“10 things I love about Mooncups!” Guest Post by Lily Phillips

I have loved Mooncup menstrual cups pretty much as soon as I saw them. Love at first sight does exist! And even before we took our relationship to a more intimate level the concept made so much sense to me.

It seemed a long time coming for a positive advancement in menstrual hygiene: a simple product that was comfortable, good for the environment, didn’t cost the world and provides great material for comedy, what more could you want?

So it wasn’t long before I sat down with my pianist (David Tims) and we wrote a song about them! Which turned into a little colab with Mooncup Ltd to create a music video! Comedy is a great way to release the stigma surrounding certain taboo subjects (can’t quite believe periods are still considered a taboo but hey…) and combining that with a sweet catchy melody might just be the icing on the cake! Check it out for yourself below.

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10 Things I love About Mooncup® *

  1. Simplicity.

    Once you buy a Mooncup you don’t need to buy anything else! Gone are the awkward moments of suddenly bleeding with nothing to catch the blood except your thighs. This is when not a having a thigh gap really pays off, but it’s not sustainable.

  2. Mooncup is a cute name 

    Its sounds like a bra size for ginormous boobies…

  3. Save money!

    Whilst we still have to pay for a 5% tax on sanitary products – this a massive pull. Because periods are a luxury not a necessity, didn’t you know? Mine’s like a little holiday to the French Riviera once a month! In light of this I made a suggestion that we use Jaffa cakes instead because they are considered an essential item (so are helicopters but that would be a bit more painful) and Jaffa cakes are super absorbent. But seriously. You only need ONE Mooncup and you’re set. You do the maths. Cos I can’t be bothered.

  4. Sound effects.

    I like the sound it makes when it opens inside me. Pop!

  5. Comfort.

    You can’t even feel it, it’s wonderful! You’re advised to trim the stem to your ‘size’ and I got a bit scissor happy and removed a bit too much. It was super comfortable but upon retrieving it later that day, I found I could not quite get a hold. After 10 minutes of blood, sweat and tears (quite literally) I had no other choice. I had to call my boyfriend in to help me get it out. WOW. Together we managed to retrieve said Mooncup but in the process decorated the bathroom wall…don’t let this put you off – it brought us closer together! And he only got a little on his face! Calm down dear! Don’t get hysterical!

  6. Comedy value.

    I love leaving it on the side of the sink for guests to observe and try and figure out what this tiny device is for. I also like to imagine that at night mice use it to drink wine from.

  7. More in tune with my body.

    When using tampons and sanitary towels your blood looks so graphic against the white backdrop – like a gruesome murder has taken place in your M&S pants and you want to get rid of the evidence as soon as humanly possible. But seeing this little cup filled with fluid is far more palatable (not literally – don’t be gross! Although I’m sure some health guru somewhere is suggesting menstrual blood to be extremely nutritious) I have really enjoyed getting up close and personal with my baby juice. I like observing how my menstrual blood changes during my cycle. It starts off red, then darkens to a brown and eventually it turns bright blue like it is on all those adverts.

  8. It comes with its own cute little bag.

    (Hey! Even feminists can appreciate a cute accessory)

  9. Versatile.

    If you squeeze the top you can make it talk, transforming it into your own personal Vagina Puppet.

  10. Eco friendly.

    Think about the amount of waste that tampons and pads generate over the years. And considering you have, on average 480 periods during your lifetime, that is a lot of waste – where does it all go? With a reusable menstrual cup you can literally save the environment with your Vagina! Drop the mic.


*(those of you who get the film reference let’s have a high five sometime – we are super cool!)


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