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Well how do I begin explaining how great the moon cup is?! I started my period when I was 9 years old, and am now 19. For a decade, I have loathed the 5 days a month filled with cramps, dry and itchy vaginas and messy and smelly leaks. I hated wearing pads (that's basically a nappy for adults, no thanks) and tampons dried me out. I hated how much it hurt to remove a dry tampon if it was inserted incorrectly or simply wasn't filled enough. I also started thinking a lot about what is used to make tampons so bright and white. Bleach!!! Not something you would ever want in your vagina. I ordered one immediately in anticipation for my next period. I was actually kind of excited to use it, I'd read so many rave reviews (I did A LOT of research). When my period came I first tried the twice fold technique which was kinda uncomfortable and I realised I definitely needed to trim the stem. So I attempted to remove it and holy moly did it hurt. But I stupidly just yanked the damn thing out without breaking the seal or pulling it out one side at a time. It hurt so bad I was honestly heart broken thinking this wasn't for me. But I persevered, googled some removal tips and voila, not an issue any longer. At first I had some messy removals but I was always taught practise makes perfect. By the second day of my period I was a pro. This product has changed my life, my student budget is thankful to be saved so much money a month and I feel good about cutting down the waste I create. I'm also no longer embarrassed by needing to change at a friends/boyfriends house and can go all day without worrying about leaking. Also TSS isn't as big of a concern as with using tampons. I've also become so much more educated by my body and period and that itself is fantastic. Also my cramps have all but disappeared, and I honestly believe it is due to the mooncup. I want to shout from the roof tops and tell young people like me how great it is. i will never use tampons again, this has honestly changed my life.

Nerys - 22nd April 2016

I have used the mooncup for a few months now and I don't regret it one bit. It did take a little getting used to but after my second or third period I had no problems using it. I just wish I had found it sooner. Apart from my cramps I just don't feel like I'm on my period. I have two daughters and will be encouraging them to use this product when they are older. I will be telling as many women as possible to help save them money and the environment. Thank you MOONCUP

Amanda - 13th April 2016

I recently got caught out on holiday without my mooncup and I didn't realise just how much I love it until I was finding a service station on a Sunday night for emergency supplies! It is comfortable, simple and so easy once you get used to it. I chose it to save waste, money and be kinder on my body; I don't really like the idea of tampons and pads are uncomfortable and irritate my skin. If any of that sounds familiar, I'd say give it a try. The only problem I have is forgetting about it - I barely notice it's there. It makes me feel less sorry for myself every month and I can just crack on with work and exercise without any worries. I love it. Thanks to the Mooncup team and I hope more ladies find this a revelation! X

Hayley - 21st March 2016

I'd read about the mooncup online but always passed it off as something not for me. After years of painful periods, thrush from tampons and having to use steroid cream on my sensitive skin from pads rubbing, enough was enough! I picked one up in boots for around £20 and can honestly say it is worth every penny. A small investment to make when you add up what you would usually spend in a few months on other products. It was a little bit fiddly to insert the first few times, I have rinsed mine in water before hand which makes it easier. You just know yourself when it is in the correct position as you can't feel it. My friends are a bit dubious about buying one as they think it looks a little bizarre however i believe as soon as you buy one you will never look back. thank you!

Kate - 2nd March 2016

I am so happy I found this product...it was through a friend! Suddenly, I don't even dread my periods. The mooncup is easy to use, leak free, cost efficient, so environment friendly and healthy! I happily recommend it to every woman I talk to about periods. I can run, dance, swim wearing it...absolutely no worry!

Saumya - 15th February 2016

I've just posted this review on Boots website and I wanted to share it with you. Mooncup is the perfect solution to monthly bleeding - a small bendy cup that sits just inside, moulds to your shape and collects blood. You just need to pop it out a few times a day to empty and wash it. It's about the size of a small egg-cup and the handy guide that comes in the box with it (as well as a cotton bag for storage) shows how to insert it. It only took me a few goes to get the knack and it really is easy. (Easiest if you consciously ask your muscles to r-e-l-a-x and also leave your hands and the cup wet after washing.) Putting it in and out needs a finger and thumb so I also had to file down my thumbnail! The cup is made of an inert transparent bendy silicon stuff - I'm allergic to rubber, latex and other plastics but the material was fine, no irritation at all. The instruction leaflet explains how to trim the 'stem' to make it more comfortable. Mooncup is a British company, and they're made in the UK - so you can be reassured that you're buying a quality product, and supporting UK industry too. The instructions for sizing say choose the A size if over 30 or have given birth through the lady-department (apparently I can't say the anatomically-correct word in a Boots review?!). I'm nearer 40 but haven't given birth and I'm happy that B is the right size for me - I'm slim and have strong muscles from yoga etc. I find that after I put the cup in, I'm aware of it but by squeezing and releasing the muscles a few times, it moves into a good position and then I can't feel it at all. Incredible! And then you can walk around with a sneaky smile on your face, knowing you've got a brilliant solution hidden inside. You'll know how often to take out and rinse the cup because it depends on your flow. And I was delighted to find I could even do this in the shower. I swim regularly and the Mooncup is so much more hygienic - no pool water soaking into tampons (yuk) - and also there's nothing to dispose of. Perfect. It might seem pricey but how much do you spend on tampons/pad over the years? I'll never need tampons or pads every again! Even on my first month using Mooncup, I didn't need to use a single pad. So not only is it environmentally-friendly, it's economically savvy too. I highly recommend this to all women - and if I had limitless money, I'd give these out free to girls at school. And I'd like to see Boots and women's magazines doing more to promote this superb product. Thank you Mooncup, I wish I'd found you 20+ years ago!

