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My mooncup arrived last month, after umming about buying one for awhile… have to say I wish I had bought one sooner. It didn’t take me too long to get use to it, simply squatting I’m able to insert and remove it easily. It’s not messy and I’ve had no mishaps. Once fitted properly you don’t feel it at all.
Normally I’d have to wear tampons for a week, this time with the mooncup it was just 4 days – maybe a coincidence, but I hope not.
I really cannot praise the mooncup enough, I really wished I’d bought one sooner. I’m converted.


I bought my Mooncup a couple of years ago, I’d never got on with tampons and was struggling to attend swimming sessions when I was menstruating. After using it for the first couple of months I gave all my packs of my sanitary pads away to friends saying I’d never want to go use them ever again since I’d tried the Mooncup. Just wish I had bought one sooner – I wince at the money and ruined pants I could have saved.


I came across the mooncup when I was looking for an alternative to tampons. Although I like the idea of tampons, I just didn’t get on with them so I was stuck with the nappy pads (pardon the pun). Up until then I’d never even heard of a menstrual cup despite being in my early 30s. The mooncup immediately peaked my interest, so after months of debating whether or not to buy one, and after reading all the positive reviews I decided to invest in one. The mooncup for me was like a match made in heaven; no more leaks, no more embarrassing incidents, no more nappy pads and eco friendly. It’s easy to use and easy to remove once you get the hang of it. My periods are shorter, less painful and for once in my life I’m not completely depressed about being on. I would recommend the mooncup to every woman; it’s changed my life as far as my periods are concerned and it is, by far, one of the best things I’ve ever bought.


I have been using Mooncup for over ten years. It took a bit of getting used to at first, but it gets easier after the first few times. I used to boil it to clean it at the end of a cycle, but then switched to using a quarter of a sterilising tablet and cold water instead. The thing I love about Mooncup is that it’s an honest product. Tampons and towels are marketed on how dry and fresh they keep you – and they often do neither. Mooncup wins hands down. You can go for longer without emptying it – even on a heavy period (not be be recommended, I know, but I had been using two tampons at a time some months before I discovered Mooncup). Mooncup doesn’t make you smell bad. In fact there is hardly any odour at all. The initial outlay is more, but the longer I’ve used it, the more I’ve saved. I reckon it costs me around £2 a year now, so I’ve saved a lot of money over 10 years and don’t have to go near those awful sanitary disposal bins in public loos. On occasion, when I’ve forgotten to take my Mooncup and had to use a tampon, I cannot wait to get rid of it as it seems unhygienic and unkind to my body by comparison. To me, disposable sanitary products cause as many ethical and hygiene problems as they solve, so it’s Mooncup all the way.

A Mooncup Veteran

I wish I’d tried it sooner!
Bought a mooncup because it was better for the environment and saved money over time. I thought it’d be weird but there are so many great things about it- you can’t feel it, it needs changed less often than tampons and no smelly bin! (one time at the end of a period the cup smelled a tiny bit funny but once it had been washed and dried it was fine again, still miles better than tampons). And just one thing to carry when travelling! Definitely recommended.
It took some practice at putting it in and taking out but after a day or two you’re a pro.


My mum bought me one around 7 years ago and I was very scared about using it at first but I will never go back to pads! Being a waitress I run around constantly and I can get on with my day comfortable knowing I have no risk leaking! I always recommend it to friends and family! It’s definitely a cheap alternative and you can swim with it in!


When I hit my late twenties, I went through a hormonal shift. My periods went from being predictable and regular to erratic and farcical. I haven’t been able to manage my period flow since the change: I have extremely light days that barely warrant tampon usage and a 24-36 hour heavy period during which I will go through a box of tampons. While the blood loss alone feels debilitating (some days I can barely get out of bed) – and is accompanied by migraines – the hemorrhage is also unmanageable because I can barely stem the flow with tampons/pads – nights involve either grisly sheets or sleeplessness – changing super plus tampons every other hour. I have even been known to discretely stuff tissues down my pants in a fully packed tube caught off guard after changing my tampon at the station!!! This month I used the mooncup for the first time, and it seems to offer a solution to the irregularity of my cycle – it was fine on the light days, and I could gauge how much blood loss I am having and when the *heavy* day was about to hit. As the mooncup holds about three times the amount of blood, I only had to empty it out five or six times a day. Yesterday on my heavy day I woke up to unblemished sheets. And I was much more mobile during the course of the day – I managed to sit through a lecture, go on the tube to an exhibition, attend an active dance class, and I didn’t run out of tampons or have leaks in these public places. What an improvement!


After having my son 18 month ago, I have strugged with discomfort when using tampons and like everyone I found using pads uncomfortable and messy. I have been using my mooncup for only 3 days and I have to say it is truly amazing. It is the first time I have felt comfortable in a long time. I am so happy, I can’t tell I am wearing it. I feel free to live my life and do what I want without been uncomfortable or in pain. Thank you so much for this life changing product


Just launched my first successful mission to mooncup after a few failed attempts. Here’s what worked for me: water-based external lubrication (me not the cup), foot on toilet seat lunge position and folding method #2. Getting it out was harder – shouldn’t have trimmed the stalk so much! Wide legged squat, a few kegel squeezes, firm pinch on the base of the cup and voila! Looking forward to more freedom with the mooncup!


I was bought my Mooncup by a friend of mine over twelve years ago. It is the only menstrual product that I have needed to use throughout the whole of the twelve or more years that I have owned it. I am now buying one each for my three daughters and am certain that their Mooncups will serve them as well as mine has served me. Along with the practical and environmental benefits of the Mooncup, there is the connection with the menstrual flow, the blood, instead of just disregarding it as a ‘dirty’ pad or tampon. My periods are coming to an end now but my Mooncup is still what I use when they do occasionally appear. It is the simplest menstrual product to use and I highly recommend it to all women.


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