do to the environment and simply do not think that they are effective or healthy for my body. When my Mooncup finally arrived I was very apprehensive about how large it looked and I really couldn’t imagine how my experience with this product could be completely positive. Finally, I plucked up the courage and tried it out. I was successful the very first time and after trimming the stem twice I am absolutely amazed. This is hands down the best purchase I have ever made, being a woman has just become at least ten times more pleasant. Thank you so much for making this product and helping people learn that the traditional way of doing things just isn’t always the best, alternative options need attention!

Jessica – 14th May 2010

I wasn’t sure about the mooncup at all before I tried it. I have very bad period pains and have never been able to use tampons. I decided to try it when I went to Kenya for three months (where disposal of waste is an issue). It took a month or two to get used to it but now I LOVE my mooncup. It reduces the severity of the pain and works out so much cheaper. also, I can go swimming now, whatever time of the month it is! Great!One pointer. Skinny fit jeans are a bit restrictive around the legs when trying to get a good angle to ’empty’.

Louise – 14 May 2010

I was so excited to try this product but was disappointed. I found it too big to fit inside myself, and despite trying every period for several months it never got easier to put in or less painful when trying to take it out. I also found the tubing used to pull the mooncup out created soreness. Unfortunately I had to give up and go back to tampons and pads. Is there a possibility of doing a ‘slimmer fit’ version?

Maxine – 13th May 2010

I am 17 and after reading a great deal about menstrual cups online I decided to go ahead and buy my first one. My Mum was skeptical and not entirely supportive but I was keen to give it a go!However, I even surprised myself with how easy it was, I inserted it (for the first time) during a commercial break on tv! It’s so much more comfortable than pads or tampons and I feel so much freer, no longer do I need to lug around endless supplies, I can just use it and reuse it. I love it already and I’ve only had it for about 12 hours!

Sarah – 13 May 2010

I’m definitely a convert. I had some problems with leakage the first month but I realised in the second month that it was due to the fact that I have to use the second method of insertion and so it won’t unfold by itself. I also had some problems getting it out again the first few times – it sits quite low when I first insert but then moves upwards once it’s been in for a while so I’d cut the stem a bit short. Bizarrely I’ve found that I can get it out quite easily if I squat and use my left hand!Once you get over the teething problems the Mooncup is a revelation. Last month I was going out for the evening and thought I was about to come on. Normally I’d spend the whole evening running to the loo every ten minutes because I thought I’d come on but this time I just put my mooncup in before I went out and forgot about it. That period was also pretty heavy and normally I’d have ruined several pairs of knickers and my sheets, but with the mooncup there were no problems at all. Normally my heavy periods are pretty painful but this one wasn’t too bad – it might be a psychological thing that I wasn’t having to constantly think about being on my period. I also love that I can keep using it until I’m sure my period has ended – mine have a tendency to stop for a whole day and then start again with a vengeance which has resulted in some embarrassing moments.
I really can’t recommend the Mooncup enough. I normally dread my periods but this month I was almost looking forward to it.

Alison – 13 May 2010

A friend told me about the Mooncup, I must admit, I wasn’t convinced at first! I did a search on the internet and after reading the information on the Mooncup website I decided to give it a try. The next day I bought one went home and tried it, I can’t believe how wonderful it is, it’s so easy to use and absolutley brilliant, I wish I’d of known about it years ago, periods wont be so much of a miserable time of the month now as you actually forget that you’re having one!!!I will be telling as many people as possible! Thankyou so much!

Angie – 10th May 2010

I was only told about Mooncup last year, and I am so fustrated that I was never informed about it earlier! I’m only 20, but I’ve had periods for 10 years now, and when I think about all the awful experiences I’ve had with other sanitary products, my life would have been so much more simple with my lovely Mooncup.
It may sound a bit farfetched, but I think Mooncups should be put forward as an option to girls at school, in the same way that girls are given towel and tampon samples during PSHE&C lessons they should at least provide the never ending list of benefits a Mooncup can have.

How would one go about making this change? It is something I am passionate about doing as I feel it really is a revolutionary to female-kind.

Kelly – 10 May 2010

when i think of life before mooncup, i am overwhelmed with misery. my whole life was spent dreading that awful time-of-the-month. but now, i look forward to it knowing mooncup is there to protect me. I am proud to say that my period is now my favourite time of the month. I celebrate every time it comes!! my mooncup is my best friend, and i will love it forever.

ruby – 9th May 2010

I LOVE IT! I have just tried the mooncup for the first time and cannot believe and easy and comfortable it is. They should be on the shelves in boots and superdrug! Im going to spread the word! Thanks!

Charlotte – 9th May 2010

Just got mine yesterday and started using it and am very happy. It was a bit tricky to start with, I had problems keeping it folded while trying to insert it, but it’s quite quick to get the hang of it. Once I trimmed the stem sufficiently it was amazingly comfortable. Putting it in is a little uncomfortable, the girth even of it folded is larger than most tampons I use, but it’s kinda like “Ow, ow, ahh can’t feel it at all!”, and once you’ve done that a few times it gets less uncomfortable. With tampons I can usually feel them inside and have trouble getting them in the right place, but I can completely forget this is in.
I had a lot of problems with leaks with tampons as well, but I haven’t had any with this at all, not even any worries about it. Swimming is a lot more worry free now as well.
The other thing I love about it is that I can change it as often as I like, I know most people are joyous over not having to change it very often, but I quite like being able to take it out, empty it and pop it back in as often as I like, without having to worry about whether I have enough tampons to get away with doing that, it makes me feel more secure about leaks and such.
Have just slept in it last night and for once didn’t wake up repeatedly worrying if I’d leaked all over the sheets. So happy. ^_^

Flik – 09 May 2010

I bought my mooncup about a month ago. I was using microgynon and having a period every 9 weeks by choice. However I decided to get the implanon and it can make periods irregular, and I hate having to worry about not knowing how heavy/light I’m going to be, and whether I’m going to leak or not, what underwear to put on, whether pads will be uncomfortable in certain pants – it’s really limiting! I actually heard about mooncup on youtube from a video saying how gross it sounds – so naturally I read up about it and decided to buy one. It arrived quickly and I read the instructions and had a practice. It took me a few tries to get it in right, I couldn’t get it up far enough without it pinging open and it hurt! But I got used to putting it in, washed it and put it away. I came on yesterday (at the most inconvenient of times, naturally) and grabbed my little mooncup pouch and went to the bathroom. I’d already boiled it that morning as I knew I was due on in the next day or so. I just popped it right in and went back to bed with my boyfriend. It was great, didn’t leak at all. I’m on my second day and used it overnight and can safely say that I will NEVER use any other form of sanitary product again. I just have to make sure that the suction is right, otherwise it pings open 5 minutes later and gives me a nasty shock, but I’ve figured out how to do that now. I love my mooncup!

