Why we’re going to miss Glastonbury so much this year!

The Green Futures field, at the top, not far from the Stone Circle in Glastonbury festival….that’s where Su Hardy first set out a small pitch to share information about the impact of disposable sanitary products on our seas and waterways,…


What kind of person uses a Mooncup?!?

When we started, Mooncup® was the first silicone menstrual cup in the world, and this was a question we often heard. That was 18 years ago and oh, how things have changed! We know that there is no such thing…


Top menstrual cup tips for a first-time Mooncup® user

In these tricky times, more and more of us are reaching out for reusables to feel confident that at least we’ve got our periods sorted. Using something new can be a bit of a challenge at the best of times,…


Our world

10 bathroom swaps to reduce your plastic waste

Plastic free July is a reminder for all of us that there are little steps we could be taking to cut down on plastic in our homes – especially as a lot of us are spending more time in them…

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