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I purchased my MCUK ten years ago. TEN. YEARS. AGO. The first time I used it (ten years ago!), I had a rough start. As a wee 20 year old, it made me nervous to be that in touch with my body, and so I remember I put it away for a month or so. After using tampons/pads/liners the next period, decided I would give the cup one more chance. I've never gone back. For ten years I have not used a single tampon, pad, or liner, and only recently have I ever had any leaking issues. Honestly I think the reason why I have had a leaking issue with just this period could be due to a change in my flow after going off the pill after almost 12 years (hooray for IUDs!), but also likely because nothing lasts forever and I am likely due for a new cup. I'll likely get a new one and retire my old one before my next period, but I'd say it had a darn good run! Also, I had a copper IUD inserted three months ago (the Paragard in the US), and I haven't had any discomfort from suction when using or removing my mooncup for my last three periods with the IUD. I just wanted to mention that because I have seen some women asking about that online. I believe some say it is not recommended because people fear it could pull an IUD out of place, but (so far) I have not even felt any weirdness relating to it (and after feeling the IUD being inserted, I know EXACTLY what kind of pain to expect if that sucker tried to come back out again). Lastly, I just went on a 15 mile canoe trip down a river last weekend and didn't have to worry about changing a tampon. You really need to get in on this because ADVENTURE AWAITS!
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