Rach, 19 – 09 May 2010

I can’t use tampons as I have a tipped womb and a mild prolapse so they don’t fit and tend to cause ‘erosions’. And after having minor surgery on my cervix after a dodgy smear test, I just wasn’t wasn’t prepared to risk them again. Unfortunately I also have endometriosis and have frequent, heavy, prolonged periods accompanied by massive clots. After a few days of wearing pads I would end up terribly sore and was begining to get desparate. The final straw was when I suddenly (why is always in a supermarket??) discovered the meaning of the word ‘flooding’. I really didn’t want a hysterectomy, and in any case perhaps the flooding was a sign that menopause might be on the way – only a few more years of losing one week in three…When I heard about the Mooncup, I didn’t stop to think, I just ordered it! It was an international delivery but it only took 5 days to arrive. It took a few days to get the hang of using it. The first time I accidentally let go too early and it popped into place and formed a seal too low down and I tried to push it up into it’s proper place. BIG mistake – I was sore for hours!! Always release the seal if that happens! I had to empty the cup every three hours or so the first day, and it was a terrific mess as I was filling it to the very top so if I pulled it out by pinching the bottom of the cup it would overflow. The little stem would be better if had a few more ridges on it for easy grasping on ‘heavy’ days. On lighter days it doesn’t matter as you can just grab the base and it won’t overflow. I found I had to go into the bathroom armed with kitchen roll conveniently placed to put the cup down on and a wad of paper to catch the overflow, but after the first couple of days it’s no problem. Night time is usually a disaster, but with the mooncup I just went to bed a bit later than usual and wore a ‘night-time’ pad for when the cup overfilled and managed to get nearly a whole night’s sleep. I’m a total convert!! Once I got the hang of putting the thing in and out without hurting myself (there is a knack – you need to relax and practice!) I could totally relax. For the first two days I wear a pad for extra security, but now it’s a washable one as I don’t seem to really need it so don’t want to waste a disposable. I’d love to be able to sterilise it in a microwave so I can’t accidentally boil it dry. Any chance of some instructions on how to do it? Also, can you send me some leaflets and stickers, some in English and some in Portuguese, please?

Mercedes – 8th May 2010

I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to certain chemicals in bleached cotton so every time i used tampons I would get very sore and irritated. I heard about the mooncup and got one soon after, i had worries about it being uncomfortable, leaking, or it being difficult to insert and remove but after the first few days of using it i realised how great it was. Its comfortable and I forget its even there, something i could never do with tampons. Yes, its a bit tricky to get used to inserting and a little scary the first time you use it, but once you get over that you’ll realise how amazing the mooncup is!

Liz – 08 May 2010

I had wanted a mooncup for a while, but had only read the online testimonials and didn’t feel like I could quite take the plunge just in case the ick-factor was too much to handle. But then a friend told me how using a mooncup had changed her life, and that actually she found it less disgusting than using tampons. So I went out and bought one and it has been FANTASTIC. I’ll never go back. No leakage problems like I sometimes had with tampons and a much more manageable and comfortable period and no unattractive string. My mum has since bought one and is really happy with it, too. Everyone should get one. Seriously.

Alex, London – 08 May 2010

I’ve been using the Mooncup a few months now, and I would never go back. Found it easy to insert the first go (you just squeeze it up with your pelvic floor muscles and it fits into place). Once I had cut the whole tail off (I just squeeze it down and grab hold of the base of the cup) it was so comfy I could just forget it was there. I’d read some other testimonials saying that their periods had become shorter, I didn’t see how this could be, but the same has happened to me. I used to continue to get a dark discharge for a couple of days after bleeding, but now it’s a clean finish after just a few days. Brilliant product, highly recommended.

Jo – 07 May 2010

Well I wasn’t too sure about using this product even after reading all the other comments however I am soooo glad I bought it!! I took to it straight away and had no problems at all! It is invisible, comfortable, convenient…what more could a girl ask for eh! I wish I had found out about these years ago! More advertising required to promote this product! A+

Judy – 5th May 2010

La mooncup es lo mejor que me he comprado en mucho tiempo. La regla dura menos, es fantastica! ya no tengo que ir al bao con un tampn en la mano, slo la vacio y listo! Mi vida a mejorado en el periodo menstrual muchsimo hace 6 meses que la uso y se la recomiendo a todo el mundo! Solo tiene beneficios!

Sofia – 5th May 2010

Wow, what a genius to invent such a great thing!!!!Having repeatedly gone to my Gp for thrush, itching and rashes after every period, the nurse told me to check out websites for alternatives to tampons and pads, and what did i find??? this Mooncup site (Divacup in the usa). I was curious to see what they had to offer, read up on all the does and don’ts and decided to buy one. Having looked into all the stores in my town only Boots seemed to sell them, and they were hidden on the bottom shelf. I bought one just to try, after all i had nothing to lose………… the result, my second day of my period i was brave enough to try, plus its my d/o, not doing anything and thought why not, read the leaflet inside and out. I popped it straight in, and walked around the house, found it was really painful, took it out and trimmed it, tried again, this time felt ok, could’nt feel it. Was sat waiting for leaks and left a liner on just incase, I went for a wee and decided to take it to see, so followed the instructions again, it came out really easy and went back in easy too, I was amazed at that first sight of so much blood, but was even more amazed that all you have to do is empty it in the loo and rinse it out and pop it back in. It is so easy to use, cant feel it, no leaks. I am amazed. I didnt really think it was messy either. So girls/lady’s you have to try it, it is that easy to use.

Jayne – 05 May 2010

I was in a ‘Green’ shop in Brighton looking at all their eco washing products when I noticed the Mooncup… i thought it was a fantastic idea! I thought that re useable things would be messy and involve a lot of cleaning and washing to get them properly clean but this is amazing! Its so comfotable you barely realise its there and it worked perfectly from the first day I used it. I would recomend it to anyone… give it a go! it saves you money, the environment and space in your cupboards!

Kayleigh Shorter – 3rd May 2010

I have been using mine for the 2nd day and and love it, its fantastic, Im telling all my female friends about it.

Lorraine – 3rd May 2010

Two years on and I still love, Love, LOVE my mooncup ^_^

Hellzy – 03 May 2010

The Mooncup is so comfortable, i have had mine for a year now – not a single problem.
I love it. I can never go back!!
and will encourage my daughters to use it to..

Its easy to go out and about and not worry about leaking, or smelling, etc.. Or worrying that you have no bin to dispose of you sanitary products..

Its so more hygenic than wearing towels and tampons. You can even swim with it.. its great.

(and its ethical.)

