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After having my son 18 month ago, I have strugged with discomfort when using tampons and like everyone I found using pads uncomfortable and messy. I have been using my mooncup for only 3 days and I have to say it is truly amazing. It is the first time I have felt comfortable in a long time. I am so happy, I can’t tell I am wearing it. I feel free to live my life and do what I want without been uncomfortable or in pain. Thank you so much for this life changing product


Just launched my first successful mission to mooncup after a few failed attempts. Here’s what worked for me: water-based external lubrication (me not the cup), foot on toilet seat lunge position and folding method #2. Getting it out was harder – shouldn’t have trimmed the stalk so much! Wide legged squat, a few kegel squeezes, firm pinch on the base of the cup and voila! Looking forward to more freedom with the mooncup!


I was bought my Mooncup by a friend of mine over twelve years ago. It is the only menstrual product that I have needed to use throughout the whole of the twelve or more years that I have owned it. I am now buying one each for my three daughters and am certain that their Mooncups will serve them as well as mine has served me. Along with the practical and environmental benefits of the Mooncup, there is the connection with the menstrual flow, the blood, instead of just disregarding it as a ‘dirty’ pad or tampon. My periods are coming to an end now but my Mooncup is still what I use when they do occasionally appear. It is the simplest menstrual product to use and I highly recommend it to all women.


I’m not sure why I haven’t written a testimonial sooner! I’ve been using my Mooncup for around 7 years now. At first I was not so sure, having a few leaks, or not being able to get it out. BUT PERSEVERE! I now love my Mooncup it helps with heavy periods and there is so much less to think about. And after YEARS of my friends are finally giving it a go!! and all satisfied so far. Go for it!


Oh Mooncup, I cannot stress enough how much you have changed my life! I have been striving to a more eco friendly life recently and this change from normal sanitary products to the Mooncup is the icing on the cake. Yes, I was nervous at first, and yes I worried about how I would remove the Mooncup, but now I feel like a pro! I trust this product 100% and feel I could do anything during my period without worrying about leaks! I am shouting from the rooftops about the Mooncup and have already ‘sold’ three of my friends on the idea. For anyone thinking about buying, please do, it’s a game changer. Follow the instructions, look at troubleshooting, and persevere. After my favourite pair of shoes, it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought. Thank you.


Yes! What a small piece of genius. No more irritation from tampon threads, no more tampons in the environment, no more worrying whether I’ve packed enough tampons in my bag. This is such a good idea and I’ve found it easy to use.It does take a bit of practice folding the mooncup to insert comfortably, but once it’s in there you can’t feel it. I had to trim off all of the stalk to make it comfy, so I just grasp the bottom of the cup and it comes out fine. No leaking while it’s in so for up to 8 hours I wouldn’t even know I was having a period. Fantastic product; go for it girls!


I am very pleased with the protection the Mooncup offers me. I have been getting heavy bleeding and the Mooncup is the best for controlling ‘flooding’. I’ve only been using one for the last couple of cycles but I don’t think I’ll be using anything else from now onwards. The other good plus is that you can actually get a clear idea how much you are loosing, which is good to know.


I absolutely love my mooncup. My period pains are all but gone and my period is only about 2-3 days rather than closer to 5. I only wished I’d found them earlier! I have converted one friend who loves her new mooncup and I’m trying to convert more.


To be honest, when I first tried the moon cup, I never thought I’d use it again. There was a lot of discomfort and a few gross mishaps. It definitely took a while to figure out the best way to insert and take it out but it turns out for me TWISTING was the key! Now that I’ve mastered all that, I absolutely LOVE my moon cup! I go most cycles without getting blood on ANY of my clothes (always had leaks at night with pads). Sometimes I even forget i’m on my period because I can’t even feel it and it fits great! If I do ever have leaks its only because I’ve totally forgotten it was even in and need to empty it! I have very sensitive skin, especially down below, and itchy pads and tampons DID NOT HELP that situation. But the Mooncup eliminates so much itch and allows me to follow my normal skin care routine without interruption and a lot less mess! I also travel a lot! And sometimes traveling can trigger my body to have a period totally out of the blue! So its nice that I don’t have to constantly worry if I have enough pads or tampons and if/when I’ll need them. I just have my moon cup with me all the time and its always ready to go to work whenever I need it! Even in less than ideal bathroom situations! I love that I’m saving money, the environment and my clothes! I love my moon cup! Thank you!


I bought my mooncup in 2012…and I’m still using it! Such a good investment. I often pair it up with some panty liners and it does the job. I can’t describe how convenient having a mooncup has been! Some may find it disgusting but it’s very sanitary – it all depends on you. Keeping it clean, disinfecting it through boiling and storage. I am so glad to have a mooncup.

Lau- 21st September 2016

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