Suzanne - 10th February 2016

I bought my first mooncup about 5 years ago. It was definitely worth the investment. $30 for 5 years worth of menstrual products. I am buying a new one today. But this is only because I lost the first one.

Jenn - 6th February 2016

I had always dismissed the moon cup as something 'hippy', 'tree huggers' used(totally prejudiced I know) but after having a particularly horrible month using tampons I'm totally converted. I was experiencing painful dryness, which actually caused thrush, and I'm not a fan of towels so was really looking for an alternative when I researched cups. Initially I was a bit freaked out but I watched the Mooncup clip and decided to take the plunge. I tried the cup out a few times before my period so I got the hang of insertion and removal. So, for the real thing, I was very light on my first day and wore the cup over night. The next morning I had a bit of a panic as I couldn't remove it at first but I went on the website, read the advice, relaxed, squatted, pushed a wee bit and got it out. Since then I have not had a problem. When using it I feel so much fresher and cleaner. I don't have to wear a bulky pad and actually barely notice that I'm on my period. Yes, you are much more aware of how much blood is coming out of you but it's much less frequently and actually seems more natural. I will never go back to tampons and/or pads this way is much nicer, ecological and economical. I have actually become quite evangelical about the Mooncup. I wish they taught this in schools!

Charlie - 29th January 2016

I was sceptical about trying out Mooncup as I thought it would be fiddly and messy, but had been reading about it online so thought I would give it a go. All I have to say is it is the best £20 I have ever spent! It is so comfortable, cannot feel it at all and no worrying that I'm going to leak through like with tampons! I'm also going to save a small fortune as I won't have to buy different absorbency tampons and pads for night time now!

Rachel - 23rd January 2016

I've used a mooncup for about six years now and love it. I initially went on the website to show my boyfriend this crazy thing that you can get but read the testimonials, was totally persuaded and bought one! I've taken it travelling, so handy not filling up a backpack with tampons, and use it each month. It's great to save money and not create waste. I always tell people about it if I can!

Ros - 10th January 2016

I am a transgender boy and periods are always a horrible time for me. I have really heavy periods and really bad cramps. Since changing to the mooncup the cramps have mostly gone which has made getting on with life a lot easier. Pads aren't required any more because the cup doesn't leak as I thought they would do so I can wear my boxers comfortably. The only thing that took more getting used to is the inserting and removing as I have to go near that area of my body - this is easy getting used to and with all of the other benefits is really not that hard to come to terms with. The fact that it is so Eco-friendly and also cheap makes it a product that I would definitely recommend to anyone who suffers with periods - including transgender men

Lee - 3rd January 2016

I brought the mooncup after a recommendation from a friend and wish I had done it sooner! The mooncup is comfortable- you can't feel it when it is inside and holds much more than a tampon. It's great, I don't even feel like i'm on my period when using it. It took a couple of tries to use it properly but now I have no problems. It's extremely reasonable price wise and super eco-friendly! One of my best purchases this year.

Ruby - 29th December 2015

i bought my moon cup back in march this year as i was going to be on exchange in japan for a year where they are a pad based society ( :/ ) and thought id give it a try and i finally got my chance to use it today (December i have a unpredictable period and am on the implanon) and I'm was amazed at how easy it was to insert and how i didn't even notice it was in after 5 minutes this is fantastic a great price and eco friendly I'm completely sold ill definitely be telling my girl friends ^_^

Brittiney - 19th December 2015

My older sister told me about it, and once I had brought and started using my menstrual cup I was shocked that I had not heard about it before. The moon cup is a very reasonable price and wonderfully economical compared to tampons and pads. The moon cup actually made me feel happy with my menstrual cycle, as it does not alter natural bodily fluids and healthy function and is easy to use. Being in touch with my menstrual cycle also gave me the confidence to talk openly about menstruation. I have been telling every one about it!