Zannah – 03 May 2010

Today is my first day of using the Moon Cup. I wasn’t sure how sound it would be, would it leak? Would it fit easy enough? Sure enough it meets the requirements, and I am very pleased. I am already used to it. Its very comfortable.My step Mum told me about it, I don’t know how she knew. Then I saw it on the bottom shelf selling in Boots. Thought I could do something for the environment : ) I will be telling friends about it. Its a great idea. Thanks!

Joni – 29th April 2010

Wow, it’s the best product I have ever come across. Better than towels, better than tampons. I have my life back now with the mooncup, a life that I never had properly before. Every period time it was the same – clots, heavy bleeding and pain that was completely unbearable. I even fainted a few times and I was always white as a ghost. I spent my time stuck upstairs just so I could be close to the toilet in case I flooded past, and I always did flood past, even though I was close to the toilet. Not now though. I have no problems, no pain, no clots, no heavy bleeding, no fainting and Ive even got some colour back in my face. I have 2 heavy days, but they’re easy to deal with and I can not only go back down stairs again, but I can even go outside the house. I’ve had the cup now since June 19th 2007 and I haven’t looked back. Plus I’ve even saved money. What can I say apart from – ‘THEY’RE BRILLIANT’. A highly recommended product! Thank you Mooncup

Shirley from Wigan – 29th April 2010

Usuaria de Mooncup desde 2005, cuando la descubrí un poco por casualidad en la tienda de Comercio Justo de unas amigas. En estos cinco años me he sentido más libre, menos húmeda y dependiente, más en contacto con mi sabia sangre menstrual, menos preocupada por las toneladas de desechos que generaba… En definitiva, Mooncup es una gran revolución, en nuestras manos está el hacérsela llegar a nuestras amigas. ¡Alcen sus voces, mujeres!

Mónica – 29 April 2010

I had to stop using tampons for a medical procedure a few years ago, and after few months I realised it was the tampons that had caused thrush and other problems before, so clearly I could not continue to use them. They leaked at least once a month anyway, as I have v. heavy periods, even though I had to change them every 4 hours.I disliked pads too, because of the smell and that horrible damp feeling, and there is seriously nothing worse in the summer than raising the temperature of your crotch that few extra degrees! Yuck. So I tried Mooncup partly for convenience, partly because of environmental reasons, and I have to say, I am ecstatic! Not only I cannot feel it at all, there are no leaks whatsoever, I feel completely comfortable, and period stop being dreaded, I don’t mind it now. Makes me feel in control, I am always prepared and know I won’t run out of pads when out and about with no money or something! I will recommend it to everyone, and buy them for my mum and my sister. I regret I didn’t discover it earlier. It’s the most liberating thing.

Natalia – 29 April 2010

Hi I’ve only just started to use my mooncup and had to write to tell you what a difference it’s made to me. My periods have been truly awful over the last 9 years or more. I’ve been on medications, had a scan, been offered the coil, and now I’ve been left to just put up with the awful pain.
This month I purchased my mooncup. I’m amazed, ecstatic even! No more pain. I really can’t believe it. I’ve been dreading every period for nearly a decade. I had to plan my life around it like it’s an illness, while carrying around all kinds of pills, potions, pads and tampons – when all I needed was a little Mooncup :o)

Thank you, it’s like a new lease of life for me.


Carol – 28 April 2010

I have been using the Mooncup for over 2 years now and absolutely love it!!

Jacqui – 26th April 2010

I live in France and have a septic tank, so we simply cannot flush and normal sanitary wear away, so that would be a good enough reason to use one for me but the Moon Cup is far better to use at night than even the most absorbant tampon. I cannot praise them enough.

Emma – 26th April 2010

I just wanted to let you know that the mooncup is a fab product. I heard about the mooncup from a friend who thought the product was very strange and had a ‘who would use that’ attitude… well I thought I would use that & decided to give it a go and I’m really glad I did. I wish this product was around when I first got my period and it’s the only product I’m going to give to my daughter when she gets hers. Congrats on a wonderful product and keep up the good work!

Kath – 26 April 2010

I have had my Mooncup for about 6 months now and I cannot believe that I was nearly 40 before knowing about this alternative to tampons! I love it – it takes a couple of cycles to relax with it, but the last few cycles have been so much easier to live with than those of the previous 25 years!!!I have very irregular periods and it’s good that it can be worn before you come on with no ill effect – so I don’t get caught out anymore either.

Dawn – 26 April 2010

I heard about the Mooncup yesterday and I immediately thought that’s for me!So, 24 hours later, I find some shoved into the tiniest gap in boots.
So far, I’m still trying to get the hang of removing it right because I’m not releasing the suction properly and sometimes and it hurts, but other than that its amazing!
Also this solves my problem of my school trip to the Ardèche in a few months time. We’ve got to do rock climbing, canoeing, swimming, abseiling and other activities that I wouldn’t even dream of doing whilst I’m on my period. This will make it so much easier as well as the fact that I don’t have to carry tampons around with me everywhere! From the limited time I’ve had my mooncup, I would already recommend it.

Kacy – 25 April 2010

This is a fantastic invention!! I’ve used it for two cycles now and am very impressed with it. I feel clean and fresh for the duration of my period. I have used it to swim, play sport and overnight even on the heavy days of my cycle. I highly recommend it and will never use another tampon again!!!

Emma – 24th April 2010

I bought one of these last week, after all the stuff online, and I have to say I can’t think of any other new product that has been such a positive experience. I knew this would change the way I deal with periods after just a couple of hours: I feel totally secure, and am no longer rushing to the loo obsessively every couple of hours, to check for leakage. Really, really impressed, and wish I’d discovered this years ago.

Caroline – 24 April 2010

After seeing the product advertised at a recent camp, I bought it in Boots as a more eco-friendly way of dealing with my period. I am just reaching the end of day 1 and it’s been really good! I’ve found it easy to use, clean and actually I have had to remind myself it’s there on occasion. It’s so great that I just had to stop myself from writing ‘Laura is in love with mooncup’ on my facebook page (lol). Brilliant product. Thank you!

Laura – 23rd April 2010

I’ve been using my mooncup for a year and a half now and am very pleased with it. My period is extremely heavy so for the first couple of days I wear a pad as well just in case – or I just make sure I empty it more often. However, for the rest of my period the cup really is fantastic- I can leave it in for a long time and completely forget I’m on my period, with no leaks at all. My top tip would be to change it in the shower – much less messy and feels really clean, and you can give it a blast with the high pressure setting to give it a good rinse. I definitely will not go back to tampons again.

