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I saw the advertising campaign for Mooncup on billboards on the tube in london, the clever graphics with different names people call their vaginas. I was intrigued went on the website and thought ooh whats that. It was only when talking to my friend about it that she said 'I use that, and my flatmates do too. We're obsessed with it, it's so good.' A few months passed and I'd just bought some cheap tampons that were really horrid and remembered the mooncup. So I went out and bought it, money well spent if you consider you spend around £2 for a pack of tampons every month. It is amazing, I can't feel it at all, I feel very liberated not having to carry around tampons (or hide them in purses to avoid embarassment) or worry I've forgotten them. It's me and my mooncup. It feels more personal, as if the mooncup cares about me! haha, although that sounds odd! Very easy to use after a few experiments. And also a bit of a novelty. I'm 21 and I'm glad I found this method early on in my adult life! Thank you!!
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