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After reading so many good reviews online about the Mooncup, I had to try it. I got so sick of using pads and feeling horrible every month. I hated tampons, they were just not my thing... What was there to lose? The first time I tried it, I admit, it was uncomfortable inserting it and the suction once the cup pops is very strange. Once the Mooncup was inserted, I couldn't feel a thing. So comfortable, I almost forgot I was using it! I did have some problems initially with the cup not wanting to pop open and I had some difficulty finding solutions online for this, but I found that pinching the base/side of the cup that the fold is on, for a few seconds, works. Thanks to the Mooncup, I can wear any clothes or underwear I want - no GRANNY PANTS at that time of the month! Woohoo! I would urge any girl to at least TRY the Mooncup. It's much cleaner than pads and much more comfortable than tampons. I wish I had found this option years ago!!
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