Annie – 23 April 2010

Its great!! i have been using mu mooncup for 4 months now and this month i was early, i didnt have my cup when i went out, so had to use my spare towel i keep in my bag. I had forgotten how uncomfortable and icky it feels when not using the mooncup. i will always use it from now on….i feel much cleaner and comfortable especially at night. its the best 20 i have spent in a long time. THANK YOU

Alexandra – 22nd April 2010

I’ve been using the Mooncup for a few months now, and I love it. I did have quite a few problems with it at first, mainly with removal – I panicked a few times that I wouldn’t be able to get it out again! But with helpful advice from Cathy, the Mooncup nurse, and learning the methods that worked for me (and cutting the stem off completely once I’d made sure I had a reliable removal method), I’ve now cracked it!
It’s so convenient – I keep it in my handbag when the time for my period approaches, and there’s no faffing about buying tampons (great as I’m on a budget), putting them in your bag, hiding them when you go to the loo, worrying how long they’ve been in, whether you remembered to remove the last one before inserting the next if your mind’s a bit elsewhere as mine often is, worrying about leaks blah blah. Just remove the Mooncup, pour away the blood, quick rinse and re-insert.

I can’t feel it at all once it’s in, it’s fantastic for swimming (no more soggy tampons) and I feel so much healthier and more in touch with my body.

I look forward to many happy Mooncup-using years!

Claire – 22 April 2010

I saw a post on the testimonals, saying that the testimonials must be fake because they are all so positive. The reality I think is that lots of women (perhaps not all) have had really good experiences using a mooncup. I can probably only speak for myself, but I have never felt so confident and comfortable on my period. I must admit it was a bit tricky at first… I had a number of times when I felt frustrated.. I couldn’t get it to work.. I went back to towels.. but then I tried a different fold method (the second one on the leaflet) and success! I ended up cutting off the whole of the stem, as for me it seemed to.. uh rub in all the wrong places.. but now a few years on. I’m really happy with it. I recently got back from travelling, and it was super easy to take it with me and not worry about buying pad’s or tampons. I guess women will make up their own minds, but I really think it’s worth a try, and then perhaps another try a few months later (that’s how it happened for me) and now I love my mooncup.

Lara – 22 April 2010

I wish the Mooncup was available 40 years ago when my periods started! What a great product – i’m now 53 and just starting the menopause and wouldn’t be without it – don’t hesitate, just get one and stick with it – like most things the Mooncup takes a bit of getting used to. Helen

Helen – 21st April 2010

You never really know how good a product is untill you use it. I agree with a previous customer that after my second baby, I found that I could always feel my tampon and was very uncomfortable. Not to mention, I have always experienced leakage with tampons. However, this is my first month trying the mooncup and can not believe something so wonderful existed. I had to cut the whole stem off, but it is still quite easy to remove. No leaking, so comfortable I forget it is there, and feels so much healthier. I will be working to convert all my friends. I will NEVER wear a tampon again. Thank you so much. A satisfied customer from the states.

Julie – 21st April 2010

brilliant! i purchased one of these here in new zealand and i do tell girlfriends about it. i have never seen them advertised and was told about them myself so i told someone and so on otherwise how would we know about them? saves money, shorter periods, easy to use. i would definatelt recommend this product to others.

trudy – 21 April 2010

My boyfriend encouraged me to talk to someone on the Mooncup stall at a festival recently. I had my reservations but was willing to give it a go, especially after learning about all the waste we women create. I have to say that any concerns I had about ease of use and cleanliness were quickly absolved. This is only my second period since I bought the Mooncup and even though it is heavier than my last it is still so simple to use and I would not go back to tampons. My friends are a little harder to convince sadly, but I’m sure they might in time after persistent my recommendations. Thank you and well done Mooncup!

Lucy – 19th April 2010

I have wanted to try and start using a mooncup for ages, but a few things put me off buying it: the price, whether I’d be able to use it (I’m 15) and my mum’s concerns about me using it. But after doing some more research I realised how much safer Mooncups are than tampons. So, after a visit to the doctor to ask about the possible dangers of using a Moocup (my mum insisted) I ordered one.
My period started today and after much trimming of the stem and practising putting the Mooncup in and removing it, I was feeling quite confident. I wasn’t wrong, insertion and removal were suprisingly easy. I’m so so happy right now, It’s quite funny to think about how nervous I was earlier because I removed most of the stem and I thought it would get stuck. It’s so comfortable and it’s so cool to think about how much money I’ll save in the future. Also, my periods are really heavy and during the first few days I have to wear a super absorbency tampon and a sanitary pad. But when I emptied the cup there was hardly anything there.

Sorry this is so long but I really cannot stress how great Mooncups are. The person who invented menstrual cups deserves more recognition. It’s hard to belive more women aren’t using Mooncups. If somebody my age can use them, then surely everybody should give them a chance?

One more thing – Thank you!!! You’ve saved me from yet another week of having to use my school’s horrible bathrooms every break and lunch!

Charlotte – 19 April 2010

i think my moom cup is the best fifteen pounds i ever spent. my partner and i practise safe sex using the mucus and temerature method the moon cup was the finishing touch to a nautral process.we belive it enhancers our sex life .. i have three daughters all of witch will be getting one in there stockings when needed

indigo – 18th April 2010

I love love love my mooncup and I’m so glad that there’s this big campaign on the London Underground to promote it. I feel in control and self-sufficient thanks to the mooncup. I never have to go on a last minute rush to the shops to buy anything for a surprise early period, and I never have to carry anything extra around in my handbag because of my period. As long as my vagina is in good shape at the beginning of the period, it remains that way to the end – there’s no irritation, no infections, and I rarely get thrush, because the mooncup doesn’t interfere with the vagina’s natural lubrication and friendly bacteria.

Zoya – 18 April 2010

I’ve had a Mooncup for about a year now, and find it useful in coping with very heavy periods. To be honest I do need to wear a pad as well on my heaviest days (the Mooncup is designed to overflow when full), however there are still financial and environmental savings from using fewer conventional sanitary products. Another good thing about the Mooncup is that it enables you to measure your blood loss and tell your GP or Well Woman clinic if you think you might need help with this. Overall I’d definitely recommend the Mooncup, it’s really convenient and environmentally friendly.Finally, I agree with some others who have posted testimonials and would like to see the Mooncup made in different colours.


Buying the mooncup changed my life, I am no longer in constant pain from my body trying to reject tampons and uncomfortable from towels. It is amazing I have been so happy with it and would recommend it to anyone. Green, clean and comfortable.

Jo D – 14th April 2010

I’ve had a Mooncup for about a year now, and find it useful in coping with very heavy periods. To be honest I do need to wear a pad as well on my heaviest days (the Mooncup is designed to overflow when full), however there are still financial and environmental savings from using fewer conventional sanitary products. Another good thing about the Mooncup is that it enables you to measure your blood loss and tell your GP or Well Woman clinic if you think you might need help with this. Overall I’d definitely recommend the Mooncup, it’s really convenient and environmentally friendly.Finally, I agree with some others who have posted testimonials and would like to see the Mooncup made in different colours.

