About Us

About Us

Mooncup Ltd. was established in 2002, with a mission to make women’s experience of menstruation more positive, healthy and eco-friendly. The Mooncup menstrual cup was designed from medical grade silicone to enable women with sensitive skin and particularly latex allergies to use it (earlier models were made from rubber). Mooncup Ltd., and particularly the Advice Centre nurses, are committed to researching menstrual health and to the advancement of education about this under-discussed subject that affects half the world’s population!

Based in the beautiful seaside city of Brighton, Mooncup Ltd today is a multi-award winning small business run by a team of eight women, and collaborating with distributors all around the world. Whenever possible, the Mooncup team gets out of the office to talk directly with women at festivals, health shows and conferences. We also work closely with medical professionals with the same goal: to offer women a greater choice for their bodies each month.

In 2004, Mooncup Ltd. was awarded Ethical Company status for its commitment to people and animal friendly practices, making it the first sanitary protection manufacturer in the world to be a certified ethical business.

Ethical Policy

Su Hardy, the Company Director, and her employees believe that the Mooncup has the potential to greatly improve women’s experience of their periods, as well as reducing the environmental damage caused by the manufacture and disposal of throwaway sanitary protection.

With these goals in mind the team at Mooncup is working to ensure that the Mooncup is the menstrual product of the future, guided by environmentally and people friendly business practices.
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I can't say enough about this product. I have always *HATED* my period, but now it's not a big deal! Pads gross me out, and the idea of pee on my tampon string bothered me too. Both are completely uncomfortable to wear. I could always "feel" the tampon, and pads alternatively chafe or feel icky. There were times the darn things just weren't in my handbag too, and I had to ask someone at work if I could borrow one. Awkward. Then along comes Mooncup. It's 100% comfortable, and I don't need to worry about "running out". Yes, there is a learning curve to getting used to it (cut the stem, removal takes practice), but it is more than worth the patience. No more landfill or water supply nastiness to feel bad about, either. And mooncup is the biggest money saver. I will never, ever, ever, ever go back to pads and tampons.
Happy Camper
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