Josie - 17th December 2015

I love my mooncup! I hate using tampons, they always feel uncomfortable, and they shift and leave me feeling dry. With pads I get rashes and eczema popping up after only 2 days because of the materials and chemicals. With either I leak. For the first time since my periods started, I've had neither rashes, nor pain from my sanitary wear, nor leaks. Plus I don't feel guilty about adding to the landfill and it's much cheaper in the short run (after about 3 months I'll have worked out cheaper) - especially now since the tampon tax! Thanks!

Natalie - 2nd December 2015

Admittedly had a little bit of trouble inserting it at first as the size was a lil intimidating but once i got the hang of it i had no problems! i definitely won't got back to tampons ever again, much more convenient; i don't have to spend a fortune getting different sizes to suite my flow and don't need to change it every time i want to have a shower/bath or go swimming on my cycle,

Kim - 28th November 2015

I've been using Mooncup for over a year now, and it's fantastic. It took a bit of experimenting to get a hang of the process, and attempting it in a public restroom is still a thing I would do only in the direst of circumstances. Bus as for the downsides, that's it. I don't care much about the environmental message. Mooncup is just extremely convenient. This year I went to university, and it was such a liberating thing! I don't have to worry "Have I bought pads/tampons? Do I have enough? How many should I take with me?" I can study, go partying, stay over at friends, party, change my plans whenever I want. Mooncup is just there, in my bag, end of. And it saves A LOT of money, too. I estimated that one Mooncup costs about the same as a year's worth of pads. From now on it's saving my money! As a student I have to count my pennies, and not having the sanitary products on my monthly list means a great deal. Great!

Lynn - 27th November 2015

I've been using a Mooncup for over 10 years now and always loved it. When I went to get it out last night I discovered it was missing (very weird - I think I must have thrown it out by accident!)so had to use emergency sanitary pads I had hanging around. I've just spent a very uncomfortable night and morning until I could nip to Boots to buy another one. Now I'm restored, I feel so brilliant that I wanted to write and express my profound gratitude that I don't have to go around feeling so bad every month as people who usually wear pads must. I just find it's better in every single way. I never trusted or got on with tampons which used to leak, hurt and cause thrush if you were dry or pads which are so disgusting they just make you feel like you're wearing a wet nappy. It's saved me so much money over the years and the embarrassment of buying sanitary products and I don't feel bad about chucking things away. It's really a perfect solution so if you're considering it, please try it.

Claire - 26th November 2015

Best £20 I've ever spent! I recently bought the mooncup and have only been using it for 4 days. I have to say that this is the best decision I have ever made. It has changed my life. I'm a broke student so I'm already saving money(happy days) AND I've been wearing white panties and white trousers for 4 days without any leakage. Not even a drop. Not even at night. I wish I'd known about this earlier. EVERYBODY WOMAN NEEDS TO INVEST IN A MOONCUP! Don't hesitate ladies, just buy!

Ann - 22nd November 2015

I've used the Moon Cup overall for around three periods now and I can already say that this is the best decision I've made when it comes to periods and my health and financially. For me, once you've got a little used to it, it's much easier and cleaner than pads or tampons. You feel a lot more in tune with your body as you get to know it more and feel more comfortable with it. You save a lot of money also! It feels good to know that I'm not harming my body or the environment!

Georgi - 12th November 2015

Mooncup changed my life, years of thrush and BV, after changing to using a Mooncup 2 years ago, barely a problem, its so easy to use and my periods are certainly lighter and less painful. The added bonus is obviously the cost saving and the lack of impact on the environment unlike other sanitary items. I am shocked so few women I speak to have ever heard of the Mooncup and I wish I had known about it before I did, its a shame its not more widely available. Great product !!! Love It,

Nita - 31st October 2015

I've been using my Mooncup for about a year now and I would never, ever go back to using pads and tampons again. During this time I've found that my cramps aren't anywhere near as bad (they were often quite debilitating and I had to take a lot of time off work in the past), I don't spend any where near as much money, my pants are spot free (gross, yeah, but I haven't leaked once using a Mooncup), AND my periods are shorter and much less complicated. All this with the added bonus of knowing that some poor fish isn't going to end up with the contents of my uterus all over its face. Nice one Mooncup.