Karen – 14th April 2010

Utterly amazed I am! Purely by chance I came across Mooncup, and decided I’d have a go. I was a bit worried about it at first, as it seemed quite different from ‘standard’ sanitary stuff, but curiosity had the better of me. As it happened, I needn’t have worried at all. It’s wonderful! This is only my second day of use, but I’m already converted. I’ve had absolutely no trouble inserting or removing it. What’s more, I’ve had no leaks, it feels very comfortable and I reckon my cramps have lessened a bit too! I know I must be sounding like an advert, but, even though it’s early days, I think it’s safe to say that this product really is great, so easy to use. Highly recommended, and thank you very much!

Esther – 14th April 2010

The first time I had heard of the mooncup in the feminist society I was pretty much against the idea, despite the clear advantages. I guess alot of women have the same problem, but I was nonetheless pondering the question of getting a mooncup for the next few months. The fact that they can easily be purchased in Boots probably helped alot and so I finally got one. I have always been in harmony with my body and never afraid to use words such as vagina or menstruation. It could not be easier to use and to take care off. I think my vagina is pretty happy to be rid of tampons etc considering I was never a huge fan of thme in the first place. As Catherine Breillat deppicted in her film ‘Anatomy of Hell’, a tampon keeps a woman from coming into contact with her own sexuality of which the period is unavoidably part.I really jsut keep recommending it to every woman, wether they want or not lol.For me it is one of the best inventions of all times.

Morgan – 14 April 2010

I can’t recommend mooncups highly enough. I’ve been using mine for about 5 years now and the thought of going back to tampons and disposable sanitary towels disgusts me. I’ve NEVER had a leak with my mooncup and have happily worn it on the heaviest days with white jeans without fear of staining. Once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy to insert and remove and feels so much more hygienic.

Lara – 14 April 2010

Menstrual cups was something I came across quite by accident one day and after reading, I was curious. Sadly, being in a country where such things are hard to get, it took a while before I finally plucked up the courage on a trip to the UK to buy and try one – I felt like some kind of explorer!
Nonetheless, I have never regretted it. I have been using mine for about 6 months and after getting used to the insertion and removal process, am loving it. I quietly try to introduce others to it, but it’s not easy to do! How often do women talk about the methods they use during periods? It’s a dreadfully personal thing, and I think it is a pity that in a world where everything else seems to be in the open we can’t talk about menstruation.

With the mooncup, I have noticed my periods seem shorter and the advantage of being able to use it even when I am not bleeding is wonderful – if I suspect I am due, I can insert it with no discomfort or concerns – I hated pads for their added volume, while tampons were ok, but I find the idea of using wads of cotton internally on a long term basis rather discomforting.

Yes, the mooncup sometimes means I get a little menstrual blood on my hands and the need to rinse it will not appeal to those who are nervous around blood. But I am a very happy user and would like to see others using it: not only it is healthier, but it benefits the environment too. And the pocket, ultimately!

Vb – 14 April 2010

I’ll confess that I was sceptical at first, since I have lots of trouble inserting tampons due to the shape of my body. Well, I received my Mooncup and after half an hour or so of trial and error I was able to insert it correctly in seconds. Once I trimmed the stem, I couldn’t even feel the cup–I actually checked a couple of times to see if it was still in! I’m on my period right now and it’s been absolutely fantastic so far: no leakage and no annoying towels. And all without the expense of disposable products and environmental damage. Thanks!

Diana – 13th April 2010

I have used the mooncup for two cycles now and I think it’s fantastic. I wish I had had one sooner. I agree with another user that it does look a bit medical and scary and that perhaps making it in different colours would be good. I am telling anyone who will listen how fab it is! I have heavy periods and it has not leaked. Thank you mooncup.

Amanda Wheatland – 13th April 2010

I’ve been using it for over 8 months now and it is amazing. I had seen a sticker in a public toilet a couple of years before and really like the idea, but didn’t make up my mind until my friend told me she got one and it worked perfectly. It is so comfortable you just forget it is there at all, and really easy to insert and remove (after the second attempt I was already an expert. No more dryness, uncomfortable nights or spending a fortune every month. I did have a bit of leaking problems after the first 3 months but sometimes can be a matter of not wearing it low enough. I was surprised by the fact that my periods are less painful now, I still have some pain the first day but I dont’t have to spend it lying on the bed folded and having cramps. It is the best product you can find, it should be advertised n the TV so everyone would know about it.

Lucia – 13th April 2010

I love it. Never before have I looked forward to my period. Saves money, and surprisingly easy to use. No more worrying about how long tampons are in when I’m asleep. Although it makes the boyfriend giggle a little, I can safely say that this is the sexiest bathroom product I have ever owned.

Helen – 13 April 2010

The mooncup is the best thing I have ever bought. It is clean, convenient and you will never have to buy tampons again. It has shortened my period. Every time I use it, it makes me smile as it’s such an ingenious little thing and I feel I am cheating my period! A revolution for women indeed.

Emma Anne Jones – 13 April 2010

When i first heard about the mooncup i never thought i would use one, but after trying it i cant stop telling all my friends about it. I have even shown it to some of my male friends with a detailed explanation of how it works. Needless to say they were a little freaked out but i think they need to be exposed to these things. Its a normal bodily function, nothing to be ashamed of. The best thing is that you dont need to carry round extra tampons and pads. You are always prepared !

Michelle – 13 April 2010

Time to stop dithering and buy one!
I heard about Mooncups a couple of years ago on a parenting forum I belonged too. I was really intrigued by the idea of them but ended up not getting one after dithering over it for a while. I recently saw a sticker in the toilets at my gym which reminded me about them so I visited the website.

I’ve experienced all the usual problems with my periods in the past – heavy, painful, irregular, always getting leaks (so ending up wearing tampons AND a pad all the time). The usual suspects. I also suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is worse when I have my period and I’ve always felt was exasperated by wearing tampons. Also, because my periods were unpredictable (sometime really heavy, sometimes light) I always had to have several different absorbencies of tampon at home (bumping up the cost, not to mention the storage room!). This month I’d finally had enough and figured it was worth giving the Mooncup a try, it couldn’t be any worse after all!

All I can say is – WOW! Why oh why did I not buy one of these before? I could have saved myself years of hassle! It’s completely comfortable, easy to get in and out (once you get the hang of it), really easy to clean and best of all I haven’t had a single leak. The first day I wore my Mooncup I had a two hour karate class (something I normally dread when I’m on my period) and it withstood the session (including kicking drills and a 20 minute yoga cool down (lots of stretching and wriggling about) with absolutely no problems. A miracle!

I think the Mooncup has pretty much revolutionised how I think about my period. I’ll never buy another disposable sanitary product again! If you’re still dithering and unsure as to whether it’s for you my advice is to stop dithering and go buy one right now! I tell you, you won’t regret it. The best £20 I’ve spent in a long time. I love my Mooncup!

Marie – 12 April 2010

I have been using the Mooncup for nearly three years now and I am so glad that I finally tried it. I have a retroverted uterus and have had problems with leaking tampons and heavy periods for years. The first two months I tried to use the Mooncup it did leak, because I wasn’t putting it in propertly. But I persisted and I am so happy that I did. Periods come and go without much fuss nowadays. I never leak. I forget that I even have my period! It is the easiest form of sanitary protection available and once you get used to it you will never be able to go back to using tampons/towels again. I was squeamish, like some of my friends still are, when I first heard of the Mooncup. A friend had recommended that I try it at least a year before I finally bought one at a music festival. In July 2010 my mooncup will be three years old and my only wish would be that I could persuade every woman to buy one. I will buy one for my teenage daughter (as soon as she feels ready to try it). Mooncups are amazing. Please believe me. They are so convenient, simple to use and effective. I forgot to mention how much money I have saved. I gave away all my boxes of tampons after the 2nd month and since then I haven’t spent any money on my sanitary protection. They are obviously environmentally sound and it can save you a fortune too! Plus, another bonus is that if you are going on holiday, by plane, train or coach, and you think that your period might be due, you can put the Mooncup in, just in case – so that you don’t have any awkward travel emergencies to deal with. There are so many reasons to use them I could go on for ever. Try it, you won’t regret it, honestly. Women are freer with a mooncup than with a tampon. Treat yourself, and your sisters, mum, friends, daughters… The only regret I have is that I didn’t hear about them years ago.

Julie – 11 April 2010

I bought this just after my last period so I had to wait to use it. I was worried about leakage and will admit that this morning I also used a towel, mostly because I was worried I wouldn’t get it right. I have been so happy with it! No messiness at all! I have heavy periods and hate the summer because I feel unclean and hot and bothered because it’s always on my mind. I have been able to forget about it most of the day and feel great! The reduced stress seems to have also reduced the cramps I normally get which can only be a good thing as I’m not resorting to painkillers.Thank you and keep up the good work!!

Ali – 10th April 2010

I’m so happy that the Mooncup is becoming more mainstream, I started using it two years ago and feel completely liberated and in tune with my body now. I have a very light flow that only lasts 2 days so it took me a couple of cycles to get the hang of inserting and removing it, but by the third I was a pro!
Using tampons used to hurt me a lot and I felt that I was harming my body in some way because of that. Sanitary towels were always out of the question because, lets face it, the flow never quite goes where you want it to with a pad and they are about as comfortable and as restrictive as a nappy!

But the Mooncup is perfect, my periods are no longer “dirty”, smelly, restrictive or a cause of embarrassment; they are a part of me that I embrace as much as I embrace saliva, sex and skincare! A friend of mine called her period her ‘cleansing time’ I think she got it about right.

The only think I would add for new users to check is after using the mooncup, check under the toilet seat. If like me you remove and tip your mooncup in one fluid motion, you may find that a bit of the blood gets under the toilet seat which can be hard for any male flatmates to handle!

Keep spreading the word ladies, women have been punished by tampons and sanitary towels enough, we’re all worth much more kindness, emoptionally and phisically, to our centres of being.

Thank you so much mooncup inventors, you deserve far more recognition for the quality of life you’ve given women. x

Kiri – 10 April 2010

Dear Mooncup people, I’ve been using a Mooncup during my period the last few months after it was recommended by a colleague and it’s great, I will never go back to tampons. Thank you! I work as an exotic dancer and it’s so great not having to worry about tampon strings showing or leaking down the side of a tampon when I’m working. I’ve been raving about the Mooncup to all the other girls but it’s hard to describe it when someone has never seen one before. Could you send me some information leaflets that I could give out?

Ruth – 8th April 2010

I have been using the Mooncup with great success for approximately 2 years now. I suffer with both PCOS and endometriosis, which made my periods challenging in many different ways! My uterus is also slightly retroverted and my cervix differs substantially from most usual positions found.
I struggled a little at first with insertion and especially removal(I do a great line in panicking!).I rang the helpline and quite easily removed it with a a little guidance from the helpful staff. I was a little reticent to use it when my next period came, but decided that £20 spent without at least one more try would be wasteful.

This time was very successful and I am pleased to say that this is the most innovative product I have ever tried. If it is possible to look forward to Aunty Flo’s visit, then this comes as close as it gets! No leaks, less pain and more convenience. Who needs to carry spares when it is already in your body doing it’s job time after time?

Real female staff answer the telephone after a couple of rings. There are no transferring to departments, none of the annoying “press 1 to hear this advice, press 2 to speak to an adviser” etc etc. I had stupidly lost my little protective case and asked where/whether I could buy another. No problems, no hassle, even though my cup is two years old-a replacement arrived very quickly without any fuss or complaint.

Real, old-fashioned customer service from a company that really does seem to care about women and their product. A product that looks set to revolutionise women’s lives forever and for the better.

My friends consistently say “ewwwww” each time I try to convert them, but I’ll give them a few years…I predict this product to become the norm.

Now to get my 14 year old to try one. Now there’s a real challenge!

Elaine – 08 April 2010

I haven’t even used my Mooncup yet and I think it’s fantastic! It arrived in the mail today from the UK. Love the little cotton bag. Can’t wait to use my Mooncup!

Donna, Australia – 08 April 2010

I bought my very first mooncup a few days ago, i was suspicious of whether it would work but behold….it does!
The only thing i would say it that getting it in does take a bit of geting use and it is a little messy on the fingers so it’s not great for public toilets where the taps are outside of the loo.

I read every one elses testimonials before i bought mine and its true, it creates a suction, it all collects in the cup and you can take it out easily without it spilling. So there are no leaks at all!

Lucy – 08 April 2010

i saw the advert for mooncups quite a while ago, and always meant to look into it, as i am very into new products like this, that not only make my period more comfortable, cheaper, and so much easier, but also have a HUGE effect on the planet (if everyone takes notice)but i never realy got round to it. then i came back over here from where i live, and saw an old advert on the back of the door in the cinema, and decided now was the time. i’ve had it for 3 months now, and its amazing! at first i was worried as my periods are very irregular, and when i do get them, they’re very heavy. but it’s been FAB!

katie – 7th April 2010

I have used your mooncup for several months now and I would never go back to regular tampons. The mooncup doesn’t irritate or dry you up like a regular tampon and you never have to worry about running out or buying more. I was nervous about emptying the cup in public, but it isn’t an issue. I find that I empty the cup in the morning when I wake up and I don’t have to empty again until after I come home from work. It is very comfortable and never leaks like tampons do. Plus it’s good to know that you’re not creating waste. Good luck!