Laura - 27th October 2015

I never review stuff but I feel that, in this case, it's a necessity: I was very sceptical about the mooncup. I thought it was another one of those things that only ultra-hippies think is great but that the rest of the world is puzzled about. Well, now that I've bought one I feel like the dumbest woman on earth for thinking that. The mooncup is the most practical, ingenious invention of our time. In fact, if you opened the dictionary and looked under "Miracle", there should just be a picture of a mooncup. I don't understand why they aren't handed out in schools or by the NHS to EVERY SINGLE WOMAN alive. I thought it was going to be really gross. Instead, I feel like I've been given the chance, for the first time in 26 years, to actually learn about my body. As someone interested in waste reduction and ecological approaches to living, I know I've found a lifetime solution. But I think the Mooncup would change your life even if you're not eco-friendly and you hate the environment. Best £20 I EVER spent. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoe - 27th October 2015

I had never heard of mooncup, until I was browsing Boots website and was curious so had a look and decided to go for one. My periods have always been ok, suffering minor cramps and struggling with tampons on dryer days towards the end on my cycle. Initially I thought that there was no way the mooncup would fit, and once I had it in I thought no way is this going to come out!! It does take some practice on inserting and removing, but really do stick with it...it does get easier!! I remember the first time I used tampons and the mooncup is no where near as awkward to get the hang of. Now I don't use pads or tampons at all, it's so easy for using at work, I wear it when exercising and so far no leaks!!! Would defiantly recommend, not only is it cheaper but it also saves on waste. Give it a go!

Caitlin - 12th October 2015

This product is amazing. I wish I had found it years ago. I was worried that I would struggle with insertion and extraction so I ran myself a nice bath and relaxed a little before hand. The instructions were clear and I had no difficulty fitting the cup from the first try. It was easy to remove after a brief moment of panic! All I needed to do was to bear down and the cup dropped low enough for me tp pinch and release it. The tail was the only discomfort. I trimmed it twice then just cut it off. I can hardly feel the cup inside me and have had no leakage. Well worth the money, I will never buy another sanitary product ever again,

Jody - 9th October 2015

What a revelation mooncups are! I'd delayed going eco as I couldn't face washing blood covered pads, but after using washable nappys for my baby I had to take the plunge, instead finding mooncups. They are such a logical solution and, once you are used to them, are much better than either pads or tampons. How did I not know they existed before?!? I was initially scared of using the mooncup, even having panic attacks when I first tried it with a shortened stem due to fears about getting it out! If you are worried I recommend pushing it out with just your vaginal muscles before cutting the stem to discover how ridiculously easy it is to get out. Also they are actually simple to use even in public toilets with the bonus that you need to empty them less anyway. I did have initial leek issues (albeit less than I had with pads/tampons) and really didn't believe that it could work at night, but it was definitely worth persevering to determine the right position for me to be both leek free and comfortable 24/7. After childbirth my period became erratic but mooncups are perfect whatever my body is up to. Sometimes I have to empty it after just a few hours (which is still a lot longer than the alternatives lasted as mooncups hold more), but otherwise go 8hours only changing it to follow the recommendation. My only concern now is forgetting I'm using it. I tried Mooncups for environmental reasons, but am amazed how much more convenient, comfortable and cheaper they are compared to any alternative. Try it!

Caroline - 7th September 2015

I have been using mooncup for while now. I recently went on holiday without it and had to go back to using conventional products while I was away. Using them again reminded me how amazing the mooncup is and prompted me to write this. I live a very active life and have taken part in many activities whilst using mooncup. Such as running, swimming, climbing, surfing, bike riding, horse riding... you can not tell it is there and I have 100% confdence, infact I forget it is there. Its cheeper and easy and comfortable for any day heavy/light. The only shame is that more women do not know what they are missing! BUY ONE

alice - 30th August 2015

I've been using Mooncup since I first heard about them, about 10 years ago in my mid-20s. Only now am I buying my second one (they do last for a long long time if taken care of properly!). Now in my mid-30s, I feel I need to go for the larger size. When I think about how many disposal sanitary products I would have gone through in that time, the mind boggles... anybody who cares for the environment should consider going for a Mooncup :) They are easy to use, comfortable, and with experience, non-messy. Sometimes I do still use the odd pad, but only on the first day of a particularly heavy flow when I'm at work, just for extra protection. Other than that, it's Mooncup all the way. Cannot recommend it enough!

Charley - 29th August 2015

I'm on my third cycle using the mooncup and I am delighted with it. Feel all round more comfortable and in control with none of that fumbling in the bottom of bags for tampons and trying to hide them about my person on a trip to the loo. As others have said, I feel cleaner and there is none of the previous wastage. A product I will use for years to come. Thank you Mooncup!!

Jo - 18th July 2015

I heard about the moon cup and thought it was a horrible idea .. But as I was allergic to all my sanitary products I was willing to try anything .. And I'll never go back! It's so easy to use and you can't feel a thing! I highly recommend this product it's more Eco friendly and person friendly !! Moon cups will most definitely be the next best thing :) it sounds expensive at first but when your spending approx 4 pound each time on a box of tampons it costs next to nothing! Can re use over and over.. You most definitely need to buy one

Chloe - 18th July 2015

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