Kristin – 7th April 2010

I’m using the cup now for the second month and it’s just great! I don’t feel like I have my period, it gives such freedom and absolutey no waste! It took just a short time tog et used to it, now I wouldn’t be without it – I’m spreading the word to all my friends!

Suzanne – 7th April 2010

I have used my mooncup for a few months now and love the freedom it provides me. No more strings dangling and leakages. I do lots of exercise and it is fantastic. I also like the way you can measure the flow. I love my mooncup.

Lizzi – 07 April 2010

I’ve been using a Mooncup for 2.5 years and love it, love it, love it. So comfortable and easy to use, excellent on trips, and totally a money saver. I actually tried another menstrual cup prior to Mooncup and didn’t like how stiff it was (uncomfortable and hard to get correctly situated inside). So then I got a Mooncup, because I had read that it was more “squishy” and it’s perfect. I can’t say enough nice things about it. Thanks for making such a high-quality, healthy product.

Emily – 06 April 2010

I read about the mooncup online a few months ago and gave it a go as it sounded intriguing. It has completely changed my attitude to periods. In short I recommend it to everyone I know. Utterly brilliant. Ok, they are a bit more hands on than tampons but once I realised I never had any leakage it revolutionised my period. I no longer dread them and I don’t have to get out the dodgy pants. Honestly, I would recommend this to any woman. And if you have a problem with the thought – then get over yourself and embrace the wonder that is the mooncup (and if you think it is too icky then think what you’re doing every month with pads and tampons and move on)

rozzy – 06 April 2010

I just used mine for the first time. I had no issues at all. It was easy to insert/remove and clean. I had no leaking. I love it. I trimmed off the pull tab completely because to me that was the most comfortable. I would recommend this product to all ladies out there!!

Heidi Olwell

I just used mine for the first time. I had no issues at all. It was easy to insert/remove and clean. I had no leaking. I love it. I trimmed off the pull tab completely because to me that was the most comfortable. I would recommend this product to all ladies out there!!

Heidi Olwell – 5th April 2010

HiI bought a mooncup recently at Glastonbury from your stall after seeing the ads in the loos. I am amazed! I used to dread that time of the month. I’d get bad pains and dryness that sometimes developed into thrush. I’d tried everything, from bulky towels to organic tampons, but I hated the waste and the hassle. I’ve had none of that with my mooncup! I have to set an alarm on my phone to remind me to check it, because its so comfortable. Ive yet to have a leak. So just to finish, you have one very satisfied customer!

Danielle Fortier – 5th April 2010

Really liked the mooncup, was interested because of the obvious environmental benefits and the expense of tampons. I find it comfortable, I personally like to empty it quite often so I find it more hygenic. I like running and was a bit worried about comfort but its fine. Probably takes a few times to get use to it, but I think all women should have one. Its a bonus all round, I would recommend it to all

Carol – 4th April 2010

How come I had not been aware of this fab product before? I was sick of periods ruling my life but no longer – it copes with my heavy periods, I actually forgot I was on, no bulky towels and tampoons filling up my bag and planning days out around places to go and use the loo!! It is easy to use, no leaks, no odour and comfortable!! I was dispairing at the summer holidays and my bodies ability to ensure I am on at least twice whilst trying to entertain 3 boys – this is no longer a worry – go ahead and try you will not be disappointed and will save yourself a fortune.

Liz – 4th April 2010

changed my life, less painful, less hassle and also making a difference. what more could one ask of what is essentially a monthly inconvenience. get one!!! you will never regret it.

medders – 04 April 2010

I had hesitated for some time before i bought the mooncup, i’ve used tampons from age 14 and it seemed a big change to try something new and so different. I am concerned about our impact on the environment and the amount of sanitary products we dispose of, so that was my main reason for trying the mooncup. On that point alone i feel so much better for switching but all the other benefits that come with it that i never even considered have really impressed me. The money i am saving each month for instance, not having to carry around a make up bag full of tampons, not feeling plugged up, it feels so much more natural and comfortable to wear the mooncup than a tampon. If you are hesitating over the mooncup as i was, just try it. It’s actually very soft, pliable and comfortable to use and you just empty it into the loo, rinse under a tap or wipe and re-fit. I won’t go back to tampons, ever.

June – 04 April 2010

Have been using my mooncup for about 2 years now, have become quite attached to it, almost see it as an extension of my body. Like that it gives me more control of my periods now that the menapause has made them unpredictable.

Eve – 02 April 2010

I started using mooncup for purely environmental reasons and was really hoping it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle. I was so pleased to find out that it is amazing and has so many other benefits!! Granted it did take a little while to get used too and i did keep having to cut the stem down but 2 periods later and i have perfected the technique. I am looking forward to taking it travelling with me and using all that extra space for more clothes instead! Just not sure what to do with the box of tampons and towels i have in the cupboard now!!

Emma – 01 April 2010

I have just used the mooncup for the second month in a row. It is a revelation. When I first heard about the mooncup a few years ago I thought it sounded a bit icky. Now I could kick myself for not buying one earlier. It is so simple to use, I never get the pain I used sometimes when I inserted tampons. For 2 months in a row I have had no leakages. Because I have quite a heavy flow I used to use large tampons, but they often hurt and made my periods more miserable. Now I have no insertion or removal pain. It has saved me money already and no more tampons going into landfill. Tampon manufacturers should by rights, be quaking in their boots at this little invention. I have already got my best friend Grace using one, and I am working on my sister now. Every female should have a mooncup, I cannot get over how good it is. Many thanks.

Caroline – 31 March 2010

I found it hard to believe that the Mooncup could work as well as it claims to. I thought if it was that great then everyone would be using it. Now after trying it myself I cant understand why everyone isn’t using it!! It is really the best thing I’ve bought in years. I works perfectly and is much simpler to use than I ever imagined. The instructions are very thorough and helpful with lots of diagrams and tips on fitting and cleaning your Mooncup. This product really is ideal and MUCH better than traditional tampons as they can leak easily and become uncomfortable to use. It took me a day or two to trust that the Mooncup wouldn’t leak but it never has and I would seriously recommend this to all women. Brilliant product and completely happy with it.

Betty – 31 March 2010

I’ve had an IUS since 2007, so not had a period since then really until this last few weeks.
However, when I was having them, my flow was heavy, clotted and generally constant.

I’ve got through a great deal of Super+ tampons in my time, with the associated flooding that having a heavy period brings, and I always wished for a better way…

So, I looked at Mooncups in Boots when they came out, but at the time, I wasn’t economically able to spend out ~£20 at one time for one.

Now I am more financially stable however, and so took the opportunity of my returning period to purchase one the other week.

It’s fab. Yes, it collects blood, but it’s natural and very mess-free considering, after all the blood is contained rather than falling out all over your hands as you fish about trying to grip and remove a bloodied string! I’m used to deal with far more mess with all the flooding that used to happen as well, so pretty much zero squick-factor from me.

Very easy to use & once I had it settled right, I’d forget I was wearing it.

Carry on carrying on Mooncup, I will be telling all my friends!

Nikki – 30 March 2010

I have had my mooncup now about 5 months and I love it! It was a little tricky to get used to at first but now it is easy and extremely comfortable.I am a student and go on a lot of fieldtrips and the mooncup is SO much better than tampons and towels. I have also been swimming on numerous occassions whilst wearing my mooncup and have found it 100 times better than tampons. Thank you mooncup!

Helen – 29th March 2010

I am the kind of person that forget their own birthday. This is how organised I am. I use to hate periods just because I never had any tampons or hygienic towels in my bag (they break and become quite unusable). So that first day of the month, which I always forget to write down somewhere, I run around asking for anything that would help.
I heard about the mooncup from an eco-friendly friend. I thought this is never going to work because I am not that eco-conscious.
The thing with the mooncup is that, you save money, you do a bit for the environment, but also you can keep it with you and it’s there when you need it. Also, it does keep longer that a towel or tampon, so you don’t have to change so many times a day (and do the old get-up-and-take-your-bag-with-you or worst, get-up-and-slip-a-tampon-in-your-pocket).
To be honest, the mooncup is not a life changer or anything, it’s just that simple idea that makes life and periods a bit easier!

Catherine – 29 March 2010

I have been using a mooncup for 4 years and i wouldn’t be without it. It does make periods so much less of a faff and mine are also shorter. I would recommend it to anyone- the only problem is bringing up the subject. Now I will refer people to this website!

Jo – 29 March 2010

As soon as I heard the mooncup I ordered one straight away, have always felt sooooo guilty about using tampons and the environment! Just trying it out for the first time now, dead comfy, no big deal at all.
Only thing I am disappointed with is how I’ve gone 15 years of periods without ever having heard about the mooncup, that’s half of my period life, such a waste, just wish I’d have known about it sooner!!! Shall be spreading the word… oh and keep up the ad campaign, it’s working!! 🙂

Jo – 29 March 2010

I think mooncup should be softer: I have very sensitive vagina and the hard silicone edge cause me some pain in inserting it! As for the rest it is ok!

Marina – 26th March 2010

Like the other women on here I just wanted to say thanks for giving me my life back; being on my period no longer feels like an awful week of discomfort and pain; I honestly forgot i was on my period! not easy to do when you are wearing a sanitary towel; which are so unsanitary compared to this. I can sleep at night and not worry and dont have to carry all the usual tampons and towels in my handbag. I bought it for the environmental benefits and found the lifestyle ones a nice surprise. Thank you for a brilliant invention. Get it in the main stream shops and the tampon will be history!

Charlotte Taylor-Cox – 26th March 2010

Thankyou for this wonderful product. I am so glad I no longer have to soak my bloodstained knickers, pj pants, bed sheets…! What a relief!

Lauren – 26 March 2010

I bought mine about 6 months ago and after trying inserting & removing once, I consigned it to my bathroom cabinet as I found it to be very uncomfortable to do. This month I was ‘caught short’ without any tampons when my period started so decided to give it another go – lubricating with water as per the instruction booklet makes a huge difference as does relaxing & taking your time. When I removed it this time I had no problems (not even spillage, although I did do it over the toilet just in case) as reading some of the tips & testimonials on this site made me feel more confident about the whole thing.
I’m so glad I’ve given it a second chance as we go camping a lot in the summer months but always put it off if it’s that ‘time of the month’, whereas this year armed with my Mooncup & a bottle of water for rinsing I’ll be happy to go at any time.

Unlike some of the ladies who’ve written testimonials I haven’t been lucky enough to notice a reduction in my period pain (really bad for the 1st 2 days) but there are so many good reasons to use a Mooncup – I’m now converted!

Tracey – 26 March 2010

Very impressed with the Mooncup; am now on my sixth period using it. I find that at the start of my period, when flow is very heavy, I still need to use tampons at night, but for the rest of the time it’s supremely comfortable (and the convenience of not having a handbag full of tampons is stellar).
Writing this testimonial here because I’ve already waxed lyrical to friends, and my boyfriend wants me to stop going on about it to him!

Laura – 26 March 2010

One of the greatest inventions for women. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Thank you so much.

Cheryl – 25th March 2010

I’ve used the mooncup for about 6 months now. I bought it because I was getting increasingly concerned about the amount of waste generated by tampons and also because I suffer from vaginal dryness and wondered if it would help.
I was initially a bit suspect of all the positive comments but am now really in favour of the cup and won’t be going back. It’s great just being able to put it in in the morning and forget about it till I get home from work. Went swimming last night with it in and it was fine. It can be a little uncomfortable to take in and out – but only the same as a tampon. It’s helped a little, I think, with the dryness. All round great concept. I think I was put off by the hippy overtones – don’t be. Try it and see if it works for you.

Sue – 25 March 2010

My mooncup is freedom. Thank you the mooncup inventor.

Laura – 25 March 2010

Well, what can i say, Mooncup truly is fantastic!!! I am 27 and Was looking into alternative sanitary product as i suffer from heavy periods and seem to waste money on tampons and pads and generally dont like the idea of filling up landfils with my waste!!!!! I bought a mooncup yesterday on day 1 of my period, took about 3 goes to get it in the right position, used it all day, all night and have had no problems whatsoever!!!!!!!! Day 2 is also going well. I couldn’t believe how well it had worked, no leakage and it is certainly no more messy than a tampon to empty. Will be recommending to all my female friends!! No more tampons or pads for me, thats for sure!! Thank you Mooncup!! : )

Kirsty – 24 March 2010

I’ve had my mooncup for nearly two years now and absolutely love it! It’s so easy to use, and no more worrying about running out of tampons when I’m at work/on a night out/staying at a friends house/at a festival. I only wished I’d had it a few years ago when I was backpacking. I started using it as I kept on getting terrible thrush after each period. The doctor recommended that I went back to using sanitary towels, which I really wasn’t keen on doing. A friend then recommended that I try the mooncup, and since then I’ve never looked back. More than anything, I love the fact that it’s reusable – no more bleached tampons and all the wasteful packaging that comes with it. I’ve told all my female friends about it and have encouraged them to at least buy one to try it out. It’s kind of like marmite, you either love it or hate it.

Amy – 24 March 2010